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Full text of "The castel of helth corrected and in some places augmented"

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m. 1151 00 , 

' / 3— 1CS9 


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tntoijtsboUCo cailpD tl)t Caftel 
of bcit^e* 

alen tbemoftewlletptyfirfton Mctho &. 
fcarpD, tbatm tojptpnge a com- 
pcnbioufeDoctrpnefojtbe curing 

of fyckCMZj)CO)OUlblohtilUn8 

laboure, fojasmocbeasnoman 
almofte Dpd enbeuourebpm felfe 
to tbe fpn&rnge of trutbcbut tbat all men DpD fo 
moclje ettemc tpcbes, poflfeflions, autbojitp, ana 
pleafures, t&at tbep fuppofefc tbepm, fotycl) toete 
fttiDtoufe m anp parte of fi>appence, to be maDDe 
o? fctftracte of tbepje totttes ; fo? as mod* as tbep 
bemiD t\)t cfttfe Sapience (tobicb is in fenotolege 
of tbpnges belonging as toel to goD as to man) 
to &aue no tepng.&ens tbis noble fo;pter founD 
tbat lacfee in bis tpme, toban tfm c flourpffteD in 
funtyp eoutrapes a great multrtntie of men ejccel* 
lent in al fepnDee of Ierning 3 as it pet Dotb appere 
bp fome of tbeire toarfces, tobp tyuto 3 be greupD 
fcitb tepjoebes, toberetoitb fome of mp countrap 
Do recompence mp labours tafcen fcmbout 
fjope of temporal! retoarDe, onefp f oi tbe feruent 
aflrectpon tobtcbe 3baueeuer bo?netoamrD tbe 
publifce toeafe of mp countrapfHi too?t&p matter, 
faptft one, fpj Cbomas eipot 10 btcomtn \&WU 
fion, anD torptetbe tn pfjififc, fofjicb befemetb not 
8 fcnpgfjt, Ije mougljt baue ben mocfj better occu- 

3Mt» ppeD* 


pitDMmlp if tbeptotl calle bimapbtfittomtofycf? 
tsftuDtoufc about t^etoealcof Ijt6 counttap, 3 
foitfaufe tbep fo name me, foj Dutpngerttp Ipfe J 
twill m that affection altoap tontynw ♦ 3flnD fobp, 
3K pjap pou>fl&ulDe men bane in DifDapne o? fmall 
reputation tbe tcientt of pbtficfeef tobicbe bemge 
foel fcnDerftanDe,ttuIp ej;penenceD,anD DiCccetelp 
o;DercD,ootbe confecue bdtbe.foitbout tljc to^tc^ 
aii plcafnrcs bepepneful, tpcbe0 bnp?ofptable, 
company anoiance:ftcengtb tourncD to f eblcncg, 
beatitpto iotljefonmcs^cncisaceDifpccfiD, elo* 
quence tntcrruptcD, remembjaunce confounDpD* 
tobicb batb bene conftomD of topfe men not onelp 
«f tye p?puate eftate, but aifo of Cmpecout0 5 
fcpngc0,anb ot^ec great p^pncts ,fobo fo? tbe tmu 
uetfall neceflitp anD incomparable fctiiitp , tobicl) 
tbep petcepupb to be in tbat fcpence of pbpfpcfce, 
tbep DpD not onelp abuaunce anD bonout it toi tb 
fpeciall p?putkgc0 3 but aifo Dpucrfe anD manp of 
tbepm toere tbetin tpgbt (luDioufe, in Too moclje 
as Juba tbe fepnge of Slpautptania anD &pbia , 
f ounce oute tbe bettuoufe qualities of tbe bctbe 
callcD Euforbium* 45entiti0 fepnge of 3Illiua y 
f ounoe tbe fcettues of <Pentiane.Cbe becbe Ly ft* 
machia 5 tofee bus name of feiuge ftpftmacbu0.flp* 
Abates tbegreateUpnge of }aontbU0 3 founDe 
fp?Ge tbe bectue0 of Scordion, anD aifo inmnten 
tbe famoufe meDicine agcpnft popfon,calffl> Mi* 
thndate^ Sttbemitta qneene of Catia,founDe tbe 
UttutB of motbettoo:te 3 tobtcb in latptiebeatitl) 
m name,toljet:ebp tyt noble tenome ijatb iengac 


cottffoticD, ftan bp t&e mafcpnge of tbe famoufe 
monument ouet ber beab bufbonfccailpb Maufo* 
ieun^altbougb it toere recfenpb amonge tbe toon* 
Detfull toarfcesof tbetoo?lbe:anbpet ber name 
toitb tbe tepb berbe (til abpbetbe,tobple0 tbe fapD 
monument atboufanb pere0 paflto toa0btterlp 
DtffoIupD • 3Ht feimtb.tbat p bificfce in tbi0 realme 
batbe ben toell eftemiD, fens tbe bole ftubpe of 
§>alerne, at tbe requeft of a fepnge of Cnglanbe, 
to;ateanb fetfotfbacompenbioufeanD pjofita* 
ble treatpfe,callpb tbe (Eouernaunce of beltbe, in 

latpne Regimen fanitatis ♦ 35nD 31 tTUfte tn al~ 

tmgbtp gob tbat our fouerapgne lo?b tbe fcinges 
mateftp 5 tobo baplp p?eparitb to (tablpO)e among 
fcs true anb bncojrupteb boctcinas, topll C&ojtlp 
ejcamtne alfotbte parte of ftuDpe,tnTucbe topfe, 
astbpngeg aptefojmebicine, grotopngeintbi* 
realm*, bp conference toitb mod noble autbours 
map be fo fenotoen, tbat toe (ball baue lefle necDe 
of tbpngesb?ougbt out of farrecountrapes, bp 
tbe abruption toberof innumerable people baue 
peufa)eD 5 toitboute blame to be giuen to tbepbi* 
fptions, faupnge onelp, tbat fome of tbem not Di- 
ligent inougb in bebolbpnge tbetr o;ouges o? in- 
grebtence at all tpmeg DifpenfiD anb tcieb. 
C*8elpbe0 tbe fapbe kpnge«, tobome J baue re= 
betfeb, otber bono?ableperfonagi0 baue to?iten 
in tbis excellent Doctrtne.ano not onlp of tbe fpe- 
culatpue parte, but alfo of tbep?actpfe tbcrof : 
tobofe toarfees boo pet remapne Unto tbetr glojp 
tmmo?tall,a0 aiuicena, abenfoar.l&alte, Co;ne~ 


fyttg Celftts, £>erenus, anD tobidje J { (fioul&c 
!>aue fall; namiD^acbaon anD idoDaltcms,mM 
bleDufces ind&ceciatobtcbe came to tbefpegeof 
Ccop J anD bjougbt toitb 4em«tf & great ffrippes 
toitb men of toacre* Cbts toellconfiDecpD, 3 tafef 
it fo? no fljame, to (tuDpetbatfcience, ojto fette 
fourth anp bokes of tfje fame , bepnge tlierto 
pjouofceobp tftemofte noble anD Uccttioufc 
ample of mp noble mapftet fcpnge henry tfie* 
viii. tobofe belt&e j bacteip pjap goD as longe 
top;efetue, asgoofjatbconftitute mans Ipfeto 
contpnue: fo; \m biggies (rati) not DpfDattteD to 
bettyecbief aut&ouranD fettac fouttbe of an in- 
ttotmcti on in to gcammecf o? tbe ciuloecne of 
louing fubiecte&tobecbp, patting gooD malrtecs, 
tbepftall mode eafelp anD MOjojte tpme appje* 
l&enD tl;e bnDerdanDtng anD f ourme of fpeaUmg 
of true anD eloquent latpne ♦ ® ropall Ijacte, full 
of beep nobtlttp . £D noble bje&,fettpnge f ouctUe 
fcettuoufe Docttpne,anD lauDable ftuDp ♦ J5M pet 
one tbpnge mocbe gteuptb me, tljat not tot tbltan= 
Dpnge3fbaueeuer bonouceD, anD fpecpallp fa- 
uo?iD rije reuecenD college of appjoutD pijtftttos. 
pet fome of tbem beacpng me fpofcen of^auc faiD 
tnbettfion, tfcatall t&ougb Sltoetepjetplpfeene 
in blftojpes, pet being not lempD in pbtiicfte,3I 
baue putte in mp bofce Dpuerfe eccouts, in p;tttu 
mpnge to to?pte of berbes anD meDictnes . fitHz 
m concernpnge bifto;pes, as 3 ftaue plantpD 
tbem in mp toatfces, beinge toel bnDerftanD.tbep 
be not foo Ipgfct of tmpojtaunce as ttyep Done 



eflemetbepm,butmapmo?e furelp cure mmm& 
affrctions,tban Diucrfc pbtfittons boo cute mala- 
bpes- i3o? toban 31 to?ate fp;flc tbis bofce, 31 toas 
not all igno?antempbirpcfee*fo?e before tljat 3 
teas. jee . peces olec, a too^tpfull pb tfuion, ano 
one of tbemoftetenoumeoat tbattpmetn Cng- 
Ianb 3 percepupng me bp nature tncUneD to fcnoto* 
lebge, taD bnto me tbe toojfces of <£>alenc of tern* 
petamente&natural faculties, tbe J\nt cotmction 
of 3Iol;a waus,tottb fome of j> 3ipbo?tfnieg of $ip 
pocratcs i 3nb aftertoatbe bp mine otoue ftuDp, 
31 rabbe ouer in o jbet tbe mo;e parte of tbe toat= 
ftes ofl^ippocrates 4 (!5alen^^D;tbaftus;,JBaulus 
one anb tbe otber, foitb Btofcojpbes . $oj 3i bp& 
ommtt to reabe t \jt longe Canones of luicena, § 
Commentaries of 3uertoi0,§p?actiftsof3lfabe, 
^alpabbas, iftafps 3 &jefue, anb aifo of tfje mojc 
part of tbem tobicb tocre tbat aggrr gat outs anb 
folotoets . 3Pno all tbougbe 31 baue neuer ben at 
fome tbpngc in pbifpcfce, toberebp 31 banc tafcen 
r.olitle p^ofpte concetnpngempne otoneljdtbe* 
^o^eouerjn tootenot tobPPbifitionB HjouiDbe 
angtptottbme 3 fenB3ito?ateanD bps fet fourtlj 
tbe Caftel of beltbe fo? tbetr commcDrtp,t(;at tbe 
bncertapne tofeens of btpnes anD otber ercre* 
mentes fl)culD not Dt cepue tbem, but tbat bp tbe 
true information of tbe fpcfce man, bp me i nfttu* 
ctib,tbep niou gbt be tbe mo?* fure to prepare me= 
bictnes cGruKmentfojttemffeafts* 3lfo to tbe 
intent t&at men cbfetupng a gooo o^et in btete, 


anb pjeucntmg fye great caufps of ficfcenes,tbep 
fljoulbe of tbofe malabpes tbe toner be ctirpD ♦ 
©ttttfpbifttioiisbe angrp, tbat 3 foiue typten 
ptyttke in englptye, let tbepm remembje, tbat tfce 
fiteUes to;ate in grebe, tbe Romanes in latpne* 
3utcena, anbtbeot&erinaieabtfce, toluene toere 
tbeieotouep;op?eanb maternal tonges. 3nb if 
tbepbab bene as mocbe attacbeb tottb enup an& 
fouaptife.asfomenotoefeemeto be, tbep toolDe 
baue oeupfeo f o mine partteuler language, tottb a 
ftrangefppfee ojfourmeof lettres, foberta tbep 
toolD baue to;tten tbetr tttence, tobtcb laguage o? 
iettees no man (ftoulbe baue fenotoen tbat babbe 
notpjofeOpb anb p?aettfeb pbtfpcfce: bat tbofe, 
altbougb tbep teeee patmmes anb JfletoesMn tbi* 
parte of cbaritpe tbep farre furmountiD t>s 
ttianes, tbat #ep foolbe not Ijaue foo necelfarp a 
fenotolebge as pbtftcke is, to be bpb frome tbem, 
tobpcb toolbe be ftuDioufe aboute it. 
C^pnallp gob it mp Juge, 3 We neptfjer foj 
glo^tetoarDe,™? p;omotton,onlp 31 befpje men 
to beme fuel mpne tntent,fens J bare affure tbem 
tljatall tbat 31 baue fasten to tbiebofee, 3baue 
gatbeeeboftbemoftep?tncppallto?ptars in pb*- 
ftcfte* Ta>bt*betngetb;ougblp ftubiebanbtoell 
eememtyib, ftalbe profitable (J Doubt not) bnto 
t&e reber,anb notbpnge nopoufe to bonette 
Pbpfptpon$,t!jatDoo meafure t&ep; 
ftuDp,t»ttb moberatelpuinge 
anb Cb?tfttan 



tbattbe number (tube Cable, Dotbc 
tygntfp tbe lcaf,anb tbeleftet 3, Dot& 
fpgmftetbefpjftpageojfpDe, ft e let* 

^tec 13, tije feconbe page oj fpbe« 

31 J3;arneboteattDmoifo 

A$nej;eDto tbiges ibibem* 

naturall ♦ f ol t-b. 23;apn bot a«D ibu 

3ge0* f oL]Cut*a* 33;atti colD anb motfte* 

3Bp?c*f oM*b*anb rtttf *a* tfyapn colb anb b*p4bu 

jflppuls* fo^jebub* 25?amftcii.foLlOTbua» 

3Imonbe& foi tf«b $?eaft fie ^foUrobub 

3npfefeDe«fotobtnub* 23iefe* foDci^a* 

3Mc* foUrtfuf*b* 25eatte0*fol* jcjcbtfUl* 

aibftfoence* ftMtikfc 33;eakefafh foljclU* 

affectes of t&e mpnbe, JBiub fuckers* foMtf.a* 

foLWta Eojage* foljcjcfrb 

StttttmnfcfoIjjCrtftJk EjeaDDe* foUbutb- 

25 Siacfce bpjbe* foUjc*b* 

BXoubbeJoLbftU, ^uftatDe* tolwtou 

©eeti0* fbLjDjtf&a* Epttout. tbibeim 

2Sp#e0. foi^a. ^apnofbeftes^ma* 

2$japne ejecebpnge ttx 25uttec» 

Ideate. foLttMb Etete* toljcjcjcuu*^ 
JSjapne ejecebpnge in dr 
colbe* tblbem* ^ ^ - 

Ejapnmotft* tbto* f^^nfpbecattons of 

tfjapne type* foUMa* ^ ftmges belogpng 

b *° 


totyltyu folia* Clones* fol.ra;*b. 

Cfiplerion of man* it a. Conpe. foljci^b. 

ColenfceboDp. f b. Capons, fcennes, anD 

Coler. fol»tottU» c^pcbeti0* fohicjc»a« 

Coler natural. foMjr.a. Crane. foLjcjcta. 

Coler tmnaturalLtbiD. Cbefe* foljcjcttta* 

Colour* foUUiu* CpDer* foUjcruiua* 

Colour of intoatDeeau- Confojtattues of tt)e 

&s* fbtDem* ijarte. folJjfttsf.a* 

Colour of outfoarDcau CbplD?en*fol.OTbiit*b* 

fes* foljcut.b* Counfaples agatnft in= 

Colour of Mints* fol. gratttuDe* f oMtf).a, 

Irjcrbit.b. C^aunces of fortune* 

Colour of f?eare* tiiL b* fol* ttbita* 

Caufestoberbptbeatre CruDitte. fol*tertm*a* 

is co;rupteD.fol*jcufia* Concocttd* foMj;jcutf*b# 
Cuftome* foI*jct)tt*a* & 

ComoDttp bapnpng bp |\ pcperature bap* 

moDerat bfe of § qualt U penpnge bp ejcceue 

ties of meat.f oUbitib of funtyp qualpties of 

Cucumber0.foL]cjcm<.b. meate. fol^biiub* 

Cartes. foljcjcb.b* iBeere reDanD falofoe. 
Cbeftnuttes-foljcjcbtt-a* fol.#jr.b* 

Capers* foWrbii.b* abates* folttttti.fe 

Coletoo?tes anD caba* 5Ducfce. foLjcpU* 

ges. folricbtiU* JDtuecfttie of meates* 

Cifeo?ie fol.jtjcbntb* foUUi*a* 

Cbcruple* fol*ttDiU. 3£tgeftiues of emeu 
Carettes* fotatfJb fol.Umia* 

ConfyDerations in abs feigtfttw^ofneme.tbi. 

flmence* foUttib, Bteteconcermwgefuns 


Djp tpmes of the fete, f 

fol.W*bu.b. E'JUittatfkboop.fl.b. 

feompnpon of funbjpc rjfpje. fol.t.b.!.te&<.b, jfUwne. fol.btti.b. 

feptte of fangume pee* flmm mttt mi tbrttf. 

«£ ones < t* i t « l * I *» tflemebnnatutaUWDc. 
fettteof cbolmbepet* -j^tea. foljctfub. 

fepete of fleamatpcBe fcl.^tit.b. 
petfones. foU«*u fpibetocs. fttofttt-a. 
fepeteofmelancolpcfte folm , St 

^peteoftpcm, tobptbe tfeteofbeaftw. wti.b. 

beteoptofa mtoftfe= fp a, e< (Woemt 

mffc. foi Iwmtt.a. ^afpes o? tubbpn- 
feieterotpmeofpettp= g{B , foiplbtt-a. 

icnee* roLjtctub. 
5&#mfce bettoenc mea- ® 

Ie0. foljcli.b* /^<£mtO20bot.fotf.a. 

^ufcatme!c0,rttnt,a. vJ^entto^colo. ibu 

33tg$fteD* foMuU* (BeMtoutBmopft-bu.b* 

&etbofcbtltyetUjcbt.b. d&cnttoutsD#- ibiD* 

(2 dSenjnourcs botte and 

EUtmtntt** foM,b« mopfte* tbiD- 

tifrtb ibidem. <5enptoure0 bocte and 
Cudpue- fol.jtjcbriub. d#c. ibidem* 

<£gge0* fol.jWtii.b« <8emtoute0 coloe anb 
(0cercife. fol.jelbi.a* mopft* ibideim 

ano^ibHf.a. (Beuptoures col&e anb 
Cttacttation. foUii.b* o#e. foMjiua- 

€tcttmmtt&*fQlliii*** <Eoutde0* foljtrmu- 

bit drapes 

THE 1 

drapes* folwb.b 

<Bpn&tt> foLjcjcj&b* 
(Book. foUrU* 
d5pfacof bp;Dc0» #i.b. 

deflation* fol.jd&b 

H3We botte bittern* 
peteD* ttu.b* 
l^atte colbe bpftempe* 
teb. foLb.a* 
i^atte mopfte bpftem- 
peccD. ibiDem. 
i^artc type Dpftempo 
teD. tbiDem. 
!§at*coiD$motft. tbtD. 
i|actcoloeanDD?p. ibt 
§arte fpcto.fol ttjcjcb t.b 
turnouts, folbtfia. 
llttmouc fupctfluoufe* 

$etbes bfcbinpotage, 
ojtoeate. fol.jticbt.b 
$ate. foi.jcijc.b 
llcarom foUtf.a. 
I^ead of bealtes. jctft.b. 

i^onpe. folOTb.a 
$emo?toiDe0 oj ppieg, 



IS>opc. foliptf-b- 
31ope. foUjcuu.b 
3[te* foMjcuA. 

Cfepbbe. fol.jci^b. 

L3Juet in beate bpf* 
tempered. fol.tu.a. 
Xptiet; coioe bpftempe- 
rcD* rbibein. 
Zlpuec mopfte Dpftem- 
peteD. ibtoem. 
2tpuet type bpftempe= 
teb. fbiDent 
&puec fickefoMjc#bi,b 
&ettifo foltfjttttia 
ftefcea* foL^i^a 
ftambe. fo!.jctjc.a# 
Xlarfce. foLjtjeb* 
ftptiets of bp^beg an& 
bcaftc0. foljcjcia 
JLungts of beltawua • 
XettpngcofbluD. (tjc^ 
Xcacbes 0} bfctiDefuc* 
fcets* fo.Ijii.a* 

TH Er TAB!!.' 

jlack* of pjomotto.eob. fl^eates toinbptbt&em. 

Jtaffitube. foMjCjCjcu-b. felons. foLWttta. 

^alotoe0. foljcjcijc.** 
button. foLjcijc^., 

MClancolpfee bobp. #obetatton In Diet. fo. 
foltiU. WWk 

SlMancolpe fol.fe.b, £^cak0* foijclfc. 

^elacofpoacutaUbfii* #aces. foUma 

^elancolp. tmnamcafc Members of bp#es. 
fol.eobem. foLjCjcub. 

flfecmbers inftcumen- ^eltojrplene.folw*ia 

tall. foLjcb #atotoe. tbtDem. 

S^catatiDt)?infe.]cutt.b» glppifce. foLOTtiUfc : 
SBcatcs mafcpnggooD .djiiiU 

mpce/ , o1 ibiDenn C^ utm *S8 e *- ttW-a.. 

gg)eate0 mafcpnge pile $aueto0. fol.^a 
iupce. foUb.a . -fl> 

^eates mafepng tbtcfc (Official member 

tupfe* ibtdeun V' Xoljca- 

©eates mafcpnaccbo^ £>petattou0. fo.#t.b» ; 

Tet. folijcb. £>!pue0., fottfWta; 

g^eategmafcpngfleme £D?enge0* foLOTttK 

ibibem. £)npous. foLOTU 

^eate0 ingentypnge £>#et in eatpnge anD ? 
melancolp* tbi&em. typnftfnge. foljtob, 

£peate0 bwtpnge t\)t, 4Dptlattfm0 fobftt tycp, 
tetbc fo!.jc.b. are* fol«w#M 

<lbeate0 burtpnge tbe £>bflrucrtono,:ruptat;e 
cpen. Mb. foI4bii.b 

g^eate0 mafcpns* op; 4DIDemett* flucem. 

Dtlarton0V rtuDcm. ^btire. toUiiua 


$ peculpac wmtdpe* of 

Pfcpncppalle mcim <^*»moii* fc^a* 

tjecs: fo!^a- £ otttgationB bp rpcgc 

partes Qmflate&Mb* fpU^b.aijoaw.b. 

Sobers natural!. w>n> ^ W ft Dtete * fo1 # 
l&itoetB fptritualabzD* ^ 

£ofoer0 animall. tiib* O ^ nme of meat * 

teepon*. foto#m<a V*/ X 0l ^ b , 

0eaci>e0- foI.»ft.b. ,>^«altteof meat* 

10eare0» fol-jcjcbt.b* wtoftMnanD^fcifca. 

&out(dam<folxm& ® U W?* Wjww.a. 

IBecfcIp. fohwjc-b- dtaaple. fol-j^b. 
I£urget0ofcolec.lbm<a 15 

laurgerBoffimte* foh O aipfons foLnfrb* 

Ibitib- XViaapeg* fol.jcjc&a* 
l^ourgers of metanco*' iKa&pfte* fol tfjeb-b. 

Ipc* ibibem* JKofeat. foLga&b* 

Receptee of 3©pocie0* Hofematp* fo!.jrot.a* 

IjtWfrb. ^cpicctom foUt.b* 

JBomegcanatcg.jCjcbi.b* IKeume&anD reiuebpes 

prunes. foLjcjrtm.a. t&etfo;*. foltacbiub. 
^eafon. foijtfjc.a. 
I&atfenepe0* fol.jw*b* S> 

J&enpjtall foljcjcma. Clngupncbobpat^ 

pepper, fol-jwj&b, O£>toma&^ot*bt-b, 

l&awpcfje. fo!.fl%b. fetomahe coloe* tbito 

flower. tbtbem. £>tomafeemopfte.toiD. 

J^pgeons. fo!.rjct.a. £>tomaekeD;pe- btt-a* 

particular como&ftte0 ^pmtenaturalLjru.b* 

of euetp poucgattom &pmtebptalUbtDem* 

foMbub* £>pmr c aromalL tbtoe* 


£>tone£ of beaded 

&o}t\l folnftJb* 
$>auge. foljcjcjcU, 
automata in tbe tobtcb 
meat t0 cojtupteDm-b 
grtepeanb toatcbtfb.a* 
§>auerp* folOTub* 
gmfftom foLic^b 
^parotoes. foljtitt.a 
£>!)oueler* foLm.a* 
£>ouper. foLjch.b* 
£mgar* foKwjcbi.a 

^feommer* eobem. 
^cattfienge* foMM>* 
^tcfcenelfrs app:opjp- 

eDtofun&;p fcafon0$ 

ageg. foMrjCjciiu.b* 
£feigmficafpon0 of fitc* 

nclfcg, foMOTbta* 
jubilance of brpnes* 


Tfjpngeg natural!* 



COpnges ngacnftcnau 

tuce* tbtbem. 
€l>pnge0 gooD fo? t&e 

ijeao. foLtf,a 
Cbpngea goobfo? tbe 

batt. tbtoenn 
Cbpnges goob fojtbe 

Ipuec*. foltf.b 
Ctjpnges gooD fojtbc 

lunges* ibtocm* 
Cbmgcg gooD fo? tbe 

epe04 tbtDem* 
C&pngeg gooD foj fya 

ftomafee ibibem. 
Ccmpetatute of mea* 

ttB> foLjcbtub 
Curnpppe0. fohjejej^b* 
Cpme* foLjqcjci*b* 
Cotonecteflte- rjcjciua 
Ctppe** foijqriua 
Cpme. fol. OTbtb. 

Cpmes mtfce bap con- 

Cpnie* appjop?pcbto 

cuerp Rumour Jjcbuub 


. walnuttewjcb^b 

T n m k v a a e <§ 

Weale, foiwb. WMfmttett> tolib. 
Wenpfon. tbtDeim womptt. foUtiu«b 
s»ooDcocfce0- fol)Cjct.a. serines. foMjcjcjcbtt.a 
TODct. fol.w;foa. Sftettue of meates* foI« 
vonttt. foU b.$.mi&* \ Xtub 
Wpntet. foi.tfjrtftb y 
ooopne. foUjtjfca C Y onge men. jcjcjtijfca* 

CCftti&cnDttyi ft* -Cable. 


of t\)t bobpof manfcpnDe, toitbtn 
tl}t Ipmttatton of i;eitlj (fotncbe m 
<5akm faptlje)ts tl?e ftate of tl;e nctUfn ' 
bobp, to^enn toe be neptber gre* da ,£ miu 
ueb tmtb pepne, no? lette from Do; 
tnge our neceOarp bufpne(Fe,Dotb belonge tbe 
Ipgcnt confpberation of tfee fortes of thpnae0, 
tbattstofap, * 

< Cbpnges not naturalism* 
^Cbpnges agemft nature* 
CC(>mge0 ^aturail be*btun number. 
d£lemente0* cj^otoers. 
>Complejrum0, ^€)peration0anb 
►Rumours* <-£>pmte0, 

bencrrirarptotbebe^ngeofljrttfi at* 
eo?Dpnge to tbe o;Derof tbertfcpnDc; anbbe ab 

CC^pnges not tiaturall be fp*e in number* 

~3? e# C <Cmpttneffe anD re* 

^eateanbDjtnfee* J pletion,ano 
>3iepe ana foatcbe* jmections of the 
^curnge anD reft* C mpnDe4 

C^&jwge* agetnft Mature be tfee, 

v3totoent 3 foi?ici)e foiofoet & RAene^ 

# atnne^D 

The f y r. j f i. 

Onnejceb to tinges natural!* 
i%e» i:ffpgure s anD 
< Colour* c Bpuerfitie of Wnbe** 

C t h e Clemettte* be tbofe otfgtnall tbfoge* 
fcnmpjctanbbncompounbe, oftobofe temperace 
anbmpjctureall otbertbpnge0, baupngeeojpo* 
tall fub ft aunce, be compacts : £Df tb em be f oure, 

4<£rtbe. 5%Pit&tto 

crater. <jfp?e. 
Ch rthe, t0 tbe moofte gro (Te ar.b ponDe^ 
roufe element, anbof$ecp;opee nature tecolbe 
anb type* 

([water, femojefubtpll anbfpg&tfyanne 
ertbe, but in repecte of 3fp?e anb f p?e, it 10 geofle 
anb beupe, anb of fcer proper Mature 10 colbe 

C e y r e, <0 moje Ipgtye anb fubtpil fyan tbe 
otbetttoo, anbbemge notalterebtoitf#mpe#e* 
ttour caufe, ts p?operlp bote anb motile. 
C f y r e, t0 abfolutelp ipgbt anb deare, anb t0 
tbe clarifierofotber elemente0, if tbepbe bpep- 
ateo? out of tbeir natural! temperaunce, anb 10 
p?operlpfcote anb b;pe* 

C j t is toberemembjeb 5 tl?atnoneoftl)efap& 
elementes be comonip fene 0? felt of mortal mem 
as tbep are in tbetr original! betng:but tWMfc 
tfje bp our fenfes be percepueb, be eojupfeb fottfc 
mutual mtjcture.anb be ratbet ertljp^atrpjairp, 
anb fp?p>tJjan abfolutelp ertl>,foater, ap;e 3 9 fp?e. 

SOKE* 2 

Of the complexion of M<ro.Crfp.*. 

Complexion is a combpttatf on of tfoo 
dpuers qualities of ttyefourc clcmentcsm 
onebodpc, asbotte and djpe oftbe tfpje:botte 
andmopftcof tbc3p?e 3 coldeand mopfteof tbe 
water, coiDe anD d?p of f be cfttb* But alfyouglj 
ail tbefe completions be aflembled in euerp body 
ofmanaiidfooman, pettbebodp tafeetbbts de= 
nomination of tbofe qualpties, fobi cbe abounde 
in bpm, mo;e tfjanne mti;e otber, as bcccafter 

C^faBodpe, tuberebeate andmopftute l;aue 
fouerapntte, is called SagHine, foberintbe aipje 
batb preeminence, and it is percepued anD taio- 
torn bp tbcfe fpgnes,fobicbe Do f olo toe, 
fCarnofitie oj fieftypnefle* 
j Cbebapnes and arteries large* 
©care plentie and ted de* 
Cbe bifage tobite and ruddp* 

2^;emes of blouddp tinges, oitiptos 
StnguweJ qce pleafaunt* 

£ulfe great and full* 
j tefgeftionperfecte* 

I £>tege 3 brtne,aud ffoeafeabundaunt* 
j ifallpnge (bo#lp in to bledpnge. 
lC(je brine redde and t&tcfce* 

8AU w&ere 



C^^re coibefottl) mopflure pjcua&Iefy, ftat 
bo&pis calleD FlfMMtffike, fobetintoatetbatljp?*' 
eimnence 5 anD is petcepueD bp tljefe fignes* 
f ame(Te,quautnge anD fofte* 
ideate mocbeanDplame* 

j B?emesof t^pnges toatcp o; of f pft^c* 

S>maUne(Teof coutage* 
! Bpgeftonfoeafce* 

I §>ppttell tobite,abunDant 5 anD ttyefce. 
l^cme tljicfcjfolnte, anD pale. 
CCl;Qlett&et0l)OteanDD?p, mfcu)ome tbe fp?e 
ftatft preeminence, anDtsDifcerneD bptljefefpg* 
ne0 f olofoinge, 


Ideate blaefce o? DatUe abtttne cutleD* 
vetfageanD flspnteDasfpje, o?faiotoe, 
i^otte t&pnges nopfull to fjpnn 
cbo^ J xpttelineape* 

j teitamt* of fpje, fpgfttpnge, o; anger* 
I "toopttetyatpeanDqupcfee. 
i^atDp anD fpgfjtpnge* 
idulfe ftmfte anD tttonge* 
5Urpne bpgbe colowceD anD cleare* 

SORE, 3 

SPelaneoIpfte t0 colDe anD D?pe, oner fof)ome tbe 
ert!j tjml) Dominion tg petcepucD bp tbefe fignes 

f leanneffe tottt) batDneflfe of rttptme* 

I ©care plapne anD ttypnne. 

I Colout Duftpfl) ) o;tol)itcU)ic!;Ieanne0, 

I Slpocbetoatcbe 

| lD?emeB feateful!. 
MeUnco j ^>tttfe tti optnton0» 
lifer* } 2&igeftion flofoeanD pi!, 

/ Cpmerous anD fearefuif* 

3lnget icnge anD ftetttnge* 

J J&ulfe Iptle* 

I ^elDomelafogbpnge* 

L<Utuie Umttp anD tfjpnne* 

BCfpDastbe fapDcompletfottfof alltfceljole 
boDpe, tljere be in tbe pactpcular member, 
comptetfon^ toljerm tf tbetc be anp Dtftempes 
ratince, itbjpngctb fpcfcencfifeo; gnefefnto tbe 
member* wl;erfo?eto fenotoe tbe Diftempetatwe, 
tfjefefigne0 folotoingetoolo beconftDeteD. JFo^ 
fene, tbat it be rememtyeD, tbat fome Diftempera- 
tutesbefpmplc, anD fome be compounDe.Cbep 
tobpebe befpmple, be in fpntple Qualttte0, a0tti 
Ijeate^qiDe^mopfte, oj Djp* i:bep toijtcbebe com- 
pottnDe, are in compotmte o? mpjtte qualtttesraa 
fteate anbmoifture, beateanD Djptbe, coIDeanD 
mopfte, coIDeanD D?pe* 23utnotoefp?ftetoetopli 
fpcafce of tfje fpmple compie#on0, of euerp p?pu- 
c tpall membe^begimunge at tbe tyapne* 

23 Hi <€fje 



'<&\)t fceaae anti Mage betpe teD&c 

(€t)tlimc grofoingefatfe blacfce 
Clje bjapne ano coutleD* 
eweDtngm <j Cbe Raines mtljccpenappatant* 
fceate fjatfc upetf Utoure matter in tljc note 
tl)wllt8 3 tpen 3 mD cam* 
CfyefKad amiopeDliut^tjotcmea* 
te0 3 D?pnfce0 5 an& fauouts* 
^lepc ©ojteanDnotfounDfc 

■ <$ocI)eftipetfluftie tunning 
oute of tl>e noMwutfoea- 
tes 3 anD epen* 
l^care ftteigbt anD fpne, gto* 
topnge (lotol^ano flajcctt* 
C&etyapne zw*^ ctjc&eaD DifpofeDbpfmall* 

DmgmcoiD ^atl) 


3t is Cone annotcD ttift^ colD 
ifljapnes of tbe epett not fene< 

Peaces platnc* 
S^opde in eje- \ ft eiDome o? neuet balDe* 
affe^atb ^wptteoulle* 


BO KB, 4 

&o ftipcrflutrtca tunnpnat > 
C&cbjatoe J tpatcbftUU 
type ijatye ^ Scares bladie ba t&e ariD faff gto* 
BalDe ftojtlp. 

Comp fcxioiw componncA. 

"CbebeaD afepngeanbbetipe* 
jF uilc of fupetfUutti* in tbe 

33japnebotant> I ^befoutbern totnD gtetioti** 
mopftefttftempe I ^be$o?t!;etntoinDJjoirome* 
ceo batb <{ f&Upz Deep?, but l^nqupete, 
t foitb often toafepngoMnD 
I ftraungeDjeames* 
I CbefenfesanD toptte t>npet^ 
I fecte. 

^enc abounbannceof fupet* 
flutties, toljpc^e mare be 
&enfes perfects 
36?apncftotan&<{ fl^ocbetoatclje, 
type Dpftcmpe* I feoonet balDc tfjan ot&er* 
uDf;arI; <$ocbe t)eace tn cbptoebooDe 
ana blacfce o; tyofone, anb 


C&e f?eaD ^ot ano tuobpe* 


f^c fenfes; anU toptteoulfo 
J3?apne \ QjJocljefleape* 
coIDe anD i C&e beaD fonc replenpftyea fottlj ftf* 
motitbu < petfluoufemopftuce* 
ftcpeteb ) teiftiHattons ano pofes mums, 
fcaty ( /ftot(I)o;tIp balDc. 
y v-£>oone!juttfe totfy colbe. 

TCI)e fjeaD colbc tn fefpnge anD foitfc 
I out colour. 
Bjapne I Cfte bapnes not appcatpnge* 
colD anD <; ^oone hum foitb coiDc« 


vopttt perfecte in c&itoljo&e, 

but in age Dul[c« 

Of the Hme. 

^od}eblofotngean& puffinge* 
©atDpnelfe ano manfjobe mocfce. 
}£?omptncs acttuttte ano qutcUcneg 
Cfoe b?eft Ijearp totoatD tye Ipf t ftoe; 
Clje tyefi bjoDe,tottJj tye ^caD Iptle* 
CtjeboDp&ote,ejCccpttlje Jlptieroo 

BOKIi $ 

I Clje tyetfye Ipttell anD ffofoc* 
1 Cljebjcftcnatotoe. 
I Cbebo&pallcoIDMjcceptt&e 
Cljefiatt colDDiJ Ipuer Dotyemf lame it. 
ftempeteOfcatft i tfeatefutacffe* 

§»ccupuIofite s ^ moc&e care* 
Ciieb;eafte cleane foWjoute 

Ijarte moifte ^£>one angrp 9 fone parifpefc 
DiftetnpeceD Ijatij ;Cfce boDp all moifMwpt t&* 
Ipuec Difpofetfc conttatp* 

*t&e facte b;p br* \ $ot IpgWp angtp^tit being 
OempeteD&aty < angrp.notfonepactfieb. 

Cbe boDp D?p,ejccept tbeliuec 
Doty Difpofe contrary* 

~C&e b;ca(f anD ftomafee fceacp* 
j^omptnes mactes* 
Cootie angtpe* 
f iecfneOe but not fo moc&c 80 
C&e&attefjoftei inbotteanbtype, 
anD mopfte t^ulfc fofte^huft^anb btifp. 

1 ©jetbojtopnbaccojDtnge. 
I £>lwtip falletb into Dtfeafes 


THE rVR«f« 

Cbebattcpouife gr catteanD 

(&\)t bitty o; toinD acco?btnge» 
Cfje tyeaae and (tomato all 

iBufcfcc in tys bomgcs* 
anb typc&atb ^ 23o!bnes ano batDmeffe* 

^topft and baftp in moutnge* 
^oone ftp?eb to anget a anb tp* 
Cbebjcafte bjode, anDalltfye 
* bobp&otte ano type* 

tfeatef till ano timojotuu 

CfcefcartecolbeJ Cbeb?eftclenc totftouf \wtt 9 
1 $ot baftplpe angtpe, no* re- 
SUtyebobp coibeanb moptte* 


rcfte pulfeijatbeanblpttcl. 

\ Cfce topnbc mobetate * 
CbcbartecolbeJ&elbotnc angtpe, but tofcro 
anbtopeba* < tt&apnertMtbutetblonge, 
m * v v )€beb?eafte cleane toiftoute 

f bcareaublpttelU 

^ v$Utbebobp colbe anb t>w> 



SOKE* € 


Cfce toapnes large ant> ljat&* 
CbebiouDtljtcfcebP tefonof 
tjebcmcmljcdcc cohfummge 
the Cuttel partes of moilture. 

ailtbeboop botte ercefcpnge 

gpocfyereD cfjolcranD bpttec 

ggtocfye blactte cooler tofoara 
. agebpabuftto of reD cooler. 

'Cftefrapnes rmalle* 
CftelpueceolDeM* j^eblouDt^inne anDfleu 
(fcmpereD&att> < tnatpfce* 

1 311 t\)t boDp cold in feltng,$ 

r Cljetoapneafofte* 
Cfje Uuet mom Dfc \ SPodje blouDe anD itynne, 
OempeteD^ I^U&eboDpmo^ 

/ ejccepttfte&arteDifpofew 

L ttcontratp* 

uempeceo gacp cauubebooptypc* 

Cii Clje 

the r nsf e 
Cthe eompletfons ccmpotmDe, mape be De- 

Gaicnus cerneD feP&* fpmpl* Qtidlpttcs*. 3nD b«* 
inane par it is to be notrD, tbat tbe beate of tbe barre map* 
««.Jib#i. banqupfye tbe coioe in tbe Ipuer* f oj beate is in 

tbebarte, asmtbefotintapne ojfpamgcatunti 

#e Xpuet,a$ in tbe #r uw» 

Of rta flomacke, 

fl^eDigeftetb foelle, fpeciallpe 
barDc mcates, anD tbat topll 
Zlpgbt meates, anD fooneal* 
Cbc flomafee Ijot<j tctcD,bc tberm corrupted* 



! (fbf ap|.cfitelpticllanDfloto» 
J l£e DcfptctlK in States anD 
D?pnfeee,tobpcbe be botte,foj 
euerp natural completion De 
. iptetytnljisfcmblablc* 

"^efcatb soob appetite, 
ij^DpgeftetbpllanD Kofoelp, 
fpccpailp atofle meates ano 

CclD ineateg Dotb foajce fo tire 
beinge m bim bnDigefteD* 
iije Delptetbe in Sweatee anD 
D;pnfees,tobicb be CoiD , anD 
ret of tyem 5e 10 itioainrca* 

SOKE, 7 

rl£etbp?ftetb butfelbome, pet 
rfrhoffftmafe* \ bebefpjetbtotypn&e* 

ClgcDelptet^m mol8meate04 

(dCbe ftomafce D;p ^Content toitb a Ipttel Djtnfee* 
tnftempereb, ^Bifeafeo ttiU^ tnocl)e tyinfee* 

C $e Ddptcti; in typ meatcs* 
C*t is to benoteb, tbat the Dpfpofition0 
of tbe ftomahe naturall, boo Defp?c t&attoljtdfjeinaru 
is of IpHe qualttteg* Cbe bifpofitione Unnatural p*"*- 
Do Defpjc tinges of contrarp qualptieB* 
C^ironottbettomacfee onelpeaufetba man to 
tbpjtteojnott&ptfe, butalfo t&elpucr, t&elim* 
ses a anDt&el;arte* 

fir s of generation. 

rareatte appetite to ft* art of 
#l\)t<&tnpto;ks \ generation, 
fcotDpflempeteb ^Ingentypnge men $plD?en« 

/ l§eare foone grotoeu about* 

C tfje members, 

rdmalle appetpte totfce arte 
C!?e<^enpfo?ies\ of generation* 
coID Diftempereb A Ungctytnge toomencbtltyen, 

/ i&Iotoe groutbe of fjeare a* 

L bout $e members* 

Ctu ^e&e 


Cbcgenfto;rtes5£>eDe abunaaunt but ftpnne 
motftDiftcpjpD c anDtoatrp* 

Cbe qmitoittz $ &tbt Ipttell but metelp ftpcfce 
typeDtftempjuo < mfubftance* 

piaffe appetite to Iccftccp, ft an 

\ in ftem, foitffte be ftot $ D;p* 
fflfte gerrpto;tes J ^o;e putflfaunce to Doo tUno 
fcoreanomoitteN tmftlalTe Damage* 

/l^urtbpabfteptipnge from it. 

(^iefle&enneg ftatun fcot mv* 


1 $pofte frutcfuinetifeof <&t; 

\ neratiom 

I ffireatte appetfe anD re&pneffe 
C&e genttojfcs <; to fte acte, 
fcotte m* Ojpe 1 locate about ft e members Tone 

Ifctoifmes tnfpeDtgof fteacfc 
feone ft ettotft fattsf teD* 
.damage bp tofpnge ft et of. 

C<H\)t fefce teatrp ana ftttme. 

Vjlpttell Defp?e to fte acte, but 
Cljegewtojfes J mo?epup(fanceftanfnftetit 
colDeauOmopft \ totjKbebecoloean&type. 

/jlpttell peaces oj noneaboute 

( ftemeroberc. 


joke. a 

\ XLttcl apetite o? none to Uttyty* 
Cbe genitotfc0 J XLptteli putlfance to do tu 
coIDeanD type *\3lngeno^ngcmo?efcmalc0 
) t^anmenc^plDerne. 
( Cijatlptellfe&etbat 10,10 tfjtc* 
Her tlm in coioe ano mopftt* 

f^Of humours. 

In the boDp of ££an be f oure p;tncfpall W 
mour0, to^tclje contpnmnge in tbe p?opo?tton, 
tbat nature Ijatb IpmptteD, tljebdbp is free (torn 
allfpcfceneffe* Contrarp torife, bptfje Mcteaft oj 
Diminution of anp cf tl;em tnciuanttrte o?qua- 
fptte 5 oueco? bnber tbeir natural aflignemenMn* 
equall temperature commety tn to tlje boDp, \n\)U 
cbe fpcfceneflWolo tectb mo?e oj lafle, acco?Dpnge 
totbe lapfeo; Dccapeof tbe temperatures of tyt 
fapD !jumour0,tobicJje be tbefe folofcmge* 
JBlouDDe, iCbolec, 
Itfleume, <fl£elanco!p» 
CBIoubbetatb preeminence ouerall ctljcttyt* 
moursto (uftcpnpnge of all ipupnge creature0, 
fo? tt^acli mo?e confojmitte toitbtbe o?tgtnaIle 
caufe of Ipupnge, bp reafonof temperatenes in 
^eateano mopftute, alfoo nourifOjetb mo?etlje 
boDp,anD refto?et& tljatfobicbe is DecapeD>bemge 
fteberp treafureof Ipfc, bploflefo&erof, Dcatfce 
ImmeDpateSp folotoetfc. Cbe bpftemperature of 
blouD fcapnetb bp one of tbe ot^er tfee f>umour0 
bp tfce ino;bmate o? fupfluou^mijcture of tljenn 



flettmc ttof duo fo?te0, ^SJK 

Corneal flcumet0a Rumour colD anDmopft> 
fobttc 9 ftoete 5 o? toitljout taltyngentyeD bp tofuf * 
ftcCctDecoctio intbefeconooigelttoofptoattp o? 
rate pacte0 of tl)t matter Decoct called cMms, bp § 
toft Digcftio maoe apt to be cotierteo into blouo ,111 
tt)iz burnout, toatec ftatij Domfttto moft principal 

Cf^time fcnnattirali tet&at, toftpefyetemptfe 
tm$ otbet burnouts, o;tsaitcccD mips quaip- 
tie ; 3PnO tfterof iBAtitSottoip fepnoes, 

f" Wattp, tobpebe 10 founoe m fpetfpll 
of great D;infcct0, 0? of tftero, ttibte&e 


I dPlafp, Ipfee to toftpte glafFe, t&pcfce, 
J btfcoufeIpfcebp;DelpmeanDfjeup* 
l^aftrp^fobtcbetefcetpgcoflfe, $asrt 
toere cftalfep, fuel) is f ounb m tbe lopti 
tee of tftetn,tol;tc& ftaue tbe gotote. 
fleume.*? &a!t, to&tcbets mpnglea tuttijcoler* 
' §>otoet, mpjete liritlj melancolp, fotjicft 
commetlj of corrupt DtgeSion* 
Pomicum i^atflje, tftpcfce ano gteffe, toitfebe is 

felDomefoutiDen, fobicftetalMljIphe 
sbttptpfte 0? btiiDtnge, t0 notfo groffe 
no?colD, asftarfl), anDbatfttbetafte 
Ipfee to greene teDDe fopne, 0; otftec 
. ltfce,ftrafmnget&e tunge* 


Cooler Doty particppate tottf? natutall&eate 
as longeas it 10 m gooD temperaunce, anDtbe* 

^aturall colet i0 tbefome of blouD, 
tbecolo; tobecofts reDDe anDclece, 
ojmo;elpfce to an ojcge colour, anD 
is bot anD D?pe, tobecin tbe fire bad) 
Cooler na-<; Dominion, anDi0lpgbtanDO)atpe, 
eucall, anD 10 ingenD?eD of tbe moft fubtpll 
parte of matter Decoete, o? bopleD in 
tbe ttomacfce, to^ofe begmmnge 10 
C^nnaturall cboler te tbatfobicbe i0mptfeoj 
cojrupteD fottb otbetbwnoura, tu^erof be fouce 
kpnDes* , 

"Citrine o? pelofoe cboler,fobtcb is of 
tbe nurture of natural cboler $ foa= 
trp fleume,s tberf o;e fjaty lelfe beat 
rtjan pure cboler. 

Yelfcp,ltfce to pelfce0 of egge0 5 fobicb 
j i0of£ nurture of fleumecongeleD, 
Cboler frn J $ cboler natural,anD is pet iaflc &ote 
naturall ^ tbantbeotber. 

<Brene lifte to lefces, tobofebegtning 
is ratber of § ftomafc,tban off liuec. 
<£reneltfce to scene c£fcer of mettal, 
$bournetb lifcebemm, $i0ofejcce* 
Ding aouttio of cooler o; f leum: * bp 
tbefe ttoo kiDe0 nature i0 mojtifteD* 
3© S^elan= 

f H E PYRS f « 

C^^ncolp o? blacfce cooler is 

DeupDeD in to (too fepnocs. 

$amrall, fobpcbe is tfje Djegges of pure 
blouD, anD is fenoteen bp tije blacfenes, Itil^a 
it iffuetb either DotonetoarDe oj bptoarDe, 
anD is berilp coIDe anD D?t>c* 
3BnnaturaiIe, to&pc&e p?oceDetb of tbe aD- 
ufttottof colenfc nurture, anD is potter anD 
lighter, baupnge in it Violence to fcpll, tmtij 
aDaungerous Difpoftttom 

Me 4te s in^e «Jr)«gf 3[nfoarDes of beaftes* 

cboler. Jlanibesfleffl&e* 

45atlrlic. Cbe fpuetoe partes of 

£>npons, fleffye* 

Iftofeat, ^ftpmies* 

Ifsarfes* 23?apnes* 

Xlefces, Jtunges, 

filpuftar&e, Iftapes, 

pepper, Cucumbers, 

l^onpe, l^rpiecioin 

T&pne mocfte Djonfcem ftaefceof ejeercife* 
fetoete meates 

Metres iwgf ndf^flgf 
fleume. QT&itft* 

C^USpmpe anD clea= dSo&sfieflje* 
upnge meates* i^ares f !e$e* 

Cbefe netoe* 23o?es flefliie, 

mi fpfte, fpecpallp m a ftaitefltQe* 
fleumattfce ftomafce* §>alte fp (I?e* 


BOO. 12 

Coletootfes, 23!acfte fopne, 

Mil pulfe, ejcceptc tobpte £Di&ccbcfe, 

peafon* £)lDeflefl)e* 

35?ofome b;eaDDe courfe* <5rea(; f iCftes of tfte Tea* 

^Oftbe members ¥ 

CCbcte be D merftf its of metiers* f$at is to Tape* 

ld;uiiripalQcbe barte, 
tmmbuz* ;)Cbelpuet, 

C^eSones of generation 

~&pnetoe0 5 tufticlje Doo ferue to tf;c 

Stories, o?puife0, folji'cbe Do feme 
4DflfretaIleJ to a;ebactc. 
members auapnes, tobtcb Do ferue to tbe Ipuer* 
HUM* fpermatifce, fobetui marines 
reeDelpctb, tobpeb* Doo ferue to tb* 
I (tones* 

partes calleD si= V^rtaelL 
wi^«,fo?betnge JCalles betfcrijet tbe bttermofle 
fceupDcD,tbep re=< flunne aitD tbe fleDEie* 
mam in tbem felf ) S^ufeete o? fpiets, 
Wteas^eptoere.f tfatte* 


JDit S^eite 


^embers m= ^)Cljeraines* 
ftrumentalL ;)C&ebotoelles. 

^mi tijc great fpnefoes, 
Cfjefe of t^eir fcertue Do appetite mcate 9 alter it 

Mates Mche do hurte d58tlplte, 

tbemhc flDnpons* 

C*W& otte meates; » Colctoo?tcs a 

^utte0, WaDptye* 

§>toete metes $D;foes ifieeDpnge after ftippec 



Makynge great oppts 

3CM ftoete tbingcs. 

Meates infatynge or 



^tocete topnes , anD 3IU rupee of fjerbes* 
tljpcfee fopnes, f pgges type* 
J^empefeoe* l&apes, 
lOerp faite meates jfrauetoes rafoe* 


Tinges which Jo hurt 
the eyes* 




Spplfee, Camomplle* 
l^onp not todi ciattf teD* S^ellpiote* 




Jlignum aloes* 















(cues of laurel!, 


Hote thmges confcruyngc 
4 coUe H*rte. 





Upgnum aloes* 



Cbe bone of $e Qarte 



filii €tyngc* 


Thynges good for the 



&aunDec0 4 

ftettpfe* t ; 

Tfyrtgef goo A for the 










Y R * t I 

T&)ngc5gooi/br the 







CoIDe toafer, 

Thynges ntcikynge the fto* 
make ftronge+ 














B O K £ . 10 

of a hmnc0 gpfat* Cfje riDe of an ojege* 

Co;tanDcrp;cparcD, !RotogJ)efcjpne0, 

4DJpue berte0* ^ojmfooDe flipeD fti 

Il*apfon0. topneo?ale* 

&Mtts Mil) fp gc0, Carte gtape&3!loe0« 


F 9 1 (Co income t0 mpmftteD, 

Wftpcfte Dotfje Jlftetametk 
tnpnpfter, /3©ige(tett), 

^ ©pellet!^ 

Cofofjomete cJngenDjetk 
ntpmftceD, < &ounttt)tty, 

rix i at&png;e J fofjpel;e Delate^ 
V ttye barte anD attetpe0 5 and 
) eftefocne0 ftrapuetl;c #em* 
l^otoer QrittttmlK u>?ougbte, tofcpclje ftpjeD 
} fcpanejcteuo?caufetofoo;ifce 3 
( hereof eometfj anger, inbU 
^ gnatsonjtibftltti^ant) care. 


fC!?at fobpcbe ojbepnetk &pfc 
I cecuetl),anD compofetb* 
j Cbat mouettj bp tooluntatpe 
^ofoecammall <; mocpom 

I Cbat tobpcbe is calleD fenfp; 
I ble, fobeteof do p^occDe tjje 

mf fhaf ^.i. CUmagtnatton in t&e fo^eeb* 
£15? 2? ™ m tide bpftie. 

r Appetite bp fjeate attb D;pt!>e. 
tfiHM-ft ttAtttf JBtgeftion bp beate ano motfttite* 
^ perawon * # Ottetapnpnge bp colDeanD Djitbe* 
Cjcpulfton bp colD anD mopft* 

C&P^tte to an ap?p fabftance fttbtpH, dp^pnge 
tb* potoers oftbe boDp topecfotmne tfjepjope* 
tatton&fobtcb is Dpnpoeo into 

Batucall, tobicbe tafcetb ts begtnm'nge 
oftbe Ipuec, anD bp tbe bapnes, toljicbe 
bauenoopoulfe, fpjeaoetfc ttttoall t&e 
i Witall,tol#cbt pjoccbetb from tfte batte, 
J&pfcrtn anD bp t&e arteries ojpulfes is tmttfc 

aiupmalle, tobpcbe is ingenD;eD in tfje 
bjapne, anD is fente bp tbe fpnetaes 
tb^ougbout tye boDp,ano mafcetb fence 
- o^feipnge. 




%\nnexeito thynges riituuU. 

fSlDolefceticp to* jcjcb* peres, fcotte 
am> mopft, int!?e to&tc&e tpme 
3fiuuentutebnto4tpcre8, fiotte 
ano type, toijenn tjje boDp is m 
1 pccfptegrotptlje* 
3gesbcfoute^ £bmectitte, tmto*lic.pereg,colDc 
anDD;ie, to&erin t\)t boDpe be* 
gtnnetb toDccceace* 
3C ge Dcccep tte, tintti tfje lad time 
of IpfcacciDcutip moift,but na= 
turallp coiD ano Djp,u>&erm t&e 
powers anDftcengtt) oftftebo^ 
L Dpbemo;eanD mojeminityeDt 


"4Df equalptie of bttmoure* 
Ijetfjat is ceDDeanD folate, 
4Df tnequalptte of t>tmioure0. 
to&erof Doo pjoeebe, blacfee, fa* 
Colour of in^&eDDe, 



23lacfee, ^DobetofecnDomp- 
S^alotocj monof&eatfc 
wljttc^colDc of fleuine* 
£aie,colDe of melancolpe* 
iftebDe, abunbaunce of bloub&e, 
^alotoe, cooler citrine, 
tflacfce, melancolp o? eoler abult 
<£ £>f 

The r yn sf i 

f*Df co!Dco?l)catc, ascnglpl&e 
Colour of out* \ mcbetofeite^ojics beblacft* 
toatOecaules. < 4Df tinges accpDentalie , a0 

/ off^cejOfangeuoffo^Uie, oj 
otljeripfee motions, 

"23lacfee, ettfjet of abunbaunce of co* 
ier inflamed, ojofmoclje rncen* 
Dpnge o; abuftton of bloub&e. 
fjeare of moclje locate not abufh 
Colour of <^ <&tav peaces of abunoaunceofme* 
beare* I lancfeolpe. 

oaobpte Scares of tljelacfceof nam* 
call feeate, anD bp occafpou of 
, flcumcpumfpeo. 

{[M fte refpbue concerninge tinges natural!, 
contepneD in tije Jntrotmmou of 3joanmcius 5 
and m (fee fptull ctafte of dSalene, 31 pourpofeip 
paffeouer fo?tl?t& tpme, fo?afmocfeeas«Dotfee 
cequpje areber baupngefouieimotolegempfn* 
iofopljpenarutall, o?el0 itts to tjatbeanb tebp* 
oufeto be bnbetftanbe, 

C®^fccotU>e Cable* 

Thynges not jfraturali be foo calleb, bp 
caufetbep benopojtionofanaturall boop, 
as tljep be toijtcb be caUeb /Baturall tbtngea: but 
pet bp t!;e temperance of t fym bobp beinge tti 
fcealtfce, tetfceun p^eferupD* #p $e Dpftempe* 


B0K1. l4» 

raanee of tfjetm fpcfcenefleisfn&ticeb, miDf;eltft 
is DidolucD* 

CQfyt fp;(le of twinges not naturall is ap;e> o; 
bitty toljicb t0 property of it felf c,o; of Tome mate* 
ctai! catife c: occaiiotvgooD o?plL 
C^at folHcfr is of it felfe goob, tyatfj puce ton* 
pouts,ano is of gooD fauouc* 
C^Cotttsof it felfe ftoifte in alteration, from 
Ijotte to coloe, fobertn tbe bobp is not mocbe p#>- 
ttofceDto ftoeatefoz&cate, neto cijpllefoj fcehe? 
in encp of col De» 

C*PJ* among al twinges not natural, is cfneflp 
to be obferuebfo jafmoc b as tt Dotbe botfj tnclofe 
ljs,anDa!fo enter into ourbobpes, fpectallptbe 
mode noble member, toWtetbeiSarte, anofoe 
cannot be feperace one botme from it, fojtbene* 
ceflitie of tycattyngeanD fetcfcmge of iupnoe* 

C^ecatifes, tofjerbp#eap;eisco#upteD 3 be 

influences of funbjpfterres, 
( Create ftanbpnge, maters ne* 
\ ucrrecceOjeD. 

-^Carapne Ipenge longe abotie 
( grounbe* 

S)poc& people in fmal ronme IU 
uinq bnclenfpanb QmtiQjtlp* 
c&oitl), \x>W) p:olongety 
®0?n*?& bmm$J Ipfe bp erpoujipnge pile 
Mfomeapje, y fcapotirs* 

^Catf is temperate luflp* 


r §>outbe cojuiptct&e, ana ma* 
wpnfces typn* S fcetb 1>U vapours* 
wngepilapjeowefte, ts tierp mutable, tow* 

C cb* nature Dotbb&te. 

C3In meateanD typntofoe mufte conrpDetfpjee 
tbpnge0* ^ 

. Order. 

fTS>ubftaunce>fomme is gooD* fofttclje mafcertj 
ooobtupce, anbgooD bloubbe: Come 10 pile, ant> 
ingentyetb pll iupce,anb pil bioubbe. 

BlEeaD of pare flouc ue0 of mpnte0, 
fomtobatleueneb, jfefaunte0» 
toell bafceb, not to oloe |&armcbe0 o? cbtfcen0* 
no? to (laic. Capons o? bennes* 

€gge0 of f efantes ben J&p?bc0 of tbe f teIDe0* 
ties o? pattcicbes nctoe f iffic of ftonp tpuet0, 
lapb,pocbeD,meane be* Sfleale f ucfotnge, 
ttoene tereano batbe* pojtfeeponge* 
flPplfte netoe mplfeeo J5iefe not paflpnge tfoe 
tyonfeefaftpnge^bet* petes* 
in 10 fwgac,o?t^eka* ppseon0# 


B K E'« J * 

Menpfon of tcbbe t>ece« 3IntoacDe of beattto 

tecafe potagefoitl) ffiiache puDbpnge0* 

nipnteg, fltye ijatt Ipuec anD fcpD 
ietc of rtolne o? calue0* ncpg of all be aftea* 
tfpgge0 ripe, < before €be bjapnes anD matp 
iaapfon0 9 tmeaie0* of fte backbone* 
2So:age. *»obbe culueos* 

XangueDebiefe* £>bell fptbe, epcepte ere* 
jBetfelp* upft beau Doulce* 

S)&pnte0, Cbefebarbe, 
&pfetMtyalm6Dmpl&* 3ipple0 anD pere0 mo* 
ietpfe, cfcebfeD. 

Cpr ojte, JFpgge0 anD grapt0 not 
<5cape0tppe* typt* 

»tt>pne0 gooo moDerat* 3111 ratoe &erbe0 5 eiccepa 

ip tafcen 3 foell tyneb* lettfe, bo?age, 9 cpfcozp* 

%\t anb btete fp* Dapes 4Dm60, r cotinuellp eate 

oID, clean* bjetoeb, anD (EatiiiOrpertallp oftfte 

not ftconge* Jle&e0 3 Ofobict) be cljol* 
^ictbe anD glabneffe, tpke* 

Cbe Ipnet anD b?atne0 Mint in mult oj foure ♦ 

of benne0 anD cftpben0 JFeare, fojofoe, pen* 

anb pongegeefe* fpfenefle* 

Me £t( s mi irynkes Meties mtkynge xhych 

kynge y\\ wyce. wyce. 

Oftbebpefe. ([ftvtbitme* 

£DIDe mutton* ajjufte* 

<U5eefe otoe* 25?eabbe fottfc ont leuem 

£>foanne olbe* Cafee fyeaDDe, 

3Ducfee0 of t\)t ftanell. £>ea fpfl&e gteatte. 


StefCi C&eefe, 

(Cfje KpDnep0* <£ggeB frpeD o; Ijar&e, 

C&e Ipuec of a ffopne, Ctjeften nuttes, 

<C^c ftones of fceaftes* #auetoes, 

fl^plfee moctje foDDen* jFpgges gtene* 

Bnpc0* Sppuis not tppe* 

Mi cotinDe tootes, pepper* 

Cucttitrjet;*, Iftofcat* 

^uncefopne* 2Ufee0, 

J£*epe reDDe fopne* ;®npon0, moc(je &fefc 


€C°f Qw^wtitif.Crf.i. 

[;h e j^Duanttnc of meat e nmSe be 
f p;opo;cioneD aftertije fubSaunce 
ianD quaere t^crof, anDaccojDtnge 
I to t\)e completion of i?pm tljat ea* 
[tctb* IFpjft, « ougbt toberemem- 
fyeD, tljat meates ijote and mopfte, 
foljpcbe ateqtialptiesof tlje blctt&Dc, are foone 
toutneb into blotibbe, atiD t^ecfo^e mocfie nou* 
tpfO)etb tbeboDp.S>omemcates Do nounEbe but 
IptteH^aupngelpttell confojtmtietmtl) bioa&De 
in cbeic qualities. 4Df tbem, toljtcftc bo nourt (fte, 
feme ace mojegtofle.fome Ipgfaet in bigeftpon. 
C&egcolTe meate ingentyety gtoffe b!oube,bue 


ieljere it is teell concocte in tfje flom&HanD foeil 
DigetfcD, it matted) tbe fleftie mo?e fp;me 5 anD y 
tbe official! members ino?eftronge 5 tfyanncfync 
meates* TCPJjerftye of men, tobicb t>fe moclj iabo? 
o;eicercife 5 aifooftfjem, toijiebbaue berpcbole; 
. tifee Oomacfces bere in CnglanDe, grofle meates 
map be eaten m a great quantifier anD in a cbote 
cifceftomafee biefeis better D^gefteD tijanacbP 5 
bens iegge, fopafmocbe asm abotte ftomacfce 
fpne meates be fljo;tip aDufte anD cojrupteD* i Adl,ft / T 
Contrarptmfe tna colDeoj fieumatpfceftomafce umcd * 
groflfe meate abpDetb longe bnDtgefteD , anD ma= 
fcetb putrificD matter: ipgbt meates tberfoje be 
tofucbea ftomacfee mo;e apte anD eonuenpent« 
Cbe temperate boope is befte nourpITbcD toitb a 
Ipttell quantity of groffe meates : but of tern* 
perate meates mfubftaunce and qualptiMbep 
mapefafefpeateagooD quantities fo^efeeneal* 
foap, tfjat tbep eatc toitboute gourmanopfe, o? ^J!™ 5 * 
Icauetottbfommme appetpte, HinDbereittuolDe gLlwny. 
be rememb?eD, tbatt^ecbolerptfte CloinfifccDot& 
notDefp;efoomocbe asbemapeDpgeft: tbenie* 
lancbolpeflomacliemapenat Dpgcfte foo mocbe 
asfcebefpjctb* f o? colDe mafcetb appetite, but 
naturaU beateconcoctetb o; bopletb* j3ottmtb* 
ftanopnge bnnaturall oj ftipernamra!! beate Di* 
Sropetb appetite, anDcojruptetb Dpgcilpmi, as 
frappecet!) in fetters. 319 o?e nucr, frttp&s anD 
fjerbes, fpccpallp ratoe, toolDcbe eater? in a Umli 
quantise, all tbougbe tbe perfonebe berp c^e* 
lerprfce ; fo; afmoci;e as tijep Do iagenDcr tljpnne, 



foattpc bloubbe, apte to tecepue puttpfactpon, 
to f 4P©e ail ©ougb* it be not ©ojtelpe peccep- 
neb of ©epm ©at bfeit, at length ©ep fwtett 
bp fondle bpfeafes, tobpcbe arc longe in com= 
mpnge, .anb ©o;teIpeflee©, ojbe batbelp efca* 
ped* tf pnallp, ejcceffe of meates is to be abbo?* 
ted* Jro?a0itis fapdein ©eboofce calico circle- 
fiaftpcws, 3[n mocbe meate ©all be fpcfceneflfe, 
attDn<o;dmate appetite ©all app;o©e bnto ©o= 
ler* &emblablpe, ©equantitte of djpnfce tooide 
be moderated, ©at it ejtcede not, no; be equailt 
tmto tbe quantitte of meate, fpeciallp topne, tofyu 
cbe modeeatelp tafeen, apbetb nature, andcon^ 
fo?te© bee, anb as tbe fapde au©our of €ccle= 
fiaft tcu6 rap©, wpne is a reiopcinge to tbe foale 
anb bodpe* 3Hnb Cbeogneg faptbe, in (Saleues 
toarfee, % large djaugbt of topne, is pll* 3mobe- 
c*tc djaugbt is not onelp not piymt alfo coromo- 

Of <{m\\(\c of meacs.Ctf.** 

QWdptit fe in ©e completion, ©at is to tap, 
it is tbe ftate © ©otte o? colde,motft 
o? b;p. 3lfo fome meates be in topnter coioe 
in acte, anb in bertue botte* Ind it toolde be con* 
fpdered, ©at euerpe complejcpon temperate anb 
fcntempecate, is conferueb in tystfate, bp ©at 
tobpcbe is lpfce©ecto in fourme anb degree. 75ut 
©at totypebe ercede© mocbe in dpffemperaunce, 
bp©attote©eis contearpfcto bpm mfoutmeoj 


SOKE* 17 

qualptf e, but ipfee in Degree moDcraf f ip fcfcD. iSp 
f ourmc is DnDcrftnnD gtoflcnclTc, fpnencfife, tijic 
feenefiTeA-tljpnnelTe, bp Degree, aBtbefpjftctfje 
feconDe, tfje tf^De 5 t!)efotm&e 5 tnl,cate, colDe, 

OfCajlome. Grpit.3- 

CWlttotm in fceDpnge is not to be contemned, 
0} Ipttcll regaroeD: fo? tbofemearcs, toftc 
iol)icl)ca manljat&ebeneof iongetpmeaccufto- 
meD,tl?ougl? tfcepbenotof fnoftaunce commm- Hi'ppocra 
Dable, pet do $ep fomtpme latTe fcarme tban beu f «! a P ho * 
tectneates, to&erbntoa mate not bfcD. 3dlfot^e n{m0 ' u 
meates anD Djpnfces, to&iclje Do modi Delpte jjpm 
tljateatetkawtobe p?eferrcD before t!)at,toljiclj 
is better, but mo?e Imfauerpe. I5nt pf tije ctis GaIemi * 
Home be Too pernpctoufe, tljat tyt nceDes mufte 
belefte, t&anne toolDe it be tottbDja&et? bp Ipt- 
telle anD Ipttell* tntpmeof beaitlje, anD not of 
fpcfcenefle* foj pf it QjoulDe be UritJjDjatoen in 
tpmcof fpcfeeneffe, Mature ffttilDe fuftepne tre- 
ble Detriment, fpjftebp tljt grief inDtireD bp fpfc* 
tielte, feconDe bp ttctpupnqt of mtbicintx, t biro* 
I? Dp fojbcacpng tye typng, fo&ecm Oje Defctetlj* 

The seCOMde 
fl"Of the temperature of meates to be 
receyued. C<*p.4-. 

T€>feepetfte booptn goob temper, fot&epw, 
to^ofenaturall complejcton tsmopft, ougbfc 
to be gpuenmeates, tbatbe mopdetn bertue oj 
pofoer. Contrarptotfe to t&epm, tobofe naturalle 
completion is Djpe, oug&t to be gptien meates 
type in bertueojpofoer* CbeboDpes fcntempe* 
rate, fuc&e meateg o; D?pnfeeg are to be gpuen, 
hi&icl) be in potoet co trarp tofye Dtftemperance, 
buttle Degrees ace altoapeto be confiDereD, as 
toelie oftlje temperaunceof t&eboDpe, as of tOe 
tneateg* jf o? tuyere tf?e meatcs Doo motive ewDe 
in Degree tbe temperature oftijeboDpe, tljepan* 
nope tin boDp in caufpng Diflemperaunc e, is \)ot 
fopnes, pepper, garlpcfce, onpong, anDfalte, be 
nopfull totljepm, tobpcljebe cboleepfce, bpcaufe 
t^epbetntbebtgfyeft Degree of beate anDD;ptl;e, 
aboue t\)t tufte tempecaunce of manner boDp in 
tl)ut completion. HlnD pet be ttyep of tcntpmes Ijol 
fometotljem, foijidjebe fleumattfce* Contrarpe 
topfe, col&e toater, col&e berbes,anD coloe f euttes 
moberatelptofeb, bcftolfom to cljolerifeeboDpeg, 
bp ptittpnge atoap tbe fjeate, ejcceomge tlje nattu 
rail temperature :anD totfycm, tobpe^ebe fleu* 
matpbe, tbepbeM$olfome 5 ant>Doo bjpttge into 
tljem Didemperaunce of colDe anD moift* 

I o x e. 



(f whtt kftetnpeuunce hdfmh hy the exceffc 
of fun&ry qualities in mates <m J 
drynkes. Ctff\f« 

f ColDcDo congeleanDmojtifpe* 
^opft 5 Do putrtfieanD fatten age* 
©?pe, fucfcefyfcp natural! moifture, 
Clammp,ftoppety t&e iffue of fcapo# 
anD ferine, anD tngenDjet&e tougije 
tfatte anDopip. ftopmmctfc longe m 
tljeftomafce, anDtypngetfj mlot&e= 

S£eates<{ 2Sptter,Dotbenotnourp(&e* 

| Salte, Doftetfe mocfje tfjeftomafce* 

I tes ; DoconttipateanDreftrapne* 
I Stoete c&auffetfj tfje blouDDe, anD 
I caufety optlations o? fitopppnge0 of 
t!)e po^es anD cunDptes of t&eboDp* 
Sober cooletl; nature, anD fcafte 

The seconds 

Ifwlur commod'itie hdffenethhy the moderitt 
v/f of the fdyd <{Ud\\ve s of mutes 
dtiddrynkes. C*p # 6. 

"Co!D afltoa^etb tfje burning of coUr# 
gpoift ijumeetetb tljat tobtcb ts tyieD. 
2D jp,c6funiet& fttpetfluous moifture 
Clammpe, tbprtetb tljat, tobpdms 
fubtpIUnD perfpnge* 
5pttcc, clcnfetbanDtoppetbof, alfo 
molltftttft anb erpdletb f leume* 
£9eate0* <! ^altejcletuecij fieume ciammpianD 

D^pctft It* 

tfatteanb bnctuoa0 J nouriflf)etfcant> 

Stiptifce o? rougb on tbc tonge,bpn* 
Detb ano comforted? appetite* 
g>toecre, Dotl;e cicnfe, Diflblwe, ant> 
* noutptye* 

Btteabbeof fpne flout* of tobeatc, fjattpnge 
no ieupn,ts flotoe of oigeftion, anb tnafcetge 
fiptiip bumourcbut it nourpdjetb mocbe : tf it be 
Sit Digettctb foonct : b?eaue bailing mocb 
toanne, W* *e bea!p tottb mtemcntes, anb 
nourpiietb iptcll o> noftpngMmt fbo^rlp Drtw- 
Detb ftom tbe ftcntafee: Cbc meane bettoene bo« 
ftifficimtlp leupneo, toell moulDeo, anb moDetat* 
ipbafeenis tftemofte ^Ifometo euerpeag^ 
gceatca louesbonourptyemoftfaft, fojaimocp 

soke. 16 

ag fte (pic fyatfyc not ctfjatirtcD tfjcmopfturcof 
t\)cnu i)otte b?caDDc,mocl) eaten, mafcet!) fulne 
anD tbp^fte, anD riotoelp palfetb. iSarlep tyeaDDe 
clenfetlj c be boDp,anD Dotb not nourpflje fo mocfy 
80 toljeate,anD irMttf) ecltienupcc in tlje boDj\ 

qOfflejhe. C*p. $. 

BJitfe of <f ngfanDe to €nglpf(3emen,tol)icl)e 
arettt befrfr, b;iti$etb (Ironge noutpfltipnge, 
butitmafeerb gtofifebtouDc, anoingenD^etbnie* 
lam ofp : but bepng of ponge ojcen, not ejcceDpnge 
tbeajeof fout petes, totbem. tobtcbe baueco* 
lerifceftomaites, ttismo;econuenient, tfymifyU 
feen0,anD otljec Ipfce fpnc meates* 

Swynes flefhc, 

3!bone all ftpriDesoffletoetn nourpfl)pngefte 
boDp,<5aIene mod commenbetb pojfce, not being 
of an ofDeffopne, anbtbat it be toell DigcfteD of 
bpmtbat catetbit, tfo;itmafeetb belle tupee, it 
is mode conumimt fo; ponge pecfons, anD tbem 
fobtcf? fcauefitftcpneD mocb !about,anD tbectoitlj 
ac fatigatcanD become toeafee,ponge pigges arc 
notcomenoeD before tbattbepbeonemontbolD, 
fo; tfjep Do tyeDe ftipetf luous ijumouoB* 


3f0berpemopfte anD flumatifce, fo!jerfo;eif is 
not conmnient fo; ageD men, except tbat it be be; 
rpD;peto(lcD, no? pet fo? tbepm, to'jicbc fcauefo 
tyeit ffcmafte mocbe ffcume. 


^alcne Dot&e not commenDe if, not fcnft&an* 

jfiii Dinge 


Deaiim?. Ding cjcperience p^ouctt) l)ete m tl)t0 rcalme, t^at 
lib,* pf tt be ponge, it is a rigfjt temperate ineate> anD 
mafcefygooDfupce: anDtljetfoje it 10 bfeDmo;e 
tijananp otljecmeate, mall Difeafes. IKnD petit 
is not Ipfce gooo in all places, no? t^e 0)epe, toftp- 
cfjebearetl) fpneftfoolle, is not tbeftoeteftmea= 
tpnge, no? tljc mode tcnDer* JSutJibauefounDe 
m fome coimtraps mutton, tptyctje m tobtteneffe, 
tenDernelfe, anp ftoetenefle of tlje fleQje, mougijt 
be toell npgf? compateD to fcpDDe, anD in Digeftton 

Kydde and ueale, 

£)f <25a!ene is cpntmenDeD nc.ctc tmto pojfce. 
but fome men do ftippofe,tl)at in fjeltl) anD fifenes 
tijep be mod) better tfjan po?fce, ttje iupce of tljem 
botl) being mo?c pure* 3BnD fcece it is to be noteo, 
tfjat of all beaftes,toi)tci?e be D;pe of tljeir nature, 
tbe ponged be moofteljolfome: of tljemt&atare 
mopfte 3 t!;e elDett are left fcurtf ull, 

Hare, Cony, 

<©afcefy groffe blouDDe, it Djpetty anD (topped, 
Sne ui 6wt pet it pjouofcetfj a man to pilfoConp mafcett? 
&as Hb, i , better anD mo?e pure nourpfl)ment,anD is fooner 
«p.i9. DigefteD $an Ijare. 3|t is foell pjoueD, tljat tljece 
pnn.28. j g noo mcatc mo?c ^ if omej 0? t ^ at mo?e cleane, 

f irmelp 3 anD temperatlp norpfftetf) tljian rabettes* 

Dere reddc and falowe* 

Hippocrates affpjmetljt&efleG&eof partes anD 
IjpnDes, to be of pll iupce, IjarDeof Digeftton anD 
D?pe> but pet it mouetb brine* 4Df falotoe Dere, be 
no; anpotljer oiDeto;tter Dofye fpeafee of, as 31 


8 O K E . 1© 

tememtyeD, 31 fuppofybpcanre tbere be not in all 
tbe too;lo fo manp as be in CnglanDe^bece tbep 
confttme agooD parte of tbe bcftepafture in tbe 
rcalme, anDaremnotbpngepjofptable, faupnge 
tbatof tbe ffcpnnes of tbemis maDe better letter 
tbanisof calucs: tbebuntpngeof tbembepnge 
not fo pleafaunt,as tbe buntpnge of otbec benerp 
o?toermpne, tbe fieflfte mocbe inoje fcnbolfotne 
anD fcnpleafant,tban of a reDDe sere, ingenD?mg 
melancofp,anD mafcingc manp feacefnl D?eames, 
anD Difpofetb tbe boDpe to a feuer, if it be mocbe 
eaten : not toi tb ftanDtnge tbe f atte tbcrof 3 as foni 
lecneD men bane fuppofeo) is better to beDige* 
fteD 5 tbantbeleane, 

Of Brides. 

T$e fleQ)t of all bp;Des, is mocb ligbter tbani 
tbe fleffie of belles in comparifon, moftfpe- 
«al!p of tbofe f otiles, fobicbe trufte mod to tbep? 
bpnges 3 anD Do b?eDeinbigb counttfys* 

Capons,Hennes,md Chyckens* 

Cttftc Capon is aboueall otber foules p?atfeD, 
fo;as mocbe as it is eaftlptrigelteD, anDma&ctb 
IpttellojDure, anD mocbe gooD nourptyinent, 3[t 
is commoDtous to tbe tyeafte anD ftomafce. 
gennesinfopnter, areabnoofteecittaU fcnto tbe 
capon, but tbep do not make fo ftronge noutityc- 
menu Htupcen faptb, if tbep be rofteD in tbe bealp 
of a fepDDe o? lambe, tbep topll be tbe better* 
Cbicft ens in fommer, fpectallp if tfjep be cockrel* 
les are tierp connenient fo? a toea&e ftomafce,anu 



nottriffjetija Ipteil* Cfceflefteofacocftete&arD 
ofoigeftton, buttbefyotbe, toberm it is bopieD, 
ioufeti* tbebealp, anD bnupnacfoDacnintt cole* 
toojtes, poIppoDiHiiKo? Cattaimi6,tt pue&ttb pi 
ljumours, anD te ineDicinableagapnfte go totes, 
lopnt acbes, &uers, tobictj come bp coucfes* 


(SrceDet!) all fotoles mfmetenefTeanDtjolfom- 
neflfcanD is eqmll to a capon in notmCbpngcbufc 
be is fomtofjat D^et, anD is of feme men puttc ttt 
copanfon, mcauc bertDene a fyume $ a partridge* 


fl)f allfotoles tsmoft foneftDtgefteD: anDf?at!j 
(n Ijpm mocbe nutriment, comforted) tbe tyapne, 
anb mabctb feoe of generauon,aaD receiuetb lad 


3!tf)ougf)tl)epbeof fome men commenDeD, pet 
experience pjouet&tbemto mcreace melancolpe, 
ano are of a fmalinounfC&inge* 


15c as foell tbe f letye as tht b:oti|, beep ^olfom, 
eaten rofteD, tbep do mocbe Ijdpeagcmftfteco- 
Ipfecas &tofco;iDcsfcptb* 

A plouer, 

3s flotoe of Dtgeftton,naucpOjet!) Iptell, anD in* 
creafety melancolpe* 

Blackc byrdes or oufyh, 

aimonge foplDefofoiefcatb fyi cijiefepjapfe, foj 
IpgfjtneOe of Dtgcftion, anD tbat #ep mafce gooa 
aourptymenunD lptt$Uo;Diwe, 


10X1. il 


sSc&atDctoDigeft, anDareberp bote, anDftp^ 
tetl) tip Wcnus,anD fpeciallp tfte tyapns of tljcm, 


3dreof a gooD temperauncc, anD metelplpgtye 


15c eaftlp DigefteD, and ar bcrp bolfom to tyem, 
tobtcije are f leumatiht, o; puce melancolp* 


3J0 baro of Dtgeftton, but being pong anD fatte, 
tbe topnges be eafp to Dpgefte in a &ole ftomafce, 
anD nourpfoety competentip* 


3Hs botec tban goofe, $ batD to Digeft,$ mafcetl) 
tears tutce/autng tbe beauties on tbe b?eaft bone 
anD t(je necfte is better tban tbe remnaunt* 

Crane and buftarde, 

Crane ts&arDe of Dtgeftion, anD maftetb pile 
iuw,bm bemge bangeD bp ionge in tbe ap?e, be 
tg tbe Ia(Te tmbolfome* 23uftarbe bemg fatte,anD 
kept buyout meate a Dap o; ttoo af oje tbat be be 
kplleo, toejcpulfe bisojDure, anD tban Djatoen, 
anD bangeD as tbe crane is, bemge rodeo o? ba- 
tten, tea gooDmeate, anDnourptyetfc toell, if be 
befoell DtgefteD* 


iSeingeponge anD fatte, belpgbtlper DpgefteD 
e^an crane: anDtbebpttour foner tban tbe bea^ 
tone^nD tbe ftouelac fooner tban anp of t bem: 
but all tfjefefotoles mufte be eaten Uutl; mocbe 

<& gpnger 


gpnget o? pepper, $ Sjauc good olDeinrnc tytmfcc 
after tfjepm, anb foo (l>aU tbep be mo?e cafplpe 
bpgefteb, anbtbe tupce commpngeof tbepm 3 be 

§ The pates *n& members ofbyries ani 
hedges. dp. 9. 

T§z fopnges tyafomes and ucc&e of gefe,ca* 
pons, l)t\mtBj efaun^pattrirtje, a»b fmall e 
bprbeg betnge fatte, ate better tban tbe iegges tn 
&tgeftton 3 anDlpgbter in nouttfypng* Oftoplbe 
fouIcauD^ppgeotts beinge fatte, tbeleggesarc 
better tbantbe topnges: tfjefyalmics of Ducfce, 
teale, and fopgeon wtpu totjtcbe iz better to dp- 
gefte:fyan rtjerefiD uc. 

The gy far or ftomake 

4)f a goofe ojbenne betnge fatte tmtb bjanne 
andmplfee, betnge tocil fodden o?made mpouU 
det,te gooo f o; t0e ftomafce, in matunge tt ftrong 
to 0tge8,and nourpfljetlj competentlp. 


^Df a capon, benne, fefattnte, o; goofe, betuge 
made fatte toitb mplfce mpjete totty tbetr meate, 
is not onelp eafp to digefte, but alfo mafeettj good 
fupce, and nourpfljetb eiccellentlp* I3ut tbe lpuer& 
of beaftes be pi! to dtgefopaffetbe flotolp 3 and ma- 
feet!? groffebloudjbnt it is (trong mnounOjinge. 

SOKE* tt 


T$e fierce of tljem is moieijaeDcto Dpgelh 
3SnD t beef o;c altbougb tbep be tocl DtgeftcD, 
pet make tbcp nottupcenatutallpe fangupne 
cleane, but catee tupce anD colDe: anD tequpjetlj 
a longe tpme to be cotwmeD In to biouD, 

The lunges or lyghtei, 

%tt mo;e eafp to Digeff, tban tbe Ipuec, anb laffe 
nountyetl), but tbe nourtOjment, tbat tt mafeetb, 
is fltummU: aibett tbc lunges of a fojee, is me- 
Dicmab le to; tbem, fobtcb bauc fifcnes of § luges* 

The fplene or mylte, 

Jfi of p! tutre,fo; tt ts t&e chamber of melancolp* 


3Is of fcatbe flefye, anD tfjerf oje ts not foel Dtge* 
fteo 3 no? pafletb Qo?tlp, but tofjece be ts foel Dtge* 
fteb,tije tupce f it mafcetk ts not to be Dtfp?aifeD* 

The brayne 

3fs fleumatpfte, of gtolTe tupce, flofoetnDpge* 
ftpn&nopoufe to tbe ftomafee,but to&ere tt ts foel 
bigefteDjtt nouctOjetb mocfje* 

Mar owe 

3fs mo?e Selectable tban tfte b;apne, tt ts p!l foj 
Ide ftomacfce, but toijete tt is foeii DigeaeD, tt no* 

The ftones and vdder s 

25etngefoellDigefteD, Do noucpl&e mocfte, but 
tfje ftones ace potter fottb tbecc mopanes, tbe bb- 
DecscoIDe anDffeumatifce, tJjepbotfjDomcceafe 
febe of generation, but tfje bloub maoe of tlje bD*„ 


Der is better t&an tbat, tobicbe cornet^ of tlje (to* 
nes, ejeceptc ttbeofcafues anoiambcs- 3dfotbe 
(tones of coefces, mafcetb comenbable nojiftmct. 

The head, 

C&e fleffce tberof nourpOjetf) mocbe, and atig- 
mcnttty TeeDe: but it isflotoe ofDigeftion, anD 
nopetb tbe flomafte 3 but to tbem, tobtcbe We mo* 
clje ejcer«fe 3 it is not DifcommenDable* 

The tounge, 

3f« of a rpugpanD fanguine fubftanccbuttfje 
fcentelles anDgudeK, tobicbe aremtberootes, 
if tfjcp be toel DigefteD, t^cp make good noitnd)- 
memf tljep be not foel DigefteD, tljep make fleme* 

The feete 

©einge foelle bopieD anD tenDer, in a bolle (to- 
make, Dpgeftetb belie, anD mafcetb gooD mpce, 
anD pafletb fotfb eafilp. <Balme commenoetb tbe 
feteofftopne* But J\ bauep^oucD, t&at tbe feete 
of a ponge bullocfce tenDerlp foDDcn, anDlapDe 
in fotefe tiuo Dape0 o? tfee, anD eaten colDe in tbe 
euenninge s baue bjougbt a co lenfce ft omafce into 
a gooD Digeftton anD fiepe, anD tbertoitb batb ah 
foejcpulfeDfalt flemeanDcoIer, anD tbtsbaue3I 
founo in mp felfe bp often experience : altoap fo^ 
fene, tbat it be eaten before anp otber meate, lnitfti 
out D:pu&pnge tmmcotatlp after tu 

Offyfhe generally. Cap ao > 

T^ebefte fpfte after tbe opinion of dffalen, is 
tbat 5 tobtcbeftopmmetl) in tbe pure fea, anD 
IstofieDanDIpfte toptmtfjtopnDes auDfourges* 


SORE* t? 

<CI>emo;e calmetyat debater tz, tftc foacfet0 
tbcfpffre, tlKP Vul;tci;e are tn muDDp toatcrs, Doo 
mafcc moche flcunic anD o;Dutc : taken tn fcnnc0 
anDDpcbesbp toatfte, bctngc mftcfflje rpucr0 s 
anD ftupfte, be fometpme commenDable : all be it 
gencraiip, alfcpnDesoffpO)emafcetbmo?e tbm- 
net b Ioud, djan f lefyc, fo tl>at it Dotlje not mocbe 
nourp Q)c, anD it Dotb Toner pafife out bp bapo?s ; 
t o a botte coktike ttomabcM in f cucts,fomtpme 
tlKP be bolfomc.bctng nctoe, freflJe.anD not beep 
baroe in fubrtance o; flpmp. bacbe fpflt>c is barbe 
ofotgedton, buttbe nouriftmenttberofismo;e 
firme } ti)an t bat ,totndj 10 fofte ; tbofe tobicb baue 
mocbc grofTe Rumours in cbem,ar bc(l,poub;cD* 

fO/Bwtffr. dp.u. 

Better t'0 alfo nourifljpnge, anD profited) to 
tbem, fobicbe baue burnouts fuperfluoufc 
in tbe tyeaftc 0? lungcs,anD laefcetb rippnge anD 
rienfpngeof tfjepmrfpenailp if it be eaten tt>tt^ 
fugaro? bonpe. Jf[f it be toell falteD, it t/eatetlje 

§ OfChefe. C«JMz. 

C^erebptbebole fentence of allfo?iter0, \tt* 
tetb Dtgeftion, anD is ennempe tmto tl)c fto- 
mafce* 3CIfoitinccenD;etbpll bwmours, anDtye* 
Detb tbe (lone. Cbe cbefe tobtclj Dotbleeft tjarme, 
is fofte cbefe, reafonablp falteD, to&icf? fonie men 
Do fuppofe^nourpOjetlj mocfje. 

<5M 0t 

the neoKDi 

EdSgesof fefauntes, bennes, anDpartrpeljecr, 
be of all otber meates mode agtcable bnto 
nature, fpeciallpif tbep be netoetapDe: 3Iftbep 
tie rece,tb*P do clenfe tbe tbjtote anD b;ed* 3|f tbep 
fce&arDe,tb?P be do toe in Digefttotn but bepnge 
ones DigedeD, t!;ep Do nourpflje mocbe. SHJeane 
bettoene cere anD IjarDe, tbep Diged conuemeutlp 
anD nourptye quptMp* <£gges toell pocljeD, ace 
better tfjan rodeo* 3[f tbep be fcieD barDe,tfcep be 
ofpll nourpfftment, anD Do mafcedpnfcpngefcM 
meg m tlje ft omafce, anD Do corrupt otber meates 
toutb tobome tljep be mpngleD^bep be mod l)oU 
fome toban tbep be pocbeD, anD mode bnbolfome 
toban tbep befrpeD* teiofcojiDes faptf), 3fftep 
be foupeD toacme. before anp otber meat, tbep Do 
ijeale tbe grefes of tbe blaDDer anD rapnes, mabe 
toitb grauell: aifo fojencs of tbe ebefces $ tfyott, 
anD fpittpng of biouoe: anD tbep be gooD ageind 
rata rs oj dilfmg out of t be fceb into t & c ft omake* 

F&im mocbe as before tfjat tpllageof cojne 
toas inuenteD, anDtbatDeuourtngeof flefoe 
anD fplbe toas of manfcpnDe bfeo, men tmDoufc 
teoipeipueD bp fruites, anD Mature toastfcere* 
tnttbcontenteD anDfatisfieD: butbprbaungeof 
tbe Dtete of our p?ogenptours, tbere is catifeD to 
betnourboopes, fuc&e alteration fromet&e na- 
ture, tobicbe toas in men at t!je he^v^n^t, tbat 
tw toe all f ruites gcnerailp are nopfull to manne, 


B O K E « l4» 

anD Do fngcnbcr p!l bumourg, aoD be ofte tpmes 
tbe came of putnficD feuers,tf tbep be niodj'e anD 
community eaten* 0ot tottbftanDing bnto tbem, 
tobi'eb baue abunbaunce of coleubep be fomtfmc 
c omtcntencto rep;c(Te tbe f lame,tobicb pjoccDety 
ofcoler. 38nDfomc frmtestobicbebeftpptil^c; 
bpnbmg tn taft,eaten before meales, bo bpnD tbe 
bclp 3 but eten after mealc0>tbcp be ratbet lapattue 


G£) tubes tatoc be bripleafant tneattnge,pU 
fo;tbeftomafee» anbalmoft neuer DigefteD, 
tbecf o?e be tfjat topll nebes eate tbem, mud bople 
tbem,tofte tbem, o? frpe tbcm, euetp inapt tbep be 
tottbout fauouro;ta(te, anD of tbcp;t proper na^ 
ture,tbep gpue to tbe boDp colD anD moptt notify 
tnent, anbtbat betplpttell, but bp rcafonof tbe 
flpppecnes of tbetr fubftance,anD bpcaufe al mca* 
te0 fobtcbe be mopfte of tbeir nature, be not bpm 
&pnge,tbep Ipgbtlp paflfe fo?tb bp tbe bealpe. ainD 
being tueff o?D?eD, tbep topll be metelp concoct, ;tf 
corruption m tbe ftomafeebonot pjeuenttbem: 
tbep be colD anD moid tn tbe feionbe Degree. 

%Of Melon* s ml ?t$onti. 

McElonesr anD depones bealmoofteof oone 
fcpnDe, buttbattbe melone terounDe Ipke 
an apple, anD tbe mnermofte parte tberof, tobere 
tbe febes are contepneD, is bfeD to be eaten* Cbe 
IBepontemocbegreatter, anD fomctobat longe 
anD tb e tuner part t&er of is not to be eaten: Cbep 



bofye are fcetp colDeanDmopft, anDDomafeepll 
tupce tit tfje boDp, tf tbep be not toeli DtgefteD,but 
ftepepon mocb utoje tban t&e melon, tbep Do left 
j)uct,(f tfjep be eaten afo;e meales* Mbt it, tf ftep 
Do fpnDe in tbc llomafce fteume, tbep be tucneD tn 
to f leume,tf tbep ftnDe cooler, tbep be tucneD m to 
cljoler* t tottljftanDpnge t&ere is m tbepm tbe 
t)et tue to cienfe 9 to pjottofce brine, fyepbe colDe 
anD moplttnt&efeconDe Degree, 


f Cucumbers* 

^cumbers Do not ejrceDefo mocfceinmop* 
fture as melons : anD tfjetfoje rtjep be not fo 

ai?mcn de f° one C0 ? tw P te & * n $ e ftomacfce : but tnfome fto* 
fair ' mafces,betng moDeratlp bfeo, ttjep Do Dtgeft toel: 
buttft&epbe abunDantelp eaten, o?moc&ebfeD, 
tftep tngenDera colDeanDtfjpcfee Rumour mtbe 
fcepnes, tofjicbe neuer 0; felDome ts tourneD tn to 
gooD blouD,ano fomtpme typngetfj tn feuer0.ll- 
fo tbep abate ratnall luft.C!je feDes as toel tljere* 
of,as of melones anD gourDes,betnge D?peD 5 anD 
maDe cleane from tfje ljuffceg.are fcerp meDpcina- 
blc agatnft fpefcenefles pjoceDpnge of beate, alfo 
tbe Difftcultte 0; let tn ppflpnge, tljep be colDe anD 
motft tn ttje fecono Degre* 


€ batDe to Dtgefte,tljerfoje betnge moc&e ea^ 
1 ten,anD not toel DtgefteD 5 tfcep annop tbe beaD 
anD caufe gnatopnge tn tlje ftomacfce, anD mafce 
groflTe tupce, anD fometptne caufe obftructpons 
oj ftopppnges tn t&c Ipuer anD fplene* 3lnD tobece 



SOKE. tf 

tbetefs foflammattonoj ftarDneflfeiti tbeboDpe, 
tbep are bnbolfome, butbemge toell DtgefteD anD 
temperatelp bfeD, tbep nourptye anD make tbe 
fletye f irme, anD alfo bpnDetb tbe bealp : oloe Da- 
tes be botte anD D?p in tbe fp?d Degree : netoe ga- 
t^ereo ate botte anD moid m tbe f irtt Degree* 


Figges eaten, Do(bo;teIp pafleoutoftbefto 6 
macfee, anD are fo one DtdributeDin to all tbe 
partes of tbe boDp, anD baue tbe potoer to clenfe, Action 
fpeciallp graticlie, bctnge in tbe rapnes of tbe 
bacfce, but tbep make no fubftanctal nojifyment, 
butratber fometobat lofofeanD topnbpe, but bp 
tbett quicke parage, tbe topnDe is fone Di(Tolueo> 
Cberfo?e tf tbep be rppe,tbep Do lead barme of a- 
ttp f rtutes, o; almofte none* 2B?p figges anD olD, 
are mo;e botte anD Djpe tban netoe gatbereD, but 
fceinge mocbe eaten, tbep make pllblouDDeanD 
tupce, anDasfomeDofuppofe, DomgenDerlpce, 
anD alfo anopetb tbe Ipuer anD tbe fplene, if tbep 
fce inflameD, but bauinge tbe potoer to attenuate 
ojmafce bumours currant, tbep make tbe boDpe 
foluble, anD Do clenfe tbe rapnes* 3dlfo beinge ea- 
ten af o?e Dmer toitb gpnger o; pepper, o; po tooet 
of tpme, oj penp ropall,tbep pjofpt mocb to tbem, 
fobtcbe baue oppilations o? barDe congeleD mat* 
ter in tbe mner partes of tbe boDp, o; baue Dittcl* 
lations o; reumes fallpng mto tbe tyede anD do- 
make* $eto figges arc bot anD moift.oloe figges 
are bot in tbe fittt Degtee,anD D;tc in tbe feconoe. 

^Of grapes and raifons, /^iftapeg DO tlOt llOUrpfte tb ttlOCl) 80 fp$Q€3, 

aiimeiLi. VJjjut beingerppe, tljep mafcenot mocfceplle 
tupcein t&eboBp: albeit nefoelp gat&ereD, t\)tv 
trouble tlje bealpe, anD fpllety tfje aomacfee tuitfi 
fopnbe* t&erfo?e if tfjep be fcangeD bpato&ple 3 et 
tfjepbeearen, tljep are tfje laffienopfuii. §>toeeie 

Diofco./. grapes are fcottefo anDDoIoforefomefobatjanD 
mafte a man tfjp?(lp.g>ofo?e grapes are coiD, ano 
Do alfo lofofe, but tftep are ^arD of DfgtfttotkanD 
pet t&ep to not nouritye* Cljep toljfcfje are in raft 
bptter o? ^arrpfljejbe Ipfce to tfjem tijat are foure, 
ISapfimg Do mafte t&e ftomafce ft tme anD ftrong> 
anD Dopjouofceapetite, anDDocomfo?te toeafee 
fcoDpes, bemge eaten af o# meateg : tljep be dotte 
to t§e firft Degree 5 anD mopilin tfte feconDe* 


C Series, tftljep beftoete, tfcep Do fooneffpp 
Dotome into tl)t ftomafce ? but if tfjep be route 
o?fyarpe, t&cpbemojeijolfome, anDDoloufe a if 
tbep be eaten feeflje, anD uzMp gartjeteD* tljcp be 
colD anD moid tn tije f irS Degree. 


P€acl)C5Dco lade ijarme, anDDoo wMcbtU 
ter (upce tnt^e boDpe, fo: t&ep are not Too 
fone copupteD being eaten* 4Df t!je tupce of t^em 
map be made a fp?ope 5 bespljolfonieagapnfltlje 
DiGemperanceof coler, k^ercf ^oceDetbaftpn= 
fcpngeb;eatfje* tfjepbe coioemt^e fp^fieDegree, 

SOKE. *tf 
^[Of Appulles* 

A% appulles eaten feme after tbat tbep be ga 
tbcreD 3 arc cotDJjatD to Dtgeft, anD Do ntafcc 
pll anD co;tupteD blouDDe, but betnge toeil feepte 
fcntpll tbe ncjete topnter,o? tbe pete foio totnge,e3* 
ten after meaies, tbep ate rtgbt bolfome, anD Doa 
conftrme tbe ftonrafce, anD make gooD Digeftton, 
fpectattp tf tbep be rod eD oj bafecn, moft pjopetlp 
tnacboIenfte(!omafee*Cbepare befte p t :eferueD 
tn bonp, fo t one toucb notan otber. Cbe rougbe 
taftcoappuls are bolfome. a^ecertjeftomafcets 
toeaftebpDiltemperance of beateo;tmocbemop=: 
fture: (Cbe bpttee appute 3 tofcre tbat grtefe is tn- 
creaceD:Cbe foure appuis, foberetbe matter is 
congJeD o?maDe t&pcftetoitbbeate. JJnDpftcm* 
petature of beate anD D?ptbe bp typnfetttge mocfj 
li)me J tbcpbauebenfounDc6moDtoa0, bemg ea- 
ten at npgbt,gotnge to beDDe,toitbout Djpufeinge 
eo tbem:t&ep be coID anD moid tn tbe f ir& Degree* 

fl"Of Quynces. 

Q^pnces be coID anD Djp, eaten afo;e meale, 
tbep bpnDe anD reftraine tbe ftotnake, tbat 
it map not Drgeft tuell tbe mete, except tbat 
twv be rofteDo?foDDem tbe coje taken out, anD 
mprtetottb bonpe clarifteD, o?fugar s tbantbep 
raufe gooD appetite, anD pjeferuetb tbe beD from 
D^unfcennelte: tafeen after meate, ttclofetb anD 
Djafoeib tbeftomafce togpttjer, anDbelpetb it to 
Dtgefte, anD moilpfietb tbebeafp, ifitbe aboun* 
Dantfp ta&em tbep be co!d tn tbefpjft Degree, anD 
typ in t&e begtnntnge of tfje feconDe* 

©ti S>t 


% Of Pomegranates* 

Pomegranates be of goob tupee, anDp;ofp- 
table to tbc ftoroafee,fpectallp tbep, tebicb are 
ftoete : but tn a b°tte feuer, t&ep tbat are foto?e s be 
mo;e ejcpebient anbbolfome. fo?tbantbeftoeete 
Do incenbe beate 5 anb puffe bp tbe ttomafce. 

f OfPeares* 

P Cares are modje of t&e nature of apples, but 
tbep are beuper, but taken after meate 3 rofteo 
o; bafcen 5 tbcp are not tmbolfome, anb bo reftram 
anb fcnptte tbe ftomafcebetnge rppe : tfjep be colo 
anb mopft in tl;e ftrft begree. 


MCblars ar colb at b?p,anb coftricttfe o; ftrat* 
ninge tt)c ftomafte,anb tberf o?e tbep map be 
eaten after mrics as a mebpcuie, but not fcfeb as 
meate, f o? tbep mgenber melancolp, ttyep be colbe 
anb b;p tn tfje feconbe Degree* 


V&aHnuttes, it t&ep be blancbeb, are fuppo- 
feb to be goob fo; rbe ftomafceanb fomtobat 
loufpnge tbe bealp } mpjtt tmtfj fugar tfjep bo nou^ 
tpQ)t temperatelp* Of ttoo b;pe nmm, as manp 
fpgges,anb.]C]C ♦ leaues of l&etoe, fottlj a grapn of 
Tait, ismabe amebtcme, tuftetof if one booeate 
faftpng, notbtoge toljicl) is toencmotfe, map tbat 
bap burte bpm, anb tt alfo p?efcructb agapnft tbe 
peftilcnee,anb tijis <s tbe fcerp rpg&t S^itfeibate. 
tyep be foot anb typ tn t!?e f eeonb begre,after fome 
opinions f)ot tn tye t^trb begre, D/p tn tf?e fee ono* 

SOKE. *7 

Fylberdcs and hafyll mines, 

Cbeparemo?e ftrongemfubftance tfjanfoalk 
mm ti , toberf o?e tftep are not fo eafilp o? tone Du 
gcfteo* 8ifo tbep Do inflate t\)t ftomak,anD caufe 
beaD acbe,but tljep tngenDer f atte» 2lnD it tfcep be 
rofteD, tbep are gooDtoreftrapne reumeg. atlfo 
eaten tottb pepper, tbep are gooD againttetour* 
mentes of tbe bealp, anD tbe ftopppnge of torpne« 
tbep be botte anD but m tbe fp?(t Degree* 

Of Almondes. 

Cbep Do erremiate anD clenfe buyout anp bpn- 
Dpnge, toljerfoze tbep pourge tbe b?efte anDiun* 
gcs, fpecialip bitter almonDes. 3B!fo tbep Do mob 
Ipfpe tbe bealp, pjouofce (leape, anD caufetb to 
ppflfe toelUf pue o? fpce of tbem eaten af o;t meat, 
feepetbaman frombeinge Drunfee: tbep be botte 
anD mopfte in tbe fp;ft Degree. 


Cfjep bemge rofteD tonDer t&e pmbers o? l^ot a£* 
fl)e$,Do nourptye tbe boDp ftronglp,^ eaten toitft 
bonp faftpng,Do belpe a man of tbe cougl?* 


^Df tbe garDepn, anD rppe, Do Difpofe a man to 
tljeftoole, but tbepDo b?pngeno manerof nott* 
rpQ)e mmt (Co tbte fruite Ipfte as to figges, tijis 
p?opertperemapnetb, tyatbemge D?peDtbepDoo 
p;ofite. Cbe Damaffce pjune ratber binDetb tban 
lotofetb, anDismoje commoDtousDnto tljefto^ 
make,t Jjep be coiD anD motft in t&e feconD Degree. 


ConDpte in fait Ipeo wr 5 tafcen at t&e btqvnnvns 

§m ot 


of a meale, Dotfje co;cobo?ate fte ftomafce, flirctft 
appetitc ; anD iaufctb (be bcalp, bewge eaten to it 6 
fcpneger. Cfteptobicbe berppe, are temperately 
fcotertfjep to&icb be grene»are colD anD D#>* 

Of Capers*, 

Cfjep nouttft e not&pnge aftet tyat tljep be fal* 
feD,butpettljepma&e tijebealploufe, anD pour- 
getb f ieuroe, tol)ictjc is tfjerin conrepncb* HCo fti= 
ret!; appetite to meat, anDopenet&tljeobftructi- 
orts ftopppngeof tl)elpueranDfplene,beinge 
eaten toftyqcimell, before anpotljermeaterttjep 
be l)ote anD D?p m tfje feconD Degree* 


C&e rpnDes taken in a Ipttell quantities com* 
fo?t t&e ftomafectubere tt Digeftett), fpeciallp con- 
Dttetoitlj ftigar, anD taken faftpngem afmalle 
quantities <Ctje iw^cz of ojenges Ijaupnge a tofte 
pf&eaDDe puttmtoit, toitlj a Ipttell pofoDer of 
mpntes, fngae 3 anD a Ipttell cpnamom, mafcet b a 
berp gooDfanceto pjonoke appetite* Cbeiupce 
eaten tuttb fagar tn a botte feuer, is nat to be Dif- 
commenDeD* Cije rpnDe is ^ottemtfte fit fte De- 
gree, anO D?peintf)efeconDe. CDeiupce of tbcpm 
10 colDe inxljc feeonDe Degre, anD D?p in tl;e fgfi, 

Herhes vfed in forage, or to e 4te.C<rp.i?» 

G<£nerallp all ftctbes rato 5 anD riot foDDem Do 
tngenDer colD $ toatrp tupce, if tljep be eaten 
ettftoroablp, o? in abunDance : albeit foine Ijerbe* 
are mo^e comeftible, anD Do latTe Ijarme bnto na* 
* iirc,$ moDecatip DfiD> waketl; metelp geoD bitun 


BO K E ♦ 


A Sponge al berbes, none fjatl; fo gooD tupce 
aslettpfe : fojfomemenDofuppofe, tbatit 
mafeety abounDanceof bloubbe, albeit not *erp 
puce o? perfpte, jt Dotbe fettc a tyotte (toftmb* m 
a beep gooD temper, anD mafcetb gooD appetite, 
anD eaten in tlK euenpnge, it p?ouofcett) llepc, al- 
beit, uneitber Dotbe fotofenoj bpnDetbebealpe, 
of l)t0 otome p;opertie. Jt increafotb mplfeeina 
tooman* b;eaftes,but it abatetb cacnail appetite, 
anDmocbe frfpngetyerof, fturtet^ tl?e epefpgl)t« 
3t is eoloe anD mopft temperatelp* 

«f Golexr ortes and Cabages* 

BCfo?e tfjat auarice caufeD marctyatmtes to 
fetcbe out*f tbe eafte anD foutlje partes of 
tbe too?lD, tfje traffpfte of fppce anD funDjp D?ott- 
gss, to content tfje bnfaciablenesof toantonap.- 
petites, Colettes fo^t&ebertties fuppoftftto 
be in ftepm, toereof fwc&eettimatton, tbat tbep 
foereittDgeDto beafufficient meDictneagapnfte 
allbifeafes, asitmapappere in tljeboke of topfe 
Cato, to^erin be to?itetb of bnfbanD^JSut notoe 
3d fopli no mo?e remember, tban fyalbe requpjeD, 
mtbat bl)pclic ftallbe bfeD asmeate, anD nafc 
puremebicine. <&beiupce tbereof batb bertueto 
purge: fyeljoileleaues beingebalfefoDDemanD 
t^etuaterpcareDoiit, anD tbep being pnteftefo* 
nes mfo^ot toater 3 anD foDDen bntpli tbep be ten- 
Der, fo eaten, tftep Do bpnDe ttje bealp* £>ome Doo 
fuppcfe,(ftbepbe eaten ratoetoitljbpneger, be* 
fo;e meate, it ©a!I p?eferu* tye ttomafce from fut?= 



fettpnge, and tbe fyeao from drunftenelTe i albeft 
tnocbe bfpngeof tbcmdulietbtbetygbMrcepte 
tbe epes be toerp mopfte. tfpnallp tbe tupce tbat it 
tnafeetbin tbe bodpeis notfo commendable, as 
tbat tobtcbe 10 ingendjed of lettpfe* 3Jt is bote in 
tbe firft degrecand d^te m tbe fecondc. 

^ O f Cykorie or fuckorie ► 

IC is Ipfte m operation to lettife, and temperetb 
coler toonderfullp, andtberfojem ail colettbe 
feuers, tbe Decoction oftbisb^be, o; tt;e toatec 
tberof ftplled, isrpgbt expedient femblablp tbe 
berbeand rotebopleo toitbfletye, tbatisfretye, 
being eaten, fcepetb tbe ftomafee and bead in betp 
good temper.31 fuppore tbat §>outbtftel $ 1&mu 
delpon, be of Ipfce qualities, but notfo conueni* 
ent to be bfeo of tbepm, tobicbe are bole, bpcaufe 
tbep ar toplde of nature, anD mo;e bitter,and tber 
fo;ecaufetb faftidtoufnes o; lotbfomneflfeof tbe 
ftomafcc* 3It is colbe and d?te in tbe fecono Degre* 

^[Endyue and Scariole* 

C^3^ntocbe likemtbcic operation to Cpfcotfe, 
but tbep are mo?e conuenient to medicine tban to 
meate* llbat §>cariole callpd folate (Endpue, 
baupnge tbe toppes of tbe leaues turned m, and 
lapdemtbe ertbe, at tbe latter endeof fommer, 
and couered, becometb bbtteandcrtfpe, Ipfceto 
tbe great (talfees of cabage iettpfe,fobicb take bp 
and eten toitb btneger coolttb tbe bcate of tbe do 
tnafce* aind to tbem tbat baue bote Romanes and 
D?p,tbepbe rigbtbolfome, but being tomoebb- 
fed, Q) in berp great quantitie, tbep ingender tbe 


SOKE* *7 

bumour 5 fobiebe tuafeetfj tbe colpfee- tbep become 
anD motft in tbe firtt Degree* 


aire not colDc m operation, but ratber fomfobat 
foarme, anDbaue in tbem a (Ipppernefle: tober^ 
fo?e being bopleD anD mooeratip eaten tottb ople 
anD bpntger, tbep mafce metelp gooD concoction ds> 
in tbe (tomafce, anD caufetb tbe fuperfluous mat* 
tettberin eafilp to pafle, anDclenfetb tbebealpe, 
gt ts ijottc anD raopft in tbe f ir ft Degree* 

white betes 

3re alfo abfterfiue, anD lofofetfj tbe bealpe, but 
mocbe eaten, annopetb tbe (tomafee : but tbep are 
cpgbtgooD agatnftobftructions ojftopppng of 
tbelpuet, if tt^ep be eaten toitb bpnegec o?mu= 
ttatDe. Ipfcetopfe it belpctb tbe fplene* JtiscolDe 
in tbe f icft Degree,anD moid in tbe feconDe. 


Botbe mitigate tbe great beat in al tbe rnfoarD 
partes of tbe boDpe, fetnblablp of tbe beaD anD 
epes : alfo it repjefTetb tbe rage of WLmuB> but pf 
it be p?eferueD in fait 0? tyine, it beatetb anD pur. 
getb tbe ftomafee, Jt is colDe in tbe tbirDe Degce, 
anD moitt in tbe feconDe* 


3f$bet?e pjofptabie bnto tbettomacfce, butit 
map not fuftem berp mocb boiling: eten foitb bU 
neger,it pjouofcetb appetite,^ alfo brine.Cbe De- 
coctio tberof Djtjnfr foitb bipne, clefetb $ blaoDec* 

3 $>ojell 

The seconds 

tBetnge foDDen, it loufetb tye bealp, 3fn a tpme 
of peftilencc, if one bemge faftpnge, Doocljetoe 
fome of tl)t leaues, anD fucfee Dotone tbe iupce, it 
tneruaploufelp pjefetuetb from infections, as a 
neto p;acf tfcr calftD (Buainetius Dott) tojue* HinD 
Diofcori* j mj> reif f^ue p?oueD it in mp boufbolD* Cbc fe* 
caw* Destbecofb?aieDanDD?unfte&Htb tonnes toater, 
is fcerp^olfoineagapnfttbecGlpfce,anDftettinge 
of tbe guttes. it ftoppetb f lures, anD belpetb tbe 
ftomafce annopeD untb replecion-Jt is colb in t\)Z 
ttyitb Degree, anD Djp in tfjc feconDe, 


3(0 fcerp conuenient to H;e ftomalt, anD comfor- 
ted? appetite, anD mafeetb tbe tyeatbe ftoeete, t^e 
feDes anD toote caufetb imne to pafle belle, anD 
tyeafeetb tbe ftone, Dtflbluetb fopnDes. tbe rootes 
bopIeD in foatcr, anD tberof crtmeU beinge maDe, 
tt bilFoluetb f Icume, anD mafcetb gooD Dtgefttot?* 
3[t is bote anD D:p in t^c tljicD Degree* 


53emge etemtlje feDe o? tote mafcetfr abundance 
of mpI'ttcripUcUspfc D?unfee foitb ptpfane o t :ale. 
<€f)t feDc fomefoljat refttapnetb f lujce, pjouofc ctfj 
to ppflfe, anDtmtigatetb feeattpnges of tbe (to* 
mafceanD guttes, fpecialtp tbe Decoction of tl)t 
toote, if tbe matter, caufpnge frettpnge be cUDe, 
but if it be of a botte caufe, tbe fcfc thereof is 
Gaie.fim. Dangerous, fo? inflammation o? ejculcerationof 

tlZnli ta ? nefif °? MaDDet* IS \)0ttt W tyt ti)itt> Dfc 

fiMMno Dap intlje fp;ft* 


SOKE* tt 
4[ Anyfe fede* 

SPa&efl) ftoece b?etlj,p?ouofeert) tottne.anb Djt* 
uerf? botone tinges, cleaupngetotljerapneso? 
bIaDDec,(lptetl| bp courage^ caufes!) abunbance 
of mplfce* jflt is fjote auD Djp in fte t^icD begce. 

Cftep mafcetopnbe, Ijotoefo cuertftcp beojbe* 
teb : tt>e fubftancctobtcbe tbep Do mafce, ts fpun- 
gpe, anb not ficme, albeit ti^cp be abfterftue oj 
denfinge tbe bobp, tbep tarp longe o; tbep be Dp= 
gefteb,anb ma&e gtofleiupcemtbebobp, butpf 
onpoti0 be fobben u>it& tljeu?,t!jep be lafle nopful* 


airemocijeof tbe nature of beanes, buttlrp be 
iafifetopnbp, an&pafletb fader out of tbebobpe: 
tbepbealfoabfterftue ojclenfm&fpeciallp toijtte 
peafon,$ tbep alfo caufe metelp good nounftmg, 
tbe Ijufbe taken atoape* 3 i D tfte tyorbc, toberin 
tbep be foDDen, denfetlj ngb t toel fte rapnes anb 

Rape rotes and Nauexx>s,Cap.i6t 

T^e tupce mabe bp tbem, t0 berp grofle : Inb 
tftetfo?e beingemocbe eaten, if tbep be not 
perfptelp concocte in tbe ftomafce, tbep boo make 
rrube oj ratoe iupce m tbe bapnes. 3l!fo tf tbep be 
tiottoellbopleb, t&ep caufe topnbes, anbanuope 
tf?e ftomafee, anb mafee fometpme fcettpnges : Jf 
tbep be toell bopleb fp;ft in cleane toatet, anb tint 
betnge caft a foap,tbe recono tpme hurt? fat fleffic, 
tfjep nourptye moc&e, anb boo neptfcer lotofe rm 

31 fi bpnb* 

The secohde 

bpnbe tbebealp. 23ut$auetosDo not nourptye 
fomoe&e as rapes, but tbep be turn as topnope. 


tSeinge belie bopleb in foater, ana after toitb 
fatte fletyc, no?ifl)etb mocb, augmented tb* fcbe 
of man, p?ouofcetb carnal! lufh Catenratoe, tftep 
Up^e bp appetite to eate, beinge temperatlp bfeD, 
anobe conumimt bntotfrem, tobpcbebaue pi^ 
trifieb matter in tbeir blades o; iunge&caurmg 
tbem to fpptte eafilp,but beinge mocbeanb often 
eaten a tljep mafee ratoe \\xpu anD topuopwfle. 

Parfnepes and carctttes* 

C®jeP&o nouritoe toitb bettttmpce tbantbe 
Gaifimp. otberroote0,fpectal!pcarette0, tobiebearebotte 
medM< 7 . a n \) o^anb ejepelletb fopnb* iftot foitbftanbinge 

mocbe bfeD, tbep ingenber pil tupce : but carctres 

laflTe tban parfnepes, t&e one aim tfje ot^er ecpcU 

letfc brine* 

^[Radifhe root« 

pauius e $a w tije bertu to extenuate, oj mafce fypn, an& 
alfototoarme. llfotbepcaufeto bjeafeefopnbe, 

Diofcoru. anI > t0 ppff e : being eaten afoje meales, tbep lette 
* tbe meate 5 tbat it map not DifcenDe,but beinge ea- 
ten lade, tbep make gooa btgeftion, anbloufetb 

lib* 7* de tbe bealp, tyougb <!5alenu0 fojite contrarpe. fot 

aiimcnri^ JUmongeDiuersotber, bp experience bane p;o- 
tieb it : not toitbftanbpnge tfcp be bnbolfome foj 
tbcm a tbat bane continuallp t&e goute, o; pepne* 


3 Dot&* Attenuate anb cuttegroffe ^nmoars^ 


SOKE* 19 

flpmp,Di(ToluetI)gtoffetopnDcs 5 anD&eatety all 
tbe bobp-alfo openctt) tbe places.tobicbe ace flop* 
peD,genecallp totjete it is toell DigefteD in tfte fto^ 
mafte : tt is tiolfoine to Dpuccs putpofc0,rpectallp 
in tbe bobp, tofcecin is gtoffe mattct,o? mod) eolD 
inclofeD* if it be foDDen tontpil itloufetl) bis tact- 
neflTe, it fometobat nout? (Serb, anD pet lofetb not 
bis p?opc ctcto ejctenuate grofle burnouts : being; 
foDDenin mplkcit p;ofitetb mocbe agapnlteDi* 
Epilations from tbe beaD into t\)c ftomafte* 


2D o alfo ejctenuate, buttfrelonge onions moje 
tban t\)t rounDe, tbe ceb mo;e tban tye tobpte,tbe 
D;pemo2e tljanfyep tobtclje begrene; alfo tatoe 
mo?e tban foDDen,tbep fttce appetite to meat, anD 
putatoap lotbfomncs, anDloforetbebealp, tbep 
qupcfeenfpg&t: anobeinge eaten in great abun* 
Dancetoitbmeat, t&epcaufeonetoflepe fouuDlp, 


3Se of pliiupce, anD Do mafee troublous D?eav 
mes, buttfjep DoertenuateanDclenfetbeboDi>e 5C a" ,« 7# 
ana alfo mahe it foluble,anD pjouofeetfc Urine* 
^oje ouec it caufeti; one to fpptte oute eafilp tbe 
fleume, to^icfte is in rtje tyeafte* 


fjcatetb, anD fommefobat bpnDety, anD t&er^ 
ftritb pjouofeetb tmne, tbe Decoction of tfje Icaucs 
anD b;auncbes beinge Djunfce* 3dfo it floppetb 
DfcDpngeof toounDes, beinge lapDe fcnto tbem- 
8£o?e ouer it fraty ben p?oueD, tbat foomen, tobt^ 
fbefjauebenlongetpme toitfJoutc&plDerne, anD 

1 Hi fowe 


fcatietyunfee.jc.ottnees of tbe tupce of fauge, foitl) 
agtapne of falte, a quarter of an l)oure before 
tWtW faue companpeD toitb t^eir IjufbanDes, 
fjaue concepueD at that tpme* 3ft is Ijott e anD D# 
tnfye tijpjDe Degree, tijebfpnge thereof is gooD 


2£otbe beate anD ttttnmt e, fo&etbp it Digettetlj 
0pmp fleume: bemge p?epaeeD toitl) fpggeg,tt 
pourgetb fleumc DofcmetoarDe, Uiitb Oonpe anD 
toater bptoarDe, bopf eD in bpneger, it fjelpetlj t&e 
totye afce 3 if tbe tee tbe be toailfyeD tyectufify* j[t 10 
ft ore anD D;p in tft s tyirD Degree* 


Comfotfetfjtbeljarte, anD mafcety one merpe, 
eaten ratoe before meaies, o;lapDem topne tbat 
isDjunfce: 3lfo molUftetb tbebealp, anDp^epa- 
cetb to tin ftoole*Jt is bote anD moid in tlje mpo- 
Deli oftijefirft Degree* 


JBoucgetb fieamc, btlpctb Dpgeftton, inafeetb 
qupcU fpgbt,p?ouofcetb Drme,anD ftp?etl) carnall 
appetite* 3[ti0 bote anD D# in tbe tljirD Degre. 


©eatetft mock anD increafetfc feDe of man, pjo* 
iiofeetb conrage,ljelpetb Dtgeftton,anD icrw&bat 
loufetb* 3t 10 bote anD mopft in tfte feconD Degre* 


&itToluetft topnDes, tyeafceti) tfje ftoone, etpul* 
fptyfctfne, anDceaffetb freattpnge0, 3Jtis!jotte 
anD D;p in tbe tbirD Degree* 


B O K E • *° 


&ortee#emtate, fteatc, anD Decocte, it rcfour* 
mtl) tyt ftomafecoppjeffeD toitft fleume, tt Dottje 
tecomfojte tije fapm fptttte, it erpeiletb melanco* 
Ip bp fege, anD is meDtctnabie agapnft manp on* 
eafes^t 10 bote ant) D?p in tbe tbufc Degtee* 


Cl^aultts DtfcommenDetb, fapenge,tbatttrefi= 
ftctb concoction, anDbuttctb tbeftomacfee, anD 
tnafcetbpn iupctin tbeboDp, tafeenas meDicme 
itWP^imnp Dffeafe0» 3Jttebotte anDDjpetn 
rtjctljitD Degree* 


®atbtbe fcectuetobcate, ant> tfjerfo?c ttDtffol- 
uctb burnout congeleD tottb coloe : 3ft ?;elpetb a- 
gapnft palfep&falltnge ftcfeenc0 5 oloe Dtfcafes of 
tbe b?eafte,toumiente0 0? ftcttpnge, tt p?ouofcetb 
fcrtne anD ftoeat : it belpetb tbe cougb taken Mtl) 
pepper anD bonp, ttputtetbatoa? totbeafce, tbe 
toote betnge cijetueD, 0; tbc tupce tfjerof put in to 
tbetotbe, betngeboutneD, tbe fume tbcrof refp- 
ftetbtbepeftilence: tberpnoetbeteof fcDDen 0? 
butneD,^ tbe fume recepueDat tbeuumtb, ftop= 
petb tbe rettme.fobtc&e falletb out of tbe beaD 
to tbe cbefces 0; tbjoote : fobtcbe J mp felfe baue 
p?oueD, tbegteneleauesbjupfeD^ Doo flopped 
bemo;totDe0 5 pftbepbe!apDetmto tbepm. Cbt0 
berbe is bote anD Djp in tbe tb*tD Degree 



% Sp)ce* growiwge o«f of this regime vfel in 
me ate ordrytike. C<rp.i7 f 


BXLacfee pepper is jotted, anD moff D?p, fofrfte 
pepper is nejet, longe peppet is mode tempe* 
rate/ Cbe general p^opertie ofallfepnDes of pep* 
pens tobeatetfceboDp: butasdSalenefaptb, it 
percetb DotonetoarDe, and Dotije not fp?eaue tn to 
tbe fcapnes, if it be grofie beaten* 3ft Dtffoiueft 
f ieume anD topnDe, it belpetlj Digeftton, ejrpuiretlj 
trine, anDitbelpetlj againfte tbebtfeafesof tbe 
b?ea(le, p?oceDpnge of colDe. 3Rt is ftotte in t&e 
fir ft Degce, anD Djp in fte feconDe* 


Seated) tlje ftomafee.anD Ijelpetf^ Digeftton, but 
ft beatetj) not Co foone as pepper : but aftertoatD 
tfje&eate remapnetfc longer, 9 caufetb tftemouft 
to be moifter : Being grene, 0? tueli confectioncD 
tnfpjope,it comfojtetb tnoefre tlje (lomacfce anD 
IjeaD, anDqupcftenetb rememb;aunce, if it be ta- 
ken mfte mojotoefaftpnge* 3[tis&ottemt&ere* 
conD Degree,anD D# in t&e f trft* 


&>omefoI?at bpnDetk&eatetfcanD comfojtetfj 
tyeftomafce anD t&e&artefpeciallp, anDmafcety 
gooD Dige(lion,being eaten 0? Djunlten in a fmail 
quantities Jt is ijotte in t&e feconDe Degree, anD 


$atlj fcertue to comfort tfje fp nefoes,a!fo to con* 
fume anDDiffolue fuperfluous Rumours, C&ep 


I O K I« fl 

btbotttanbbwintbetbpfi Degree: toboen toft!? 
tnpIfee,ttcomfojtet& tt)t Debtlttie of nature* 


5Dtofco;iDes comtnenDetlj to be Djtmtie agapnft 
fpttttng of bioD.anD bluDDp twM ejecefttue laf> 
fce0. {Saulus Cgmeta aDDetfj to it, tbat tt ^elpetii 
tbe colpfee : tfjep be tjotte in tbe feconD Degree anD 
type in tbe ttyrDe Degree. Jfft 10 to t&e ftomafce b^ 
cp cominoDpou0,fafcen tn a Ipttell quantttte. 


wftfr tbeir ftoete ooour comfo;te anD Diffblue, 
anD fomtpme cotnfo?tetl?tl)epotoet oftbefpgbt, 
anD alfo tbe b japn tn coIDe Difcrafte0,anD is tyott 
anD D?p tn tbe feconD Degree* 

V/^DoubteDIp water fcatfce pjeempnence a- 
bone all ot&er Ipcoures, notonelp bpcaufe 
ft i*an elemct, t&at 10 to fap,a pure matter, btyet 
of a! otber Iprourg Ijaue tljetr original fubftance: 
but alfofojafmocbe, as it foa0t&eberp natural! 
anD fpjtt D;pnbe to all maner of creatures^ber* 
foje fye fapeng of J3tnDarus tbe poete, bias euer 
foeilaUotoeD, totyebefaptye, foateri0befte* 3InD 
onetijpngeisfoell conftDereD, tbatfrom tbe ere* 
ation oftl^e toojlDe, bntplltije bmuerfall Deluge 
0; flouDDe, Dunnge fo&tcJjtpme, men IptieD eig&t 
0; npne bunoerDe peres, ttjere bias none otyer 
tyinfce bfeD no; fenofoen, but foater, 3lfo tlje true 
rolofoersofjaptfcagojas Doctrine, D;anfce onelp 
water, anD pet IpueDlonge: a0 3pollontu0 anD 

It otber 

THE J ! C 6 N D E 

otftct : anD in tfye fercljinge out of tictete and mi - 
fttcall tbpnges, tbe*r tupttes ejccellpd.Q£ o ?eouer, 
toeljaue fene men andtoomen of great age, and 
ftrongeofbodp, fobpcbeneuer ojtoerpe feldome, 
djanfee otber d^pufce, tban pure toater : bp ex- 
ample in CopietualL altbou^b tbat tbe conntttp 
beinaberp coloe quarter, totycbepjouetb, tljat 
if men from tljeir infancpe, toere accuftomeo to 
none otber d?infee, but to toater onelp, moderate 
fcfed.itfyuld be fufftctcut to kcpc natural! mop* 
(lure, anD to caufe tbe meat tbat is eaten, to pert e 
anD difcende tmto tbe places of digeftton, tobicbe 
are tbe pourpofestbat d?pnfccfeuietbfo;ie. Sue 
notoe to fye qualities of toater, after tbefenteuce 
of auncient pfnlofopbees and partitions, Cbe 
rapne toater, after tbe opinion of tbe mod mem tf 
it be recepued pure and cleane, is mod fubtpl and 
penetratiue of anp otber toaters : tbe neit is tbat, 
tobicbe ififuetb out of a fpjing in tbe eaft.and paf= 
ftfyftoiftlp among great Goncso;rocfces: Cbc 
tbitde is of a cleane rpuer, tobpebe rennetb on 
great fearde Hones o; pebles. Cbere bedpuerfe 
meanes to trie out, tobtdje is tbe befte toater* f o) 
tbat tobicbe is ligbteft in popfe o? toeigtyt is beft, 
alfotbat, fobetofcometbleeftr&pmmeo? ftotbe, 
toban it do tb bople- llfo tbat, tobicb topll fo oneft 
be b on 3$o?couer deape linnen clothes in to fun- 
d#> toaters, and after lap tljtm to d?p, 9 fyat to&i* 
cije is foneft djp,tlje toater tobetin it teas draped, 
is moft fubtp^aifteragreat furfete,fpeciallp tafcc 
toitftfuperfiuoufe *atingeof banfcettpnge mea- 


tee 9 co!0 foatec D?unfcen,is a general remeDp4^P* n 
pocrates affermety g in (Ijarp 9 feruent Difeafes, u . ft ™ in 
none otfter remeop ts to be requp?eD, tijan toater* 
3nD C&alen topi not, tljat cbtlDjen OjulD be let fed «s lib. 
Djinfetng of toaterrbut tbat toftan ftep f ele tye fek 
f eg berp bote,af ter meales, anD Do Defire to Djinfe 
toatecfpecmllp of a cleane fountapne, ttyep tyulD 
be CufoeD^lfo ©tppocrates faitbjn fucb fifenee 
toftcce as tbou feareftjeft tbe beaD OjulD be tjcl^e- 
mentlp greueD,oj tbe mpnDe pertfyeD. tbece muft 
tbou gtue eptfjec toateco? tobite topne alapD teitft 
mocfie matecBot bntbftanDmg tbere be in toatec 
caufes of Dpuers Dtfeafesas of ftoelipngeof tbe 
fplene,anD ttje Ipuer, it alfo flpttetl) $ (topmmetft, 
anDitislongc 0; ttpetcetb, mas mocljeasttis 
colDe $ flotuc tn Decoction,! t lotufetli not tbe bealp 
no? p;ouofeetb brine. 3Ufo its tins tttsbpcioufe, 
ftat of Ins proper nature, it mafcetl) none o?Dute« 
tfpnailp, altoap refpeet mufte be IjaDDe to tty pec* 
Tone, tfcat D^pnfcetb it. f 0? to pong men,anD tljem, 
tljat beboiteof completion, itDotbeiaflfe barme, 
anb fomtpme it p:ofptetlj* but to tbem tljat are l%* 
ble,olDe, fl eumarifee, 0; melanco!p,it is not coue^ 

Plato, tf>e fopfeftof all pbplofop&ers, Dotlje 
afftrme,tfjatfopne moberatelpDjunfte, nou= 
cp©etyanbcomfo?tetl) 5 astmUaH tljeboDpe, as 
tty fpttiees of man. StoD tljerfoje gob DpD ojbepn 
it fo? mankpnDeftsa remebp agatase* t&e incom- 

moDities of age i ffjatfyerbp fyep fl)u!De feme to- 

hit retourne 


refoutnebnto poutb,anD f ojgette beupne0» (Otis 
DoubteDlp topne beatetb anD mopllctli tbe boDpe, 
tobpclje qualities cbief elp conferuetb Mature* 
3inD Valerie of all topnes, comenDetbtbat, to&t 
c&e t0 pelofo anD clere,faptng* Cbat it is tlje l)oU 
tell, attD toljitc topne lefte botte* 3nDtbe coloure 
meanebetfoenebotij, offemblable temperature* 
Cbe pelotoe topne, to&ic&e 10 tbe proper colour of 
berp botte topnes, to olDe men Dotbe b?pnge tbefe 
comoDtties* felt it beatetb all tbetr members: 
alfo it purgett; bp brine, tbetoatrpefubftanceof 
t^e blouD* #o?eo uer> tbe topnes, toljicbe be pale 
0} pelotoe, anb full of fubftance, 'tljep Do increafe 
bloube, anb nourttye tlje bobpe : but f 0? tbe mo?e 
part olbe men baue nebe of fucl;e topnes, tobtcbe 
Dop?ouokebtme:fo?afmocbea0 unbent Dooa* 
bouube toatrp ejeceementes 0? fupecf luittcs* 3dnb 
tbep to&icfce bo tarp longe tn tbe bealp, be not apt 
fo;agebmen* ©lacfceo? DeepereDDe topnes ana 
tbicfce,Do binb anDcongeletbat tobicbe tbep boa 
fpnoe mtlje bobp, anbaltbougb fomeof tjjepm 
bo not long abpbe in tbe bealp, pet tbep moue not 
brine, but ratljer toit!)D?atoetb : but pet f tbep Doo 
barme to olDe men, fojafmoebe as t^ep Do ftoppe 
tbe cunDite0 of tbe-fplene, tbe Ipuer, anD tbe tap- 
ne0. 3f ifo grofle toines be belt fo? ttjem,tobtcb be- 
fire to be fat,but tt mafeetl) epilations: olbe topne 
anD clere,is better f 0; tbem,tbat be fleumatifce, 
<£alenealfo pjofeibttetb cbplbernetoD;pn&eanp 
• d * topne, fo?afmocbe as ft ep be of a bote anD inopft 
n * lam# temperature, anD fo is topne 1 anD t&erfoje it fjea* 

B O 8C E ♦ If 

teti) anD inopftetij to moclje t\)dt boDics, anD fpt* 
left tijcir !}caDes Uritl) bapoures. &?o;eouer Ije 
iuolDc t^at ponge men ftuloe D?pnfce Ipttell Urine, 
fo; it ©all make djemp;one to furp anD to Iccftc* 
tpt i anD tf^at parte of tlje foule, tot)tcl;e is railpo 
rationall , it ftall mafce troublous anD Dulle : not 
tuttbftanD tn gc> pet tt 10 fomtime profitable to mi- 
tigate o; ejcpell o;Du tc, maDe of coler o? melanco- 
lp« 3f Ifo ttp;ofptetf| agatnftDjptfje, tobicbet)ap= 
netb tn tf;e fubftance of tf?e boDp, either bp to mo= 
cl)elabout> o?bptbe p;oper temperature of age: 
fo;topnc mopltetljanDnourifoetfrtbat, toljicijis 
toDjie, alfonutigatetlj ano Dtffoluetl) tljefftarp* 
ne0 of eoler,$ purged) it alfo bp brines ftoeace: 
S inallp (as Cfjeognes faitW 3£ocl) D?f nbtnge of 
topnerapU, butmoberate D;pnfcpnge oftopneifi 
notonelpnotpll, butaifo commoDiou0anDp?o* 
fptable* 'tt>&icbefenteucei0 confp?meDbp3|efu0 
£>pjac, tn t&e bofee nameb Ccclefmlttc* fapingc, 
WnemoDeratelp D?unke, retopfet^botf)tf)cbo- Ec<IC,J * 
Dp anD foule ♦ ooD&erfo^e to concluoe ttye cfyapu 
ter, Cijere is neptfcer meate no; D?pnfee, in tf)e bfe 
totyerof oug&t tobeamoje Difcrete moDeration, 
tymtn topne,confpDerpnge tljat being* gooD anD 
p;unfee in Due tpme anD meafurMt not onfp con- 
feruetfj natural! anD rabtcall mopflure, tolwbp 
Ipfe inDuretft, but alfo it fjelpetb tlje p?iucppali 
member&tobtcfce belonge to Dtgeltioitto Do t&eir 
office : m t &e otfcer parte, being pll o; co;rupt,o? 
taften out of o;Der anD meafureatDot&econtrarp 
toallt{i(p;eimffe0 4 befpDe0tljatit tranffymety 

&iit a man 


ft man o? fooman, mafcpnge tftem beattlp* apoje 
of tye Qualities of toine, ©all be toucljeDfjereafc 
taintl)c o?DecofDicte, 

M3llftc is compact of tl# e fubftance^creame, 
tobep, $ ccuDDes* flEtye mofte ercellentmilfte 
tgofatoomam Ctfcmplfce of a cotois tbpcfeeft, 
tbe mplfce of a camell is mod fubtpll 3 tbe mplfcc of 
a goote is bettoene cotoe mplfte,anD camell mplfc, 
Cfoesmplke is bettoeenecotoe mplfce anD afles 
mpifec^lfo tbeinpifc of beaftes, febpngein large 
paftutes, anD out of fennes anD matflbes, is btu 
tec t\ym of fyem, tobiclje be feDDe in Ipttell clofes. 
©2 in toattpgrounDes* %n(ptm%t tpmemplfceis 
mod fubtpli, anD mplUe of pong beaftes,ts falfo; 
mer,tban ofolDe* Cod)plD?en,olDemen ? anDto 
$em, Wtt) be opp^efleD imtb melancolpA* baue 
flic f leOje confumeD toirb a feuer etb&e, mplfce is 
comientent. InD generailp to all tljem, tobic&e Do 
not f ele tbe mplfe rife in tbetc ftomafces, after tbat 
tljep feaue eaten tt : anD in tfjofe pecfons, it botbe 
eafilppourge tljatfoljicbe istntlje bealpefupefc 
flttous* 3nb aftecfoacbe it entretb in to tlje bap* 
ne0,auDb?tngefy gooD nounfljement* l»bofoo 
euer bat!) an appetite to eate o? ojpnfee mplfee, to 
tbe entat tfjat tt Q>al not aufe o? abjateD in tbefto 
mafcejet bpm put in to a be(TeU,out of tbe fobicbe 
ijetopllrecepue itafetoleauesof mpntes, fugat 
ojputebonp. 3nD in to fyat befall caufetfce bed 
to be mplfceD, anb fo typnfce it toat me from t&e 


B O K E . *4- 

fcDDer: o; els let bpm Do as £aulus Cgineta tea- 
efcetb,tbatistofap 3 bcplefttft tijemplfeetott&an 
eafp ftte, s fethe it after tottb a potter f ice, 9 
it clene,anDtoftb a fputtgcDeapeD in colDtoater, 
tafce tbat cleane atoap, tobtel) toolDe be burneD to 
tbe beffell, tban put to tbe mplfce, fait anD f ugar, 
Sftere it often. £$o?eouermplfce taken to purge orib a rj«$ 
melancolp, toolD be Djunfee in tbe moving abun= £ 
Dantlp ne&e nipifceD as is before tojitten* 3nb ^e bora a t J# 
tijat Djtnfeetb, ftulD abftepn from meate, anD ep= 
crctfe 5 bntpli tbe mtlke be DigefteD,anD baue fom- 
tobatpurgeD tfjebealp. tfo?tottb labour it beco* 
metb foure:$ tberfoje it requp?etb reft 9 toatcb 
to toalfee fcerp foftflp* f tnallp,tobere men 9 borne 
be bfeD from tbeir cbtlDbooe, fo? tbe moje part, to 
mplke,anD Do eatenoneojlpttell otber meate,but 
tnplfce anD buttet^tp appere to be of gooD com* 
plejrionanDfarionofboDp, $notfo mocbebejceD 
foity fpc&nes, as tljep tobicbe Djpnfce tome j ale ; 
not MtbftanDinge moclj bfe of milfce tn men fan- 
guine 0; coIerike 3 Dotl) tngcuDcr fte (lone* 

^OfaIe,biere,cy demand whay. 

I Can neither bere no? reDe,$at ale is maDe anD 
bfeD f 0? a comon D?pnft e in anp otber cotmttep 
tban CnglanD AcotlaD J 3!relanD, 9 ISopIe* Cbe 
latpn too;De Caeum*, is mDifferent as toelle to ale 
astobrere. 3Iftyeco?ne begooD, fyetoatet bol* 
feme ano cleane, anD tbe ale o? btere tocllt anD 
perfrtelpebaetoeD anD clcufebj anD bp t&e fpace 

of fp; tapes o? mo?e, fcttleD and Defecate, it mud 
nebesbea necelTarpsconucmentDjpnMs foell 
tnfpfenes astnbeltb: confpbeefngetbatbarlepe 
cojne 5 fofeerof it is mabe,ts commenbeb, anb bfeb 
tnmebtcine, mall partes of tbetoo;ld,$accomp; 
teb to be of a fpngular efiftcacp, in rebucpnge tbe 
t>obp into goob temper, fpectallp tobicb ts in a bi= 
(temperature of Ideate* tfo; to&at aunctent pbt* 
fttiotus tbere, tbatin bts too^es commenbety 
not ptpfane, totyebe is none otber tljan pure bar* 
tcp, b;ateb in a mooter, and fobben in toater^ Cbe 
fame tbpnge is fmalle anb cleane ale oj bpere, f& 
tipnge tbat peecbannce, tbe tytenge of tbe malte, 
is caufe of mo?eb?ptb to be tn tbe ale, tban in pte 
fane* 3dnb tbe boppes tn btere mafeetb it colber in 
operation* But to fap as 3 tbpnfee, iTuppofe, $ 
neither ale no; biereis to be compateb to fopne, 
conftberinge, tbat in tbem bo laefce tbe beate anb 
roopfture tobtcb ts in topne,tf o? tbat being mobe- 
ratelp bfeb, is mod Ipfce to tbe natnrall beate anb 
mopftureofmansbobpe* 3nb alfo tbelpfeourof 
ale$bierebetnge mojegroffe, boingenbermoje 
groffe bapours, anb corrupt b«mo?s tban topne 
Dotb,beinge b jttnfce tn like ejeceflTe of quantitte. 
4L%sfoi Cpber, mape natbe goobin anpeon- 
bicton, confpberpnge(as 3 fapbe)tbat allfrut^ 
res boo tngenderpU i^umourSi anb boo coole to 
mocbenaturall beate: buttotbem, tobtcbebaw 
abunbance of reb coler, moberatlp bfeb, tt fome* 
fobat p;ofptetb tn mitigation of ejeceflptte beate, 
»ut teb o tbat topll btltgentlp marfce in tbe cotm* 


B O K E. If 

trcps, fo&ererpberisbfeD fo? a common b#nfee, 
tbe men anD toomen fjauefye colour of tbetr tip* 
fagepallpD,anD tlie ffepnneof tyep; bpfage rp* 
uelleD, alt&ouglj tyat tljep beponge* wljap, pf it 
be lefte of tlje butter, beingetoello?D?eD, atiDnot 
Djunfce,bntpUitijaue atfjpcfcecurDeof mplfceo^ 
uer it, Ipfce to a tjatte, is a tiqfyt temperate D?infce 
fojas mocfjc as bp tbe bnctuofttte of tbe butter, 
tobetof tbe tebap retapnetlj fofn po;tio, tt is botfy 
moift and nourpf&pnge, and clenfetfc tl)e b?eafte : 
anD bp tl;e fubtplues of it felfe, it Diflenbetb fone 
from tfje (tomato, ant) is tyojtlp DigefteD*30lfo bp 
reafon of fyc affcnitie, tobtclje tt Ijatb tottb mpifce> 
tt is conuertible in to blouDe anD fle$e, fpecpallp 
in tbofepetfons, tofjici^Do tnbabptc tfye no?tl)e 
partcs^ntoljom natural! beatets conglutmatr, 
anD tt;erfo;e is ot* mo;e putflfance anD bectue in 
tl)t office of concoction. 3KIfo cuftome from cbpiD* 
boDe D otb eleuate tljt pofoer of meates anD D?pn* 
fees tnt^etr Difpofttion, nottottbftanDpnge tfyat 
tbe foure ljumours, fanguinej coler, fleume, anD 
melancolp, mutt alfo be confpDereD, as it Q) al ap= 
pere in Dtuers places fyereafter* 

H€>npeastoelle in meate as inDjpnfce, is of 
incomparable efficacp, fo?itnot onelpclen- 
fttk alteretkanD nocifDet^but alfo it fongtpme 
p;eferuetft efrat bneo?ritpteD,fol)icl? is put in in to 
it 3In fo moclje as $ltnp faptft: Swclje ts tlje na* 
ture of Ijonp, t&at it ruffcetfj not tlje boDies to pu* 

% trifie* 

The seconds 

, ltlt centattre (toincbe is a beaJSe Ijalfe mam&alf &o;fe) 
tyougljt m Ijonpeto Ciautuiis tbeemperour out 
ofCgppte, tolftome* 31n&l?e telletbalfo of oont 
$o!iio l$omu!us> &bo foas aboae a buntyeD pe* 
tesolDe, of tobowe Sflugullus tbeemperour De* 
manoeb,bptobatmeanest)efpitei)fo tonge, a«D 
cetapneD ttpU t&e bpgour o? liuelines of bobpano 
mpnD 3 }0cl!io anftuereD, g be DpD it enbarbe tottl) 
mr abe (fofric!) is fyinfce tnaDe but!) f?onp f loater) 
outtoat D fcitl? ople* voljitfyt fapeng agreed trntfr 
fbe femenceof JBemocritus, tbegteatc p&ilofo* 
P&er : tobo being DeinanDcD, OoUi a man mougbt 
Ipuelonge inijelt&e, !?e atmftoeteD, 3[f(je toette 
^pmfeit5«i-tottftf;onpe, tuitliotit torfft oj>!e* €be 
fame pljilofopber, teban be toas a bunD?eD peres 
olDe an& npne, prolonged bis Ipfe certapne Dapes 
ioitbtbe euapo?ation of bonpe, as Sfcefltojrenus 
footed?. £Df tbi's excellent matter, mofte ttjonoer^ 
f ullp fo?ougbt anD gatbereD bp tbe !pf tell bee, as 
toel of tbe pure Defoi of beuen, as of tbe mod fab- 
tpll bumo? of ffoete $ tortuous berbes $ floures, 
bema&e lpfco?s comoDious to maftpnD, as mcaD, 
metbeg!pn 3 anD otfmeU. 3@eaDe 3 tubicbe ts mabe 
tdttb one parte of iionp a anD fouee epmes fo mccbe of pnrefoater, anbbopieb tmtpilno ffcpm Do re* 
tuendfa# mapne, is mocfje comenbeb of <25alene, D?un&ein 
ima.iu+. fomrner, fo?p?eferupngeofbeltb* «Ct)e fame au* 
tbo? aitsmp cominenbetb tlje fcfpnge of bonp, ep* 
t^ecrat^e eaten bit!) fpnefyeabbe, fometobatfe* 
ueneo,o;foDDen, anbrecepuebastypn&e. 3ifoo 


BOXE. $6 

meafce perfectly maDe,cIcBfcdj tbe bjeaft atiD Iun s 
ges, canfetlj a man to fpptte eafplp,anD to ptflTc a= 
btmoantlp s anD purgetb t^c belp moDeratlp^e- 
tbeglpmtobiclje is moftc trfeD in toaleB, bp tcafqn 
ofbotte beebesbopIeD bjiti) ijonp> is bottec tljan 
meaDe, anD moje comfotfetU a coloc ftomafcc, if it 
be perfectly maDcanD not ncto oj beep (tale*3Djte 
mell ts,to^crc to one part of bpneger is put Dou= 
blefo mocbe of bonpe, fouretpmes asmoctyeof 
toater, anD tbat being bopfeD tmto tbe tbttD part, 
anDdeane ffcpmmcD fentb afetber, isbfeD to be 
taken, inhere in tbe ftcmackc ts mocbe flenme o; 
matter bnDigcftcD, fotbatitbe natreDDecboier. 
Tlofce tbe t)fe tberof in SieranD;o f&ralliano* 
^anpotber gooD qualities ofbonpe, Compete 
to fojitc of, bntpllfomeotbec occaftonftaltbap^ 
pen, to remember tbempactpcuiarlp, tuberetbep 
(gall feme to be profitable. 

Of Sugar, J Do fpnD none anncient autbo? 
of grefces oj latpnes, Do to?ite bp name, bttt 
onelp paulus legineta, tobo faptb in tljis topfe, 
after tbat be batb treateD of bonp* ^o^eouer fit- 
gar,tobicbe tbep calle bonp,tbat is b^ongbt to b0 
from 3tfrabia 3 calleD Pf K*, is not fo ffcueete as otire 
ijonpbue tsequaii in berme, anDDotb notanop 
tbe flomake,noj caufetb tbp?ft* Cbcfe be tbe fro?* 
fces of }9aulu0* 3itt6 nofoe in Dapeip esperpence, 
tbat Smgar is a tbpnge fcerpfr temperate anD 
notirpftypnge, anD tobere tljcre 10 cooler in tbe 

XL tt (toinake 


ftomacfee,ojti>attl?e ftomacfee abijojretbbonpe, 
tt map be fcfeo tot ijonp in all tfjmges M) ttin fa 
np is requireD to b&wfty fttgar anD fcpneger ts 
sirupea^ maDe §>irupeacetofe* 


IB tl)t confpDeration of tpme, fo? tafepnge of 
meates anD typnfceM is to be remembjeD.tbat 
vvyntCT * mumiter meates ougbt to be taken i n great a- 
bnnDaunce,anDofa moje grofle fubftance tban 
in fommer> fojafmocb as tbe ejeterioittap^e, 
etje eompaffetti t&e boDp beinge colDe, caufetb tlje 
beatetottutljDjatoe into tbe inner partes, fofjere 
being incIofeD,anD gatbereo npgfj togitijer in tbe 
ftomafce ano entraples,it is of mo;e f o?ce to bople 
anD Digefte tfrat, toljic&e is recepueD tn to it* 3lfo 
meates rofteD, are ftan better tfjan foODen 3 $ defy 
anofptye potoDjeD, is tban better tljaninfomef* 
I^erbes be not tban commenDable, fpectallp rato, 
rieuljerf ruites, ejccepte qupnces rofteD o? bafeeD : 
Drinke* Bjinfce 0>uID be tyan tafcen in a Ipttell quantitte. 
3l£oje ouer topnes fftal neDe no toater, o? Imp lp- 
telLanDtb&tto colerifceperfones: reDDe topnes, 
anD tbep, fobfrbe be tbicfte anD ftucte map be tban 
moftefurelptafcenof ft em, fo&icije&auenoneo* 
piladons 5 o?fte(lone. Slltoap remember, tbatin 
topnterffeumeincreafeft, bpreafon of rapneanD 
mopftnes of ftat feafon, alfo fte length of nigb* co tes anD mocbe reft. 3fnD t&erfoje in ftat tpme co* 
ment. in a f Mfce petfons,ac bed at eafe, femblablp are pong 
pho.i.h.? mt Q. b(|t t0 olDe men ^ nttt | B enemp* 31t begins 


B O K E. $7 

netb tbe.tmi.Dap of i&ouemberj anD enDuretl) ton 
tpll ttyMl Dap of jf ebjuarp* 

Cl;efp?pnge tpme Dotty patttctpate tbefp?ftespryn g « 
parte toitbfopnter, tbe later parte tutti) fommer/y" 1 ^ 
w berfo?e tf tbe fp?ft parte be colbe, tban (ftall tbe Hi'ppocra 
Diete be accotfnnge to tntnter»3l[f tbe enDe be bote, «s d< na* 
tban $aUtbeDietebeoffummer*3|f botb partis ™' 
be temperate, tba toulD tbere be aifo a temper&ce 
in Dicte : altoap confpDerpnge, tbat fleume pet re^ 
mainetb, anD blouDe tban increafetb* 3(nDmeate 
toolDe be lafle tnquantftte tbanne in topnter, anD 
D#wfte fometobatmoje* &>p?pnge tpme begpn= 
netb ttp.trits.Dap of f etyuarp^nD contmuetb tm 

31 n £>ommec tlje mtoatD beate is but Iptel,anD 
tbe (tomato Dotb not Digeft fo ftronglp no; quifc* 
Ip,as in tointer. ooobetf o?e in tbat feafoti, eatmge JJJ jPj lor * 
often, anD a Ipttell at ones, 10 mode conwemente, ' 4 " 
3lnD Bamafcenus faptb,tbat faftpng in fommer 
tyietb tbe boDpe, mafcetb tbe colour falofoe, ixi? m 
genDjetb melancolpe, anD burtetb tbe fpgftt* alfo tes de hu* 
bopleD meate, tyeabe ftepeD in fobtte bjotbe, foitb moribus. 
foDDcn lettife»o? ciko?ie,are tban gooD to be bfeD, 
alfo barietie in meate0, but nor at one meale, po- 
ta ges maDe ftutb colDe berbe0, D?pnfce in moje a- 
bunDance,fopne alapDe foitb toater, to botte com* 
pletf ons mocbe, to colDe natures lafie. 3fn ti)ts GaI , 
feafonblouDDe mcreafetb* anD totoaroetfje enDe com™", 
tberof, coler. StfnD tbetfo^e tbep,tobicbe brcolD of m aphor* 
nature anD mopft, are tban befl at eafe, botte na- 
tures anD D;petoarfte* ^o;eouerc(jtlDetne> anD 

Xiii tjerp 


fcerppmtgmentntije begtmungcof fommcc } arc 
fcoleSjOloe folfee mtbe latter euDe 5 anD m barueft* 
hornet- begpmietb tbe.btu.Dap of fi£ap>anD con- 
tmucclj tintpll tOe^utuap of Sfluguft* 
Autumae |[raititunine begpnnetljtbe* but* Dap of ^uguff, 
atiD enDet^ tl;c^t>t». Dap of Bouember, tbatfca* 
fon of tbe pete 10 bartable, anD tbe ap?e cbangea- 
b!e,bp occafion to&erof, happen funb?p fpcfcenefc , 
fes, anD bloDeDecreafetfj, anDmelancoip aboun* 
mi) : oaofjerfo^e all fomntet ftuttes foolD tljart be 
cfcfretoeD, fojafmocbe as tbep mafte pll supce anD 
topnoes in tbe boDp. 3'n tins tpme meatc to o!D be 
mojcabounDanttban in fommec butfomefobat 
D?ier:D?pnfce muftbelatte mquantttte, but lade 
mpjtttoit!) mater* Ctjt0 tpmeisDaungerous to 
all age&all nature0,anD in all countrep0 3 but $e 
natures Ijote anD mopft, be lefte inDamageD* 

^fDietf concernyngefuniryt tymes of the yere s 
vorytten by the olde pbifition Diode; 
tokynge Anugoms, 

FSom tlje* tiu Dap of December, at fyt to&iclje 
tpme tlje Dap is at tbe tyo^efo bntpl tbe ntntlj 
Dap of ^arcbe, fofyicljeDo comcpne*xc* Daps, 
teumesanDmopRures Dotncreafe, tbanmeates 
anD Djin&es naturallp fcerp Ijot.fooID be moberat 
IpbfeD. ailfotoDjpnfce fopne abounDantlptottb- 
oute alape oj bit ft Ipttell foater, anD ta bfe lpbe= 
tallp tbe eompanp of a fooman, 10 not buNfomc 

4Ptomt&e npntye Dap of #arc&e, attoljpcljc 


E O X Ei 33 
tpitIC IS> «c^«mo^ium tternunt, blltO tl|C- JCJCb* Dftpe of 

3p?pH,ftoetefleume anDblouDDoincteare, t&et= 
fo;ebfetljaii tl)it\%tz baupnge moclje tupceanD 
fljarpe,e,rerctfe tye bo&p Dtlpgentlp, ttyan mape pe 
bfe fafelp tbe companp of a toomatu 
Cf romtbe4£b.&ap of Hipjpll, tofte. jcittf.&dpe 
of June, Cboiec mcreafetb, tban bfe all tbpnges 
tfjat areftoctejano Do mafce tbe bealp folublcfo^ 
bears carnall companp toitb toomen. 
C^mf^*rmt.Dapeof 3Jtme, attt>bicbe tpme 
tbe&ap 10 at tbe feng£(t,bnto tbe«jcit.Dap of ^ep^ 
t embcr^ Dotbe melancoip reigne, folate catnali 
rompanp o? bfe it mo&eratelpe* 
iEftom tbe.jeit. Dape of September, bnto tht 
ptHl Dapc of October, Dooabottnoe ficume auo 
tbptmebumour0, tbantooloe ail flukes aiiDDi^ 
fttllatioittbepjobibiteD, tban alt ffjarpe meatea 
ano o;pnfec0, anD of good iupee 3 ate to be DfeD, 
ano carnall occupation G>ulDe tban be e^cbetoeD* 
torn tbe^bu*oap of £)ctober,to tbe-jcu. Dape 
of JDecember, tncreafetb groflefleume, bfetber- 
fo?eallbpttermeate0* ffoetetopneg, facte meate, 


C$pID?en tooto benorpfljeD foitb meate0anD ™ l e * re £* 
&;pnfee0, fobpebe are moderatlp botte and t uen.fanf« 
mopft, notfcntbftanlmme <25aleneDotbp?obtbtte Kb. prim, 
tbem tbe 5?fe of fopne, bpeaufe it mopft etb anD be- 
tetb to mocbetbeboDp, and fplletb tbebea&es of 
tytmjaitttty are Ijote anD mopfi, feut!) bapowrs* 



aifo l)e petmittetb $em in botte toefter to Djinfte 

children* C**Pto« grofopnge fade to bis members to* 
OfLnus toarDeaman, fo tbat be femetbtoell feDDeintbe 
dejiirmte b ty j g tobefeateDof fulnefleof &umo?0. 
(imp. ii.i. anD lfitbe peccciueD, t!?atl)et0 replete,tban mud 
beimtbD?atoen anD minttytb fome parte of tbat 
nutriment, affl> acco?Dinge Unto fjis age, fome 
uacuation foolDeJbeDeuifeD, otbertobile bpeicet-- 
cife.foalfcpnge bp anD Dofone fadinge,anD before 
tbattbep eate aftp meate, rettbemejeercifetbepm 
felfes tmtbtbeir otone labours, anD Do tbeirac* 
cudomeD bufpnes,anD eate tbemeates, fobertnt 3 
to tbep be mod bfeD, fo tbat it be fucbe, tbat mape 
nat burte tbepm- InD tbis neDe tftep not to fcnoto 
of pbifitions,but bp experience anD Diligent fetcb 
bp tbeir doole,tbeir noutices Ml percepue 
Digedetb toel, anD fobatDotb tbe contrarp* 
C23ut tfit appere s tbat bp ejCcefliuefeDinge, ty 
bealp of tbe cbplDeis fuller anD greatter tbanic 
toas toonte to be, anD tbat fobicbe palTetb bp tbe 
bealp, is co?tupteD,o? bis ftoeate dpnfeetb* ^befe 
tbinges fcnotoemif tbep eate droug meates, giue 
tbem not one t fcpnDe of meate,but Dpuers,tbat tbe 
noueltie of tbc meate map belpe,tbat tbep map go 
mo?e eafilp to tbe ftooM o? if aup baue an bntea 
fonable appetite, beisfoonermouereD, if be be 
pourgeDbpabopleo? impodume comenfojtbetf 
bjofeen,befoje tbat tbe meate be cojrupteD:^ aftec 
tbat let bim eate fine meates,anD being ones bole 
Ktounte bp Iptell anD Iptell to b^ olD* cuftome* 


SOKE, 59 

CYongemen, emDpngetbcagcof*jtiui. peres, Yon 2 me 
QjaUcatemcatcs mojegrofleof fubftaunce, col- 
Dec ant) mop (tec : alfo falabes of colD bcrbcs.anD 
toDtfnfcefelDometopne, erceptett bcalapeDtott!) 
foater* atlbeitallt&efetbpngesmuftbe temp?eD. 
acco2Dtngc to tbeir complewon&auD ejceccife anD 
quietnette in IptungclP^ccofpe Qall tcDe in tbett 
proper places hereafter- 

C,®toe men,m to&ome natural! fjeate * ftrengt!) oidc m & 
femift fo Decap, ©uID bfe alfoap meates, tobtcbe 
are of qualt'tte fjotte anD mopfte, anD tbetlmtball 
eafp to be DtgcttcD, anD abftapne btterlp from all 
meates anD Djpnfecs, to\)ic\) topll ingenDer tbtcUc 
iupce anD flpmp, femblablp from fopne, fobtefce is 
tbpefceftoetc, anD Darke reDDe topnes. anD ratfyec 
fcfe tbem, toljiclj topll make t&pnne burnouts , anD 
topi purge toel tbc blouD bp urine : t&erf o;t foljite 
o? pelofo topnes, anD perchance frencfje claret twi- 
nes are f o? tbem fcerp comenDable*TOo toine p?e= Paulus 
pareD fcritb puretyonp clarifieD, fobectnrootes of gin«a.K.« 
perfelp o; fenell be UtepeD, fpecialip tft^cp fnfpect cap,I,# 
anp tiling of tbe ftone, o? goute* 3InD tf t&ep mo?e 
Defp?e to clenfe tfjeir rapnes anD blaDDer : tban is 
it gooD to bfefmall tobtte toine,as racfeeD temQe 
toine, o? otber Itfee to tt,anD fomtpme to ftepe otser 
nigbt tberin a perfelp rote (Ut,anD fomtobat b;uu 
TeD, anD a Iptel Ipfcojice* tfinallp, let tbem betoare ^ .„ ... 
of all meateM&at topll ftoppe tbe pojes, emafce 
obflructions o; oppilations, tbat is to fape, tottb 
clammp matter ftoppe tbe places, foberetbena= 
turall fjumours are to^ougljt (* DtgefteD, tjje tobi* 

$® t\)t 

The seconde 

cfcemeates 31 baue before retina table* But if it 
cbauncetbem toeateanp fucbemeatem aboim= 
i>aunce,lettbemta&e fyojtelpfucbetbpnges, as 
Do refpfte oppiiations,o? tetblue tbern* 3s tubpte 
pepper b^ufeD $ wp* t tottb tbeir meates tytnfc : 
gaclpfee alfo, o? onions, if tbep abbojte tbem nat, 
llfoap remembectbatageD men tyuto eate often, 
ant) but litel at euerp time^o; it fatetfj bp tbem as 
it Dotb bp a lampe, tbe Ipgbt tobecof is almoft 
tincttfttycl) bp pouring in of ople litei ano Irtel is 
long fcept boucninge: $ tottb mocb opIeponreD in 
at ones,tt is dene put out. 3!fo tbep muft f ojbeac 
all tbpngcs,tobicb bo tngenber melaucolp, fobct^ 
ofpe Q)all reDem tbe table before: and tyeabbe 
dene ft ttfyout Ieuen is to ti?em imtjoifome* 

^Moderation in Aiete } hauyng refoeSi to the ftrength 
or wetkenes of the gerfone. Cap. 2.6 

N<0 to bete it mutt be confiDjcD, tbat altbougfr 
31 baue totittm a genetall Diet fo? euecp age, 
pet netbelefle it mufte be rememtyeb, tbat fomme 
cbplfyen and pong men, eptber bp Debilitte of na- 
ture, 0; bp Tome arct'Den ta 1 1 caufe, as fpefeen es , o? 
mocbe ftubpe, bappen togatbet burnouts ffeu- 
matifco?melanccIp tntbe places of tngeftion, fo 
tbat concoction o? bigeftion isastoefcc intlm 
a,s in tbofe, tobpebe ace ageb* ^cmbiablpe, fome 
olbe men fpntw nature fo beneficiaH tmto tbeptn, 
tbat tbeir ftomaftesanD lpuetsatemo?e tfronge 
to Dpgefte, tban tbe fap&e ponge men, fomme per- 
f^auuee Ijaue moc&e cooler remapnpnge in t&eim 

SOKE. 40 

3fnt!jffe cafes tfjefapbponge men mufte bfetlje 
bietcof oibemen, o^npgtjbntott, tintpll tye Dif- 
crafp be remoueb, bauinge altoap rcfpect to tljepj 
tnpuecfail complenous,as tl)cp, totyicl; ace natu* 
rallp colectfce, to tofe botte tfjpnges in a mo?e tern* 
pecancettyantjKp, tobtcbebe fleumatpfcc, o;me^ 
lancolp bp nature* Cbe fame obferuatton (hall 
Co be oloe men, fauinge tbat age,of bts otone p?o= a'E^™ 
perttets coioeanb type, tfjerefo?e tbeotoe man, Gaien j n 
tbat is cboferpcfee, Qjall bane mo;e regacbe to commit, 
mopRutt in meates, tban tbeponge man, bemge 
of tbe fame completion* f ojefeeue altoape, tbat 
tobere nature is offenoeoo? greueD, Q)t tscuceD 
bp tbat, toincbc is contrarp to tbat, tobtcbe offeu= 
t> etb o; greuetb > as colbe bp beatc, beate bp colbe, 
typtbebpmopfturejnopfturebptyptbe, Jin tbat 
teberbp Mature tyoulbe be nourpftyeD, in a Ijole 
attf> temperate boop, tbinges mull be ta&en,tobi- 
clje are Ipfee to tbe mannes nature in qualttie anD 
Degree. IPs tuyere one batons boope tna gooD 
temper, tbpngesof tbe fame temperaunce Dotbe 
nourpGbeTjpm, 2Sut tobere fte is out of temper, m 
beate, coloe, mopfture,o;tD;pt&e, temperate mea* 
tes o; Djpnkes, notbpnge Do p?ofpte bpm* fa; be- 
tngeoutof tbemeaneanD perfptte temperature, 
nature required) tobetberto reDuceDbp contra? 
ties, rememb;pnge not oonelp, tbat contracpes 
are remebpebnto tbeir contraries, butalfo ine* 
uerp contrarp, confioecation be tyaDDe of tbe p;o- 
po;cion In quantities 

#rt Cpmes 

The seconde 
Tymes in the day concernynge malts. G*p.i7* 

BCfpDes tlje tpmcs of tty pcre anD ages, t&ere 
be alfo otjjer tpmes of eatinge anD tymftmge 
to be rememb?eD, as tye CunD?p tpmes in tlje Dap, 
foljiclje toe call meaies, foljicb ace m number anD 
Diftance>acco?Dinge to tlje temperature of tlje cou 
trep anD perfon : %% tuyere tlje cotmtcep ts coloe, 
anD tfte perfon luftp,anD of a ftrong nature, tljete 
mapmomeaiesbe t»fcD,o;t!;e fade Diftaunce of 
tpme betfoene Contrarpfoife tn contrarp cou- 
trat0 anD peefonages,tbe caufe is afoje reljerfeD, 
tuyere 31 baue fp often of tlje Diete of tlje tpmes of 
tlje pere,not foityftanDinge l)m mud be alfo con- 
fiDeratton of ejrerctfe anD reft, fobicb do augment, 
0} appaire tbe naturall Difpofttton of bpDpes, as 
fljalbemoje DeclareD bereaftermt&e chapiter of 
ejeerctfe* ©utconcernpnge tljegenerall fefageof 
countreis, anD aDimtttng tlje boDtcs to be in pec* 
ftteftateoffjeltlje, ifuppofe, ftatmCnglanDe, 
pong men s tmttl tbep come to tlje age of* peres* 
map foell eate rft?e meales tn one Dap,a0 at b?efce^ 
faft,Dpner,anD (upper, fo tbat betfoene b?efeefaft, 
anD Diner, be tlje fpace of f oure boures at tlje left, 
betfoene Diner anD flipper* in^o tires, et tlje bjefee 
fall lalTe tban ttye Diner, anD t&e Dpner moDerate, 
tbat ig to fap, lalTe tljan factette o? fulnefle of bea* 
Ip, anD tbe Djpnfte tfjerbnto mefurab!e,acco?Otng 
totljeD?pne(Te ojmopftnesoftfjemeate, jfo;mo- 
cbe abunDanceof Djpnfceatmeale, D?ofonetbfye 
meate eaten, anD not onlp lettetlj conueroent con- 

BOKE, 4' 

coction in tbe (lomafee, but alfo cmtetf) it to paffe 
fatter tl)an nature requtretb, anD tl;erf o?c mgen- 
Djetb mocbe fleume, anD confequentip reume0>$ 
crubenes tn tbe bapnes, Debtlitie anD f ipppernes 
of tbeftomacfce, eontpnuall finite, auDmanp o* 
tber tnconucmences to tlje boDp anb members* 

But to retourne to meales, 31 tl>pnl« b jeafcefa* Brckcfaft 
ftes neceflfarp in tbts realine, as toell f oj tbe cau- 
fcs before reberfeD,as alto ftgalmodj as coiecbe- 
ingefenientmtbeftomac&e, fenDetbbp ftimoCt- 
tics bn to tlje b;apne, anD caufetb ^eab acbc, anD 
fometpme bccommetlj abufte, anDfmoulDjetbm 
tbe ftomafee, foberbp bappcnetb perilous fpcfce- 
ncs, anD fomtpme foDapne Deatbe, if tlje beate in * 
clofeDmtbeftomafce Ijauenat otbereonuemente 
matter to too# omt&is Daplp experience p^ouctb, 
anbnaturallereafon confirmed?* Cfjerfojemen 
anDfoomen notageD, Ijaupngetbcw ftomacfees 
cleane tortfjout putnfteD matter, fieppnge moDe- 
ratefp anD founDIp in tbe npgbt,anD f elinge t&em 
felfe Ipgbt in t^e mo?ntnge, anD ffoete tyetbeD, let 
tbem on goDDis name b;eafce tbctr fad : Colertfte 
menfottbgrofle meate, men of otbercompleictos 
tottblpgbtermeate* jFojefeene, tbattijeplaboure 
fomtobat before: femblablp tbetr Diner anD fup* 
per, as 3! Ijaue before tojttten, fo tbat tbep fleape 
not tneotinent after tbeir meales3nD berei lopl 
notrecpte tfjefentencesof autbojs, tobpdje ija& 
neuer experience of CnglpfG&e mens natures, o? 
of fyeiutte temperature of tins realmeof Cng- 
lauDe, onelp t&ts eounfapleof Hipocrates fl&all 

$®in be 


Hjpoca* btbittictmt we ougbte tograunt fomefoljatto 
phor. 13. timtit0 a g Cj ^ t0 cttciomr not totrbftanDing tobere 
Gaicn de great toeacineBTe o; D^ttJi, gccttct^ t^e boDi>, tf)tw 
mco. fanu ougbt t&e Dpner to be tlje leffe. anD the longer DU 
&mcz bettoene Dpner anD fupper,alfo mocbe red, 
ejeceptea ipttellfofte toalfcpnge, tbat bp anbp- 
cpgljt moupuge, tbe meate bemg dpjeD,map Defr 
cenDc Cd ts ts altoap to be t cint b;eD, tbat tuyere 
one feletb &pm felfe full, anD greueD Uwtb bis 
tier, o; tbe fauoure of bis meate bp eructation af* 
cenbet^ o? tbat bis flomafce ts toefce bp late fpfe- 
nes o; moclje fluDp, tftan ts it mod tonmnimt, to 
abdepne from Cupper, $ rather pjouofee bun felfe 
to (lepe mocb.tban to eate o; D?mk anp tbinge. at- 
fo to D;infcc bettoene meales, is not lattDable, ej> 
cepte beep greate tbicde condrapnetfc, fo; it inters 
cuptetb tbe offpee of tbe ftomafce tn concoction, $ 
cau retb tbe meate to paflfe fader tb3 it ©it id do, $ 
tbetytnfte being coID, itrebufcctl) natural! ideate 
tbat is toojfcmgcanD tlje meate rematninge ram, 
it co?tuptetl; Digeftion, $ mafeetb ccuDencs tn tbe 
Barnes* oooljecfoje Ije £ is tfjtrftp, let bun eonfiDer 
tbe occafion. 3Jf it be of fait fleme, let bpm toalfte 
fatre $ foftlp, anD onlp toafoe bis moutb anD bi$ 
tb;ote,tottbbarlptoater, ojtoitljfmallale, o?lpe 
fro tone anD flepe a Iptell, anD fo tbe tl^trft toil patte 
atoap,o? at tlje lead be toeli aflTtoageD*3lf it fcappc 
bp ejetreme beat of tbe aire, o? bp pure coler,o; ea- 
tmge of botte fpices, let bim Djmfce a Ipttell tulep 
mabe tottb cieane toatec anD fugar,o? a Iptel final 
biere oa ale, fo t&at ^e Djinfce not a great glut,but 

EOKE. 4& 

in a Iptel quantite ,let it dpi Dofone foftip in to W be ftttetfi s $ ft an let btm not mone fo* 
Dainlpjf tb* tbttd be in tbe euentnge^p earinge 
to moc^c ,atiD D?tnfctnge of tome, tyan after the o^ 
pinion of tbe bed ierneD pbifittons, anD as 31 
felfe baue often ejcperienceD, tbe bed remeDp is, if 
tbere be no feuer,to Djpnfc a Iptell Djaugbt of colD 
toaterimmeDiatlp, o; els if itbenotpepnefullfo? 
bpm,to boimtcto pjouofce btm tberto tDtt^alttel 
tuarm barer,^ after to foafye lm mowb toitl> tot- 
neger 5 foater, anD fo to flepe long $ funDIp, if 
cam ainOtf tn tbe mojnpnge be fele anp ftimo= 
iitics rpfpnge,tban to D;infce tulep of tuolettes 5 oj 
f 0? lacfce tbercof, a gooD Djaugbt of fceepe finalle 
ale 0} biere, fometoljat toatmeD, toitljont eatpnge 
anp t&pnge after it* 

f Of dine rfme oftne<ttes y vt>hereb-j hcaltht 

N&toelettftt* beagenerallrule, tbatftmDjp 
meates, being Dpuers in fubdance anD qua- 
litte, eaten at one meale, tstbegreatted entnpto 
fceltjj, tbat map be,$ tbat tobtcbe ingenD?etb mod 
fpfenefles. f 0? fome meates being groffe anD barD 
to Diged, fome fpne anD eafp to Diged,Do reqtipje 
Dpuers operations ©feature, anD Dpuers tem= 
petaturesof tyedomafee, tbatts tofape, modje 
(jeate, anD temperate beat?, tobictyemape natbe 
togptber at one tpme* tberfoje totymntttyt fpne 
meate is fufftcpentelpe bopleD in t&e domacfce, 
^egrofiemeate iscatoe, fobotye iuws> t&cone 



good andpeeftte, tftc otljec grofleand crude, at 
one tpme DtgeflcD, and rente in to tbe bapji es and 
bodp,nedes muft Ueltfjc decape A and fpcfcnefles be 
utgendjed, Xpfcefopfe in dpuers meates beinge 
dpuers qualities, as tobere fome are bot 9 moid, 
fome coloe and mopfte/ome botte and D^te, fome 
coloe and d?p,accojdpnge tbecbnto flball tbe mm 
be dpuers, tob tcb tbep mafce in tbe boOp*$no UU e 
as betfoene tbe fapd qualities is contrarietie, (00 
tberbp (balbein tbebodpan bnequall temper 
ture, fo^afmocljeas it is not poffpblefo? man to 
eftemc fo iuft a pjopojcion of tbe qualites of tbat 
tobicbe be recepuetb, tbae tbe one (ball nat eiceoe 
tbe otbec* Wberefoje of tbe fapde tmequall mpje* 
ture, nedesmufte enfue corruption, and confer 
quentlp fpctos* Sflnd tberfo^e to a bole man it 
toere better , to fede at one meale competentelp 
on beep geoffe meate onlp, fo tbat tt be ftoete, ano 
bis nature Do notabbo;reit, tbanondiuetsfpne 
meates 5 of fundjp fubftance and qualf ties.3! banc 
fcnotoen and fene olde men and olde tuomr u 3 tobi ; 
cbeeatpngeonelpbiefe, bafcon, cbefe, 0? curded 
bane continued m goodbealtbe, tobome^lbaue 
p^oued, tbattobau tbep baue eaten fund?pc fpne 
meates at one meale,baue foone after f cite tljepm 
felfe greued tottb f rettpnges and bead acbe, and 
after tbat tbep baue ben bole agapne, tbere batbe 
ben gpuen to tbem one fepnde of Ipgbt meate,tbep 
baue done as&ell tbertoitb, as tbep teere teowe 
to do tuitb greGTe meates, toban tbep eate it alone 
fofciclje p^onetb to be true tljat tofjic&e J\ ^aue re* 


SOKE. 41 

bctfeD^nD it is gooD refon,f oj after tlje gcncralf 
opinion of pt)tlofopI)ctsano pinliuons, tycm* 
cure of manfcpnDcts beftcontente tomb tbpngccf 
inofte fpmple anD bnmppt, all tbpnges tenDpnge 
to bnttte, ui)cnn is t nt onlp perfection. 3lfo it 10 
a generall rule of pbifpfce, tljat tuljcre a fpcbneffe 
map be cutcD tuttlj fpmpte, tbatts to fape, vuitb 
one onelp twinge ti;at is meDtcmable, tbere tyulD 
tlie pl)tfttton gpuc no compounDc meDtcmempicc 
toitl)manptt)pnQe$> Cbefe tbpnges confpDeeeD 
it map feme to all men, tfjat baue reafon, tobat a- 
fcufe 15 tiere tn tins realme m tl;c continual gout- 
tnanDife, anD Daplp feDinge on funD?p meateg; at 
oncmeale,tbefptriteof gluttony, trpumpbpnge 
amonge fcs m bts gloitous cbanorte, callpD toel- 
fare,D?pupnge bs afo?ebpm,as W pjtfoner0,tn- 
to bis Dungeon of furfet, tobere toe are tourmen* 
teD toitb catarreg, feuers, goutes, plurefieg, f ret* 
tinge of tbe guttes, anD manp ot&er fpcheneflte, 
anD fpnnllp cruellp put to Detbe bp tbem, of f entt- 
tnes in poutft, 0; in tbemoftpkafanttpme of our 
lpfe, toban toe toolDe mode glaDlp Ipue. jFojtbe 
temeDp toijerof, bote manp tpmes baue tbere ben 
DeupreD, o;Dpnaunce0 anD actes of counfaple, all 
tbougb percbance boDpIp Ijeltb foas nat t^e cbief 
occafton tljereof, but ratber p;ouifion agapnfte 
fcapne anD fumptuous ejcpenfes of tbe meane 
people, f ojtljenobilttie toas erempteD anDljaD 
Ipbertte to abiDe ftpl tn tl?e Dongeoiuf tbep foolD, 
anD to Ipue lafle fetytle tban otber men : 25ut fo&a, 
to&ere, anD fcofoe longe foere the fapD gooD Dew* 

ft fe0 


Cos put in Due execution, fojalltljatt&erof (ijulb 
tmim Double p?oftt>tbat is to fap, l^lt!) oftoDp 
auD tncteafeof fabftance, bp efcljetouige of fupec* 
fiuoug ejepenfes in fuaD^DiOjes^ ^iias bo& foge 
fopti meufantafp latoesanD goofco^Dpnauures, 
and neuet Detennpnetfcem* f antafp p^occDcrO of 
fc ptte. Determination of totfeDome, teute 10 in tijt 
Deuifmg 9 fpefcpnge,but toifDom is in tlje pecf o?* 
inance,U$!cbere!*e$onelp inejcecuttom 
I;aD almoft forgotten, p mp putpofe teas to to^tte 
oftbe o;Det cf Diete, anD not of Jatoes, buttle 
feruentlouetfcat Jibaueto tbepublifee tuealeof 
nip countrep, conttratneD me to Digcefife tomcat 
frommp matter: but notoetopU 31 p?oceDe fo?tb 
totojite of o;Der> fo&pcbein tahpnge of meates 
anD D?infec0 a t0 not t\)t lefte parte of oiete, 

% Of Of let in receyuynge of meatc mi 
dry tike. Op.zs*. 

H€cbr s as toeli foDDen as bnfobDen 5 alfo fm* 
twMndtf DomoiltfteanDIoufe tfjebealpe, 
ougbt to be eaten before anp otljcr meate, cmpte 
l&atfometpmefo? tberepjeflpngeof fumofities, 
rpfpnge in tbe IjeaD bp moc^e Djmfcpnge of topne, 
tatoe lettpfe, 0? a colDe apull, 0? tbe tupce of opn* 
geso; Ipmons mapebe taken after meales in a 
Ipttell quantities S^o^ouer all bjotljes, mplfte, 
tereegges, anD meates, tobicbe ace purpofelp fa* 
fcentomafee tijebelpfoluble, toolDbefpjO eatem 
aiHfruites anD otljcr meates, tbatatelttptifee 0? 
frpuDpge, tuoloe be eaten lad of all o$er* Jf rut- 

SOKE* 4-4* 

m confection ate fpcctalfp toith bonp at not to be 
eaten forth other meates. But here it is to be Dili= 
gentlp noted, that tobere the ftomaUe is colcncUe 
anD ftronge, geofle meates tootoe be fpjfte eaten : 
tobere the ft omafcc is colDe o? tocaUc, tljcce toolDe 
fpne meates be ficft eaten.f o? m a bo: ft omab fine 
meates ate bourncD, tobplc the geofle meate is Dt* 
geft png* Contract toife m a coloe ttomafce, the \i- 
tell beate is (uftocatc toitbgroflfe meate, anbttje 
fine meate left rate, fo; lacfce of concoction, tubett 
iftbe fine meate be firft tafeen moberatelp, ttftp~ 
tctl) bp anD comfo?tetb naturall hcate, anD ma* 
fcetb it mo;c able to concoct g to fife meates, if thep 
be eaten a ftcrtoatorfo tbat it be but in final quan- 
ttte«not tmtb 31 late affirmed, one ma 
nec o f meate is moftfuce toeuecp copier ion. fo;= 
fcnetbatitbe altoap mod comonlp in confoinu- 
tie of qnalttes,fotth the pcrfo n that eatetij. ^o:c 
otter take bcDc, tbatflppper meates be not fpjtte 
eaten, left it D;a to toith it to haftplp other meates 
oj thep be; that fttptttt o; refttainpn j 
meatcs be taken at the begpnnpnge, as quinces, 
peaces, anD meDlars, left thep map let other mea« 
tes, that thep DefcenDe not in to the bottom of the 
ftomabe,tohere thep 0)utDc be Digcfteo, not tottb- 
ftanDpngetbe confection mabe toith the iupec of 
qupnees calleD Dtcytonlus, taben. ii. houres afoje 
Dpnee o? fupper, is commcnDeD of <S5alen,ff other, 
fo; redoing appettte,$ mafctng gooo concoction, 
3!fo concemmqti D^pnbe at meales,it toolD not be Drhkt at 
afoje that fomtohat fcerc eateiKlnD at tfce bee tn^ mea] «* 

0ii npns 


tifnge, tljc Djmk fooio be ftcongeft, anD fo f ofoacD 
tbe enD moje fmaii, tf tt be ale o? biete : ano if it be 
fopne, mo?e anD mo?e alapDe toitb toater* Hino af * 
tec t&e better opinion of pljpfittons> tbe D;pnfee 
tooloe rather be mptfe toitb tbe meate bp ftmDjpe 
IpttellD^augbtes, tban toitb onegteatebjaugbt* 
attbenbeof tbemeale, fo; tf^e mpjctutetemp;ietb 
toell tbe meate toirbout anopace : a great Djaugbt 
toitb mocb Djpnfee, D?o tonetb tbe meate, tebukett) 
natural! beate, tbattban toojfcerbw concoction* 
anD toit?) \)ib tocigbt D;p ml) Dotone H;c meate to 
baftilp^ote topne0 ^Ctoete, o? confectioneD toitb 
fpiccs, 0} beep ftconge aie oj biece, ate not conue- 
ment at meales, fo; tbe meate is bp tbepm ratbcc 
cojcupteD, tban DigefteD, anD tbep make bote anD 
ftpnkpngebapoutgafcenD Dp totbetyapnes, al 
bete if tbe ftomacke be berp topnDp, o; fo colD anD 
feble, tbat it can not conmtt fucbe a quantitie of 
meatus 10 requpreD to tbe fufficient noimObmct 
of tbe boDp of bpm that eatctb, 0; batb eaten rato 
bet-beso;fciutc0, toberbpbe feletbfome annop- 
ance, tbanmapb*D?pnlielalie incontinent after 
fytg mealea lptteil quantitieof fecfee, o?gooDa= 
quabttem fmallale: but if bebaue mocbe coler 
m bis ftomake, 0? a beaD full of bapoucs, it toere 
rcoebe better, tbat be DpD neither Djpnfce tbe one, 
no? tbeotber, but rather eatealpttell eolpanDec 
feDepjepareD, 0? a piece of a qupncerofteD, o?m 
marmelaDe, anD after relfcto amenDe tbe lacfcc of 
nature tDitb fiep e ,moberate ejeercife, anD plafters 
p;oupdeDfoj comfo;tpngeof tbcftomacfce, 3inD 


Ijeu fopll 31 leaue to to;tte anp moje of tlje Diete m 
eatinge ano D?infepnge,fautnge tbatjfi toolD^at 
tfje rebers ftulDe tjatic in remembrance tfjefe rtoo 
counfaples»jfp?ft, tljat to a bole man, top?ecife a 
rule is not conuement in Dtete: ano tljat tlje Dtfea- 
fcB,tol)tctie Do happen bp to mocfte abftmcnccare 
tears to be cureD,tfcan ttjep foljicbe come bp reple* 
ttom^nD as Cornelius Celf«0 fatttjr 30 man tljat 
is l)ole anD toell at cafe, 9 is at fccs lpbertie,ougt)t litl# 
not to bpnDe i) im felf e to culce , 0; neDe a ptyfmon: 
butpettol)ctct\)c ftomacfce 10 feeble, as 10 of tyeide.cap.j. 
mo;e pact of cttefpns, anD toell npgfj all tbep tl?at 
be (luDpous in leenpnge 0? toepgfjtpe affapres, 
tfcere ougljt to be mo:e ctccuuifpectton, t\)att\)c 
meatemapbefuclje, astfjateptljeciu quaUtteo? 
quantitie, nature being but feble, be not cebuUco? 

^Of fleape and x»4tche.Cdp.}o. 

&e commoDitieof moderate flepe apperetft 

JL bp t &ts, tfjat natueall Jjeate, to&icije is occu* 
pieD about t&e matter,tobecof p;occDet^ nounfte 
tnent, is comfo;teD in tfte places of Digcfttcn.anD 
fo Dtgeftto is mabe better, 0? mo?e perfit bp flepe, 
tlje bobp fatter, tbe mpnDe mo?e qmete anD clere, 
tfje Rumours temperate : as bp mocfje toatcljeal! 
ttypnges happen contrarpe* CbemoDeratton of 
flepe mud be meafureD bp beltbe ano fpcfcenes,bp 
age, bptpme* bpemptpne(Teo?fulnelTeoftl)ebo= 
Dp, * bp natural! completions* fp$ to a frolema 
tmumg no Debilitie of nature, ano Digefting per* 




f pflp tbe mea te t^at be catena Iptel flepe 10 fii(R« 
cient:but to tbem, fob tcb baue tucabe ftomafcts^ 
Do Dtgeft flotoip, it eequttetb tbat fleape be mocb 
lengar* femblable teperance is requtreD in poutb 
anD age, topnteranofommer* Cbe boDpbemge 
full of pUbumojg, toerplpttell flepe tgfufficient, 
ejtcept tbe bunions be ccube 0? tato,f 0? tba is flcpe 
neceflTarp,tobicbeDige(tetb tfjepm better tban la- 
bour. Swnblablp, tobere tbe boDp is long emptp 
bplongefpfcnefle ojabftinence, flepe comfojtety 
nature* as foclimtbe pnncipall members, astn 
all tbe tber. Mo regarbe mud be bab to tbe com 
pletf on,f 0? tbep tbat are bot 5 $ Do eatelpttell $ Di= 
geft quicfclp, a Iptell flepe feruetb, fpeciailp to co= 
lerpfee perfon$,foj in tbem mocbe flepe augment 
tetb fteate.moje tban is neceflfarp, tobcrbp f;ot fu- 
mes anD tnflamati ons ar often ingenD;eD, $ Com 
tpmetbenatucallcoleris aDufteojputrifieD, as 
experience teacbetb* f leumatifee perfons are na* 
turallp iaclpnet) to flepe: anD bpcaufe tbep ingem 
Der mocbe b umo;s, tbep require mojc fleape tban 
fangutne 0; colenfce. jDccfones baupnge natural 
tnelancolp, not p?ocebpnge of coler aouftc, Do re; 
qup;e berp mocb flepe, tobicb in tbem comfo?tet& 
tbe powers ammail»bitali,anD natural, tofj icb pe 
map fmbe fo;iten in tbe tables p?eceDtnge. &lcpt 
fooia be taken not tmmcotatlp after mealed be* 
fo;etbat tbemeateisDtfcenDeD from tbe moutbe 
of tbe (lomafee, f 0; tbecbp is ingenD?eb pemcs £ 
ttopfe in tbe belp,<* Digeftion co;trupteD,$ tbettep* 
bpf 1 bapojs afccDmg,maDe bnquiet 9 tcoublu0* 

SOKE. 4* 

<$o;eouer immoDeratcfiepe malmbp boDpapt 
into palfei0,apop!cjc;0,failing fifcnes, reumes, 9 
tmpoffumes, alio it mafeet'n tlje toittcs Dulle, anD 
rfjc boDp Clotus $ fcnapt to boneft cjccrcife.fembla* 
bip tmoDerate toatcb D?ietij to mod) ttie boDp, and 
Dotb Debilitate tlje potoers ammall, lettetljDtge- 
ftion, * mafcetb tbe boDp apt to confuptto&tobet* 
f o?e m tbefe.iutbiges, aftocl as al otljer, a Oiligcfc 
tcperance is to be bfcD. tlje mcDetation is beft co- 
ice teD(fo; it is batD perfitlp to hnoto it)bp tbe fen- 
fible Itgbtnes of al tbe boDp,fpeciallp of t!jc b;ain 
t^eb;otoes anD tbe ties, tbepafiage Dotone of tfye 
meat from tbe (tomake, tbe toplt to make brine, $ 
to 90 to tbe ftoole* Contratptopfe, b eupnes in tije 
boDp 9 eies,anD fauour of t be meate before eaten 
figmfietb tba t tbe flepe teas not fufftcient, Cbcp 
tbat are bole mutt fiepe fp# on tbe rigftt fpDe,bp- 
caufe tbe meate map app;oc b c to tbe ipuet,tobicbc 
t0 to tbe (lomakcas fp?e bnocc t\)t pot, 9 bp &pm 
10 DigefteD* Co tbem, tofjiclj tyatic feble Digeftion, 
ittsgooDto flepep;oOrateont^eicbeaheCj o?to 
baue tbeitbarebanbon tbett ftomafees* Uienge 
fcpngbt on #e baefce is to be fcttetlp abt) j teD, 

flTfcf cewmoditif of exercife^ni thefjntt whan it 
jM<J he v fed, Caf.}L 

EWletp metipng is not an ej;etcife,but onlp t&at 
fobtclje is tenement, tbenoe fo&erof is altera* 
tion of tbe tyeafy 0; topnDe of a mam <Df ejeercife 
Do p?oceDe ttdo commoDities, ewacwation of eje- Eua««Mi 
cremente*, anDaJCofiooD&abite oftyeboDp, fo? f^*" 1 *' 



^jeerctfe beinge a bebemcnt motion, tbetof nebes 
muftenfue barbnesof tbe members, toberbpla* 
bout fljal tbe ieffe greue,anD tbe boDp be tbe mo?e 
ftronge to labour, alfo tijetof commetb augment 
tationof beate, toberbpbapnetb tbeino?e attra* 
cttonoftbpnges tobeDigefteD, alfomojequpcfee 
alterattomanD better nourpftypnge* ^o^eouer, 
tbat all anD fpngular partes of tbe bobp, be tber- 
tuiti) fomfobat bumecteb, tu^erbp tt bapnetb, tbat 
tbpnges battte be mollifies, mopfte tbpngesare 
Attenuate, anb tbe poojes of tbe bobpe are moje 
opened. 3in& bp tbe bpolence of tbe bjeatbe o? 
topnDe ; tbe poo;es areclenfeb, anDtbefpltbem 
tbe bobpc naturallp espeileD, Cbis tbpnge is foo 
[ neceffarp totbepjeferuationofbcltb, tbattoitfc 
4 out it, nomanmapbeionge toitbout fpcfeenefle, 
to!)icbe is affirmed bp Cornelius Celfus, fapeng, 
tbatfluggplbeaes Dulletbtbebobp, labour Dotb 
Creugtb tt, tbe firfle tytngetb tbe mcommoDities 
of age ©otfeip, tbe lad mafcetb a man longe tpme 
iuftp* iaotluttbdanbpnge inejrercifeougbttobe 
fouretbtnges DiIpgentelpconfpDereo, tbat is to 
fap, tbe tpme,tbe tbpnges pjeceDpnge, tbe qualp- 
tie anb tbe quantitte of ejcerctfe. 
Ctfwft as concernpnge tbe tpme eonuenfent foj 
cjcercife, tbat it be not toba tbere is m tbe ftomafce 
o? botoels, greatte quantitie of mcate not fuffocp- 
sntlp DigefteD, o? of burnouts crube o? ratoe, lelte 
tberbp pcrpUmougbte mfuebp conuepaunxe of 
tbem in to al tbe members, before tbofe meates o? 
bumours be concoct oj bopieb fufftctentlp- c^alen 


fapfy, tWtbttpinz mofteconuement fojererctfeGaien. de 
is, toban bot&e t\)t f icfte anD feconDe Dtgedioii ts r b erl fsni * 
completers toel in tyeftomafee, astnt&ebatnes, 1 
$ t&at dje tpme appjocljetl) to eate eftfones* f o? if 
pe Do ejcerctfe toner o? later, pe ©all eptljer fpll t&e 
boDp luttft ccuDe burnouts, o; ellcs augment pe^ 
lobe color* Clj c fcnotolege of tins tpme ts percep- 
ucD bp tftc colour of tfie brute, f o; tyat toljicfje re 
ftmbletl) bnto clecetoater, betofcenetlje, tbattlje 
iupce, fobicfjecometfj fcomtljeftomake, tsccube 
in t&e bapne0:t&at fD^iciie is toell coloureD,not to 
&tg& o; bafe,betokenetl), tljat tlje feconD Dtgelfton 
to notoe perfite: tobere decolour ts berp tygb o; 
reDDe, ttfpgmfpeeb, tbattfje concoction tsmoje 
ftan fuffceient. ^berfo;eb)l;an tyebrpneappe- 
tttl) in a temperate colo;, not reo no? pale, but as 
it toece gtlt,tl;a fl&uiD emctfe t^aue fcts begtutng* 

q Offncafies or rubhynges prece tinge 
exercife. Ctfp. 

touching tfjtnges pjeceDtng eterctfe, f ox 
a0 mod; as it is to befeceD,left bp beftemenc GaIeniIf 
exercife anp of tljeerccemctesoftfjebelp ojblaD^ Paui us . * 
Der,lbulD&a(lilpbe recetueD tntotJjebabttoftbe oribaffm 
boDp.bp tbe btolence of bete, fcenDlpD bp ejeerctfe: tlus * 
alfo left fome tbtnge 3 tobtcb ts f?ole,be bp tympnes 
of emementes,o? bpolent mottou,b?oken oj pul- 
IpDoute of bis place, ojt^attlje ejrerementes, bp 
btolence of tfje bjet!), C&ulD ftop tlje po;es o? mix- 
bites of tfje bobp, it 0?a!be neceflarp Iptell anD lp- 
tell, bp cfjaftnge tlje boDp^trli to mollify tlje par* 

£> tes 

The seconde 

teg eonfoitDate, 9 to Attenuate 0; mafce triune tbe 
Rumours, anDtoloureanDopentbepooje©, anD 
tbmtOjall enfuetobpmtbatejcerctferb. noperpli 
obftrufti of obstruction 0? rupture* SflnDto typngetbatto 
onrupmrc lt tyalibe cjcpeDictit 3 after tbat the boDpe is 
elenfeD, torubbe tbeboDpe toitbacourfe Ipnneti 
dotb, ftrftfoftlp^eaftlp, rafter to tncreafemoje 
anD mo?e 3 to a baroe and f totf t rubbingrtontpl tbe 
8e©e do ftoelle, anD be fomtobat rttDDp, anD tbat 
not onlp Dohm rtgbt,but alfo ouertbfoart $ rouo. 
^om Do Dfe f ricafies in tljts fo;mc* 3[n tbc moj- 
npng> after tbat t&ep baue ben at tbe ftoole, toitb 
tbeirfyirtefleue ojbarebanDe, tf tbetr fleftoe be 
tenDer, tbep Do f irft foftlp, $ aftertoarD falter ,rub 
tbetr tyeafte, anDfpDe0 DofonetoarDe, snootier* 
tb toarte, not touching tbetr ftomafee 0? bcalp, nnD 
after caufe tbeir feruant femblablp to rub be ouer 
tbtoart tbetr (ftulDers anD baefce, btqvnnvn$t at 
tbeneefcebone, anD not toucbpngetlje rapnesof 
tjjeir baefce, ejecepte tbep Do f ele tfrcre mocbe coloe 
anDfopnDe, anD aftertoarD tbetr Iegge0 from tbe 
fenees to tbe ancle : lad tbeir armc0, trome tbe tU 
botoeto tfyebanDetyeftc* StfnD in tbis foutmeof 
frtcafp, 31 mp felf bauefounDen an excellent com- 
moDttte* 4DlDe men,oj tbep, tobtcbebe berpD?p tn 
tbetr boDtes, if tbep put tofomeftoeeteople0, a* 

Yri»Hm 3 NW»iHm 3 CB<w$mfIiw<m, o: Otbcr IpfeCUipjCt 

tottba IptteUftoetc opleofrofea, 3[fuppofetbep 
Do totlj bpf not bete fpefce of opntemcntcs bfeD 
in olDe tpme amonge t^elKomapns anD <£refee0 9 
to frtcafies 0? tubbpngeg, JFo? 3 fuppofe, t tbep 


SOKE. 48 

tore neuee tytt bfcD, and in tljt fapd places, tbep 
be alfo leftc, onles 1 1 be in palfcps, o; apoplcjctcB, 
o;agapnft tbertgour, tobictyebapnetl) in feuers. 
onlp 31 topi remember tbe Taping; of Hippocrates 
jf ricafpe bat!) pofoee to loufe,to bpnoe,to increafe 
fieflie, andtommpQett, tfojbatdcfricaftcsDoo 
bpnde o; confolpdateXofte rubbpngedotbc lotofe 
o? tnollif ic, mocb dotl; minitye f lelbe, meane tub 
bpng dotb augment oj increafe it* l^c tbat toplle 
fcno toe mo;e abundantly hereof, let bpm redefye 
bofce of deafen of the p?eferuation of bcltl;, called 
inlatpn Bctuenidfdmute, tljanflated moofttruelp 
$ eloq«entlp,out of &tcU in to latpn, bp doctouc 
JUnacre^atepbifttion of mod tootfbp memojp to 
our fouerapne lojde fcpnge ^enrp tbe etgbt. Cbe 
famemattteeis toutteti mo?e bjefelpof JBaulus 
3egineta,4D?ibafius 5 a(ertus,ano fomeot^er late 
totter*, but bnto dSalene not to be compared* 

The iiuerfities of exercifes. C*p. $$♦ 

T^equalttieof erercifeistye Dmerfiti'e t&er* 
of ,f o;afmoc!)e as rtjenn be manp Differences 
in moupnge, and alfo fome ejeercife mouetb mo?e 
one pact of tbe bodp,fomean otber* In difference 
ofmoupnge, fome is (lotoojfofte, fbmeisftoifte 
o? fafte : fome is ftronge oj bpolent, fome be mp# 
foitb ftrengtb ^ftoiftnefle* ftronge ojbpolente 
ejeerafesbe tbefe, delupnge(fpeaallp in touglje 
dap and beup, bearpnge o? fuftepnpnge of fceupe 
bucdepns, clptmtiv^ o? toalfepngagapnft a fttpe 
fcprpg^t (jpll^oidpng a rope 3 and clpmmpnge bp 

£>ti ttjerbp 


t&etbp, fjangpng bp tbe banbes on anpt&ing, a* 
boueamansreacbe, tbattns fete tcucbe not tljc 
pontine: ftan&mg anD boiDinge tjp,o; fp?eDinge 
tbe armes, toitb tbe banDes faft clofeD,^ abtDmge 
fo a longe tpnie, 3lfo to bolbe tfje atmes fteDfaft, 
cauftnge ait otb er man, to aflap,to pull tbem out, 
anD not foitbftanDpnge befcepetbbis acmefteD- 
fa&tn fo t :cpnge tberbnto tbe fmetoes anD murcu= 
les* ^altlpnge alfo toitb tbe acmes and legges, 
ifd?epcrfonsbecquaIlinftrengtb 3 itDotbe w& 
ctfetbeoneanD tbeotbec: if tbe onebe ftronger, 
t\jm is it to tbe toeafter a mo?e biolent ejcerctfe* 
30U ttyefe IspnDes of ejcernfes;anD otber like tbem, 
Do augment ftrengtb, anD tberf oje tbep ferue on- 
lpfo?pongemen, tobicbbetnciineD, o?beapteto 
tbetoarres* fetotftc cretcife toitbout Violence ts, 
runnpnge,plapeng toitb toeopons, temfe, o; tb?o* 
toinge of tbe ball s trotting a fpace of grounbe f o& 
toatD anD bacfctoarD, going on tbe toes, anD bol* 
Dpnge bp tbe banDes.Sfllfo flitting; bp anD Do tone 
bis armes>toitbout plummettes* SUebement eicer * 
ctfe is compounbe of bpolent carafe anD ftmfte, 
toban tbep are iopneD togitber at one time,as Dati 
fpng of galpatDes, tb?otmng of tbe bail, anD run* 
ntng after tt 3 f ooteball plap map be in tbe number; 
tberof,tb?otomge of tbe longe Dart, anD continu* 
ing it manp times^unnpng in barncps anD otber 
tyfte. Cbe moberate eicemfe is longe toaifeinge o? 
going a ioutnepe* €be partes of tbe bcDpe baue 
funDipejcerafes app?op?«Dbntotbem, asroun* 
ning anD going is tbe mod proper fo? t&eleggts. 

i 6 k £i 47 

S^oiunge of tije armes bp * Dofone, o? ftretcljing 
tf/em out, & plapeng teitb foeapons, feruet!) moft 
fo; tbearmes atiD (5ult)trs, ttoupmg anD nftnge 
often tpme, o) Ipftinge great toetgbtes,talung fcp 
plummetteso?otber Ipfcepopfesoutlje enDesof 
ftaues,$ in ipfcetmfejiftpnge bp in euecp ijanDea 
fpeare o? mo?pfpifce bp tbe enDes, fpecialp crof= 
fing tbe banDe&ano to lap tbem Dotoneageme ui 
tbeir places, tbefeDo ejeerctfetbebacfee* lopnes. 
£Dftbebuf&e$ lunges tfje proper ejcercifc ts me- 
tipng of tbe b?eatb in fpngpng oj crteng. Cbe en- 
traples, fobtcb be bnDernetb tb£mpDD?effe 5 be eje- 
ercifeD bp blotoinge 3 eptljer bp conftratnt, o; plap* 
eng on Paulines, o; faefcbottes, o? otf^er Ipfce in* 
ftrumentes, fobicb Do require mocijfopnDe, Cbe 
mufcules are beft ejeercifeD toitlj fjoIDtng tbe b?etlj 
in, a longe tpme,fo tbat Jje, totyebe Dotbe ejcercife, 
batb toeil DigeGeo bis meate, anD is not troubleD ( 
foitbmocbetopnDe in bis boDpe* fpnailpelotoDe 
teaopnge, countetfeptebactaple, tenpfe 5 ojti)jos 
toinge tbe balJ^runnpnge^alfemge, aDDe to (t)o- 
tpnge,fobicb in mpne opinion ejrceDe all tl)t otber, 
Doerercifetbe boDpecommoDioufelp* Hiltoap re= 
member, tbat tbe enDe of bpolent ejcercife, ts Dtffi- 
cultie in fetebmg of tbe bjetb- fl)f moDerate ejter* 
nfe,a!teratton of bjeatb onelp, oj tbe beginmnge 
offtoeate* d^ojeouerm topnter, runnpnge, anD 
fojaftlpnge is comimicntjn foimner to;aftlpnge 
alpte&but not rumng» 3(n torp colD toetbtt, mo^ 
cbefoaifctnge, inbotetoetber, reftismo?eej;peDi- 
mu Cf?ep fofjicfc feme to fjaue moid boDtes>$ Itue 

j©iii in 


fa ibelnes-tbep liauc nebe of Violet ejeercife* Cljep 
fofucb ac lean anb eolerphemuft toalfc fof tlp.anb 
e^emfe tbcmfelfes tietp teiupcratip* Cfjeptum- 
mettes, callib of dSalen Uteres, tobicfje ace notoc 
mocb bfeb fcmb gret men, being of equall tocigbt 
9 acco^bing to tfyc fltengtb of bun ti>at ei;erafetb> 
arc berpe goooD to be bfeb faftpngcalptel before 
tyeafcefaft o? bpner, boibpnge in euerp banbe one 
plumet, anb Ipftpng tbero on btgk anb banging 
tbembotonetoitbrnocbe bpolence, anb fo be map 
mafcetbe cjcctaCe biolcnt, ojmoDetatc, after t^e 
popfeof tbeplummettcs, beupeco?lpgbter, anb 
foitlj mocbe o; Ipttell laboucpnge tottjj ttjem* 

q Of Geft*tm,th*t is to fry ^here one is it* 
ryei,$n& is of an other thynge meuei^ 
tn&notofhymfelfe. C4f.$4-» 

T^cre is alfo an notber fcpnbe of ejcemfe,hrt> 
cbe is calleb Cellar ton, anb is mptf tmtb mo 
It*™ E ' wpng anb reft Jo? as mocbe as t!?e bobp,fettmgt 
Tctlni o? Ipengejfeme* to reft,anb not toitb&anbpnge it 
is meneb bp tbattoljicb bearetb it, as lienge ins 
bebbe^angmge bp cojbes o? cbapnes*o? m a era- 
bell, fptting in a coatee, totyebe is carieb on mens 
fbuiberstmtbftaues, astoas tbebfeoftbeatm; 
ctent Homapnes, oj fpttpnge tn a boote o? barge, 
fobicbeisrotoeb, rpbpngonabo?fe, to&idjeam* 
bietb berp eafplp, o? gotbe a berp fofte pace* Cl)e 
beb,ccabel, anb eljaire carteb, feruetb fo? t!;em, E 
ar in long $ conttnnall ftfcnes,oj be latelp recoup 
reb of a fence* mto tyem, to&tc&e ftane t\)t franfp 


charge, ojtyauea Ipgbte terctane feuct, oja 
cottDtane. Cf^ejcemfe ftoctelpaflftoagctbttou* 
bks of tbe mpnDe, and pjouofeetlj flepe, as it ap= 
peretbmc&pIDetne,tobtc&eatetockeD, 3ilfo it is 
comientaitfojtljem, foljtcljetjauetbepaifep, tije 
(tone, o? tbe gotote. (Eeftation in a djatpot o? toa- 
gon bat!) tn tt a ffca&png of tbe boDp, but Com be^ 
foment, anD Come mojefofte* tljefoftc fetuetU in 
Dtfeafes of tljc l)cm, anD tobcre anp matter tun- 
net!) Dofome tn to tbe flomafce anD entraple0* 23 ut 
tbe Mjtimnt tyaitpnge is to be bfcD tn tbe grie^ 
f C0 of tf;e b;caft and ftomafce, Mo tn ftoeilpng of 
tbe boDp ano legges tn D;opftes, palfcps, mpgtfc 
mc0, anD fcotomtes, n>b:cb is an imagination of 
Datttene0, bepnge retoutneD, at tbe enDeof bt0 
toutnep, ijemuUcfptce bp anDbeeafplp moueo* 
31 baue itnotoen, faptbe 38etius, manp perfonc* 
tn fucbe fopfe cuceD imtljo ut anp ot^er belpe« $a* 
uigatton rotopnge npgb to tbe lanD,m a catme 
toater, t0ejcpcDtent fojtbem tbat baueD?opfie0, 
Iep?te0,palfep0, calleDoftbebuigace people^ 
&pnge0 5 anD f canfte0. Co be catpeD on a roug^e 
toatet, ttt0abpofentejcecctfe 5 anDinDucetbfun- 
Djpe affection of tbe mpnDe, fommetpme feare, 
fometpmebope, notoecotoacDel^atte, notoet>ar= 
Dpnefle, onetobplepleafure, anotber tobplebpfc 
pleafure, Cbefe emctfes, if tfjep be foel tempi*** 
tbep map put out of tfjeboDp, aUlonge Durpnge 
fpcfceneffte, tfojtijat totyebe t0 mptf twtbrcfte 
anD rnr upng, if anp twinge e!0 map, it moft ejeeek 
lentfp caufety tl;e boDp to be foell nourifljeD^Cel- 


fug Dotl) p?oljibite gcftafton, fo^ere tty boDp fee* 
htf) pepne, ano in tbe begpimpnge of feuers, but 
,2, fo&atufjepcea(Te 3 bealotoetlMt* JftpDpnge mooe= 
tatelp, ano toitbout grefe, it &otb corroborate t&e 
fptriteanbboDpaboue otljererercifes, fpeciallpe 
tbeftomacfce, it clenfetb tbe fences, aiiDmafcetb 
t^em mo;e qupcfce : albeit to tbe tyette, it is fcerpe 
nopfull. iJtougbttoberemembjeo, tbatastoell 
tbis, as all otber fcpnbes of ercmfe, toolo be tofeD 
in a bole countrape^ tofjcre tlje apjeis puce ano 
tmco?rupteo* JFo?efene 3 t^at be tbat tooll ejcemfe, 
Do go ficft to tbe ftoolc, far tl;e c aufes rebccfcD in 
pelade cfyapiter* 

J^eeljiefeejcercifeof tbetyeft ^inftrumentes 

A of tbe fcopcets Vociferation, tubic^eisfpn- 
gpngcrebpnge, o? crienge, toljerof ts tbe proper 
tie, tbat it purged natural! beate, ano mafcetb it 
alfo fubtpll anD liable, anD mafcetb tbe members 
of tlje bobp fubftanciall anD ftronge, refilling Dtf* 
eafes* Cbis cjrercife foolDe be fcfeD of perfones 
tyO}t topnbeD>anD rbcm,u>btcb can nat fetcb tbeir 
tyettye, but bolDtnge tbeir neche ftrctgbt bpugbt* 
3Klfo of t&em, fobofe fleQje is confitmeD, fpeciallp 
about tbebje&e anDfljulDecs. 3iro toljiclje banc 
bao apodumes b?often in tbeir b?eftes : mo;eouer 
oftbemtbat arejjoo?febp tamocbmotScsi*.an& 
to tbem, totyeb ftai« quartepn feuers,it is conue* 
mente,tt loufetb t&e bumour, tbat ftpefcetb in tbe 
bjell, ano Drtetij bp tlje roopftnes of t&e ftomafce, 

^fOf vociferation. Cap, 35* 

SOKE* f I 

foljfcl) p?opc*Fp tyecourfeof tip quarfcn 10 bone 
to tying tottb 6pm, tt alfo p?ofitetl) tfjem, foljtcljc 
baue feble ftomafces,o? Do toomtte continually 
Do b;cafcc bp fottncncs out of tije ftomafce* tt 10 
gooo alfofo? gucfesof tyeljeaD* ^ctljatmtcii- 
Detlj to attempte tbts crcrctfc, aftcc tljat f;c Oatf^e 
ben at tbe ft oole 3 anD foftip rubbeD tf?c lotucc pai^ 
tcs,anD toad) cD bis banDcs. Hct bun fpeafcc tmtb 
as bafe a fcopceas be can, anD toalfcpnge,bcgpne 
to fpnge IoujDcc $ lott>Dcr,but ftpl in a bafe fcotce, 
anototafceno beDeofftoeete tunes 0? armonpe, 
tfojtbatnotyingeDotfjpjofitetmto ftelfyeof tbe 
boDp* but to tnfo;cel)tm felfeto fpnge great, ftu 
tljecbpmocl) atreD?atoeninbpfetcbtngof b?etb, 
tb?uftctt)fo?tbtbeb?caft ^ ftomafcc, anDopenetb 
anD inlargetb tbe poojes* Bp tyqft cneng <* louDe 
ceDtnge,are ejcpelleo fuperftuous bumofs. C&ec* 
f o;e men anD toomen, baumge tbetc boDics feblc, 
anDtbeirfleflfoeloufe, anDnotficme, imtfttcaoc 
oftentimes louDe, anD in a bafe bopce, ejtenDpug 
out tbe topnD ptpcgt otbec pafiages of tlje b:etlK* 
But not tottbftaDtnge tbis ccetcife is not fcfeD ah 
toap, anD of all petfons* f 0; tbep,tn toljome is a- 
bunbance of fjumoues cojrupteD, ojbemocbDtfs 
eafeD toitbcruDtttetn tbeftomacke anDfoapnes, 
tbofe Do 3 counfaple,to abdepn fro tbe ejeeccife of 
§ boicejeft moclje co?rupteD tuice 0? toapo?s 5 map 
tljetbp be into al tye boDp DiftrtbuteD^nD bere j[ 
conclude to fpeafce of ejcercife 5 tobicb of tf>c,tljat De 
ftre to remain log in ijeltij, ts moft Diligctlp, $ as 
3 motigljt fap, molt faupuloufip to be obfecueD* 

}3 Ctje 



fuperfluous abunbaunce of tyu 
mouts in tfyt bobp : anb t^at ig ut 
ttoo maner of fopfe, tljat ts to rap 
in quantise, anbtnqualftte. 3» 
quanttttr, as Inhere all t^c foure 
turnouts ace mo^c in abunbance, tban be equal* 
in p?opo?cion to t\)t bobp tbat contepnetb tf>epm, 
o?tobeteone Rumour moclje ercebetb tijereme= 
naunt in quantity 3|n qualptic, a0 tobete t&e 
blouD, otfjer Rumour, ts better 02 colder, tbpc* 
feer, 0? t&tnner 3 tl?an ig conuentent Unto tbe bobp* 
f p?0e, tuyere all tl?e burnouts, betnge ftipcrf Iu* 
oufelp incteafeb, fplletfj anb ejctenDetb^tbetecep* 
todies of tbe bobpe v as t&eftomacfce, tbe bapnes, 
anbbotoelles, anb is moofte p?operIp callpb fuU 
neCre,uigreKePlf^orrf 5 in latpne Ple«it«io. Ci?eo* 
tberis, tobete tbe bobpetstnfatceb, epttyettotti^ 
colet, peloto 02blacfee } o?tottb fleume,o? tottb toa* 
tcp burnouts, anb is p?opetlp calliD in gtefce o 
cocfcjmitf, in latpne vido/k5 /K«H5,m engine it map 
be calleb corrupt iuvee* 3 toplt not bete fojtte, tbe 
fubtpllanb abunbant Definitions anb mfctiptt- 
onsof (KaHene in tyis bofces <JePlfmr«di«e, anb tit 
&is comentartesbpontyeap^iftwisof i^tppo- 



crate* tfo^tlMlbereruffiTe, fof&efoe t&eope* 
rations of replcciongood ojpUjrennttmgetfjem, 
fobtcf? be curious, and deftre a mo# ample decla* 
cation, to tbemtrtt efcellcnte toarfces of <BMmc* A * lhluu 
fo&ere Ijemap befatisfted, iflje benot determp= A ho ir# 
tied to repugneagainft reafon* Hipocrates faitb, Vbt cibus 
tofjere meat is recepucd mod; aboue nature, tfyat n * 
mafeetb fpefcenefle, dSalene deciarpnge cfjat place 
raptli : #oje mcate tban accojdetb tottb natures moib5 
meafure, is nameD JHeptectom 3!nd aftertoardc facit. 
ijeerpoundetb tyatfoojde aboue nature, tofy&G* kn in 
npfpe to mocfce ano fuperfluouap, as to&o faptl;, f?™ 1 !^ 
fo&eretbe meate is fupecfluoufelp tafcen, itma= di a . 
feet!) fpcfecnelTe* jf 01 meate but a Iptteli ercedpnge 
temperance, map not fo?tb foitb mafeefpefcenes, 
but map petfcepetbe baap tottljtn tfje latitude o? 
boundesof&eltbe, fo?tbe meate tijatQallmafte 
fpefcenes, muft nat alpttdlejccede tbe ewiuiftte 
meafure. Cbe incommodttte, fotypclje ^apnetb 
fyetbpis, tbat mopftneffe is to mocbe extended 
and naturall beateis debilitate, SftfonaturaUe 
fceate, refoluetlj fommetobatof tbefupecfiuoufe 
meate and d?pnfce* Sflnd of tfjat, toijpebe is refold 
ued of meate bndpgefted, p?ocedetb fumofptie, 
groflfeand bndpgefted, tobicfjafcendpnge bp in- 
to t&e Ijead, and toucijpuge tije rpme, toftetin $e 
tyapn* is fo;appcd,caufecb bead acbe, tttmblin$ 
of tfje members s duffepO)nes of tbe ftgbt,and ma- 
npotber fprtmelFestaifo bp tbefljaepnes cfjerof, 
it p;pcfeetb and anopetb tbe finetoes, tobtclj make 
fenfibtiitie, $t rootes of fc^om, are in tbe tyaine, 

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anD from tbens paffctl} tbjougbe all t b c boDpe* 
f pnallpe,tbe fapD fumofttie, m§cnD?eD of teple- 
cion, petcpngc tbe innermoofte parte of tbefapD 
fpnetoes, caifeD fenfible, it gceuoufelp annopetb 
tbe potoer animall, tbcce conftftmge, bp tbe occa- 
fron foberof, tmDerftanDpnge anD reafon, as to 
tbebfeoftbem, areletteanD troubled atoDalfo 
tbe tongue, tobicbe is rapfons ejcpofptour, is De* 
p?tueD of bis offpce, as it apperetb in tbem, t»bp= 
cbe are Djunfee, anD tbem, tobpcbe bane greuous 
pepnes in tbep; b*a& » p?ocebpnge of repleciom 
oribafius ^Pgnes of replecpon betbefe, loffe of appetite, 
Enporifto Delptmnotl)pngc,floutbfulnefle a Dulncffc of tbe 
Ub * u toptte, anD fences, mojefleape, tbau foas am* 
(lomeDtobe, crampes in tbe boDpe (lertpngeoj 
faltton of tbe members, fulnefle of tbe bapnes, 
anD tbpefcenelTe of tbe poulfes, bojrour oj ©?o= 
aelpngeoftbeboDp mpjcttoitbbea^ <€be reme* 
Dies are abftitiencc, anD all evacuations, toljccof 
31 luil make mencto in tbe iiejct cbapite r. 

Tf^t meates anD Djpnfces recepueD into tbe 
boDp, if tbe Homage anDlpuerDootbetrna* 
tnrall office,be altereD bp concoction anD Drgeltio 
in fucbe totfe tbat tbe bed parte tberof gotb in tbe 
nounOjement of tbeboDp : tbe foarft,beinge fepe* 
rate bp tbe members official!, from tbe reftDuejar 
mabe ejccrementes in funDjpe fourmes anDfub* 
flances, tobicbe are ipfte in qualitie to tbe natural 
gumotii* fo^etyan ratfiuety moft in tlje bobp* 

B OKE. f I 

CfKfe ejrcrementes be none otfcer, but matter fu~ 
perfiuoufe anD fcnfauerp, toljicbe bp nam tall po- 
toers map not be couerteD into fleflfK, but remap- 
npng in t\)t boDp corrupt tbe members, anD tt>er= 
f oje nature abfjo?rpnge ttjem^efitetl? to &aue ttjc 
rtpclleD^ Cbefe ercrementes bettye in number, Ex C r«nen 
o?Dure>brine, Rumour fuperfluous. Slpojeouer, tes 
tljere be ttoo fortes of o;Dure, t&at is to fape, one ° rdurc * 
DtgeCleD, M)icl)C pafletb bp fiege, tlje otfjer tmDu 
gelteD, fobicfjeis ejrpeUpDbp toompte* VQ\)m^®r#ftrt. 
Tape DigefteD, % meanest it is paffeDtfje (to* 
ma&e, anDtourneD into an otfjer fpgure. ftpfce 
fopfe 3! caile t&at fcnDigeftcD, toljpc!?e ftpll retap* 
netlj t!j e fpgure of meate. murine is tlje toatrp fub= y '«& 
ftanceoftfjeblouDDe, Ipfccastoljapisof mplfce, 
toljicljeoutof t&e meate tfyat is altereD anD con= 
cocte o; bopIeD in tl)t ftomacfte, is ftrapneD in tl)t 
fcapnes calieD Mefarake, tobicfoe p;oceDet& frome 
t&e ftolo toe part of tije lpuer,anD fente bp tfre rap- 
nes in to tl;e blaDDer, pafleti) bp tlje 3Inftrument, 
tlje folnclje is ojDepneD as tocll to tbat purports 
f o? generation, I^umo? fuperfluous is iiu iuSop ®™<* fa* 
tes, either mpjctfoitljanp of tfjefoure Rumours, pcr ' fru>M * 
callpD natural,ojels it is gattyereD in to tfje b;am 
o; it is bettoene tlje (fcpn anD tije flefl&e, p.; Ipetb a= 
monge tl)t finetoes,mufcules, o? iopntes* €>f 
moursfomearemoje grofife anDcolDe, fomeare 
fubtpl anD Ijou anD are calieD tmpouts. $oto fo^ 
to erpeli tlje fapD ercrementes, are.ijr*funD;p fepu* 
Des of euacuation, cf?at is to Cap, abftinence, too - 
mpte, purgation bp fiege,lettpnge of blouDe, fca* 

piit rifieu&> 



tffteng calKD cuppingjtoeating.pjonocatio of tM 
cine,fpitting,b!eDtng at § nofooj bp ftemorotDes: 
9 in fc>ome,tbeir natural pwrgatios.^f t^cfc ena* 
c«atio0 31 toil b jefeip Declare, fottb £ comoDtties, 
to^tci) bp § Dtfcret fcfe of tlje Do ^appc hnto £ boDp 

i&ftmmcc tea fo?beartwgeto tecepue anp 
meateojD?mfce* jf o?if ttbe but in parte, tt 
16 tijancallpD rather temperance tban abftmcce< 
3Ht oug(|t to be tifeD onelp after teplecton, as ti^e 
proper remeDpe tberfo?e* InDtfjan if it be moDe* 
ceiqu. i. r gte, it confumetb fuperflmttes, 9 tn confttminge 
SS°k.7? # em » ft ctertfietft tfje fcumoura, mafcetl? t fje boDp 
* fap;eco!o«rcD 5 anDnotonefphepetboutficfene0, 
but aifo tofjetc fpefcenes is cntrcD, notfypnge moje 
ftelpetf?, if it be bfeD in feafon. Cot^em, tobpebe 
baue tietp mopft boDte0 3 i)unger is rigbt ejcpeDtet 
fo? it mafcetlj t^em moje Djie, not fentbftanDpnge 
confpbe* tljereoug^ttobeconfpDeratios, mtbemeate be* 

n ' nc rtje pere 5 $ in cuftom-jfpjft in tbe mete before eate, 
if it be mocd in cjcccftc 0? fcetp grofte, 0? not mod) 
etceDpnge,o?lpg^tof Digeftion, anDaccojDinge 

Apho.iutberto, too!Deabftinencemo?eo? laffebe p?opo;* 
cioneD.Concernpng age,^ipocrates faitkolDme 
map fuftepn faftmge eaftlp : nejet fonts fyem, men 
of mpDDei age, pong men map foats beare tt>cl)il- 
Dern foarft of ail, fpecialip tyep t&at be luftp : not 

Gaien. in. foittyftanDmgbere <Ea!enco?tectetJ> l^tpocrate*, 

comment f^fo^^ ^ m ^ cepteD mm frerp OlD, 


EOKE. 54- 

t»i}0, as ejtpcn'cncc Declared), nmft eat€ often auD 
ipttell* 3fi toutbtnge tpme>tt mud be remembjeD, 
tbatin topnteranD fp?ingetpmc 5 tljcftomafcesbe 
tiaturallp berp bote^ttepeislonge, 9 tberfo?e in 
tbattpme meatcstool&ebe mopabunDam, etal! 
rijougb mocbe be eaten, it fopli be foncr DigeftcD, 
U"»bccfo^e abftincncetoolbnot betbafonioct) as 
in fommer, albeit to ablhpimocb in fommer, tic- 
cept u be after repletion, Bainafcene faprtMt Djt< Damafce* 
tt\) tbe bobp, it mafcctb tl)t colour falotoe, tt ingc= nus a P h <* 
jb;etb meIancoJp,anb burtetb tfje ftgbt.^ojeouet 
ruftome map not be f ojgotetufo? tijep, to^tclje arc 
fcfeD from ctjil&boDe, to eate fimtyp meales in tbe 
Dap,toolb ratber be rebucco to fetoer mealeg, $ li- 
tellmeate,tbantobe copelleb toabftepufctterlp, 
to tbintent,tbat nature, tobulj is mabe bp cu(!om, 
be not cubuKeD^ tbe potoer Digetttue tberbp Debt 
litate* 3CnD note toell, tfjat bp to mocb abfttnence, 
the mopfture f tl)t bobp is tottbb;akien anb con* 
fequentlp t\)t bobptytctb, anb foajcetb leane: na* 
fur8lU)eate, bp feutb&;aUunge of mopfture, is to 
mocbe tncenbeD, and not fpnbpnge bumoureto 
toarfeem, tonrnetb W bpolewe torte rabpcal! 
o?fub(!anctall mopfture of tftebobp, anDcjci)au- 
ttpngetbatbumour, bjtngctbtfjebobp tntoacfc 
fumptton- u>bcrfoje Hipocrates faptbe, tbaito 
fcarfe anD ecquiftte an o#>er in meate anb tyittfte, A P ,, If *• 
is fo^emo^e parte moje Dangerous tban that, 
tobtc^e is mo?e abuubant Coiurarpft)pfemoDe= 
ration mabGinence, accojbingetotbe fapbecon* 
iterations, is to £tl$ a fure bultoarfce* 



qofvomyte. dp,** 

T$e meate oj Djpnfee fuperfluous, oj cojmp* 
tcD in tbe (tomafc is belt ejcpelleb bp bompte, 
if it be not bet? greuous to &pm,tDljpd?e is Dtfea* 
led' ii i feD* 3fiifo tbe moderate bfc of tt,pourgetb fleume, 
' irgbtct^tljcf^eaD, caurettjt^attljc ejccetfc of wiea- 
m c? D?pnfee0> ©all not anop o? b?mge fpcfcene0* 
^oze ouecit amebetl) tlje affectes of tbe rapnes, 
tl;e biaDDer, anbtbefunbement* 3It alfobelpetb 
againft lepncs, canfcers, goutes, D;opfte0, $ alfo 
Dpuer fpcfceneflte p?ocebpnge of tbe ftomacfce* 
jfojtf anp grefeljapnetbof tbebeabe, fcomttet* 
than tmcommoDiouS/Jlt i0 bettertn totnter,tban 
in fomtmr^lfo good fojtbem, W<h are replete 
ojfcerpcolerpfce, tftbepbaue nottoeile dtgefteD, 
but it i0 pll f o? tbem tbat be leane, o; baue toeafce 
(tomatoes* Stodtberfoje tobereone feeletlj bptm 
fcapours,ritpngeout ofljis ftomacfce,imtb grtefe 
ano toeigl#pne0, in tbe ouer parte0 of f?is bodpe, 
let btm runne fo?tb foitb to tbi0 remedp. 2t 10 
fo good fo? tym tljat 10 bart burned,and batlj mo- 
cbe fptttel, 0; bis ftomafee foambletb, auD f 0? bint 
tbat remeuetb tnto fund?p place0,pet 1 counfaile 
crif. ii. 1. fa ^ celf «0,bpm rtja* be in Wt\>, ano toolD 
not be to foone aged, tbat be bfe not tbtsdapelpe* 
^nDjmprelfe bane imotoen men, tobtcbedaplp 
fcftnge tt, baue bjougbt tberbp tbeir ttomakes in 
to rucbe cuftome, tftat fobat fo euer tljep DpD eate, 
tbep coube not longe retaine it,toijerbp tbep 
tmc tbeir litter wberfojeit toold not be bQd,but 
onelp to&ete great furfet, 0? abundance of fleume 

tOKti 1 f 

Go require ft $e tfjat topH bompte after mtatcM 
fcpmD;pnfcefunD;p Djmkesmpjwetogptber, anD 
Jaftofall, toacmetoatct: ojiftljatbetoeafp, let 
t)pm mpzt tfyertoity falto; bonp, Jfc^topU Do- 
mitefaftpngeJet bim D;mfcc toatecanD fconp fofr> 
Den togit^ec, o? Jfope tout) it,o; eate of a raopfl;e 
coote, anD Djinfce toaeme toat er bpon it alfo toa= 
tec, toucan raDpf&eis bopieo.anD aftectoatD pjo« 
uokeljpmfelfetoit. Cfyem, tl;atu?pll baucmo?e 
tuoient purgations, 3^eroptte to petitions lee- 
mt>>mt ptt J do eftfones toarne tfcenufjat tfcec^ 
in t&ep be ctccumfpect, and Do not moclje bfe it. 
3£o;eouer in bomptes,t&e matter bjougftt fo;t& „. 
foolD be confpDereD,acco#png to tlje rules of ^X'z 
pocrates,mtjisreconDe bofceofpjonoftieations 9 cap. 7 f * 
tbat is to fap,tf it be mprt tottl) Heme and colec, it 
is mod profitable tf it be not tn beep great quart- 
tp, no; thicket laflfe nurture it &at&, the bars is 
ft* 3ff it be gtene, like to le&e blaDes,tljpn o; biafc, 
tt is to be iugeD pll. Jf it fcaueal colours,*! is eje^ 
tteme perillous. 3If it be IeDp cotoureD,fl& fauoritl) 
fjojciblp, it fignif ietfc a fyojt aboltcton,o; DilTolu^ 
tion of nature* tfojascSalene a&rmetf? tijere in 
&is commente, fuclje maner of bomite Declared 
corruption tottl) ejetincttngeof nature, Sdlfo eue- 
tp putrifieD anD ftpnfcpnge fauoure in bompte is 
plf* C^efe tinges be rpg&t neceOarp,to be lofteD G * tm de 
Co;, toijereoneDotljbomptetoityoutanpDtffiruI ^! s r f e / 
tie:butto mfojeeoneto bompte tolw&rannot/ 
is berp odious, anD to be ablwteo. 

T H £ T H If D B 
^OfPMrg4tiotisb)fi«ge. C4p, f. 

If fyt IjeD be %i\vp, o? tljc eien Dimme, o? if tfjer e 
bcpepnefeltoftbecolpfee, o^tntfje to toer parte 
*«lmu oftbebelp, o? in tbebippes,o? tome colenfec mate 
ter o; fieume tn tbe ftomafce* ailfo if tlje b+ml) be 
IjatDelp fctcfjeD, tf tfje bealp of bpm felfe fenDe$ 
fo?tb notbing> o? if being collate, one feletb pi fa* 
ttour ojbptterues inbismoutb, o?tbattot)tcbbe 
mafcetb, barfj an bo?rible fauour, o; tf abftinence 
Do not, at tl?e fp?ft parte atoape tbe fewer, o? tf tbe 
ftrcngtb of tbe bofcp map nat fuftepne lettpitge of 
blub, ojdstfjetpmetberfoze conuementts palf, 
o?if onebaue fyunfce mocbe before fpcfceues, 
o; if be totycbe oftentpmes bnconftrapneb, batl) 
Ijab great fieges, be fobtpnlp ftoppeb : tn a'l theft 
cafes, anD toljere it is pepnful! to bompre, ano m 
gnatotnge oj fcetttnges of tbe ftemafee, f tnaUp m 
a!l repletions, totjere a man can not o; topU'not oe 
letbloubbeojbompte, it 10 expedient to pzottofee 
fiege bp purgations, tobtcbe are recepucD bp ttoa 
toapes: bpfoarbeat tfjefounDementbpfuppoft* 
to?tes o? clptters, IDotonefoarDe attije moutb, bp 
potions, electuaries, o? ppIles*^uppofito?ies ar 
fcfeb, toberetije pacient tstoeafee, anD mapenot 
recepue anp otber purgations* fometpme fo?as 
mocbe as tbe ftrapt gutte is ftoppeD tottl) 
mentes,fe>btcl) arc D?p anD barb : fometpme toljere 
tberencberbnone otber pourqation, fprett Up in 
bourntngc feucrs, foberof tbe matter afcnDetb in 
totbebeaD, tbancUftcrsmapDobarme, <*bptbe 
benefit of fupporitoite&ejccteroentes are tyougbt 



SOKE* f 6 

fojrtjetmtfioutanp annopance,3tob bftentpmes it 
b;mgetb fo^tlj tl;at tol)tcb clpftcts map nat. 
g>uppofito;tes atmabe fomtpmetottb fyonpoti; 
ijp, foDDen, tolieb on a bourbe, ant) maDe ro tinbe, 
fmaller at tf>e one enoe tljan at tl)* otljer, $ of tbe 
iengctl) anb gteatneB, acco;Dtng to tbe quatitie of 
ttjeboDp that tafteth tt» domtpme theteis tnpjcec 
toith the honp fait b#eb, o; fait peter, oj tlje po to= 
Set of fucije tbmgeg, asboeptber purge tl>e 1)11= 
mc;, tobicboffcbeth* ojbtffbluetfjgroflPe foinbes. 
o;otfjer matter: tbcpbefomtpme maDelmtb ro= 
fepn, pttcije, toa;e.o? gumes, fomtpme of rotes,o; 
tbe leaucsofmercutpgreuf, berpfmall bjuifeb. 
aifo uiitl) f iggts o; retfone , the (tones take ottt,o; 
of tobtte fope,mabe f tljc figure af o^efapb,* being 
maDe in the fojmc afojefepb, tbep muft be put bp 
tn at the f unoement, to tfje great enb 3 anb the pa= 
emit mud hepe it there the fpare of balfe an houre 
0} mo&. Clpfters are mabe of ipcour, fommetpme 
fpmple,afi toater fobben, mplfc, ople,oj topne.fom- 
tpmc mp,tt,as toater anb opie togither, o? becoctt= 
ons,as fohereherbe&rotes, fruttes/ebes, ojgu* 
meg, ijaupnge p?opettieto mafcefofte, biflblue, 
fyatoe fojthe, o?ejtpelle matter that greueth* be 
bopleb, anbthelpcourtherof, fometpmetoarme. 
fomtpme hote,ts ttctputn at the funbement mto 
the bobp bp a Ipttell pipe of goibe o? fpiuer, puo* 
tieoj toobbe, therfoje ojbepnebanb callpbaclp* 
tter pipe. Chis is ueceflarp, fohere the ftomabe is 
foeafce, anb map not fuflepn tlje toarftiuge of me* 
kernes mepueb at t&ernoutlj* aifomfeuere. co* 

SXU iifceg, 


IpEes^ancy otijcc Difcafes in tbebotoete, gtiefem 
tbe rapmsof tfcebacfceo? backbone, fcentofp* 
lies m tfcebealpe, mfiamatton ojejculcetatton in 
Ibe qmm o? blabber* 2t to a couenpent ana fure 
me&icjne,an&ieft!mrtDot!j enfueof tt* Cbema* 
feingeanD o^wge tbetof, 3j topil omptte to tojtte 
in tbts place 3 pa«Ip tbat 3! toolo not, tbat pbifttfc 
ons G) ulD to mocb note in me p;efumption, part- 
!p$atan notice place map bemoje apteto tyat 

& %lhe$m\cuUy commodities of entry 
pourgation. Cap*6 4 

10 potions, electuaries, anb pplles ougbt to be 
mocb mo?e obfetuation, ttyan rn clpftets oj fup* 
poftto?ies 3 ffyasmocbeas tbefeDoenternofttts 
tber djan in to tbe gutte, fobere tbe o;bure lietb,! 
bp tbat place onlp, tymgetl; footle matteMobt* 
cbe caufetb Difeafe,Sut tfje otbee entringe in tbat 
foap, tbatmeatesanDDjtnkesbo, commctb in ta 
tbeftomacUr, anDtbete isbopleb, anbfentetnta 
tbe places of Digcftfon, an& aftettoarbe tsmtfte 
tmth tbe iupttr toberof tbe fubftance of tbe bobp 
mabe, anb ejcpellpnge tbe abuetfatp burnouts, 
fometobat tbetof boutleffe temapnetfjin tbe bo^ 
bp* ^betfoje men baue nebe to betoate,tobat me* 
bpcmestbep tecepue, tbatintbem benofceneno* 
fttie, malpce 3 o? corruption, lefte f o? tbe ejrpellinge 
ofafuperfhiousfjumo?, totyicbe perchance goolr 
biete, o? font bjortjes mabe of gooD fjetbes, ojtbe 
fapbe euacuatton, fottlj fuppofpto^ie o? clpfter, 


ion** 17 

mottgbt b;rttg fo;tb at lepfure* bp Derp;mge of to 
baftp remcDp, t bep recepue in mcDicine tfjar, totji^ 
c$£ffiali mgenDer a Venomous i)umour,and tme 
titrable Diftrum6 tmroatl tbebot>p«3nDtbecfo;ie 
fcappp is be, tofjtclie in fpcfcnes f pnoetb a Difcrece 
anD toell letneD pbtfutton, anD fo tcue a poticarp, 
c^at^atii altuap Djotarges bnco;cupteD, stobow 
the p^ifutott map furelp ttuft, to oifpence bis tym 
ges tcuelp, But no to to tetumc to tbe fapD f o?me 
of purgation, JJtopH notoefet fo;t6 fomecoun= 
fapfes, concenipngetbat matter, tobtcbelilbaue 
collectto out of tin c&iefe authors of pbififce* 
23oDies bote $ mopft : map eafilp fuftepnpurga* 
tton bp tbe ftoole. €b*p> tobicije be kane o; tbpn, 
bautnge tbemembers tenoer, map tafte barme bp 
purgations* Co men tbat are coIenHe, anD tbem, 
tbat eate litelLpurgations are gceuous.i n pong 
cbpJDern anD olDe men, it is Dauugerous to loufe 
mocftr tbe bea!p*Co tbcm tbat are not toont to if, 
purgation is nopMl §e tbat liuetb in a gooD op 
aer of Diet, tieDetb neither purgationno; bomttc 
Hfter tba t tbe purgatio bath to^ougbMbirftines 
anD founDe fiepe, be ftgnes tbat tbe boDp is fulfe 
cientlp purgeD* Bp Daplp tafcpnge of meDtc mes r 
nature is co?rupteD* wbanpetopile pourgeanp 
tbing,mafee firft tbe matter flotomg anD foluble. 
^eDicme to purge ougbt not to be mtagleD toitfc 
meatr, butto be tafecfoureboures at tbe Jeaflbes h/ po «* 
fo?e meales, o; tfyt boures after meales, ewpte api«». 
certapneeafppplies maDetoclenfe anDcomfojte 
^eftomafeej tobwbetooiD be tafeen at tbe begpn- 

£}m mm 

The t h iu d e 

ttfng of topper, o? after fupper, a litell before tltft 
onegotbtobeo, mafeinjjea Itgbt fupper o; none* 
Sifter purgation taken, tbe pacient fl)ulD relt,ano 
Caicn. ^ not foalfce, bntpll tbe meDtctne batb tyougbknoj 
fani .wen. eateo? Djpnfce in tbe meanefpace* ^big is age* 
'* neral rule cocernpng ejecrementeg, tbat {f caufe of 
tetapnpnge of tbem bemge percepueD , tbe contra* 
tpes bnto tbat caufe tooiDe be gpuen, as if a Ipteli 
quautptte anDD?ptbe be tbe caufe, tbanto taHe 
mo^e in quantttie, an* tbat tobicbe is mopfte pf 
Djptbe be tbe caufe onelp, tbannotto incteafetbe 
quantitie, but tbat tubicbe tg mopfte* 3(f tbe caufe 
be of taHinge foute tbpngeg oj bptter,tban to bfe 
competently tbpngeg ftoeete, ojfatte* Jtpketopfe 
in ojDerof mealeg,agif betobpebetoag toonteto 
eatettopfein one Dap eatetbbut ones, anDtbec* 
bp tgDtfcrafeD, be mult feeDe notonelp ttopfew 
one Dap,but alfo oftener,bauinge refpect to a con* 
mmmt quantitte-Cbefe tbinges baue 31 remem* 
b?eD, bpcaufe 3 baue fcnofoen rtgbt gooD pbifiti* 
tms,to bauefo;gotten,to tnftruct tberof tbeic pa* 
ctenteg* $ofoe topll 31 fettte fo?tbe tbe table of ft* 
cbe tbtngeg , tobicb of tbeir pjopertie Do Digeft o? 
purge fupecfluoug bumo?0 particular^, tob^ 
j baue gatbereD out of tbe bofceg of 3©tofeoJtDes 
d5alen,#aul 9 Cgineta, £>?tbaftug,$ aietiu&anb 
otber late tynterg* not tottb ftanDpnge, J baue 
not i» ? tten all, fojas mocbe ag tbere be Dpuecg 
tbtngeg,tobertmto be tymz not pet f ounDen anp 










5Uto ictie0,tl;e leaf eattD 





febeMbatis fofape, of 

goutbes, cucumbers, 

melonp0 5 anD cucute, 







IKE, 58 


C 1 Wplbeboppe0» 




wfjap of butter 





CamarpnDe0 fjalfe an 
ounce in a Decoction: 
flpanna. \)u D?amroc0 
attbeleafte, anDfoo to 
win m tbe b;ot&e of a 
fjenneo? capon, 
fteubarbaro bp ittelfe 
fromttooD^ammc0, tm 
tofoure, tnfufeD ojftfc 
peD tnlpcoucfronum. 

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fingers of fltHi&t; 




polppoMfi of tftc cfce. 
appjobalanfkebult, in 
fufcD ftombaifanouce 
to an ounce, anDu. 
meg.3|nCubft$ce, from 
ttoo Diamines to fcalfe 
an ounce* 

% gaucus fro a b?Sme 
to ttoo tySmefc mfufeD, 


b;etfie of cote 

tonne o?m fyebjot&eof 





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C^elancolpefo; tbctbpnneffe attofubtylnctre 
of t&e turnout, neDetfr no Digeftttie. 

C«Rw Wftt topW tafeetoarpcr purgations, 
o?compounD foitb Dpuecstfjrogeejettbem take 
cbecounfapleof an boneft anD perfite pbtfttion, 
$ not aDuenture to mpjcte tbpnges togttber, tomb 
out fenotomg tbe temperance of tbem in Degrees, 
anD tbat be can p?opo?cton tbem to tbe boDp, tbat 
(ballreccpue tbemmfpmples, as tbcp betoken* 
20nD fo be map bfe tbem tmtbout perpil, agcpnfte 
tbe bumoucs.tobetbnto tbep ferue* 

Lettynge ofhlou&k. Of. 7* 

Tfce parte of Cuacuation bp lettinge of MuDe 
is incifion 0? cuttpnge of tbe bapne, tobecbp 
tbebtottD,fobicb* ts caufe of rpcfeenes 02 grief* to 
tbe bole bobp, 0; anp particular part tberof, Dotb 
tnoftaptlppaffe* Cbe commoDtttes tobecof, be- Amoidu* 
Inge m amooerate quantttte, anD in a Dutt^m ^ cuill » 
taften, be tbefe tbat folofoe, it clarif ietb tbe toptte, nou * # 
anD maftetb gooD memojp,tt cienfetb tbebiaDDer, 
itD;ietbtbeb?apne, ittoatmetb tbemarofoe, be= 
tnge in tbe bones, it opcnetb tbe bcrpnge, it op= 
petbteareso? D;opppngcs of deepen, ittafcctft 
afemp lotbfottmes 3 anD confirmetb t&e ftomafee, it 
no^fl&etb tbat tobicb is p;op?e to nature, anD tbe 

B con- 


contrary eicpelletb* Jt ts tbougbf ,tftat tberbp life 
ts p;olongeD, anD tb c matter makpnge fpcKeneflfe 
. fl&o;telpconfunieD. wberfoje lettpngeof blouDc 
IB not onlp erpeDient ft; t&em, to^ic^e are full of 
blo«D,o; batie abunDattce of tttengtb,but alfo fo? 
tbem, in tobom,tmtbout pleniMDccatlpD f wines, 
inflammations begpn to be in tbeir booteg, o? bp 
fome outtoatDe ftrofce, tbe blouoe being gatbcreD 
tontbin bp collection tberof, do fele gttefeo^Dtf- 
eafe, Mfo tobere t^ete is mocfyt pepne fefte, oj De* 
bilitteof fome member, tobcrof is fuppofeDtobe 
tngenDjeD fome greuotts Difeafe, ^ojemter tbep 
tobidje t)fe cjcctfle of meatesanDDjpnfees, mape 
becnreDbplettpngeofblouDDc, 25uttbofe, tobi- 
cbe be temperate, fceppngegooDDiete, bebofpeti 
foitbout lettpnge of blouse : as bp fricafies,t>fmg 
of batbes, ejeeccife, toalfcpnge, anD rpDpng moDe- 
tatelp* HJlfobntticns toitboples anDopntemen* 
4es, callpD Dwphorf ticg, tobicb bp euapojatton. Do 
Ojojteip euacuate tbe f ttluciTe* mi be it, tf tbe tub 
neflebeof melancolpeblouo, tbanaltoapeneDe* 
umtte belettpnge of biouDDe* SBbounDaunce of 
melaneolpe blouDDe isfcnotoenbp tbefe fpgnc*. 
Cbete is felt in tbe entraples, o) tottbtn tbe bulfee 
of a man oj tooman, atoepgbtpneffe umb tenft- 
on o? tl#uff png outtoatfce: anD all tbat part,to(ji* 
cbe tg aboue tbe nauciUs mo?e beup, tban it toas 
toont to be, Sllfo mocb tain anD fattp,tbe refiDcce 
bottom tbpcfce,ttoublous, anD fatte. fometpme 
blacbepcuQ)C6o?bopleB, toub roflamation anD 
moty pepne* Cljefe inuft be ffcc^lp let bloaD, anD 

I OKI. tf» 

ftemelancolp ljumojalfo purged bp (Yege* C&ep 
toft tc&c baue cruDe o? tab bumojs, mud be toare- 
Jp/etblouDDe, before tbatfpfoneflemgenDer, but 
fjaupngettyefeuet,innotopfe- Concetnpngeiet^AetiMLj , 
tpngeof blouD, ttiefe tfcmges folotomgetoolD be 
(jaDOe in contmuailtcmemi>?auncr, anbbeafo;e 
f bought on. 3Rti abundance of t';e blouD,tfye qua- 
htte ano quantttie, tbegrcatnefleof tbefprtmes, 
ano if it be p;efenf, o; lofceb foj. alfo tbe Diete pje- 
ceDpnge, tf;e age anD drengtb of tf;e perfone, ttje 
mtutali fourme of bis bobp, tbe tune of tbe pere, 
e be region o j counttep, t&e prefer (late of tjje aire, 
tbe Dtftife of aceuftomeD ejterctfe, tbe feffinge of e* 
ttacuattons Dfeo before. 3" quatttie confpber, of 
tobatbumourtbe fulneffepjoceDetfc. JnqmwtU 
tit tbe abundance of tbat, tobicbe ts to be purged. 
3In fife!ies, if it be Dangerous 02 toHerable : pf tbe 
fifcnes be p?efent, it requiretb tbe mo;t Diltgcceaf 
it be tofcebfo:, it map be tlje better proportioned. 
3fn Dier, t(jc cudome in eating * D;iulung mud be 
fpectalip noted. Jn pong men * toome,letttnge of 
blond toolo be m ojt It be rail, jfa olD men $ ponge 
cbtlojeft, it toold be fcatfer : dronge men map fu= 
(lepnebledmge, tbep tobiclj are feble, map not en* 
Dure tt : large bodies banc greater beflfels, t^an 
tfjep, tobtcbe be luelU leane men baue mo?e bloud, 
corporate men Jjauemo;efleflbe* Cbe tpme of tt)t Cor Ce ^ 
peremudbe fpectalip marfeeo. tfojtnt&ebegpn=fus,ii.j« 
twnge of fpjinge tpme is tbe bed letting of blond, 
as^Djibafius faptbe,and fo dotbecontmue 5 aftec 
t£e opinion of atoolde, bnto tbe etgtytz calendes 

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oriba.fu. offline- Metim affmnetb* tljat m topntec,ojiti 
Amoidus a co j De C ounttcp v j fo^te tbe perfon is of a betp 
now dc c ^lDc nature, ttje toapnes 0>ulDe not be openeD, 
flobotho^ aino Bamafcene faptbe, CfjeptoUicbewpoutbc 
!" fa ' baue bfeD to be moclje let blouo,aftec tbep be tb?e 
tonus™ fto;e peres oioe, tbeir nature toamb colDe, anD 
arumed. naturafi beflte is in t&em fuffocate, fpecpallpepf 
tbep lucre of a col&e completion, buttbatistobe 
DnDceftanDe, tbep tbat ate in beltl), ate of - 
tenletblouD, tf o?mtbe lapfe frombeltb, anD in 
Dpuers Dtfeafes, toberin tbe blouDe 15 co?rupte&, 
0; tuftcce it ingeD?erijj impoftumes, 0? tefo;tetb to 
anp place, tobere it ougbt not to be, o;paffetbbp 
anp otbet cunDptc t^an nature batb ojbepneD, 0; 
tobere it is furious ojmflameD, 0? bp anp otbec 
meanes bjeDetb greuous Difeafes, in all tbefe ca* 
fes, it ougbt to be p?actifeD, pe fomatpme in ageo 
perrons, toomen toitb cbitoe,anD ponge infantes* 
tfojin ejet t erne necefft tie tt bete better erpetienee 
fome temebp, tban to Do notbpnge*lll otbet tl)in* 
ges concetnpnge tbis matter, partapn to tbe part 
euratiue,U)bicbetreatetbofbcalpngeof fpebnes, 
foberof J topilnotnotoefpeafcc, butrempttetfte 
sebers to t&e counfatte of Difcrete p^ifittons* 

Of femfyeng called hoxyng or cuffing. C*J>» 8* 

Caienuv T^Dj asmoke as it is not tomtenient, tobelet 
1 bloud oftentimes in tbe perebpeaufe mocb of 

Acd» u. tbetoptall fpirtte, palfetfc fo?tb bitft tlje bloubbe, 
tobt#e being ejebauft, tfte boDp toamb colDe 5 anD 
natural! operations b* com moje f eblej tbet* 


fojc bo counfaple(fap tb ffialen) tbat tf?c baft par* 
tes of tbe bobp 5 as tbe legges, be fcarif ieb, tobicb 
is t\)t mofte fute remebp, as toell in conferupnge 
beltbe, a0inrepap?pngetberof, bemge becapeb* 
jfojttcuretb tbe epen being annopebtoitblonge 
bpltillations, at p:of itetb alfo to tbe beab 5 and o* 
net parte of ttjc bobp againft funbjp difeafes- 3|tt 
tobat member tbe blouD 10 gatbereb, tbebobp be* 
tng f p?ft p ourgeo bp fcartficatiomtbe gref e mape 
be cti teo* Mto ^>;ibafws affirmed) tb e fame, anb odbafim 
alfo abbetb tberto, tbat it belpetb fqupnances, 0? in medki 
qupnces in tbe tb?ote,aub biffbluetb tbe conftipa^ JJcST 
tions 0? ftopptnges mabe of all places, if tbe pla- 
ces be fcartf teD : not foitbttanbing application of 
bores about tbe ftomafee, in bot f euers»tobere ce= 
ton is troubled, ar to be efcbetoeb>f 0? feare of fufc 
f oration* ftpfeetoifeputtotbebeaD bnbtfcretelp, 
it burtetft botb tbe bead anb tbe eies*Cbe late au- jum. 
tbo;0 do afficme, tbat fcarifieng 10 in tbe ftebe of 
f ettinge bloubbe, tobere f 0? age, bebilitte, 0? tpme 
of tbepere, 0? otberlpfee ronfpDerattom amannc 
map not fuftepn bloub iettpnge, anb it b?pngefye 
f o?tb tbe typn bioD>to&tcb i0 nejct to tbe (%pnne« 

Of hloui fuckers or letches, Op. <ft 

berets alfoanotber fourmeof euacuattoir 

A bp toojmes, founbe in toaters called bloubbe 
fuefeers,o;t leacbes 5 tobtrijebetng put bnto tbe bo* 
bpojmember, boo tyatoe out bloubbe. 3nb tbetr 
tyatopngeis mo?e conuenientfojfuliiefleof blob 
ty&tmt fcarif ienge 10, f 0? as moclje as t&ep f etcbe 



The thud! 

blouDemoje Depet, anb is mo?e of ttyt fubffaunce 
of biouoe. pet tin opinion of fointne men 10, tbat 
tbep Do D;aiuc no blouDDe but tyat, to^icbe is coj* 
e upte&anD not pjopojcionable bnto our boDp» 
3HnDtf?ecfo^ mguefea,to&idje happen betfoene 
tbeffcpnneanDtljefleftye of biouDbecojtupteD, 
tf)cfe aremojeconucment tbanfcaufiengc* JSut 
Cnbafius bef o?c tbat tbep be put tmf anp pact of tlje boDp 

ne Toms 1 mttft & e Pt «U Ott€ before, gttlttlge 

fcncbo!,* * IJHfeH blouDe in f refine flefQ)e* 3fino 

tban put tl)tm in a dene toater, fomfotyat umtme, 
ano iuttl) a fpounge lappe aloap tlje Qpme, tobicbe 
ts about tfjem, anD tban lap a ipttell biouo on tfte 
place gceueD, auD put tbcm tfeatt to it, anD lap on 
tfjepm a fpounge, tbartoban tfjepbe fuJIe, r(?ep 
map faile atoape, 0; if pe topil foonec l;a uc tijepm 
of, putteafto^febeare bpmccne tljcpi moutfjes, 
anD Replace, anDD;atoe tbepmafcwpe, ojputte 
to tbeir mouses fa!teo;:afQ)es,ojbpneget, anD 
foztyMd) t\)tp Q)Ml falle, anD tban toaftye tbc 
plaee teitb a fpounge : anD if tfjece Doo piffle mo- 
cftc blouDDe, Jape on tbe place cbe poulDee of a 
fpounge, anD pptefce bourncD, 0; lp^nen ciotlje 
boutneD, ojgalles bourneD, ojtfje mtbz eailpD 
But factions bjupfeD. 3kiD tiji0 fufi^fetlj conces* 

qiofhrnoio'des orp)H« 

HCmo?toiDes be bapnes ut t&e founDement, 
of tobome Do bappen funDjp paflinn** fome* 
tpmeftoellpna, foitljoutbleDpugeJometpme Uu 



pcrf Utotifi MouD bp tbe putflTanc e of nature, is bp 
tbemejrpellcD, anDtbaubetljepberp conuement* 
f 02 bp tbem a man flbail eftape manp great fpcfee* 
nefles, toljicbebeingenDjeD of coirupteD biouDe, 
02 of meiancoip- fecmbiablp, if t^cp bebaftplpe 
(lopped f tome tbecourfa tobtcbetbepbaue bene 
fcfeD to, tberbp Do increafe tbe faiD fpfenc(Tcs>lju 
ebe bp tbem toere nod leD, as Djopfics, cofmnptts 
ons, tnaDnes, f ranfies, anD Dtuers Dtfeafes of tbe 
beaD»anD otber fpeftnefTes, paienes of tbe bpfage, 
griefem tbe rames of tbebacfce, anD fines. 3InD 
if tbep fiotD to mocktbete infuetb fcblenes, Jean* 
nesoftbeboDp, alteration of colour, great pep- 
nestn tbelotoec partes of tbe boDpe, 3(nDpftbe 
fiujee be tmmoDeratctt tngenDjetbmpftbcuous; 
Difeafes* w&erfo2ettfoo!DebeDpligentelp tafeen 
beDe, tbat tbep runne in mefure,02 els to bfe fome 
tbinqts moDeratelp, tufjictje map reftrapn tbem* 
C Concerning* otber euacuattos> 31 Do purport 
Ipomptteto fo;pte of tbepmin tbis place, fojas 
mocbe as in this realme, tt batb bene accompteD 
not bonelUo Declare tyem m t&e b ulgar tongue, 
but onelpfecretelp* 

Of ctf s of tbe viynk. Grp. n. 

T©e lad of tbpnges cailtD not naturaiUs noe 
tbeleaft parte to beconfrDereD, tbetobpebe 
<s of affectes anD pafftons of t&e mpnDe, #02 pf 
fbep be immoDerarc, tbep Do not onelpannope tbe 
fcoDp, 9 0)02ten tbe Ipfe, but alfo tbep Do a ppaie?, 
*nD fomtp we iofe b tterip a mans dftmatton*^ 


t&atmocfte mo?eis, tbep bjingeaman fromt&e 
Dfcofreafon, anDfometpmeintbe Difplcafuce of 
alimgfttpgoD* toberfojetfcep Do not onlp require 
tl)c belpe of pi) ifpfce cojpojail, butalfo tbc comi; 
fell of a matt topfe anD tocil letneD in tnojall pW= 
lofop&pe* u>b*rcfo;e after tbat a ijaue recpteD. 
to^at tbep be, % topll b;tefelp Declare f udje cotm* 
faples,as 31 &aue gatfjeceD* 3PnD as concetnpnge 
remeDies of pbiftfce fainngea feto fpmpies,t»t>icv 
Do comfort tUc barte 9 rptritcs, t&e reaoueji topi 
cemptte to tbe cottnfaple of pbifitums, Ipfee as 31 
tjaue Done in euacuatton. Sffectesof tbempnbe, 
totyecbp tlje boDp is annopeD, anD Do tying in ftfc 
nes, betl>efe,p?eoj tojatiMjeupnes o?fo?oto, glad 

I&efeftenDlpD intbd;acte, ino?Dpnatclp tf?au* 
fpnge tJ;c fp tcites tbece, anD tljan is Cent fo;tbe 
in to tlje members, anD Doty fupetfluouflp beate 
tfeem, anD Diftucbetb reafon, tobere tbe boDpes be 
Ijotte afo?e. whm natural! beate is feeble, tbe 
fjeate map nat be DifperfeD Dnto tt^c extreme par; 
ccs, anD tban Dotbe tbe extreme members, tyatis 
to fap, to&iclje are farre frome tbe barte, temapnc 
tolDe,anDtremblpnge* £)f tins affection corned 
fometpme feuers,fometpme apoplexies, 0? pjiua* 
tion of rends, tremblpnge,palfeps,maDnes,fran 
Ties, Defojtmtie of t)ifage,anD tbat toatfe is, out; 
cagious ftoeatpnge, blafpftemp, Defpje of benge* 
gnce, loffe of ^ariti^amitie^reDencejalfo f o?get 


SOKE* tf* 

ftilnes of bmetytt pjecc&pnge, anb of obebpence. 
tmeticanD renerence* CberealfoDofucceDecon* 
region, chargeable fuite,bnqwetnesof mpnbe, 
laefceof appetite, laefceof flepe, feeble Digeftion, 
fco;ne, btfoapne, anD batrebe of otljer,foitb perpll 
oflofpngeof all gooD reputation* KEbefeineom* 
mobities of 3te, perfitelp baa in remembjaunce, 
sattbefpjft motion tbecofoneof tbem tbpugbt 
on, map bappen to b;pnge in bis feiotues, 9 tbec^ 
bp tbe flame map be quencbeD. fl>? let bpm tbat is 
angrp.euen at tbe fp?ft confpber one of tbefe tbiu* 
ges, tbat Ipfee as be is a man, Co is aifo tbe otber, 
tmtb tobombeis angrp, anD tberfo?eit isaslec 
full fo? tbe otber to beangrp,as bnto bptwanb if 
be fo be, tban (ball tbat an gee be to bpm Dtfplca- 
fant, and ftcre bpm moje to beangrpe- wberbp it 
apperetb , tbat Jtt is to bpm lotbfome* 3lf tbe 0- 
tber be pactent, tban let bpm abbojee tbat tbpnge 
intym felfe, tbelacfce thereof, in tbe otber con? 
eentetbbpm,anDafftoagetb bis malice* #o?eo= 
uer, let bpm before, tbat occafion of Jre Dotb bap 
pen, accuftome typmfelfeto bebolbe, anbmatfce 
toelltbem tbat be angrp, toitbttjefuccefleof tbat 
anger, p* ruminate it in biswpnDe, agoobfpace 
after, ainDintbattpme, let Ijpm remember, boh) 
Cbtffte, tbefonneofd5oD, anDd5ob, tobo(asbe 
Ijpm felfe fapb) mougbt baue bab of d5oD bis fa* 
tber, if be toolbebaue af fceb tbem, legions of an* 
gels to Ijaue Defenbeb bpm, pe toiti? lafletljan a 
fopnge, mougtytbaueflapne aHfjisaDuerfaties: 
pet \)t not foitljftanDmge cebukeD,fco;net), fair elp 



aecufeD, piucfceD tytyti $ tbpt&er, tttppebfamu 
Den foitb baiters, tobpppeD, fpptteon, buttetteD, 
crotoneDtottb 0)arpetbo?ne, laDeD toit^ a ^cupe 
piece of timber, Ins otone proper to;ment, bafpD, 
% Dnuen f o?tb Ipke a calf e to tbe (laugbter boufc, 
eftfbnes beaten anD ouertb?otoen, tetcbeD fo#fje 
foitb ropes, acmes and legges lapD on tbe croffe, 
anDtfjecbnto toitf? long pjon naples tb?ougbtbc 
banDes anD fete napleD,tottl) manp ftroto of ija- 
mecs, tottbtnanp p?icfcpnges, ojeucrtljenaples 
mougbt perce bpijis tmbtt $ mod; blelfeD flefOje, 
anDfpnetoes, quptetb^ougbe tbeijaroe tpmbec, 
fcp to t\)t beaDes of tbe naples, anD all tbis being 
Done f o? tbe offence of manttpnD, anD not l?is» pet 
toitb tbe men, tobicbe DpD it, bis moofte bn&pnDe 
countreptnen, Ijismoft bnnaturall fcpnncfmen. 
fobomfcefpjfl* maDeof notbpnge, pjeferneD bp 
tnpjacles, DelpueceD fcomperplles, anDcticeoof 
Dpfeafes, in ail bis bejcation anD trouble, befoas 
neuerfeneo; percepueDangrp* 3ff one fopHfape, 
tbat SEngetis natural!, kttetym aifoconfpDer, 
tbatinCbjiftis manboobe foereaiinatMcall po- 
wers. 3tf befopliTape, tbatjreis fofcen of con* 
tagcanD in Ctbifte it iacfceD no t, U?bome bot\) an- 
gels anDDeupls tcembleD anDfeatcD* Cbep^ 
mptlcs often reuoiucD,auD bo t ;«e m tl>e mpnDe, % 
topiitiotfap, (fcaUbctedp ertincteall motions of 
to?atb, lubtcbe is not polfsble, but tt Q)al!, tolian tt 
fcpnDfetblpgbtfP rep?effett 3 anD lettc tljat it fgail 
not grotoe into flame* 3lnDm fpeafcpng* Ijece of 
3 Oo ftot meane tijat, to WegcoD menne 

bane agafnft tacts: o?t»pfc anbbiTcrefe gotier^ 
notnff, atib maiftece, agapnft t\)t befautes oj ne* 
aiwenccsof time fubiecteso? fecuatmtes, breb 
iVrebufepngetljem, ojmobetatelp pnnpftypnge 
tbem- fonbattsnot pjoperlppje, butratberto 
be calh>D bifplcfure, ano is tbat foijecof gob fpc* 
fcetb, bvWwvW* Baupb, fapenge, isepotspiu 
angtp,anbDonotfpnne. 3KnDrt?at manetof ansg"** 
ser, Ijatb ben in bptiers bolp men, pjopbetes, anb Leuit ; x ;; 
other* aitiDitappeccb inCbtffte, foban^e b?aue, 
ocitetbepro, tofcpc&emabe tbeir marfcette, intye 
fcolp temple of gob, foberetljere ougbtetobeno- 
tbpnge but p?aper. 8nb in Ipfcetopfe toban &e re- 
bukes tbebppocritcs* Eutpfnoneof tbefetbptp 
ges map come fotyojtelp to bis remembjaunce, 
tbat is meuebfoitfj anger, attfjeleafte, letteljpro 
tijpnfceon tbeleflfon, tbat 3pollobo?ustbepbp* 
lofopber, taught to tlje emperonc 4Dctauian,tbat 
&efo;e be fpeafce o; bo anp tbpnge in anger, \)t bo 
recite in o?ber,all tfre letters of tbe &#,C,anb re- 
tnoue fomto&at out of t^e place, tbat fje is in, anb 
rette occafion to be otyerfopfe occupieb.C&is fl&al 
fo? tbts tpme tf)t remebpes of 3ce. ainb 
fce t&at topll fcnotoe moje of tijts matter, lette bim 
rebein mptoatfce, callpbtbedSouecnour, tol;ere 
3H t&erof bo fo#te mop abunbantlp* 


f Of dolour orhtu-jtiefc of mynie. 
Opirnlo. izi 

fere is notfjpnge mo?eennempetofpfe, ftS 
fo;otoe> callpb alfo ijcupnes, foj it qtyauiteft 

£>it bety 


bot&enaturall beateanDmopflute of ffjebcDpe, 
anD Dotbe ejrtenuate oj matte the boDp leane, Dul- 
led* the toptte, anD Darfteneth the fpirite s, letteth 
the bfeanDttiDgcment of reafon, anD opp?efletf) 

*.i7. tmmojpe ♦ StoD Salomon faptb, that fo?otoe D^t- 
tti) bp the bones ♦ 3toD alto, Ipfce as the motln in 
the garment, anD the tootirme in the ttee,fo Dothe 
heupneffe annope the harte of a manne.Mo in the 

Ecde^ bofcecallpD Ccclefiafticus, £>o?otoe hath kplUa 
*8. manp,anD m ttfelfe is founDe no commoDitie* 
3Hifobp benpneffeDetbisbatteneD, tthpDetbbet- 
tue ojftrengtbe, anD heupnedeof harte botoetb 
Do tone the necfte i Chts is fo puidant an ennempe 
to nature anD boDUphelth) tbattorefifte the ma- 
Ipce anDbtolencetherof, arerequireD remeDies, 
as toell of the holfomc counfaples founDe in holp 
fcripture 5 anD m tbebofces of mojail Doctrine, as 
alfoofcertapne herbes, fruites, anD fppces 5 ba* 
upnge the p?op?etie to cjrpelle melancolpfce bu* 
mours, anD to comfort anD feepelpuelptbe fpiri* 
tes t tohpchehauethetr proper habptationin the 
harteof man, anDmoDerate nounfljpnge of the 
naturall heate anD humour callpD raDicall,tohtch 
ts the bafe oj fouDation, toherbpon the ipf e of ma 
HanDeth,anD that fapiing, Ipf e falleth in ruine, d 
the boDp is DtffblueD* $otoe fpjfte 31 topil Declare 
fome remeDies a gepntt fo?otofulne(Te of barter 
cernpnge necelfarp counfaple* 

£>ometpme this affecte hapneth of 3fngratp* 
f ube,eptber tohere fo^ benefpte,o;t fpecial ioue em* 
plopDe,one xutvmtl) Damage, oj $ ahanboneo 

inty&mttttttit, ojisbecepueb of bpm, fobomebe 
trutteb, ojfpnbetbbpm, oftobom be batb great* 
expectation, fojgetfull ojneglpgent tit bis como* 
Ditte, ojpercepuetbtbeperfone, toljomeof ionge 
tpme be batb loueb, to be eftraungeb from &tm,o* 
tobaue one of later acquapntaunceinmo?eeftp= 
tnattott. Cbis affection npppetb tbebatte, peof 
moftetopfemen, fo?tbeploue mofte batttlp, not 
pjouofceD bp carnal affection, but ratber bp gooD 
opinion, ingeO;eD bp fimtlitube of boneft ftubpes 
and bettuous matters of longe tpmemutuallpe 
ejperienceD^nb it is not onlp bnto ma greuous, 
but alfobntogob moftbifpleafant anb odious, 
astttsabunbantlp Declares m fcupture, °wl)tt<= 
fo?etbeperfone, tobicbe Wetb bpm felfetoucbeD 
toitbtbisaffecfe, before tbae it gro toe into apaO* 
fion, anbtoajcetb afpcftnefle, lettebpmcalltore= 
membjance tbefc articles f olo totnge, o; at tbe led 
toaps fomcof tbem, fomterpcbe of tbepmmape 
cafe bpm, tbougb petcbatince tbep can nat f o jtije 
tottb perfitelp mtetym. 

C^onfpDer, tbat tbe corruption of mans nature c 
is not fo mocb DecIareD in anp tbtng* as tn ingra- «s*tf 
titube, bberbp a man is mabe toarfe, tbabpuecs &« ut » b <> 
bjute beaftes* Cbe Ipttell ant o? emote belper b bp 
bis foloto, tobombe feetb ouertb?otoen tottb bur^ 
&epn,o? bp otber occafiom 3KIfo toban olppbanres 
bo paffe ouer anp great foater, tbe gretteft $ mod Appianus 
puiffant of tbem beutbe tbem felfes, anb fettpnge 
tbe toeafeeft tn tbe mpddeli, part go before, trteng 
$e bepene0anb perpls, parte come after, fuccou^ 

£>.fti. rpngs 


ifngetljcfoeafteft o? leaft,ferft& t&erelonge notes, 
toljan t&ep return ta Danger* Cbcfame frcaftcs 
fcauebenfenenot onelpb?pngemenoutof Defer* 
te0, fofcici) baue loft t&eir toap0, but alfo reucnge 
t&eDifpIearures Donetot&epm, tbefobicije gaue 
tbem meate,a0 one tljatfletoebtm,tobtcb bade cd=* 
MiptteD aDuoutrte founts mapfters topfe. Cbe 
terrible 2Lpon0 anDJ£ant&er0, fcauebeu fecnein 
tbetrmaner, torenDcc tbantototbetr benefac- 
tours, peanD to obtecte tbcic ofone boDpes; auD 
lpue0 foj tbetc Defence* Cbe fame foe mape Daplp 
fceboIDe in our ottme Dogges* Cba in fobom tbou 
fpnDeft tlje Deteftablefopce of 3!ngcatituDe, cepu* 
tpngefjpm amonget&e toarft fo;te of creatures, 
tbmfce not tl;at tboii baft loft a f renDe, but tbmfce 
tljat tbou arte DelpuereD from a monfter of na- 
ture, tbat DeuoureD tbp loue, $ fyat tbou art noto 
at libertte, anD baft toon experience to cbefe tbe a 
better* &utiftf}t0mapnotfuffife, tban eftfones 
confpDer, tbattf t&oulokefoellontbpfelfe, per* 
cbance tboumapftfpnDe tbefaute, toberof tbou 
camplapneft, tot$tntbpuofcmeborome» Calieto 
tbp remembrance, tf tbou baft aifoap tenD?eD tm= 
toeuerp man ccnotgne tljan&e0 o? benefttte, of 
fobom tlj ou baft fcpitfmcs recepueD,o? if tbou baft 
altoap rcmcmb?eD 5 euerp one of tbepm, tbat bane 
Doonetotbeanp commoDttte o?pleafure* C&oti 
fltelte foellpercepue, tljat tobat tfcpngetboa re* 
cepuebftincbtiDeboDe, tl?ou fojgatteftojDtDDeft 
Iitel efteme,to^an tbou camtft to tbe ftate of a in& 
apnD^att^ou DpDDefte remember in pouti)e 3 in 


BOKC 00 

age fyott bpb&cft Ipttell tljpnfce on : ftp nottrpce* 
pappe^cr rocfcpngcs, Jjer toatct>pnge0 a tfjou tjaft 
notaltoap rememb?eD, 0? eciuallp recompcnfetu 
CIjpfc&oleniapftecgftuDp, i)ts labour, !)t0 Dilp- 
acce } m a lifce Degre 5 tIjou Ijaft not rcquitcD^fjat 
greter frcDe0t)afttljoul)a& 5 ofteljomtyou coul* 
Deft reccpueanp greater benefits tftanttjp nojk 
fljpnge ant> p?eferwnge of tftp lpfe,tn tl;p moft fe* 
blenes.o; rtjpnc eruotrto, toberbp tbp nature toas 
matte mo;e excellent Hememb;pnge leaue 
tobeangrpo? fo?otofull fojfocomon a fcpee, pet 
tf it ccfle not to greuetbe, coferretlje tngratttaDe 
tjjat Dot!) tiejee tije, tottl) tftat ingratitude, tolnclje 
toas fl)etoeDbpt!)e3ifracIrte0, tofjome goDcfcafe 
f 0; fit's tone people,beIpuereD from feruage 5 0)e- 
toed f 0? tfjem tooDers, p;eferueD tl;em fo?tp perea 
in Deferf, DeftropD foj tfjem fepnges,ga«e to t!;cm 
djerountrep, fofjtcljefiotoeD mplfceano Ijonp, aes 
f enDeD ftem agepnft all u ttoa'rfc e ijoftf litfofente 
t>ntotl)cm fuel; abundance of rpcl?e0 5 tljatfpluec 
teas m^terufaic, as ftoneB in tfyc ftrete, l;ad I)t0 
tabernacle, andafterfcrnrdefcismofte^olpe tem- 
ple amonge fteut, to&ic&e &e dpd daplp bpfit trntty 
fti0 Diutne maieftte, made tfreic fcpnge0 to reigne 
glo;toufe!p, andfpafce foitl) ttyit p?opijetes fa- 
mplparlpe, and co?tect*d tijep? errour0 mooffg 
smtillp :anD petfojall fti&tfeep tmb?acpngetf)e 
pnpnpms idolatrie, t&ep leftfo graciou0andlo- 
upng a lo?de 5 and fpupnge god 3 and to f)i0 greatte 
Dtfpite, gaue Dtume l)onour0, to calue0 of biaffe, 
and ot&er monftmous images andattfjelafte, 



put to mofteccuellDefte* fteonelpfonneof goD, 
tbat l^aa Done fo mod) f tbenn 

3CnD if toe ft ?f (ten men, Do lofte foeli on our Pel- 
ue0, reuolupnge fte incomparable benefite, toty* 
fte toe tjaue recepueD bp Ctijt&ts paflion, anD co~ 
fpDerfte ctrcumftanceof frsmofte excellent pa^ 
nence, anD molteferuent louetotoarDetos, toift 
our fojgetfulneffe, anDfteDaplpbjeafteofoure 
p?ompfe, fofjiftetoemaDe atourbaptpfme, cotv 
f crrmge our mutuall fcn&pnDne<s fterbnto, ftcte 
©all appere none ingratttuDe ftat ftyulDe offenbe 
fc0* f pnallp fo?aconclufton, beijolDetoell about 
fte,anD ftou ©ait all D**p fpnDe fte ftplDeene in- 
grate to fteirparente0, anD topues to t^etr^uf- 
banDes. 3nD toplte ft oti lofec ftat tf?p benefit* 
fcapne expectation, ft ulD mafee fte mo?c f re from 
tngratituDeof ftpfrenDe, te&ome tymnet &att> 
fentfte> ftan nature mapefte parcntegtotoacDe 
t&eir ftilDjemoj fte cotufictton of boDies bp lefull 
mariage, tafce bnfcpnDeneffefcom ftetopuesto* 
toarD ftett &ufbanDe0<Cf)i0 toice fterfo;e of 3In* 
gratituDe, being fo common a ftanccmafecft no 
foojlDlp fcenDftpp fo pjecious, ftatlpfe ofteltfre 
fterf o?e (ftulDe be fpent o? confumeD. 31 haue bene 
fte lengar in tins place, bpcaufe 3 Ijaue l?aDDe in 
ftie griefe fufftcienterpertence. 
*e«t*eof C3f Deafteof ftplDernebe caufe of ftp fteup- 
^ercn. neffe, call to ftp remembrance fome ftplDerne (of 
tobome ftereis nolpttell number) tobofe ipues 
eiftec fo; bncojrtgtble tnce0, o? info^unate ftan 
cea, ^aue ben mo;e greuous touto ft ep? patentee, 


thantfeebeatyof tln>cWD?cn, ougftfeto betmto 
the: conftDcungc tyai Dctl) is tl;e DiMjatgcr of al 
griefesanDmpfectes, anbtotljem tljatbpetoeU. 
t&e fpjCI entctc in to ipf e euetlaftpnge- 
C^b* loCTeof goofces o? autljo?itie Doo gteueLofr*of 
none but fooles. totuefcoonot matfee Diligently, 
ftat Ipfce as neptljet tlje one no? tfce ottyt Doty ak 
toap happen to t&emt&atatefooKbp, fotoefcauc 
inbaplp erpenence, t&att&ep falie from&pmfo- 
fcepnlp, fo&omincteafpngeo;fccppnge t&epmfes 

C^fotrtpmes tljetepulfe ftome promotion i8 u & etf 
caufe of Difcomfojte. but tfjan confpDet, toiler 
in tl)t opinion of gooD men, thou art DemeD foo?s 
t&p to &aue fuctj aouauncement, o; in t&pne ofone 
expectation and fantafp. 3If gooD men foiuDge 
tl)e, t&anfce t&ou goD of t&at felicitie, anD iaug&e 
att&e blpnDnefFeof $cm, tfcatfoo fame refufeD 
t&e. 3Jfitp;oceDeoftljpneotonefolpe 5 ab!?o?real 
arrogance,anD infojee ttjp fctfe to be aouanceD in 
mens e(iimatton,befo?e tfjou canft fpnDe tfjp feifc 
foojtyp in tijp p;opet opinion* 

otljet chances of fortune, efteme as noo= ctmt* 
t&pnge,$tljat longe before fyep Do fjappen. C&e offoftme, 
ofte ceco?Dpngeof mplene, p?epacetfjtljempnDe 
Co fele leffe atmerfttte* InD tl)e cotempt of fortune 
is fuce quietneffe anD mod perftte f dicitie. 
C^tyis nofoetyallfuffife concecninge remedies 
ofmojallp&ilofopljie. jBotoetopllJtojite fome= 
toJjattoucf;pngetlje counfaple ofpijifpcfce, as in 
relieupnge t&eboDpe, to^eeptlictbpftefapDe 

<C occafi- 


occaftoii0, o? bp tb« bumotite of tmlmcolpe in 
b?ougbt out of temper 

Clje fp?fte counfaplc i0, tfjatbutpnge t&e tpme 
of tbat paflfion, efcbetoe to be angtp, ftuDpoti0>o? 
folptarte, anD retopretbetantb meioDp,o? els be a! 
toap tn fuc&e company as beae map content tbe. 

aiuopDeall tbpngeg t^atbe nopousmfpgbtc. 
fmellpng, anD ^erpng,ano imtyace al tbtnge tbat 

jFleeoacKnes, moctye femtctye, auDbtifpnefleof 
mpnDe, ntocbecompamengbritbfoomen, tbebfe 
of tbtnges beep bote and D?ie : often purgations, 
tmbioDctate ererctfe, ttyrft, mocl)eabfttnence 5 typ 
topnDesanD coiDe. 

IIIbllepnefromDapip eattnge of mocboIDcbiefe 
ojolDe mutton, battle ebefe, bareflettbe, booses 
fleffte, benpfon, falifpaie>a>iefoojte0,beane0 ) anD 
peafon, berp courfe tyeabbe, gteatte fptyes of tbe 
fee, as tbcitlepo!e,po?ppfe, anD fturgeon, 9 otbet 
of Ipfte natt?re0, topnereDDeanDtbpcfce, meate* 
befogeberpfaiteo?foto?e, otbe, burneD,o?frieD, 
garlpfee, onpons, anD iefee0. 

mk meates, tobicbe ate temperate!? botte v anb 
tbereimtb fomctebatmopfte, bopieDtatbertbatf 
t ofteDJpgbt of D(geftton,anD tngenD?png blouDe 
clere anD fine. 3te mpifce bot from tbe bDDer, 0? at 
tbe lea netoe miifceD>tuen ebefe,ftoeete aimonDes, 
tbe peifees of rere egge0 5 UteI bptfies of § buflbes* 
cbpcfeens^ b^nne0* TGPpne fotnte o? clarette, clece 
0? ftagra tmte,fefoeete fauott£0, tn to m tec bot,fti 
Comma colbe, m t£e meane tpme temperate. 

B * f< 

qCon^ortttiues ofthe 

B£>utage$e Route 



Cbe bone of tije bacte 




4 Co«fort<ttKf i of the 
Htru colic. 


ClKt)nico?ncs bo?ne. 
iDioc appullea totycbe 


Ctje olppbantes tot^e* 



^Co»fort4tlKfi trMs 


^pjabolaties, caliper 


I£>peo? glatmeffe of batte botbe p?o!onge tbe 
ipfe, it fattctb tbe boop tbat 10 ieane toitb trou- 
bles, tymgmgetbe bumotire roan equal! tem- 
perance* an D D;atotnge natural! beate outtoarbe* 
25titif it be fobarneanD feruente, ttoftentpmeg 
fleets f 0; as mocfce as it D;atoety to fobepnlp ano 

Ctf eicceflrme- 


cmffiudp natural! fceate cmttD.atDe.3nD tfi etfo;e 
DpuerBmen anMuomen fjaue ben fene to falle in 
afounDe, fotiantijepijauefobepnlp bc!;oIDcti t&e 
perfones, to&om tftcp f etuentlp toueD. 
3b a tooman in ttome, berpnge fp$e> tljat fjet: 
Tixiiuus. fonnetoaBflapne inbattaple. 3(iftcttD^an^ecam 
tojjer, $e fringe !)pm a ipue, imbjacpngeecfteos 
tfjer, fl)e DpeD in \)ts ntmes. C big toell courier* 
agepnftfucfje tno?Dinate giaDnes, tlje belle p;e* 
fcruattuc i0 to remember, tfjat tJje extreme partes 
of munDapneiope i0fo?otocanD!)eupnefire: Mm 
tljat nottymge of tl)t0 ft>ojID,map fo mocljc rctopce 
fcgrbutoccafion mape caufeit tobcDifpleafattf 
tmto D0» 

<• < V if '^L'* ' .'.'*'L^f*> *i> ' • , ■{ ■>>, f - v<)MhMWct' 

^[Tfce Jomynion oj /hk <fr} complexion*. C*f . /$ + 

IiCfemetb tome not inconuenient, tbat J boo 
Declare a0 taell ti;e counfaples of ancient anD 
app?oueDaut!;o?0, aBalfo mpne otone opinion 
gatf?ereD bp Diligent marking in Daplp ewericee, 
concernpnge as tocll tl)c necelfarp Dtete of eucrpe 
completfomage, anD Declination of bcltb, as alfo 
tbe meane to refpfte Difcraftes of tbe boDp, before 
fpefcenesbetiKrm conftrmeD, leaupnge tijerefc 
Due bnto tyt fubftaciall lernpng anD eiccutnfpect 
practice of gooD partition©, totyebe (hall tl)c mo;e 
eaftip cure tbe pacienteB, if tljeir pacienteB Do not 
DifDapneto beareatoap anD foiotoe mpcotmfelL 
3toD fp;ft it ougfjt to be confpDjeD, tljat none of 
tfoefourecomplejcionB, Jjauefoolpfuclje Domini 
on in one man o? foomans boDp, t&at no parte of 


SOKE *7 

anp ot^er completion ts tljicrtDitO mpjct, f o; toi^a 
foeeailamanfangutae, coienUe, fleumatifce, oj 
melmolpc, toe Do not meane, tW l)c lm\) blouD 
onfp tpitfiotit anp of tbeoftet burnouts, colec 
trntfjout blcuDe, o; fleume uufyout blouoe o; me- 
iancolp, o;me(aucolpUntt)outbloD02coIer, 3nt» 
tfterfoje tbc man, tothctyeis fangupne, tbemo;e 
tbat \)t D;atuetb into age. tufjetbp natutall mop? 
flute Decapetb, tl)cmo;cis tyccolmke, bpteafon 
t^atfjeate, furmountpngemopfture, neDesmufl; 
temapne fjeate anD D;itlje. femblablp tlje colerpfce 
man, rt;e moje tbat be toajcetl) into aege, tlje mo?e 
nat«rallf}eateml)pmtsabatcD, anD D;ptftcf«c- 
mountpngenatutall mopfture, become^ nie-- 
fancoipfce; but fome fangupne manb&ty mttye 
pjopojcion of temperatures, agteatter mpjctute 
tattb coler, t&an an otljcr ^acf?. JUfcetoife t$e cole* 
ufeeo;fleumatt&e manfoitb burnout of fan* 
gumeo;melancolp. ainDtberfo;e latep?actifers 
of pbififte are toont to call mem acco^Dptige to t!|C 
wyxtute of tfjcir completions, fo&tcfje man recep- 
uetl) tn bis generation, die Rumours, fobecof tbe 
fame completions Do confpft, betngeaugmenteo 
fuperfluouflp in tbe boDp o; members bpanp of 
tbe fapD tinges calliD not natutaUuerp of ttjem 
Do femblablp augment tbe completion, tobtcbc is 
proper bnto bpm, anD b?pngetb bnequall temper 
rature fcnto tbeboDpe* 3tnD fojtbefe caufes, tbe 
fangumeo? fleumatifee mano?toomam felpnge 
anp Difcrafp bp cooler bapneD to tbem bp tbe fapD 
%ngescaHeD not $atutalle, tbepfyall bfetbe 

Cm mtt 


fytttbitcttbtb fjereaf tec to bpm, tobpeftc isna* 
tucallp coierpfee. £>embiablp tbe colecpfce o; mc= 
lancolpfce man o; tooman, baupnge anp Difctafpe 
bp ffeume, to bfe tbe Diete of bpm, fof;icb is nam* 
tailpfleumatifce, alfoapremembjpnge, tbatfans 
gupne anDfleumaticfce men baue moje refpecte 
tmto bjitbe, coletpfce anb melancolpfee bnto mou 
flute, anotbataltoapas tbeacctbetallcompleicid 
Decapetb, to refo;t bp Ipttdf anb Iptel to tbe otete, 
pertapninge to bis natural! completion* 

^The tymes 4ppropnWto entry tumuli 
humour, Cap.i+. 

Bmt fyflttitmuQe beconfpbcreD, t&af tobere 
tbe foure burnouts, be altoap in manne, anb 
fnfommeman commonly one bumoute tsmo?e 
abounbant tbanannotber naturally tbatis to 
fape, from bis generation, Cbefapbe burnouts 
bauealfo peculpartpmes aflpgnebtoeuerpoone 
oftbepm, toberin ecbeof tbemism bis mod po* 

foer anb fojee, as after eufuetb, after tl;e Difcrip* 
Soranus ttou of ^o?amts. 

Ephefiu,, C^umebatbrnoaepufflfancetntopnter, from 
tbe. but* IbUs of jaouember,bnto tbe.btiujlDus 
of f eb?uarpe, toberebp are mgtntyea Catacres 
o; reumes, tbe tmula, tbe eougb> anb tbe ftptc&e* 
Cbts bumour is part in tbe beab. part in tbe fto* 
mafce. 3ftbatbbotmnpon from tbe tbp;beboute 
of npgbte, bmpll tbe npntbe boure of tbe fame 

C^^ubDe mcreafettMn &pjpngefpmc, frome 


B O K 1 70 

tfte« Mi 3IDUS of tfeb;uatp 3 bnto t&e. Uui. 3[Dii0 
of #ap, toberof are tngenDjeD,f euers, auD ftoete 
bumouzBMvft* &o fyojtelp puttifpe.t^^ pofoe* 
of tf?i0 bumour is about tbe bart,a«D batb Domi- 
nion from tbe jjc. boure of itigfctoWU $e t^iroc 
botireof tbcmojnpnge. 

ClRcDDe cljoiecbarf) potorrmfommet fromtbe 
Mil* 3|Dus of 3!£ap, tmcpli tbe.biii. 3iDus of 3Bu* 
guft, tD^ercbp are mgc»D;eD botte and (fiatpe f 
tiers, tbis tyimoure is fpectallp in tbe Ipuer, anD 
fratb Dominion from t Ijc tbicDc boure of Dap, fcfc 
tpll tbc.tfJjo ure of tbe fame Dap* 
CYelotoecboler, tobetoftstngcnD?eD tbefleme 
of tbe ftomafce, isnotirpfyeDmlutumme, fobp- 
cbe begpnnetb tbe.tmt/|Dus of 3! uguft, and D it* 
tcrtintotftcbiiujDusof j^ouember, anDma= 
feetbftafepnge feuersanDfoarpe, tbebiacfte co- 
la tban wcreafetb, anD tban f olotoetb tbpcfcncfle 
of tbe blouDe in tbebapnes* ©lacfeecolero^ me- 
lancolpmofteraignetbin tbefplene, anD it raig* 
nety from tbe npmbeboto^eof Dape, fcntplie tbe 

%?e c ulytr rmetyes tgmft the iiftemfc* 
uncc ofeuerye humour, 

If tfje Diftemperance be of blouDe, tylpt it foitb 
ttynqts coIDe, (barpe, and D?pe: foj biouDDeiB? ^"* 
mopae, ftotte, anDftoete. if it be of reDDecoIer, 1 ^" 1 
gpuetbpnges coID,mopft,anD ffoete, foj reDDe co= 
k r te better anD fp?p. ff it be of blac&e coler gtuc 
I&pnsc0 ijotte mopa anD ftoete 3 fo? blac&e coier ft 



ffmtpe an& colDe. J( tbe Difeaft be of fait flettme, 
gpue tinges ftoete bot atiD b?pe,tbus faptb ^>o* 
tanus* Bot feritbftanbpnge tuyere tljece ts abun* 
Dance of coloefletmtenotmpjcte tomb colet, tbece 
tbfoges berp Cbatpe an?) bote be moofte cotxumU 
cnt, as tartebptiegettmtb bote totes anb febes, 
o? tonnes ft conge and teugb, bonp betnge foDDen 
In tbe one anb tbe o tbe t, o; fobece cbolet is mpjete 
fcntb flettme, fp?ope acetofe mabe toitb bpnegec 
anb fugar bopleb, fometpme tmtb betbes, r ootcs, 
o; febes , tobtcb map DtCTolue fieume anb bigeft it* 

^Diete of them, xvh'iche iu of fanguync 
complexion. C*p. if. 

F^afmoc^eastn fangupnemen bloubmofte 
ratgnerb,fobtcbe is foone co?tupteb, it fbalbc 
tieceflatp f o? tbem, tobicbe are of tbat complex to, 
tobecircumfpectemeatpnge meate tbatftjojtelp 
tupllerecepue putrtfactton, astbemo;e parte of 
f ruite0,fpecta!lp not being perfttlp ripe, aifo mea 
f es tbat be of pi topee, as f lefl&e of beaftes to olbe, 
ojfoponge, bbberg of beaftes, tyapnesejeceptof 
capons anb ctypftens, matotoe of tbe bacKe bone, 
mocbebfeofonpons, lefces, garlpfce, mocljebfc 
of olbe fpgges, moclje bfe of tafoe fjetbes,anb al* 
tbpnge, fobertnte ejeceffeof bete, colbe, ojmop* 
fture, meates tyat be ftale, fpffies of tlje fenned o? 
mubope toaters, anb to moclje flepe, asejepetp* 
ence Ojetoefy. 


qVycttofckoleTikcprfons. Op.itf* 

T0 tfjem, foljtcbe be djolerifte, bemge in tfrefc 
natntall temperature s anD ijamnge not from 
tljdcpoutl) tifeD tl)c contrary, groffemeates mo= 
Deratelptafecn 3 be moje couenicnt, tbantbemea^ 
res ftjatbe fpne, anD better ftall tbep Dpgeftea 
piece of gooD btefc,tf?an a cbpfcens leggc. Cfjoler 
of l)ts p?opertie ratber btirnpnge rf?att toclt Dige^ 
ftpnge meates offpgbt fubftaunce* not tottbftan* 
Dpnge fome gentplmcn,tofncbe benpeelp b;ougbt 
bp in tbep; infancp , map not fo toelt fultcpne t!;at 
Diete as poo?e men, betnge tlje mo?e parte ttfeD to 
groffemeates* toberfo;etbep?Dietemufte be ma 
temperance, aspongebiefe, otoebeale, mutton, 
anb benpfon potoD;eD, ponge geefe, anD fucbe 
Ipfce, conferupngetbeir completion tottbmeates 
Iphe tberebnto m qtialitie anD Degree, acco?Dinge 
to tbe counfatle of Hipocrates* 3flnD as be percept 
tietb cboler to abouDe,fo to interlace meatcs,tol)t= 
c be be co!D in a moDerate qwantite, <* to alap tbetc 
topnemojeojlaflfe toitbtoater, efcljefopnge Ijotte 
fptces, botre tomes, anD erccflttic labour, toljerbp 
tljeboDpemape bemoc^e cbaufeD. Hlfobe mape 
eateoftener intbeDap, tbananpotber: fo;efene, 
tljattljerebe fucbe Diftance bcttoenebts meales, 
00 tbe meate before eaten be f ullp DpgefreD* fobp* 
cfcein fome perfon ismo?e, in fome lafife, acco;= 
Dtngc to tbe beate anD ftrengtf) of bts 
tpnge altoape, tbat fye coleufce perfone Di'geRetlj 
mo;e meate tl;an fjts appetite Deftrety, tfjewciau* 

511 coipfce 


folpfceperfon Defp;ct!) bp falfe appetite mo;etb# 
bis ftomaclte map Digeft* 2InD to a cbolerpke pet; 
fon, it 10 rtgbt Dangerous, to bfe longe abftinece; 
to? cooler, fpnopnge notbpnge tn tbe ftomacke to 
concocte, it fatetb tban, as tobere a Iptell potage 
0} mplfce, beinge tn a beffell ouet a gteat ftre,it is 
bumeo to tbe belTell, and bnfauerp fumes $ ba= 
pours Do iffue out tber of, ^lifectuife tn a cboletifce 
ftomafce, bpabftmence, tbefetnconuemencesbo 
bappen>bumours aDtift, confumpnge of natural 
mopfture, fumoftttes anD ftpufcpnge bapours, 
afcenDpnge bp to tbe beaD, toberof is ingenDjeD, 
Dufhpnge of tbe epes, bcaD acbes, botte anD tbpit 
reumes, after euerp Unci furfete,anD manp otfjec 
inconuentences. wtyuf o?e befpDe tbc oppnton of 
bed lecncD men, mpne oton pepnf ul experience al-- 
fomouetbrne, toertojtetbem, tubicbe be of tbis 
completion, to efebetoe mocbe abftpnmce* 8nD 
altbougbe tbep be OuDpous, anD bfe Ipttell ejter* 
rife, pet in tbe mojnpnge, to eate foine tobat in lit* 
tell quantitte, anD not toftuDp imnteDiatlp, but 
fpjft to fptte a fobple, anD after to ftanD o? toalfee 
foftelp, tobwbe bfpngc tbefe tfoo peres, 3 and al- 
fo otber, tbat baue longe fcnotoen me, baue per* 
cepueD in mpboDp a greate alteration, tbatts to 
Tap, from pile aftate to better* 3H\ toap remember* 
tbat if anp otber bumour Do abounD tn tbe c&ole* 
rpUe perton, as f leume, o? melancolp^ban bnttll 
tbat Rumour be ejtpelleb, t^e Diete mutte be cojte^ 
ttiue of tbat bumour, anD tberf o;e mo?e bote anD 
fine, tban tbenaturall Diete before tebetfeD : but 

SOKE* 7t 

vttt\)tu toolDcbealtoaperefpecfe&aD tottynn* 
ttirall completion, fometpme fufferpngetbepec^ 
fo« to eate o? D?pnfte tbat,\»ijicb «atuw footing. 

q Dytte of ji eumtfikc fafonei. dp. 17. 

IC is to be remembjeD, tbat pure f leume is p?o* 
perlp colD anD moptte, anD faefcetb taft. fealte 
fieume is mptfetoitbcboler, anD t&erfo;e batbe 
not in t)pm fo mocbe colDe no? fjumtDttte, as puce 
neuuiebatb: * tberfoje tt requpjetb a temperance 
fntfjmges bot$D;p, toberbpfleume isDpgefteD 
0; eppulfeD* Co fleumattfee perfons al meates ac 
nopfull,tobicb are berp coiD,bifcous oj flpmp,fat 
0? (one pumfieD, eating mocb anD often, fpeetak 
!p meates tngenDjinge fleume, tobtcbe be remem= 
bjeD in tbe table pjececpnge* 311 tbpnges be gooD 
tobicbearebotteanDD?pe 5 alfo meates anDDjpn- 
feestoljpcbebcfoto;e: onponsalfo, anDgarlpfee, 
mooeratelpe bfeD, be beep commenDable, m pure 
fleume not mptfe toitb cbolec, mocbe fcfpngeof 
fait, fpcciallp D?teD* pepper groffe beaten anD ea= 
ten totti) meate, ougbt to be toitb all f leumatpcfce 
perfons famplpar, alfogpugeris rpgb^ cons- 
ilient, but not to be fo fccquentlp bfeD as pepper, 
fo; as mocbe as tbe nature of pepper is, tbat be- 
mere eaten, it paffetb tbjougb tbe boDpe, beatpng 
anDcomfojtinge tbeftomafce, notentrpnge into 
tbebapnes, ojannopengetljelpucr, tobtcbe ber- 
tut is not in gpnger. d&puger conDpte,tbe tobtcbe 
toe Do callfitene gpnger, fpeciallp canDpD toitb 

mil £>ugac 


<&ugat,ifitmapbegoten, anD alto <Bj}p;otala* 
nes, calleD ttebulticonmte m imua, be mod ejtcel 
lentetenieDpes agapnft fleume* alfotlje !;erbes, 
to&if b ate rememb?eo afo?e in tbe table of Digeftt* 
lies of Heme, anD t!?e rootes of petfelp, fcuell 3 p;e; 
os, Clpcampane, anDcatettes bebetp comment 
Dable* Cjtercifetfoife in tlje Dap, tbettomafce bc= 
mge almoft emptp, fo tbat ftoeate begpnne to ap* 
pereas betp ejcpeOieut, clenfinge of tbe boDp from 
al filtbpnette, toitb rubbpnge anD toppmge,often* 
tpmes tottb toa(lnnge 3 fpccial!p tbe beaD anD pat; 
tis tbetabouMtioDecate ftoeatpnge in bot bathes 
o; (tuf es be to tbts completion neceffatp, fpcctal- 
Iptoban tbepbaue eaten o; Djunfcen ejcceflpuelp. 
Clje beaD anD fete to be kept from coID* 9 to Otoe! 
bpgb anD far from mo?es anD matfljes, is a tuU 
tigbt neceffatp.alfo to abftepne from eatmge bet* 
bes anD totes not boplcD, anD generallp from all 
meates, tot) tctje topll not be eafplp DpgefteD, 

i| Tbf dwifion of meUncoly, *nd the fate of feu 
fons melancolike. Grp. 18. 

MCIaneoIpe is of tfoo fo;tes, tbe one is caHeD 
natural!, fobicbe is onelpe coIDe anD D?pe, 
tbe otber is eallpD aoufte 0? butneD* Batural! 
melancolpeis (as <25aknefaptbe)tbetefpDenceoj 
tyegges of tbe blouD : anD tfjerfo?e is colDer anD 
tbpefeer tbantbeblouDe, apelancolpaDuftetsut 
foure fepnDcs, eptftetttisof natural! melancolp 
aDufte, ojof tbemo2e pure parte of tbe blouDDe 
aDufte, 0; of cfjoier abuft, oj of fait fleume aoulK 

10KE 7§ 

Sue of 61! oiljcttyat melancolp is frarft, tofjirb* 
is ingentyeo of tljoler : fpnallp all aDulte melart- 
colpannopetl) tfcetoptte anDiuDgcmcntof mam 
fo; fof;an tljat turnout is tjotte, it maketf) menne 
maooe, anD toban it is ejctincte, it mattetf; menne 
foole&f ojgetf ull, anD Dttlle* Cbe natutal melan- ex Mate* 
rolp-bepte tn bis temperance, p?ofptetb mocbe to Mo saw 
true tugement of tbe topt, but pet if it be to tbiefce, «u«ai* 
itDatfcmetb tftefpirites, mafeetb one timorous, 
anD tbe toptte Dulle* 3If it be uipjcte toitb f Ieume 3 it 
mo;tifietb tbe btouDe toitb to motive colD* Sober; 
fo;e it map not be fo littell,tbat tbe blouD anD fpt* 
rites in tbnt feruentne0, be as it tucce Dnb?iDIpD, 
to^erof do happen tin (lablen ctfc of toitte anD flip= 
pet rcmemb;aunee : no? pet fo mocbe, tl;at bp tbe 
toeigbt tberof (foj it is bcup, appjocbpngenpgbe 
totbeert&ejtbattoe feme to be altoapein fleape, 
anDneDeafpurreto p?pcbetosfo?toatDe* Tcpbcc* 
fo;e it ib tpgfyt cjcpeDicntc, to fcepe tbat Rumours 
as tl)pn as nature topllfuffent, anD not to ,4fttie 
to mocbe of tt. 2&ut no toe to tfje Diete pertapiipng 
totbem, tobomtbts bumo?anopetb« Cbeftnoto* 
IcDge, tbat melancolp reignetb, is oftentimes be- 
upnelfeofmpnDe, o?feare toitbout caufe, flepp* 
ncfle in tbe members, manp eramprs toitbout re* 
plecionojemtpnelfe, foDapnfurp, fo&apnmcon* 
timncit of tbe tongue, inocbefoltcituoeof fpgbt 
tbrnges, toitb palenefie of tbe fcpfage, anD feare- 
full D;eames of terrible topfpons, Djeampnge of 
Darfeenes, Depe ppttes, o? Deatbe of ftenDes oj ac- 
ijuepntance, anD of all tbinge tbat is Wacfee* Cbe 

$1111 meatff 


ineateg cmutiximt ace tbc pMittlic be temperate 
to I;eatc, but fpeciallp tfjcp tbatbemopft: meates 
fone DigetteD, anD tbcp eartjer bopleD tban tofteo. 
temperately mpjete feutb fptces, mpifce liotte from 
tije bDDer, o; fate mplfceD, is toetp conuement fo? 
tljat complejcion, ftoete almonDcg blauucbeD,anD 
almonDcmplfce, tbepelfcegof ceteegges, auDfp* 
oaUpalltfypngea, tobfcfjemgenDer puteblouDe, 
anD ail tbat is tojtten in tljecfynpitctot age. mi 
fbefebepil fojtbem, fopnetbpefee oj ttoubloufe, 
fpc ctalfp reDDe topne, meates tjacDe,D?p,fcerp fair, 
o? fotojc, boutncD meate,ftieD meare, mocbe bief, 
bates f lefljcbeanes, tofcet, coletoo?te0, tnuftarD, 
caDpfoc, garlpfce, ejeceptetbete be mocbe topnDe 
intbebobp, fojrtjaimttfcerpljolfome, onpoim, 
Icte, fpnallp all tbpnges, tobp cbc beatetb to mo* 
cfte,belet!> to mocMjtyietb t0 mocbe, alfo tojacb. 
feace^ompalfionjfojofcMnoc&e ftuDp o? cat^nuM 
cbe pDelnelfe oj refte : all tbpnge tbat is gteuoufe 
to Tee, to fme!I,o? to &ere, but mod fpectallp bavlu 
nefle* ^o^eotier mocbe tytengeof tbeboDp, ep* 
tber foitl? fonge toatcbe, ojtottb mocbe care anD 
toffpttge of tfje mpnDe, o? Untb mocbe lecberpe, o; 
mocbe eatpnge anD D;pnftpnge of typnges tbat 
bebotte anD D?pe, oj tottb tmmoDecate euacua* 
tt on, (about, abfttnence, tbptft. going in tbeatre 
fcnt empetatelp botte. coiDc, oj D?ie, all tbefe tbffc 
gesDo anope tbemtljat begteueD tottb anpme- 
Eaucoipe* %t is to beDiligentelp confpDeceD, tljat 
fei^m melancolpe fcappenet!) of cbolet aoufte, 
ftmmeatec, tofjpc&ebe fcottcm toatfcpnge* 


BiOKI 74 

tooibe be topfelpe tempered, and d;pnfcpnge of 
botte topnes tooloe be efcbetoed: fcmblablc cats- 
tele tooioc be in fauoures, $ot tottbftanDpnge 
moberate bfc of (mail topues, clete, anD bell bee* 
dured, tsberetn berp commendable, tyc burnout 
tberbp bemge clarified, anbtbe fptttteg elenfed, 
but tbeabufeoj ejeceffetberof dotbas mocbeda* 
mage* 3iliooitf0 tpgbtc expedient, toputte into 
topne o? ale, a gaooe of fpluee o; golde, glotofnge 
botte oute of tbe fp;e, to temper botte meate0 
mi) rofe0, 5UpoIettes, ^aunDecs, iftofetoatec, 
bourage, Bugloffe, bauImecailpD inlatpneMe* 
bff 4 > o;tbetoatceof alltfee d?unfcen tottbgood 
topne, tobpte, o; clarette. o; mabe in a 3]ulep 
foitb Tugat, is toondecfulibolfome, cbetopngeof 
lpfco?tfe,o?raifon0of co;aunceisrpgbt ejcpeOp* 
entc: but moofte of all otbet tbpnges, mpjtbe, 
goob eompanpe. gladneOe, moderate ejeerepfe, 
toirb moderate feedpnge* Hind tbus 3i ieaue to 
fpeafteof Dpetes aptelp bdongpngeto tbefouce 


t»$atit is. 
C0e C4ufe 

Galen dc 



CVOkit ciui'itiels, tniremelies there- 
fore. Cifituk.i. 


of ttoo Dtrccafpes of tt)ebobp,tojji* 
cfje boo happen bp tlje epcelTc 03 
lacfceof tljpngescallpD notnatu- 
ralUtD^erof J i>auc fpofcen befo?e. 
C&e one is eallpb ccuriticj otfjec 
laflittibc M)VC\n nityought ttjep be too?Des made 
of latpne, Ijaupnge none apteenglpfl)e foo;be 
therefore, pet bp tfire befpnpttons anb moje am- 
ple Declaration of tfyem, t&ep Qjall be bnberftauDe 
(uffpcpentelp, anDfrom tjenfefo?t&e bfeo fo? m- 
glpfflje. But fpjfteit ©all be neccflfacpe, to con* 
fpbec, tf;at concoction is an alteration in tfyc (to- 
macUe of meatcs anb Djpnfees, accojbpnge to 
ttyett qualities, fotyctbptljcpare maDelpftcrotlje 
fubftanceof tljebobp. Crubitieis a bpctous con- 
coction of tJ?pnges teccpucD, tljepnotbctngetyol* 
Ipojpcrfttrtp alteceb* Cljecatifettjetofis, fome= 
tpme tfje biftemperature of tfje ftomafce 5 fomtpme 
inflammations, fomtpme matter congeleb, oj m 
poftumesin tfccftomaUc, otljettoljtle ingurgim- 
tion of meate anb bjpnfce : o? fo? tlje bpeious ciua- 
litieof t\)t fame meates oj tytnfees, ojtfee cecep* 
wpngetljerof out of ojber, o?lacfceof emcife>oj 
of conuement enacuatiom <35alcne fapfy, t^at m 
tmMp o; bicious concoction it muft be confityeb, 


B O K S« 7? 

as foell if fit tupce be btterlp cojrupfeD, anD map 
notbe fufftcientlp concocte, as alfotf ttbe in tbe 
toap of concoction,fo? if it be cojrupteD 5 tt mutt be 
t jcikHcd bp ftoeate o? fcrpne, if it be balfe concocte, 
t&an muftfucbe tbpnges be minpftreDas mape 
bdpe topjofite concoctton, baupnge tegaroe to 
tbe qualitp ano tempetaunce of tbe tupce, tbat is 
to Cape, toljetber it be tbpcfceoj tbpnne, fleuma^ 
tpfceo? ebolerifcc: tobpcbe (ball be percepueDbp 
tbe Diet p;eceopng, aao alfo bp otber tbinges na* 
meo not Batucal, fo; fleumatthe mcates eaten in 
great quantity oj often ,mafcetb f leumatike mice. 
XlpfeetopfeDotbe lacfee of conuenpentejcercife, to 
mocbetefto^pbeinefte: ascbolerpttemeates ano 
bebemet labours Do mafeecolertfce iupce in fomec 
auD melancohfce mice in lutume>fpcaalip toberc 
labours be contpnuall o; longeoucpnge. lifoo 
fobece labour is toitb mocb ftoeate, tbere is tbe b-J 
rpne moje gtoflertobere it is tottbout fiueat, tbere 
is it tbptuiec. 3$ o;eouer tbe colour anD fubttauce 
of tbe brtne,Dedaretb tbe temperance of tbe mice, 
bbtcbe (ball bebereafter DeclareD in tbe table of 
brpnes. feemblablp tbe colour of tbe boDp Deela- 
net) tbe iupce tbat is in it, f o; beiuge tobitet tbati 
tt toas toonttobe, itfpgnifietb abounbaunce of 
fleume : bemge mo# pale o? peloto, it betoftenetb 
ercefleof coler: if it be blacker, ittygntftetb me^ 
!ancolpe,iftbepll iupce be mocb m quantity anD 
tbe blouDDe lpttell> tbepll iu^te fooIDe beDige- 
tteD anD ejcpelleD toitb fucbe t^pnges as Doo ferue 
fp; tbat temperature : but if tbe blouDe be mocbe, 

% anD 

anb tfjepll tupce Iptell in quantitp, t\)ttt foolb tfjc 
bapne be openeb, anb after fufftcient blebpnge, ar 
conuenpent purgation gpuen, baupngeregarbe 
aftoel oft^c quantitte of tbe iupce,as of tije fcitiDe 
t&erof,in cafe tbat either f ojt a$c o? f oj timojoufe* 
nelfa a man topll not be lette biouoe, tban mufte 
&e be pucgeb bp ficge in moje abunbance : But if 
ijein tobomeis Ipttell gooD bloube, anb mocbe 
pll tupce, anb f eeletb a laflfitube o; toecpneffe in all 
bis bobp, t)t 0)ulbe nettfjet be lette bloubcno? re* 
cepue purgation, no; pet labour o? tualfee mocfje; 
but abpbe in mod) qupete, Ft aflfap to deape moc^e 
anb recepue fucb meates b;pnfces anb mebicines, 
tobicbeootb attenuate o; make tftpnne, mttemt> 
bigeftgroffe feumours iDitljout b element beate, 
toberof itts tuiitenm tbe table of Dtgellpuestm 
tbe number of toljome is 0jrimell 9 being toe! mabe, 
o? Acetofrs /jmplr x.tofjere tl)t iupct is mocbe cbole* 
tike o; melancolihe,S>emblablp capers toitf; ople 
anb bpnegecbe pjapfpbof <Ealene» wban tbere 
apperttb in tbe brpne a refibence light anb tobite, 
tban topnc fofjtte o? clarette moberatelp tafcen fteU 
petb to concoction, mafcetbgoob iupce, an&pjo* 
uobetb brpne : tban increafe ftf cartons anb wt* 
cife bp (ite! $ litel^aub tban let btm retourn to tyz 
natural! bpete. 3In tobome is abunbaunce of rato 
iupce, anbouttoacblpfeelefyalaflttube, to tfiem 
knTa/ d&aleuc counfapletl), tbe feconbeo? tfcirbe bape, 
. «. to giue ^eatbe,toberin 3^ope is bopleb,anb af- 
tectoarb to bomf rcCbe meane to efcape avfoitiz, 
istobebjligenteia obfcruation, of t&ecouwels 


beftye biptttn, concernpngc tfy t&rnge* tall** 
not natural!, not moclje bfpnge incatcs tijatbe 
Derp Ijaroe to concocte, alfo fattc meate anD mea^ 
w longe feept, alfo co;rupteD o? ftpnkpnge,ftoete 
frmtcs, anD banfeettpnge DpO>es, Ijaftp f eDpnge 
twtljoutgooDcljetopnge, alfomoclje ojberpofte 
D;pnfcpngeat mcales, ucrpmoc&cl)eate,o?bcrp 
tnocbe colDe after meate* 
<Tjfurtfcermo?e it mttft be eonfpDereD, tljat all 
eljpnge0 tobic&eb?pngetl) griefc to tfje boDpas in* 
$enD;eD eptber of to mocjje abunDance of t upeco? 
cft&ebpcious qualttprtjerof. (Sctljatts fpefeeof 
abunDance,tlje Dpete of l>pm bolp co nfift e$»in re- 
Ducingetfceiupcetoa conuenpentquantptie, i^e 
tljatts gceueb toitl) tije Uaoute qualptieof tye 
iupce0, fits o#er reftetb in mafcpnge t&e tupces e^ 
quail in temperature^o;:ouer folate tl;at H)icl) 
pafletlj out of tt?e boDp,is lelfe t&an t bat Mjitl) ts 
ceeepueD in to tfje bobp, tbere fcapnetlj fpefceneffe, 
fofjtc&e commetb of abunDance*3In tfje tofiicli cafe 
it oug&t to be Diligentlp fo;ercne,tl?at tyere be ob= 
fetueb a conuentent mcane of meatcs anD D;pn= 
fees, in tefpect of t\m totyct) 10 ejcpelleb out of tye 
bobp, tetyebe map be Done if tbc q uantitp of cc!;e 
of tljiem be totfeip eonfpDereD* 3dnD tuyere aboun- 
Dance (0, tfyete the quantptie 0; qualp 1 1 c, 0; botfc 
be tempjeD* lltoap remember, ttjat of cruoe iu^u 
be Dp tiers fcpnbes, fome bceolDe anDfleumatifee. 
fome be ftotte anD cljolerifce,otI?er be mo;e tft pane 
anD toatrp, fome of blacfce coler 0; meiancfjolp&c 
Cfcep fo&ic&c Do abounDe inanpoftljcm, mafte 

%\\ abftepne 


abflepne from rucfte meates anD D?pnfees>f}tc&e 
Do tngenDer fucb* tupceas Detbe annope ttyepm: 
t&ofe meates anD D?pnfees be DccIateD tn tables 
rcr - P?eceDtng. 3lettus aifo fooID, tbat be fyulD tymhe 
mone. 9 . a ^ aug ^ t0 f colD foater, aff irmpnge,tbat tberbp 
t\)t ftomake being co2robo?ate,D?roetb out of btm 
Dofone into tbe beip,tljat tobtcfj cleauetb fall to tt< 
3 mp feif Dftnge to Djinfc fafttng,feerp fmal buce 
o; a!e, toban 31 bane ben in tbat cafe, fcaw e founfr 
Paui Egi. eafe bp it. ^awlus legtnetatopHetf), tbatatttjr 
lib.z. begpnnpnge, tfce legges and acmes djoulDe be 
rnbbeD Mb a courfe Ipnnen clotbe, tlje legges 
DOfonefoarDe to tbe fete, tbe amies to tbe t oppes 
. oftlje fpngers, anD toban tbep be foel cl;aufeD,tb£ 
to rubbe tbem agapne hntb fome ople, tbat Dotlje 
open tbe poo?es, auD Dpfcuflfe t&e bapours, as 
opleofeamompll, opleof anete, anDotber Ipfce* 
fytpiapktl) moc^e^ulfe, o? tbe foater of bonpe* 
fpeeialtppf fomejfffopebe bopleDtn it Palette, $ 
all otber, Do agre, tbat tn t\w cafe pepper b;np- 
feD anD eaten iuttl? meate, is betp ejtpeDient : SftoD 
tuyere tljere is mocbe topnDe in ebe Homage, tbat* 
to eate all tpmes of tbe Dap of tbe meDpcme maDe 
of tbe tfee feinDes of pepper, tpme,anpfe feDe, anD 
fconp dattfieD, tobicbe is called l^iatrion ptpere- 
Gaien* dc ori ' o? tbat tobitb ts calleD ^tafpoftticom ot l&u 
tnenda fa aptganon, fotytebe ts maDe of cammpner fttepeD 
^lib.f , dtie Dape anD a npgbk o? lenger tn tarte fcpneger 
anD after frpeD o?!apDeonabucmngef)of ftone, 
anD maDe in potoiber,alfo pepper,anD retoe D?peD 
lometo[jat P anD maDe into potoloer, all uteqttall 


SOKE 77 

p6?cton0,anDmpjctfott& dartficD &oiip< <&nlm 
aDDetf? tberto faite peter, calleD m latpn Nitr«m. 
<€&e confection maDe tmtljtljeiupceof qupnce0, 
anD 10 calico DUcytonlte », 10 fcerp excellent, but in 
10 to be Diltgemlp noteD, tl>at toljece ceuDttie 10 in 
a c&olerifce perfonne, tljete tooiDe tfje fapDe meDi= 
ctne0 be temperatlp fcfeD, anD ttje fapDe Diatom* 
t<n, toljaueiptteHo;no fptce0 in it 3lnD fo?mp 
parte, bemgeof aebolertfte Rumour mpjttetoitlj 
fteume, manures conttnuallp in cruDiti^ne* 
tier fotmo anp tijtnge better ttjar. fpne IReubatbe, 
c&cfoeD tottlj rapfoti0 of eo?ens, tD^icije 3! tcfee bp 
tU counfapleof tl?e too?Q)ppf ull anD tocIUetneD 
ptyfttton, maifler dortour aittgtiftme, fotjo tit 
ijte tnaner0 Deciaretb tfje gc ntplncfre of i)ts aun- 
ctentblouDDe, ftifjpc&emeDicpneJi Do not ieaue 
tobfeDapelp fafipnge, toljan Jifelefucfje cruDu 
tie to begpnne* 3Ifo fprope acetofe, ftat 10 to fap, 
fugar fot»Den in pure bpneger, anD ipttell fcuater, 
fcntpll it be t fcpcfce a0 a fprope, 10 fometpme con= 
uenpent a anD tftat a0 toell to cijolerpfee perfcnne0> 
80 bnto fleumatpcfce: anDpf flenmebe aboun* 
Dant, ttjanlmtlj rocte0 anDfeOesof fenelie an$; 
perfefp foDDen toift it* llfo in that cafe <2>£pmel, 
tfrat 10 to (ape, tjonp anD toatec foDDen togptljer, 
tottfjtbefapDe roote0anDfefce0, anDaquantttte 
of fcpneger put tfjerto mt&e boplpnge, te beep 
commenDable* pf t&e pactent be fcerp co(ttue,tijati 
ttyerocDtctneof^alene, eaileDl^terapfcra s frome 
fealfe an ounce to an ounce, taken in toater of ba- 
il)? 0; ale, 0; tafcen to ppHes t&e toepgltf of agrotr 


anbafcalfe, ojttoo groteg, pf tlje ftnffebegoob. 
topll purge tfjebobpe fufficpentlp, tmrbout ma< 
fcpngetbe bobp foeafcer. 3BIfo tbat mebicpne bp 
clenfmge tbe ftomafce anD bobp,behueretb a man 
en&tooman, fromemanp perpHougfpckendre** 
Jlftbebumoursintbe ftomafcebenot putrrfieD, 
but tbatttts greueb tottb abounbaunceof falte 
f ieume, 3 baue f ounbe tbat mplfce netoc mplfceb. 
tabenn to put a quantitte of goob bonp o; fuget, 
anb tb?ee leaues of goob fpcare wpntcs, anb a 
Ipttellbopleb, fo bepngetyunfce toarme faftpnge, 
tbe quantttie of a ppnte, anb eeflpnge on it, tottfc 
out eatpngc oj tymfcpnge anpotber tbpngetbe 
fpace of tint boures after, baue abunbantlp pur* 
gebanb comfojteb tbe (lomafce ? buttobecetbere 
is no fkumeMt onlp cboler, it is not fo boifome, 
but ratber burtetb,mafemg f umoftnes in tbe beb, 
iuberof commetb beab aebe* 

^Of ieft'tlUtions Cillei commonly Rexomes^ni of 
fome remedies <g*ynfl them ryght 
neceffary. Op. u 

F4D?as mocbeas at tins patent tpmetn tbt'0 
realme of flSnglanb, tbete is not anp one mo;e 
annopaunce to tbe bdtb of mans bobp,tban Den il 
lactone from tbe bcab calieb retmnes, 1 topH not 
Iettob;ttefometobatof tbem, fobcrbp men map 
take benef tte,tf tbep fopil : altbougb fome pbifiti* 
on0,mo^e confpbenng tljetr market tljan tbett bu 
tpeto <£od anb tbeir countrep, topi! beneuerfo 
woc^offenbeD tott&mpne boned enterp?tfe* 


Utetttpltetion is a bjopppnge Dotone of alp- 
qupbe mater out of tfjeljeaD^anDfaltyugeept&ec 
in to tftemouty, o? in to tfce nofetljulles, ojinto 
tbeepcs,anD fometimc Into tlje cljefces anD eaces, 
tljattoljicljefalleti) into tljemoufte, isrecepueD 
of t&e ttyote in to tftat parte loljiclje is tlje tnftri*= 
ment of tbe fooice,toI)tcb at tlje ftrft mafcett) !)0}fe 
neffe, anD in p?ocefle of tpme mafcetl) tlje bolcelifc 
tell, anD bnetb tobebarDe. 3nDif tfce reumebe 
fljarpe, it rafit&t&e inner fftpnof tbert)20te,anD 
f omcf tme it Dotij ejculcerate tl)e lunges.jlf it Dott) 
fall into tbeftomafcc, tfterefome beingecolDe, it 
altered tljeboDp tn to a cola Diftcmperance,tf it 
beljot it mafcetl) a ijot Diftemperature,anD Do$e 
fometpme ejculcerate in pjocefle of tpme: Bnbat 
e^e begpnnpnge abatett) appettte,anD maket^ ft* 
ble concoction. Cft e colD reume,maketb concocti- 
on flotoe.anD alfo cruDptie,anD mgcnD^ti) fotoje 
fumes in tl)t moutfje Jffitbe cojtupteD, it tour* 
net&alfo nourtl&ment bnto corruption, tofrcbe 
maketft fcpbjaDinges fumifoe o; tyarp^ of fom 
pit qualitie, toljiclje cannot beejcpjeffeD. 3f t^e 
mater Do DifcenDe lotoer, it to?mentetb tije guttes 
calleD iei«n«m, and colon, anD toucljetlj otljec fcel&l* 
le0, fromfo1jenfep?oce&etlj Dtgeftion^n this Dif- 
cracp tfoo ttypnges are to be pjoupDeD f o? 5 fp;ft to 
!ettetljattf)ereumeD&notDe(ipH mtotfje fap&e 
place0,o? if it bad? Done,#at it be fyojtlperpefteD 
from tljenfe* f y$ to lette cbat it ©all not DeftplI, 
it fljal be necelfarp to eate fome meate t&e fonerm 
t&e mo}tun$> if t&eretyatlj not pjeceDeD repletion. 


ty* temperature of all tbe boDp 10 cote 
tjpfce,anD tlje ftowafce is taeake.tbc ftomafce taolD 
bemabe ftrongetoitb fucbetbpnges as of tbcpj 
Ptopcttp do comfort tbeftomafce: fo^efeene tbat 
tl)tp be mcD.cratdp colD and motft: SCno tbat tab*- 
cbe is all rebp fallen into tbe ttomafe^muft be ejt- 
pelleD taitb bompt 0? fiege, p?ouofeeD tatty tao?m 
taobe (feptball one Dap anD a npgbtin alpttel! 
finall tab itc tapne, ojfmall ale anD Gale, to^ict^e 
liatd- tiertue onelp totoppe ataap tbe ftlcbe from 
tbe ftoma&e 5 but if it be foufccD Depe in to tbe filtb 
of tbe ftomafee, tban 10 it better tcrtafce tbe meDps 
epne ealleD Hi^pi*™, eitber m pouiDer tottb D;mfc 
toarmpD.oj els in pplles,to tbe number of fpue oj 
'mo m tbe mo?npnge* bi. boures before anp otfw 
ineateoj bjinfce taken: aftertoarDeto nopnt tbe 
mo tube of tbe ftomacfte tattl; ople of 3l£aftpke 0; 
0mmum temperate!? taarme. aitaap if a botte 
eetame Do fall in to a botte ftomafce, tban meates 
ano D^nfees tabtcbe be colDe m bertue taolD onlp 
bebfeD, tabere tbe ftomaefceis Diftemp;eD toitfy 
beat,anD tbe teume Defttlletb into a colD^beD tbere 
ts tbe Dtfcracp batDe to be cureD : 2»nD tbep tabicb 
be fo affecte,oj DtfeafeD, mufl; tafce fucbe tbpnges 
as map Dtffblue tbe fleume anD clenfe tbe ftomafc 
foitbout beattnge tberof,of tbe taljicbe bertue toe 

C3f tbeftomafee anD beaD be botbe DiftempjeD 
imtb cclD, tban muft be bfeD meates D;infees anD 
opntmentes, tabtcbe onelp be botte,anD btterlp to 


SOKE* 79 

C&P Deft rtlattos o; retimes f;apnctf? manp 
otber greuoufe Dtfeafeg, befpDes tI;o(e tobcrof Jf 
baue fpofcc,as tn t be i?cD fobP;lmge0,caHeD m fa 
tpii vertigines, fobapnefounDpngcg 5 falIpngefpc* 
nefle, poftg, ttpnfcpnge of tbe nofe, callpD Pcfy/w, 
fojesintbcmotitlje, totljeacbe, ppnncanDtoebc 
in tbe epcs.Dulnctfe of bermge,qupnceg,frettingc 
of ttjebotucilce tottb fliiccs, fljo;tnefleof bjet&e, 
grief c itt t be Ijarte, paifepeg, acfje in tbe mufculcs 
anDtopntes, fobetfo;c it ts not to be ncglecteD. 
3nD3lDoomocbc metuaple, tfjatourpbifttiong 
Do not mo;cftuDpotifcIp p?oupDe tberfotf rcme- 
Dies* 31 mp felf e teas bp tbe fpace of f oute petes 
contmuallp tn tbts Difctafp, anD bag counfapIeD 
bp Dp uerg pbtftttong, to fcepe mp bcD toatme>anD 

CO fcfe Dutrlon pipe uon,H fad) Otber bot tf)ltigcs as 

3 l?aue cebecfcD, at tbe lad felpnge mp felfe beep 
feeble, anD laciunge appetite anD flepe 3 as 39 &ap s 
neD to reaDe tbe bo^e of <25alene Be tempeumemis, 
fobicbe tteatitb i> in^li tempermu, anD after- 
toarDe tbe* bi.bofce, Be tueni* fmute y % percepueD 
tbat 31 baD ben longetn an errour. toberfo^efirfl: 
31 DpD tbjotoe atoap mp quplteo cappe,anD mp o- 
tber clofe bonettes, anD oneip DpD Ipe tn a tl)^nnt 
copfe, tobtcbe 31 baue euer fens bfeD botb topnter 
anD fomec,anD toare a Itgbt bonet of bclnet on(p, 
tban maDe 3! orpmel after tbe Doctrine of deafen, 
faupngetbat^bopIeD m tbe bpneger rootes of 
perfelp anD fenell, tottb enDpue, ctcbo;panD 3 be- 
tapne, anD after tljat 31 baDDe tafcen it tfj;e Dapes 
co n tin u allp,e nerp Dap tfj je fponegf til in tije nm- 

Y npnge 


npnge foarme: tftantofce3|of t&efameojcpmell, 
to&crin3! fcaDinfuteD o; ftcapiD one Djamme of 
%atpfce, anD balfe a Diamine of fpne ifteubatbe, 
t&e fpace ofjti. Dapes anD.iii.npgl}tes, to&pcbe 3( 
recepueD in fye mo;npnge, eatpnge noo meate 
bt^oures after, anD tftat but a Ipttell bjotlje of a 
boplcD benne, tobecof enfupD.tJtu* doles abun= 
Dane of cooler anD fleume : foone after 3l(lepte 
fotmDlp,anD IjaD gooD appetite to eate, after top* 
peel toolDc eptfjec eate a fetoe colpanDer feces 
prepared o? ftoalotoe Dotone a Utel fpnemaftpr,£ 
f o;beate topne,anD D?anfc e onlp ale, anD t\) a t but 
Ipteil anD (tale, anD alfo tuatmeD* 3nD fometpme 
in tin mojmnge tooulDe take a perfume of Stoux 
calamity anonotoanD tljan 31 foolDe put in tomp 
nofetfeillcs eptbeca leafeof grenelaurell o?bc- 
taiuco j toater of matojame b; mfeD, tof j tel; caufeD 
tbeb"mcuctoDtfttll bpmp nofetteillesu Sflno if 
31 lacfteD ftorajc, 3 cofte f o? a perfume tbe rpnDea 
of olDe rofemarpanD bucneDttjem,anD tyelDiqp 
moutbouert&e fumeclofpnge mpneepes, after* 
toatDe to comfort ntp ttomafcc anD make it (Icons 
fometpme 3! tooID eate trotl) mp meat a Utel tobtte 
pepper gro(Teb;upfeD 5 fometpme Salens eicetua- 
tp maDe of tlje iuice of quinee0 5 calleD v\*cytomtet, 
fomtpme marmalaDe of qupnecs 5 o? a qupneero* 
fteD. afnDbpftts Diete3l tftanbe almfgtyp 
into fcbome onelp be gpuen all glo;p 5 j teas re- 
DuceDto abetter Sate fnmpftomactite anD fteao, 
tljan 31 teas.]ct)i*pere0 before, as it mape appete 
into ttjem, foijicfce Ijaue longe feno&en me ♦ 3inD 

4 SOKE* 80 

ttys fcatie 3 not fojttten fo; bapngio^pc oj of p;e* 
fumption, but to tbe intent tbat tbep tofjtcfje ijatie 
tljcirboDics in IpUc temperature aempnc urns, 
tWisto fape,bepnge ctjolerpfceof completion, 
anD baupnge reumes f allpnge out of a tyotc bcaD, 
map if tbep lift* afiapmpne experience, ojin tbe 
ftebe of mp fapD inf ufton, tafce Hit r^ia*, totfy ale 
o? toater to purge tbcni 3 toberof Q)*li not enfue fo 
moctjc penlcas of co jtupteD fttopes^ otber con- 
fectione0 calico Migi^< maoe tottb olbe rotten 
tytigges, tbougb tbepbifttionsbeneuerfo foell 
f emeo* 3|b bobpes of ot&er temperature, 3 toolD 
nottyatmpne experience fyuIDe bep?amfeDbut 
tottb Difctetton, tcmp?pngetye mcDtcpne, as tbe 
qualities of ttjeftomafceanD beaD Do requpje,re* 
membjtnge altoap, tbat bote reumes bp tbpn anD 
fubtell, colbe reumes be f o; tbe moje parte f bic&c* 
Bdfo tbat tbep tobt* be tbpn toolD be mabe tlnhe, 
fyattyep percenottofaft. 3lnD tbat tljep tobiclje 
betbpefee, toolDebemaDetbpnne t^attbep mape 
tbefoonerbe purgeD, bp tobat tokens one mape 
fcnotoett>bctt?ertye ftomafteanb IjeaDbe boteo? 
colD* tfinallp tins Dare 31 affirme,tf)at ttje reumes 
fobicb of late time fyaue ben mo;e frequent tntbts 
realm, tban tbep toere toont to be.jclperes palTeD, 
fjaue bapncD of none occafton mo?e tban of ban= 
fcetttnges after fouper $ Dunking moc^fpeaallp 
iapne a Ipttell afo?e ficpe. Sn otber tbmge 10 tbe 
fteppng tlje beao to bote 0? to long eouereD to!;cc= 
bp t\)t tyapne tulnctjc is naturallp colo is Dtftem^ 
pieD but!; tyote bapours afcenopnge from t\)t (to* 

Yii mafce 


mafcet&ofe fame Vapours beingelettetoeuapoe 
rate o? pafle fejtb out of tbe beab, ana tberfo;e be 
concrete o?gatbereb into burnous fupecfluoufe, 
tobtcfje ftilletb botone eftfones out of tbe beab m 
to Replaces before reberfea*Yetmm> aoapes if a 
bope of*foit*peres agc,o; a ponge man ofajeperes 
fyaue not ttoo cappes on bis bco, be anD bis f ten « 
bes toil tbpnfce tbat be map not continue in beittj. 
3(nD pet if tbe inner cappebenotof beluctojfa* 
tpn, a feruinge man feantb to lofe bis creDencc^ 
perfone bicareo; parif&epjefte, bpbfpngetbeu; 
Reluct capper emtyototyeb tottb laces, bo make 
Tome men tbpnfcet&at tbepbe affiamp& of tbep; 
crounes tbat reuerenb tofrc of tbe ojber of p?eefe 
fjobe,t&c tobiclje notable abufe, 3! mocb meruaj>/e 
tbat tbe bpfljoppes topi fuffer, fpeciaHp tbcp tobi; 
cbebaue babbe leafour to reaoe tbe toarfces of 
fapnt Cpp?<ane, fapnt ©iecome, Cbrtfoftomus, 
fapnt 3mb;ore,$ funtyp Decrees mabe bp tbe oIDe 
f atbers,cocernmge tf;e boned Uedutc of p;eel!es, 
tobtcbe alcbougbe it feme a Ipgbt matter to fome 
men,pet it augmented o? mini tyetl; not a Iptel in 
p;ee(!es,tbe cliimatton of tbeir conuitions^alo 
mon confirming tbe fame,faptng. Cbe gacmct, § 
gate,anb latogbtec of a ma beclautb tobat be ts, 
but tin's mater toil 3 leue to a notber place tobere 
3 intend to fpeafte moje abunbantlp of it, if it be 
not tbe foonet amenbeD* Botoe toconcluoe,as 
longeas tbe fapbe occafions continue, fo longe 
men ©all not be tottbout ceumes, alfyouglj $e? 
toeteall perforations. 

B O K £ St 

fT^olt) to rctoutnc to fteremeDies agapnftfte 
fapDe anopaunce foftcrof fjapneft fo manp great 
fpclmeflte, 31 topll be bolDe to tojite a Ipteli out of 
ftefcarfeesof fte mo&e famoufe and ejcpert piji- 
(itionB* Jf p?ft fte caufeof ftereume mull be Di* 
geftcD, af tec eppulfeD ,ft trDlp DtuerteD, ftat is to 
fap, tourneD from ft e epen o; ftjote ,into ft e note 
from tuyere it map be mo;e eafilp purgeD,f ourft- 
Ipttmap beftoppeD, ftat it ftall not DeftplU 3ti 
Ijote Defoliations fte beaD is bcrp bot in fcitnge, 
ft e retime being in ft c mouft is ft pn anD tuarme, 
fte tongue o? ftefces totftin bliftcceo,fte face Com 
tpme reDDer ft an it is accuftomeD to be, fomtpme 
a burninge toifttn fte nofe.Co ft em totyiclj bauc 
ft is t>ote retome, map be gpuen fte feDe of totyte 
popp. Dwcorfiow mabe of toe b cddcs of lo^tte popp 
ano rapne foater, AmyUm totftmplfeeaf ftevebe 
no feuer, pemoce0,malotoes,o?age 5 gourDe0, anD 
fpmagcboplcD anD eaten totft ople of almonDes, 
firope of biolettes, nemipljar o^ fte toine of ftuete 
pomegarnates , fte toaters of a great Cucumber, 
bopleD foift a ipttef ! fugar, beinge Dmnfee, Dofte 
mitigate coIer,ftoppeft fte reume 3 anD eafilp lou* 
fift fte belp.fte febes of melons b?apeD in a mo?* 
tec toift toater s anD ftraineD foift fofte bjcaoe i?a-- 
upngefugarputtoit, mafteft an excellent gooD 
meate agapnft fte ftot reumes, piap&ers maoe of 
barlp b;upfeD,biolettes,popp,anD camompl bop- 
IeD in foater, toljeein fpounges o? linen eloftes be 
inge Depf , ft ulDe be iapD on £ fjeD,$ fte genitojes 
o? legges ft erfoift toaft eD Jf ft e ftcfe ma can not 

ym am 

THE fOflf HI 

flcape,tbantbefap&c partes taitf) tftc bcalpanD 
funDementfljall be nopnteD tottfye tfye opies of 
fciolctsanD Bemtpbar, tbefauourof Campbar 
in rofetoater toitb fcpollettes is gooD in t!?at cafe. 
(Balm ejcbojtetb anD 3 baue p joucd, tbat tn a toe* 
cp bote reume Utyf Ae batb ftilteD fafte, tbe poto* 
rpnge of colD toatet in bpoti ones beat) batb ftin* 
teD tbe teume. 9e tbat is tycrin DifeafeD mutt ex> 
cbetoe goiuge in tbe Tonne, o; to come mgb a gut 
fp?e, o;todanDeo L 2belongc couereD, o?to bete 
inocbe on bis bcD, be muft red mod) anD pjouofte 
bun felfe to flepe a npgbt 3 but not beep longe anD 
toipeon tbeouefpDeonabarDcbeDDe, baupnge 
fnsfjeaDfjpgl), alforubbpnge of bislegges be* 
fo;emealetstoecp bolfonie* CoIDteumesbepcr- 
cepueD bp cottmcflTe of fyt bumo ut anD i;eao foitb 
p aleneffe of tbe fepfage, all colDe tbpnges tncrea- 
tinge tbe refome.Cbefe tinges are gooD agemft 
it, tbe Decoction of cicer tmtb bonpe anD rapfons. 
fpIberD nuttez tofteD eaten after -mealeg, nothing 
tsmo2e bolfometbanabftmencc, fpectallptntbc 
euenpnge, tbep tobiebe i^auett mud betoate of 
Dojtbent touiDes, tbe moneOnne bp npgbt,toaf* 
(binge in colD foater, anD to belong barebeDDeD. 
Cbe feDes of $igeila a Iptteil tofteD anD putte in 
to a ppeceof tbpnne farcenet anD fmelleD bnto, 
ftoppetbtb* returns* 

<D3eefpnge in tbe begpnnpngeof tbereumefe 
Difp;atfeDof<!5aien, but after tbat tbe matter ts 
DpgefteD itisfcerp bolfome tbat mape be maDe 
foitb leaues of laurel o; bttupm put into tbe nofe 

tallies, tljeitipce of toletoojtes, tberootcs of re& 
beete^foatci; of flj>ai03ame.3p?etp mcbpcme fo? 
tl)rt purpofe p?oueo, Ctje itipceof ponge betes 
ano 3£aio;ame of eucriclje one ounce, goofc toljit 
topne. itit. ottnces 5 fa&onet!)etoeigtyof4i*pence, 
tbat bemgeljette ano tafcen m tljemoutt), Ojalbe 
D;atoen top toitb b?etb to t&e place toftetbp tbe De; 
ftMation failed out of tbe nofe in to tlje moutbe* 
^notf tbe rcumeDo Defttil in to tbe cbecfccsaufc 
teetl) J bane p;oueb tbat tfte mice of grounD tup, 
ano tfjat berbe to&ic&e toe call #oufe eate, tafeen 
toitbinaqnpll mtotfce nofetyjtUes, oftentpmes 
purged erceDingelpt&ereume ano taUetyatoap 

C<Sargariftng tf it be not Dtfcretlp MeD, map Do 
mo?el)arnietl;angooD, bjpngeootone moc^ea= 
bunoaunce of mater tmbtgefteD, but tafcen in o^ 
Der toitb toaterbonp anD pepper, o? toitf) Iflbpe 
ano fpgges bopleb in tobite topne, anD tafcen t>etp 
fcote in a garga wfe is ngljt conuenient* 

Cf o? companion toljtcft 3! &aue of t&em tftat be 
toejcefc toitl) tootbe acfje caufeD of reumes, 31 fopll 
bp tbe leaue of petition* conduce tins cftapttcc 
tottb an cxctlia mebicine againft tbe fatD paflton, 
tobtcbe is tojitcn of an bono?able petition of late 
petes,toi)f c^ mebicine alfo mafcetb tectbe fad toj?i 
cbe beloufe, and alfo ftoppetbtlje fuperfluoufe 
blcDinge of goumes, tobertottlj tbe b?et& maoe 
tonfaneri:Cafce tbe cmbes of Caper rotes 3 # rotes 
of bumbles to£i$e Do beare blacfceberpes,tije 



floures of pomegranates callpD B«u«/fa,of euerp 
of tl?epm 3 tljc toepgbt ofauDucates, pelptojpof 
S>papn one Ducate s feae of tobite benbanc^e rm* 
Desof manDjageof euetpof tbconeDucate anD 
a balf »fpourge of tbe gaeaen one banbful, alumc 
of tbe rofecuDucates, bople all tins m tobit tome 
oj eiarette, tobtd) is beep rotogbm tall, sftrapne 
it tbertoitb* let tbe patient of f entpmes toatye bis 
mouti)e« Albeit 3! toiU counfaple • Jjcm tobub tmli 
tafcetbis itieDtcme o?anpotber. fpjftetopouege 
$ eaufe of § reume as before is teberfeD, o? in aup 
otbectupfe, as tbep fljal be eounfapleD bp tueil iet^ 
ncD anD Difcretep&ifitions* 

LMttuDe is atufpofttion totuarDefrcbencdc, 
toberm a man feletb a foo^encflc, a ftocllmge 
o? an inflammation* *bo?enelTe bapnetb of bu- 
mours flfrarpe anD gnatotug, as after great tw- 
eife anD labours, tobpcbelaflfituDe bappenetbto 
HV t&ttoto&ofeboMeB ace full of pll iupee anD ejecre- 
*«> mentes.ailfo after cruDitie in 4em,to Web are not 
ejterctfcD, ojDoo abpDelouge uube beateof tbe 
fonne. Jt map alfo be in tbe boDp,fobetin is gooD 
iupct, if bebefatigate toitbtmmoDeeateerercife. 
Galen* de 3ln tbem, toljic&e Do fele tbts laffitufce, tbe ffcmne 
nendafa apperetl; tfnclie anD rougb, $ Nereis feltagtefe 
auu>./. fomtpme in tbe fhpnne onelp, fomtpme alfo tn tbe 
fleffte, asitfoereof afooje, Cbecure tberof, is 
bp mocbe anD pleafaiit rubblngr, toitb ftoeetc op- 
les, tobtcbe ijaue not tbe fertile toreftrapne 0? 


BOXE. i? 

tlofe, anD tW fottl) manp banDes,anD afterfoatD 
f o ejcercife moDetatelp s anD to be bapneD in toatec 
ftoete anD temperate in Ijeate* alfotyanmultebe 
gpuen meatesof gooD iupce, potagebut felDe, 
topne is not to be f ojboDen* f o? tonto topne bnetfr 
anptbpngemapbe compateD, tbatfotoellDpge- 
ftetft ctuoe burnouts, it alfo pjouofcet!) ftoeatte 9 
tune, anD mafeetb one to flepefouDlp. but if $ts 
laffitifte Do abpDe tbe npgtjt anD Dap f olotomge, 
0; foajetb mo;e anD mo?e, tfjan if tbe paciente be 
of gooD ftrengtb anD ponge,anD batb abunDance 
of blouDe,let iipm be let bio ud, 0? p?ouofce tbe be* 
mojotDes 0} piles to bleDe,tf tljep Do appete. 35ut 
pf it pjoceDe of tfte malpce of anp Rumour, foitb* 
out abunDance of b!ouD,tfcan refo;t to putgatios 
aptefo?tl;e burnout t^at gteeuetb- Ctje tofcens 
to^ecof, t&allappeteasfoellbptbecoloutof fbe 
ffcpnneanD Diete p?eceDpnge,as bp tmne,o;tDute, 
ftoeatte, t&ittte, anD it is tebetfeD be- 
fojein the completions* Jf #e pll blouDDe be lp- 
tell in quantitte, anD tfce ccuDe burnouts aboun* 
Danwban ©al t)t not be let blouD,uo? toebement= 
IppoutgeD, nept&etftall ejeetcpfe ojmoue bP»n 
felf,no? be bapneD. fo? all ejeercife catietb bumo# 
tftfoug&outaltbeboDp 9 anD ftoppitft tbepotoets. 
vobtztop tbefe manet of pecfons OjulDe be kept 
in reft, anD fut&emeates Djpnfces anD meDtcmes 
©ulD be gpuen to t&cm, tebicbe ftulDe attenuate 
ojDiflbluet&e gtoffenes of t&ei)umo?s, tottyout 
notable fceatcas oirpmell, barlep toater, $ mulfe. 
If t&epacient ablate not &onp* 3HnD fojasmocfi 

z as in 


as in t&efapbeperfonnes, commonlptbere is a- 
bunbance of topnoe about tbett ftomacfces. t \)tz~ 
foje pepper, fpecpallpe ionge pepper,o? tobpte, is 
beep conuement to bebfeb, andtbemebtanebe* 
fo?e tojiten, calieD Duftolitiarai* Tcoban tbe bumojs 
are Diffblueo,tba is tt good to djpnfce tobite toine, 
0; fmall clarette topne moderate^ 

V&lfjan one tbjmfeetlj t bat ije Do tfj feie a ftoel* 
Ipnge 0? bollpnge of tbe boDpe, tobet tn dede 
tfcere dotbe not appere tn fpgbt 0; touebpnge anp 
ftoellpnge, tbatts cailpdlaflTitudeejctenfiue, if it 
bapnetb tutt^out ejcercife 0; tenement moupnge* 
cijisdotb happen of erceffiue multitude of ftu* 
wo?s, tobicb bo etfende tbe mufcules 0? fpilcttes* 
3[n tbts no fo;enes is felt, but onelp an beupnefte 
toitb etfention 0; tfj;u(hnge out of tbe bodp* 3lnd 
bpcaufetbattbeceis abundance ofbloudewtbe 
bodp, bed remeDp is to be letten bloude about tbe 
elbotoe ojancle, after to be purged, tbanto bfc 
foftefcicafpes toitty oples afo?e reberfed, after* 
barb moclje red anb temperate batbes.and mea* 
m lacing ftarpnes, anb being ab&crftue. 

f L<j?iWf xvith tljf ff f tyng< of 

If tottboiite anp moupnge, tbe mufcules and 
fletye ttfe bp in tbe bodpe, as it ftoelledjtoitb 
great pepnes anb eycebinge tjeatct&an fone after 
f ojotoet^ mod jotted f euecs, except it be p;euen* 



t cD bp letting of bluD,anD tbat in abunbance 5 anD 
almoft to fotoningcbut it toere mo?e fare to be let AcljM , 
blouD ttupfc in one Dape, tbe f irfte tpme toitboute 
fotonpngc 5 at tbe nejct tpme fotonpnge is not to be 
f ereD, 2 1* tbe grcfe be m tbe neck o? bcD.tbc blouD 
mud be letteof tbebapnecalleDCepbalea, o;tbe 
(fculDer ticpne* 3if it be in tbe bulfce o; bppcrmott 
pact of tbe bobp, tban mutt tbe bepne be cut.tobfc 
cbe is callpD tSafilica, o; tbe innermo ft bepne»3lf 
all tbe boDp be gceueD, tl;a cut tbe b epu, tobicb is 
nameD ^cDiana, o? tbe mpDDel bepn. If a feuee 
cemapne after blouD letting, tban o;Der btm toitb 
tbe Diete of tbem tbat baue feuers , bbicb pe ©all 
fpnbe to?ittenbereaften if noo fewer rcmapne, 
tban bfe moberate f etc aftes, anD Ipttell eatpng, $ 
tbat of meares baupnge gooD iupct, increacpnge 
bp Ipttell anD [pttell to tbe natural! Diete, 

% Die te of them thit ire re Ay to falle into 
fytkeneffe, C*pifKlo. 5» 

N4Dfoe retourne eftefonesto fpeafeeof Diete, 
it is to be rcmemb?eD, tbat tbep. tobtcbe are 
ceDp to fall into Difeafes, tbep are p?epareD tbec* 
imto, eitber bp repletion of fuperfluous bumojs, 
o?els bp cruDMe 0? malpce of bumours, tobicb ac 
in tbem* 30s touebpnge tbe fp?fctbe generall Diete 
mud be fucbe,as tberbp tbe bumours map be at- 
tenuate, anD bp conuenient euacttation, brought 
to a moberate quantitie. %% f 0; tbe fcconDe muft e 
beco?recteDtoitb meatesanDD^nfces of contra- 
ry qualities^autnge altoap refpecte to tbe age of 

zii tbe 


fteperfon,tpmeof tljepere, place of habitation, 
anD moft fpecpallp tbe bnmecfall complejcton.foj 
cooler olfenDpnge in an olde manne, infopnter 
tpme, in a colDe counttepe, o?tbeperfonebetnge 
of fcis naturall completion f leumatifee o? melan* 
colp, fooloe not be fo tjabuoantlp erpulfed oj fub - 
Detoed, as tf it be in one pong anD luttp,m tbe bot 
fommet, in tlje coutreps,fol;ere tl)t tonne f etuent= 
Ip burned, o? tbe perfone of bis proper nature is 
tierpe colerifce* 3KnD in Ipfcefoife contrarpe^er* 
fo;eeuerp manne, fcuotopngetns o tone naturall 
complerion,toitb tbe qualttie of tbe Rumour tbat 
offendetlj, lette&pmmafce temperance fytsci?tefe 
coke, anDrememtyinge tbat fobtcbc 3 baue be- 
fore Declared, ojDapne to bpm felf e fttcjjie Dtete, as 
map refourme tlje offence tottl) none o? Ipttell an- bis bniuerfal completion* 3nDpf be 
can fo Do, \)t Q)&1 Iiapptlp efcape, not onlp Diuees 
fpfceneffes, but alfo tije mod pernicious Danger, 
pjoceDing of corrupted Djouges o? fptces,fo&erof 
fom couetons poticaries Do makemeDicines>mau 
gre t&e ^edes of gooD anD toeli lerneD pljifitions* 

^ticke ne s mofic commune to particular tymes 
of the yen and ages. Cap. 7» 

A&tfcougbe 3i Do not intende to fo?tte of fit 
cure of egrituDes o? fpefeeneffes confp?meD* 
as bell bpcaufe it mougtjte be reputed tn me a 
great p?efumption, as alfo f ojafmoclje as it tnere 
Derppertlious, toDpuulgate t^at noble fcpence, 
to commune people, not lerneD in Ipberali feien* 


BOXE 8? 

ces anD pfjiIofopI)p,tolHeI) be tequpjeD to be fuflfc 
ctentlp in a pbifitton,3InD mojeouecmanp bofees 
of Hipocrates anD 45alene ougbt to be caDDe, be* 
f o;c tbat one Do tabe Dpon bpm tbe generall cure 
of menncs boDies: pet not toitbftanDinge,3l truft 
31 mape tottbout anpnoteof attogaunce typte, 
tobat Difeafes Do mod commonly bappen in fun= 
Djp tpmes of tbe pete anD ages of men anD loo- 
men, fottbfome figmfications, fobetbp tbeDpfc 
ctarp o) Dtftempetature of tbe boDp is percepueD, 
to tbemtet tbat tbe p^tfttton beinge fatce of, map 
be treulp inf o}tneD 9 confiDecpng tbat imnes facte 
cacteD, Do often Decepue fyem, anD Ipftetoife lacfc 
of tbe fpgbt of tbe pacict,anD mquifition of tben^ 
segjtobfcbe Do pjeceDe o? f oioto tbe fpefenes* HnD 
hjtcb tbis 3 tend none boned anD cbacitable pbu 
fitton topHe be offenDeD, but'tatbet gpneto me 
tbanfees fo; mp Dilpgcnce, in tbe aDuauncinge of 
ebetreftimatton, fobicbebp lactic of peefptte in* 
(tmction batb ben appaitcD* 

^Syckenefles of Springe tyme* 

C&ifrafes pjoceDpnge of melancolpe, as maD- 
neflfe, fallpnge fpefcenefle, bleeDpnges, qupnees, 
pofes, boo^fenes, cougbes, lep?tes, fcabbes , acbe 

^fSyckeneffcs of Sommcr* 

CSpmip of tbe fapDe Difeafes, aifofeuerscon^ 
tmua!,bot fetietSjfeuecs tetciane,quattains 5 lJ0* 
mptes, ffpiccs, foatctnge of e(es,pepnes of tbe ea* 
m ? bit (lees 9 (o}t& of t&e mouty$ftoeattinge0- 

zlii §>pckes 

^fSyckeneflfes of Autumn e. 

C.Spucts of fomcc fpcfcnettes^lfo oppilations 
of tlje fplene, Djopfies ) conrumptton0, fttangulp* 
on0, coftiuenefle, ac&e tn tljc buckle bones, fifotf* 
nefle of fopnDe, ftettpnge of tbe bofoelle0,faUpng 
fpcluics, anD mclancoipfee Drteafes. 

flSyckeneffei of wynter, 

& tptcl;c0 anD gcefes in tbe fiDcs, mflamation 
of tbe lunges, teumes, cougbo*. pepnesm tbe 
b;eft, fpoes, anD lopncs^eaD acbe, anD palfepes* 

^Syckcnetfes happenynge to children. 

C^ban tbep be netoe bo?ne, tbete Do bappen to 
tbem fo;es of tbc moutb calleD Hlpbtcbonutpng, 
cougbe0> toatcbinge, fearefulneffe, mflamation* 
of tbe natiell, mopfture of tbe car<0» 
Cwbftti tbep b;ebe tetbe, ptcljinge of tbe gwn- 
tnes, feuet0, ctampe0 5 anD laffee0* 
Caftan tbep toaice elDet, tban better greueb 
fottb fcetneUe0, openneffe of tbe mould of p beaD, 
(bojtnefle of fopnDe, tbe ftone of tbe b!aDDer,foo?* 
mesof tbe bealp, foatec0> ffcellpnges bnDettbe 
cbpnne, anD in CnglanDe comonlp pui;ppi0 3 mea 
fete, anD fnmll pockes* 

^Syckenefle happeninge to yonge men 
from^xiiihyercs of age 

Cffeuew cottDtane, teccpane, quartepne, ^ottc 
feuecs, fpittpnge ojtoomptinge of blouoe,pleute* 
fies, Difcafesof tbefpDes, inflammation of tbe 
lunges, letbacgies, ftanfp, bote rpcfeeneire^ebo; 
lecifee pa(Tion0, coftiuene* o? Debemenc lafftes* 


Uteittiwltit of tycrtj, teumcs fottfc cotig&e0, 
ftcangulpon, ana Difftcultte in ppflpnge, act^m 
tbe lopntes.Difcares of tije rapnes, ftopmmpnge* 
in tfce tieaD. palfepes, ptd)pngcof alltfjeboope, 
lacfcc of flepe,mop&uce in tlje epes ant> eare0 5 DuI 
neffe of fpgbt, bacbneffe of ijcarpnge, ttfrtmcflfe o; 

C^ltftoug^ manp oftfje farD fpcfeneflte Do imp* 
penm euerp tpme anb age: petbecaufe tbepbe 
mod frequent m tfje fapoe tpmcs $ ages. 31 &aue 
to;ittc^em,to tl)intet,£ in tye ages 9 tpme0 moft 
inclpneD bnto tfjc, fuc!) ttfges mougb t be tfya ef- 
cljetoeD,tD!)ic^ ace apt to mgeD:e ? fapo DpfeaCes. 

Ytf ftebobp be bottet, col&et, mopftet, typer. 
leaner, f ulier,tbe colour mo?e paie,o; float*, 
tbeepes mo2e!;oiotoe, tbanisaccuftomeDto be, 
itrtgmfieti) tbattljc boDp 10 DtrpofcD toftckntf, 

I tf ojgetfulneffe* 
;«j Rumours commpnge fromeg 
roufe of tlje moutbe, t\)c epes, 
tljenofejojtlje cares, 
I *»ate&e* 

The genet dH figmficitions <nd tokens 
offyckenes.C4p. 8* 


r JDifRcuttfc of bzeatfje* 
V Ctemblpngeof rfje tyttt. 
Cfre {facte fpcfce*< Jf mm, 

( 3©metfttfeofcolout0* 
vdSctefe about tt^att* 

fftacfce o; abounoaunce of t)u* 

Cbefojme of£ boDp alteceo, 
IC&elpuec teigefttott. 

alteration of ejcccemcntesac 

JBepne m tl)t place of § Ipucv* 

Concoction, flo to o; qmcke. 
appetite of mopft o; D?j>,Dul 

Reparation of ejccremen* 
tts moid 0} ijatfl toity ttyit 


yejcpnge* JSelfcpngc, 
^lometpnge toitb pepneanD 
Wrtnemocft ojUtelfoityt&e 
colour anDfubftance,to ceo 


Cflftf* baue J tojttten, not to gpue fubgement 
tberbp, butonelp fojtbe pactentto baue in are^ 
DpneOe, totbtntent tbattobatfo euerbefeietboj 
percepuetbmeuerpof tbefapDe tbpnges, tbecof 
toinftructe bis pbtritton, tobecbntobemapeaD= 
apt bis cottnfaplc anD cemeD ics* 

FflDjafmocb as no to a Dapes tbe moll common 
tuogement in fpcfceneffe is bp bcpnes, tobicbe 
bcpnge farce eaueD oj mocbc meueD.o j ItanDinge 
ionge after tlw it ismaDe, tbefourme tbecof is 
fo altered, tbat tbe p^tfttton Ojal not perfptlp per 
cepue tbe natural contentes.aitbougb 
it be neuerfo toellcbaufeoattbefp^e, as3Bctua= 
tins anD other great lerneD men Do affirmed toil 
tbecfo?e fometobat fpeahc of brincs,not Co mocbe 
as a pbtfitton fcnotoetb, but as mocbe as is ne* 
eeflarp to euerp mamfo? to percepue tbe place anD 
caufe of bis griefe, toberbp be mapetbe better in* 
flructe tbe Pbtfttton. 

C fWMn brine, fouretbtnges arefobe confp- 
DereD, tbat is to Tape, tbefubftaunce, tbe colour, 
tbe regions o; partes of tbe fcrpneano tfjecontcn 
tes o? tbpnges tbectn contepneD* 
HMo fo;a(mocb as in tbe bobp of man be foure 

a qualities 


qualifies, fyeate, coiDc, mopftute, ano D^pt^, ttoo 
of tfyem, beatc anD colD, are caufes of t'w colour 
typtlj anD mopfture ate caufes of ttje rubftance. 
CSPo^eouer in tmne, being in a fceflell apt tfjec 
tmto to be fenc, ace tb?e tegios* Cbe lotoeft regio 
fttt&t bottome of tije torpnait, contepnpnge tfje 
fpace of ttoo fpnger0 o; Ipttell mo?e« Cbe mpooel 
region, from tobenfe tljelotoeftenDcD, fcrnotye 
cetfcle. Cfje bPSbeft region ts tbecerfcle- 
CCfte bpgbneflfeof tbe colour (ignfffetb&eater 
tbepale>biacfte o?gret», fignifietbcoloe* 
C^Ifotbesrodeneso; tbicfeeneffe oftbefcrpne 
fpgnpfpet!) mopliure, tjje cletenes o? tljpnnes, ft* 

%The colours of \r\itef. 

CCoIour of b;pgbt golDe. £ |£crfpte Dfc 
Colour of gplte* < geftiom 

!HeD as a tea apple o? cfjerp. \ 
23afe reDDe, Ipfce to bole at- C Cixeffe or 
menafee, oj raffton o?p* CDpgeftiom 
JReDDeglotopnge Ipfcefpje. ^ 

Colout of abeaftes Ipuero 

Colour of batfce reD toine* > Stmftton of 

<Breneipfeetocol€too?te0* y Rumours* 

fteabfcp colour* ? tfeblenes 0; tno;tif icatron of 
asiacfceaspnfce* £ nature, eiccepte ttbe in put* 
?8lac&e as fow^ gmge of welancolp^ 


B OKI, 89 

qatypteclereasfoatet. } 
<E>rapasabojne* i i&acfeeofdi* 
Wotyte as toliap. C < geftion. 
Colour of a camels beam ^ 

f^ale Ipfie to tyotbe i <Cbe begptmpngc 
offlcfyerodden. , < ofdigcftiom 

Citrine colour o; pelofoe, £ Cbe mpddell of 
dubcttcf ne o; paler* < di geftion. 

voijpteanbtlwimc betobenetb melancolpe to 

#auc dominion. 

oa?bpte and tbpcfce, fignifietb fleume. 
t^cDDc anD tfjpcfee betofcenetb fangume* 
EeDDe anD tbpnnc bctokenetlje cboler to baue 

TbefuhRance of the vr'me. C*p. io* 

AC tf?e fp;ft pi'llpnge 9 all brines toell nigb Do 
appere tbpn,as longe as tbep abide toarme. 
fo; natural beate,during t!;e tpme tifctit pjeuap* 
letb/uffretb not tbat tbe Ipcour,tDbtcb is tbe fub- 
fiance of tbe fcrtne,to congele oj be tbpcKe foj anp 
occafion : but after tbat beate is gone, Come brp-> 
nes $o?tlp,fome a longer time after, toare tbicfc* 
Xtpfcetoife fomtf me,rome ar pitted tbicfcer,and af* 
ter foajceelere, fomcremapne ftplleastbeptoere 
tnade,fomcbemetelptbpcfce, as tbep toeretrou= 
bled.fome beep tbicfc and grofle. mjep tbat tuajce 
clere.fonc do gather tbat, tobicb is tbpcfce into tbe 
bottome of tbe bciual : tome remapntcoubleMjc 
gtoffenes not Untyftandmge gathered in tije bot= 

nii tome 


tome* §>emblablp tbe Diuerfitte of tbpn oj ftibtp! 
fccine^mull be percej>ucD,tbat 10 to fap,tbat Torn 
ace beep fubtpll ag toar er,fome lalTe fubtpll, fome 
to a meane bettoene tbicfee ano tijjitme* 
C^ftbpngescontepneo mtbebrme, fomeDoo 
DifcenDeDotone totbebottome, anD be calleD in a 
gceketoo20eH)poftr/tf, m englpftye fome calleit 
tbe grounDe0 s fome tbe refpDence, tobicbe if it be 
fobptMPgbk rifpnge bp from tbe bottomeof tbe 
brmall, Ipfce a peare, it fpgnif ietb belt!;, if it be of 
anp otbec fpgure o? colour, it betofcenetb fome a- 
nopance* 3f Ipfeetbpngesbe fenemtbe mpDDelf 
of tbe brpnall. tbep be calleD fublatiou0, pf tbep 
appjocbebntotbe bpgbeft region of tbe brpne, 
tbep be nameD c!ouDea,tn latin Neklg.cbe gtou= 
Des o? refiDence0 not pcrfite, fome 10 Ipfte Ipttelle 
reDDe betcbe0> anD 10 callpD in latpn Orobea, fome 
is Ipfce to tyanne of tobeat grounDe, anD feuereD 
from tbe meale, anD is calleD b;annp reftDence, in 
latpn YurfureaXomz be Ipfce bnto plate0, baupnge 
b;eDtb anD lengtb toitbout tbpcfcneg, anD tnap be 
nanuD platp refpDence, in latpne umwea, fome is 
Ipfceto meale, tobeate, 0? barlep, anD map be na- 
meD mealp refiDence, m latpn SmUce*. 
C^^tsalfofeenein tbebrpnelpfce totobpte 
beare0,fome lengar, fome G)c?ter.fomtime like to 
ragges fomtohat reD. tbcre ie alfo fenein tbe bp- 
permolle parte oftbe brine, fometpmea fomeo? 
frotb>fomfpmebe!le0O? boble0* fometpmetbere 
ftopmmetb in tbe tictne a tbinge lifce a coptoebbe, 
otberfo&ile ttytt* about tfje cerble, a* it toece tbe 


SOKE 89 

rentpnge of clothe, fomtpme ti;ere is in tfte brine 
Ipfce motes of t(je ronne,romtproe Ipfce tbe matter 
of a To?*, otbertobilelpfee tbefebeof a mam alfo 
grauelle o? fanbe- ainb mtbefetbpnges mape be 
bpuers colours, Come tobpte, fomereb, tome be* 
ttoene botbe,fomepeloto, fome grape, anDfomc 
btaefce. mitbismufttbebiligentlpmarfeeb, anD 
tberoffeperatlp to aouertifetbe |&btfition, bnto 
tobome 3 referee t^e iuogement of tbefpefcenes, 
fojtbecaufeafojereberfeD, anofojas mocbeas 
C^emblablp of o:D uce, tobptber tt be beep tbin 
o j berp thicker toljat otber matter pffuetb out toitft 
it, tobat colour it is of, tbe fauour berp great, lp- 
tell none, if ittoere eafplp ejcpulfeb, ojpepne* 
fullp, bolt) oft o; bob felbome. 
C^o;eouerofftajeat, tobat colour it is of, anD 
of tobat fauour, if in taftinge tt be falt 3 fotoje,bit- 
ter, o;bnfauerp* 

<£$ifot(jebompte, pf it be of one colour o?ma* 
np, if it boo fmell bojriblp, of tobat bumourc it 
bab molt abounbaunce, pf it toece faftinge, oj af- 
ter meaies, if it toere pepnefull o? eafp* 
C^Pfeetoife fpettel, tobetber it be tbpcfce o? tbm, 
o?mpjcttoitbbloube, o? matter corrupt acco^bpn* 
Sip of tbe bumour ilTupnge out at tbe nofe, anD if 
tbat be bloube, tban tobptber it be reb, toattpe, o; 

C^o;eouer, it mape not be forgotten, to abucr 
tpfe tbe Station of tbe biete bfeb bp tbe parent, 
altoell afo;et&e fpefceneffe, as in rtjetpme of tbe 

aiii fpcfce* 


fpcfcenefl^bisage, tbefttengtbof bfcbobp, fjfe 
*jcercpfe, and place, tobwebclengeft abode in big 
poutb, fobetber it tocce bpe o; totuc, foatrp oj d#\ 

€Ci?tg3i tcuft IWlbe fttfftcient, toinfttt'ctea 
p^tfttion : be tbat defpjetb to fcnoto mo?e patticu* 
Jarlp bereof >let btm rede tbe bofees of Hipocrates 
45alene 3 Cornelius Celf«6 3 ^ctuattus 3 paulttg, 
jam dpaers otfjer late to?tter6,foj tbis Iptteli ttca 

Tbf pre ct pre ; of the tuncient pbijition Diodes 
vnto fytfgf Amigonitf. Grp. in 

Vtftcfcpllnotoc ditude tbebodp of matt into 
f o urc partes, tbe bead, tbe boulfee, called in 
latpn thoux,W)ittyt contepnetb tbe b;eft,tbeiftDeg, 
tbeftomafce>andentraples;< Cbebelp,cal!ed into 
t pn vemer, contcpnetb tbe pancbe and tbe boMs* 
3Ifo tbe blabber, called in latpn vefua, in tbe 
tbe nameig alfo contcpneb tbecundptcg, bp tbe 
tobicb brine paffetb- wban anp Dpfeafe appjo- 
cbetb to tbe bead, tbefe tofcens Do commonlp p?e; 
ceDe,ftopiwtipnge in tbe bead, bead acbe^euMe* 
of tljetyotoes, foundpngetntbeeares, pjpefepn- 
gesintbe templeg, tbe epes in tbemo^npnge do 
toater, ojfoajeedpmme, tbefmellpngeisdulM 
gtuttmesdo rtoelle* w>ban tbou feleft fucbe to* 
kens, f ojtbfottb pourge tbe bead toitb fometobat, 
not tmtb bebement medtcine0,but tafttngejfope 
o? €>;ganum,and tbe croppes of tbem bople toitb 
fcbpte o? claret topne Ijalfe a ppnte, and t^ertottb 

B O K £ 50 

gatgactfe potic motitl) fadirtgcbntpil tftc flernne 
bepurgeD outeof poureljeaD, tins is tfjceafpell 
mcDfcinetn Difctafies of tljeUeab. 3it is alfo beep 
bolfometogatgatife tyeuioufte ana b;eft toitlj 
lionp toatet, Unjettttto muftatDe is put anD mpn^ 
gleD, butfttftetlje tjeaD muftbe mbbeb toitlj a 
toarmeclotbe, tljattlje fleumemapeeafplpcome 
out of tUt IjeaD. 3nD if tbefe tokens be neglecteD, 
tijefe mancrof fpcfteneflfes Do folotoefone after, 
bleareD tpeB& burnout lettpnge p fig&UIef tes in 
t\)t tm&S toeif inges m tlie necfc ful of matter, cai 
f eo tf;c ftmgcs euplUojuipti 6 of tlje b?am ) pofe0 > 
0; retimes,ljcupnes of tljei)eD 5 anD rootb actje* 
Caftan tbe buifee is Ipfee to fuffer anp fpcfcencs, 
ittspeccepticD bvtljck tokens, allt^eboDpistu 
a ftoeattc, tf?e bulfte mod fpeciallp, ftc tunge toa- 
mfr ttypcfce, t&e fpettpil is eptbet fait 0? bpttec 5 oj 
cbolerpfte, tftefpDesanD fyotilDetsDoaketoitfc 
out anp occaftcn, tbepaeient gapetfj often, alfo 
tfjere Dotlje happen mocbe toabpnge, fuffocati* 
ons 02 facfee of b?et&, tbitfteaftet flepe, tfjcmpnD 
is bexeD foul) JjeupnelTe, alfo t&e tyeft anD acmes 
areberpecolbe, anDfyebanbes Doo tremble* 
S'gapnft tijefe tljpngcs t&is remeop mape be p?o* 
upDeD. Sifter a moDecate foupper, afifape to bo- 
tmte twtboute anp meDtcpne : botmte is alfo p;o- 
fptable, toijicbe meate Dotfjefolotoe:^e tbatn? 
fuc^e topfe toill bomtteJet Ijim eatc l?aftp!p fnmll 
rabpfl&erootes, tofonfcerfis, rofeatte, fpntip, 0; 
putdatie, anD DjpnUeafteritagreateqtiantitie 
*f toarme foater, anD pjouofee &pro felfe to bo^ 


mptt* $e tfoatfettetlj IpttellbptljefapDetofeeng, 
lettebpmfeate ttjcfe fpciienelTes folotopnge, tbe 
ptcurcfte, tfjeftcUencBoffyelungeg, melancolpc 
oj maDnes, ©atpe fetters, tlje franfpe, t&e letats 
gte, tnflamatton toitl) pejtinge* 

Jf anp fpcfeenelfebe totoarfce ttjcbealpe, ttyep 
roape be cfpteD bp tbefe tofeeng, tbebcalpts fp^ite 
tu?appcDCoget^ec, anD m it fdfe t£ troubleD, all 
wcates anD Djpnfeeg Do ff erne better m taft,be fe * 
letfi l;eupncflfe in !;ts fences, a ftpffenes tn t)is lop- 
lies, a toearmefife in all (nc boDp tDicljout anp oc- 
caft on, a flepp neffe tn I; ts leggce , tout lj a Ipttell fe= 
tier, lufjan tf;oufcle(lc t&cfetofcens, mollpfict^e 
bcalp, not tvit^ meDtcpne, but toitb gooo ojDet of 
Dtete, foj rf.'rs bed anD mod Cure, to Dfe t&ofe#tn= 
ges, toljeroflpgbtlp map enfue none annopance, 
tntlje number of tbem ate betes bopleD tn toatec 
of bonp, gatltfcefoDDen, malotoeg^eUnercurp, 
anD all tljinqes conDtte tn botipMl tljete Do erpel 
tlje o?Dure of t&e belp:but if anp of the faiD ftgnes 
Dotlje mo?e 9 mo?e tncteafe, tbe Ipquour, lDl)erein 
tbC feDe Of Cartbtmtts , eallpD alfO Cnicusy tg bopleD, 

ts a plefant 9 fute meDtctne. fmal coletoo?tes bop* 
!eD in a gooD quantttte of foater,tl)e itcout tbetof 
in meafute«it.ptnteg,raupnge ttje tljitD parte of a 
ptnt,totti) fconp 9 fait being D?unfcen,Q)a!l profile 
tnoc^cicf r, $ t^e pulfe calltD tn lattn f thmm, tn en- 
filtO^c 1 fttppofe ebitteg) tn toatet tyttnfc fading, 
Ijatb tbe fame effect. Co tbem, tofjtcfc fet Ipttell bp 
t&e fatD tofeeng.t&efeDtfeafes Do foDenlp happen, 
f\W of t&e bealp,bluDDp flWRflpppetnes of tbe 


Botoels, ptims in t\)t guts, aclje in \)Utklc boms, 
tbe fewer tetciane,tt)e gototctbe apopleuc 02 pal- 
fep in tbe lpmmcs 3 bemo?oides,afcmge of iopntes. 
C^ban t\)t blabber is totoarde anp ficfcenes, it 
is peccepued bp tljefe tokens, f ulnetTe felt after Ip 
tell meat, b?etunge topndedotonctoatde and bp= 
foatde, palenefle of colour in all tbe bodpjjeup o? 
troublous fleapes, tbe brpne pale, andpaffpnge 
f o?tb pepnefullp, ftoellpnges about tbe coddes $ 
pjtup members, wban tbefe tokens appere,tbatt 
is it e;rpeDtet to baue r emedp of odoriferous tbin* 
ges, tobicbe bo crpcil brine, tulj tcbe (ball be bone 
tottbout anp perpll toitty tbe rotes of f enell $ per* 
felp ftieped one 02 tteo dapes in good tobite topne, 
and to DitnUe tberof f aftmge euerp moaning tb?e 
ounces anb ttoo tyames, toitt; tbe toatcc of tmlde 
carettes, 0; elpcampane, tobicb of tfjefe is nejet at 
fjande, euerp of tbem baue Ipfce effcct^Ifo toatec 
tofjerin tlje peafpn callpb in latpne dee res, are die 
ped, bepnge tyunfce toitb topne, is Ipfce commodi- 
oufe : l)t tbat neglectetb tbe fapbe tofcens,let Jjim 
lobe fo? tbefe fpefceneflfes folotopnge , tfte djopfp, 
tlje greatnes of tbe fplene, griefe cn tbe Ipuer, t fjc 
ftone, ac&e of tbe bacfee, 0? pepnes m tbe rapnes, 
tl)t bifficultie of brtne, f ulnefle of tbe belp- Jin all 
tbefe tbinges tbat toe baue fpofee of, toe fyai gtue 
to cbtldje mod eafp medicines, to men, t&ofe tob^ 
t\)t be (Ironger in toojtunge* 
CCbis btete of diodes, altyougfj at tfjis tpme 
ttfemetlj not mode pleafaunt, no?accojdpngeto 
t&epjactjfe no toe Wed, pet beinge temped toitb 

b tljat, 


fyat^tcfc 3 fcatie befo;e tememtyeD 3 fome tying 
map be fouHe in it, tobicb being ejcperrenccD, imp 
beascommoDiotts fo? tye&eltb of mas boDp, as 
tyat Diete,fo&icb is mo;e cutpous pleafaunt* 

Of ttam m whofe JUwukes meat is connpte<I.C*p.u, 

Ti^ep in toljome ctiftomablp meate is eomsp- 
teD, lettljemafojetyattbepeateanp mcatc, 
affap to fcompte, Djinfcpngeffoete fopne 3 abftcpne 
from meate, tljat tngenoer botcbes, tnflammatf* 
ons, famous ructuationsojfcapours, anDtafee 
fuclje as nourp© gooD itipce, and cbofe tbem out 
to&icfc Do molltfp tbe belp, 9 at ftinD;p tpmes tafce 
tljem. 3ft is alfo gooD to tafte temperatlp f tobrcfr 
lofofetb tfje belp, as tfce meDicme called ?\cu anD 
to abftepne from Otcbe twinges, toberbpplliupce 
f0gatbereD, anDDoingenDerfpcfeenelTes, batDe 
tobecnreD o;neuer, as gotites, boneacfo pep* 

Ofthevatueoftnedtes. Cap. jj* 

HCt&at is ftuDpous abotite tl)t confetnatfe 
on of l;eaitbe, be neDetb to fcnofoetlje fce^ 
d/mcd' S ' ( weofmeates*Cbemeatetobicbebatb fcertneto 
naiimpi" Attenuates mafce bumours fubtpile,itopcnetb 
tbe poojes, anD typngetb fo?tlje tbat tobicljeis 
fade in t&e fleflfee , it mafeety djat totytlje is 
clammpe, fubtplle , anD Doetbe extenuate, 0; 
relent tbat fobicb is fatte, it bjpngety fo;t&e tf^ae 
fobicbe abtDetb longe in tbe bealp,but tbat tobtcfr 
10 catena a fupetfluitie fcatrp anD colet?fce a an& 


at teitgtftmakcfl; mclancoIp&eblouDc. oooljetfoje 
«iocf?c D fin ge of tbcm ts p?obibtteD fpeciallpeto 
ft em, tbat ace colecpfce s anD onlp fecuetb fo; tfjem 
tbat ace replete toittji fleume 3 ccuoe, oj bnDtgefteD 
fcumoucs,cIammp fatte. Cl>e Dfete of f attpnge 
(binges, Do tbe no imQ) c abunDantlp, foo tljac t$e 
Bomafceano IpuetDo Dpgeft toell; meateof gooD 
tupecmafcetb gooD blouocbat pet it ftoppetb ttjc 
ipuec anD fplene. Cbefe Do tbep,fobtcb* make fat 
turnouts one!p, as t&c pouife callpD u micuU, anD 
tbep tbat ace fipmp fpfcemalotucs, fomeDomafce 
fat bwmours, $ be alfo (lpmp s ag ftO}es teitb bac& 
fteiles- tfpnallp tbe Diete, tobiebe Dotb extenuate 
anD make leane,is moje fttce f o; fceppng of beltb* 
tban tbat U^be fattetb mocb* BojiQEMnge mea« 
tcs toolD be tbecfoje moDecatelp bfeD,toba« a ma 
percepuctb bpm felfe to baue neDe tberof, it mape 
bemoafucelptjfeDof tbemtbatbe emctfcDtem* 
pecatelp, anD can flepe foban tbep Ipft- Cbep tbat 
can not fl epe bp ceafon of emcife, lette tbcpm tU 
cbetoe fattpngemeates, lette none pDellepecfone 
attempte to bfe tfttpm* in tbe pjefecuation of 
fccltk fluggacDpts tbe geeatteftmifebtefe. Jlpke 
as tbe tempecate mouingets gooD, fo is tbe meae 
toltfcbe bcttoene tbpefee anD t\)ptmc> is to mannes 
feeltbmoftconuenent, fobicbtngenDjctb blouDe, 
accojDing to tbe competent conftttution of mans 
boDp, $ tbecfo^e is it to be cbtef lp bfeD- S^eate of 
pll iupce is altoap nopful!,tobecfo?e it ongbt to be 
efcbetoeD. 2lpfeetopfetbe toactetteof meatesisto 
be obfectieD Diligently, f o; it is a great tbpnge to 

bit couple 


touple fuel t ogitfjer tb wges of contrarp bertiies, 
fojiftbepbenot toellDigefteD, tbattobicfjeisre* 
cepueD, map b?inge Difpieafure. 

ff A Jictc pre/ertutiKe in the t}me of pe- 
tfilewce. CipitKlo. 14; 

Ti^e boDies mod apte to be infecteD, ace rpeci- 
all? fanguine.nejrtcolerifce, tbafleumatike, 
lade in tbem tbe Ijumout beinge 
co!D anD D?pe 3 is mod bnapt to receptte putctfa= 
ction 5 bauinge aifo ftrapte pafTages, bp tbe M)icl) 
dentin mud palfe.Cbe Diet conuenient f oj § tpme 
10 to abdem fro metes 3 in8atmg $ openig § po?e0 
aifo from tl;e beat of tbe fonne, fro to mocb f)tatc 
of fire,o?garmente0,from berp botberbe0 3 ^mo; 
c\)t bfe of tart tbinge0,ejrcept omon0 anD cifeo?p, 
raDiflje foitb tuneger. fo; tbep Do refid agamft 
frenim, from tome berp fttmifye, ejrercife inconfe 
nent after meales 5 from ftoetting,from al tljinqis 
tbattopttcaufe oppilation0$putrifaction, front 
tbinges bot $ moid,tobere mopdure batb tbe Do= 
minion in Degree/pectallp beinge not fufiftcientlp 
boileD : aifo from niilfee,ejccept it be in a Utel qufc 
tite,s (bat toitb a li'el fugar-jFrutis $ berbts colD 
$ D?p>$ tbertoitb foure o? fomfobat bitter, are not 
P?obibiteD/Jf pe eate figges,grapes,o? ftoete cbe 
ties, eate after t^em of ah o?enge toitb fait* ]ff p? 
eate tbinge0 colD $ mopft, as cucnbers, melcnes, 
fpffte foft anD freftye, o? Damfpns 5 eate bp anD bp 
after fome feneUnD o?enge foitb falt 3 D?pnkpnge 
tfjertott&a Djaug&te of gooD topne* Eefoare of 


BOKE 9j 

tnuG&econs,mocl) putflane,goutbes,anb al otljec 
t\)mqcsMncl)t topil fonepumfie : not toitbftaip 
Uinge,35 topll not f ojbpb eatuige of lettpfe,toitb a 
fetoempntes,o?mpjcttoitb cpnamom3lltbmges 
fohi;c ace commeuDeD,afujei m Diet confetuatiue, 
as th tl;at tobtcbeis cucattue ojbealetl), ejccepte 
toberc tbete is (traptneffe of tbe b?efte, o? toeafce- 
nes of tije ftomaftj tl;an ongbt tbep to be tempjeD 
tDttb fugar,falr, almonb imlfcc 3 cinainom,peppet, 
fenell 5 faffron,egges,anD fome tbmg tbat ts fatte 
o; unctuous. Capets at gooD to be fcfeb tottb bi- 
negec*Cbefe foetp fatte ana falt,ts not comenbeb, 
no mo?e is coletootfes, o?anpfepnbeo£ pulfe, ex- 
cept cbtttes : great peafon, rapes,no? fppnacljc is 
goofc. ailfo ttjecc be f o?boben rofcat anb muftatb, 
mocbe toine anb egges, ejccept t&ep be eaten toitlj 
fo?e!l fauce, bpneger o? tupce of o?enges : perfelp 
anb alfo parfnepes be gooo. netoe fopnes be nop= 
full,let the meate be fomefobat mo?e ttyan b?pnfce. 
butpetfultepn not to mocb hunger no?tbp?&be 
toate of lecberp, of a clotobp toet&etanD clofe, ef- 
tbetoemocfje refojteo? t^ongeof people, fopn- 
Des commpnge from fennes o? mo?es 5 from (lepe 
at- none: Dfetmrtj pour meate tbtspoulber, fan- 
Ders rebbe, balfe an ounce, cpnamom tb?e D?am* 
mes anb a balfe, faffron balfe abjamme* Mttz 
pour meate, eate a Ipttell of cojiaubet febe, toelle 
pjepateb* 3fntbe moznpnge, at a temperate fp^e 
fe*mbe pour beb bacKfoarb, clenfe pout boDp and 
^eabof all fuperffuittes : bfealfo moDerateftt= 
c aftes, ml) ftoete perfumes, anb obours, foaOJe 

am oUm 


off entpmes pour face anD IjanDeB tmtb pure ftp* 
ueger mprt tottfe rofe toater. - jjn colo teeter mprt 
it toutb mpntes, baulme, rue, o; mp?tes,attD fome 
tpme clouee* 3[n botte fommer tottfj rofe0 a; bpo* 
kttes* aiboue all tijpngeg bfe to tafce totjpte tome 
gooD, toljtte bpneger rofette, toater of cofes, tn e* 
quail po?ctoti0 l put t&ecbnto a Ipttel fetuale»oj of 
rijerpiiDeofacttron, aiiDD?pnfcet&erof alpttell, 
anD oftentimes toatye tfjcrtoitlj pour fjanbes ano 
upfage. ^eDictnespjeferuatiueagapnltttje pe- 
8iiece,foljtctj be aitoap moft rebp, ar tl;efe,a f igge 
fautl; rue, anD a toal uutte eaten faftpnge, alfo ttu 
afele, o? ttHtfetDate, to o!D men a D;ammc toeigfjt, 
topongemeui?a!fe aD?amme, ojafcrupIeDiflbl- 
tieb in bpneger anD rofe toater, oj in toater of to;* 
mmtill fcabtofe, o; balme, if tl)t plage be m torn* 
mernf tt be in topnter, puteeto debaters fome 
tolntetome, 3Mfot!;eptlle0 callpD comonlp Pillule 
Rtfts, but in DeDetfjep tocretnuenteDbp KufM) 
are fcerp excellent, fpectallp if ttyealoe, totuc&eis 
in tt } be toafl)eD,anD ttyerebnto aDDeo a Iptel Bolus 
gmenus, & tcru jigilku, SflnD if ttye perfon be of Ijot 
completion, a quantitte of fo;eU feb c, anb red co- 
taunts confectioned tout!) fp?opeof citrons, in 
colb complejtions,o$ to olD men bulb tulntc topnr. 
fcfe t&em euerp tl)p;tD bap one ptlle at a time,t^ee 
boureso?foureafojeDiner o;fupper. 3!f petafce 
trtafele o? S$itlj;ttDatc,abftepne from meate at tlje 
lead fpr boures after* % pece of t& e rote of fctual, 
bojne tn t^e moutl^pjefeeuetlj from infcctionjn 
, Iftetoife Do$ fo;ei| cfjetoeD falling, anD tlje tupce 


B O K E 94* 

(ticket) oofome. Co poo?e menne, ^atfilius toa0 
toonttogpuc atofteof tyeaoeftepeD inbineger, 
tottb a piece of an onpon o? retoe*3l tinges tobfc 
c&e be co?Diall,tbat is to fap>tobtcb Ho in anp foife 
comfo?t tbe bart>oo refill pefttlece, tenement an* 
ger, o? IjeupuefTe, be tjecp pernicious* ot&er mo^e 
ejrquiftte anD coftlp p?eferuatiues, 3! pucpofelp 
palTc ouer, tobwb ^arfilius, $ otljct pbtfitions, 
Do tamte of abunoantlp, fo?afmocb a s 31 Defp?e to 
be in ttyz toarfcc compcnmotis*£D netting | ba& 
almoft fo;gotten 5 tbat tbere is no better p^eferua* 
line, tban to fie from tbe place cotftipteD, betpme 
ano farreof, anoto let none app?ocbepou, tbat 
batf) made tbetr abobe, tobere tbe plage is f eruet. 
fl£o?eouer reeepue not into pour fjous anp tiufte, 
tbat commetb out of a fjoufc, Volutin anp perfoti 
fcatb ben wfecteD. jrojitbatb benefene, tbat fa* 
cbe ft uffe Ipenge in a cofer fad flwtte bp tbe fpace 
of ttoo peres>after tbat tbe coffer batb be openeD, 
tbep fobidj baue ftanoe nigb to it>baue ben infec- 
ted, $ fone after baue DieD* #ut bere 3 altoap ex- 
cept tbepotoer of goD,tobieb is toonDerful,$ alfo 
mercifulLaboue mas refon oj coufell 3 pfecupng o? 
ftrtfctg totjom, toba $ t»I?erc it ©all li&e bis mate- 
ftie 5 to fofjom be glorp $ pjapfe euerlafttng.^men* 
Cthvs matte 3! an enoe of tbis treatpfe> De- 
fpjtnge tljem tbat ©ail tafee p?ofite tberbp, to De= 
fen&e it agapnft enupoufe Dpfoapne, on tobome 31 
frauefetrijeaDuenture, fo?tbeIouetbat3f beare 
romp ccantrep : rc(*up?ingeaH boneftpbrfitions 
to remember, ttyat tty intent of mp labour tuas, ft 



men anbtoomenrebtngetbtsfoacke, anbobfer* 
ufnge tlje counfaples tljcrtn, Qmlbe aDapte tbec= 
bptbetcbobtes, to tcceptie mo?e futetemebp bp 
tbe mebictnes pjepateb bp goob pbifitfons in Da* 
gerotis fpckeneGfes, tbep fceppnge goob bpet,anb 
tnfourmpnge biligentlp tbe fame petitions, of # 
manet of tbett aff ectes, pafftons* anb fenftble to- 
fceti0- 3inb To ©all tl;e noble anb moftenecettatpe 
fctenceofpbifpfce, tmt&tbe mtniftecs tbeceokefe 
cape tbe fclattnbec,tobtcb t&ep baue of long tpme 
fuftepneb, anb acco?bpnge totljepjeceptcof t\je 
topfe man, be tooltip bonoureb, fo;afmocfte as 
t\)t bpgbcft gob bpb create tlje pbifttton, to; mas 
necefittie, Sflnb of tfje eattl) creatcb mebtrine, anb 
§ fopfe man ©all not abboje it* Cbus face pe toel 
gentpll tebers,anb fo?gct me not toitb pour goob 
repose, anbp^ape todBob tljatjbencuectoats 

londini in aedibus Thomas Berths 
led typisimprefT. 
Cum priuilegio ad imprimcn- 
dum folum. 



^HiC^tsbo^e teacfymgc 
all people to gouctne tl)em 
mbeitbe, isttanflateD out 
of tt)e JLatpnetortgc ttt to 
cnglpfte bp Cljoma0 
folj tcl;e bofce ts amenDeD, 
augmented anD 
mitgentlp un- 


©o ftetfgW excellent ant) bono;ab!e lo;Di 
Jbon Crle of £>jefo;De» anD bpgbe 
cbambcclapne of CnglanD, Cbo* 
masj^apnel gcetpnge. 


CDtng of olDc auctours anD (to* 
rp es mp mooftc !jono?able lo;Dc, 
3|fpnDetbat men in tpme patte 
toereof longer Ipfe, anD of moje 
p;iofpcrous belttjc: tfjau tl;cp are 
notoea Dapes. Toobpcbe tbpnge 

asttgrcueDme, foo in maner it enforced me, 
to fefcc tbe caufe of tins fooepne anD ftrange al= is tojitten, tbat 30Damlp- Gcn ft 
ucD. 95 o.'pere.Cbe Sibils of Cumane liueD4fr 
C. topnters : $efto?. iii. Cfopnters : Irganton 
fepnge of CarteflTes.iii* Cperes: 3HnD dsaleti 
ttjat famous Doctouc a* CanD«tf* peres, but 
notoe a Dates, alas,if a man map app^ocb to* tf. 
o;. lv* petes, men repute bpm bapppe anD fortu- 
nate * Butpetbotoemanpe come tfyerto < Co 
feccbe anD gpue £ beep true reafon berof paffeti) 
tnpfmallcapactte : toitbout J map fape it be, 
bpcaufetoefulfpll nat tbe commanDementes of 
allmpgbtpe goD, fobpcbetofoellfopilpngeper> 
fons are toerp Ipgbt anD of no burDen . f o? oure 
I o?De fapetbe « flipp pocfee is ffeoete, anD mp Dour- Mat. 
Denlpgbtetobe bo?ne« &aptbenottbep?opbet 
J^aupD, tbat tobo fo fearety goD, anD toalftetbe 
to Itfs foapes anD pjeceptes, ©all fe bis cbiloecs 

3Uu cljtlD?en. 




cbplDjen. inD Salomon faptfj.iD mp cfjpID?en, 
fojgette natmp p;eceptesano tatees, fo? tbep 
ifyal &epe pou anD prolog pout Dapes anD peres. 
?c*. 9 o. ^nD3[ topUe,faptbeour lo?DegoD bp BaupD, 
iegtben bis Dapes. Cban map not tbis be a tea- 
fonable caufe of tbis out tyojte $ tojetcbeD ipfe / 
CtuelpJ fuppofeitbe bpouumapupngeanD 
capi.qi.fa fpl#P fpnne* fobtcbe bepnge fo abominable anD 
hfirmitas foo ljo?rpble 5 10 at fometpme tbe toerpe caute of 
dc peni. « cojpojalle fnfpjmpte, anD of Q)o?te Ipfe ♦ §>apDe 
remis. not 0{lt i ^ e>t j, e ptyfttfan of all pbifttions, tm- 
loan.f , to tbe fpcfee man : Botot 31 baue bealeD tbe, De* 
parte tbott from bens, anD lobe tboufpnnenos 
mo?e 5 iefica too?fe barme bappen bppon t\)t < 
$>l tobetber ffiall % fape, tbat it cbauncerfje 
bpoutmpffeDpete/ anD tomocbefurfettpnije* 
Ecd.37. Cruelpe, tbe p?ouerbe fapetbe, tbat tbere ope 
manpe mo bp furfette,tban bp tbe f too?De* 
3lcco?Dpnge tobecto tljt tupfe man fap *tb , j&ufc 
fettefleetbemanpeaone: anD temperance p?o* 
longetb tbe Ipfe ♦ Smtfette anDDmerfptes of 
meatesanDDjpnftcs, lettpnge anD cojtuptinge 
tbeDigefttomfebletb man, anD berp oftecaufetb 
tbis fto?tenes of Ipfe . XDbat otber tbpnge but 
rum. i. 7 . mr ^ e D j Cte cauftD jatolomeus i^bilaDelpbusto 

be fo mpferablp anD pepnef ullpe bejceD tottb ft* 
goute,anDfoo as it is to?pttem tbat notbpnge 
couDe releflefjis pepn&fautng Deatbftoftat cau- 
TeD aintipater, anD tbat noble man $® ecenas,to 
contiimallp bejceD toitlj tye f ewer 5 b«t pi Dieter 



fofjatotfjct twinge ftifccteD airiftarcttstoirtj tbe 
Djopfp, bwtpl Dpcce ^ Yl Dpete (as me tbmHetW 
iscbpefc caufcof all Dangerous anD intolera- 
ble Dpfeafes, anD of tbe tyojtenes of mans Ipfe* 
Cfjatutmuftc ncDcs foiotoc, tbata temperate 
anD a moDecate Dtete p;olongetl*e mans Ipfe, 
anD rauetb bpm from al fucb pepnefui Dtreafes* 
3nDtberfo?e SifclepiaDestbat noble pbpfition, 
P2ofe(TeD,fCbere are*fc*neceflarp tinges to con „ 
feme anD p;olonge mans pjofpente, anDbeltfr £H£ 
tyatt&abffiiicnct ftommeate, ablhnence from 
topne, rubbpnge of tbeboDp, ejCercife,anDDige* mnt °f 
ftion i fl) botoeijolfomeis it tbantobfe gooD We * 
Dpete, to ipne temperately toelcbetoeejccefle of 
meates anD D?pnfces* Yea bo toe greatelp are toe 
Cnglptft men bouDe to tbe mapfters of tbe \mU 
uerftte of Smlerne (Salerne ism tbe realme &«tew. 
of Naples) toijiclje bouc^efafeD in our be^alfe 
to compile tbis foo neceffarpe, anD fo bolfomea 
bofee < l5ut tobat auaplet&e it, to Ijaue golDe oj 
abunDance of rpebes, if one can nat bfe \U 
SOObatbelpet^co(!elpmeDicines, if onerecepue 
tljem nat < So tobat pjofitetb bs a bofee, be it 
neuerfoerpeDient anDfcutefuIle, if toe bnDer* 
ftanDeit nat * toljerfo;e 31, confpDerpnge tbe 
fruite p mpgbt come of tbis bofee, if it toere tras 
BateDinto tbeenglptyetonge (fo;tobp, euerpe 
man bnDerftanbety nattfjelatpne) 3[tljougbte 
it toere berpe erpeDientat fometpmes, fo; tbe 
foeltye of bnlerneo perrons, to bufpe mp felfe 

%M t\)m 

THE F R E F A C I ♦ 

t&erfo i jfo; IerneDpctron0,anDfucl;eas!iauc 
S^t ejepencce, nebe no tdtucttoe to Dpete tbcm 
felfeno; to confecuc tym beltb* Yet if fucb otb« 
totfe and Dtfcrete gfcng, as is pout lo?bflipppe. 
bp cbaunce utt t^is bofee ; tbcp map* patatien- 
tute fpnbe tbat tyall pieafe tbem, and tbat beft- 
des tbep? ofone dpete and cuftome of ipupnge, 
foal be fo? tbep? co?po?all toeifare 9 good beltb* 
3(topUnat, no; it becometbemenat, toeftojtc 
pour lo?dO)pp fottb let of otber pour great burp- 
neflte, totedetbtsmp poo;etranaation:buttf 
percbaunee atpourlepfouce peredeit, 3tb«m- 
blpe defpjeandpjape poutlojdeOjpppe to tede 
tt fottb f ojgpnenes ; aind to accept* tbe fame 30 



A*ftger. fofiop?imo. f£epere0e. jj< 
Sffer noone ffepe fo. Sffte mpffie , f 9* 
+. f ♦ 6* <»n&.7. SPe o? 0ecrr, flub . triii . p?G# 
SppeWe foffe. 6. p? t tee fjjerof . 67. 

Sper tenvpetate ? ctete . j+. %tt i$<\t no?ifie <0 moc0. i6ibe% 
Sppiife t <£ep? p?op;efe . ij. time febe t .h>fifif ee £rof. 7* 
Hf?prr<lce of n<rfHr<»f0f Htmpigmenfum . 95. 
Sfe, <0f j»0ofe goobnes refs Srfnie 6foub ♦ 9 f. flnb. nf. 
_<<f0infpnef0pnges. 59. Hfftea of cofer. 99. 
«fr nof fcef fobbe ,i6ib«n. $f(?f« of ffcme.i8ibem. 
«ft mobe rnffp b?onfcf ♦ i6ibe\ SffBr e of 8fowb. i6ibem. 
»matfff Me a 6p?be. f 2. 2Bff$es of n«f«r<iff mefimceffc 
»nnfie 8f /fcf «e pffie flnb iBibem. 



HBSbance ofmbbf ffefBe. no, 
'Hgemefefo? Bfoub fetfpngc. 

~ lo+, anb. ii +. 
S6onb<irtce of 0nmourtf . 107. 
B&tmtxince cf Bfoabbe. it J, 


anc0u« . fofio, f . 

fcpggemen. 9. 

atone , 19. anb.+s. 

JBfacfte foopnee . 22, an&,j7. 

JB?eabbe mabe of totfeafe . 2 j. 

a3facRefe>0eaf .iBrtem. 

jjgntfermpffce cnffeb obo?, 0? 
jBafBnca. iSibrm « 

JB?apne«fc)efbigeffeb, an& 
fo?fco0om $rp*6e 0offom.2+. 

S5pf fer fcopne. 27* 

jBpnbpnge reb top ne. 29. 
JBpfpnge fume, jo, 

»eafpea in topnfer anb Ber.+o, 

»?eab&efff6aRe. +f. 
3S?e<ib 6aRe on ffonc 0; in 4 

panne. iBibem , 
2B?eab ouer ftoefe ? faff. +5 « 
B?anne . iBibem. 
fcaconne. eobem. 
BeafJiaCCfpjBe. f+. 
Jtfeanee. fs anb. 80. 
jBfacfcevyce. iBibem. 
5B?of0e ofpufce. iBibetn. 
Buffermpffce . 5"9. 
Buffer, ? ,pp?efe« <0crof , 60. 
fljeere of SlmBurge. 67. 
B;afne of 0oggee,fBepe, 0are, 

anbeonp. 69. 
B?of0e of f ofe £»o?fe* ♦ 77, 
EufFefr£o?ttf. Si. 

33?j>mme of f£e ff omacfce* ft. 
33ourffenneff. iBibetn. 
JBeafp ae$e, anb £ remebp.87# 
!fl$eafpngea6oufe f$e0eab.89* 
3!5apnpnge.eobem.?. 106408. 

56?pmflEone, eobem. 
DBfoubbe. 9*. 
Bfoubbefcffpnge, to* 
3j3afificaf0eJepne. nf. 

1E£onftvarnyn$of t§e funbfl 
menf. fofio . 2. 

flComBpnge of f0e 0eab m f£e 

mo?npnge. j. 

Cofbe compfepion. +. 

CCo;i?a, a retime. J, anb. 9 J. 

Cafarru*. tBtbem. 

flCofifc. 8- anb. 8?. anb 98, 

Co;po?affcunbifes • 10. 

Cnffome in eafpnge. iBibem, 
Cfene ffomac&e. 11. 
Co?rttpfe ff omacfte.i8ibem# 
QSatopnge of me afe. 12. 
C0opce of mpfRe. if. anb.f 8« 
C0efe 300b f Be c£ofen Befoje 

af offer, eobem. 
CoS»e ffefpe* i«. 
C£opee of 300b ffcf^e f?anbef$ 

in, in. fringe*. 17, 
Cock is fTonis. 19. 
C0opce of eggea . iBibem, 
Cfaref topne. 22. 
C0opce of 6?apne<*. 2+. 
C0eRpns anb capons 8?ajwtf# 

C0opceoffpgges. 2?. 

Cof bnea of topne in f a/? . i6ib?* 

CoftP.i8. anb 94.7, 96.7,97. 

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1. I09. X, 

C0opce of0offomeapre. $2. 
iCfofeaper, j+. 
Cfaref^feogpfetopne. 5?« 
£0pfb;ien f$tifbe naf b?pnfce 

fcopne. $8. 
C0opce of 6?eabbbe . +j\ 
C?tiffeff ofB?eabbe 4 +6, 
(Capon, fo. 

(C0opce of frfpe . f i. anb . fj. 

«£onbifione of goob fp |pe. f+, 
£renefeff. jr. 
AC0efe anb pefee. fff . 
Camefe mpflse « 5*9, 
Coagnfafion of mpf&e inf0e 

f?omac&e 4 eobem. 
Cofcoifr mpffce. iBibem, 
C0efe*.+.,pp?efe* f0erof.6o, 
|C0cfe eafen afone . 6i. 
iC^efe eafen after meafe, eobe\ 
£0efe after ffefpe. 62. 
SCQeviee , ? . iii . commobtfe* 

f£af come of t§em.6+. t, 6f. 
Capers. 71, 
Cofbefafageff .72. 
fCnff ome in fringe* «of nafa' 

raff. 7+. 

C0aunge of bie^e . eobem. 
CCuffome foon'ef0pnge. 7$. 
j£ofei»o?fe* ♦ 77. 
Caff o?p 7 f 0e toerin f0erof . 79* 
C0erfpf, ? Serine <0erof. 8+. 
tCanfcer. iBtbcm. 
Car naf ropufaiton . 89 • anb « 
90. anb 106. anb. 119, 
Cofbe of <0e 0eab. 92. 

Cafarrus , iBibem, anb,9J» 
^ofbefe^, 5J . 

£oferp?afTpae. 98, 
£ofbe. 101, 

Coferifce perfones anb (oRtw 
f fcnoiboe f0em. e obem, 

Cofoure f0af fofoioe f£e c5pfc# 
cfions. ioj. 

Cofourefpgnffieng fiiperffitf 
ific of Bfoub. iBibem. 

Caufee of Bfoub feffpnge, 109. 

Cfere aper . m. 

Crifi<j,fc>p*afrtie. 112, 

Cfyftite. 11?. 


HQeticate metce t b?inKee.2, 
!D?onRenne$. f . anb* 3$\*?.88» 

anb . 89. anb 91 . anb §wttt 

engenfyteb f£erof 
©apreffe. 6. 
JD?opfp . 7. anb. 8. 
1&i{eafe ifica g. 
&a?fcenee of fpg£fe . iBibem. 
tDi'ffi'm'fion to§et$cv one fpufbe 

eafemo?e<jf biner 0? at fup« 

per .eobem, 
iDigeffion. 11. 

Retortion of b?pe pec0c* ♦ ij. 
J£?pnfcpngeof mpffce. i+. 
jDifJere'ce of ioinee in cofo?. 20, 
&?effpngeof 6?apnee . 2+. 
JDeficious meafee. eobem* 
©?ie fpgge<* . it* 
©?te grape*. 26, 
Doufcet fcoinee. 27. 28. 
&oufce feopnes of meanef»B*< 
fiance. 29. 
&?pe nnfff *, anb 0urfee t§at 

f0cp engenb?e. ?i. 
lD?t^ rc ^ e "« eobem. 


frpcfc after t6e.iiii. feafomr of 

tj)epfre. 40. 
^Difference of (mure . 4+.' 
JDiuerfe ctoob fauces fo? font* 

mer. +4. 

JD?p«Spna;e of mufte . 46. 
fc>iflT?nreria. 47. 
©rpiikpnge of abater. 47* 
3D?pr.hpng;e of fcoater ttpport 

meafe. 48 anb. +9. 
JD?effpnpj of fawp?cp«. f6. 
3D?ptifcpn(te at bpner anb fupg. 

eobem. anb. J"7.anb. 61. 
*D?ppufff. *8. 
&;pnfu'ng 6eti»ene meafe*. 61, 
iDt'efe eiiffomaPfe, 74. 
&irrecerfapne« 7$". 
JDicfeof. iii. matters, eobem. 
&iere fo?no&femen. 76. 
IDief* in fomer anb Sxpnter. i6i, 
&iefpnge of ftcfce foPfces. eo. 
jDiete in bonier, Winter, B«* 

tumne, anb £>er « 77. 
3D*cocfion of cofetoo^tes . eo. 
JDecocfion of rape febe. 81. 
©ttffe. .91. 

Dmifton of ffamours. 95*. 
©iete after 6Pnb Peftpncj. 104. 
iDapeemcfe to fette 6fub. 10 J\ 
©ifpofpfionof Reaper. 108, 
©irecfe PPoub Pcftpntfe . 109. 
2>tfeafee of f6e face "11 7. 

gafpngeof funb?p me atee at 

onemeaPe. 12. 
Igarpnge of peares. ij. 
JEpampPee of miPfce earing i+» 
gggee rofleb .ii. fcoapes. zo. ' 
jgctges fobbe in toatrr* it. 

#ape* , i&ibe m. 

jgggesfobingoob Bpofge. to* 
jgc(ert6pnct,ee. 28. 
jgatpng of frutee in Sura. 41. 
jgie« anb, ppi. ranges 6urf- 
fnffro t0enn89 
igctete verc roffeb anb neS». f 7» 
gafpngeof appufe. 6$> 
jgnufa camparta, anb effected 

t£crof .8+. 
jgafpng of pePes. 9* 
jgmpfpnee. 106. anb. nj. 
jgffecfe« of 6Pub feftpng 109. 
£P6o?p. n3, 


Cftt eo?fpfofKee.i. 
fpf(0eoft0ctet0e. 4* 
jfeuer*. f. 

Feuer effimeraff . i6ibem» 
-fcefe appetite, n. 
Fepneb 0unger. eobem. 
fpo&ocr of i»6>ate . 18. 
jfouPesBeffe fo eate. fo. 
^igges, 2f . anb. 66, 
f ruiifee Papatpue* 26. 
itfrpeb eggee. 10 
^ap?ene« of topne. 27* 
5 ragranf fcopne. eobem. 
5niep?op?efee of 6?eab . 45*. 
«f refB e fc> ater fife e.f 4. anb. S f» 
FreflJe fpfBe. eobem. 
FenetTfebe, 69. 
jfp?e. 90. 

^pffuPe anb cure <0erof. 93. 
fPcme* 99. 96. 97. 
f PematifcefoPfces. 97.anb 101, 
f pne t8pngee in8Poubbe Pet* 

rpnge. 108. 
jfptte t&mgesto 8e efc0ei»e^ 

<tffer 6Ponb feffpnge. 
f ajfpnge in fommerrus. 

TUB 7* A B L I • 

f mite fyacfyi, nf, 

Qftonte. 6 4 $3, 97« 
fl3ofte.mpfoe. ij",z?« 
<$ofitf ffif£e« j6.anb.iS. 

C>ofieB?apne. 2+* 
4&rapt$. 2f.anb. 16. , 
€5roffe <jnb fi»etc fcpne* . 17 ♦ 
©<ufr&e «n&.JW?efe« f^f* 5 
of. jo, 51. 4 J. anb, 8o» 
0roffe fpfpp, ++, 
j6repgoofe. j"o. 
(6oofeffrfpc. 72 , 
(Surnarbe. f+« 

j6renec0efe.25, 61, 
Cgflfiogafe, 71. 
(S3 00b cuffome. 7+. 
f&otee Bfoub . 80. 
<6aflje mabe in Bfpnbbe fef* 

finge. no, 
Clkotfe 6pope<*. 2. 
flofbpngin of topnbc.7.rtn&.3« 
Ifeeafe of t§e bay. 8. 
feeab ar$ecaf?eb Sierfigp. iBi. 
fearto ffcfce. is. 
Ikareffefffe. i6ibmi. 
Ikoggeffefle. 17* 
Harbe egges. 19. 
Ikoffetopnes. 2i, 
ffiogges ffone*. 25. 
fibrtri# 6?apne» 2+. 
Hangpng fcopne. 27. 
fenrtesof f»)e^ foo6e«» 28. 
teonp.t'Bibeni. anb.s*. 
HerBes 0offomefo?b?tn&. 42. 
^«Sfe fobbr in fyweger, +j« 
£o*fe6 ? eab. 4f. 

fearbefr$e*. fi, 

feuftV.e*ofpufcf, f8. 
tjarteof 6eaf?es. 69, 
#emif« B;apne. eobem. 
feo?febonge. 8r. 
fjpfopc anb ifyfftctee . s?. 
tfepCfefrotfe. 85". 
fwrpng anb grtfee .^erof.89. 

Ifeummpngmt$ceate. eobem. 
ethane. 91. 

feojfncs.f. 6.caufesf$etof.i6, 
Hofefoobee. 92. 
Hoffe aper. iBtbem. 
Humo?« in man. 9+. 
Hnrfe of Bfoub feffpnge. 10+, 
Harf e ff tpnge . 107, 
Heabe ac0e. f . anb remebp foj 

if. 117. anb. n8. 
Hunger. 113. 
C£fcpfufffj>fr. 2. 
3Jeufe of cofe S»o?^«. 77, 
5 e »f e oftoafer creffis, $f, 
0eufc of rue. 32* 

C6p*> f^f?e. I5,i7.l3.?,f o. 

ernef of t§e cflerp f? one . 6 +♦ 
fiernrffeff . 6f . 

C#rg0fc fHPP^. M» 
ILpKe* . j1.36.9e. 
JLamme. fo, 
lopffers. fj". 
Hamppcpa, eobem. 
Xpgljfes. 69. 
Xanenber. 80. 
iafRe,io+ , 
Ctf^afcfce*. 78. 
-B&efancofp. 1. 3S. 9+. 97,98, 

jf^aKpngeof fcafer ,x. 


THE 1 

jft£cber«fe iop. ecbntt. 
flpobctatt bide, ecbcm. 
i*£r-ffo. 14. S8.f9> l U* 
figuttcn. 18. 19.46, 
tf£<H?e. *+« 
Mufp?om«. 52, 
ftfjtifte. 47. 66, 

tfjpebfare. 66. 
JUbflfooe. 69. 

Jlfeiiiiff ringe of bfcfe. 7f, 
ilknfarbe fe be. 82.90. 
TlkrfrtHcoPp foffcc* 4 102. 
Jlbebiam t§c Pepne • 11 j". 
St^egrpmme. 117. 
J2g>of0eri»o?fe. 117. 

•flftoe frnife. ij. 
$}efc>e Papbeeggee. 19, 
flutter, ji. ji.^. 65. 6^91, 
|)efti'fe. 8?. 

J}om6?e of 0cwe fe/0 <w& 

5eme*. 9j. 
l}flfnr<jff feTowb, 9f, 

COfbe e$efr. if. 
£>fbe6iefe, i 9 » 
jDpnione. J0 . ji, gr. 82. 00, 
£W. ft. 
SD?ep, eobem, 
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C$etc begfonetbtbtsrigbtfrttfefull anDfcerp 
neceffarpe bofce calico ttje ifte^ 
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Nglorum rrgi/cripfrt tot« JckoU SafrrnL 
Si mis \nco\Mmem,fi uis te reidere fAmm, 
C«T«JtolIf grtues, \ufc\creic proptarwm. 
P4tce rwero, cenato p<rr«»w,non jit tibi uamm 
Surgere pojiepuUs.fomnum fuge meridmvi. 
No» mictum retine.non comprime fortiter amm. 
Hxc bene fi fexMesjM longo tempore M\ues, 

Ti$is rp gbt fruteful anD neceffarpe bofte foas 
compilco at ttie tnftaunee anD fo: tl>e tifc of 
tye mod noble and btctojtous fcpng of CnglanD, 
ano of jf cance, bp all tlj c Doctours in pbtfic fee of 
tbe tmtuccftte of §>alerne, to tbeentent manne 
Q)ou(De fenotoe botoeto fce?c Ins boDp tn gooD 
fjeltb ♦ Cbe auto j tn tfje begpnnpng of tbts bofee 
tecbetb* birt- general Doctrines, tbetobtctje here- 
after be fpecefceo anD alfo Declared at legtb* Cfte 
feeft Doctrine is tbat be tbatDeftretb beltbof bo^ 
Dp mutt efebeto * auopDe great charges tbougbt 
anD care . jfoj tbougbt D?petb bp mans boDpe, 
fturtpnge anD leaupnge tbe fp?ptes in Defolatton 
anD comfo?tles rtebscbefo lefreanD fulofbeui* 
ties D;petbe bp tljt bones^n tbts Doctrine be co* 
p?ebenDeD melancoltnes anD beutnes, tfje 
t be greatlp burte tbe boDp : f o? bp tbetr operatto 
tbeboDptoaretb leaneanDcolDe, tbebart ©jiti* 
Ut\) top, tfje teptte anD bnocrftanDpnge toapetbe 

23 Duiie, 


DuHe, tbereafonts troubled anbtfee mmom 
httuty marreb . Yet neuer tlje Mttf is berp t%* 
pebpent fo? f arte anb cotfp folfce, to be fomtime 
penfpueanb beupe, tftat tljerebp t&ep map mo* 
Derate tbcrafce beatoftbeir fpjptes, anbmafce 
tbeir b obpes leaner aim mo?e ffclcuDer . Cbe fe= 
cono Doctrine is to efctjetoe anger • jf o? anare m 
Ipbe matter Djpetb bp tyebobp, anb ejccdttuelp 
cbaffetb $ mflametb tbe memoes *3Hnbto great 
. Ijeate, as luicen faptbe, Djpetb bp mans bobp> 
«p.i ioc, S>econDIp anger butted? tbjougbe ^catpnge & 
u, tnflampnge of mans barte, anb it lettetb alfo tfje 
operations of reafon. & ome tbere be ttjat natu* 
ralip, eptfcer bp ftckenes o? chance of poifon, ate 
colDe: f o; fucb folfce to be angrp is berp needTa* 
cpefojtbeir bobpipebeltbe, t&attbeir natural! 
tjeate bp fucbe meanes map be fletcb bp,gotten, 
3 fcepte, C&c tljpjbe Doctrpne is to eate $ Djpnfce 
fobjelp: fojeatpngeanb Djpnfcpnge ejccelTwelp 
caufetb bs to be bniuftp, D?oufp. anb Ooutbful, 
^urtpng $ infeblpng t&e (lomacfee* gpanp otber 
Aui, cap, tnconuenieces, as Sfuicen faptb, grotoetb ano 
dc uino cfyfcefte tb?ougb ejrcelTe of meates anb typnfee* 
a a<Jua - as ijere after C&albe beclareb ♦ Cfctitt. Doctrine 
tetomafee alpgtyfouper. tfojto mocbe meate 
tafce at npgbt canfetb 9 engentyetft gnatoinge $ 
papnefn tbebeaip,bnquwmes,letteof nattirall 
tette,anb otfcer gref es, tobicbe toe fele $ &P 
pertecabe tobtctje hereafter tyalbe mo?e plaptu 
Jpe Declareb* Cbe , &♦ Doctrine is to toalfce af tee 



hteate. f oj tfretbp tije meate DifenDe©e f o j* bof« 
turn of t&eftomafcc, tobece (as 3Hmccn faprb) re* 
Getfttbe bcrtuof Digeftiom tf ojtbemoucbc of 
tbeftomacfceDefpjetb foDcanDmafcetb Digcftid* 
Cb** bu D octone is to efcbetoe flepc incontinent 
after meate.tobtctje caufetb beltb anD auopDetft 
Diuerfe infpjmitpes,as it is after ©etoeD in tbefc 
fjerfes:Fcbris,pigrities»&:c.Cf)e.t»».Doctr<ne is to 
make toatec as of te as neDcrb : f o; totjo tbat Ue 
petbo; bolbetbbisfoaterloger tban nature re- 
quired^, ©ail auopD it toitb great pepne,anD fo 
fcmapcbancetbatDeatb©alfolotoe, as2totcen , , ... 
faitb* ailfo tofcepetbe D;egges$ fuperfluite of SH i/a 
mans f oDe longer ©an nature require©, ingen* ca deVfe 
Djefy manp inconueniences in tbe bobp . fo; tbe ficuItate 
iiuec anD bepnes called mifeciafces, Djpe bp, fo? min8edl 
©e moft parte, tbe Rumours of tbe f ojfapD fue- 
But te, anD fo ©cp be maDe fcarDe anD can not be 
auopDeD,anD ©us caufe© ©e gut* 
tes anD bentofities, anD fo it map cbanccit b?e* 
De© impoftumes : as after ©all be ©etoeD.Cbe 
but. Doctrine is, ©at one Doing bis efement 9 a* 
uoiDing©eo?Deucs anD fpltb of ©eboDp,©ulD 
iiotmocbefojceanD conftrapnebts funDement: 
fo; fo Dopnge tbe emerarDes 9 ftltuie ©all greue 
0pm, anD tbe funDement manp tpmes ismifoj* 
D?eD ©;uft out of Ijts ppie anD natural place* 
f inallp ©aucto? fap©, tbat fobo fo topi obferue 
©efojfapDe Doctrines, ©all Ipue longemgooD 
&eI©eanDp;ofpecite 9 



Si tibi dcficiunt medici, medici tibi fiant 
Hare tria, mens leta 9 rcquies 5 moderata dieta* 

iScte ate taught, tiu general remedies to coferut 
tn beltbe all creatures, anD fpeciallp noble men* 
Cbe fpjfte 10 to liue topf ullp : f o? iope anD mpjtl) 
caufetb man to be ponge ano luttp*isp moderate 
tope anD mp#bepout$ is conierueo, natutalle 
fcerme comf o;teo, tf)t toptte ftarpcD, anD tbetbp 
ma is mo?e p;omp te,q mcfce, anD of abtlite to do 
al gooD anD boned operattos. Bo; it ts not fapD 
faritlj out a caufe,tbat our top anD mp?tb mud be 
moDerate, f oj toba it is tottftout meafure, fritw 
genD?etb Detbe botbeboDtlpanD godlp* €l)is 
moDerate top ts mofte conuement fo? tbem tfjafc 
bau e mocbe rare anD trouble . vchict) top map be 
gotte bp tbe bfe of Delicate meates anD D?pnfces, 
bp auopDpnge of fucb tbpnges as engenDje me; 
lancolp. 2tnD alfo,as 3Puicen faitb in bis* n.bofee 
anD cbap*of f aplinge of mans batt,bp Dtoellpng 
anD accompanmg among out ftcDes.* 
meDp is ttaciutllttp of mpnDe,of bnDerftanDing, 
anD of tbougbte . jfoj noble men tbzougbe tbnc 
great bufines anD cbarges,are mocbe mo?e gre* 
ueDanDtroubleo tbanotber meane perfonnes, 
<5reat caefce of mpnDe anD bnDerftanDpnge DU 
ftropetb tbe natural telle of man,tobtcbe is tnoft 
ejcpeDient fo? noble men: fo? tbfp mclf e comonlp 
are natural D?p anD colcrtcbe : anD tbetfoje fo? 
tbem reft anD quiet is tpgbt profit able anD con- 
uement, ci?e* \U> remeDp is moDerate Diete.tbat 


ts to eate anD D;pnfce moberatelp* 3nD after fltjal 
be Dedareo>bat tncducmenccs gcotoe tfeougtj 
Write of m rates anD D umfces ♦ 

JLumina mane manus furgens gelidalaiiet unda, 
Hac iliac modicum pergat,modicum fua membra 
Extendat, crinem pectat, dentes fricet^ ifta 
Confortant cerebrum 5 cofortant cetera membra* 
Lote,cale 3 fta,pafce, uel infngifce minute* 

$ cte are DeilateD.tu Doctrines, tofjtc&e comf o;t 
mans b;apnr, anD tlje ctber tncrob;es of tfce bo* 
tpr ♦ Cfje fp?fte is, tol?an toe rpfe in tlje mojnpng 
parlp totoaft&e ourncs tuitl) ctecc colDe tuatcc* 
etes toolDe be trafO;cDto cienfe atoapcrbe 
cfimt anD ftltfjincs tl;at bangc mtlje b?ice of 
tljcm* 3tnD 3Butccn fapt^r* tljattlje fouerapnfte 
eljtngetomunDifpanDclcfaanDtomafee Gmrpe ^d^ 1 ; 

Of fpgfc t tfcf HCS JS tO Open ttjf m, anD fO tO pttt $ fcnia, oca 

plunge t(;cm m clete toater ♦ 3nD apene be f aitlj, J° n \f d£ 
eljat to batfce anfc plunge tfte eies in clete toater, Jf^JJ J <; 
anD tbercn to open tljem, comfo?tetb anD confer* 
uetb tlje fpgtyt,anD fpeetallp of ponge folfee»Cfje 
reafon toljpt&eetesmuftebeclenfeDtoitlj colDe 
toateus bp caufe t uerp tbpnge mufte be confer 
uep bp tbat tbat is UKr tfc f o? <£alen faptb, tbae w, 
fcotteboDpesfjaueneDeof IjottemeDicpne&anD ,Ii<dcrc s* 
colDe boDtes of colDe meDicins*C6ftDeting tljan 
t^at mans etes becolDe of nature: ttftanoetft 
tottlj refon, tfcat tyep DEjulD be toafOjeD toitl) coID 
toatec ano not toitb ftotte . Cb&ti* Doctrpne is to 
loaC&c ourtyaDegtoliantoe rife intl;emo;npng, 



f oj t&ep be mftrumetes ojDcpneD to fecpe ant) fa 
munDtfp tbefememtyes, bp tbe toljictyt tbe fug* 
8mtte0of tbetyapnebe ejcpulfeDanD auopbeb, 
as bp tbe noftnls, tbeeies,tbeeaces, anbotber 
natural! cunDitts « 3nD tbccfoje tbe banbes fpe* 
ciallpougbtto befoatyeD toitb colbetoatec, fo? 
§ toafypug of tbe banbes tuitb bot toatec engen- 
tyetb toojmestntbebealp: ^ fpectailp to toaCbe 
tbem in bofte toatec incontinent after meate,as 
3uicenfaptb*:ffo;tbefoafl&pn8eof tbebanbe* 
wac v"a. in bote foater incontinent after meate, bjatoetb 
dc iiimbri' tbc mtoarb anD natural! beat of man to tbe ejetc* 
cioj partes, anb fo tbe Dtgeftton is bnpecfet, tlje 
tobicb bnperfet Dtgcttion is tbe principal caufc 
tbat too^nes be engenD?eD* Cbc tbP?oe Doctrine 
is to roomc a iitell ^ttber anb tbptber, foban toe 
ere rpfen from refte, tbatfo tbe fuperflutties of 
tbe ftomacUe, guttcs, anblpuer, as tbe gro(Te 
mater of tbe bepnemap $ mo;e fpebilp be tb?uft 
imber* (€\)CAiiu Doctrine is competentlp aftes 
telle ojflepe to ejctenDanD ftretcbeoat our ban* 
Des.fete, anD otberlpmmes, tbat tbe Ipfelp fpi* 
rites map come to tbe btter parties of tbcboDp, 
anb fo caufe tbe fpirites of tbe tyapne to be mo?e 
quiche anD fubtple,Cbe*b*boctcpnc is fo combe 
ourbcab in tbe mojnpnge, tbat tbe poses of tbe 
beab map be openeb to auopbe fucb bapouts as 
ret bp flepe are not confttmeD:anD alfo to quicfee 
tbe fpirites of tbe b?apne, tfartbermo?e to combe 
ti?e beao is beep fcoifome, anD fpectalip f oi ageo 


men . 3nD atmccn faptft, tW to combe t&e fceafc .fj^f 
<0 bolfomcfpeciallp fo? olDe men ♦ C&etfo;e one de dcbl g; 
©uioe aaplp anD ofte combe I}t0 tjeaD ♦ f oj ofte uifa ♦ 
combmgc o;atoetlje bp tbe bapoucs to tye fupe* 
cto? parrpes.anb fo DeutDetb tbem from tbe tits* 
Cfje* bt.Doctttne is to toaflb anD purge tl)e tetye. 
jfo; tbefpltbmc0oftbetcti;e caufetbtbe bjetlje 
to ftrofe, ainD of tfce f dtbtae0 of t&e tetl) gtotoetlj 
cettapne bapoure, tbat gteatlp anope anD butt 
tht b?apne ♦ jfattbetmoje tbefpltbpnes of tbe 
tertje mpngieDDe tmtb tbe meate, caufetfee t^e 
meate to corrupt anD putnfte in tbe ftomacfce ♦ A . ^ 
aimcennaenfttuctetbanb teacbetb b0l>otoefoe va#u ;S * 
map kepe t^e tetbe from acbe anb ftpncbe ♦ C&at ca, dc ciu 
eg to toatye tbe moutye toitb topne ttopfe a mo* <*<m t 
netberbut to make tbe b^tlje f bete, it mufte be 
bopleb tottb tt)t tote of fpojge. fobo fo euer bfett) 
tbefojfapbe Decoction anb meDtcmeOjail neuec 
tjauetbe tootle ad>e. 3In tbe laflc tjccfe arc ccc- 
tapne generall rules: Cbe f pjfte t0 tbat after foe 
banc tuaQjcD anD batbeD out felfe, toe mud fcepe 
bstoatme. tf o?tbau t^ecunDttesof tbe boDpe, 
tbat is tbe poies, bm open: bptbetobtcbe colDe 
topi petce tn to tbe boDp, anD engenbje in bs Du 
nets Dtfeafes . Cbe. it t0 tbat after toe {jane Dp* 
ncDo? taftenout tepafte, foemuftcfo? a topple 
ftanDe tip rpgbt, tbat fo tbe meate map Dffcenbe 
Dotone totbebottum oftbe8omacke,anDtban 
to toaifee a litel foftlp : fo? fjaftp moupng D^uetb 
natural ^ete from tyt intetto? pastes to tl)c out* 



foatD, and caufetb pi Dtgeftton* C!?c.«t* ts § one 
of colDe completion ©outD not mtmt bpm felfe 
to foDapnlp, but bp Iptceli anD Iptcll: fo} foDepne 
cbange tmrtetb nature, as(£alen fapt!;e mtl)c 

glofe Of tljiS canon. Secundum multum et repeme # 

&c. Sflilftrongettjpnges ano of ejcteeme nature 
corrupt t&eboDp* 

Sit breuis aut nullus tibi fomnus meridianus, 
Febris, pigrities, capitis dolor, atcjuc catarrus. 
Hare tibi proueniunt ex fomno meridiano. 

feere be tencljctUe, tfrat • tut « tnconuemeuces ate 
thgenDjeD bp tlje flcpmge at after none, jf p;i* tije 
af rctnonc (lepe caufc:!; anD tngenDjetl) feuecd 
bp teafon of epilations* jfo; tbe natu call Ijeate $ 
fppjtte of ma bp Dap D;as»etb to $ outtoarDBties 
of ttye boDp, anD ttjecfo^e Dtgeftton bp Dap ts but 
f eble : But tofjan tbe natural! locate anD fpttttts 
of man Djatoe to jhnfoarDe parties of t&eboDp: 
tbmi tlfcougbe tl?ctr motion tf?e naturall Ideate 
is ftercDbp, anD tljcrfojeffcenpgljt ts tfte Derp 
feafouof perfit Dtgefhon, anDtbetmDtgefleos 
tatoe burnouts are tfje caufe of optlattos, i»!)tc^ 

Aui dift.i epilations engenD?e feuers, as 28utcen fattlj. 

dc "pmn* &wono!p,tfce after none flepe caufetb man to be 
floutttfuli tn bts operations, anD bufmes, bp t!je 
refon af oje fapD,foj gtofle !mmo?s 3 fcnDtgcfteD 
caufemansfptrttes flofoeiptomoue tljeboDpe* 
tfojasafubttle qutckefptntecaufetb Ipgljtnes 
of boDp, fo a lumpptye 02 a beup fpnte caufed? a 
fluggtaje boDp* (CtjpjDlp, tyt after none flepe en 



geDjetfjljeeDacIje* f ojtljegros.anD tomrtgefte&'The canre 
nicatc tbatcciiiaptirtlj tn tlje ftontafceDotb ipft of heed 
top to t\)t tyapne grostoapotits 5 tl)e toljicfje trou achc# 
bleanD grcuemainO of toerp confeQtiens,if toa= 
pours of grolTc matter be Hereto top anb caufeD, 
tijepmuft alfo be gros.tfoj (Balenfaptlje lit t&e 
giofe of tfas apljojifme, qu. m&M & c . $at it 
mufte netoeg folotoe, tljatali tinges be Ipfee 
tljofe ttynges 5 of tobom tfcep be eugeubjeD.die 
uiianeonuemence is tijepofeanto reume*!fteu= 
mesbebumours tljatrunne from one membje 
toanotber 5 antoas tljeprounneto toiuerspar^ 
tes of tlje botop, fo tljep Ijaue Dtuers names<tf oj 
toban ttje reume comets to tlje fpgtytes, tbep be 
calleb catarri : anD toljan ttyep roune to tfje c^e* 
kes,tijepbe called bjancbus : anto tofoan tfjep 
tounneto tymofe 5 tljep are calleb cojijamras 
It apperet&in tijefe toerfes. 

Si fluitadpe3us,dicattir reuma catarrus* 
Acitauces braqchus, ad narcs dico cori5am« 

EutbeliDestfrereafonsof tfjetoireafesbefoie Thc d,UCf 
rcbecfeD^berebenranpot^erreafons^nDmoie f,tc of fc; 
effectualc&ecaufe of? firft incomtemfte tyaf ucrs * 
to of feuers^tcbe fome tpme are called putrid 
nep feuers ,anto fome tpme feuers effimeras; 
SfeaerefrimereifiengenD?eto of toapoursamr f fettfef « 
fmuDge fumes kept anb retemeto after tfce after «««• ■ 
noon<> Of pe,t^e tD^ic^e abftepnpnge from flepe * artP fcugr - 
is toonte to confutne. <5alen fapt^ttjat tbefe fe* arte 

urn tSimtm come tfoouglj ftnuneffe , o?on* 322* " 

C ftcrnies, 


fcennes, angce;futtoufnc9 3 mtoatb fb}otoe,anb 
otyec toetjement cares of tlje mpnDcrano tlje fe^ 
uctsttjat come bp inflammation of tlje p?euep 
membjes,areof tt)e fame fcpnbe. (Cljcfe fcuers 
befoonc curcb,as bp bapnpnge anb cuftomable 
Diete* Cf?eputrtfieb feuer tsengenb?eb of tfjc 
^ti^f, ljuntfbitesinman bnmgefteb,anbaugmenteb 
Sratmfad bp tl?e af tec none flepe.d&alen faptlj, tijat fcuecs 
aiaw.u cngentyeD of corruption of Rumours are called 
putrtfieb feuers.Ct)e.ii.inc6uenimce,tI)at is to 
be dotoc in operation aub mocions^ancetd bp 
reafon tljat bp tye after noone aepe,ti) e tymtn* 
ttes,anD fumes in man are retepneb aboute tlje 
muffepis,bepncs 5 anb iopntes, anb cfee cmfttl) 
t\)t f o?fapt> memb?es to be aftonteb anb a depe, 
anb ttyecfojefycbobpe after bpnec tsflotoeanb 
beup in operations* Ci?e$p?be inconuemence 
(t\) at is tlje tjeeb acljeJcommetiMs is before oc= 
clarcbtntye.ii.inconucnience: tfatiBto fape, 
bp tye ljumibitics anb bapours ttttpmD in tfte 
bobpe tyjougbe flepe anb refte, totyctje bp fuctjc 
meanesare troubleb anb moueb totoatbe tlje 
b?apne,anb fo caufe tftc Ijeeb aclje* Cbeutti. in- 
conuemence, tUat is tbe catarf 5 fignifienge all 
maner of retimes ^cijanceti) to man anb gtcatlp 
greuefy i)pm,t!)o?ougl)cbapoursanD fumes, 
to\)itl)t are toont to be DiflfoiueD anb cofumeo bp 
toatelje, anb bp reafon of flepe tbep tyatoc to tlje 
tntoaroe parties of man,anb fume bptoatbe to * 
toacbefyebjtapnejtotjtctye fumes ingcoffeb bp 



colDe 5 retonrnc to tfyc lotpc partes eaterrifans of 
mans boDp*Htticen alleged* tnanp orl;cr mcon* Am. am. 
uemcncesanD Difcafes cngcntycD of tlje after xm.nb.i. 
nooneflepe. CljefpjftcDtfeafctstljegoutanD doc.ii.c* 
palfep, ttje toijicije gtetw fcs, bp realbn tljat fye lx * 
b um:D ttee , that ate tout to be d jpeDtop anD co- 
fumeo bp tljc ideate of tl)e fonue anD bp toatejje, 
Do temapne ftplle in tf>e bobpe* Cbe feconoe is, 
tl)c co ulo?,anD corruption of tl?e fact, tfeougtje 
t!)e toatrifflje &ciintDstc6,lpfcc bnto mans b;me 
mpnglrDtmtfj tfjc blouDDe 5 tol)ic!) tnatrifO^e tyus 
imDites are tooiu to be toaflfD anD confumcD bp 
Ujatclje,anD bp reafon of 0eppnge tftcp afcrnbe 
hut!) ttje blonb totoatDe tlje bjapne anD tlje face, 
anb fo ttjcp caufe tijie face to Hurtle anb to toare 
pale* CljetI?p;De inconuetuence 10, that aftei 
none aepe tngeD?etlj t&e fplene,$ tljat bp tije fce- 
ppng in of tfje grolle melancoip \>umo& bp tfje 
Dap relhjf 0? as foatty tuttft tlje Ijeate of tlje Dap 
(toljic&e Doty open) gpuctfc moupngeanD toap 
to melancoip !jamo?s bp tye ftcapte cunDites of 
tbe bobp : fo tyc Dap depe lettcty anD Diftcopcty 
tye parages anD p?op?e toapes of tyemranD fpe 
ciallpit Dfflropety anD ftoppety tye cnDites tyat 
come from tye fplene to tye monty of tye ftoma* 
be, tyat are o?DepneD to pjouofce mans apetite; 
bp toljitye cuDites al melancoip fuperfluttes are 
toont comonlp to be clanfpeD. Cl)e* ttti^urte 
is,tyat tye after noone Oepe mollpfiety tl;e bep- 
neg,bpcaufe tyat tye &«miDitcs,tye totytye are 

€AU toont 


foonte to be tuflfolueD bp tbe Dap foatclje,can not 
be reftojeD, tobicb* fo remapnpnge in mans bo= 
bp Do D?p bp tfte D,emes*€&e.lK mcouemeceis, 
tbat man bp reafon of reft o? ftepe, lofetf? t)ts ap 
petite, fo? lacfceofrefolution of tbe turnouts: 
tobicbe refoluttonis cbiefe anDpjmcipall caufe 
of tbe appetite* M otber reafon is, tbat tbe re* 
pienptypnganD ftllpnge of tbeftomafce toitb fu 
mes anDt)uimDttes,molitfietbanD(l)uttetl)tbe 
moutb tberof.Cbe.bu mconuentence tbat after 
noone flepeDotbe eugenDje, ts tmpoftumes, bp 
meanes of butniDites ccreafeD bptbe Dap flepe, 
tbe tobtcfye Djatoe to one mcmbje o? other, * foo 
caufe it to ftoelle. 3tutcen faptb, tbat befpDes all 
tbefefo?efapDe,tljet*be ttoo otber fpectallcau^ 
fes tbat pzoue tbe after none flepe to be burtfuU 
Cbe firfte is,tbat tbe Dape reft ts foone cojtup* 
teD,btcaufe tbe beate of tbe Dap Djatoetb tbe co? 
po;al beate to tbe etteuo? parties of man : but 
tbe npgbt reft Dotb dene cotrane: fo? it Djatoetb 
tbe co?po?all beate of man totoatDe tbe tntoarDe 
parties* £>f tbe tubtcb ttoo motions tbere is en> 
genD?eo a btolent motion,tbat Difturbetbe na- 
ture, KnD tyecfop tljep tbat topll 0cpc anD rede 
tbem bp Dap , are counfapleD to flepe tn Datfce 
places anDtn (^aDotoe. Cbe.itcaufe is tbat tlj^ 
Dap reftemafeetb a man tmluftpe 5 D?oufp, anD 
as balfe a ferDe, anD tbat bp tbe cbangmg of na 
ture frome bis olDe cuftome, tljat is from Dige- 
ftian af ^ nteate : pet not toitfjftanDpnge tbat 

O F H E L T H £♦ 7 

tftc after noone reft o? flepe 10 generally Dtfp;ep 
feo,tt tbe mgbt reft greatlp comenDcD 9 p;epfcD 3 
pet tbe flepe tf)ati0 taken m tlje mojnpngc.m. 
Ijoures before tlje fonnc rpfpnge 5 anD,uM)Otire0 
after tljefonne is rpfen,t0 not to be DtfpjcpfeD: 
3(s Hippocrates faptb tn lusai.boke of pionoft. 
jblepe conuentent anD naturall taken bp npgbt 
0? bp Dap, is allowable, ano contrarp 10 hurtful: 
but ttje mojnpng flepe of all tbe Dap t0 left too?= 
tbp Dtfp?epfe^nD all be btt tbe Dap flepe anD at 
after none are fo?btDen bp olDe fathers anD Doc 
tour£,petfo?alltbat,notoeaDapeg Qepe taken 
tn tlje Dap tpme ts not greatlp to be blamcD,fpc* 
ctallp as &artruttu8 faptl), if tbefe* to. conDicp- 
ons tl)enn be Dtltgetttlp obferueD. <tO)e fp;ft 10, 
if it be cuftomablp bfeD, & t)e.iL ts tbat it be nat 
taken immeDtatelp after Dpner* Cbeaii 40, tbat 
one flepe nat imtb Ins beeo lieng lotoc. Ctjeattu 
i0,nat to flepe to longe* Cbcto.nat to be toakcD 
foDemlp$ferfullp 5 buttoiti) gooD moderation* 

Quatuor ex uento ueniunt in uetitreretentcn < 
Spafmus, hidrops,colica, uertigo,quatuor ifta* 

C^ecc ate Declared, muncouemeces 0; Difefes 
tftat come bp belong ^olDing of totnD in mans 
boDpe* Clje fpjftets calleDtye crampe* Ctye 
fcentofites of t^eboDp,rounne oft antongettye 
totnte0anD toemes^fplietb tbemtottbtopnDe, 
£>ftbetobicljefpllpnge eoroetlj retraction anD 
tojpnkejpng together of § bepnes* 3lnD Mian 
faptM&attljecrawpei* aDtfeafet^atlpetft tn 

€mu tye 


tbe bepnes,bp tbe tebtcbe tbe mcmb?e0 of man 
moue anD cpteiiDe tbem felue ♦ Cftts crampc is 
Dmcr0,onets caufeo bp replemfljpnge, tobe^ 
bp tl)c membje 10 maDe lbo?te anD gtcatte, and 
to:pnfcelpngetogetber IpUe letber, 0; a batpe 
ftrpnge, tb?ouglje the matter repiemO) pnge tl)t 
mtbitsMbiz maner of crape coinetb foDapnlp. 
Cftecc is another fcpnDeof ttje crampe mocbc 
ipfce a tabojet , tobictje mfo?cety tlje memtye af- 
ter bis lengtye anD largeneg to crompull to ge* 
tber Ipfce parcbcinent cafte in t&e fire<Cbis raa= 
nee of crampe cotnetb Ootolp* C&e feconb uicou 
ticmeucc 10 called tbe D?epfp,a matcnall Dtftafe 
engcDjeD of a berp colDe matter,tobtcbe tnttetl) 
anD enflatetb tbe tnemb;e0 0; place0 of a mans 
boDp, m tobicbe 10 tbe regimet 3 tfcat 10 t^c bige^ 
Jbon of nieate0 anD buroo?0, a0 in tbe ftontafcc, 
tbe Ipuec, anD tbe boiDe plaee0 about t&c bealp* 
f 0} D?opfp neuer engenD;etb 5 but toban tbe lp* 
ntt t0 cojtuptc bp reafon of tbe bloubDe. cbcte 
beait.fpices of D?opfpe, 3pofarca,afcliDes, ano 
tpinpanite0*anD of tbe t^mpm^ tljw. it* tncon* 
uentence0 are bnoerft&h % tpmpanp (a0 faptji 
maifter JSattruce) 10 engenDjca of an pile com* 
plejcion,bp colDne0 of tbe ftomafeeanDlpuee, 
fo!;icbe topll not fuffire man0 Djtpnfce 0; meate to 
be conuecteD in to gooD bumoure.but toucnttb 
tbem in to bentofme0, tobicb if tbep beawoibeD 
op belcbpnge 3 bp ftoette,o? otfjer topfe, tb*P topll 
«oppe tl;e toapes of bopDance.aiifo t&efe bento 



fitcs gctfier together bettoene tbe plates of tbe 
bcalrfcalleD imcac, anD fipbajc, anD there tbep 
tngerioje tbe D?opfie.Cbe. m. mconucmence 10 
calico t\)t colpfce , a peullous anD a papnefuUe 
DifeaCe^tt is engenDjeD in a gutte namcD colon. 
TLvkt as tf)c Difeafe calleD iltca, 10 engcnD;cD tn 
one of tbe guttes calleD phomainD tbefeauDtfea 
fep ace mgenDjeo bp bctofitesclofeD m tbe gut- 
tes.Cbe.iiU.mccmemcce attD Difeafe is tbe tjeeb 
ache calleD bcrtigo, tl)t tolwb maUctlj a man to 
tncuetljat tlje toojlDe turnetbrtbe bentofittes 
\a\)icl) D?atoe to tbe b;apne,anD mire tljcm tmtb 
tbe Ipfelp fp mtes, caufc tbe fapDe Difeafe calleD 
toemgo , tobtcb as tbe name Declacetb, is a tut* 
npngojafbrimmpngtntbebeeDranDas d5alen io* 
faptbMbeptbat bauetbe fapDe fnftntiftte,ate 
foone aftonpeD, anD tettb a Iptell toutnpnge a~ 
bout tbep fal D tone»3uD2! utcen rebetfetb tbefe a uudifl m ♦ 
tnconuentencestmtb otbet,auD be faptb, tbat xvu 
bentofites Ucpt longe, caufe anD tngeDje tbe co= 
ipfce, bp teafon tbep afcettD anD getbet to getbes 
feblpfl)pngetbeguttes*3nD fomtpme tbep en= 
gcD#$D?opfp,* fomtpme Darfcenes of fpgbte, 
anD fometpme tbemegrpme/anD fometpme tbe 
fallpnge puel,anD fomtpme u tunnetb bnto tbe 
iopntes 7 anDcaufetbtbe ctampe* 

Ex magna cena ftomacho fitroaxrma peira^ 
Vt fic nocte lenis, fit tibi cena breufs* 

$ece toe be taugbt to mafce a Ipgbt fouper, fot 
to moclje meate letter mans natutall reft, anD 



caufetl) anguptye anD gnafopnge in tbe bealpe, 
anD caufctb tbe face to bjeafce out : anD mattetlj 
one to fjaue a fteupe Ijccd in tbe tno?mnge , anD 
anbnfauetp ntoutb*i£erctbt0queltion comctb 
tocll to putpofe : soobttber a man tyouiDc eate 
tmoje at opner oj at topper Jfo? Dtffimcton bere 
of , it is to be noteD : tbat after tbe quanttte of § 
boDp e mo?e o; le(Te , tneate is conucment at fo 
per o? at fcpner * f o? epttjer tbe bobpes be bolle 
anofounbe , o; els fteke/|f tljep be ftcfce, eptbec 
tb ep inclpne to matertall ficfeenes, o? to bnroat= 
teuail:31 f tbe ficfeencs be not caufcD tbo?ouglK 
fome bumout,one map eate tbe mo?e at fuppec, 
bpcaufe in fucbe fpcfcene(res>nature onelp enae* 
ueretb to Digefte tbe tneate ; J f tbe fpr Keucs be 
tnattetiall 5 ottc map eate tbe nto?e at Dpner, as 
it is Declared tn tbe. tut. treatife tn tbe .b ♦ cbap. 
of tbe curation of falling fpcUencs on tbis totfe: 
* l^e tb at can not be fufftfeb tott^ one meale in a 
Dape, becaufe be is otbet topfe accuftotneb, be 
muftebeupDe bis tneate m totfote patties, anD 
eateaupartis at Diner, anD tbe otbet parte after 
teperate eicercife at Cupper. Cbe teafon berof 10 
tbt0, at fucbe feafon tbe feble nature batb brtpe 
bp tbe natural beate of tbe fomte to Dtgefte, anD 
tbe fugfluites tbetbp are mojerefolueD,foljec= 
foje tbe refection tyulDe be larger at Diner tban 
at foupper* KlnD mo?e ouer bpcaufe tbe ^eate of 
tbeDap,tDb<c^ecaufetb Dtgeftio, iopnetbtoitb 
t&enatnrall&eate of manes boDp, tjjere are bp 



Dap* li.fontyp locates to belprtbc&tgeft itwMt 
it 10 not fo m tl)t npgl)tc* Jlpke topfc nature en= 
beueretb l)(t bp ntgbt to tugcft tbe fupctflutne0 
3nD ri;crfo?e fljeQjulD not bebpntyeDtmtbtbe 
tugeftpngeoftomocbe meate, Hno tbougfte it 
be fo, tbat tbe uaturail beate of man is m wanp 
tbpuges f o?tif ieb m t!)e npgbt, as? bp retraction 
of tbe fpirttes $ reduction of aepe: pet tbat felfe 
be ate can not Digefte* it Dpuers tbpngc6,as tbe 
meate,at tbe fugfluitie0* Cban tt folotoetb, tbat 
fucbe folfce flJulD eate leflfe at fouper tban at Di~ 
net. Jff tbe bobpes of fucbe folfce feme bole,ojel= 
lea if tbep be berp bole,flronge ano toitbout anp 
fenfibilite of fugflutte0,auopDpnge all tb?ougb 
^pjfciSGitfS!*) ffrengtbe 5 as mpgbtp bpgge 
men: fucbe mape eate mojeatfoupper, $ o?tbc 
nature of tbefe bobpe0 labour onelp bp npgbt to 
Oigeft tbemeate recepueb :ano not to rppe tbe 
fuperfluite0,fo? in a maner tbep baue none*3lfo 
tbep labour onlp to f o?tifie tbep; bobies , tubtcbe 
toaretbmo^e ftronger bp npgbte tban bp oape: 
bieauft tbe blouD anb co?po;tall fpintes be enge= 
D?eD bp npgbt in a mo?e quantitie,anb better oe* 
uiDebtbjougbcout tbebobpe* 3jftbebobte0 be 
not greatlp Difpofeo to beltbe,as is reberfeD,but 
arebifpofebtobelpgbtlp ficUe:fCban tobetbec 
tbep trauaple and labour fo?e continuallp toitb 
tbep? arme0 anb banbes o? not, tyto beae tbep 
eate mo;e at Dpner tban at fouppet* fo? meate 
is not onelp taken to no?p(be$ reftoje t&e bobpi 

B but 


tut alto to make mopfte, ano to ouerfp?pnkplle 
anb toater fyt mcmbjcs, tyat tljjouglj greate la= 
bouranb trauaple tljep toajeenot b;pe,anblpfee 
topfe to tmtbftonbe tfje Dtffolutton of natural! 
Ijeate * fcot fuclje trauaple ano labour lettetye 
ttat tftep? true btgeftion* jf o? toe fe bp experience, 
tljat tbep eate ttopfe o? tl)?ife m a bape tout) gooo 
appetite , ano goob mgeftion. tl>c bobpes be 
not apte no? mfpofeb to labour conttnuallpe, as 
$e bome* afo?e reljerfeD, Ijit map cljauncettoo 
toapes: jfo? epfyer ttjep labour berpefoje 3 buf 
nat continuation elles tyep labour f eblp 5 to&e# 
bp rugfluttcs encreace. Cbep t trauaple moctje, 
as tn ribpng o? gopnge about tljep; toojlblp bu^ 
fpnes 3 tt>ulb eate mo?e at foupper tljan at mwer : 
btcaufe tye bnaccuftonteb great trauaple toolbc 
not fuff re ttje meate taken at opner to Dtgeft,buf 
tot\) corrupt it » pea $ further tfyougl? fuperflu 
ous motion ttje natural tjetc is btflblueb $ fp?eo 
Itteuerptmbjeof tlje bobp,tol)icl)eiutl)enp$l 
tyatoetyto ttjetntoarbepartts of tbebobpe^ic 
ttje p?mctpall caufe of goob bigeftton. 3nb tfyer* 
f o?e a goob $ a large fupper ts ntoje ejepebict fo? 

em tlja a large bpner ♦ 3lfo tlje fame perfosie? 
toece not b?ougt>t bp befo?e tins feafon tn fucfte 
greate trauaple: $ tijerfoje ttjep? bobpes are full 
of bumibtttcs : tobtc^ Ipttell meate at bpner map 
reftftetye refoiutions caufeo bp great motions 
ano trauaple* lSut in cafe ttyep trauaple Ipttell 
ano eafelp bp $e ioape , to eate mo;e at bpner 


tfcan at fouppcr is bed : as it 1$ Declared in fie lie 
boDpee, fo; tbep mod ecmonlp ate feble borljc of 
compaction ant> of Digettion, anb tbe beateanD 
Ipgbt of tbe fotme Dotbe comfort tbep? naturail 
beate anb fptcitcs/ailfo tbe reafon beceof is tbts, 
tbe co?po?all cimoues anb parages bp Dape ace 
open: tobecfoje tbe fttpctfluitcs of tbe bobpe ace 
foonec erp ulfeD bp Dape t ban bp up gbt. tf attbcc 
tbep ougbt to eate but Iptell meate bp np gbt, f oj 
rtjan nature is gceatlp occuppeD to Digede tatoe 
burooucs, tbe n?!|icl; flcpc mud Diged anb b;mg 
to goob pomt.SlnD tbougb tbebigeftio to Diged 
anb great repletions ofmeatcs, anDtbefupcc? 
fiuous bumours be bolpe bp tbe npgbte : pet ne= 
uectbclcfte,tbe ftceugtbmge tberof is not fuf= 
ficieut to Digede great repletions of meates,anD 
alfo fupecfluou0 burooucs ♦ 3nb foittetb focll 
tbatcudometneatingemocbeoj lpteii atDpnec 
foupcr, ougbt to be regarbeb anb feeptc ♦ f o? 
cudome 10 goob anb necedacp bottje f o; b^ltb of 
tbe boDp l auDtoeuceficfcene0:a0 <5nitn faptb, ****** 
Jfojfobapnerbangeof cudome 10 frerp hurtful, JSrSSS? 
anb fpeciallp f 0; olD folfees . f 0? nature can not; 
bearenojpet fuffce fobepne mutation* ifcuta* 
<Ealen faptb tbe alteration tbat 10 Done bp Iptell ***f •* 
anDlptteliis fure inougb. Bnbtbusitis toeUe 
p;oueD,tbat toe ougbt to eate mo;e at Diner tban 
atfoupenanbtbatbtcaufe ftcfceuelTes ace moil 
commonlp materials, pet fo; all tbat, if a man 
coulDebecontemeDtoitl) onecepadina Dape, it 

3d* iu tocce 


toere better to take it at foupper t\)h at bpner, fo 
tbat fte be not DifeafeD in tbe epc0,o; in § b;apnc: 
fo? tban it toere better to tafeeit at Dpner,tban at 
foupper. foi tbe repletion of tbe foupper, but- 
tctbefo?etbeb?apneanbtbe epes ♦ ainb totttetfj 
toell, tbat not onelp tbe repletion of tbefouppei? 
burtetb tbe ftoroafee, but alfo all nianet of otber 
repletions* f ojtbep mgetye optiations, feuet0, 
putnfactto0,tbelep?e, $ DnDigefteD Rumours* 
Auudift*!* Snb^uicenfaptb, tbat all manerof repletions 
h.ui. ca« de ^ ucte tijt (lomafce, no? tbe greate eater bpreple* 

« tT m twn augmented mt ft* & ol >P e > f o? ft e Digeftetb 
cho* ° not bis meate: but be tljateatctb roooeratelp, 
batb altoape0 fome appetite, aim mcreafetb W 
bobp,fo? be bigtftttb toell bi0 meate* Cberfo;e 
toe ougbt to take goob bebe, toe butt not out (to- 
tnafcc bp ouet mocb repletion, no? tbat tue mafce 
not our felf e pourtp anb tbe pulfe to beate mo?e 
t>ebementlp*3fn Ipfce maner repletion tbat ingc- 
b?etb lotbpnge of meatc,ougbt ptfneipailp to be 
efcbetoeb,but fpeciallp tuba it cometb of pll mea* 
t*0* f o? if it come bp pile ttteates, tt ingenb?etbe 
papne in tbe lopntes, in tbe rapnes,in tbe Ipuer, 
anb tbegobfte 5 anb generally ail otberfleumfc 
tpKe btfeafes*3nb tf it come bp dene meatcs : it 
.. m< . . mgeuDjetb fljarpe feuets $ botteimpoftumes* 
It f ototoetyttym, tbattbi repletion mufte be u 
Gaicnin.i. autoes aboueall otber tbpnges* J?o? as ®alen 
•pnouiip. foptb, ouer mocbe repletion pjetenbetb fttang^ 
tynge 0} fobapne Detye,£>ecom>lp toe muft take 



fceDe, toe ouetfpllenot out ftomaUe0 anD bttetlp 
Dtftcoie our appetite 3 but foe tmtfte fcepe fame ap 
petite : anD m efpcciall t^ep tyat ftaue a fttonge 
anoagooD appetite, £>ome tbetbetljatftauea 
f eble appetite,anD tyeCe oug^t to eate moje t!;an 
ttyn appetite tequp jetty, 

{£Tu nunc] comedas, ftoniachum nifi nouerij ante 
Purgatum uacuum<$ cibo, cjuemfumpferis ante y 
En defiderio potens cogiiofcere certo, 
Hasctria funt figna fubtilis in oredieta* 

l^ere arecertepnec0manDemente0,ttyeto&icl)e 
f)ttW Dtfy;ttty W fteitl), mufte of neceffitie ob* 
fetue anD Uepe mo?e Dulp tban eate oj Djpnke* 
Cbe fp?tt i0, be ttHilDe eate ntnnanet of meate* 
tmtyout I)t0 ftomafee be net 3 anD putgeD of all pi 
bumout0 5 bp bomet o; otbet conuement toape0* 
jf o? if a man recepue meate into tyt0 ftomafee, tit 
t\)t \n\)icl) ate co?tupte i>uinout6,tljep topll min- 
gle tbem felfe together, anD caufe ttye meate neto 
Ip eaten to co; t u p te. c I) t feconoe ts, to eate no 
tnojetpllt&e fp?lte meate tljati0 eaten be Dige- 
(UDanD-auopDeD out of ft t ftomafee* jfo? tbete 
t0 notbpnge moje^urtefull to|man0 boDp, tbat* 
to tecepue meate fcpon meate, tyatt0 but onelp- 
begunne to be Dtgeft eDdf oj tlje meate laa taken 
fl^all let tlje Digeftto of rijat tljat toa0 fpjft eaten, 
ano tbe Digeftton of ttye meate fp;tt tafcen,(ftalbe 
fttftfpnpOjeD^ic^eDepattet^ ta tlje Ipuer bp 
tfje beme0 calico mefetaifces, anD tyettoity ca* 
ttetty ttye meate lafte tafeen not pet toell oigefteD* 

&«ttt» tofyerof 


fetyctof tatoe Rumours anb bnbigeftebbemul* 
tiplieDinmansboDpe, jrattber mtbe tcjcte ate 
put* ti. tokens, to fcnotoetobantbe ftomafceis 
bopbe of tljc meate before eaten* Cbe fp?fte 10 
betpe bungec. 3Unb f 0; a tmotolege beceof , toit- 
tctb toell tbat tbete is.u. manet of buugets, 
betpe hunger, anD fapneb bunget. maetp bun* 
* aim <n ger is tufcuueb bp <5alen in tins imfe.tacip bun 
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tbougbe tbe bobpebaueno nebe tberof. 3no as 
betpe bungec contetb bp contraction anD co?cu^ 
gatiouof tbe bepnes ^cebpng ftorotbentoutb 
of tbe ftomafce, bp fugillation of tbe memoes 
nebpuge ineate: fo in Ipfce topfc f epneb b unger is 
toout to be cattfeD of tbem tljat conftrapne , tbat 
tbep fljulbe pjouofce tbe moutbe of tbe Romaic, 
tbemetnb?esbaupnge no nebe of foobe, as bp 
colbe tbpnges batbe o? fyatpc^nb of tfjis figne 
soi. in. u anb feconbe p jecep te p jecebent, Uluitm faptbe : 

j|*o; be tyuloe not tacpe ionge tbenn toban luftc 
pjicfeetb,oneles it be a feineb lufte, as tbe tuft of 
b?onfeerbes, o; fuebe tub ofc ftomafces abo^cetfte 
meate; Jojtoenbucebuget longebotb fpUe tbe 
ftotnafce ful of puttifieb anb co?cupte burnouts. 
3nb after in tbe fame cbap* be faptbe, tbat to^o 
To euer louetbep? b^ltbe, tyulbe neueteate tpll 
tbep bane a fure luftc,no? tpll tbep? ftomafee anb 
bpcmo ft entcaples be bopbeb of tl;c fp? fte foobe 

OF HE L THE* it 

ftat tftep tofce. $ o? tlje batmgerouft tljpng* ftae 
map chance a mans bobpe, is to teeepue meate 
fcpo bnbigefteb meate. Cbe feconbe tljpnge r^at *t>» 
figniftetbtcuelufteojt>erpl)ungec, tsffclenbet K&'SjiSJ 
Dietep?eceDcnt: tf^at ts fmallfuftinaunce befo;e im»gcr. 
taken, fo; tetjan hunger folotoctlj tljctbppon, it 
is beep true ljuger. tf attijerotoje pc fljaU bnber * 
ftatu>c,t!>at to eate mocfye anD of fonbjpe meate* 
mengleDtogptfyrcat onetcpaftc o; refection, is 
toojfte ofall, asflefllje anbfpflHcftefcensanb 
pojfce, anD after to pjolonge tye tpme m eatpng, 
:Jfojtf?efpjfte meate begpnnetl) notoetobigcfte, 
foljan tlje otber meates ate ferueb into ttje table: 
ano Co tt^e partis of tlje meate be tonlptte in bige- 
(fton : §>o tbat ttje fpjfte tafeen are btgeftcb, cc 
fte laft tMai is eate come to tlje mpbbes of rtjepj 
bigcftpnge :3nb ttjts caufetM t^at feme parties 
cojruptotijerfomc.ainb oftljts ftpnge^uiceu* 
tuaenet&fapenge:C^ereisnotljpnge mo?eban tVtoVtT 
gerous tya to mpngle bmers meates $ Cullman* 
ces togptl;f r , anD after to p?olonge ttjc tpme m 
catpnge. foj fctyantyelafte meate is reccpueb, 
tbc fpjfte is toel ncre bigetteb,Cl)erfo?e tfje fapO 
meates in bluets of tbep? parties (as touctjpnge 
Dtgefhon) be not lptte.23ut pet toittetty tocil, ftat 
pjolongpnge of tpmem eatpnge moberatelp(as 
an fyoure fpace) to ctyatoe anb ftoalotoe our meat 
tocU,is aiotoeabU, anb b^ipetb moclje to tf;e con 
feruation of Wt^f op goob cljatopng anb f m - 
Iotopnge bofcn* is as tjaife a bigeftion: 2Mb pll 



cljafoingebott) eitljer letbigeftro ojete botb gm 
Ip bpnb?e iuiSut p;olongpng of tpme m eatmg, 
tutt^ talfepngc and tellpnge of tnkBAi.o}Mi^ou 
resets rtgb* ijurtf ulle,anD t^erof are ingentyeb 
tyt Dtfeafcg before reberfcD* 

{CPerfica, poma, pira, lac, cafeus, & caro falfa, 
f t caro ceruina, leporina, caprina, bouina, 
Hec melancolica funt, infirmis inimica, 

i$ttt arebeclareD^maner of meatcs o^foo- 
Des tljat ingentye melacolp,*are bntjolforoefoj 
ftcfce foIHeg, £Df tlje foijtctye tye fpjfte 10 eatpnge 
GaUuaii^ ofpecI|cs; 9CO^erof<15aleu faptl),tljeieuceofpe^ix. -c^ano tljep? materiall fubftance is foone co^ 
rttptcD anD btterlp plL2oo l)crfo?e tljcp oug^t nat 
as fomefap 3 to be eaten after ottjer meatcs, tfoj 
tbepttupmme aboue,anb foone cejiuprc* 53ttf 
ttygougljteto bempttbeo, fofcic&e i0acotmme 
tl)pnge 5 tbat all tljat 10 mopfte, appperpe,ano 
Ipgbtlp gotlj fcnoer , (Juloe be eaten fp?lte, anD 
fo tyulbe pecl?e0 3 tobicb ftoif tip go to tl)c bottum 
of dje fiomafee,* make toape f 0? tlje meatcs tbat 
comeaftet* $ut toljantyepbe eaten iafte, tljep 
botb co?rupte fyem felfe * alfo fye otber meate0» 
3tnD tbU0 it appcretl), tbat tbi0 Capeng ougl)t to 
lie bnDetftonoe of peactje0 eaten after otbec mca 
te0*tfo?toban tbep be eaten before meate , tfjep 
begooDfo?tl>eftomaUe 5 anD tyep roollpfpe tbe 
Aui.ii^ca, bc alp 5 anD p?ouofte fye appetite; a0 atuice faptlj: 
ca de per ftppe peaeijc0 be goob fo; tfye ftomafce,anD cat^ 
fid** fetye one to Ijaue an appetite to meate* 3inb fat- 



etjcrljeraptbtCbepougljtnotto betaten after 
otljcr nmtt, fo; ttja tljcp co:rupf ,but tbep imifte 
be eaten bcfoje.lpKc tupfc feccapto.iu the cijap* 
tcr of pecbes, bp auctojue of Jmofcojtde faptb: 
Kppc pecbes are good fo; tbc ftomafce, auD tbep 
mollpfpe tbe bealpe. 13 ut toban tbep be not rppe, 
tinp mafce a man eoftiue; ano tuija tbep be djpc, 
tbep bpuDe fojer, 31no a Decoctcon made of type 
pecbes ano Co D;onfccn, Dotb let tbe flotopngc of 
bumiditcs totlje ftomafce auD bealpe. 3Eud tbe 
pouber of pecbes cade bp on tbe place tobcrc one 
blcaetkftauncbctb tbe blcdpng.atnd all tbongb,. 
pecbes bane tbefe memcf nable $ tues afojefapd, "•«*■«• 
pet bpcaufctbep engendje putnfieo bumoucs, 
tbep be buctfull to ficHe f olkcs, fpectallp toben 
tbep be not taken detain, pecbes be colde in tbe 
ficlle Degree motile tn tbe feeonde. £>iofco?tdes t>t.u.uu 
faptbe,tbatrppe pecfccsbcneljolfome botbefoj 
tbe ftomake and bealpe. Cb e fecond tbpng ts 
petes s o?eatpngcof pctes.CbecaufetSjfojpea^ e Mm tt 
res,anDgenetaUpcaUmanerof netoeano ratoe p< ar "- 
fcute, fpiic tbe bluDDe toitb toatet, tbat bopletlj* 
tip in tbe bodpe : 3Kno Too p?cparett) and caufetb 
tbe bloud to puttifp,and bp confequeng 10 butt* 
full fo? fpeke folkes.£etes,as flmccn raptb,en* 
gend?etbecollke*ttutpetpeatesabottcalftute "; dc W m 
make f olke fatte. aino tbetfoje bogges fed fottft 
petes, ate made fatter tba tmtb anp otbet ftute. 
3nd bpcaufe petes engendjc b entofitics, and fo 
caufet^ecoipke:tbecfo?e tyep be Wed to be ea^ 

€ ten 


ten foitlj fucljc frute tl^at tyeafcc o? auoibe bento 
fttcs^ellestotouljftanDe ftepU operation of 
tfcefe fcuites,Djmfeeaftcct!)epro,a D?augbteof 
olDe topne of gooD fotsout* 3lnD tfjr ftoeter fauo? 
tljat peres baue, and tl?e mo?e oulce , tijc better 
tljep be. 3dnD alfo Cod peaces be better tba ratoe, 
ana tbep niap be foDDe toittj anps febe,fenel feDe tM ano fugec. Biofco;iDes fapt^t^at it is tyurteful 
SumTnJc to eate peaces faftpnge. Junius faptlutisan 
Sat. din. u. ijeup meate of al peaces ,t!}ougI) t^cp be m Ijeltl) 
w>«. t ^ at eate t t ^p ?De t jjp tt g £ eatpnge 

gn(.i< can. of apples 5 of toftic^e,as 2&uicenfaptb,to eateofc 
cap.'piimo'. tenant) moclje, caufettj actje oftlje fmotoes. 
3no alfo apples baue an pi p?opecte 5 f o? tl;ep cn« 
genbje bentofities m tlje feconb Dtgcftton.tober- 
fo# tfjep be bnfjolforo f o? ficke folfces* 3HnD alfo 
fo? Ipke caufe,as it is before ce^ecfeo of peaces. 
2£nD tijefe fapenges toueljpnge tlje bnljolfome- 
nes of peaces ana apples, ougfct efpectallp to be 
tmDerttan&e totyan tfyer be ratoe, ano not tobati 
tl)f p be foDDe o? rotted. 3inb not onelp tljcfe feu- 
tes fljuloe bccfcljetocD of tbem tljatbe ftcbe, but 
alfo al ott) cr f cutes tftat fpll t^e bloub toutl) bop- 
Ipnge toater, as netoe fcutte, of tobictje tlje teuce 
bopletfc in a mannes bobpe, as it toecc mufte o? 
netoe topne. jfoj pe map fe bp ecpecicce, ttjac t Jje 
teuce of netoe getljeceb fcuite bopletl),toban it is 
put in a beflcll, bp ceafon of tl)e Ideate of tfte fon> 
tbat cemapnetij m tljem after ttim epppnge. 
C^cfe netoe fruites^t^oug^e boplpnge of tbfpj 


icuee. cmtt t\)t blouD to putrtf ie,tl rlj ottgb tljep 
comf o;tc a mannes boDpe tuitlj tyer; mopaace^ 
tofan tftep be eatcn^nb fo? tljis caufc mode fpe 
ctallp 3dmcen fojbpDDctb ttjem eatpng of frutte, mm rot 
tljat Ijaue t Ije ague* tf o? l>e faptt) tyat all f ruites JJ&JJ ^ 
l)iictc tyetn tyat l)aue tl)c ague, tbjougbe tljepj r«. 
boplpngc anD cojtuptpnge m ttyc ftomaKe* cije 
tm.tbpngeis, eatpngcof mplke:t!)e caufeto^p 
eatpnge of mplfce is not gooD, ts bpcaufe tt is 
lpghtlpco#upteD,anD toumtt\)t bnto fumeoj 
tyhpcnts in tljc ft omafce , as in tfyep? ftomafees 
fpeaallpi, tbat are Dtfeafeb Uutb pumfieo fe* 
ucrsranD tljerfoje tljep tljat baue a putrtfteo 
feucr, are fo;bpDDen eatpnge of niplfee. 3nD as 
Hippocrates faitl), tt is fyuctfull f 0; t&em to eate m p . apim 
roplfce, tljat tjaue tbe bceb aclje, foj tljero tofcofe ** c 
Suttesfufpenfeo, do rumble, anD fo? tyeni tyat 
beberpt&pjftp. petnottoifyltanDpnge m fome 
Dtfeafes Hippocrates faptfc mplbe is agreable: 
asfojt&ein tyatfjauetljetifi&M&e feuerettfce, 
anD fo? t^em tbat be m a confumpttom 3HnD alfo 
thereafter folotepnge fome tfcpnge mojedjallbe 
faiD tolja toe come to uc etbicis«&c.3nDaltljougfj 
roplfce itiftt fo?efapDc Difeares is blamcb , pet in 
ttjemftat bebollettts allowable, anD t^at tf tt 
betoell DigeftcDmfye ftomacfceanDlpuet*ainD 
(Ealen faptlj, tbat mplfce toell foDDe, Dor!** botfc *pij. 
notftye anD tngenD?e gooD buntonrs- Wo milk m *' *• 
bpreafon tyat tttstoatnfO)e, tt toaftyetlje t&e 
entraple0,auD bp reafon U 10 bum?* itmunbU 

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fietb,anbftriuetb agapnft benomous burnout*, 
anbmopftetbtb* roemb^anb alleutatetb tbe 
atefes of ti|c b?efte, anb it botbe mttngate t^r 
ftotpnge o? pjtcfcpnge of tbe longe0 5 gutte0,tats 
nes, cnttaples, anb tbe blabber, anb it 10 goob 
agapnftepjiefepnge turnouts tntbe enttaples. 
jfartbet mojemplfce is goob foj temperate bo- 
Dpe^tobofeftomafceis dene from coletpHc anb 
flcugmatpfee tjumours ♦ f 0? bntofucbe folfees 
mplfce toell btgefteb 10 great nourtfypnge, it en- 
gcnbjetb goob bloubbe, tt notmfljetb tbe bobp, 
anb conueupentlpe ntopftctb anb maKctbe fap;c 
tbe etfetto? parties, as Jfaac faptb, in tbe bnp; 
uerfall bpetes.3(nb tbere alfo be faptb,bp aucto- 
tttic of Euffus,tbat tljep tljat topi typnke mtlfee 
mufte b?pnfce it faftpnge, anb tt mud be tyoufce 
bottc from tbe cotoe : anb to eate uotbpnge tpll 
tbat be btgefteb, no? one fftulbe not tban labour 
no; fterre about mocb. pet felbome 0; at no tpme 
one fl)ulbc f ojbere toalfcpnge, but tban one mud 
toalfee an eafp pare, tpll be parcepne tt be befcen* 
bebto tbe bottumof tbe ftomake, Butmplke 
is bnbolfome f 0; tbefe bobpes tbat be btftempe* 
teb. ft}) tn tyotte bobpes it is foone tutneb tn to 
colertfce f umofite* Jn fucbe as be colbe, tt tout; 
net!) to fljarpencs anb putrifaction. Blfo mplfee 
is bnbolfome f 0? an bntlene ttomafee, fo; tberm 
mute it cojruptetbe* <£alen faptbe, that be imetoea 
SfSV ucn man > of tbe baplp bfe of mplke, bab a (lone 
b;ebbe tn tbe rapnes of bus baefce ♦ 3nb a notbec 


tW lode all btetetljc. 3uDfome Ijcfmctoctljai 
tjfcD to cafe mplfee contpnuallp toitfyout ljucte; 
pea to fomc it tarns moclje ijolfomc, as to an buf* 
banDe man tfjat lpueD abouc a* C. pete, ano I|t0 
mod foooe teas mplke:ant> anotber^tljougtjt 
to Do It He topfei otmDe it altoap burtf till to bpm. 
(Coucbpngctbc cftopceof roplfce,itistobeno* £«wr< * 
teD,tljatmeane mplfeeistobec&ofcnfo;no;ifl)* mfXUt 
mcnt , ano not tbpnne mplfee , as mplfcc of a ca* 
niello; of an aflfe,no;tbe modefattc anDgcoflfe 
is notto be cfjofen, as roplke of kpne and ftjepe, 
to&erfo;egottes mplke fyulbebeeljofeiKjfo; it 
is not ft toattnOje as camels mplfcc, tbetol^u 
elje tsnotapteto nourpfte,bp reafonof Jjumi* 
D(tie,anott mafcetba man to lafke : Bo; it is 
not fo fatte ; no; fo gtoffe ; no; fo full of ccuDDes 
anD butter,as cotoe mplfce,ano tyepes mplke ts: 
totyefce bp reafon of tljep; fatnes, ftoppe tlje \xu 
nes,anb engenb;e bentofities, ano is mo;e &ac* 
ber of Digeftion tban is requtfite in £ goitentace 
of fyeltfy* <fc ber f o;e mplfeeof a goote, not to net c 
fctt>bpnge tpme, no; to fat from it, ano t&at goty 
in a gooo paftute.anDta^anpaauces be attlje 
bcft,a)ulDebecl)ofemCt)e paftutesas <&alcne fi**£5 
faptbe, tatyoc'fye beaftesgoo, Ijetpemoclje ti?e ""15* 
gooDnesoftbe mpllie»Clje*b^pngetseatpnge 0at9mm ^ 
of c&efe : ana it map be tmaetttanoe of ail fo?tes "ri * 
of el)efe,butfpenallp f olDe cljefe. <H\)t ttafon 
is,bpcaufe netoe djefe is colbe, mopfte, ano of 
gtofle fubftanc^ano tyaroc of Digert ton: ano en* 

cm. gcno;cti) 


genD?etfr tfpilations anD tty> ftone, ahD l>elpetl> 
o?confc£uetl) mans &clt!je{bp toap of nounflje- 
roent;but Uetp ipttell o? uor^pnge^ 3nD olDe 
cfcefe is tjotte anD D?pe,bp teafonof tfje fait tytr* 
in j it caufetb Digeftum , tout pet of it felfe it is 
fcacDeof Digeftion,anDo£ fmattntruutyeroent, 
f ilS*'* atiD l)uctet^i t^e ftomafce,anDD?pefy ouetfo?e, 
anD agreed too?fe tljannetnectjtfe* Butcljefc 
bettocncbootl;c,neptljer netoc no? olocnot to 
touglje, no? to b?pttcll , to bacoc no? to foftc : to 
ftoete no? to fo to?e,not to f ait cno? to full of eies, 
of gooD tallcge, anD of gooD fauout toljan it is 
cuttc, totjtctje tattetb not iongem tbeftomafce, 
roaDeconuenientlp of gooD mplfce, fufficientlpe 
oplp , is goo& auo 0) uio be cbofen af o?e al o tfjec, 
Uiljetof after meate toe (fiulDe eate a Iptell quan- 
tite, fo? moclje in quauttte, m foape of nounl&e* 
mentis tomuecfallppil,*buttetbetbe ftomafce, 
anD topll not Digeft , anD uigmDjetl) epilations, 
t!jeftoouemt!)etapttts,gtofle bmnours in tty 
boDpe, anD tmitofttfcs . Cbtrfo?e tfjat cfjefe is 
onelp gooD,tljat cornet^ ont of a npgatDes lian* 
Ga^afio Cljeau.tljpugeisfalte meate, b;pe&tmfy 
^ affecu falte o? fmofce, anD of to^at KtmDe of beafte fo e* 
liUuu wet it be , it engenD?etb gcofTe blouDDe anD me- 
lancolp,anD fo pet confequens, it ts tonbolfomc 
f o? fprfce folfces : no? it is not ftolf ome f o? tljem 
tbat be ftoie, f o? as Mittn fapttje, falte flefUje 
«,wp. nontityety but Ipttell, auo it ts gtofle , anD t\u 
genD?ety pu blouD to mfyu wwttpng? is Partes 


OF HE L THE, t* 

flcf&e, fotyeljeip&etopft engentyetftmelancolpe 
blouDDf , as tuicnrdctl) Kafps 3Uaroam tn, cap, 

De animaJiSiisfyluc;UiKu$ct domerticis. fCljC ♦ biff, 

ftpnge ts^are flefO)e, totyclje Ipfee fopfe engen= ncffl,<# 
D;ctl) melaneoip blouDt>e 5 aa afps faptbc in tfte 
place afo;e aUegatcbtCftisfleflfte engcntyetft 
mo;e melaneoip tftan anp otfjer 5 as <25alen fapttK J&itlS 
3lnD of tljis 3!faac in metis bmueefalibus fatty, umm 
tbatbatefleftye tyuioc not be eaten as meate, 
but onelp tfeom mttncintB. -fliiD toittetb toell, 
tl;at bate flef^e, anD Mattes flef^e, toijantbep 
be oioe, ougbt bttetlp to be efcljetoeb : pet neue* 
tlje lefle tftep map be eaten, ano tftep be bette be* 
f o;e calupnge tpme, tbat tljepj typeneflfe mape be 
tempered tmrtMbeage:3lnb P*t tbepougftteto 
beetyetoebejeeepte tbep be fatte. f oj tljepj&jp* 
nes is tempered toitbtftep? fames . CIMms, 
gottesfletye- <Fi)e,MS,oceflefl)e. tfo^efebe 
roelancolpe fleftyes. f o? Jfaac m Die. bmuetr. * 
faptfj: (fcottes fleflfteano ojcefleftye be too;fte, 
fcacbeft anb Qotoeft of Digettpon,ant> toftan tfjep 
bebigeftcb, tbep engenb?e groflejbloufcanD me* 

&*5S?^ # ^ n0 U* ft »• tt. canon of gotte* 
flefflje 5 faptft: <i5ottes fleftyets not betpgoob, 
ana patebance tlje bumonr ts beep pi; Snb Ipfc* 
fopfe pe fyall bnbefflanoe, of gottes f leftyc antf 
cptoes fief^e^beuiftiebeate footfe tftart tl>e fo^ 
wpbef lenses gottes ano one flefl)e.fo3i of tbem . . . 
3mcen faptl) : Cofce fte$e, ftactes f letye> toplbc ~ c j! 
gottes fleftye, ana jwttfotiictfcngenDjetij tlje off! 



f euees quattans ♦ %nx> pet farther be fapt&e , of 
cotoeflctye,tbat cotocfledje nounfljetlje moclje, 
anb engentyetb groffe ttielancolpe, auD mdatt< 
colpDtfeare0.3nDbefaptbefartbcr, tbat cotoe 
fleOje engenojetb lepje. aino of gootes fletye Ije 
faptb, tljat it is abfolutelp j>IL 3n& foj as ttioc^e 
as it is totocbeD tn tlje tepte, fobat flefljcs tyuioe 
be ercbctoeD,fpecpaUp of .tut. footeo beaftes, me 
femetb tt toete conuentent, to Ojetoe, toljat fietye 
, of.tuLfooteDbeadesaretobecIjofctt.^nDm^e 

58L lf djopce of fleOjes tbe pbpfptfans agree not* foj 
$alen ana certapne otfyet fap, tbat po?fcc ts bed. 
<bome otbct, a0 Intent, lSaft0 } ano 3uetrop0 
fap, tbat UpDDe0 flett)etsbeft. pet nottottbttan- 
bpnge Hut crops tn tbe.b. coll. blametb ^utcen, 
bpcaufe be faptb pojfce toa0 befte, pee be fapDe tt 
not a0 tbougbe be belbe tbettottb s but after tlje 
cb?iftenopmt6.£bomeotberpjepfe beale aboue 
al otber. % man map fcnoto tbe bed flefte of .tut. 
foteb beafte0,^t tbe gooones tbeeof manp manec 
of toapes. tfpjfte bp great nourptypnge, tobtcbe 
tbpnge betofcenetb bacae Dtgeftton, and bp tbe 
Ipkenes of mans fleflje : ano tbts topfe po?ke 10 
better tban anp otbec fleflt>e,fp?fte fo? tbe Ufcene* 
tmto mans fletye , as tottnedetb <5alen , tit . a* 
ttmentof,tobtre befaptbe:Cbat pojfce 10 Jpfte 
mans fletye,mapbetmote£bptbat 5 tl)at manpe 
baue eaten mfoflefyc in ftc&eofpo?fee,*couDe 
tiotpercepue neptber bp tbefauoucno; bp tbe 

K?i2S: tip* * t^ao ben p«*eOnD lutti faptb: 


OL ; HELTHE. 17 

S^ans blou&Dc ant) boggce blottDDe be Iphc in 
euerp tbat tl;erc bauc bene, tbat baue 
folDe mans flefflK in dcDc of po?Uc ; toljicbc tljmg 
toas not fppcfc tpll a titans fpngec toas fonoc a= 
monge tbeflefOje* ^ucrrops to^ttetii fte fame* Auerroii 
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anb calues be better tban gottes anb ojceti ; bp* 
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on of mans tjdtbe, but tbe fieffi^c of pongecal* 
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Cum fimila pura nature font ualitura. 

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fopng: Cbat tbep be Ipgbtlp tucneo in to blotto: 
ano after tbep be tourneD , tbere remapnetb of 
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longer ano tbe brefte , ana mollpfpe tbe bealpe 
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0) foooe twtft fome bjotlj, l&ofteb egges be mo?c 
gro(Tc^anfoDt)e,auDmo?c fyatfte of Digeftion: 
fo; tfte ficct^c o; fpec D;petl| tjp tye fubftance of 
tijep^umibitie^nbtbepbe totteb ttootoapes: 
0nt 10 m tbe Qelieg taUeb in tbe botte trobees: 
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tbep that be broken be too;fc t ban tb e o tl> en anb 
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fteate of tlje toatet temperatelpe pereetbc in, anb 
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Ijolfotne: foban tfjep be frpeD,tl)ep engenbje 
«tr« tvu mooftpUburoours,anDbuctetIje ftomafeMno 
r«5 w ««. cau fe t i)e funxofite anD corruption, anDmafcetl) 
one to lotbc bis roeatc* ©ut egges foDDe m fome 
gooD b}ot\)t are betfoene botl)t , roftcD ano po; 
djeD^lfotopttet^ toell,tl)at tljeceisa Diuerfc 
tie in an egge touetjpng ljis coponbc partem o? 
umom P° lbc is tcmperatclp&otte: Cbe tobpte is 
cur«noM. coioe anD clammpe, anD IjarDlpe Digeftetbe, ano 
tbe blouDDe alfo tljerof engenDjeD, is not gootn 
»ar<f . ui . ^nD as tlje f otfapbe egges^at is to Cap of ben= 
mmtn. f« . n eg 5 pertrlcljes, anD of fefantes, be mo?ecomie= 
luwT nablem fyeregiment of fceltbe, foegges of Due* 
fees, gees, tyouelarDes, anD fuclje Ipfce foules, 
arc tmbolfome in tbc tegpment of &eIt!je,atTD 
te»ne ft wl be be.efcbetoeD* Cbe feconbe tbtnge i*teDDe 
' topne. SlnD tjece pe tyall bnDerftanDe, tljat top* 
nes Differ in tyep? colours ♦ jf oj fonte fopnes be 
taljpte, Come be claret, fonte be citrine, anD fome 
be blactte* fobpte topne is fcbler tban anp otber, 
colber anD lelfe nourpfftpnge, but it Dotljc leafte 
^urte tbe fceeD,anD it Dojtye mafeeoneto pplTe 
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rwm bjapne ttyan otljer* 3nD d&alen faptl) : %t is 

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anp roamainDlje fapt!),tot)pte topne enflametb 
o^eatet^ leafte of altDpne0*9»^etfjpngeis 



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tyerD;pnKe:tol)erbp toemape pcrcepue,tbatit 
^att) ftretigttje to open* 25p tbis it tocll appe- 
rett) that totjpte topne is better fo; tfjepm t&at be 
botteauD c^affeo, tljau otljec topnes, toller 

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tljcp be Ijotte of witure,as coleritte anb fangume 
folfcefli, o?els bp accpDence, as ijotte cbaffeo bp 
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tooioeallto enflame anb bourne fyep? boDpes. 
t tot«t™ liieooe tome ano claret 5 as of tbe coutre of ©erne 
cE*.fu B ca. are potter ttyan otljer. 3flnD<5alen faptlptopnc 
mm mo. 8 ti;at 10 rebbe of colour ano claret, be berp fcotte, 
anb tbep nounffle ntoclj mo?c tljau otber tome0» 
Si'S**' ^n&agawebefaptije, Cbatftetopnestbatbe 

tbec topnes* ainb ftep fone fpl o? replemtye feble 
bobpes t are emptp ojbopbe of fubftance* 3InD 
fccce it is to be noteb,tbat it is fapbe teDDe tome* 
nourptye uio?e, bpcaufe foj tbe mod part tijep be 
toutneb into fubftamice of mans memtyes. pet 
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*alleogceatter nouutyers tljau otber :fo? tbep 
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Botolp be refolucb from tlje memb}es*30>i)erio;e 



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mo?etban toatnffje, but pet tl?cp nourpfye lelft ^o?,^ p - 
tba blacfce colo^eb topnes* 3Uib on tilts topfe tbe 
fapenge of 3|faac 10 bnberflhibe, toljcre Ije faptl;, 3Ta. fti«<6 
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reobe*31nb tbefc rebbe topnes , ljutte tlje l>ceD 
mo?e tljan tobpte, atiD leffe pjouofee one to ppfle* 
3nbtt)i0 ig tbe caufe tbat llrongc topnes be not 
conuententfo?feblcb;apneb folkes, as it 10 a- 
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to, as aimcen faptbc, 30nb Ijere note toeile , tljat ana. <u 
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roojetfjanaf anpotbec b?pnfce 5 are engcnb;eb 
anomuItipIteD Tubtpll fpirttes dene ano pure* 
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imagine anD ftuDp bpon Ijpgije anb fubtple mat 
tecs, touc to b:pufce goob topnes* Inb after tl?e 
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topnes rebate anb amebe tbe colbenetfe of com-* 
plcmomanb fyep open t^c optlations anb Hop- 
ppuges, tbat are toont to be engenbjeb m fuc&e 
pecfons,anbtbepbigeft fleume^n* tljepijelpe 
nature to conuecte anb tourne $em in to bioub, 
tyepipg^tlpe mgelte, anb entce qupcfcelp,ttiep 

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topne citrine is not fo burnpnge as rebbe claret, 
«;•!.<» mp. asdSalenfaptbe* ttebbe topnes be hotter fyan 
ino.ii.ti. toty U9 anD tyecfoje fyep greue t&e fjeeo mo?e, 
3Ts dSalen faptbe* 3dlfo claret topne nourpffl>etb 
lefle tban rebbe, $ mo je tljan tol>pte,3nb m fome 
places tbep call claret topne tobpte,anb tbat is $ 
caure tbat fome fape, tobpte topne botb qutcfcelp 
cnflame mans bobp* Clje blacfce tomes be not fo 
feruentljotte as tbe rebbe topnes be ♦ 3no tljer- 
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anb p?ouofce moje flotolp mas brine, tycp gteue 
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attt * Taptb. flfl&e typ jbe tbpnge is fupppnges,mabe of 
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«w o> b>o; fo; £ UC ^ e b?ot (j e g are t, erp kpnaeip to mans na~ 

ture,anb are ligljtlp couerteo in to goob blouD, 
anb tbep engenbje goob bloube, fpeciallp toljan 
tyep be mabe toitlj fpne flotoer^ f oj flotoer p?in- 
cipallp of tobeate, is a greate nounO)et 5 an& cau 
aaftt.w. fetbe greate nourifljement as l&afis faptb.3Eno 
IS <« oftljcfe, iii* fojcfapbttbpnges, aiutcen fapfy: 
pt.u. ram: Cjcamplc of dene anb goob nouritypng meates 
trtiN. ib. anD ^ umottC g fa tbe polfces of egges,topne,ano 
bjotbesmabeof fleftye,anb tbetebponbecon- 
clubetlj tbat t&ete tfcee fojefapbe tbpnges are 
comfortable anb of greate reftojatwe fojmans 

CNutrit & impinguaty triticum, lac, cafcus infans, 


• Tefticuli, porcina caro, ccrebella medulla, 
Dulcia uina, ctbus guftu iocuadior, oat 
Sorbilia, mature ficus, uuscf reccntcs. 

tyzc ace toucfteDjtf .manec of tlipnse0,t^e M)U 
cbe gtcatlp noutitye anD make fat mans bobpe. 
Cbe fpjfte is b^eaooe nuoe of tobeate: tobicb as *' MW * 
3luicenfaptb,fattetb ftopftelp, fpectallpe toban Aunuz 
UismaDeofnehJCtoljcatcliiausfaptl), toljcate ca F ,d cp « 
is nepgbbouc to tempetauncc, ail tbougb it t\\- ™* 
clpne a Ipttell to beate. flnb tbe beuieft anD foun 55£w itL 
Deft tobeate Dotb noutpfye befte,anb of all gcap- 
nes it is mood bolfome fo; alt f olfces : 3nD tbe 
blotiD tbat is engenDjeb tbecof , is moje terope* 
tatetbanofanp otbet gtapne, 3nD touebpnge chMft flf 
tbecbopceof tobeate, pe IfcallbnDetftanDe tbat »SJif. 
tbe election is to be conftbeceb in ttuotbpnges* 
jf p?fte tbe fubftance of tbe tobeate ougbte to be 
confioercD, anD feconDlp #e preparation tbetof: 
3nD of tbe cbopce touebpnge tbe fubftance,3lui- 
cenfaptb, tbat tbat tobeate is bell, tbat is lie?- 
tber barbe no? fofte,gteate,fatte, anb netoe, anD 
nottoolbc,anDbcttoene reDDe* tobpte. j&lacfec 
tobeate is an pi nojtfoet* mafis faptb,it is beup* 
3lnD of tbe cbopce conceenpnge tlje preparation, 
topttetb toell,tbat all tbpnges mabe of tobeaten 
flotoec Difcenbe from tye ftomafee flotolp, 9 Dotb 
*ngcD?egtoirebumouts,anDDoty caufe opila- 
turns aboutetye Ipuet, anb Dotb augmentetbe 
rplene,anb engenDje tbe (tone: anD tofcan it is 
DigeftcD, u noutptyety moc^e, 9cc beate foDDe ts 

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Ijeaup meate,atU) barbeto bigefte^ut totjanft 
is DigcfleD it nounOjetb ftrongelp, anD ftremetb 
a man mocbe. 25ut tol^eate mabe in bjeabe, toeli 
leueneD,anDbafcenm an ouen, botte tmtb mo- 
berate fp?c, is meruaplous boiroroe* mi t^cfe 
tinges ace getbereb out of <i5alen* Clje feconD 
45aien ie tbpnge is mplfce : anD after ttye mpnbe of foine 
* mm * Doctours,tt istonberftonDe bp butter mplfcc,cal* 
leD odor, anD commonlp calleo Baibuca, tbere is 
mtot- nofypnge nourifftetbe mo;e tban ttys ntplfee, 
tobantt is netue fttppeD bppe tmtb netoe botte 
b;eabe» 3t mapc alfo be bnDerftonDe bp gootcs 
roplfce : tobtclje nourpfbetbe mocbe ; tobecof toe 
^aue largelp fpofcen befo?e«Clje tbpjbe t&png is 
grene cbefe, tobiclje as aiutcen fartb > ts a now* 
"?re. tptyer anD a fatten 3fnb altbougbc grene cljcfe 
^ JJ' Dotbe nouuffte anD fatte, pet it isnat bolfome 
' mtbetegententofl?;t^cofcome tbem- 
conueniences before Declareb* <flrb^Hii» tbpnge 
(fo°«\7 * s ' ftones,anD fpeciallp (tones of fatte coefces: 
8ttUt. can. toljtcbe as aituccn faptl),be beep gooD anD great 
ca. i»c leui. nourpOjers : 3nD be faptlj tbat tn a fmall quan* 
tite tijep nouritye mocbe, Cbis alfo mapc be ton 
DerftonDe of bogges (tones bcrp fattc,t^at bafy 
not boojreD a fotoe,5f o? as po?fce of all. uit. leg- 
geb beaftcs (touebpnge nourribement) isbefte, 
in Ipfce matter tl)eitoones, ni regatDe of ortjer 
teaftes ftones , are tlje befte; 3nD Ijereit is to 
betoeUnoteD, tbattbeftoonesof ageD beaftes, 
to^ofe Ceoe is fccmenteD,be nofypnge noutpfc 



flange. But tljc ttones of pongebcaftcs,tbatbe 
not pet able to Do tljeM fepnDc, anD toljofe feDe of 
generation is not pet r ipe,be of metelp gooD no- 
rtfljem ct, pf tbep be toell DigefteD* Cbe*t). tbpng 
tspo;fee,m cljofpnge tberof,anD of tbeffecte of ^ 0i nt. 
tbc fame it toss largelp Declares before < tobcrof 
<£alenfaptbe:Cbat ofallfooDes poojfccistbe ©a.o«moj 
gecateft nonnfljer. Cije. tot. tbpnge 10, eatpnge J 19 r " r f»» 
ofbjapnes:3lnD topttetb toell tbat b?apncs be * t$UMU 
pll foj tbe aomafee , anD tbep caufe lotbfomncs, 
anD tafceatoape a manncs appetite : anD bjapne 
engniD^etbgcolTe bumours, pet newer tbelelfe, f,S eef 
Itnourttyetbe tbe boDpe, iftt be toell DtgcftcD: 
23utm noo torfe it OjulDebe eaten after otber 
meates. 3flnD if it beDjcffeD toitb penpjtalleo? 
nepte, to attempt tbe clammpnefle anD coloe 
tberof , o?tottb tbpnges, tbat bp tljep? toertne 

Spuebeate, itisgooDanDbolfome* 3dnD take 
eDetbatpeeatenob?apne,outceptett be fp?tte 
botte bpon tbe colts, ainb toittetb toell, tbat 
tyapne is not gooD foj tijem tbat be fpcUe otbec 
tobple of colDe Dcfeafes, bat foj tbem tbat be bot 
of completion it is bolfome, as iRafis faptbe* 2f" n fi- 
3!nD tyef elp to fpeafce b#pne is fo?bpDDen in tbe 
regiment of beltbe* 23ut pet fomtpme it Dotfte 
toell in meDicmcs 5 as tbe b?apne of a Ipttell goot 
is gooD agapnfte benome, anD agapnfte beno- 
roous bitpnges : 5BnD a baarestyapne is gooD 
agapnft tremblpnge : 2Piid Come fape tbe bjtapne 
of djefcms anD capons is gooD fo? tye memojie, 



ctwtt of an& comfojtetljettje toptte. pet toucfomgetye 
Mpnii. cbopce of b?apne0 , it 10 to b* fenotocn, tbat tbe 
bed bjapnes be of foules fyat flee. anb p?opjelp 
aboute tnountapnes. anb of, ttiu footeo beades 
tbe belle 10 of a tamme,auD ncjcte of a caulfe, as 
wau c«n. auicen faptb ♦ Cfte* bit* tbpnge ts, macpe,tubi* 
SrfM<M cbetoellDigeftebnourityetb mocberas m?cen 
Tap' "erne; faptb** 3tob ttts Ipgbtlptourneb intobloubbe. 
pet neuer t^e leflfe, it Deftropetbe tljc appetite, 
anb mafcetb one to lotbc bi0 meaterainD tberfoje 
3Cutcen tcacbetb bs,to eate it toitb pepper 
m*t> 3nD toucbpng tbe cbopce of macp, Buicen fattb, 
tbat tbe ntarpe of beale, of a barte,of a bulle, of 
gootes, anb of Qepe , 10 rooolte bolfome. Ina 
Tome fap tbe matp of ponge fatte bulles, 10 beep 
bolfome anb goob, Cbc.buu tbpnge 10, ftoete 
topnes, tobetof toenail entreate bece after, 
z>d<c<0Qf nzfytAK. tbpnge 10, Delicious nteates : fo; fnebe 
MMtcf . mofte fpenallp nourptye,a0 Hippocrates faptb. 
Minrrcc 3nD<i5alen faptb, tbat all fauojpe meate, tobec- 
do portu. tn one batb a Delectation toban be eatetb it, 10 of 
•p^oiif. ft 0ltW fee cecepueb , cetepneD , anb Dige&cb, 
fautbamo?efecuentDefp?etban anpotbec. &ttt 
tftbemeatebelotbefonte,tl|e ftomafee topll not 
abpbe it , tobecof bompte, abbojrpnge of meate, 
inflation anb belcfypng are engenbjeb. 3nb tbis 
t0 tbe caufe tbat toe fe fome mo?e beltbpe, f ebbe 
toitbcoucfemeate,tbantoitb goob,bpcaufe tbe 
coutfe meate 10 moje Delicious bnto tbenn Cbe 
»«iwf^tbpngei0,rere egge0;totyc&*Mifmall quan- 


tite nourpflje niocljc, foberof toe baue rpofcen be* 
fo;e at large, Cbe.rt,tbpngeis,rppe fpgges: 
toluene tb?ougbe tb*P? ftoctenes nourpflje anD 
fattemoclje. ainD toucljpnge fpgges, tljougbc 
tyep nourpttje not as ttrongelpe asflefflje anD 
gcapne:pet tberctsnofttutefo ftrongea nou= 
tpfl)er:as aiuicen faptbe ♦ ainD be faptbe, tljat fa^JS 
fpgges noureftyemoje ti^art anp otfjer fruttes* 
3nD efce ije faptb,tbat fruptes of inoft nourptye; am m rc 5 * 
ment, ano mod ipfte anD nere bnto flefte m nou- ««« 
rpfopng^beftggcs, beep rppe refpns, anDDa= comcWmr * 
tes. 3Kiid as cocernpnge tbe cbopce of tbem, tuit- 
tetbtoell 5 tbat as aiuicen faptbe: tbe tobpte fpg* of 
ges be belle, fojtbep be ipgljter : anD new bnto fro*» 
tbembetberuDDp o; crtrpne fpgges, anD tban 
tbeblacfce, ainD tbep tbat be rppe be<befte*3llfo 
tbe mopfte aitD netoe fpgges are greatter atio 
ftopfternourpfO}crs,tban tbe D?pe,anD foonec 
paflefroroe tbe ftomafce totbelpuer, anD tbep 
tnoifttbelwermo?e,anoare mo?e melotoe tban 
tbe D?ie fpgges. *&ut pet tbe D?pe fpgges enflate 
notromocbe,anDaremo?e bolfomer fojtbefto^ 
mafce tban tbe mopfte, as 3Iutcen faptbe ♦ Cbe 
type fpgges m tbep; operations be iauoable, 
buttbebioubeof tbem engenDjeD is not gooD: 
anDtberoflpce areengenDjeb::©nt eate tbepm 
fautb nuttes anD aimobes, anD tbep? ijumouns 
maoe gooD* ainD be faptbe, tbat tbe operation of 
fpgges is nterueplous nourptypng^pftbep be 
tafcen faftpng,fcuty nuttes oj almonDes ; foj tbep 

$ open 


opctt anD prepare tl)e toape foj meate,butpet fye 
fpgge tljat ts eaten toitb a nutte,no;t$et!) mo?e 
tp tlje fpgge tbat is eatf toitli ati aImonDe*3KnD 
topttctl) foelMbat all fpgges Do enflate 3 melotoe, 
anD ejcpulfe faperfluities to tl|e ffcpnne:anD tfjep 
pjouofceftoette, anD auopDe o; temoue afoape 
- tyarpnes of tt>e ti) jote,anD tb ep elenfe tbe b?eaft, 
ionges,anD pipe o f t^e fame.anD open al raanet 
opilations of tbe Ipuer $ fplene, Cl>e*]ctUbpnge 
Gr«pe$* i* grapes, *at t0 to fap ffoete anD rppe* 3nD pe 
©all bnDerftanDe, tyat tljere ate ♦ iii ♦ manet of 
grapes* ojfome be greneanD fotoer, toljerof 
toerieufe is maDe: ftefe grapes bpnDe fo?e , ano 
tep?e(Te tlje ruDDp colour anD fangupne, anD are 
tjoifotnc f a colcrpUe laffce* (Carets another 
fo?te naturallp greneanD netoc,toljerof fopneis 
maDe* Cljofe grapis (fpeciallp if ftep be toljpte, 
anD t&e grapnes anD tjufkes fette a parte o? take 
atoape) caufe one to Ijaue alaffce, anD tbep nou* 
tpfye ntoje tljan otber fruptes, but not fo moclje 
St^Sf a0 fpgges, as Sluicen fapfte* pet of troutbe tbep 
ingenbjebentofttes, inflations, anD acbeoftDe 
bealp* UnD if tyep remaine. iUo}Mu Dapes after 
tbep be gaftereD , tpll tlje buffce be forotol)at a* 
rtoageMljep nourptye tlje better, auD arclelTe 
!apatpue:no?tl)antt)cp enflatenot* 3&nDt£ep, 
fcboreftomafce its full of meate, anobnclene of 
pll bumours,ff)ulDe in no fopfe eate geapis,f?e* 
ciallpeif tbepbenetoeanD toitbout grapnes o; 
fep?nels:ifo; infuse a ftomafce tW co;rupte 



foone, foj tyty be ouer foone bfgefteb, anb ctrnnt 
notauopbeoutoftlje ft omafce after tljcp bebp- 
gefteb, bp reafonne of t^e meate, ttyat 10 notpet 
DpgefteD.3CCbetfo?e tyan tljep botl) be cojrupteb 
tntljeftomafce 5 $tbep cojrupte tlje otber nteate* 
3nD Ipfcc topfe t/it t9 to be bnberftonbe of otber 
fruttes laicattue^nD tol)o ttyat topll eate grapes 
grene ana netoe gatljereb, it is gooD to lap tljcui 
mtuarme foater an i;otirc,ano after in colbe toa- 
ter,anb t&an eate tf)t m ♦ iflafis faptbe, tfjat gra- mn§ m 
pes ftoete anD netoe do foone fatte tlje bobp,anb 
tbep augment tfte rpfpngof a mans parbe. aino 
farther be faptlje, tbattbe grape ttjat bafyetlje 
tbpnneft bufke, befcenbetlje fooneftefrometlje 
ftomafce 5 anDtljetbpcfeetlnifke 5 tlje Ootoiper* 
Cbere is a'notfyer calico a b?pe grape, 0; a refpti 
of lent, anb tijouglje tbts grape be nombjeba* 
mong egals,pet it is Ipttel cneUneo to Ideate, 
anb after iftaftstntfte places before allegate, it 
nounQjctbe foeli, anb comfojtety tye ftomacke 
anb!ptter,anD auopDctl) optlations ♦ Inb it ts 
fapDe,tyattbeipuerts fatteb toitb tfyepm, anb 
fpeetallptftijepbeclenfeb fromet&e grepnesoj 
fcp?nels*3nb tbus fte f o?efapb teicte map be bn- 
Derftanbeof aftetyegettjereb grape oj rapfpn: 
0? of a type grape calleb paffuia. 

CVina probantur odore, laporc, nitore, colore, ^ 9 tthit 

Si bona cupis nina, hxc tunc probantur in Mis of good 

Fortia, formofa, fragrantia, trigida, frifau teptw. 

$eretotbt0ttjctebe beclareb*t)*maner of p^ 



nesofgooD fopnc, Cbe fpjfteis fyefmelle,foj 
topneof gooD odouc anoaauout roulttplpetl) o; 
€ona«n.v>. cncceafet!) a mans fpirttes , anD a* Conftantme 
tftcojrtf. fapt^e,itnounfljet^ toellanD engenD?et!j gooD 
bkMDerbutftpnfcpnge topne ts bnfjoifonte foj 
mans nature, anD Dotty engenDje groflfe anD me* 
lancolpefptrites * 3no after ttye mpnoe of ttye 
fapDc Conftantine , it engenDjetty pil blouD anD 
tjeeDacl)e 5 tl)atofttyepHfuttieafcenDettye to tlje 

tarn. *) ccD * <^ alcn &Pft e > to P nc *& at & at1 & e 5 00 & 

itt.t.part. fmelle,engenD?etbegooD blouDe, but itfpllety 
us acmo. onc0 jj ecD ful | f f Umeg anl) Spouts, bp reafon 

of tlje fubtiltte anD tyeate ttycrof : but topne of pll 
fntelle,after tljc quantitte of pllblouD engenDjeo 
ttyerbp,Dotf> tyurte tije ftceo fcerp lpttell,bp reafon 
it is coloc anD groflfe. Clje feconDe ttypnge is 3 fa* 
uour:fo?lpfceas gooDfauourpmeate no#Q)ttl> 
better,* is better recepueD of t\)t (tomafce tljan 
o ttyer 5 as is afojefapD, M ipfee topfe Dotfce topne* 
25 ut pe tyall bnDerftonDe,ttyat topnes Differre in 
fauourines:fo?foute beftoetcmoje no?p$pugc 
tijan otljer,anD ttyep engenDje groffe blouD,anD 
mopfte ttye belp,$ pet tbep be fjaroe of Dtgeftton, 
anD mafee one Cfjere is a nottyer fojte of 
topues callcDpontica,o; ftiptica, totyctye contfojte 
tbe ftomafce anD eafettye belpe,but ttyeptyurte 
ttye bjeafle anD purtenace, as ttye loges anD pipe 
tljeroMtyep betyoifotne fo? ttye entraples, anD 
are tyarDe of bigeftton* Ctyere be ottyer topnes 
tlja t be fyatp e o; fotoer : ttye totyici) t p;ouoUe one 


to ppffe, tbep bo not cngebje turnouts, but tbep 
DilTolue tbem.- Cfcere be otber topnes^tbat be 
bptter 3 buttbepbe notfobottc,as Conftantpne conftan.K 
fattb.Cbe tbpjb tying is 3 clerencs o? bjpgbtnes, 
tDbicfje tyetoetb tbe purenes of tbe topne, anD fo 
confcqucntlpe of tbefpirites tberof engenbjeD. 
Cbe fourth tbpng t0,tbe colour/Jn tbw colour 
fopnes barpe 3 anD Differ greatelp m tbep? nourp* 
flange* f o? tbe ruDDter topnes of tbe fame parel 
Dono?ifbenio;etbatobite*8nD tljeifojc tljcp be 
mo;e bolforoe fo? leane falHcs tba fobpte be,ant> 
feibptt mo;e bolfonie fo? tbem $ be fat 2taD tou* 
cbpnge tbebiuerfitie of topne tit colour,toe baue 
fpofcen before at oua recentia « tfartber in tbetejete 
are retjetfeofpue fpectalfe tbingeg, bp tabid)* a 
man tyoulbe pjoue anD fcnotoe go oD topne* Cbe 
fp?fle 10, tbe fttcngtbe, tobicbe is fcnotoen bp tbe 
operation* f o? as 45alen faptbe,ftronge topne is <nsau««* 
tttbatbeljcmentlpe cnflaimnetb awansbodpe, ™mlT* 
an&repleietbeojtfilletb tbe beet»*Cbts ftronge 
topne is a fpectail encreafer of tbe fpirttes,anD a 
gtcatenourityer* J3ut pet 3 armpfe tbepnitbat 
baue a tocafee bjapne to betoare bo to tbep DjinUe 
ftroge topne,eiccept it be toeli aiapeb toittj toater* 
foi tbe fumpfyneg tberof burtetb tbe b^eD* 
Cbe fecoD tbpnge is 5 fairene0 of tbe topne.jfo? § 
fap?ene0-oz gooblpnes of tbe topne,'caufetb one 
toD?pnfceitbefp?oufelp 5 tobicbe Dotbe caufe it 
better to Dtgea, and better to noutfflp* <Cbe*iit 
tbpnge 10, fragrant ano of goob obour* f c? f ra^ 



gr ant anD reDoIent topne comfojtetlj mode, anD 
cngcnDjetbrubtpll fpirtteg 3 ag ittsafojefapDe, 
Cije fourth tl)png is,fome oug&t to be colo,tou- 
c&pngetbetaae,butIjottem effecte and opera* 
tiotu jFo?topnetnaDeljotte,bpreafon of tye cle^= 
tenefle anD f ineg^Dort) ouctcomc a mans bjapne 
tf?e foner 3 anD enfebletl; tlje fmotocs, $l>urtety j? 
^eeD, ejccepteit betaKen moDeratelpe. cije*&» 
tljpnge 10, tfjat topne ougljte to be fuCfee ano 
fp?pnfeelpnge,anDtottljtbe fpumpngeto mafce 
alpttellnopfe,anD tlje fpumetobe tbpnne ano 
fooneflaft)cD,anD tlje fp time to remapne mt^e 
mpDDes of tt)c cuppc.jf o? if it tyaue not ttjefe p?o 
pjetee,it muft be calico Ijangpnge, tbat tsfeble 
topne, anD fpeciallpe if tt make no fotone,anD 
Ijatljgreatebubbute anD fpume,tljat remapne 
louge bp t&e fpDes of t&c cuppe* 

CZSunt nutratiua plus dulcfa Candida uina» 

^ere lis one Doctrine of topne DeclateD : tlje tofil- 
cftc is tl^at groffe ano ftucte topne* Do noutpOje 
rooje ttyan anp otljer of t^e paceL Co t\)ie> agce- 
conftan.%. etlj Conftantme : anD fo ,Dofye 3tuicen,fapenge 

wSSfiu. t on W ^pfe. C5toire **? nz ^ at * 6 wlce> be(le 
fo^pmt^attoolDebe fatte. CfjeteaftmiMp* 

« wnt cau f e g DU | Ce fopnee, tl#ougI) tljepj Doulcetne* 
arebefceinentlpDjatoen of ttje membjes, toljec* 

AtAtracf. toitlj nature teiopfetty: Jfo?3duicen faptlje,tyafc 

uapMii tbe operation of Doulce topneg Do Dpgefte, mel- 
lotoe, anD encreafenourptyemct, anD nature lo- 
ttetyti)epm,anDtl)et)ertue attractpue Djatoetli 


tljem.3nb al tftougl) tljis tejctc mape be betlfieb 
bp all Doulcct topnes,pet t!)c mobetate boulce o? 
fuJctelupnc,tstobecl)ofcn 5 anD not tbattbatis 
epcebpnge boulce, as wuffcabell : jf o) fudje top* 
ncsDoocojtuptetljc blouD,bp tcafon t&at na= 
ture D^atoetl) tt btolcmlpe front tl)t (tomaUe to 
tjjelpuet, before it be toell Digcfteb , auto before 
tl)e fupecfluittc tbcrof be eppeo, anb tljjougb tbe 
gceatcDoulcetnes tfyerof,tt fpllcrb tlje bloubbe 
toitb bnbigefteD toatrpnee , tbat mafcetbe ttjc 
bloubaptetobotle 3 anb putnfie. MbtyiB alfo 
fljulbebebn&etftonbe bp otyec nieates tbat be 
ejccebpnge ftoete. ainb farther topttetl) toell, t&at 
of tbebfe of ftoete topnes anb otbet boulce nou* . 
tptyementes.uwncouemcnces ace to be feateb, Th ^ e . , J co 
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ntoutbeof tbe ftomafcc, anb tbece cngenbjea 
tnfpofitton cottane to tbe bacuation anb co;tu* 
ga turn of it, tfjatfljulbe caufe bunget, <€\)tAU 
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toutnem to coler, jfo? boulce tbpnges are molie 
apte to engenbet cole&Cftetfoje Ijonp aboue all 
otljet tbpnges fooneft engenbjetb colet, bpcaufe 
it iB of ftoete tbpnges tbemoofteftoetefteranb flfa.t'n com* 
netfe Sjonpe is facte topne, as d&alen faptlje* 
3nb berebponrpfet^ typjftpnes: nojtt is not 
fcolCantefojtyemfyat^aue tbe ague, nojfojco* t0 ' ura * 
leufce folfcc&CljMu, isolation o?ftopppnge 



offtelptrctatft fpiene: tlnkAu memoes 
(ano fpeciallp tl;c l wer) tro o?atoe Dulce tinges 
toitb tljep?D?egges tontotbem, bp reafon of tl)e 
great Delpte t tW fcaue in tbem, before tbep be 
tngefteo^sooberfoje in tljefe parties tljep Ipgbtlp 
caufe opilations,tlj?ottgl)e tt)e tjelpe ano opera* 
ttonoftbe grofTefubftance^Ujfterm tlje fauojp* 
nut*, can. of ffoetenes is grounDeD, as Uuicen faptye* ti)tg (s ^ e cai|fe ftDCtc topuc l)otl)e u(re 

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tbefe, tit* nocuinentes eger o; fftarpe fauojp fym 
gesace foerpe liolfotne : fo; toiti) tftep? tattenes 
tbeppjouofcetbe appetite: anD trntl) tl)cpjcoID= 
ties ttjep quencbe enflamation, ano taitbttjepj 
fpnesoffubftauncetbep open opilations. far- 
tljettopttetb toell, tljatalttjougt) fuiete topnes, 
ano otfjer twice tto?ptyementes,ftoppe o; fljutte 
tbe iiuec $ fplene : pet tfyep bnftoppe tbe longes. 
ainDtbereafontoljp tyepftoppe notcije longes 
&iuu. fit. as toell as tlje liuer ano fplene,<£alen Declare^, 
rcg.«ut. gpcaufe Dulce tbpnges in tbep? paflfage, refuoe 
notbpug tljere to ,but t()at tbat ts fpne ano pure: 
ana tbe blouo engenD?eo of Dulce tbpnges co- 
ft< met^e to tbeIonges 5 punfieDfp?(le in tljelpuer, 
parrte.rcgi! anD fmeo m § Ijartmifo as Hippocrates faptft, 
XmiT* ^ w * cc tywz Oo lecfl; make one Djonfcen. Cljus 
nta8.*c. ' toe map concluDe 5 tbat if topne be Djonfcefo? no* 
nfl)ement,fo? reftojatiue of tbe boOp, o; to mafee 
ftepm fatte tljatbe Ieane,toljetbec it be natu* 
callp o? acciDentailp:tfta Dulce toines ano gros, 



fuffieientlp coIo?cD are ijolfome* f o; fucb toines 
arenounfljementes anD rcftojatui es fo; fuc^e 
as be Ioitic b;ougljt.tol)crf o:e tbep be mode coiu 
uenicnt to mafceleanc boDpcsfatte* i$ut fuclje 
as topll not uou jpfl)e,re(toje,no;i make fat tbepj 
bobpes } as tbep tbat be co?fpe anb fatte alreDpc: 
tban tbougl) tbep map not bfe f vuete topnes but 
fubttle, pet tljep ought to c\) ofe fucfye as be ami- 
able anb !jauegooDfauour$ flauoure,anDare 
enclineD to tobptenes,anD bcfuffiaentlp (Irong* 
3[f one D?pnfte topne to quencbe tys rt)irfte 3 tban 
fjemufte tafcetotjpte topne, ttjpnneanD feble* 
f ojfucbe topnes Do mopfte better, anDcoulety 
mo;c,$ fo confequentlp do better quencbe tbirfte 
tbananp otber:3lnDtl)e greater tbetbp?fte is, 
tbe bolfomer fuclje topne is.23ut if fo be topne be 
tyonfce to refrefltye t^e fpirites, and to comfojte 
tbeco;po:all fcertue,tban it toolbe be fubtplc, 
(toete,anb of Delectable fauour,of meene colour, 
anD of fufftcient ftrengty: anD fuel) topne ougbt 
tobetafecntoit&alpttell tneate,anD itmuftebe 
DeputeD from epttyer fuperfluitc, anD to be take 
in fmall quantities But Doulce topncs of meane 
fubftance anD of gooD flauour, fljuloe be cbofeti 
to fcoure tye b?efte anD longes, anD to caufe one 

ftSi uioum rnbeum ntmium qaandocj, bibatar, 
Venter ftripatur, uox limpida turpificatur* 

Cljts teicte (fcetoefy to bs ttoo fyurtes, tbat come 
bp ouer mocbeDjpnfcpnge of reDDe topne, Cbe 

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fpjtte (0 tljat ouer moebe&jpnfcpnge of wd tome 
mafcetb one coftiue* Cb* caufe, as foiite fape 10. 
f o?fuci)ereDDetopnc ljeatctlj mo;e tban otbec 
of tfte parell, ana 10 mo;e nutratwe. tfo; m tljat 
tbat it t0 potter, it typetbemoje: anD in tbat 
tbattttsmoje nutratwe, it 10 mojebefpjouflpe 
tetepneD of nature. But pcttljis tertemape be 
fcnoerftanDebp ouerniocbe Djpnfcpnge of bpn« 
bpnge rebbe topne, to^tclje tsfometobattger, 
tyarpe, ano coftpue«3lnD concctnpnge tijis, twt= 
tety toell, if tbe ftomafce 0; tbe gu ttcs be f eble in 
tbep 1 natucall operation: tbat tban reD 0; blacfee 
tnpne , calleo ftpptike, tbat 10 fometobattatte, 
ougbt to be bfeo an tyontten, as tftcp bfe to bo, 
tbat bp bebpltte of ftomattc ate laicatme,anb can 
ftoioc nottjpnge* Cbt0 faptlj Hippocrates in tbe 
canon paimeus quidem.&u 3lnoalfo <25alen m fye 
content of tbe fame, But be tbat topll corofojte 
t\)t bertue of Digefltton 5 tfre ciene topne 0? meane 
In fubftance ano colour 3 of gooD ano conucment 
fauour,anDoffu(ftctent ttrengtbe, sfometobat 
ftppttefce, 10 mod Ijolfome.Cbe feconD tbtng 10, 
bo?efenes of p tfeote 3 tbe to&tc&e fyootfenes Come 
reDDe topnes Do caufe and enbuce tbjougb tbeic 
fc;pne0 anb ectbpnes, 3fnb tbis ljurte commctb 
alfo bp D jpntumge of rebbe tomes tb at gr otoc in 
cbe parties of Bjabant^ougbetljep? ftpptp; 
cttieanb ertl)pne0:anb fpeciallp tbts grefe cban 
cetbtobanttje fapbetopne0 be not fpneo. But 
pettbepniafcenotaman cofttue* jfoj muft.tftat 



i6l)ctp reD ietDOtu tocaufetbe flijce, bp rcafott 
of biscrtbpe D;cggcs ntpnglcD tl;crc Uuti) all; 
tiK tob^bc bptctb anD gnatoctbe tbc guttcs : of 
foljicfye gnatopnge cometb tije fluce.Slno fuclje 
fejp»e(I)ult)CUotbet);onke tpll it be fpneD, fox 
fo longe as it gnatoetb,tb?ougb tlje ertbp D;cg 
ges tberof,a biting fume is arepfeD to § bjapne, 
tD^icb gnatoetb anD bptetb tbe eies^anb mafcctb 
tbcm ccddc: £>ucbe inconuemences are engen- 
D?eD bp nefoe bnfpneo topnes of 23jabant, tobe- 
tber tbcp be Incite o; rebbe, tbjougb tbep; ertbp- 
nes.Cbecaufetobptbis fume is mo?Diratpue, 
is bp reafon tbat tbe topne tbat be cometb of, is 
motfucatpue. f o? <EaUn faptbe : fobat fo cues is ^"f 01 ? 
DrtTolueD from a tbpnge.roufte nebes be Ipfce tbe 
tbpnge 5 feom to^icbe it is DiflTolueD* m!u*u* 

4C^Hca, nux, rata, pira,raphaaus,« tirfaca, 
Hj:c Cant anttdotura contra mortale uenenum* 

C3« t\)is tcjctt are cotftp;pfeb* w. remebpes 
gapnftebenome.Cbefp;fteis garlpfcc:tobicbe ™ tlpw * 
ib berp mcDicmable agapnft fncbc mconuenien- 
ces, as are toont to be engenbjeb of foater : anD 
fpecpallp ittsbolfome, if onebappeto b?pnfce 
nougbtp corrupt toater.goobttof^erapio faitb: SSfffH 
tupte foater after,it (ball not burt bpm.aobcr* ff^X 
fcnto 3ltiicenagreetb*Cbefame operation is al* cutu. 
fo in opnpons,as Kluicen faptbe, anb fo opnions J' dotfSf; 
map be comp?ebenbeD bnber garlifee, InD MU «Qoarnm. * 
cen faptbe : tbat an opnton is fubtile, percpnge, f^iSi 

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3InD fcourpng,toit!) ftipticpte:anD opened) ftto- 
glpe^auD tt tsi^otte mtljetl)p?De Degree, to!jec= 
f o;e it Ijeatetb pU haters , atiD lettetlj tim tyep 
toitfc tljep? cottmes ljurte not tl)t ftoinafce : ano 
it maUert gro(Te Rumours pure, anD caufetlje 
tijem U>gl)telp to iflTue. 3lnD toinegre mprte toitfc 
anopmonDottj gceatlp fo^tific Ijts fubtple anD 
percpnge o; entcpnge bettue, anD Uepctl) one 
from t!)p?(tines, tfte to&ictye eatpnge of opmons 
ts toont to eaufe* Cljts fame is tiertfteD of gac; 
Ipfee^no luicen faitb,t!)at after one^afytyofee 
gtoflfc anD troublous tuatcrs,be (IjulD eate gar- 
ipfceifo? tt ftnetl) tljen^auD maketb tljem Ipg^t- 
IptoDifccDeranDlettetfytyattyep fcucte not tlje 
llomafee anD entcapies : anD tUat ttjep ftoppe 
not tl)c \)cpncz* Mb garlpfce is gooD to eate be* 
fo?c one take Ijis umrnep , 3nD it is one of tl)e 
beftcanbmoofte Ijoifome tftpnges t&at can be 
fo; ttyem ttyat come out of a colD ap?e,o? go in to 
mam ta. It,as2luicenfapt^ 3inD bp tins apperetk tljat 
Sun 8tnw 8 at, P fec * fpectallp gooD fojt tljem tljat iournep 
anD toaDec ouer Diuers coutres, anD bfe Diuec* 
D;pnfees 3 acco2Dpngc to ttjefe betfes* 

Ilea qui mane ieiuno fumpferit ore, 
Hun c ignoratum non Judit potus aquarunu 
Nec diuerforum motatio facta locorum. 

fl£o?e ouer garlpfce (D?onfce tottl> topne) is goob 
agapnfte tfte ftpngpnge of benomous too?mes, 
lot « wn an ^^Ptpngesof ferpentes 5 toi)ic^et^pnge3ui= 
la.iiiiuo; cenfaptl;,t$at^ep;oueD* JilnD alfo it tsgoooa* 



gapnftetljf bptpttgcof a madde doggcrand a 
plapftec made of garlpfee,fpgge leaucs, and co- 
mptus gooD to lape to tbe place fyat is bpttm 
imtb a Venomous bceft calico mugau 3lfo an op= 
npon , as 3ulcen faptbc, is ftolfome to annopnte 
§ place tfjat ts bptten tottb a madde dogge^tti) 
riK teufe tbctof , o } a plapft cr tljerof made tottb 
falte and retoe.3nd an opnpon eaten, ejcpelletlje 
tbe l)utte of benomous tbpnges. and fotne Cap 
tbep engendje ma mans ftomake a mopftel)u= 
mouc berp bolfome agapnfte tlje buctc of b eno* 
mous tinges ♦ 3flnd berets to be noted, tl;at 
garlifte,opnions 3 and alfo Itfces are not fyolfome 
fo? temperate bodpcs,no?botte,and fpectallpe 
to^an tbep be eaten ratoe. fo; tban tljep nojitye 
fcerp Ipttell, and pll , and tfcep engendje fltjarpe 
pjtcfem gc bloudrpct t&ep mafce grolTe bumours 
fubtple,andbjeafceo? cutte clammp burnouts* 
3no toljan t&ep be fodde, tljep lofe t&e pjicfemg, 
and pet tljan tljep? bertue intpfyut o? cutt^nQt y 
and fubtplatpue remapnettye, Cbecfo?e totjan 
tbep be fodde, tftep be fcolfomer tya ratoeApfces €atm$ 9f 
begone and d?pe, and fym nourptyemcnt (0 
naught, tbep burt tlje et es,and tngendjte blacfce 
roelancolp bloudde,and caufe terrible djeames: 
t&ep buttctfafenotoesbritl) tyep; pjpcfcpnges: 
and t^ep fcurte t^e tefye and gommes : and co- 
ietpfce and melacoip folfces fl&nld not bfe to eate 
tljem, and fpectalfpecafee. £)pnpons be ^otte, mtttnm tt 
and t^ep ^auean ect^pfuperSttoas fteate, brtty opnions. 

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afoatMtyemopftmes, fubtile 3 anb bnbigcfteb, 
3fif tyep be catch catoc,tbep engetye pi bumoucs 
ano corruptible putufacticte m t&e ftomake,an& 
t&epcaurepll beanies an& D;eDefufle 5 anD alfa 
fceebacbe. 3tnD tf t&ep be to mocbe bfeo, t^ep 
macretbememorp,anb trouble tbe bnbecflfan^ 
Dmge,anb mafce one befibe bpm fclfc. i&ut toba 
tbep befoDDc tottb tljc brotbe of goob fleO) e, ano 
eateu,tt)ep caufe goob bigeftion,anb tbeic butt; 
fulnes is bpmpnpfljeD, ano tbcp moberate tije 
colbenee of mcatcs, toljetetoitb tbobefobbe: 
««jf«8 of buttbebefteig, not to tofe tbepm, dSatlpfce & 
8 p ftotte, beclpnpnge fotnc toljat to buimbme, but 
leffetban opnpons, it is mebtcinablc agapnfte 
beutofptec0anDefcetbe coug!j,anb it mafeetb 
one to fpptte tocll , but it ljurtetb tbe fpgl)te,anD 
brebetljbecbacljeranD it is ttpaclefo? bplam 
bpflje men^nb t^us tlje f orefapbe tbpuges ace 
bolf omc for tbcni onelp, tbat baue m tbcm flcu- 
mattkegtoft'eanDclammpe burnouts, but co= 
lecpfce f olfces ougljt to abftepne from tbeim 
Thcufeof ^eautbpnge 10 foalnutte0 : foljetof Kuweit 
am- "can. faptbe : tbat tt tmtb fpgges anb tetocateme- 
m. oe n«cc. oiemabie agapnft all maner of beuome : ano of 
toalnuttes 5 of opmous,* of falte is mabe a plap- 
fter to lape to tbe bptpnge of a mabbe bogge r 
3nb ttys fpeciallp 10 bnberftabe of a brpe nutte, 
d -aa u *& at eatcn btf °?* iweate in fourme a0 10 afore 

fafyn- fapDe ' tupttCtft tUCll, tftat tyP* UUttCSatC 

suttes. tootfefyannetoeanbroopftc, for tye brpe ace 



mo;c oplpe: bp reafon tobcrof t^cp toume to co- 
let, ano engcnbje beco aclje, tbcp hurte the etes, 
ano caufeftmmnipnge uube h*eb,anb fpcnallp 
if tbcp be eaten after meate, tljep caufe the paul- 
fep in the tonge, anb pjouofcc one to bonute, $ 
mafceblpftets in ones moutbc, anbtbep that 
baue a coleetfce ftoroatte, ought efpeciallp to cf- 
cinie D;ie nuttes,anb the olDcr tbcp be, the too?fe 
thep be . Cbc nctoe nuttcs baue icfTe of pile 
oplines,anD tbcrfo?e tbcp engenbje not the ache 
o;ftopmmpngcmtbebccD,anD fucbe Ipfce Dpf= 
cafes, as the D :pc Do,ano bp reafon of their (Up « 
peep bunubitie 5 tbep make one to baue the lafke* 
3no if tbcp be a Ipttell toarmeb at the fp?c, ano 
eaten after Dpner,tbep pjeffeanb D;pue botone 
the meate. ainb thus it appeeetb,tbat ne toe nufe 
tts are mo?e boifome f o? follies in belth tba b?te. 
Che tbpjbe thing is retoe,tobetof aiuicen fapth, of ruc cal 
that it refpftetbe popfon. 3BuD after be fapth: kd herb* 
3f one fearelefte be fyulbe bjpnfee popfon, o? to grace, 
be ttonge of a benomous beeft, let bpin tafce*M # f^vJK* 
of the febe, tottb the leaues tberof, ano bjpnfee it 
toitbtopne 5 anbamitte ftaropeb ano mpngleb 
to getber.^nb airpftotle faptbe, that tohan the _ n _ M 
foefpll topil fepgbte tmth the ebber, o? the toobe, R * «£ 
Oje eatetb retoe fp?ft 5 anb bp reafon therof deeth 
the other; jfo; the ftrol of retoe is foo to popfom 
Che eatpnge of retoe in the mojnpnge toitb ftg~ 
gesanbftoete ainions, p;eferuetbe one frome 
popfon^erci0tobenoteo,thatthw bettoobin J** ^ 



Desoftefoe* CI)e oneis gatDepne tetoe 3 tfjeo« 
tbecisfopiDeretoc. Cbe gacDepnerefocisbet; 
tec t&an t^e feloe tetoe* jf o? ti^e felDe refoe is e&= 
ceDpnge D?pe* 3[t is & otte anD Djpe m tlje fourth 
Degree* TObetfojett is Ijuttefull totafcemoebe 
tbetof* Cbe gacDepne tetoe is mopfte botte anD 
D?pe in tbe.iUnD«iii*Degtee* 3|tpcrcetb anD re* 
foluetb toentofitie, anD fpeciailp if it beD?pe/ffo; 
£ trap . ca. £>crappon faptb,tbat D?pc rctoe of all meDicins 
** m* f 0? tjentofities is tlj e bell, anD moofte bolfome: 
but mopft rctoe engenDjetb Dentofite^lfo rctue 
Dotb ticbemcntlp quicken tl>c fpgbte, anD fpe- 
cpallp tljeieufe t^erof, tDtt^ t^e teufe of fenclle 
anD Ijonp maDe in an opntement ojels eaten, as 
Auu in ca. aiutccn raptb ,35ut pet f o? as moeije as § teufe of 
ca,dc ruta me a ;pp ? ete ^uctful to tbe eies,it fnere belt 
to fanne topnDe topon pour epes tbertmtb : anD 
in noo topfe to toucbe pout epes tettb tbe mate- 
Ums. ttall retoe* Ctyc fouttb tiding is peaces : to^erof 
a • ii ca 3upcenfaptbe s tIjattbepbe0olfomcagapnftDi- 
caTdepiris feafest^atbeengenD?eDbpmuO)?omso? toooe 
ttooles/f 0} peaces foDDe tottb muflftoms, Do a- 
lapetbep?buctfulncs. o?els tbts tejetc mape be 
tmDetftauDc bp peares atomatilie 5 tobicbe bp 
reafon of tbep? ftoete fmel 3 comf o;te tbe fpicttes, 
ttflWPfte anD fo $ e P auopDe popfon. Cbefpfte tbpngeis 
tootee. raopOje: tobeccof %\\ytzn faptbMbat tbep be 
Jfw'MW bolfome agapnfte tbe bptpnge of afnafce:anD 
' toban tbep be Djonfee fottlj topne , tbep ace gooo 
agapnft tbe bptpnge of tbe beatte calico comute, 



anD tfjefcoe tljetof is gooD agatnlial bcnomes. 
3Bnti£tu!;an tfce fcDcof taDpffljeisiapDebponai 
ftojpioiMt fleet!} ftpus , anD tljc toater thereof. 
Ijatlj 'intljat beljaifc ben pjducd, anD it i6 foon= 
gee tijan tlK fcDc , nuD if a fco jp ton bpte cmctfja* 
tjatfje eaten taDpfifte, it fyall not ijnrte bpro, 
3ft isalfo toetpe gooD agapnftetljec^okpngofi 
tmift)joms* it mape be fapDe, it is gooD a- 
gapriftc popfon , bpcaufr it p;ouoket(je one to 
5 omitc, * fo bp reafoit of bompte tije fto make is 
purgeD of pit ijjtimouts.ftnD bete is to be noted 
tbat raDptye anD taDpflje rootes ace Ipfce of cont 
plejCton,tol)icl) ate tmboifoinc fo; colerifce folkc; 
fo?tl)epengenD?ea ftjatpc p?pcfcpngeblouDDe: 
anD taDptye is tml;olfotne f o: tfye ftomafce > fo; 
it mattetl; one to belclje rooclje, anD engenDjetf) 
gtoflfe burnouts* SflnD if tljeDigeftion be feble,it 
engenDjetlje tatoe butnoucs , pet it is fubtptte, 
ano of a pctspngc nature* 3lnD fome men bfe to 
eateraopfl)e after ottjecmeates to comfo;te Dp* 
geftiou, toljerat <Ealenntatuaplet!| : 3lnD cd&n~< 
npnge p^ifitians fape, t&at pf taDpfflje be eaten 
after ofyet meates, it Ijelpetlj Digeftion: anD 
fcnlofetlj tlje bealpe* 25ut pf taDptye be eaten be* 
fo;e ot&et meates,it Ipftetfc fcptoatDe tfte meate,: 
anD caufetb one to bonute.35ut it is Jjolfome af- 
tic ofter meates,to eate a Ipttei quantitie of ta^ 
Dpfte. pet neuer tlje leflfe tycp ljutte tlje epes anD 
t&e IjeeD.lSafis faptlMbat taDptye Ipenge ionge 

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tyetof do Digeft roeate,anD ^elpctli t^e appetite, 
tf tljepbetafcen mafmail quantitie. flElje fpjcte 
Tryacic %nge is triade,totjtdje of euerp fojte 10 gooD 
agapnftepopfon,anDtyerfo?eit ts gooD bot^c 
f 0; man atio beafte 5 a0 toell coloe a0 Ijotte* ainb 
Uttf c < . 4. bnber tbe name of tnaclc $ noble mebicpn U^c = 
ia.1. ttiaatig mape be contpjeftenbeD, toljidje ttoo be 
Ipfte in operation* Jfo; aiuteenof Waclefapfye: 
pe ©all bnDerftanDe, tfjat tfje greatteft rule m 
curpnge of popfon,t0 to comfojte natural Ideate, 
anD to labour to D?pae it oute, a0 made Dotfte, 
3Hnb of made anD tfte meDpcpne S^etrlbate* 
3tKc s 4 *° getljer 3 3utcen Taptye: Cljere be certepne mc= 
tttt.ixiu Dtcms comrade to popfon, totydj topi not fuffce 
wo, com. popQjn t app;oclje nere ttje fcarte^as made anb 

C Ac r fit mun^uSp hat>itaV>iKs, ac luminofaf • 
Ncc lit intcdus, ncc olcns fetorc cloace* 

C&10 tetfc Dcdar etfje f oute tijpnge* toudjpnge 
CKovfe of c ^°P ft Df ^olfome apet* fl)f toljidje tye ffofte 
hoiiome tt, ttjat one ougtjte to djofe a dene apet, tfcat is 
«yre. not enfecteo tottb bapours j foi bndeane apet 
Dotl) alter ti^e ijarte after $ nature of p cdplcrton 
»atpr. at. tftat it is mpngleD toitk as 9alp fapty* tlty.iu 
Sif^S' ttongei0,oneougftttod)ofea Ipgfct apertfoj 
DarfeeapetmafcetbamantyeupanD bullefpin* 
tcb, fo?fud*e aperrapngletljefjttfdfe toitbfte 
burnouts in mans boDpe,am> foo bepnge troto* 
bleb, it tunned) to tye ijarte, of tt>e tofrcbeanD 
tf t&efjuutout&groffe anD troublou0 fpmtcs 



OF HELTHE* l4 . 

ben cngens?cD, tbe toijicfte ma& e one Unttp pOje 
anD Uoidc^ bcrt o;c tbete is notbpnge tbat ma^ 
fcetb a ma mo?e locunbc oj merp anD 5 le(Te beup, 
tba to toalfee m a fatre clcce aier, o? to cpfe rcrlp* 
<Cbe.ut,tbpnge is,tbat toe ougbteto efcbctoe 
mfecteb aper, tijat is tobere Uaugbter of people 
bacb ben : jf o? comntonlp m t^ofe places, tobere 
as great daughter of people batb be,ano m pla* 
ces nere tberbnto, folo toctb great peftilence:f oj 
Id ban toe D;a toe in tbe tnfecte aper, it mfectetb 
tbe fpttitcs in our bobpe. Cbe. ml tbpngc is, 
toe fljuioe efcbctoe gunges,fmUes 5 guttecs ,cba- 
nels, ftpnfcpnge bucbes,anbal otber p&rticulec 
places rtjat are mfecteb toitb carrcpne, and pla= 
ces tobere as Deeb carfecfes o? Deeb f olUes bones 
are cafte 3 anb places tobere berope anbflajce is 
toattercb, fo; tbe aper fo mfecteb botlje mfecte 
cbe fptrttes of our bobpe, ano fpecpallp btutetb 
tbe b;apne« 8nb tberfoje 3uieen faptbe, tbat as nuktn jt t i 
longc as tbe aper is temperate ana ciece,ano no *octW 
fubitauueecomtarpeto mans nature mpngleD 
cberetoitb, ttcaufetbeanbconfcrnetb a mans 
beltbe, Httbtoban itis cbangeo . it botbecon? 
crarie to tbe operatio tberof : ano fo? a mo?e De- 
claration of tbe f ojfapb tbpnges, topttetb toell, 
ebat tbe aper in tbe regiment of beltb is neceflfa* 
tie* xu toapes* f p#e, f o? tbe ref refbpnge of tbe 
barte*feeconblp 5 fo^ tbeauo^opnge oute of fn=, 
ropitye fuperfluitics,tbat trouble tbe fpirtteanb 
natural beate.jf o? like as toefe bp erteno? tbm* 


ges as tfje fpje toitljout f annpnge of tlie apjc is 
cfjofceo anb quenc^eo:fo Ipfce topfe toe map tma* 
gpn^tyattlje fptrites ano natural! Jjeate in man 
jjab nebe to be noutptyeb, cofetueD, aiiD attend 
p?eD^e attentpetae* of natutall jjeatc is cau= 
fcD bp ojatopnge of ttye apje 3 ano tlic pourgpnge 
t^ccof ts caufeo bp cjcpulfpnge of fye apje* Cfje 
fpjfte is Done bp motion of ttye attraction, ano 
tlje feconDe bp motion of ejtpultion; <€l)etfo;e tf 
toe Djatoe in ftpnKpng ano bncleane apet,tt co?* 
ruptetljein bs tyc naturall Ijeate anbfppjpte. 
Ctyerfojc tlje aper (l>ulo be fap?e ano clere,twtfc 
out bapouts ano mpftes : it mapenot be trou* 
btous and ctou&p, no? mppeo tottlj pit toapours» 
fojfuclTC aire troubled) tlje turnouts, and ma* 
fcettyatnanljeupe attb fabDe,as isafojefap&e. 
Cljeopenapet ougbttobe c^ofen,anD not be- 
ttoene toalles o? Routes: anfcttulp to fpeafce, tlje 
clofe apet ftyulDe be cfctjetoco* petneuer t&elelft 
in t&e tpme of pefttlenee, totyan fyeapee ctyauni 
cefy to be enfectea, tlje clofe apet is tabe ttj ofm 
C^ecfo?eat(Uc^cfeafon0 3 it tsgoobfojtts to 
abpbetottfjm our$ot$fes,anoto kepe our topn* 
&otoes fatte tyatte, lefts t&e putrifieo apet 0)ult> 
enter in: But els tyt open aper is bete* fatter 
tn tlje regiment of fjeltye, tt>at apet ought to be 
efc^eo^eto^e tsmpretrtoityfrapoutfsof 
lafces? arnD'Mpe ppttes, contcpnpnge ttpnfcpnge 
toaters : aho of tettepue i>erbes, as coletoojtes, 
fcomlocfces^ Ctr^eipUe : and of trees, as fpgge 
.A trees 


frees, ana toalnutte trees. Jfattfter (fiat aper (0 
tobecbofen,totyenn tljetopnbe blotoetbeftome 
l)v%l)t o) egall gcoutiDc. 3B«n alfo toe ouglne to 
tafce go oblje&Mljat Reaper ejecebe not tnanp 
of bis fp?ft qualptces 5 tljat is tofape m tyeate, 
colbe 5 mopft ure, 0? tyougljt, tol)ictye if it chance, 
it mufte be tempereb bp crafteasmoelje asts „ 
poffible. eft efe tbpnges mittn teacljetlj* 

CISi tiV>i ferotina noceat potatio uina, Wticrftf. 
Hora raatutina rebibas,et crit medicina* 

Cbis we teacl?etb one boctrpne, tl)t toft tcbets 
ebis, if a man be DtfeafeD bp bjpnfcpnge of fopne 
otter npgbte, lette fypm on tfre mo?otoe a f tefflje 
Djpnfce topne agapne, Jo? eptbet bjpnfepnge of 
fopne ouer npgbt caufety b?onfcennes, tyn&tn 
tf)e mo?npnge,o; els inflammation of tfje bobp* 
3Ifitenflametlje bobpe 3 tljan it is rpgfttbnfjol* 
fdme agapne m fyc mojnpnge to b?pnfce topne a 
ftetye,foj tbat toere as one fljolb lap fpje to fp?e: 
IBM pf one Ijap to be tyonlte,$ tbertmeb gtyake 
alpftell:tyan it foere tyolfome fo? typm to Djpnfee 
topne a fretye agapne in ttyemojnpnge. f 0? tbe 
bjtpnfepnge of topne tfcan agapne, Dotlje Ipgbtlp 
eaufe one to bomite,totyerbp t\)t ftomaKe is ciett 
fet> : anb bp teafon of clenfpnge of|tbe ftomafee, 
ttje tyurte of tyonfcenes anb partyabpnge gotfje 
fctoap Ipgbtlp* 3nb fyerfoje Hippocrates cotm* 
faplefy fcs to be tyonfcen'ones a monetl): tbat of 
tfye tytonfeenes mape come fcompte:foi)ic& fypng 
prefer uety bs from pi bpfeafes of long continue 


ance . Jftfyt typnfcpnge of topue ouet eue Dofye 
b utte one 5 bp rcafon tbat be 10 not accuftomeb to 
typnfce fopne:tban be map D;pufce topne agapne 
in t&eroo?npnge, to aecuftome bpm;aiu> fotye 

m»« *#iftpngc of topne (bail tbeleffe I;urte bpm. 

puoMfmi. tfoj as i^ippoctatcs faptb,of acuftoroable tfymg 

SoT"« com€t ^ uflfe B* cfc 23ut m cafe tl > at tbptfpne* 
in tbe mojnpnge Dot!) folotoe on typnfcpngc of 
tupne ouec eue, tfyan to typnfce toatet in tbe mo^ 
npngeis befte to coole bt0 tbpjfte* 3nofo? as 
mocbea0toebauefpokettof butte tbat comefy 
bp Djpnfcpnge of tupne : topttetb tecll , tbat fa 
ttjatbatbafeble bjapne, of tobatfo cuec otbee 
conDtcion l)Z be,be ougbt to be toel toacc of D;oti 

safe « < * ennc *« * J tobe of * &?onfcen as auicett faptb: 
ca. De tegf. is caufe of, \>u mconuenicnces , £)f tD^tc^e tlje 
aoocfiMrj f p? ft e i5 coemption of tbe Ipuets c$plectiom 

:tfoj topne ejccettpuelpe taken cometljeto ityelp* 
sueincon uet,ano cefoluetb t^e ^eace tljecof, tobetbptfte 
u«nicnces ipuec iofetb bis natu tall generation of blouDc : 
cnoedrea aiU , tn ttye fteoe of biou&De, it engenbjetb toat* 
of dronsc ^^ cntg> and caufetb tide t>?opfp, o?el0 it cut* 
tc$ tbe Ipuecoj tbe burnouts tbetof ,tol)etbp le- 
p?e oj tuoDnc0 is engeno;eD* (Ciieau t^pnge is, 
tye cojtuptpnge of tbe bjapne0 complcctiou ,bp 
ceafon $ tbpcfce * continuall fumes of tbe topnc 
afcenD tljecto, tbe tobicb bifpofe tbe botte b;amc 
totooone0ant>fcenefp:an&tbe colbe totbefal* 
lpngepuell,fojgetfulne0,anb palfep. Cb^itf. 
typnge is,toeafcne0 of fye fenotoes.jFo? toe fe tfc 



monIp 5 ftat ftefe DjonfeccDes fcattefte palfep m 
ftepj tJ?rt> Mb ot\)tt membjes, as tori! in pouft 
as in age* Cbeam* ftpnge is, Difeafes of fte 
notoes,a0 ft e rape ana palfcp* foj fupcrfluous 
typnfcpng of topne 5 oft times turneft to btneget 
tn fte (Icmafce , totyclje tyittcft fte fenotocs. 
3!lfo oftentpmes^o? fauteof Dtgeftid,tt tojneft 
in to tonDtgefteD toattcpaKne0,tobtft Doft mol- 
Itfie fte fenotoes, anD often tpmes it enDticeft oj 
Djatoeft gtcfTe Ijum ours to fte fe notoes, toljct; 
bp ftep be ftretftcD oute, o?D?atoen together. 
Cfte fpfte ftpnge ts fte palfep,ftat ft e fiutttDt* 
tcs of ft e bjapnc, enctcafeD bp topne,D oo engen^ 
Dje:fo ftat ft ep ftoppe boltp fte toaps of # lifelp 
fptntes 3 ftat pjoceDeftome fte tyaptteto fteo= 
ft ec .ftpnge is fooapne Deft e, 
fo? topple ftcD?onfeerDe fnojteft o? Oepeft^ts 
topnbepppes ate clofcb o? ftoppcotoift fte a* 
feubace of topne o? fjumiDites ft erof engenDjeD, 
toberbpfjeis fobapnlp OrangleD. 3nt> ftougfc 
fte immoDerate D;pnfepnge of topne eaufeft fte 
f ojefapDe inconuemenccs: pet topne moDetatelp 
tafeen, ts ijolfome Dp uets toapes.BnD 3ween ce 
&erfeft*thbontpes of topne moDeratelp D?onfce» fmbom 
Cijefp?tteis,ftattteafelpconuepeft ftemeate J*"*'"* 
ftattt ts mpngleb totft,toaU ftememb?esof \> m u. 
fte boDp, ftjougfc* fte Ijeate, fubtillite, anD ijpD 
conuentent pjopetfte fterof .Cbe fecoD fting is, 
ttDtgeflcft ano refolueft fleume ft?oug(je fte 
fteate anD tubtilte of ps fnbftance, anD makeft 



it aptetoauopoe out, opcnetye tbetoapc0,an& 
comf o?tctb nature to b?pue it outMhc tb troe 10, 
ttauopDet&reDDe coierbp brpne,anD bpotbet 
tnfcnfibU bacuattotiMB ffoetteanb fucfjelpfet* 
3dno tins is to be bnberftanbe of claret 0; tobpte 
fopne,tbe tobiclje is feble of natuce^ojels alapbe 
toitb toatec: foj ot&er topfe it topll encecafe coler; 
bp tucnpnge it felfe into colec, anb inflamatioit 
of tbe Ipuec ♦ C&e* iiti* fypnge 10, it caufetb me= 
lacoipnes, tfte fo&tcbe i0 gcoflfe,anD mouetb do* 
toelp,eafelpe to pade tb?ougbe tbe pipes o;cuti« 
Dpte0tbecof,froroe tl>e Ipuec to tbe fplcne,an& 
from tbe fplene to tlje b?pmme 0? ntoufye of tye 
ftomafee, $ at lade toify tbe b^agges ; to auopoe 
out of t&eboope* 3nbtt Declpnetboj rep t :eflTet& 
tb^urte of melancolpne0, tb?ougbe contratpi 
por ptics ournc6 of wmpIeft<on^anD matter of fubltance, 
of meian- * n tl >* ^ctcs t^ctof^o; melancolp engenDjetl) 
colye and fteupnes, fapntnes of bacte, anb eouetoufenes: 
toync* • but fopne cngentyeft iope, bolone0, ftoutne0 of 
(lomabe 5 anD Ipbecaltte* Cbe fpfte tbpnge 10, it 
tefoluetbe all caufesof toecpnee, ejccepte tt be 
iwpjctefoitbforoeotlljecmeate, f oj topne teup- 
uetl) tbe refolute fptntcs agapne abounoantlp, 
ano o otI)e comfojte naturall bertue,ano tafeetlj 
afoape 0; Dimimttmb butntbities tbat be iefte 0; 
ccntapne in § mufculs,m $ fenotoes of tt?e batt, 
0? uubeiopntes* 3dnbpf tbebobpebe DjpcDbp 
to*rpne0,anb nebetbe mopftpnge, fopne mop* 
foty it qupcfcelpe, fo it be allapeb foity toateu 


tfactbcnnojcbefiDeg tbefe tfomges;, tDpncfjatl? 
ntanp otftcc gooD properties* jf o? abouc al otbec 
tbpngcg topne 10 a ftopfte anD afoDapncnou- 
cpfycrritcomfojtetbe tl>e locate anD natucalle 
fpintcs, anD beatctl) all ttjc boDpc, it clerctlj tljc 
toptte, tt appefetb anger, it Djpuetb atoapc be- 
upnes,anD (tetetb to boDplp lu(L#nD no D;mfcc 
Dpgeftetb ratoe burnouts; fo toell as topne. 2HnD 
topne roafcetb one manlpbotbc in ftomabe and 
bobp^no tbep t bat D;tnke no tome are notbtng 
in regacD of tbep? egalB tbat Djpnfec topne, nep= 
tyctin ftotnafce no? cojage. 

€TGignit et humores melius uinum meliores* 
Si fucrit nigrum, corpus reddit ttbi pigrum* 
Vinum (it clammy, uetus, fubnle, maturum, 
Ac bene limphatura faliens moderanrnc fumptum 

fj^bts t ecte Declatetb one Doctrine of topne : * 
tbattstbiMbc better tbat topnc 10 , tl)c better 
bumours tt engeb?etb« Clje caufe is, fo; blacbe 
topne is moje grofTe anD ertbpe tban anp otljen 
anD tberfo^e b fptrite0 tbecof engcD^eo be gtos: 
3tnD <$alen faitb:d5roflfe fptrites roafce tbe boDp 
^eup o?flotoe»3fInD farther tbere be* biLDoctru vii Ar- 
ties tcberfeD touefcpnge tbc election of topne* tr h ,n " to 
Cbe fp?fte is, topne ougbt to be clere* jf 0? fucbe vwn C 
topne bp reafon tbat tt is fubtple , engenDjetbe 
fubtpleanDclerefpiriteg* Cbe.ii. ts,it ougbte 
to be olDc anD not netoe. f 0? nctoe topne 0; muff 
Dootb fooner ouercome ones b?apne, anD make 
one fcaue tbe laffce 3 tban anp ottjec of tbc pacell: 

X it 


ttengenDjet^ecolpfce anb otbet accpbentes, 
tbattyall be DeclateD after, Han toe come to, 
impedtt nrinam. &o; pe (ftoulDe not bnDerftanDe, 
£ topne ougbt to be to olbe* fo} fucf^e topne , as 
anfe. mi . i. 3uicen faitb,is as a mcDtcine, 9 not as Djpnfee* 
€ £^J& tfojfucbe topne botberatber alter a temperate 
q boDptobcateanbD?ougbte,tban noutptye tu 
jf 0? toban it is fo berp olDe , it reeepuetb agapne 
bisfp?ftenatural!berDure anb fyarpenes,anD 
at bw ^ an al1 ftr P* tob«fo?e § aggregator tojitetb, 
to; cap.ot tbat it is botte anb D?pe tn tbe tbpjbe Degree* 
Cb* tbp?be leflfon is>tbat topne ougbt to be fufc 
tile, f o) fubtile toine maketb tbe fpirites of matt 
fubtile,$grolTetopnes engenDjegrolfe fpirttes. 
Cbe fourtb boctrine is, topne fl)ulD be rppe,anb 
not berteo? eger,fo? elies it topU bepjpueman 
of al bts natural bacuatios anb gooD beltb, as 
tfauncom faptbe* 3nb tberfo;eit is burtefull fo? 
Iit.par.re3 . tbepmtbat toante euacuatton bptymeanball 
•cHtojwro. oti^er tbep? bpper as <salen faptb, 
fucbe fttpttcal topne is bolfome fo? Difeafes tbat 
cbauncein tbe guttes. 3lnD tbe ftiptlcalnesof 
topne mape be put atoap tottb mocbe mpnglmg 
of toater* ^rtje f ifte Doctrine is , tbat topne fljuloe 
be alapeb toitb toater : f 0? tberbp tbe f umofite 
of tbe topne is put atoap e:am> fo ttDotbeleffe 
ouereommetbebjapne. Cbis is of troutb,tf tbe 
topne be fubtile, but if it be groffe , tt ouercom- 
metb tbe bjapne tbe fooner,foj tberbp it is mabe 
fubtile anb mo;e furopfOje. 3nb of tbis topne 



at uittn bttDerfloDc toljmi ije fapDc, tyat topne a? 
lapDetou&toaterDotbfoncr ouercomegb;apne ^"J} 1 ?, 1 ' 
tban clcane topne ♦ Clje.tH* Doctrine is, topne 
f^ui oc be fp?pnfcelpnge tol;an one taCtctlj it, anD 
tljis is one of tt)c conotcions of gooD topne, be* 
f ojte fapDe* Cfce.tnt Doctrine 10 conftbjeD tn r ljc 
D?pnfce rs conDtaon , anD not of ttje topne : tljat 
is , one ouglit to D?pnfce topne tctnperatelpc ♦ 
f 0? topne temperatlp taken, Qmrpcfy tbc toitte, 
anDengenDjetballt&e tjolfome t&pngcs before 
DeelareD* 23p al! tt?cfe tbpnges Ijete crp;eflc& be 
map concluDe,tt)at topne ttyat ougtjte to bec^o- 
fen anD ts beft m tlje regtmct of bcUl)c,ts tneane 
topne egallbettoene olDe anD netoe, clere, fome 
toljat reDDe,of gooD oDoure anD flatiour,of egal 
feuour, tbat is neptljer eger, fbarpc, no? flncte: 
hy\)\cl)c is not groflfe, no? to moclje fubtple , anD 
efcettyatitbenot toftrongeno? to toeafce:anD 
tljatitgrotoenot on ftonp anD bpllp grounDe, 
no; on ftmple plapneanD eatable gtounDes,but 
on fcpg&e gronDe,lienge ope totoarDc tfje fcwtlj, 
tn a countrep not to fyotte no? to colD»(Couct)tng; 
tfce regiment of topne, concernpnge tlje ages, 
$ rules ttjat aituccn putrctl) are to be toel notcD* 
CI; e fp?fte is, to gpue cljplD?en topne to D?pnUe, 
ts as one toolDe lap fire to fire maDe of D;ie tooD; 
f 0? eljpltyen be tcDje $ foone enflameD,tt??oug& 
tbabunDance of fyep? naturall /Ijeate, anD tfjep; 
feno toes anD tyapne be tocafce anD feblcscofjcc- 
fo?e topne fjtittetyfyem manp toapes»*3utfpe= 

XAU ctallp 


etallp bpqupcfce inflammation, bpbuttpugeof 
tbe b;apne, bp ij>g5|tip petcpnge of tbe fenotoes, 
anD abunbant fuinofite,Cberfo?e tuban one 
uetb cbpitycn topne to bjpnfce , tbe mflaminpng 
Ijeate of tbe topne is abbeb to tbe flampng beate 
of tbep? bobpes,tol)tcb ate of as final teftftence, 
as b?pe ftpcfces,teebes, o? totoe 3 ts agapnfte tbe 
fp?e.Cbe fecoo rule ts 3 tbat one map gptie an oID 
man asmoke topne to D?pnfceasbe can beate 
tmtboutbutte, tbat is, as mocbe as bis natu- 
call anD Due appetite Defpjetb* f o? IpUe as olDc 
bootes anb bufhpns tbat be D?pc anD to?tnfceleo 
bemaDefoupulleanD plapne toitb oplpnge:fo 
Ipfee topfe ben tfje bobpes of olbe folfees bp b;pn- 
fcpnge of cbofen topne, as topne of ffietmops* 
Suncient foils es are colbe , anb topne Ijeatetye: 
tbep? fpitite is beup,$ tbep be full of melancolp: 
ano topne mafcetbtbem metpe, anb tep?effetb 
melancolines : anb commonlp olbe folftes flepe 
pll, anb topne tnafcetbtbeni to flepe toe!f« £>lbe 
f olfces be bifpofeb to opilattos, $ toine opened^ 
atnb Ipke as topne is to cbplbjen moft conttatp, 
fo f o; olbe follies it is mode bolfome. Cbe.m* 
rule is, tbat pongefollsesl&ulDe bjpnfce topne 
tcpetatelp , tobtcbe tcmpetatelpistobe tmbec 
ItonD tneafutable quantite, anb couenientalap- 
enge toitb toatet*3lnD al tbongb tbat ponge f Di- 
kes ate as botte as ebplbjc, pet tbep? meb?es be 
inojefounDe, anb tbep? fenotoes $ bjapne mo?e 
ftonget, tobetbp fyep mape tfte ttronglpec refute 



t\jt Iwtc tbat commetb bp D;pn fepnge of topnr. 
^anp gooD tbinges come bp Djmfepng of tome 
fob;clp, tfjatis tofape, tbetoopbpnge of cbolec, 
t\)t quickening of tbe co?po?ail mpgbt anb tupt, 
anb xtyt abunbance of tbe fubtple fpicites. 

CMon fit acetofa ccruiCia, CcdKencclara, 
Dc ualidis cofta gran is fat is ac ueterata, 

CWs terte beelaretb.b*tbinges bp tobicb one 
mapknotoe goob ale, Ctje fp;fte is 3 tbat it be 
not fo toer 3 fo; ttjat burtetb tftc ItotnaKe. 3 fotoec 
tbpnge, as Mictn faptbe in manp places, buc= 
tetb tt)t feno toes, ano tbe ftomafce is a memb;e 
full of fenotoes,fpecpaHp about tbebjpmme o; 
moutbe* Cbe. iu tbpnge is , tbat ale mufte be 
elere : foj troubleb ale is a Hopper, anb burtetb 
tbonouerntocbe tbat baue tbe (tone, ttfattetb 
anbenflatetb,anb mafcetbone tyojte topnbeb, 
anb engenbjetbemocbefleme, (Hty.iil. tbpngt 
i6, tbat ale fyulbe be mabe of goob cojne tbat 10 
not cojrupte, tbat is to fope, of tbe befte baclpe, 
tobeate, 0? ootes : fo? tbe better tbe co?nc is , tbe 
bettet is tbe bumour 'b^of engeo?eb, Cb*» WUi 
tbpnge ts,tbat ale ougbte to be toeil foDDerfo? 
tbat caufetb it $ bettec to be bpgefteb, anb mo?e 
ampablp to be reeepueo of nature : anb tbe imfe 
uemeces tberof grotopnge, are tyt bettet bojne; 
tfojif tbe ale be not toellfobbe, tt engenbjetbe 
bentofptes in tbe bealpe, gnatopnge, enflation, 
anbcolpcfce, <Cbe*b. tbpnge is, tbat ale ougbt 
to be (tale anb toel pourgeb* if 0? netoe ale enge* 

HMU 1 Djetb 


tyetl) t^e fame tjuttc tijat ale Dotfctye fotycfce is 
not toell foDDe:ano aifo Doty ipg&tlp b?eabe tye 

CDe qua potatur, ftomacus non lndegrauctur* 

$ete is taugbt one leCTon touching § bfe of ale. 
Cfjat is, one ougtye to typnfce it mobetatelp,fo 
tljattbeftamafcebenot Ijutte tbetbp,no?b?on- 
tent* caufeo* jf o j it is tootfe to be bjonfce of ale 
tban of topne 5 ano enburetjj longer: anb tbe fu= 
mes ano bapouts of ale tfcat affenbe to tbe beeb 
are gro(Te,tobe$fo?e tijep be not fo fone refolueb: 
as tbep tbat beniouuteo bppe bp topne. 3X>I?ere 
^ponit is to be noteD 3 tbatm tl)c begpnnpnge 
of bpneroj topper, it is bolfomcto D;pnfee ale 
before topne:tlje caufe is> foj at tbe begpnnpnge 
of out tepaft ojbpner 5 t$e bobpe is ljungrpe:fo 
t W tb e ftoroafce before toe began to eate mcate 
bias bungtp,anb fo tyetoe fuperfluttes from $e 
mcmb?es*€bccfo?eiftoe begpnne toitb topne, 
bp reafontfeat nature gteatlpe befpjetb it, ano 
fo? tlje great nouepfljement tljerof, tbe fuperflu* 
tteMogetljertottljtlje topne benb?atoenof tbe 
(tomafte, ano are conuepeo to tye parties of t&e 
bobp: but nature botbe not fo befaouHp bjatoe 
ale,3iub alfo ale toalfcetb atoape tbe turnouts i 
^ange about tbe typmmeof tbe ftomake* 3nb 
fo^tbts caufe pbtfmons counfaple, tbat toban 
one ts mood l)ungrpe, be fljulbe fp?fte alfape to 
fcompteo?&eeate anp meate,tbat tbofe toper- 
flutes t&at be tyatoeu together of tye bungrpe 



ft oraafce ,mape be bopbeb ouMefte tbep be mpn* 
glcD tout? tbe meate, ttpfee topfe be tbat f caretbe 
Co be tbp;ftp bp fuperfluous D?pnfcpng of toater, 
fl}ulDeD;pnke ale;fo;tt quencbetb tmnaturall 

CTcmporifcus uetis modicum prandereiuneris* 
Sed calor aftatis dapibus nocet immoderatis* 
Autumnt fru£us caucas, oe lint tibi judos, 
De menia lume quantum uis tempore Brume* 

C^^e tbeautbo;Determuietb,tobat quanttte Dyetcaf- 
of meate OjuiD be eaten,after tbe Diuerfite of tbe 

ter thc.mi 

foarefeafongof tbeperejtbattetofape.inljero? fcaCo0S of 
fp?pnge tpme , rommee 5 autumne, atiD topntec* thc y cre * 
$e faptb tbat m tbe tpme of ber, toe mufte eate 
Ipttei meate.Co t^tB Klupcen agreetb and faitfc i. 
tbereafon tsbpcaufetutopnter mans bobpeis JTSmSS 
not greatlpgpuen to labour ano erercpfe, ratoe 

occt. b. tie 

turnouts are encreafeo,anb fpectallp fleumfc; SiSS* 
ttfce, tobicbe after tbe pjopotfion of tbe feafon, 


tban fpeciallpe be engentyeb : tobtcbe bumoues 
bp reafon of co!De 3 are enclofeb m tbe bobp , anD 
toban ]ber o?fp;pnge tpme cometb, tbefe ratoe 
Rumours >getberb to getber, Do melte $ fpjebe 
tb?ougb all tbe bobp :toberfo?e nature is tban 
greatelpe oceuppeb mmgeftpnge of tbepm^nb 
tberfo;e mberfeafon, if oneeatemocbe meate, 
it lemtfj nature to mgeftefucbe fleutnatifeebu* 
mours, ^icauretbtbem to Muerte o? turnean* 
otber toap:tf o? bp tbefe buntours s great (juan* 
titt of roeate,uature i* ouetp?e(Teo*3(nb fo tijecs 



bp fuel) Rumours fljail temapne in tye bobp t>tu 
btgefte&,anDrunnctofonie memtye, anb tbcre 
bjeebefomeotfeafe* 3nb tberfojetoe ougbtto 
tafee goob beoc, tbat toe eate not great quantite 
of meate m ber* jro? Ipttell mcate m tbts featon, 
(9 a fpcciall p^efetuation ftome Difeafes, tbat 
wt u ( tba«^S nc ^^ tttcenra P^^«btl)igfapeitge 
• is o f a ttoutye, f come ttye mpbbes of tbe enoe of 
bet , anD not in tbe begpnnpnge : f o? tbe begpn* 
npnge of bee is Ipfceneb to topnter : tbecf oit tlja 
one mape no?ptye bts bobp as toel as in topnter* 
3nb tins atfo mape be tbus twberftanbe : if tf?c 
bobp be ful of burnouts tobanibct cometb, than 
meate is to be giuen after tbe natural beate anD 
tefolution, tbat (s caufeo of tbe bobpe : fo? tban 
tbecaufets auopbeb: foj tnbtcbe meate fyuloe 
be DimpntfoeD ♦ Co tbts Hippocrates agteefyc 
fapenge : ffiealpes m topntet anb ber are moofte 
botte, anb flepe mood; longe* Cberfoje m tfjofe 
feafons,bp reafon tbat naturall beate is moctje: 
tt nebetb mocbe noucptyement £>eeonblpetye 
faptbe, tbat to eate mocbe meate in fommer <f 
burtefull: bpcaufe tbat tban tbe bettue of btges 
ftion is feble*5F o? tbe fptrites anb natural beate, 
tobtcbe are t^e mttcumentes of co?po;all opera- 
tion 5 aretbanrpgbtfeble,fparpleD,anDrefolute 
bp reafon of tbe outtoarbe bcate,§ tobtcbe bottle 
bebementlp D?atoe tbem to tbe erteeto; partes : 
anb ro caufetbe, tbat mocbe meate can not toell 
bigefte, 3nb bere is to be noteb , § fo; as morte 

OF H EL THE, 4.1 

astijcbcbemcnte rcfolution of fnmtp&ptcs , as 
tocll fubftanciall, as nutrpmcntall of tbe boDpe 
is great,gro(Ter, anD tno?e mcate in fomer antlD 
be eatc,tf p might e Digefttue coulDc Digeft itrbut 
bicaufe nature can not Digeft mocbe at ones , toe 
mufte rate a ipttell anD of te : as <Balen faptbe* ** l in ««. 
3fn fomer toe mud eate man? tpmes anD ipttell, Smo^ 
bicaufe tbe boDp tyatlj ofte neDe,bp rcafon of ofte f "«<i t<. 
Ditrolutiom3nDaltbougb Ipttell meate OjulDe \ hc teaf5 
be eaten in tbe fomer, pet one map D;pufce mod), outhweo 
bp rcafon of t\jc great refolutton anD D?ougbte e«i kteii 
of tf;e boDp : anD tbe natural! beatc cf tbe boDpe mcate in 
ejCceDctfjtbe mopfturetberof: anD manistban { ' om ^ 
mo;etbp?ftpetban otber tpmes* But pet tban 
one ougbttoD;pnke lelTe topne, fpectallpifitbe 
purc,fo? fucbe topne Dotbefoone enflame/anD 
caufetbetbe naturall beatc, augmented bp tbe 
arDent beate of fonimec to bourne: anD tberfoje 
be tbat topi DJinke topne m fomer,fl)ulD mpngle 
it tocll toitb toater;anD fojbeare olDe anD ftrong 
topne*Cbp;Dlpe be faptbe, tbat in ^utunme toe To a UO y<j 
ougbt to be toar e of frutes,fpeciallp of tye fame cat, ngc of 
feafon , as grapes , pecbes , fpgges , anD fuc^e f A ruit " ,n 
Ipfee : 0? at leafte to eate but ipttell of tijem, fo* AutumQC > 
fucbefruitesengenD?e blouDDe, tbat is apt* to 
putnfie, bp reafon of bumours anD bopllpnge 
tbat tbep mafce in tbe boDp, anD fpeciaiip tf tyep 
be recetueD in to an bnclene ftomafc oj a corrupt 
boDp, tobicb f oj tbe mo oft parte cbaneetb in 3u* 
tumne.3nD fo tban pli anD fpittjpe Dtfeafes arc 

# en* 


mgenb^as tbe poefces anb otljer pcdilent fic* 
Ueneffes* 3lnbtopttetlj toell, tyat in aiutumne 
hunger ana tt#?tte tyoulbe be efc&ctocb, anb to 

5* Sa.S C!?e topne alfo tliat ts bjonfee m Earned, tyulbe 
m**m be alapeb toitl) tnocbe toatet 3 ttyat it map mopfte 
t«tt^ 9 um tije bobpe,anb cole tljc Ideate, but not fo fttpec^ 
fiuou0palapbe toitft fcuatet, as it is mCommet: 
tw to betyonfcefo fupcrfluouOp : fo? bp rcafon 
tbatnatnteisfeble, it is not abletotoelbeanb 
btge&e it :anD to mocbe aiapenge toit!) loater, 
Difttopetl) natutall l)eate,anb cucteafety bento^ 
fptes:toijerbp t^c colpcfce ts engenbjeb .fourth 
Ipebe faptl)e,t^at in topntet onemapc eate as 
tnaclje as Ije topll, tyat is to fape , mo?e ttjati m 
otbcrfeafous, after tbentpnbeof 3luicen. ino 
< tn*. <5alen faptye. 3In topntet rooebemeatelepfetlp 
«pti.€t m be eatcsuCfce reafon ts, bpcaufe tlje ^cate 
bae (ma. Qf outbot>pin fopntctts fttongeft 5 botlje bp tea; 
fon tt is comcteb to gctij et, anD fo?ttfieb bp pot- 
ation of bts conttatp, ttjat ts to fape j tije coibe* 
nes of tbe ape^enuttonpnge out boopes about* 
3Bnb tW is bettfieb in btgge bobies anb fleflty, 
anb not tn bare ana f eble:fo? on fuel) bootes eaU 
benes of topntct euciin«) 5 boty not comfort toitl) 
beate but botlje niafce tljem mo?c f eble : ifo? tn 
topntetas ^tppocrates faptbe:bealps bebot- 
teft of nature 5 anb aepe mofte longe* QSOljetbp it 
appetetMftatttje noutptyememes anb 
fcatbett of Dttrcftton ate moje ^olfome in topntec 


tux o 

OF HE L THE* 41 

ftan mother feafons, bpcanfc tty bente is ftrott 
get* 23ut tbe topne tbat is D?onfce m topntcr, 
fbuloe be as ruDDp as a rofeanD not tobp te 3 anD 
alapeD totttj a Ipttcil foatcr. l^cte is to beuoteo. 
tfcatalltyougljebptbe ftrengtyc of locate, anD 
bertue of Digeftio tn topnter, tbe grolTe $ ftrong 
meates arc imo?e fjolfome s pet btcaufc£ ftafdn is 
DtfpofcD to opilations anD replettoncbp tcafou 
ofmoc!jcfleume 3 ittoereboIfome to bfe mcanc 
meates ; bettocne beup anD Ipgbte s groflfe anD 
fubtile, as fcpbDe 3 beale, ntutton 5 ppfces,percbe, 
anD creueffe* ainD tbep tbat Dfc groflec meates, 
as befe, po?fce, bemfon, gottes fleOje, anD fucbe 
Ipke, fl)uU> eate but one meaie a Dap 3 o?els to bfc 
nieates laratiue 3 as perfelp 3 crciris 3 muftert 3 anD 
fucbe lpfee 5 ano to bfe great labour. 

dSaluii cam rutafaciunt tibi pocula tuta. 
Aide role tlorem minuitpoteiicer atnoietru 

§ett tbe aucta; DefcrtuetbaL agapnft 
pIID;pnke.Cbefp^eisfageieaues.fageputi« HttV>ei 
to tbe D?mfee, fo?Dot!je tbe burte of it, anD alfo hoiibme - 
it comfojtctb tbe fenofoes anD bjapne, tbe tobi= 

put into 

ebecbmfojteD 5 Ddtbe tbe better refitte tbepllfu- dr ? nbc * 
mes;tl|at of tt>e pli Djpnfee afcenDbp tbere tmto* remeDpisretue 3 toljerof if tbe bolle lea* 
ues be put m to ttje o?pnfce 3 tfte bectue of it fo^ 
Dottje m malpce of tye D#nfee. HinD botoe gooD 
anD bolfome retoe is agapnfte popfou, it batfr 

ben DeclareD before at Alks, nux, ruta,&c«3InD tblS 

teptefapt^e,^attb t^ ttoofo^fapDe Ijerbes toe 



mm put tftetofeflotoeMnb tbteougljtefpe= 
ctailpe to be bnoetftonbe of a tcDDe tofc, foj tbe 
ftoete fmelle an& ftpptieafnes tyerof , amenoctlj 
tyemalpceof tbeo?pnfce. 

CNaufea non poterit quemcj uexare manna 
Aurea cum uino mixtam fi i'umf ierit illam. 

a remedy $ere tbe auctout teacljetb a tcraebp,botoc tfjep 
for parbra tbat are not accuftomeb to palTc tbe fce,roape a= 
bynge on UO p& e parbjafepnge o? fpupnge. I£t tbat topii 

the lea* pa £ e t |j C fa mufte a f etoe Da p Cg faf^ jj C tafee 

fl)ppppuge 5 tnpngle tl;e fee toatec tettfj bis tutnc* 
Cbis t0 a tentebp fo? tbem tbat be rpebe, but if 
it be a poo;e manne,tban bemufte D?pnfce fee 
toatet, tbat be mape eafelper efebetoe fpupnge* 
<€b* teafott btteofts,bpcaufe tbe fee toatens 
faltc 5 ano fo toitb bis faitnes anb ftipttette : tbat 
folotoctb faltnes , tt clofety tbe moutbe of tbc 
ft oi»afcc,anD tberbp f o?boetb f p upng. 3nD bttc 
Mnit. m . i. is to be no tea, tbat as 3utcen faptb , a ttauapler 

YJmi ?tT on not moc b 8° about t0 tottbftaoe 

ojtofo?beate patbjafcpnge o; fpupnge > at tbe 
begpnnpnge, but to toomtte tmtpii be tbpnfce 
bpm felfe tocll pourgeb, fo? tbat p?efecuetb bpm 
from manp btfeafes, anb not onelp p?efetuet&e, 
but alfo bealctb o? alleutatttb greuous * gteate 
tufeafes, as lepje, bjopfep, palfp, colbenes, anb 
fmc.«f.-f. (bellpnge in tbe ftomiafee»(€bus faptb SEupcem 23 Ut in cafe t ^ at ^ tcauetlec on tbe fee fpefoe fo 

mocbc, tbat ^etbttbpistpgljtegteatlp febleb, 
t&an ije mufte tetttapne ijpm felfe bp eatpngc of 


(Hptfcal anD (otoer fruiters bnttpe f r tute, crab 
bes,fotocc pomgacnetDes,anD fuclje Ipfce^et* 
butfuljc moutbc of tbeftomafee is comfoneD, 
anD tlje burnouts ejcpelleD Dotonc:anD alfo tfjc 
ftomakc tt) crtoub ts ccfojteD 3 anD tlje Rumours 
flotopnge tUerc bnto bp tafepng of tlje toater,atc 
D;tuen atoap* £)?els toe map take muftecte feoe 
D?peDbp tbefpje, anD D;mfce it tottytopne , oj 
toojmctooDe mape be eaten o; D;onben,o; a totte 
toette in ceDolent fopne is gooD to eate. HnD ge* 
netallptattemeatesbe gooDfo^tcauaplecs on 
tbefce 5 fo;tf)cp comfojte tbe ftomafce, anDp;o- 
bpbpte bapouts anD fumes ttjat toolDe afcenDe 
tor^chceDc,as!)erbc6foDDe in bpneget, o?tn 
tbeteufeof fotocc grapes, 

CSaliria, fa I, uinum, piper, allca, petrociIliun% 
Ex his fit falfa, niil fit commixio falfa* 

$ ere tb e aucto ut tcacbetb bs to make a comon r matte 
fauceifluelacbeabettenBnD.b.tljpngesgootb a comma 
to tb* mafcpnge of tbis fauce* Cbe fp?ft is fage, fauce * 
fobertoulj toe mape make faufe foj a goofe tofte 
0) foDDe, fo) comonlp a goofe o? a ppgge tofteD 
is ttopptD tmtb fagc, to D;pe bp tbe bumpDttes 
anD clammpnesof tbem,anD alfo bpcaufe tbe 
fleftye ulDe fmell fometobat tbetof , but pet af - 
tec it is tofteD, tbe fage tooioc be cade atoape 
anD not eaten. ftpfce topfe of faage bplanDpflbe 
folbe make a fauce to eate tmtb a goofe:fo; tfjep 
ftampe (age anD gaclpfee togetbet,tljat tl>c fage 
mape abate fombtyat of tbe gattpfees fauout . 


C^e feeonD tfjinge is , falte toitl) fopne, anD fyts 
faucets fo? tpcfte anD noble men.jf o? tofcan tyep 
toantemuttecte, o? toerieufe, tfjep put topnem 
a faucet, ana tnpngle tttoitlj a Ipttcll faulte* 
Cfje tfjpjo tiding is pepeca fauce foj toplanDpfy 
folfces.fojtijepmpnglepepet tmtl) beanesauD 
peafon Apfee topfe of tofteo b;cat)Dc 3 t»itt| ale of 
fopne,anD Uutlj pepet tyep make a blacke fauce, 
as it toere pappe,tijat is calleD pepper, anD ti?at 
tftep cade fcpon tljepj meate, fletye, anD fpflje, 
Cije fouctl) is gatipfce, totjeeof tlje toplanDpfye 
people mafcc a fauce, f oj ttjep mpngle fofte cljefe 
ano mplfce,aiiD ftampe garlpUe togetljecano fo 
tijep eate it tmtlj tljep^mcate, toljettyet it beto= 
fteD o? foDOe.falte o; ftefl)e,$ tottl) IjarDe egges, 
(€lje*D*tfji»g ts perflp,of patflp leaues (tampeD 
luit^ betteufe oj toljpte topne, is tnaDea gteue 
fauce to eate tmtlj tofteD meate,3inD bete tstobe 
notcD, tbat fauce oj fauces fcarpe af cct tfcefea* 
fonsoft&epete. fo; in l)ottefeafons, ttntafte 
bcmaDeof coioe tljpnges, o?of ftuffeofjptteli 
l)eate,anD in eoiDe feafons conttatpe topfe. 
Cijetf o$ fomec fauce fl)uloe be betieufe^epfcll, 
oj topneget,tljeiuce of lemiwms, o? of porome* 
gatnaDes,foitb rofe toa tec, anD fuclje Ipfce* 3nD 
otljec foljple in fauces maDe m fommet,one map 
putte a Ipttell pelUto?ic anD petflpe,to attempt 
tyecolDenesoftljefo?efapDe tljpnges. 2$ut tl>e 
mamct of tye copetent fauces in topnt cr is mu* 
Itote, catlofce , gpnget, peppet, cpnomum , ge* 



loffcrs, garlpfce , Cage , mpntes, pclptojpe , anD 
perOpe, topnc, toater of fleffye, tnnegrc not to 
ttronge, but becpencce to denature of topne, 
3no tn meane feafons,? fauces tyulDe be mean, 
neptftec to Ijotte no? to coloe. feeconolpe fauces 
Differ bp teafon of tlje tmates fo? toljicije tljep be 
maberfo? one mete tetll tyauc one fauce, an otijec 
nieate another fauce: as lo?Descofces ttnotoe* 
&auce fo? mutto, beale,^ fcpDDe is scene fauce, 
maoe in foroec tottb bpnegacoj berteufe,totttj 
a fetoe fpices,anD tmtljout gaclpfce, otljcrto&pFe 
imtl) perflpe, toljpte gpnger, anD tofteo bjeaDDe 
mi) bpnegec, 3Hn toputertije fame fauces be 
maDetmtt)manpfppcessan&a bttell quantite 
of garlpfce,anD of tbe bed topne, anD tmtlj a lpt= 
tell Detteufe,o? tmty muftecte^auce foj rofteD 
befe is maDe tottlj pepper, tofteD bjeaDDe, bjottj 
of flelHje sgcapes^nDtlje fame fauce is gooD 
in tomter to eate tottl> po#e»aiIfo po^fee tn fomec 
map be eaten fottl) topneger anD pecHp at tbe be* 
gpnupnge of Dpuer.23ut tn cafe ti?at tije t fo;laiD 
meates be bafceD, anD fpeciallp befe anD 'pojke, 
anD in totntectfjan fcr ue in a totypte opmon,anD 
a fatal quantite of ftoete fptce beaten tn pouDec* 
23ut tn fommec ferue it in toitbout opntons 5 anD 
tmt& becieufe, o? els toity a fetoe fmall opmons* 
3nD if tlje paftes be maoe of mo;e tenD?"e flefaje 
$ ipgijtec of Dtgeftiou, tyan ferue no opntons tn 
tljertott^ : but in fommec almon mptfee toitb tec 
tatfe, anD a Iptteli blanche pouDec: aitiD attire 



lad pe map put fyecto ,an egge bjofcen foftb bet 
Dyuers ?eufe,#ut in totnter m tye iteoe of bccieufe take 
gocd fau; fopnc, anD moje fppce* gautb tofteD rabbettes 
«s tor io aubcl)efcpn0XaucemaDefotri) cpnomume, ccu^ 
dnmcaus m e0 of bjcaDDc, anD tottl) becteufe in fommec 
feafoutsboifome 5 anD infopntec tmtb fopne* 
Jf ojcofteo po^fcc in topntec take of tbe Dipping 
tempeceD tottbgooD fopne and opnpous: ano 
in fommec take tbe gcene fauce aboue named* 
jf o? cofteb fefante0, ppgpon0, auo tuttylz, take 
none otbcc fauce but falte* f o?boploe capon? 
ano cocke8,tatte of tye fame bjottj tottb a Ipttell 
blancbepouoec* ainDnantelp in topntec if ttjep 
be bopieD tottb fagejjfope, anD pecflpe, tfys 10 
gooDjauce : ano m fomniectbe b?otbe oftl;eca- 
pon,anD a Ipttell becgis mpngleb together (0 a 
bolfome faucet 0? fatte capons ano bennes ba= 
keDXe rue tn none otb er fauce, but a fmail quan* 
ttte of blancbe pouberrano at tyeenbe tbe aboue 
natneb gcene fauce tn fommec, anD tn ttipntec 
goob topne»$ut fpffce tbe gcotXec it (0 , tbe bar- 
Dec of Dtgeftlon,tbe mo?e fupecfluou0,anD moi- 
ftecof nature, tbe mo?ett nebetb botte faucea 
anD tyacpe : ano tbe fame cule is ipUe topfe true 
in all manec of fleftye* 

<CSi fore uis fanus ablue f*pe manus 
Lotto pod menfam tibi confert munera bioa 
Muadificat palmas, ct lumina reddat acuta. 

i^ece tb e auctouc teacljetb. it bolfome tbpnges 
8 come bp toaflfjpnge of ouc banoe0 after meate. 


Cfjc fp;fte i6>tl;c palme of our IjanDcs are ra utu 
DifieD.Ctjc.ius, out fpgbte is Ojarpco tUrrbp, 
anD rl;at ts fpcctailp bp accpDens:fo? t\)t banoes 
betbeinftrumentesto clcufctljcepcs: anD it ts 
rpgbt bol fome fo; tl)cm to be munmficD : tul;cr 
of tuc ijauc fpoUcn before at Lumina mane manuJ» 

CPanis non calidus, ncc fit nirais inueteratus, 

Scd fermentatus, oculatus, fitcoctus, 

Modicc fali'tus,frugibus.ualidis fit electa* 

Non comcdas cruftam, coleram quia gignit aduftam* 

Panis falfatus, tcrmentatus,bene coctus, 

Purus fit fanus, qui non tta fit tibi uanus. 

3fn t\)i& tcjetc .ii ♦tinges ace touted o? remem- 
b#D concerupnge tbe ctyopce of b;eaD* Cljc fp;ft 
10 beate.jfo; b;eabe ougqt not to be eaten Ijotte* 
I^otteb;eaDa03uicenfaptb,i0not conuement mm.!*. 
f 0; roan0 nature : anD bjeaD tljat eomet&e Ijotte * pane - 
from tijeoueni0bn&olfome.C&e reafon i0, bp F f 
caufeitftoppetljemocije, 3nD agapne after l>e hoV^ 
Captive: Cbat^otteb^eaDDe caufetfc t\)ptfym8 y 
bp reafon t&at it is tjottc : anD it ftopmmetye in 
tbe ftomnke, bp reafon of tys bapourou0 bumu 
Dtte:anD 10 of qutcfte Dpgettpon, anD Defects 
Detf) Ootoclp Dofone* 3nD all tyougbe tfjat bottc 
b?eaDDe in tbe regiment of fceltlje be fcnljolfome 
toeate:pettbefroellt&erof is rpgftte Ijolfome: 
f o? it reliuetlj one in a.fotone : anD it is p olTtble, 
tbat fome f oifces mape Ipue bp tl)t fmell of ncbe 
bjeaDDe* C^e, ii* tljpnge 10, toe ougfyte not to 
eate b;eaDDe tyat is toetp dale, o? moulDpe ; f oj 

£ fuc(? 


<CE ft cato porcina fine uino pet or ouina* 
Si tribuu uiaa,tunc eft cibus medicina* 

fccre in tW mtctyt auctouc compared; po?he 
toitb mutton. 3f po?feebc eaten toirtjouttopne 
it is not Co bolfome as mutton, but if pojfce be 
eaten toitb topne, itnourpft)ctbe befte,anbi0 
mcDpemablc, fo? it mopftetbmiocbe. Hub tbis 
is to be tonDerftanbe fpectallp of rofteb ppgges 
n bjatone to ell Dpgbt. 3nt> f^crc is to be notes, £ 
pojUe falteb o; DjpeD in tbe fmohe, fucbe as men 
of t\)t countrep bfe,calleb bafcotus in no mancc 
topfe f o bolfome as mutton, tobetb er it be eaten 
toitb topne o? no,but it is bnoetft onbe bp rodeo 
pojfce, o? pp gge, o? b?atone, as is before faph 

Cilia porcorum bona fun t, mala Cunt reliquorum. 

tymtljt auctour faptbe, tljat bogge tripes be 
better tljan of otber beaftes. Cbe reafon is, bp; 
caufe toe eate f etoe entraples,ejccepte tbcp be full 
of bloub, $ of beep fatte beaftes, as bogges be* 
$totoe onelp bogges biout>De,tb?ougl) tbe ftmi- 
Utube of completion to mans nature, is bluboe 
of tobicbe tbe botoelles be fplleb* 3nt> Ipfee topfe 
bogges be foner fatte tban anp otber beaftes* 
Cberfoje toe eate ratber tbe tripes ano cbpttec* 
Ipnges of an bogge tban of otber beaftes* 

Impediturinam muftum,foluit cito uentrenw 
Epatis infraximfplenis, generat lapidemq;, 

$ere tbe auctour Qetoetbe, b* inconueniences, 
tbatbje&eoftypnkpngeof netoe topne oj muft* 
Cbefpjftis,tijatmuft lettefye tye b;pne:ano 



tW map be tmberftanbe ttoo toape0, f p;fte bp 
teafon ttiae mufte is t&ptfce ant) gtofle, tt mpn= 
gletljtMtf)tl)CD?eggc0,anDfoftoppctlK tlie lp* 
uetanDt!?etapnes 3 fotyatt&efytne canne not 
cfelp Ijaue courfe, <fecconMp,tt lettetb tlje btine 
to!>a«ueDetoecouts,a0 tepnnpOje muftc Dotfjc, 
and cettapne otfcet fubtple topne0 Ipfcetopfe* 
jfoj tljete is fome tepnnpOje muftc, of t\)t totyty 
tfte ipes ate mo?Df ran t o; bptpnge : and to^ile it 
tunnety in to tl;cblaDDet ; tt)c ertfjplpes tyerof 
Do bpte ano pjpcfce tlje blabber, ano confttapne 
one to ptde contrary to tbc Due o?bet ant) manec 
tfjat &e toas front to DoM\)t fee onDe ts, tt lofefy 
ttje beaipe, bp teafon tyat it fcoutety tlje entrap^ 
!es,anD ttyoutf) ftatpenc* of tl;e ipes, tt p?tc= 
fectfi tftc gutte*,anDcaufety t^e ojbucea to a= 
uopbe out: fp?fte bp teafon tljat tye Ipe0 be mo^ 
bpeatpue,$>econbtp tfoougb bentofltie,to!)iclie 
fuc&e fopne catifefy, 3nb ttjpjbelp bp teafon $ it 
mafcetf) t&e guttes dppjp, bp toape of bnbtgefti= 
blenee at gtefe of tye aomafc<tof)etfo?e $ ftomafc 
leufefy $ opened t&e toapeMljat toete tyutte* 
C^etijttdinconuemenee ts,tl)e mufte buctetl) 
tfte goob eopletion of t\)t Ipuet : f o? it ftoppetlj 
t&e Ipuet t^ou^ moc^e mpnglpng of tlje ipe0: 

9 caufetije a btfeafe in tlje liuet calleo d iffeotcria, 
tb?oug&e ftoellpnge 5 toljetbp £ Ipuet 10 enfebleb. 
C&usfapt&e auicen. 3nDtl)U0 itcngentyet&e J^:!?/-**- 
an pi! colour, ano pll bpfeafes of tye Ipuet, tfjat « q S< % % ' 

10 to fape fppce0 of t!>e Djopfp* Clje.iiif , mcdue- um - 

0MU nience 


mencef0, ttjatmuft ^urtct^ ttje fpicne anb fye 
Difpofition tt>erof,tl)?ougIje tlje fame caufe t^at 
it ootlje tlie Ipuer, f oj it ftoppetf) tfje fpicne, ano 
fo caufetij it to be ijatoe. c&e, b. fcutte is , tljat 
muft engenb;ett) tlje ftone:anD fpeciallp tfjat 10 
mtftercpneg,toljtc^ei0coubope, and ipgfttipe 
frangible, bp teafonof opilation, ttjat itcau* 
fetl? tb?ougt) tyegcoflfe fubftaunce ttjctof.iuD 
t^i0 10 certame,if tlje mufte be of betp fuictc top* 
ne0,to&ofe Ipe0 be notljpnge bptpnge ojtyarpe. 
f 0? mult tljat Ijartj fljatpe ano bptmge lie0,p^ 
fetuetl) a man from tfye done, fo? it raafcefy one 
to pp(Te often : Ipfce as fome tenpflje nmftc Dot!). 
$ caufetlj fanb o? gtaueli to be fene in tye brine: 
tfje toj&icije Dotb of te #iioke one to make toatec: 
tul)icl^c ofte mafcpnge of toater, toafljetlj atoape 
t&e fmall graueLtljat cleuefy to a man0 tames, 
; anDfotyeauopDettjit* 

dPotus aqu«e fiimptos, fit edenti ualde nociuas 
Infrigidat ftomachu, a bum aititarfore crudum* 

&cte are Declared ttoo Intttcs, t^at come bp b^n 
that come fcpngeof toater, Cf)efpjftet0,Djinfepngeof tua<, 
by driftm?, tct jjt| Ctet jj Olte0 ftomafce tbat eatetlje:bp reafoti 
ot watc^ ^^^a^^oie^a^j^fet^tfteftomafe^anb 
fpeciallpe it inftropetbe ttje appetite. Clje.ii* 
Ijucte is, D;tpnfepnge of toatet toitb meate lettetli 
digcftpon,fo?itmaketl) tije meate tljat is tl)an 
faiiuta. eaten to be tatottye, after tljempnDe of Huicem 
tt ce^mii #o.z as aiuicen faptlje,mo;t)c toater fyulbe not 
ZiSm. iWtfw after meate* jfo; it oenpoetlj t^efto* 



mafcc ant) fte meate, ant) eaufefy it to ftopmme 
tn tt? c ft onteKc. 25 ud l)e fatty: that toban nature n. 
Doty Digefle meate, nnb tyatfttfftctntt Qwantitc^" 8 ^ 
of toater be mpnglco tljertoitl),tt)&n if toe tyttibe wb<. 
moje toater after tljnt,itlettctl) berpniocfje t!;e 
btgeftiontljattoas begonnc.ainDagapne %uu 
ten fapty: tljat typnfcpnge of toater fljulbe be ef= 
ef)etoeo 5 eiccepte ttbc toljelpe tlje meate Dotone, {"j!™* 
totjan it Rickety o? Difcenbetbe dotoelpe* 23ut ' * 
tottb meate toater OjulD neuer be taken o; bfeth 
SUucrrois m tyis comcnt fljetoett) tlje reafon,anb 
faptb ' Co D?pnKe toater bpon meate , mafcettye 
t\)t ftomafce cotoe o? it be tt)?ougl)e fyotte : ano 
mafcettjttje meate tatoptye,anDaifott caufetb 
tye meate to ftopmme in ttjc ftomafce : and topli 
nat let it fticfce fad tljere as it fyulo cou ementip 
tngeft. Cfce operand of ttje ftomaUc is, to make 
agoob mpjepon of typnges refcepueD therein, 
ano to mgeftcdjem toelL Cfeat bone tyerefolo* 
toetij an ojbmaue, anb a naturall reparation of 
pure anb bnpure tljpnges* Hub as a great qua- 
me of toater put in a potte aacfeetfytbefttfyinge: 
* of tye meate ti)erin:folpfce topfeit cftancetyirt 
tye ftomafee, bp bjpnfcpnge of moc^e toater. 
2$uttoD?pnfcealpttell quantite of colbe toater 
toitlj our meate, before it befcenbciDotone tn to 
the ftomafee, is not fojbpDDe but aiotoable, fpo 
etailp if one be berp tljpjftp : fo? a Iptteil qmtite 
of coibe toater, taken after tlje fo?fapbe maner, 
eafetfcet&eftomake, anoquentyetytyr typtfe* 


Cbe colbnesof tbe toatec enfojfet&eflje Ideate 
of mans bobp to oefeenbe to tbe mp bottum of 
tbeftomafce,anD fo fojtifietb tbebtgeftto tberof, 
Cbus faptiK 3uiccii , ©ut topttetb toell,tbat 
t^oug^etDatet; bemoje comicment to quenc^e 
tbpjfte tban topne: pet topne fo? a mms beltb is 
mojebolfome tljan toater* 3nb tbougbetoatcr 
imtuetfallp quenclje tbpjfte better tban topne, 
bpcaufe It iscolbeanbmopfte,pet tomaUena- 
tutall anb goob commpjeion of meates, ano to 
conuepe tbem to § extreme parties of ink boDp, 
topne is better tljantoater, f o? topne t^oug^e 
bis fubtilefubftaneeanb operation, mpngictbe 
It felfe better tottb tbe meate, tban toatcr Dotbc: 
anb nature belttetb mo je in top ne tban in toatee: 
tberfojetbememb?es bjatoe topne mojefoonee 
into tbem, mpnglpngeittoitb tbe meate, 
Cbtsmpjcpngeintbis ttraner is as a boplpngc 
o; feting of tbpnges together: tn^tc^ is great* 
Ipebolpebptbefyeateoftbe tupnerbut tl)t cob 
benes of tbe toater lettetb it* &o tban it ap* 
pecetb, tbat topne tnmpnglpnge totttj meate, 
anb bilatpnge of tbe fame, ts better tban tuater* 
jfo; tome, bp reafon tbat it is fubtile of fubftlce 
$ of a berttious .bete, it is a metuetlo us perccr, 
anb fo it folotoetb,tl#t topne bilatetboj fpjea- 
betberooje tban toater, toberinis no bertuous 
beate,nojfubttaneeof aper nojfp?e* jfacfyec, 
toatec is not fo bolfome typnfcc as topne is : fo; 
toatec bpnb;et!) tye noucpfoement of tbe bobp: 


Of HELTH?, 49 

bpreafontbatit nourpfljetij berplptteli hpt& 
tbpngeatall: £>otbattbe nto;e toatrpfyetbat 
tbe meate is, tbe leflTe it no?pfl)etb*Cberfo?c it is 
betp f?oIfomc to D?pnfcc topnc toitli our meate, 
fo; topne is a great ano a fpcctali nojpflpment 
anD rctto?atpue,anb nourpfljetb ftopftclp, as ti 
is afojefapbe* if artier pefyal bnDerftonbe,tbat 
to typnfce toater toitb meate, is not onelp burte= 
full, but alfo in nianp otber cafes, tobtclj arebe < 
to typnfce faftpnge, fo j tt percetb m to tbe bodpc f a n £ c " 
bp ail tbe principal! membjes tberof,anb it Dt= 
ftropetb tbe natutall beate. Cbis is of troutbe, 
tfonetbat istruelp faftpnge D?pnfeeit, iButpf 
abjonfcenman D;pnUe it faftpnge, it Dotfjenot 
ijurtebpnirfoja tyonfcerbe faftpnge is notbt* 
terip faftpnge, bis ftomafce is not bacanbe, but 
fomtoljatremapnetb of tlje otber dapesingur* 
gpnge* 3nd tbe bjpnfcpnge of toater in tbe mo?- 
npngedootbtoatye tbeftomafce,anb repjeflfetb 
tbe bapours and funtes, and difpofetb it to re* 
cepue netoe fuftinance^Cbe.ii. burte is to tyinfcc 
toater after great labour and trauaple:and Ipfce 
topfe after tbe fleOjelpeacte,bettoene man anb 
tooman, fo? tban tbe poojes of tbe bobp be betp 
open, toberbp tbe tuater entretbe into tbe bot* 
turn of tbe membjes,and modified? tbe natural 
beate*fobicbebeate alfo after tbe fleftyeipe arte 
is toeabed* Cbe.itu tuconuenience is, to d?pnfce 
toater after bapnpnge,fpecpallp pf onebapne 

£> bpm 


bpin f aftpnge : f o? than the cunbptes ana paflte 
ges of tbeboup betoctp open: tu!jcrfo?c tbehia^ 
tettnttpngr in to them buttetb mochcasisa^ 
sn * «tar fo * c &P&«**n& aupceu faptbe : Chat it 10 to be 
ti um*.%. featcb, leaft snrofcpnge of toatet faftpnge, after 
i«. mom. bapnpnge,anb aftet catnall copulation, fljulbe 
coirupte the compaction, anb bjebe the tyopfp. 
jfouttbelpit isfjuctfull to bjpnfce coltjc toatet 
to quenche fepneb tbPJftt. in the wgbte, as it 
chancer!) to fucfettets anD tyonUetDcs . jfo; bp 
Djtpnfcpnge of colbe toa tcc,tbe tefolution and nu 
geft i on of falte burnouts is p jobtbiteb. &ut in 
cafe that one be fo etceopnge tbp tftpe , that ncp* 
tbet the colbenes of tyetbpnge,no? tuafypnge of 
his mouth toitb colbe toatet canne fuffice,than 
let hpm b?pnfce coloe toatet, out of a cuppe that 
hath a nacotoe mouth ,o? elles fppppng,tbatthe 
toatet map mojc flotoelp come bnto the bfimm 
of the ftomafee, f o? foo it (hall befte q uencb e Ijis 
thp;fte,ano lefle tberof fl)al be tyumbe, anb than 
u(I)aUnot btteelp Difttopebtgeftton* jfpftelp 
It is generallp pi fo; bolle f olfces to Djmfee mod) 
colbe toatet, fojtt quencbetb natucall l)cate,it 
gteueth the tyeafle, anb matteth the appetite of 
the ftomatte,$ is toetp h uctcf ul to all the feuotop 
memoes, pet neuet the lefFc toatet that ts tern- 
peratefr colbe,ootb fomtpme pec accioenee,ftete 
one to haue an appetite,anb maftetb the ftomafc 
fttonge, in belppnge, openpnge, anb clenfpnge 

OF HEI.THF* f 9 
ICS unt nutratiue mulcum carnes uituline» 

i^cte tljc auctouc fattb,t!mt beale no;iQ)ct!) berp 
moclje. 2nb tljis^mcen affp?metbe, fapenge, 
t\m mcatc that confecuetb beltbe mud be fuctjr 
as tfjc flefye ts. f o? tbep ace of Ipfce nature, anb 
beep apte to be conuetteD in to bloub : anb fpc 
lpngelammcs*S(nD <&alm faptlje, tbat rofteo ^icn. m. 
beale o;*b tit* toefces olbe,is mo?e bolfome xhTbeft 
than mutton, atiD tt is foone bigefte D, anb no? vcaic. c 
rpfbetlje berptnoclje, 3nb of tljefe flcfljes toe 

C>unt bona gallina, capo, tiirtur, ft urn a columba. 
Qmlculauel merula, phufianus, tthigoncta. 
Pcrdix, trigcllusjorex, trcmulas, amarellus. 

I^eretbeauctour lljctoetb toljattoplbcfouleaee The befte 
moft bolfome to eate, to nourptlje mans nature* fo ul « to 
Cljenomtyeof tbemts*nm. Cbe fpjfte is an Cite * 
benne:tbeto!)icbets berp bolfome to eate* f o? 
$alp, Stoemoarte, anb #?fue fap, t^att^e belt 
fledge of poultrpe is an benne, tbatneuee lapeb, 
anbofacocUe,tbat ueuec trabbenne*:tfojtbep 
tutt hout fupecfluitc are fone turneo tn to bloub, 
tbepj'pjopjetets to temp?e mans completion: 
anb tbep? bjottje ts tbebeft meotcine tbat can be 
foj lepers* 2Snb<i5alenfaptbe,tbat tbe fletyeof 
pongepoullettes augmented intellection,* cte " f VjlSK 
reth i? boice,anb enccefetb tbefeoe of generation 
Cbe*iUsacapon,tbefle(be toberof cotfiifator £ nf«t«fo? 
nomb?et& amongetye moofte ^oifomeflefljes* 

£>♦«♦ 3lnb 


2fnD tfafe flefyeo tottb tbe otyer afo?e fepbe, tlje 
(tomake of bt0 pjtopette Dotl? bigefte, cbe* ia ♦ 
10 a tuctplle,tdl)ic^e alfo nourptyet&e toell,ano 
«*.« ran ««B*itt>Jrt& gooD bloub. fcoberof Slmcen fa?t\)> 
Ctjete is no f oulcs fledge better tyan a tutiplles 
o? a benncs ,no? mo?e fubtpie^ut pet tbep nou* 
rpfbenotfoomoctje a0tbe pertrpcl)e*C!)cau(, 
after tbe opinion of fotneis a (late • ctns bp#e 
QuID be eatc ponge, £>ome otljtt call tl)is f oule 
m«8,iiL starna,tlje tobtclje iMte p?apfetb aboue all otber 
"** foule0 5 fapenge: tterlpnges fleftye is ipgij-- 
teft of all otber foules, $ bolfome fo; tbem tfat 
tupll fcepe a TfcienDcr Dpete, ant) bp tbis mapebe 
bn&erftanDea greater foule,asa grepe goofe, 
tofcerof ttjeflefye isrpgbte commenoable, ano 
fpecpallpetobantt is ponge* ^nboti tyistopfe 
3lmannbnDer(tan&ctb, p;cferrpnge ti)i& fleftye 
before otber, £)? elles bp a (tare mapebe bnbei* 
ftabe certepnefmalpcrtncfjes rtoberof d^opfes 
femetb to bnberftanDe, tuyere rb* Taptbe to ttjc 
3[etoes :)lpke topfe (tares are bnbolfome f o? our 
kpnge,fo£tbep conftrepoe anD inoutate $ bealp# 
3(nD ttys p?operte fome afcrtbe bnto pertrtcb*& 
Jty tbep? fleffje 5 a0 ttafos faptk Dotb* bpnoe tije 
bealpt* Cl>e,b. is aboue, toberof tbe fleftye 10 
colerpckc*300 tycka0 lftafi0 faptb, (0 ejecebpnge 
botterfte tobtefce engenojetb bloubbe feruentlp 
bottc r anblpgbteipjeengenD?etb league* 3no 
tberfoje ppgpons be better bafceb toitb fotDCC 
5tape0, t^att rofteo* Jty bp tbe fotoet grapes, 


tf)c ijeatc, cngcntycb in tbe blotiDDc, (0 aiapDe* 
3lnD tlje ponge pigp ons,reDp to flee, be Pernod 
bolfome to rate, f 0; fucbe be of Ipgljt bpgeft pon 
ano of better Rumour, f 0? tbe ponge ppgpons, 
not able to flee, are fuperfluouflpe botte, ano 
mopft:toberbp,tbep engebje gcoffe t>umours,as 
Sluicen faptb* 33ut olbe ppgpons, fo? ttyep; ouer *«« «. «». 
great beate,D;ougtyt, anDDtfficuiteof bigeftto, Si! CO; 
aretobeefdjetoeo. 3nblpfeetopfe oloe turtpls, 
Cbe.bL ts a quap!e.ft>onie Doctours fape, t&at 
aquaple is of Ipgbt fubftance, ano engenb;efy 
gooo blouD : * is berp fyolfome f 0? bole folfees* 
23 in after tbe mpnbe of 3lfaac, quailes are too;fe 
tban anp otber toploe f oules, no; tbep are not to 
be p?epfeD, neptber fo; tbep; nourt(I)cmente no? 
fo? D igcfti on. jf 0? tb?ougb eatpng of their fledje, 
tbe crampe is to be feareo, as Buicen faptbe* num. ran. 
3InD^efaprtj,tbereafon isintye fubftauneeof 
tbep; fle(ttje,tbat tbep engcno:e tbe crampe* 
3(nD fo? tbis caufe fecebe men bafee 9 eate quap* 
les foitfc fofte butterpe cbefe ♦ pet bp t^e quaple 
map be bnberftanbe an otber bpjD, a ipttel mo;e 
tljan tbefojefapbe pertncbe,of tlje fame colour, 
toitt) rebbe fete ana bplle, of a Delicious fauour* 
SlnD on ttys topfe iRafis tafeetb a quaple, tobati 
ftep;efcrretbtbeflefll)e tijerof aboue tbefleftye 
ofaftare,ano all otber foules*€be.biUs an 
ofeIl:lu!jicljelpfeetopfeftulDc be eaten ponge, ■ 
Cf>e,tniu is a pbefanbe:tobicbe of allpbifiti- 
ons is nonib;eD fo; one of tlje beafte fieffjes. jFo; 

£>MU flctye 


flctyeoftfjat foulets moofteljolfomcfojtnans; 
nature : ano it 10 meate fo? piinm ano gceate 
cftate«,ContiHator faptbe, tbat tbe toplDe fefatu 
is beft botb f o; b*Ub ano ftrengtb.Slno alfo per; 
auenture bupueefallpe, fo? as modje as tbepbe 
fcerp Ipfce bnto l)ennes 5 auD toclncrc of tbe fame 
fl^appe^nD tbep betyier of aper ant) of feopng, 
and larger ofejeercpfe, CbMMs atooocoefce, 
tbeflefije of t&tsbpjDeis fpmallpebolfome* 
IFVh/S" *W&&fM partrpcbe,b>bofe fletye,as aiuiceii 
b(ginr faptbe,is tubtpic, ano a great fatter, it fcoutety 
atoapc tbe D?opfpe,anD comfojtetb tbe ftomafee, 
ano alfo augmeutetb camall luCt* pet neuer tbe 
<2$au«.a!fe lefleittsa;bpffl>er,3&nD tbtsfleflbe ®alenp;e* 

2?8He f eccct ^ abouc al1 ot,,cc * * e * B fa P Dc > ^ at cu - 
ftomableeatpngeoftbts Oefye, comfoztctyrtjc 

giwoi«.«. m emo#e» <Cb**#«te aruDbocfee,ealIeD robpn 

teo bjeaft, tt eatetb grapes, ano f leetb tftopftelp, 

as a (tare ootbc, but it nouudjetb better jfbw 

a ftare Dotbe, ano tbep Ijauitte mocbe about tbe 

Cities, ano tbep be Djonfce bp catpng of grapes* 

$ tbep bereft if eafon to eate about al Ijalomas 

Cb^ orex, tobicbe as fome fape is a f efant 

fce ttne,ano as fome fape a rooje bemte : toijetfyet 

tt be a pbefatu benne 0; a mo?c betme, tbe f Icfye 

ts of gooD noutpfbement* Cbe.niutsabpjoe 

rallcD Tremuia$,tobicbc bp#>e eommonlpe abp* 

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tban abeime, $ ruffet of colour, tt erpetb lotuoe, 

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fallp of all foules that haue longe neefees,longe 
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anb bntempetate,anb ftetetlje to bobelp lufte* 
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fto?atpue,lpgftt of btgeftion, Ipgljt of (Ubftance, 
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of tfjc ftate, pjcpfefy that bette* 3jfaac alfo aftec 
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abouc otl^c, eptbecbaupnge tefpecte to tl)ep?o* 
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a mans bnDetftonDpnge,oj els m tfje countce of 
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better tban in otber countteps, farther foittetb 
foeiUbattbefieftyeoffoulesis moje bolfome, 
tyan ofatiUeggeD beaftes,foz tbem tbat fojaffee 
labour, anD gpue tbem to ftuop anD contempt 
. ... tion , foj it ia fooner DigcfteD , as 6alen faptb: 
SS. ' P« #is fletye of foules is loner DigefteD tljan of 
bea(ies 3 anD fpeciallpe of pertucbes, to&idfje ciu 
genDjetb dene anD puce blouDDe, tljat 10 mfpo* 
feD to augment anD to tyarpe tbe operations of 
tbe b?apne 5 tyc fobtclje is mans fcnDerftanopng, 
cogitation, anD meniojpe* 

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Si pilces dun', parui funt plus ualituru 

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tbe cljopce of fptye* f 0? eptfjer fptye is barbe 0? 

fofte : tf it be fofte 9 1 ban tb e elDer is t&e better. 

Cbe ceafon ts, fo? foftenes cometb of bumiDite, 

tbe tebicbe is mo?e DigefteD in oloe fptye tban tn 

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fap, it is foner DigefteD, as ppfces 3 pcrcbcs be; 

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* pti<am fypty^f ^ m fr( ^ e0 tafee t ^ e fma ne(i; anD of 


OF HE L THE. f , 

fofte fpf^c0 3 cljofe tlje gteattelh 

Lucius ct parca,laxaulus f ct alhica, tcuca* 
Gurnus, pJagicia, cum carpa, gaibio, truca. 

I^etc arc reljccfcD.ic* fo;tes«f ftfljcs fyatbeberp 
bolfotne fo; mans bobp. Clje fpjft is a pifec caU 
If D ttie tpjanne of oj be not onlp Deuou 
ml) fpfyes of otbet Kpnbe, but alfo of bis otutir 
kpnDe«4Dtt toljome tljcfe betfes toctc mabe* 

Lucius eft pilcis rex et tyrannus aquarunn 
A cjuo non differc Lucius ffte p.irum. 

Cbc fpffje of a ppfee is batbe, $ a ppfce is ffopfte 
ftiftopmmpnge, Cbciiasa petcbe&pjiueb of 
tbts bccbt parco, parc 1Sj to fo?bcate o; to fpace,bp 
a cleauc conttatpe fence, fo; a peccbe fpatctb no 
fpfye,buttoounbetb otbec fpOjes toitbl;isfpn= 
aesonbisbaefce, no: a ppfce Dace not bentute 
bport a pesclje, but as Bibertus faptb,tbete is a 
natural! arotte bettoene tbe peccbe anb tbe ptfte* 
jfo; if tbe ppfce be ones burte of an otber fptye, 
be isijeatebtoitb gteate Difficulte. ainDtobati 
bels butte^e gotb bnto tbe petcbe, tbe tobtcbe 
feittgtbtmburte^ucbetb^ fuefcetb bistoouD, 
ana fo tbe pifce is bealeb agatne»3Bnb tbe petcbe 
is J^fce fepfc an bacbe fptye* Cbe tbp?be is a fee 
fptye calleb a foie, tobiclj is a fpectal goob fiflje* 
^be.miasatDbptpnge* Cbe fpfte is atenclje, 
tobicbetsa ftefbe toatet fpOjcanb tbeffcpmie 
tberof is flpppecpeanb Opmpe, anDCbme tofjat 
biacfee,anD,tbemeatetberof is baroe. acoban To 
cuerone toptto?e(reappfee,apecc^e,o?atencije, 

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fee mufte tafce $c ffepnne atoape • Cbe. t>( > (5 

Garnus, tDl|tCl|C IS a fCC f?f(l)e* €1)10 fpftye 16 «1S 

great in quantite, as balfe a maimes ropbbelle 
fpnger.tbctobicbiseatctoitljf Ijeeb $ fpnnes. 
Cbe» bit* is a plapce ♦ Cl)e, tout, is a carpe, a 
fretye toater fptyc, tl)c totyebe is moclje dpirope: 
but great eftates Ijaue tftem foooe m topue, an& 
fo tlje flpinpnelfe is Done atoape . Cbe. \u is a 
tocbette, a fee fpttfte, anD it is a fpttbe of barbe 
tneate $ ftolfome 3 S»oine otijer tejetes Ijaue gouio 
tbat is a gopen,t»I)ic^e is a berp bolfome fptye. 
Ctjcj* is a troitte,tbe tobtd* uuatpnge is Ipfte 
famon,ano petit is no (amon,ttis loitge ana 
not gtofTe 3 it is tafcen m great rpuers, ano topll 
fuffre it felfe to be rubbeb $ ciatoeb,bepnge m § 
toater,$ fo it is taken, s tbecof paftpes be roaoe 
!Dit^fppces,anbtttsa cpgbte Depnte fpttye, 
3nbtoucbpnge tbc ebopfe of ivtt)t$t ftall fp& 
bnbecftanbe, tljatfpfflje, if itbecompareb to 
flefl&e , is of leife nounfyemente , anb is ipgbtet 
of mge(lion 5 anD tlje nourpGbementfyetof -fr-fal 
of fleumatifce fuperflmties , eolbf anb tfwpfte, 
anb tbcp be Ijarblp bpgeftecanb abpbe longe in 
tbeftomacke, 3nb bp reafon tbat tbeftomacfee 
labored) in tlje bigeftpnge of tljepm, anb tbat o* 
tber tobpie tl)tp be cojtupteb m tip ttomacfee, 
tbeprecepaeacertapneputafieD qualities en- 
genbje tl>p;tttpnes. ino fuceip ttjc nojptyement 
of bolfome fletye is better tban of fpfyeAeeon* 
fclpetoptml) toeli,tljatfce fpftye is better mttje 



OF HEL THh\ f * 

regiment offKWMljanot&cr of tlje fame f6?tc 
that 16 rafccn in f r cfl)c toater. f o? tyep? no?itye= 
mcnt t0 not fo fupcrfluous, ant) te mo?e uccc to 
the nature of fleftye. But brcaufcfcefpfOKis 
barDct tljan otljec or tlje fame fo?tc,tl)at is taken 
i fceO)e toaten tt)ctr'o?e it is of a tnoie bifficultte 
m Dtgeft ion, ano of a mo?e pure nourptyement* 
pet nottottbttanbpnge,frclBe toatct fptyc is boh 
lomerfo? fpefce follies, bp reafonof tbep? feble 
&igeftpon,i;bp?Delp,fpfl)e as toell of falte foatct r - d . . 
asfreflt>e,ftulDebe etiofen, ttie tofoclje tofjanit ol goo^° s 
10 Djeffeo is tobpte anD not clamp ,£ is b?t>tteH,$ 
notberp groftc, itmuftc Ijauca gooa fauouc, 
that Dot!) not foone putrif le, anD a gooD colour, 
no? it map not be b?edDe m lakes o? ponoes, no? 
In f pltftpe places, no? in toater, tobctin grotocty 
pll toeoes ♦ 3nD tljep ought not to be to olDe no? 
to ponge, tbcp (IjulDe be ftopfte of moupng,anD 
offinalteclammpQcnes. ainotfitbe feefpflje, 
toe mud ctjofe fuctye as is take in t^utxs a gooD 
toap from t&e fee , ano fuctjc as &aue tt>e ottjee 
fo?efapDeconDitions.atoDtl)e mo?e ffcalpe tfyat 
f ptye is , tlje better it is : ano it is Ipfce topft ton* 
Derftanbe bp fye fpnnes* fo? maup fpnnes ano 
(kaies,betofcen tbe purcnesnf $ f ityes fubftace* 
3Glfo amonge tlje fee fpflje, tljep be tlje bette tljac 
be b?eD in tye Depeft toater, tye tofotclje ebbetlj * 
flootoefye.ainDtl)ecfo?etI)efptye tljat is taken 
in tlje no?ft fee, tfyat is moze fuegmge^no mo?e 
tempe(luous,anD mojeftopfte in ebbpnge anD 

&AU flotomg 


tlofopnge, tebcttertftatttye fpftetbatlstafcro 
in t\)t bceb o? tbe foutb fee*lub pe Ibal Ipke toife 
tmbcrftanbe of freOje toater ftOjcf ftfye tyeb 
fnbepetoatcMs better tban ortjcr of the fame 
fo;te bjeboe in tyalotoe toater0, $ Iped b;oufce0. 
3lnD bp tb*0 map fufftcientlp be tmotocn,fobicbe 
fpOjetyulbe be cbofen,anb tobicbetyulbe not. 
f o? beaftial fpO)e,as tbe fee ftopne, boggefifye, 
anD Dolpbpn are bnbolfome tn tbe regunente of 
beltl). jf o? tljep be tyarbe of Digeftion, anb of ft* 
perfluous burnous* *fto?m tbe meateof tbe 
fo;efapb fp(^cg,tbe about nombieb conbmo/10 
appere not, as tobitene0,fubtiltie,?t fucbe otber. 
3!nb if tbofe fpOje0 ano fucbe ipHe cbaunce to be 
eaten, tbep tyulbe not be fobbe ns foone as tbep 
ibe taken, but tbep fljulbe be Ueptea fetoeDapeg 
lifter: tpll tpme tbe meate of tljem ntollpfie,anD 
toajce tenber,toitbout cojruptpugeoftbepj fob* 
(lance.3inD alfo tbe fotfapb Mm be better a lit 
tell cornea foitb falte tban freflje, 0? btterlp fait 
ainD among all feefptt)e,tbe fotfapb conbtcions 
ronfpDeceo, tbe rocket anD gurnarbe feme to be 
moft bolfome. fo) tljep; meate ano fubftance 10 
inoofte pure, anb nerte to tbem is a plapce anb 
a fole.)3ut § meateof tbofe ttoo 10 mo?e elanipe, 
leffe frangible, leflfe tobpte, mo^gcolfr, ano 
lelTefubtple: &ot tbe fauourojfmdl is notfo 
beiicpouB,anbperebance tbe tobptingei0ino;e 
comenbable tban tbe rocbet, Jt 10 not fo groflfe 
ana clammy, a0 a plapce ano a fole, ? t^e meate 



tljetof is frangible inouglje, but t&eteleffl>t, 
fmelle^oiour, putcnes of fubftance, anD mobp- 
IptcconfpDetiD, it is not Too good as a'rocbct 
anD gurnarD: 3UiD Iplie tupfc pe tyat bnDcr flatm 
of bcatpngcranDtbc fpfljccallcD moma, bcpnge 
pougc mougb , Djavuctl) nece tlje f ojcfapD frfl^ce 
tn gobDnes, fo tbat it baue ttje about fapDe cotr- 
D cions : pet it is gtoifet anD mo;e clammp ttjatt 
tlie f ojetapDe fpQjes. J3ut falmon, tourbut, anD 
tnacfcetcUe, be notfogooD: Jfo? tbepbe motyt 
gtoffer, mo;e clammp, barber of Digeftion, anD 
fuller of fupetfimte* Cbtrfoje tljep be onlp \)oi- 
fome fo; labourers anD ponge folKes of ftronge 
complectionranD tbep; clampncs 5 gro(icncs,auD 
colDenes ; map be tafcc atoap tmtb cectein fauces* 
3monge frefye tomter fpflje (tt>e f o;efapD conDp- 
turns confpDeceD)tbe pcrcbcauDppcfee are t^e 
beft 5 fotbattljepbefatte:anD ncjete to tberojare 
tl)t benDoftes, anD tljan iopftcts . 3nD tljougbe 
tbe petcbe Demote fUalpe tfyan ttycafo?e fapDe 
fpff) ts, pet tbemeatett^tof as to^pte 5 fran^ 
gpble, auD fubtplc, as tbe ppfee anD carpe : anD 
itisofte founDe tn'ponDes.lnD bmuetfalipe, 
tbe belt fretyc toater tytye of tlje Came fc?te 3 is it 
tbat is taUenmtoatertfyat isttonp* inttjebat; 
turn, rounnpngcnojtbe toarDe ,;Dcpe 5 anD labo- 
rpngc mocbc, tobere bnto totmnetb no tyDcurs 
tifcptcsranDtobenn uotoeocs grotoe, Cteue- 
ccs botb of tbe fee anD rpuecs,are ntoclje nu tra 
tme, no? t&ep Do nat Ipgtjtlp corrupt £ftomafeet 

paii* but 


feuttyepbe fcatbeof btgeftiou. jfarftecmoje 
notMbatfreflbefptycboft mopftetbebo&p,ano 
encteaccmpikcauofc&e of generation: ana is 
beep bolfonte fo? colertfee folfees, Slno after gret 
rn! yng a trauapleojmocbe labour, toe Ibouloe not eate 

aad b g adJe *> fo ? ft att lt f0llC co W^ft *« ft* ftOWa&C* 

lub ft*P ftat baue a toeaUe ftomafce , 0? full of 
pi I) untours ,ougf) t to be toarc of eating of f itye* 
$$oit ouer,groffe ft$e,co;neo totft a Ipttel fait, 
is better ftan frefltje fpftye* ainb f iftye of longe 
tpme faltpnge 10 bnbolfome, 3nb fpfty 3 fietije 
together fl)ulD not be eatemno? fpfye ano toijite 
nteatesmo? fifftc fyuloe not be eaten after oftec 
tneatea.ailfo fptye a Ipttell faltcD, and in fmalle 
quantitc tafceu,is bolfome : it fterefte bp tbe 
appetpte, anbfojtpfpefte it,tf onetyweanap* 
petite ftctto, 

CVocibus anguillc prauc Cunt, fi comedastur* 
Qui phificam non ignorant h*c teftificantar. 
Cafeus auguillanimis obfunc fi comedantur. 
Ni tufepchiba$,etrebibcndo bibas. 

Cbe auctoutrtapft bere, ftat fte peiete an tat* 
bolfonie fpfyc, ano fpectallp it burteft $ bopee. 
3no ft is be pjouefte bp fte fapenge of p^pfpti- 
ons,anD ftuoentes of naturall pbplofopbP** 
Cbt reafon is, bpcaufe an pele 10 a fllmpe fptye, 
clamrope,anbfpeepaUp aftoppet:anb ittoan* 
tttb taoft of ftcconottiong of goob ftCbebefoje 
Cpoken^nD ftts ft at t* fapbe bp an pele, mapc 
bebnbecftanbe of lamp W0: all ftougfjelam* 


p^e^s be a Iprtcll boiromcc tbanpeles,anD Icflfe 
leoperboufe, fo? that tljcp be not fo clamuip anD 
fo gtofle as pries be. InD tbougbe tbefe fptyts 
be Delpcpous in taftc,pet tbcp be beep pcriUous: 
tfo;tbepj genecatum in tbe toatecis IpKc tbe 
generation of fecpentcs on tbe ettbe . toijccfoic 
it is tobcbotuteDlefte tbep be benoinou6 3 ano 
tbetf o;e tbe beeDes anD tapies, tn tnbicb c tbe be = 
nome is toonte to be, anD Ipke topfe tbe depnge 
tmtlnn,fl)ulD m no topfe beeaten.3!lfo it is gooD 
to plunge tbepm alpuc m gooD writ, to take <v 
toap tbep? elamropne&anb lettetbepm Ipe ftpUe 
ebecm tplle tbep be been, ano tftan lette tbero be 
bpgbte tottb galentpne mabe of tbe bed fppces, 
as gteate eftates cokes ace toont to Do ♦ pet it is 
gooD to patbople tbem ttopfe befo?e in toiue anD 
toater : an* tbat b?otb bone ataap, to fetbe tbem 
efewtgb, ano to raafee galentpne fo? tfcnt,o)H* 
to bafce tbero, o? ftpetbemtn gtene faucetaifl* 
ftconge fppces, anb a Iptteil gooD towie in topn* 
tec , anb in rommec to b?e(Te tbepm toitb a Iptteil 
topn^ccaaf^anb tuneget,bttt be tbat can foj* 
teatetbefettuo ftfljes Dotbtoefojpaetbtc tbe ttxt 
faptfc, tbat cbefc $ pcles Do bucte mocbe, if tbe^ 
fce eatea aub tbts is to be tmDetftonDe,if pe tatt 
5teat qiiantmetba«t4tte eatife of cbefe is be* 
foie ffoetocb at mote* pom**&c« 3n& of pelcs bece 
notoebefojt* 'JtfolotDetyintbe teste, tljat tf 
tyofetbpnges be taken twtb ofte D?pnfcpng* of 
topne, tljep; tjiirtefuUies is amenbeo : anD tbt* 


fljulOe not be bnbetftonb of fubtilc and peccpng 
totne,no? of tome tbat ts gpuen in toap of bjinfee 
conbuctpue^ oj fucbe topne tyutoe not be gpuea 
bpon meate , tbe tobicbe meate engenb?etbe pll 
burnouts, toban it 10 eaten t no? before, no? afc 
• tec it is tngefted , as aiuicen faptbe : f 0? tban 
i fucbe topne enbucetb.gteate butte, fo? it caufetb 
pll burnouts tbat ate engentyeo of t^at D?pnke, 
to entce in to tlje ejcttcine patties of tbe bot>pe: 
tobicb peta&uetute toete notable to cntce tmtb* 
out. belpe anD leaopnge of tbe topne.But tljis It 
to be bnberftanDe of fttouge top ne, not qtentclp 
petcpnge 5 ofteanb infinali quantite gpuctvtb 
tbentent to mpjtfe tbe meate to getbet : i 0? fucb 
topne botbealape tbe malpceof tbe meate, anD 
comfo?fce6ebigeftion, anb trirectctbe tbe ffeu* 
matifce cotoe burnouts , tobetfoje it bclpnb« 
tbe bigemon of cbefe anD peles, tobicbe are of pi 

-Inter prandendomfitTcpc paramq; bibendura. 

i|ece tbe.autf our toucfcetb ♦it.tbpngefiUBbe fitflf 
it5 5 tl>at one at fipnet -aim fiippetlbulbe mcmtt 
and Djpnfce ofte anb a Iptteil at ones.SGnb not to 
bo as a b?ute beafte Dotb,tbat eatetb b'sfplle of 
meate 5 anb bMikttk a®*f^be,4Fo?tbe better 
tbe sawfceis f^ngleti toifcb tbe meat*, tbe fonrt 
tbe «ieate!i0inoUi^?eopa«D tbetttcyrcapaee of 
bigeticon,^ \$tw to be noted, $ tbete tsaiu 
maner a{ j&jp&kpnges* C&e fp#e ts bit, tb# 


OF HhLTHE, f7 

ropngletb tbe meate to getbenCbe* it', ts it tbat 
Dtlatct^Cbe.tiutsiMbat quench tbp;fte» 
Cbe fp;(ie tbat toe fpatte of, is to be tonoerftanD 
ofDjpnUcmpnglcD toitbouc meate, tbougb toe 
be not tbp?ltp«Cbus toe otigijt to typnfce euc as 
toe baue eat c a IptteL iTo? etcept a better tcafon, 
31 fape toe mape not abpbe tpll tlje uteales enbe, 
no; tpll toe be a tbpjfte*3inD tbis maner of Djpn- 
fcpnge ts fpectallpe gooo foj tbem tbat feebe on 
m eate tbat 10 actually D;pe:as appcrctf; bp ficfee 
folkes, tbat eate D?pe b jeaDDe. 23ut fucfje as be 
in gooD temple, tyoulbe not D?pnfce to quenebe 
tbetr tbirft tpl tlje ntcaies enbe: f 0? than cometb 
tbe true tbitft,bprcafontl)at tbe meate is botte 
anb Djie/Jt is not beep teafonable, tbat tbirft 9 
bungee tyuloe aflaile bs botb togetbenfo; tbep 
ate of eonttarp appetite* Sflno tbus one (tyonlbe 
Djpnfce after as tbe tbpjft is,moje oj lelTe.l^in- 
fcpnge Dilatpue is mooftconuentente after tbe 
fpjftebpgeftion tegularIpe,anDalptteIl before 
toetafceotber meate* 3fnD tbismanerof typn= 
fcpnge is boifome, to^an tbe meates before take 
be gcoffe in fubftauncer^o? tbus to D?pnfce, toe 
mape not tatp tpll toe be tl;pjftpe*tf 0; tbis D#n* 
kpnge p?epatetb tbe ftomake to reccpue otbec 
tneate,anbcaufetbe tbe meate tbat ts Dtgcfteb 
to Departefrometbeftomafce to tbe lpwee:noj 
tbis Djpnkpnge tyulbe not be in great quantife, 
totbenbeitmapebefoone Digefteb* f 0; before 
it be DigedeD , it goetf? not fcnto tlje Ipuen Into 

€1 ttjts 


ttjts is of troutb, ciccepte rucbe b?pnfce btlatptte 
be foatet, in t«!)icl)c one multe nat tacpc tpli oi* 
ge{Uoi*befo?e it come to t^eiiufc.But tegular 
Ipe conutm-cnte-typnlte Dilatpne oj permptfpue, 
otigbttobetopne 5 ale 5 bece 3 fpDec : ei;ep, fuclji 
Ipfee, butt^me tsbdt:^econblp€,tbe gtofTec, 
typer, an& coibec tbemeaje is, tbe ftconger tije 
t>2pnfce p*nnp#pue anb biiatpiic fboul&e be. 
Bud contracpetopfMbebottei;, fubtplet, anb 
wiopdec tbe weate ts, tbe toeabet ttjc bjpnfce 
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maje fubtple, ty>tte,ftttD Digeftible tbe weate is, 
tbe tueiaUettbeD?^eo?U>pn« ougbtetobe, 
aoobetfo?eoneougbteto&zpnke ttconget topne 
toitb befe,tbeu toitb cbpkens,am> fttonger toine 
tmtb fpfl)* tban tmtbflefib^ Cbe» iu Doctrine is, 
tbat if foetopll eate anegge, bit tmifte be rcrc 
tofteDbeanoneto^fCtye caufe thereof is before 

Pifa^laadarcdtcreui-mus acreprobare* 
PeJlibtis ablatis hint bonapulfa Latts, 
Sunt itiflatma cum pdlibus arc£ nociua» 

$ece tbe auctottt faptbe, tbat peafon fonie foape 
be bolfome.anb fome toape bnbotfome, Ctyepb* 
bolfometo eatetobantb* bufees betafceatoap, 
foj if tbep be eaten in tbebtiffceS;, tbep enSate. 
3Cnb tbecfo? it is not artificial! to eate tbepm to 
tbe buflte&fta tbe nature of $ toitbin ana frbafc 
fees bifagre^Cb* one iabo?etft tabe lofeb anb to 
go out; fye otljw tott^anoetl^anD -bptroefc as 


3faac feptlj.3»ljetfo?e tljep caufe roumblpnge, 
gnatopnge, anD inflation m tbebcalp* 3inD pea= 
fen Doo nat tins alouelpe, but alfo all poulce, as 
beanes, cbpcbcs, ctyeftons, anD fucbe Ipfee* 3ttD 
fpeccalip fuctje as baue mocbe ijuffee, as beanes 
anD biaefce rpce» 31lfo tbe buft c of tbcm all no;i 
Ojettjtootfetbantbe pptbe fottbtm ainD berets 
to be notcD 5 p there is a mancr of fobpte rounbe 
pefen : toiler o f tlje cob is berp final anD tbpnnc : 
anD one niape cate tbefe peafen toit^ tbe buf fee , 
mo?e furelp tban otber, al tbougb it lucre better 
to bulle tbeni. HnD all be tt t bat tbe reafon afo?c 
fapDe is ttetoe toucljpngc all poulce, pet pe f!jail 
bnDecftanbc , tbat tbe bulles of grenepulceis 
lefife, anD ieflebpuerfptc tsbcttocnt tijebuCkcs 
anD tbe pitlje tottbtn , anD mo ic eafpe to Digefte; 
3nD tbe tfo?e fotne Tap tfyep be mo bolfonic fo? 
follies tn beltbe : but tt is nat fo, fo; gtene pulee 
isofrpgbtgteatte fttperfluitte anbcojutptpble 
fubftace, tobetfo?ctbep be lelTe bottom fo; tjolle 
folfees.3CnD note tbts fo? a treutb,tbat Dip pulce 
if \ btter buffce be taken atoap, ts mo?e bolfome 
tba gtene:but grene is better tban D;p bub ullco 
tfartber, tbe fubftonce of all poulce is mflatpue 
anD barbe of Digcftton x anD tbett pluojptyentct 
is tmljolfome tn tbe regiment of beltto : but tbe 
tyoti? of tb em ts bolfome* f o? tbe b?otb maUetb 
tbebealpelaratpue,anD mafeetboneppffe, anD 
bnftoppctb tbe bcpnes.atcljeref o?e tt ts bolfome 
at f ucb tymcB as f olfcts x> fe grolFe anD optlatiuc 

SLJU meates, 


ineates,as on faftpnge bapes.jf o;i tlics tyotb oj 
pottage conuementlpe maDe 3 ts not fo burtefull 
as tbe fubftance: tljeun 10 no mflafpon 5 noj Difr 
fpculte of nowtytmmt 0? Digeftion.Cbis b;otfi 
is roabe on tins fopfe.Cbe tpce 0? pcafcii nutfte 
be lapbe tn toatme toater 5 anb tljeim to be ail to 
mbbeD toitb ones banbesa goob tobpie: anb 
aftenntbefo?cfapb toatet fljulbbetempjebalt 
tbe npgbt : $ t&erin tbe nerte nf gljte folotopnge 
tobeboplebttopfe oj tbzpfe, anbtbanbpg[?re, 
anbfotefctueb* Slnbtobantbe boute of&piw; 
tyatoetbenete,to b?e(Te it toitb qmomuro a»D 
faffton 5 anb a IpttellcouEtfpfopne put ttjecto: 
anbtbanbopiett ones,anbfo eatett at tbe be* 
gpnnpnge of bpnec 02 foupper^nb tbe tyotfy 0; 
potageof tpceanb of tounbe tubpte peafon is 
Utp boifome anb ftenblp to mans nature : ano 
Ipfce topfe tbep? fubftance, 

CLacethicis fanum, caprinum port cameJinunu 
Ac nutritfiium plus omnibus eft afininutm 
Plus nutritiuum,uaccinum fit ct ouinurm 
Si ftbriat caput et dolcat, nou eft bene Canum« 

To chore ^etetljeauctourteacljet^bscertepneleironsto 
myibe, cbofe mplfce. f pjft gootes mplfce ts bolfonte fo? 

tbemtbatbe in a confumption, be leane,o: 
w.ii.tan. tbatbaueaconfumpngague3nbH!utcc fepti), 
ijflttaS ^atgootesropIfceanDaffesmplkeis goob fo? 
iii.tapit .It tbenubat befnaconfttmptton* i5preafont!)ae 
wThiwi 8 00£ **ntpiket8teropecate 5 ^ no?i($et!)mo:b?» 
two*. W> ne#e to fyis is camelies rotifce. jfoj tlmt is 



fubtple , berp foattrp(J)e 5 anD mopft 3 anb bp tea? 
fon tbatitis bet?e mopfte,it nourptyetbc but 
Ipttdl:anD tljecfo?e it ts not fo l)olfome fo; them 
asgootes mplfcc is; pet tins camelles tnplite, 
nelnelpe after folpnge, is bolfomefo: tbemtljat 
bauetbeD;opfpe, anDfo;tbepni tbatbaueaup 
Dpfeafe in ttjc Ipuer : fo; tt reumetb rtje lpuet,as 
aiutcen faptbe*£>econDlpe be faptbe , tbat affes Wui. H tan. 
mplfce is mode bolfome fo; D;pe folfces in a con- ta 08 
fumption, Cbis is of troutl),tf pe tnpll compare 
aflfes mplfce, toitb niplfce of otber b;ute beaftes: 
fo; itenclpnttb to colDenes anD bumpDitie, aim 
is fubtple anb fooner entretb, anD n*o;e flotoelp 
conieletbe, tbanne tbe niplfce of anp otber brute 
beafte, as <£alen faptbe, Cbe fame faptbe SHut* MmW 
cen,anD tbat after foomians tnplfce 3 tbereis none * mgcnw, 
to a(Tes mplfce ♦ 3flno be faptbe , if anp belpe tl>e tapA>li - 
feuer etbpcfee , it is alTes mplfce : pet to compare 
aflfes mplfce tmtb toomans mplUe, it is not foo 
bolfomcf o; toomans mplfee taken bp fucfcpng, 
is niofte bolfome 5 »as aiuleen faptbe. 25p reafon Xutcetl . 
that Romans mplfce is colDe, mopfte, anD ntO;e quae, loco 
Ipfce to mans nature , it entretb mo;e ftopftelp, 
anD is DtgefteDmo^fboner, * no;pfl)etb better* 
3EnD tbis ntplfce to be gpuen to tbem tbat be in a 
confumptiou,(bulDebemplkcD asnere tljepa* 
cientes bcDDes fiDe as is po(fible,anD fo?tb toitb 
to mpnpflre it bnto bpm, left tbe aper co;rupt it 
3dnD bcre is to be noteb 5 tbat m fome cafis,fotocr 
o; buttttmvlkt is better fo; foifees in a coftirop^ 

Hi. tion 


tiontljanbwmansttiplfceoj affes.tfpjfte toljati 
bp tyts feucr ctbicfce, tbep be cafte m a laffce* 
Ct>e» it* 10 toba tbep fufpccte coagulation of tbe 
nulfcetntbe ftomafce, either bp beftcmcntbeate 
of tbefeuec, o#ls bpcaufe tbe ftomafce of it felfe 
is eolerpefce, tbe milfcett)ouU>etourne tocoler, 
rCbeUU. is,teban tfeeetbpcfcefeueris coupleb 
tmtb aptttnfieDfeuer:Cpecpailptoban tljece be 
natmanp opplations in tbe mtcrpout partes, 
jfo; fotoer mplfce reftreineri) tbe bt alp, anb Doty 
uat Ipgljtlp turne in to coler, fo? tbe buttrpneffe 
of it is gooue :toberbp tbe mplfce Dotlje Ipgfjrtp 
enflatne: no? in a p uttp f pea f eucr it is uat foone 
putrtfieb. Cbcaiii ♦ if v ftomafce be foule,mplfee 
Dotbe Ipgbtlp cotuptc tbattn Clje is , toljau 
fce tbat batb tt>e etbpefce Dpfeafe, ab&ojrctye tlje 
tmlce anb cleane nulke,but nat ttjc fotoer o; but- 
ter mplfc* Clje . iii ♦ leflfon is , tyat cotoe mplfce, 
nofc.«,co. anb foepes mplfce are mo^nutratpuejo? tbep 
ca pe mt. ^ fatter anb groffer ften otljer,as 3luicen faptl) 
ainb ail tbofe beaftes mplfci, tbat intypngpnge 
fojtlj fteir ponge, cotinue longer tba a tooroan, 
isbnbolfom^butttyemplfce oftbofe,tl)at bate 
orallp foitb tooman, is inoft bolfonie , as cotoe 
»ar. mplfce , 23ut ftafts faptbe : tbat tbe cotoe mplfce 
IHfKSt i0tbe grolTeae mplfce tbat anp bealle gpuetye; 
anb tyerfoje bit is ftolfomer tbau aop otbet, fo? 
tbm tbat Define to be fatte, C^e* iiii . leffon is, 
tbatmplfc&urtetbetbepmtyat&aue ttje ague, 
o; t\)z beao aclje^e caufe tofyp is afoje fyetoeo 


fit Perficapoma«&c. 

Lenit ethumectat, foluitfine fehrebutirum. 

^crct^caucta?flf)etetl)tlj?e^op?cte0of butter. P ro 
Cf?cfp;flets 5 buttertnoUpfpct^tl)cbcalpe 3 anD, f ret,cs o£ 
tnafcetbe itOpppetpt, bpteafon tijat it is oplpe. r * 
mpAu is, tljat buttct is roopfte,fo2 bit rs ma&c 
of tbe bed patties of ttje ntpltte,tob?if op it mutt 
neoes be mopft, fepng tbattljrmpltt* is mopfte, 
tubecoftt is imaDr.inJe tbufle is, tbat it Icttfetlj* 
%bea!pe,anDtbatisbptbe flpppemes tbat it 
caufetbeintbe guttcs ♦ <&bcfe tb?e p?op?etes 
3upcen rebercetb^notbefe tbje pjop?etes but 
ter enDucetb in a bobpe, tbat is not CicUe of a fe= 
ucr:fo? it t)uctefttbeptn tbat ftautan ague, bp 
teafon tbat g tmctuofpte of tbe butter augment 
tetbetbebeateoftlKfeuer^n^ali be tyt tyat 
butter caufttbetbefo?fapDe p?op;etes rpet bp - . , 
mfontfoitbitts ouer mopfte, anotmctuoufe, faltim 
&tt rs fciityolfome in tbetoape of meate, ant> fpe= *• 
ciallpe toeate mocbetbetof jf o; bit engenfyetf) 
iotbfomnes , aub make tb tbe meate to ftopmme 
aboute fl>e typmroe of tytftomafce: antHajcetb* 
tbe bealpe out of ineafure,an& p?ouofretfj oneto 
temple, Cberfoje butter fljuloe inno fopfe as 
meate be eaten tn greate quantite, anofpeciallp 
fcitOjutonatbe eaten after otb*r meate; but to 
fcfe it foity otfjet meate,it is berp tyrifome*. 

Incidit atq; lauar, p*netrat, mundat quocjilerunv 

$etedjauctout fljetoetb.nfc. pjopertes of tohep* ~, 
®t)t m tenuis incpfpue o; fiiMpfo Cf>e . it. ™- e S^ 

it Whey. 


it ts foatypnge o? fcoutgpnge, Cfee ftp# is per- 
fpnge, toi)iftep;operte pjocedeft of fte fp#e. 
mm. can. Cijefoutftts, it cienfetl) o? pourgetl; • 3Kupcen 
ca.tKiactc. tecptpngct^efep^opertes fapfte:C!jattobepis 
fubtiltatpue, toatypnge and leufinge,aod fterin 
«a«s. <«. (0 no nto?dtcatton4Rafis faptb, tbat toljep doft 
a,m - eicpelie mddpe colct, flsabbes 3 and pufljes , atio 
alio ppmpulsmfte face, andalfoitis bolfome 
for ftepni t^at bauc tlje tanaccs, and foj ttjepm 
tliatbe diffemperedbp to mofte djpnfcpnge of 

CCafeus eft frigidus, ftipans, gro{Tus,quoq; duruj, 
Cafeus et panis bonus eft cibus h:c bene fanij. 
Si non Cunt fani, tunc hunc non iungito pani. 

Foure pro j^etc fte auctom; tecpteft4iii.pjop;ete0 ofc^efc. 

perues ot fp?a i0: tftat cljcfc 10 nattuaUpcolDe* 3nD 

c tl|i& is to be bndetftonde of gtene ftefe, tl>e 
tu^tcl) is coloe and roopft, and not of olDe ftefe, 

mi (1 can. ft e fobtft e is i)ottc and D?pe : as aititcen fapfte. 

ca.ucfaffo £>;cUcstt ntape be fcndccftonde bpftefc, tljat 
ccuddetb onelp of § mplke tuttbout mpnglpnge 
of anp oftec ftpnge* o? ftece is fomeftefc na* 
tutallp botte.tbat bcateft fte ftontafce, $bitetf) 
tye tonge bp mpnglpnge of oft ec ftpnges ftetc 
toit^asfonieftefe tljatts grene in colouce, of 
tol) tcbe if one eate mocbe in quantise, it doottje 
Ijeate $ enflame ft e bodp, Cbe feconde p?op?ete 
ts, tbat cbefe mafceft one coftpfe, and ftis is of 
ttoutbe, fpectallp tf it be batde, and made toitt) 
moc& renles,Ct?e ft ttd p?op?etie is,ftat al ftefe 



ingciiD^ctl) grofTe bumouts.foj al cbefe rs made 
of (be gcoflTcc anD mo je ect^P parte of tb c make. 
Cbe .uu.pjop#teis,tbat nulfee bpnfcctbe tbe 
toombe, anD ti>ie anD tl)t. xu is all one. artbec 
tbe tem faptb : that tbougb cbefe, ctjat 10 eaten 
alone , be tmbolfome, bp reafcm tljat u caufetbe 
pU Dtgeftton: pet if one. eate a Ipttel couctfp tptc^ 
tyeaDoe, tt tyall Digeft toitb tl;e b;caDDe, anD uat 
otbec topfe: 3nD tbis is of ttoutb,tf bolle folfces 
anD nat fpcfce eate bit » toe fpake before of cbefe 

at Nutrit et impinguat &c # 

Ignari medici me dicunt e(Tc nociuum. 
Sed tamen ignoran: cur nocumenta teram. 
Languenti ftomacho cafeus addit opera 
Si poltfumacur terminatille dapes, 
Qui*phil"icam non ignorant ha?c tcftificantur. 

^ece tbeauctour biametb tbemtbat abfolutelp 
tep?oue tbe bfe of cbefe. 3dnD ejcp^eflfctl;. UMilU 
Us tbecof ♦ jfpjft cbefe cofo?tetb a ficfce ftomafce. 
75ut note tocll, tbat all cbefe Dotb not eafe etietp 
bifeafeD(tomacfce*3fa tome cafes all cbefe bur- 
tctb tbe rtomacke of felD fcnpttpnge, anD euetpe 
flomacKe toeafccD bp longe fpefeenes ♦ 25ut netoe 
gcenc cbefe of fmalle clammpnes, comf ojtetbe a 
botte ftomafee, as Eafis faptb, it rep?eOTetbe b# 
b;ouncg anD beate. 3lnD eke it comfo^tetb a D?pe 
uotnatte, bp ceafon tbat bit is roopfte ♦ 3KnD olDe 
cbefe o?becpetacteo?mocbe cntDDpe, fcuttetbe 
mbebe fucbe ftomaUes .25ut olDe cbefe, 0? bcrpe 
ccuDDp cbefe comf oitetb tbe ftomafe^aboute tbe 

ft 'fo&tclje 


to^c!)dnget^emoc^cflcame:fo; fttclje clpft 
tottl) tattencg cmct\)t and fcouretbe atoape 
t&e0euroe*33ut nctoeano fofte cfcefe tyictetyt 
fuc^e a ft omacHe cpgfte moet>e**T!)e fecoD btilitc 
10, t^at ct)cfc tyat is eaten after otbec nteate, 
mafcetb it to Dtfcenbeootone into tt>c place of 
jeftton : tijat 10 ttjebottum of tVjc ftotnafce. mi 
tilts tt)epfcnotoe 5 tt)at bane tije tope fcpenceof 
p^pfpfee.^nD ISafte faptlje : ttjat a Iptteli cimfpe 
of tacte cfjefc, eaten after nteate , f omfpetye tfje 
moutlje of tl>e ftomacfee, ano tafcettjatoapettje 
ouetmoc^efacjette,anb lottjpnge, tlje Wcty 
ftoete ant> tonctuous meates ate toontto enjc? 
b;t about tlje ft omafees moutye* 

C Inter prandendurafi't L'epc parurnq^ kiKendui*. 
Vc minas argrotc s.non inter fercula potcs* 

$ete tlje anctour teacfyeft ttoo Icflfons.Cfjc fittt 
10 $at a man at Ijts nteate (ftuloe Djpnfce iptteli 
ano ofte . Bwt t!?is ttjpnge 10 al scope DeclareD. 
C&e.tMeflon i0,tftat bettoene mcales one mufte 
fojbeare bjpnfcc, fpectallpetftljemeate fyat&e 
bpb eate be bnoigetteo in tfte ftomacUe, ejecepte 
gtcatte neccflptie conlttapne bpro tobjpnfce, fo; 
typofcpnge e^an lettetl} ano b?eabetlje Digefttoti 
of tljemeatettyattsafoje eaten, jfo; it caufefte 
tbe meate to Defcenoe from tip ftomacke bnop* 
gefteo, ano roactetye tlje appetite,tt gceuet^e 
boope, ano enjentyetye tlje feucw.ano otytt 

Vt uitcs pcMm } dtpotifew iacipc ccoaxa* 


&cre tfte auctoure faptbctbat one ougbtc to be* 
gyn Ins foupper tmtb typnkc. &om* erpounoe 
eljis mfctbus/Jf ttjou toilte efcljctoc (primes, 
typnfcc at foupper o; thou be gpime to eate. »ut 
tins ejcpofitio 10 repjoued* foi after petitions, 
a man Omlbe begpmic bis foupper tottlj meate, 
ano nat tout) topn&e.SinD all cljougbc tins bofce 
toad maoe fo; englpfltye men , pet tljep fee pc nat 
tins rule : fo? at tobat fcoutc of tye oape foo euec 
tftep &?pufce,tbep eate frifte a mojfe! of b/taDDe, 
C&erfoje t&is Uerfc map be erpouoe otljer topfe: 
taking Dimfce f o) meate mop ft 3 eafp of Dtgelho 
as Hippocrates tafcett?Djpnfceto&an&c fapt&e, ^.f. 
3t is eafwr to fpl one toitl) ojinfce tfea toity mete p*** 1 *** 
fbo ttjat t&efentfceof tin&betfe (l)uiD bettjus; 
3t is better to begpnnc our fupper tottti &;mfce, 
tbat is tmt!) meate mopft, aot> eafp of Digcftum 
tyan toitlj meate rtjat ts groffe, Ijart^anD of pil 
Digeftio tuClje reafon ts, tf one eate meate tljat 
is mopft ano eafpe of oige(hon,after meate tbat 
ts groffie ano bator of &igcftion,bp reafon of tfce 
fcpgeftpae tjeateoftftetipg&t,itteplbeDpgette& 
longe bef oje#e grofle meates.aino toljan tt can 
ttat foj tlje groffe meate t&at is tmaigefteD Ijaue 
tfltie, it bournetlie oner mocfje: 0? if it iffite, it 
pUtcfcft&etoit&it parte of t&egrolTe meate t&at 
to bnopgeftcD . C&erfo?e it is bette to begpnne 
foitg meate moplte and eafp of Dpgeftion: ttjat 
Mm it is bpgefteo, it mape tottljout lette iffuc 


Singula poft oua pocula fume noua. 
Poft pifces nux fit, poft carnes cafeus a(Tit# 
Vnicanux prodett,nocet altera, tertiamors eft. 

$e« be certepne leffow* C&efpjft 10, to typnkt 
aDjaugbt* of topne after one ^atti eaten a netoe 
laps egge rere rofteD 3 is berp ^olfome* Ctjerea- 
fon roape be,bpcaufe a netoe lapse egge cere to* 
fteD, 10 of rpgijt great nourp(I}ement 5 auD tafelp 
Digeftetye;anD it is of tfoatfo;tte,tIjatmfmalle 
quantitenoutifyetb moct)e; anD principally tfje 
polfce, a0 10 before fapDe at oua r^con*, £>o t^at 
tfte toptie, totyclje 10 frenDlpe to nature, caitfetd 
tljat ttje egge sb rao?eDefp?ott(Ipe Djatoen of tye 
nourp{frpngemembje0, anDljelpetb it to entre, 
%n otljer caufe map be^n egge DifcenDed) but 
flo toeip Dotone : anD Djpnfce ^elpetb it to iufccD ♦ 
Cfje.u.Doctuneig toeatenuttes after fptye in 
fteDe of rfjefo Jfo? nuam bp reafon of tbepf 
Djpne0, fjpnD?et!jetye engeno?pnge of fleume, 
ttjat t0 toonte to be cugenoieD of fpCfte* 3nD fo? 
tins caufe, nutees are tye lade ferupecin lente , 
Clje 4& leflfou 10, tbat af te&fleflje toe mull eate 
cljefe $nat nuitw, fo; tttstta* do D?p oucc mocft, 
anD fo Doty nat cliefe : but it caufetty tbe meatc 
to Dtfcenoe to t\)t bottuw of tbe ftomafte, tuyere 
tin bertue of Digethon ts ♦ 3lnD this 10 certepne; 
iftye CijefebeneptyertoolD no? tonetoe.fati 1 
Anutte tber tljeterteljatl) m t&eiafteberfe, tyatanutte 1 
mc s& c « ntegge is t)Olfome f o*tye boDp : a mafcetlje tW j 
mouty to fauour toell, it comfojtefy tye fpgfitv \ 



anD Ipfcetepfe tbe Ipues, anD #e fplene, anb fpe* 
ctallp tbe moutb of t\)t ftomaUe,a0 3f wccn fai tb 
25ut the otfjec commune nutte, callcD a foall= 
mitte,f0bmtfuII» Cbis toalinutte 5 a0 aiuwen 
fapr^Docti enflate 5 itengenDt;etl)e bentofpte in f a e » „ C J5 
tbe toorobe, it is batDe of Digeftion, anD ftecettje »«rcw«. 
one to bompte, anDttyatisbp reafontbat tt is 
botte. 25ut t\)CA\u nu tte, tbat 10 tbe nutte of tbe 
ccoffc botoe 10 betb, fo? £ ccoOe bote fleetb mem* 
4); ellcs foe map bnberttanDe tbe nuttemetbel: 
tobicb, a0 luicen faptlje, 10 toenomou0 5 to!?e^ 
fb;e it aectye, 

Adde potum piro, nun eft medrcmauencno* 
Fert pira noftra pirus, fine uino funt pira uirus* 
Si pirafuntuirus, fit maledicta pirus. 
Si cqquas aiitidotum pira funt r fed cruda uenenum. 
Crudagrauat ftomachem, eleuant pira cecta grauatum* 
. poft pira da potnm, poft potum uadefecatum. 

3fn tbe fp#e becfe bete tbe auctour letnetbe b* 
to D?mfce topne after peewg. jfoj p*e«0 ( as it 
batbe ben before fufftcientlp DeciateD at iengtb) 
engertDjebentofpte:anDof tbep? p?opjetetbep 
eaufe tbe colpfce 5 ano engenoje biouDDe f ulie of 
aquofptie. KlnDtberfojelmtb tbem one (fculDe 
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benoiwe: as it batb bene QefoeD at * Uwi nux &c. 
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tbence to tbe guttes : fo; appulies ate mocbe 
flattue, ana engenb;e bentofctes:tol)tcl)e nature 
etpeiletb to tbe inferpour partes, 

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to be noted, tbat fyecebettoofo;teg of eberpes, 

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l^ere tbe auctour rccttetb ttoo bttlites tbat come 
bp eatpng of prunes ♦ tfpjtte, prunes coole tlje 
bobpe. aiuo tberfo^e £o;tugals tbat Dtoelle m a 
#ottecountre 5 fptye pjunes altoape toitb tfjepj 
meat* fiRje fccouD,p^uueg make one to toffee bp 
teafonof tbep? bumpDpteanD clammpnes,W 
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pet pjopjeipe tbep be afcrpueb to prunes of %t\ 
menpe, f 0? prunes of tbe countre of airmenpe, 
are better t&an anp otber :3dno tbep bnbpnDe 
tbe toombe mo;e be&ementlp ttyan anp otljecas 
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nes: 9 tljefe reftetye * coole tbe bobp, as fapD tft 
Cberebe manp otyer fortes of prunes, te^ofc 
bfe is not accepted Cbere be alfo pjunes calleo 
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make one to lattte, mufte be fp jfte lap&e m coloe 
toater, foj tljan tljep coole anb mopfte mo?e pec? 
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Of HELTHE* 61 

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bifpofco to tec due f oDe.atofc bere 10 to be notcb, 
el)at tjje moptte p nines anb netoe atemo;ealte* 
ratpue,tbougl;e tbcp be of too;fe nourptyement. 
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fo;temo;c t anb better nourpflje t^c boDp « 3lnb 
asttisfapbcbp pounce, foo after tbe nianccte 
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inp, toberbp tb*P nourpflje leflfe tban p;ttne0* 

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Paflula non fpleni tufli ualet, eft bona rem* 

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anb beate fo;botbe tbe colbenes of tbe pcadje* 
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anb cole tbebobp berpe mocbe. Cbcrfoje tbat 
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tetbe mo?e tljau otber: anb tbat is mufte,totycbe 
t0 fcnotoen bp e;rperper.ce . Cbe maner Ijotoe toe 
fftulb eatepeacbe0 anb otber fruires.te bedareb 

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getbereb nntte0 are bolfome all alone : but olbe 
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reafon tlw tbep be mopft, 3dnD of n uteris fpo= 
fren moje largelp at ^ * »«x.erc. fye»tf !.bocttf ne 
10, tbat tefin* of co;an0 fjuttc tbe rplene,fo; tbep 
caufebutoptlattontbetof : pet tbep ate bolfome 
f o; tbe rapne0,fo; bp t^ep; p?ouofepnge of brine 

Scrofif, tumor, gUnies, feus ciUfUfmu cedit. 
Iwigf papauer ei confu&a fons tenet ojJV 

J^ere tbe au ctouc faptbc tbat plapderg ma&e of 
fpgge© ate bolfome agapnftttye Difcafcs, tyae 
ts to fapitopneg puel, fcpjnels, anD ftoellpnge0, 
25p ftDpnes pud is fcnbetftanbe mfiaficn tmDet 
tbecbume aboutc tbe tb?ote» Inb bit \% caileb 
scrofula d /crofi tbat t0 to fape, a fotoc o? a ftopnr, 
eptbet btcatife tbi0 bifeafe cbancetb manp time* 
toffopne tb?ougb tbepjgulofitte: ojcls btcaufe 
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max ct. poftutrm tobiefce c ommonip cbance tmbertbe 
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Ipng map be fcnberftanb inflafion0 in anp parte 
ft oftbebobp.'tocbwfo^etobclet^ereimpolluimg, 
waW er *nb fpecialtp to rppe tbem, ft gge© ft ulbe be fob 
frsa<»! In toatet, anb foitb ttje toater ft uibe be mpjwD a 
iptteilcuttfpof fcpneget, £ tobicb* ijeipetbe tbe 
fcerme of fpgge© to entre* 3dib tobanne bit t0 
fcfcbe, tbeftgges muftebebeaten tnamo?tet: 
anb tban ropngieb fott& acouttfpof tbetoatcc 
t%m\M tocrefobbem, anb fo make a plapfler* 


OF H EL THE. tftf 

& plapfter is p?op?elp a meDtctne maDe of Tome 
fcerb^ojflotoec, anD tljeiupce ttjerof : as tbts 

t>erfe faptfje Cumfuccum poms eyberlxtm, twncwu* 

flgjmgfids. CljMi.totpipteis, Cljataplapfter 
tnaoe of fpgges anD popp feDe topnetl) oj fettctfj a pr^ ft « 
tyofcenbones to getber agapnc . atnD tljcp mufte °f 
be foD to getbee in toater imtbout fcpnegre : ant) S e ^ p? * 
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telof tbetoatertftatit toasfoDDein, anorolape 
it to tbe fo;e.Cbe ceafon l)ere of map be: bp caufe 
popp fc Dc b o rt) c ta feet b ato ape tbe fcufp blenes of 
tbe memoes, toljetbp tbeaclje, tbatts toonte 
to cbance in b;eafcpnge of bones, is Done atoap, 
anDpjouofcetbe cnetoflepc* 36nDtbe fpggcsDa 
Diatue tbe ^umpDptes of t&eboDpe to tbe bttetj 
partes: tobic^ bumpDptestyougbte to t&e bo- 
nes, topi D;atoe, cetame, o; boloe tfjem to getter, 
but mutt perfectelp ftnpt tbem. 30nD topttctbe 
fDcII,t^a t tbere be . UU fcpnDes of poptes, to&pte, 
teDDe, anD blacke. CbereDDe is bcunnous>anD 
gtotoetb amonge cojtte, Cf>e ponge foolers are 
toonte to ftampe tlje flotoecs tljcrof a to make 

©ere be Declareo • it. operations of fpgges,fp?fte 
moctye eatpngeof fpggesmafcettje one loufpe :**««$ «f 
anD tbis is f 02 certapne, if tfje fpgges be D#, as fmee * 
3flutee faptb* <Cbe caufe is bp reafon of tye mali- fl uf f{ cSt 
cpoufnesanD corruption of tbe burnout; testis 
tttyegm engenD;eD ♦ 3fn ot&er caufe mape be,bp cub « s « 

&(<« reafon 


reafon tliat fpgijes ftereoue to ffoeate moclje, 
toberof IpceareengenD;eD.* operatpou 
t0,tygge0 (fere one to r anml [ ufteranD Ip&e tutfe 
tbep bauc manp fuperflutte0> anD augment tbe 
feDe of generation* 

Multiplicantmictum»ucntrem dant efculaftricturo* 
Efcula bona dura, fed mollia funt meliora. 

©ere are DeclareD t it fcttltteg of mcDiats i «0)c 
fp?fte i0,tbat tl?ep enerece trine : rtjat id bp rea* 
Tone t!)at tftep mafce tbe tyegges batDe, ano Too 
tbe toatrpnes tournetbe in to mocbe brpne* 
Cbe , ii * bttltte is , tbat meDlacs make one co* 
ftpucbp reafon of tfjeir foluernes anD flipticite, 
anD tl;etfo?e t^e tejet e faptli, t!>at IjarDe meDlars 
be better to ftoppetbe iafbe , © ut pet tbe fofte 
meDlars be better tben tbe barDe:foj tbep nou^ 
tpffte mo;e anD bpnDe letTe . 3DnD bere 10 to be no* 
teD,tbatmeDlar0nourpO)e leffe tbanappuHes, 
peare0,peacbeg,fpgge0, anD fucbe Ipfee ; tobic&e 
t^pnge apperetbe plapnelp bp tbetrcgreneg of 
relpQe 0; talte, anD barDene0 of tbnt Cubftanc* 1 
after tbep be rppcD on tbe tree, anD tberf je toe 
fl)uloe eate fetoe meD!ar0, anD ratber in toape of ■ 
meDtcine tban meate,anD bpeaufe meDlars rppe J 
nat on tbe tree fofte mougbe to eate, tbep mutte j 
be lapDe in ftratoe tpll tbep be fofte : SflnD tban « 
tbep be mo;e Delectable anD leffe ftppticall* 

Prouocat urinam mulhim, cito foluir, et inflar* J 

$ ere tbe atitour r ecitpnge*iit* ;pp;ete0 of mufte, I 
fapty, tbat it p;o u cfeety one to ppfle, bp reafon i " 



rtje ettbp pacttfi fcoutpnglp btretije t&e bla&Det, 
toljan tbep come ttierto : v toljfclje conftcapnetye 
tyeblaDDetto auop&etbetotpne. 3nDtl)tepjo= 
p?e te 10 bnDerftanoe of muftes, £ fjaue bptpnge 
Iee0, as mocljc remniOje mud Ijatl? ♦ f oj mufte0 
tbat&aue gtofleleesoo not npppe, buttatljec 
ftoppeanDlette tlje tonne, as is before fapoeat 
impedit urinann&c.(€l)e«ii.p?op?ete t0 } muftma* 
feetlje one Ipg&relp to laffee* Cbe rcafon tobp> t* 
QjetoeDint&e fp;ffep;op?ete, Cbp?0lp, mufti0 
tnflatrue: fo; ttjeboplpnget&at tt maftetlje M 
tf?e boDp, rcpfetl) top toentofpte0 ♦ Clje caufe0 of 
tfjefe tfoo p;op;etes ate Q) ctocD before, at impe- 

dit urinam » 

Groflbs humorcs nutrit fcruicia, uires 
Preftatjaugmcmat carncm, gencratojeruorcm. 
Prouocat urinam, ucntrem quoq? mollit & Mat* 
1 Infrigidat modicum,fcd plus deficcatace turn* 
Infrigiclat, mace rat, melanc dar t fperma minorat 
Siccos mfeftat,neruos ct pinguia ficcar 4 

$ete tf)t auctour re^etfpnge. it. tbpnges Dccta- 
tetft ♦tottt.p?op?ctc0 of ale o? bete, f p?fte &e feity 
tljatale engcnDjetfjegrolTe Rumours in mans 
boDp,fo&tcl)eis of ftout&e in tegaroe of topne. 
3InD after tht tuuetfite of cojne o? gros fubMce 
ftattfte ale (0 made oMljegrolfcr fjwnorrs tt 
engcntyetfce* feeconblp, ale augmeritetbe tye 
atengt^e0:anD tins Dotfre ale tljat tsmaoeof 
t&e beft gtnpne ano toel fo&Dcfo? bp rcafon t&at 
it nourpf©e$e moclje, tt encreafertje (ttmztyt* 
&<HU Cfjtt&elp 


flRwMp. it cncteacetlje fleC& c : bp reafon fyat if 
ttottcptyetbe mocbe: anD f qj t&e fame caufe it cn- 
cteacetlj tbe blout>.3lnD tbefeaii. lafte p;opjetes 
be m dale ale:tbat is bell foDDcano maDe of tbe 
belle gtapne * f pftelp , it ftecetbe one to pplfe* 
£>pjetelpitwafeetb onetoltfbe. ainotbefe- iU 
p;op?etes be in dm but, tbat batb mocbe of tbe 
jjoppe, asbeteof aimbutgens, tobtcbe bp tea* 
Ton of $e boppes tt typngetbe one in a larfce* 
$m> it 10 not gooo foj tbepm tijat bane a toea&e 
tyapne ♦ jf e? tbis bete s bp ceafon of boppes, Dotb 
Ipgbtelp ouetcome tbe bjapne* ^enentblp, it 
enflatetbe tbe beaip: tbat is of ttoutbeif it be 
pil foDbe, as l^ollanDe bete botbe ; tobtcbe enflfc 
tetfc moflfe ano ftoppetlj, anD tberf o;e it fatmbe 
rpgW rooclje. Cbe* tittu is, tbat a I ltd ctmfp ale 
cooletb • do botb bece of ^oUanDe, $;abanoc, 
I£epnatilte,anD jf lanbecs. ainD tbts it it tbat to 
fcfebaplp. 8nbtbt0 p?opjete is foj wapne in 
tefpecte of topne* i^cce ts to be notes, tbat ale 
mapc be mabe of ootes^aclp, $ tobeate *3nD as 
tbe gtapne is alteceb, foi$ gioplecttS of tbe ale* 
i£it tbat is mabe of barip, encipnetfje mo# to 
colce, foj barlpets coIDe. mt tbat tsumoe of 
fratlp ana ootes, ftoppe t&e leUe, and leffe ingeit- 
Ojetb toeatofptes, an&nourpfyetb leffe- 3nb ale 
mabe of tptjeate malt euclpnetb mo;e tobeate, 
ttnotm$?tbmo?e,anb (toppetb mo?e, 3nD tbe 
groafect^e alets, tbe too^fe it is, tbe fubtplectbe 
better, tfatfjjec, ale t&at is maoe of typngea, 


titft mafcctfjc one D;o nfce (0 too?(!r,a£ of Darnel. 

o? rbis grepne fpectalip enger»D?et& beaD acbe, 
ano burterb tbe fenotoes, fartbet m tbe tmc 
ate. b. p;op;cres of bpneger, ^Tbc fp$e ts 3 it 
D^petfi. tf o? ^upcen faptbe, tt is a ftnmge D#et, . . 
3nD tbetfo?e ptjiftttansbpUDe fn rbetpme of pe* faMca, 
fttlence to bfe tt forth meate anD D;pnfee, f oj c«o. 

^tipcen rapt^be * &at bfetb bpneget in fjis meat 

anD D?infee in pdfilence ttme,nefcetb nat to Djcb* £ u C a" n*!* 
ti>e fpftencs. Cbe fecoD is § bitiegec of Ijts ofon* codoct.v, 
p?op;ere roletbe* Cbp?belptt mafcetbenetoane 
bpreafont&atitDjpetije. SGnDttystsfoja berp 
trotufc if one take tt fafipnge,as Stopcen faptlje. All . *> , 
Yet nettec tbe lefTe, tbe continual bfe of bpneget doSi 
fpectaiIpfaftpnge 3 b;eDet!) manpinccnwent&esi Y « 
ttfebletbtbefpgbte, itfturtettjce^e b;eanc 3 anD 
caufet^ tbecougbe, it parted) tb* ftomabe anD 
ipuer, 9 be&ememlp opp?effetlj tfjefenofoes anD 
iopnfe0 a be]cpnget^epm ml) artetifal! grefes/ 
fottfj ttembipngeanD fl&afcpnge* fcurtblpb^ 
ncget engenDjetfce melancolp fcumo ttrs, bp tea* 
ton tbat it cooletfj anD D?petfje* f pft!p,bpnegec 
tumini GDetl) t l?e feeD of generation^ as moc^e 
as bitcooletb, D?petbe,anDmafeetbe oneleane. 
Cbere rapD pjopjetcs Harps puttetbe, fapenge: 
Wpneger is roloc anD D?pe, tt>I>tc^e mafcetfje one 
Jeane, tt Dpftropetfje tfce flrengt&es, \)(t minU 
wett) tbe febeaf generation, it enfo?ee$ blac fee 
coler, it fceaftetfj ttiDDp fanguine eo!er, anD-nto* 
*etl> tfce meatefubttle, tljat it fe mpngieo Mtlh 



3fa t&elaft berfe $aucto?puttetiMtfe tbpnse** 
C&e ficft t0,tl;at topnegec^uctctf) leane foiUes* 
©p wafontbat it D;petl;e anD t&etattenesma; 
fcetb ft to Djpe t&e roo;e . fa; Ipfce iopneD to Ipfce, 
nmHetl) one t!)emo?e furious. SPnoekc euecpe 
OecapeD ccmplepotus bolpe bp tljecontcatpc: 
auD bp t&e tyke,tt is b;ougl)tc in to tuo?fc cafe* 
^econblp, bpneger Jjurtetbe t&efenotocs, anD 
tbp?belpe it inafeetfje one leane, as is before 

Rapaiuuat ftomachum, nouit producereucntum* 
Prouocat urinam, facict quoq; dcntc ruinam ♦ 
Si male cocta datur,hinc tortio tunc generatur • 

i^ece ttje auetour Declaretf) . Hi tmlttcs of rapes? 
temperatelp fobbe 3 anD oneinconuentence of tbe 
fame* f p;fte rapes comf ojte t&e ftomafce: foj tbe 
flomafce bigeftetfe ttjem toell, ana is not greueb 
fyertoitfc . feeeonblp , rapes tyeafcetb topnbe, 
as apperetlj bp experience ♦ Cbitblp, rapts p?o^ 
uofeetbt&c brpne . Yet bribes tljerepjopjetes, 
SHuerrois faptbe, Cfjat rapes greatlp comfojtc 
tbe fpg^t * (Cbe pi of rapes is, tbat tlje contimi* 
aleatpngeof tbepmburtetb tfje tetbe* 3|n tbe 
iafte berfe &e fsptktyat rapes caufe tlj;otoes oj 
gnatopng in $ bealp, bp reafon $ ttjep multiply fapttj tbts berfe : 

Vcntum frpe rapi s, fi tu uis uitierc rapis* 

Clje taples of rapes leuletl) tbe bealp. farther* 
nto?e note, tljat of all rootes rapes Dotb beft no* 
rpfl&emans bobp, as apperetlj bp t&e ftoetenes 



#at 10 foutiDe in tfym fauotir, foj af (mtc mea~ 
tesnourt(&emo;te tljeboDp tl;anfotoer 3 bptter, 
o? tarte. Cberfoje bpcaufe rapes b* fye ftoetefte 
of aHrootes anDIefleftarpe, tI;epbcmoaef;ol= 
tome in tbe foape of meate>but pet tbep engenDje 
gtoflfe melacolp bluDaf tf jep be not toci DigefteD. 
ainD it is gooD to puufte tbepm from tbe fp?fte 
foatcr, anD in no topfe to eate tbem rafoe* Cbep 
Gere one to boDpIp Itift , anD clcte tl)c foapes tjjat 
tije brine runneth 

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Similiter ftomachus melior jit in e xtremitttc s+ 
Reddit Ungut honum mtrimntum medicwe. 
Digeritwr facile p«Imo, ciro Ub'itur ip/e. 
Ejl melius cerebrum gtllmrm re Ii^Kor«w* 

i^eretbeauctourrecttetbfpuetbpnges. Cbe 
fprfte is, tbat tbe barte of beaftes is (iotoelp Dp* 
gefteb, bp reafon t&at tbe barte fleftye is mclan* 
coltous, tobicbe is batDIp Dpgeftcb, anD flofoelp 
DefcenDetb,anDasHlttpcenfaptb, isbnbolfome Aui.*.cs. 
flefte, and as Hafts faptbe, it noimOjetb iptell* «^nuce 
Cbe fecoo is.tbat tbematoe Ipfcetopfe is pi of Di= 
geftion, and flotoe of DifcenDpng,bp reafon tbat 
tttsafenofopememtyeanDgrpftlpe, foberefo?e 
fcitDpgeftetbepll, anDengenD?etbepii biouDDe* 
tfartbertbetejctefaptb, tbat tbe ejetreme partes 
of tbe matoe,as tbebottum anD b?imme are bet- 
ter DpgefteD, bp reafonnetbat tbofepartpesare 
mo?e flefftp anD fatte*Cbe tbirb is tbat £ tonge 
is of gooD no;ptyement, anD tbat is toucljpnge 

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. . iht roote, as mpcm fapt&e, bp reafon efiae it 
caX dV fleft|,e ' anD eafpe of D PS^om 3PnD amonge all 


at&er,arofteD ppggestonge, r^ef^pntiefcrapcD 
t)f, islpfceb?atone 3 as ponces fearuersfcnotoe. 
3! netes tonge bp reafon tijat it is moplle, is nat 
berp bolfome* 23ut fo? all tyis, fyefe Delpcate fe* 
lofoes, o?tfcep rode a netes tonge, tbep ftoppe 
bit tottb cloues, toberbp tbe mopftenes is Dp* 
mpnpfOjeD. 3nD rt;e meate is apter to cate* 
Cbe fourtb ts, t&at tye Ipgbtes are eafp of Dige* 
(Hon, anD eafp to abopae out 3 anD tbis is bp re* 
fonoftfeep? naturallc foftenes* Yet t&epj mm- 
tpOjement is fpttell anD bnbolfome f o? mannes 
iiuf.can.i. nature, fojljttisfleumattke, as Hlupcen faptb* 
monc puIfl ^«l>becc!0to benotektbattfcougl) tbelpgfctes 
of a tuppe be bn&olfome to eate, pet it is meftci* 
nable f o? a fcibeD o; a fo?c bele, if it be lapbe bote 
tberetmto, as aiupcen faptbe. f€be*b.ts,tbata 
Am' ii.cas bennes tyapne is beft : fo!)ic&e (as aiutcen faptb) 
none, ftancbetb bfeDpng at tl;e nofe* $ft mud be eaten 
eptber toitlj falte oj fpices, fo? of it felfe bit p?o* 
uofcetb one to bompte.3nD pbifptions fape^at 
c&efcpns bjapnes augmente tbe memojpe* 
C&e b?apne of bogges are bnbolfome for man* 
But tbe tyapue of a f&epe,of a bare,o? of a conp> 
map be eaten tmtb falte o? fpices. 3lnD of brines 
toe baue mo je latgelpe fpofcen bef o;e at xm\t a 

*4fmg of Semen fmevfofigit tt fciucuU culu I 

fma f* &f . $ tyauctour reijerfmge one Do ctrine of fenell 


OF HELf HEi 7« 

febe, faptbc, <tb;eafeetbtopnDe: bprcafou t&ae 
it is f;otteanDD;pe . HnD ptypftttons Tape, tfjae 
tbc eatpnge of fenelte feeDc ettgentyetfy* utucom, 
moDptes ♦Jfp; is bolfome f oj tbe ague* 
£>econDlp it auopDetb poifon* CljtcDipat clcfetlj 
tl)t ftomacfee. 3no fouctbip, it Qwpetl? § fpgbte* 
Cbefc foute tmutes atetebecfeD tn t^efc tw 

fcta tmo Oaf roaratnxm, <B venemtm* 
£ t pur gat flomacljunt, lumen quo<p reddit acutum. 

3JnD %mm wbecfmg tl;efeatlt*p?op;ette0 fafek Adcm iL 
Pernor rttus DemcD , tbat benemous too?mcs 

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Defp;e netoe f enelle fteDe, to comfo;te anD fyacpe fenkuio. 
tbep2 fpgljteranD ferpentes aftcc topnteMflttpng 
out of tljepjcaues, Do rubbetbettetes agepnfte 
fenellc, toclecetbepjfpgbte. jrattijet note, tbat 
feneile Dtgeftetb flotoelp, anD noucpC&ctij pi anD 
Ipttei : anD tbetf o;c it is tofeD as a meDtctne, anD 
ttatas mtatt. i&betfoje ttougbt nattobebfeD 
tittbecegpmentofbeltbe, but to ejcpelle tfte ti«- 
fcolfomenes of otbetmeates • Is toe bfe fome 
cpme to eate petfelp toitb letttfe, to tefpfte tbe 
coloeues anD bumtotte of tbe letttfe : fo Ipke toife 
fenellmapbefoDDetottbgoutDesanD capes, to 
tmtbftanDe tbe tonbolfotnenes of tbe in. 

Ewe ndat v\fum ) ftomtchum conforttt tnifum, 
Cofia dukoris mfijit mclions. 

f5m tbauctonc recttetb. it. b Mites of anis feDe. 
f p;fte,tt comf o?tetb tbe fpgbte, anD feconDIp tf?e 
Homage: bp reafon tbat tt beatetbe anD munDp; 
toil) t\)c (to wacfce:anD efce f o? tbe fame reafon tt 

(&4U comfo?tctb 


^ a comfojtetye fte fpgtjte, fr? notbpnge ftuctctfte 
(§$L% fegfye mop, tban tmdenna of ttje ftomafee* 
W°. tfoj f wm tbe tmclene Qotnatte bnclene toapours 
afccDe t o tbe epes f trouble anD burte § fptrites* 
Cbefeaittbe. tt.p?op?etegofDttlce anps feoe* 
Aui 2 ca atno befpDe tl^efe, lutcen retyetfpng manp otbcc 
ca dc amro pjofptes of ants feDe 9 faptf?, t&at tt aftoagetb Do* 
loursJtyeafcetfjfopnDe, anD quencbetbe typtfte, 
caufeD of faltemopflenes, tt opened) opiiations 
oftfte Ipuer anD fplene.engenDjeD of bumtDttes: 
anD Ipfcetopfe of tbe rapnes, blaDDer, anD ma- 
trtce: tt pzouofeety &rpne, anD menflxttous flpice; 
itelenfctbe tljematrtce from to^ite t)umpDtte0 >; 
anD fteretb one to carnall iufte* 

Si crHor emnat /podium fumptum cko /<M4t. 

I^ere tbauctour putted one comoDtte of fokm, 
3!nb tbat t&tljat /po^m takc^ealet^ tbe blttDDp 
flijce : bp reafon tljat § fcertue tljerof comf ojtetbe 
tbe Ipuer,anD fo tbe Utter fortified (totjtcbe is tbe 
original fotintapne of blouD) tbeblottD ts tbere 
Auicen 2. better retepneD^nD aitucen faptfotbatfpoduwi 
can,cap,de t&erootes of reeDes bttrneDJfnD it ts fapbe,p 
ipodio. ^ e f e ro t egr motteD bp tbe topnDe, anD rtrbbpnge 
tbemfelfe to getber,burneonea notber *l Yet 
fi>pmon tfteJlantoapefapt^e, tbat ftoimm is a 
tbpnge, fofcofe begpnnpngc is bnftnofoen bnto 
fcs : tt femetlje to be a t&pnge b?ente,anD Dtupft- 
ons of reeDes burneD ♦ 3CnD tt Dootbe not onelpe 
belpe tbeblouDDpflpice, but alfo tbe laffce anD 
fptipnge, a0 ffiaftsfaptye ♦ %% fcelpet&e alfo a 



(barpe ague, and is comfortable agepnfte t&e 
{fiafcpnge tl?erof,anD fo? otter moelje auorupnge 
of coler it belpet!? tfte ftomacfee, as Buicen faitl)* 
30nDas /H'" DotbbelpeanDcomfo?tetl)elpuer, 
fo r^erbe octjec meDicinS, tljat Ijaue Ipfee arpcccc 
anD Ipfce wop?ete to comfort otber fpeciall mem* 
b;es:as Space t&eljarte : apuffee tlje b?apne: 
jLp^ctes t^e Ipgljtes : Capet t&e fplene, and ga= 
ipnaale the ltomacke«3!s appcrctb bp ttjefe tffes* 

jSaudet cpar rpodi'o, mace co:,ccrcb:um qnocp mufco. 
•frulmo Uqutricia.fplcn.cpar.Ucmacljufce salauda, 

Vas condlme nti preponi debet edenti. 

Sal vims refugAtjt won ftdcwyuy ftpout. 

N4rn J"<pit efc4 nule^ue d\rtKr 4^ file , 

Vr nut perpil/*4 vi/«m /per»u$ winorant* 

it ge«er4«t/c4tiew 5 pwitHm, /we vigorem, 

I^ere tfce auctouc teacbpnge* Uu t^pngeis faptij e* 
C&at before all otber tbpnges falte muft be fette 
fcpont&e table, as tbefculgarberfes teac&e fcs: 

Sal pttmo poni t>ebet pumotp repont. 
Omnia mcrtfa male pontturabrcpfale. 

§>e«molp fapetlje,tbat falte refpftetfc fcenome 
f caufes . Jfp^ftc fo? t&at falte is a D?ier: anD 
fo D?pety t p f be bumiDttes tbat toolDe cojrupte. 
m otter caufe is, t&at falte Djtctfce $ f«pp?e(Tetft 
tbe&umtDites,D?atopngetbem out of tfteboDp, 
anD foo ftuttetbe $epoo;es, anD confequcntelp 
ftoppetye § entrance of toenome 5 foMe is toonte 
to entre bp tbe poojes- SwonDIp be faptbe, tbat 
falte mafeettj mans meate fauo?p*tfo?comomp 
fcefenomeates fatio^ toit^oatc falte, asfapttj 



fcbe tfypjbe berfe ♦ C&pjblp tljaucto; opened Hit 
incouemcces of ifal te, o? meares to nml)e falteo. 
:tfPZ&e, fcerp faitc meate0 maere tfje fpg&t, foj*u* 
caufe0.Cbe fpjfte i0,t&at falte tl;pngc0 typ ouer 
moclje, tobiclje ts cottatp to tbe ties, tl)t mftru* 
ttientc0 of fpg^te: fo? tt)eciesatcof t&e nature 
m in Ac ^ tuatecas tfje ^Ijplofop&erfaptl^Cbe. «* 
fcnaiecfc caufe is, fo; t&at meaeea betpe falte engenDje 
ptcbe ano nppppnge, in maner as is afo?e TapDe* 
£)f mojDtcattue meates bepnge in tye ftomacfee, 
f utms mo?D tcatme are lifted bp, toljtcfj e bp tfjcic 
nppppnge burtetljccies, anbmafee tycpmberp 
ceb « 2HnD tfjcrfoje foe fe g tfcep trjat make falte, 
Ijaue commonlp teooe epe0, Cfre. u.ljutte ts. 
tftat berp falte meate0 bpminiffte rtje feeDe of ge- 
neration: bp teafontyat berp falte meate0 D;pe 
rpgfjte moc^e all tbe ftumtDites of t\)t boDp: 
ocp^erbp t&e febe of generation is D;peD, ano foo 
mabe lelfe ♦ C&e* ttt. feurte 10, it cngentyetlje #e 
fcabbe ; bp rearon tljat falte engentyetlj a Ojarpe 
bptpng Ij umout abuft,totrfcl) caufett) tlje fcabbe* 
C^e»iiu.&urtete, it augmented ptctjc: bp rea? 
fontyat it engenDjetfte amojbtcatiue ptcljpnge 
burnout. 3nD of t&efe. uii. &utte0 Hafe rpeket^ 
farther it burned tfteirbloub tljat tafce great 
quantitetyerof : itfebletlje tljeir(Vgl)te, it mp- 
npfi&et&tljefeDeof generation: anb engentyetf) 
ptdjc anb fcabbe . 3dnb bcfpbes tljefe fyuttts , 
berpe falte meate engcnfyetfte rpnge toojmes, 
type fcuefe0, monetae, lep?p,mtljepmti)at be 


OF H £ L THE* 7% 

Wfpofeb fterebnto, anD fleece tlje pattage of 
tfje brpne : fo&an tfjep are longe continued : Yet 
totymtfttea Ipttelle potoDjeD, fjtttafeetfj afoape 
lotfjpnge, ainDmafcetije oneto^aueagooDap* 

Hi fcruou tigent tres falfus^tnAtus^cmHS^ 
Alget acetofusMc jfap*wi pontics *r<j; 
Vncm tt in/if idus, Mas d*t tentpeumentm. 

fceretftauctour recttetb t&e qualities of al fatte 
cpnes. tfp;fte, befaptye, t&attberetfce fauerp* 
nefles o? relpflbes, faulte, bptter, anD ftarpe, 
Ideate t&e bobp tfjat rccepuetft ttyepm* £s>eeonDlp 
Ije faptt), tfjat tftefe t^;ee fauenneffes>tarte 5 flip- 
ticall, anD pontifce,coo!e. Cbp;DeIpe ^efaptfee, 
ttjat tfjefe t\)p reipl&es, Unctuous, tmfauerp, 
anDftecte, are temperate, tbepmaltetfje bobpe 
neptber potter no; coiber* farther, after Huittn 
$erebe.bttt»ta!ageg o? rauetmefles, $> folo&e 
fcnfauerines:$ t bep be,falt ftoete,bptter> Qarpe, 
terte, p ontpHe, ftpptpefce, anb bnctuous : anD to 
number bnfauerpnes fo? fauerines, as tbe tejete 
Dotfce, tbere be. tjc. anD $an faucrpnes ts tafceti 
fo? euerpe tfcpnge mgeD bp tafte* 28nD amonge 
rtjefc tallages ttjere be tb?eebotte. asfapttje tfjc 
tejctejalte, bptter, anD ©arpe: anD, as 3upce« 
foptlje, tbe (fiarpe ts t&e ijotter,anD tije nejtt fait, 
anD than tfje bjptttt : f oj as mocbe as fijatpe is 
ftronger t^an tyc bitter ts, to refolue anD fcoure 
tfje tnctDentts. 25nD tban falte ts Ipfte bptttt* 
tyofceu to getter tmtb coioe fcumpDite. 3InD of 


tljcfe tallages, tb?e be coloe, eger 5 (tpptpc&e,an& 
pontpfce. But pontile is colbec tljm tt)t otber : 
attD ncjct t^erto is ttpptpfce^nb t!jerfo;e all f cu- 
res, t^at come to anp ftoetenes, &aue fp;fti a ta= 
lagepontifce, of a tenement colones, anb after 
tytt tbe fruites bp tbe beate of tbefoune,be Dige 
ItcD, tbersappetctl; tntbemftppticpte>anb after 
tbepbeclpneto fotoernes, asgtapes, anbtbatt 
to ftoetenes* 3InD t!;o ugbe tarte be not foo botte 
as (Hpt ike, pet bp reafon tbat l)it is fubtple anD 
pcrfpnge, \)it is in manp of mo?e colbenes* 3nb 
after Sutcen pontpfeeanb ftpptifec are in tallage 
fcerplpke, butpettbe ftiptikecauretbtbebpper 
parte of tbe tonge to be tbarpe anb rougbe, anb 
pontpkecaufetbtije tongetoberougbe toitbtm 
ainb tb?e of tfjefe tallages are temperate, nettber 
ejecebpnge^otte nojcolbe, as ftoete bnctuous, 
$ bnfauerp, f o? tfeougbe ftoete be &otte,pet tber* 
in appcretye no mpgbtp beate 5 as iRafps faptbe. 
3nD euerp tallage batb bis ofone operations,as 
aiuicen anb ttafis fap*Cbe operations of ftoete- 
nes be btgettionjfokpng^anb encreafpng of no* 
tpftement, anb nature loupngelp Defptetybit, 
anb t&e bertue attracttue tyatoetb bit* 2inb 
l«afisfapfb, tbat ftoetenes engentyetfte moclje 
cubbpe colour, and optlations of tbe Ipueranb 
fplene, fpectallpe if tbe fapbe memb?esbe apte 
tberbnto* 30nD t&erof folofoetbetbeflpjce* 
tnolipfpetbe t&e ftomake, anb comf o?tetb § tyeft 
iftnbipgbtes, it fatted t^ebobpe, anbaugmen* 


ttt\) tfjc febeof generation* Cbe operations of 
bptter is to tyarpe, anD to toaftye atoape. 3flnD 
after iflafis, bptter Ijcatetb anD Djpetl) ftronglp, 
anD Ipgbtlp rcbucetb ttjc blotto to abuft malice, 
anoaugmeutctbc ruDDp colour in tbe bloubDe* 
Cbe operations ofpontrkctalage,aftet Siwcen, 
(0 contraction, iftbeponticitebe feble: o; elles 
erpjefifion, if it be ftrongc* 3nD after ISafis^on- 
tpcKe cooletb tbe boDpc, anb it D;petb tbe fleOlK t 
anD Dpmpniibetb tbeblouDDe, tf one bfe it ofte. 
SMfoit comfo;tetl) tfje ftomacfee, itbpnbetb tbe 
toombe, anD engenDjetbe melancolpe bloubbe. 
Cbe opetdtton of ftpptpfee talage after luiceit, 
is contrarp, tbpcHpnge, ba*benpnge, anD bol* 
Dpnge* 3flnD after Bafts tbe operations tbetof 
are Ipfce ponticfce, tbougb tbep be toeafcet : f oj be 
femetb to copjebenbe ftiptibe talage bnber pon* 
ttfee : f o; of (Hptifee ^e faptb notbpnge erpjeffelp, 
Cbe operations of bnctuous tallage after MU 
cm are fobpnge,flppp?mes,anD fmall Digeftiom 
ainD after IRaftstt mollpfpetbtbeftomacfte, bit 
mafcetb one laf battue, anD ftlletb one o; be batb 
taken anp neceffaep quantttie of meate : anD bit 
fceatetlje, fpectallpe tt)epm tbat be bejeeb tottb a 
f etter, anD tbat baue a botte Ipuer anb ftomacke. 
i£it mopftetbanb fofeetbtbebobp, butbtt aug* 
jnentetb fleme % flepe. Cbe operations of (barp= 
nes be refolutio, tnctfton, anb putrtfactton after 
Zuicen: 3KnD after iRafis l)it encreacetb beate, 
anDlpgfjtlp enflamefye t&ebobpe, anbitbour^ 

W nctl| 


netfj tbe blouDDe , anD to timet!) it in to reDDe eer- 
ier, auD after into blacfce. Cbe operations of 
raltetalage, after Sfliticen, is to fcouce, tuatye, 
anD o?pe, anD ijit lettetl; putnf action, Cljc ope- 
rations of ftjarpc talag e, after luicen, is to cole 
anD DpupDe : anD after iftafis, itrefrapnetb coler 
anoblouDDe, anDreftrapnetb tbebealpe, if tbe 
ftomakeanDguttes becleane: butif tbcrebcto 
mocbefleumatifce matter, bitmafcetb tbebealp 
to toffee, it cooled tbeboDpe, anDefee toefeetbe 
tbe fcectue of Digeftion pjopjelp in tbe Ipwtr. 
3|tburtetb tbefenotues anD fenotope memoes, 
itD?petbtbeboDp, butitftereti* feptbeappettte* 
3!nD Uteris faptk tbat fome tmfauerp tbing nots 
epfljetbtoell, anD tbatisfuebe as is temperate* 
Cljeretsotber fometbatbeatetb temperately 
3nD another tbatcooletb temperatelpe, anD if 
mopftnes be iopneD tbere fottb>it mop(tetb> anD 
toitb a D?pe tbpnge, it D?pct^ 

Bis duo vip4 facit.mundat dentcs, dtt tcutum 
Vifum,<juod minus eft iwplet 5 Twi«Mit quod Audit* 

^ereareDeclareD foure comoDitesoftopnefop* 
pes. Cbe fp?fte is, tbep pourge tbe tetbe, bp rc& 
fon tbat tbep fticfee longer in tbe tetb, tban topne 
alone o? bjeaDDe aione:tberfo?e tbe fpltbpnes of 
tbe tetbe is tbe better confumeD, anDtbe tetbe 
tbe better ponrgtD* CbcttcommoDiteis, tbat 
it tyarpctb tbe fpgbte : f o? it lettetb tbe pi fumes 
toafcenDetotbebrapne, tobtcbe bp tbep? mpn* 
glpnge together, Dacfeetlj tbe fpg&t* SJnD \W «* 


bpteafon tf;at it DtgcKct!; all rii nmtec© beptige 
tn tbeftomacfce* CbP?Dlp, tt&pgeftetbperfptelp 
meates nat tucl DigcftcD:f 0? it clorctb tbe moutb 
of tyc ftomacfce, ant) comfojtetb Dtgeftion* 
tfourtblpe, itreducetbe fupecfluous bpgeftpon 
tomcanc^nDallt^is 15 of troupe, fotfjat tbe 
tyeaDDc foppcD in topne, be f#ft toftcD, 0? D#cD 

Omnilw* fjnf r<rm info o /f r«*re aif ttfm 
Approfco jic e ( fit mutare necefie* 
E/i Hipfocr45 teflis 3 <{uomm fequ'itur malt pe fits. 
portior f jt metb< medicine cert* diet*. 
QluamfinoiuHXtsjttue regis ^et m*\e cuus. 

j^erc tbe auctour recptpnge certapne Doctrpnes 
faptb, tbat it is goob fo; ai folfees to feepe culto 
tnable Dpete- ainD bp Dpete is bnDerttanbe t^e # 
ropnpftrpnge of meate and Djpnfce* Cbe bjea^ 
fcpngefrom cuftomablebfeburtetb greuou0p: 
fo; cuftomance is a notber nature* Cberf oje,a0 
ttbebouetbe bs to &epe nature, fooipfcetopfc it 
Dotbe cuftome: ano fpectallppf tbecuftomable 
bfebelaubable. 2flnDas itbebouetbtofcepe tbe 
euftomable abminpftration of meate sbjpnfce: 
euenfooitbebouetb bs to obferue cuftome in 0- 
tbertbpnges nat natural!, fo?tbefelfe reafom 
XOl)ctfo)t if a man § is toonte to laboure mocbe, 
fopil fojgo tbts cuftome anDlpue pbeilp: ojia* 
bout mocbe leffe: 0? go in banoe toitbotberla= 
bout: 0} take a notber tpme, 0? a notber foape: 
bnbouteo it (&aU tpgbte mocbe tnfeeble bpm. 


feoo mlpfee mancrtt is in trims Dpete, inW 
flcpMnbisfoatcbe, anDfuc&elpfee acciDentcs, 
tf o? trulp go od cuftomc in al tbpnge mud ncDes 
beobferueD, if it be lauoabico? inDpfferente m 
gocDiics oj&urtfulnes, tntefpecte of it, tober* 
to tfie cbaunge is maDe* 3Hno topttctt) toell, tbat 
tljep tftatbe accullomeD to labour, anD ejecrcpfe 
tbemfelfeinanp fcpnDc of labour, anD all be it 
tfyat tbep be feble o? olDe, it greuetb t&epm leffe : 
anD tfjep labour mo;e ftronglp tban if tbep lucre 
p . ponge f elotocs, fcnaccuftomeD, as Hippocrates 
phonfno. toptlk bpreafontbat tbefe feeble o?oloeparfo* 
nes l;auemo?e tnclpnatton anD cu (tome totbefe 
labours, f o?notuctbe cuftomc before taken is 
lpgbter,as isfapDeintbe afoiefapDe Apbori/m^ 
3inD tl)is is tlje caufe, tntip toe fe o!De anD feeble 
craftes men» toDotr tbat ftrongct anD pongee 
tbantbep cannatDo, and it gteuer^ t&em lefle, 
as a feble olDe mplner to Ipfte a great toepgljtpe 
faefce : % fmitb to tuclDc $ labour tout) a greattec 
ftammr r,tban a ponger man nat t&erto accufto= 
TnrD* (Hl}t. ii. Doctrine is, tbat greatte l^arme 
folotoetb cbange of Diete, as Hippocrates fapt(j: 
ejrccpteitbencocfullto c&aungett* JFpjfieitis 
ncDefulleto cljaunge it, toijan greuous Dpfea- 
fes flwiDe grolre tfccrbp : as cuftome to febe on 
pllmcatcs, tr!;ifl)C at lengttje of neccflfpte topll 
b^eDein bspll Difeafes* &>ml)c acufiome anD 
otber ipfee muft neDcs be amenDeD anD cbangeD 
bp iptteii anD Iptcll, but nat fooapnelp. f o? alt 


0F HELTHE. 7% 

foDapnc cbanges tjurte be&ementelp, fpccpallp 
from a tbpnge cuftomable, to bnaccaftomable^ 
ibeeonDlp, tc ts neDefull to change, to ^entente 
it ffi ouloc iefix grcue to0,if toe bappen to change 
our Diete. tf o; be £ tofet^ tym f elf e to al maner of 
bitte } Qjail bucte bim tbe laflfe* 3nD tbis mud be 
tmberftanDe of o tbe t tb mges nat naturaWo? as 
Hippocrates faptfje. Itbingeionge cuftomcD, ffi&ml 
tbouabc tt be toorfe tban tbefe tbat toe baue nat 
t)feD 5 b«rtttl)e <beboDp Icfle. Cberfo?e ttbel)^ 
uetb fcfi t o life tbmges bnaccuftomeD, 3CnD ijcce 
10 ro be no tcD, tljateuecpman (ftuloetaftefteDe, 
fjolrebe nccmlometbc bpm to one tbpnge, be tt 
neuer Co gooD, tob tebe to obferue toere nebef ulU 
Cjcampie: Jf a man cu Rome tjpm to one maner 
meate o; D?pnfee, o; to abftepne bollp from tbem, 
O) toflepe, o? to fenotoea tooman carnallpe, tt 
toere t erp Dangerous fo? &pm, tf be otljer to&ple 
mufie abftepne from bis cuftome- C&erfo;e me- 
tpe bobp ftulDe be DpfpofeD, to tntmre fteate 
auD colDe, anD to al motions anD nourp Q)cmcn= 
tee, fotbattlje fcourcs offlepe anD toatcbe, tbe 
boufe, bebbe, at D garmented map be cfyaungcD 
tottfjout ^urte : toljicfce tbpnge mape be Doue, pf 
one be nat to nere in obferutnge cuftcme . C^er* 
fo;ectber topple itbetjouetfje tocbaunoe cuflo- 
mable tfcpnges. C&us faptbe iflafp0. Cfte.tft.Kafc.?.ai.- 
Doctrine t0, tbattfceftrongeranD nerertoape ta£ ru d a c t c c ^ 
bealpnge apacpente, igto mpnpftcea certapne f tt «> ' 
Dpete; jfoj toWetfrtje pljifittonDofynat care 

WLiti anD 


anbfopHmpnpftetanot&etbnDueDpete, f)t go* 
uernetft &10 patient t oipffieip, $ fjealetij torn plh 
c^ema* 3to& note, tbat ttiecebe t^ee manerof Dpete0, 
ner of gcoffe, fofjtc^ is &oUc f olfce0 Dpete, ffclenDer Di* 
ete, tofjictye is to gpue m maner no$pnge. Cfje 
tbtroc is meanc Dpete: tuliicb abfolutelp 10 calleD 
ffcienoer* 3nD t^ts Diete is DiuiDeD into ffclenDec 
DictCj D eclpnpnge to gtode Dteteras t&e bjotlje of 
fle©e, cere cofteD egge0, fmall cijpcfcpnnes : anD 
DeclinpngetoffclenDerDiete, a0 Mellicutum, anD 
topne of pomegranaDcs : anD meane Dictc, tolji- 
ctyeis calleD certapneDiete, asbaclpcteuce nat 
beaten together ♦ 3KnD t^ts cectapne Dpete 10 
&oifomem manpDpfeafes, but nat mall, litis 
not Jjolfottie m longe Difeafes : fo? in fuc^c Difea= 
fe0 5 t&emigtjtoftljepacient, tuuli Tucftc meane 
Dpete, can natinbure toconfume tf)c fpefcenes, 
fottijottt great DebiUte* C&etf o?e in fuc&e Difea- 
fe0, rtjemeatemuftebeingroffeD* &pfee topfe it 
10 bn^oifome in Q)arpeDifeafe0, as tl)efc fenbe 
toit&m. iti*Dape0 fpace 0; fonerrf o? tn ructje mod 
ftienoer Dpete 10 befte, 80 Hippocrates faptlje* 
C&e mod fouerapne belpete to Diete t&e patient 
after fji0 ftrengtl? anD co;pojall mpgbte- 

Quale, quldft ({uando^umu^uotieSyvhi dindo> 
lfta notare cxho dehet medkus dieunda, 

Here tljattctour reljecfetl)* bt* tfcpuge0, to be to- 
libereD of § pljifition in mtnittrmg of Dieted irft 
oftuljatqualpte ttjemeate ougljte to be; fo:m 
fcotte fpcfeene0, &e tmitte Dpete t&e paciente tuitft 



cotoe meate, In mopfte fpcfcnes tottf^ type meat*. 
anDmD;pcfpcfcenestwt!jmopft meate. Yet tfte 
natural! complcnem mufte be obferueODe vuttlj 
DpcteIpfeetl>crto» fojdfralen Captlje,Ct)e()ottctaaU.te# 
boDpes neDe tlje fatter me&pcpnes: ttye coIDet 
boDpes, the coiDer nieopcpnes* (CijMMljpnge 
is, ofMjatfubftauncetbc meate ougbttobe. 
rffojfyeptbatbeftronge anDiuftpe, an&ejcerafe 
great labour, mud be DieteD toitb groflfec meate, 
fo? m tfcem tbe toapeof Digeflion is (Ironge, anfc 
fo tl)cp ougfjte not to bfe ffclenDcr mcates, as 
cbpttyns* capons, toeale> ojfepDDe: Sot tfjofe 
flefl&es in ftem fopli bourne, o? be fcpgefteD ouet 
foone : tofjetfoje t^ep tnufte ne&es eate ofte* 
23 u t noble men, anD fuebe as !pue reflfullp mud 
fcfefcteteof ffclencec fubftance, fo?intbepmc$e 
Dertue Dtgefl rue is toeafce anD not able to Dtgeft 
grofife meates, as bacon, befe, anD fpffte types* 
in tl)c fonXpfce toife t&ep tftat be fpcfce of © arpe 
Dtfeafes, ougbt to bfemo^efklenDec Dpete, ffjan 
tljcp tftatbe fpefeeof longe mfeafes, asafcuer 
quartane* C&e tbpfl is, toljat tpme Dpete ougfjt 
to be gpuen : fo; tftep t&at be tn fceltl) ougtjt fpe- 
xiallp to regarbe cuftoroe. *x)f)erftye tljep tbat 
rife parelp in fommer,anD eate but ttoo mealcs a 
Dape, oug&tetoeateaboutetlje&oute oMr*o?a 
Ipttel before : 9 not to abpbe tpU noone, bpcaufe 
of tfje ouer great e beam &pfce topfe t*KP ougfjte 
to fuppe aboute i!;c goitre of* fct. 0? a Iptel after* 
T&ut in fopnter tfjep ougljt to Dpne at a,#.of tftc 



clocfce, ozof.jc&bpcaufcoft&e Ionge Oeppnge: 
anD tban to fuppe at. ton. a ciocke 3 o; a litel after* 
InD fpectaiip cuftome fljulD be kept. Cpme alfo 
in Dietpnge of fpcfee folte. mud be confpDereo. 
jf o; tbep tbat baue an ague, toban it begpnnetb 
tobere tbem, oja Ipttcil befoje o? after. Cbep 
tyulDe eate no tbpnge;f o? if one eate a Ipttell be- 
fore, oj toban tbe fptte cometb: tberbp nature, 
tbatQmJDentetiDe to Dtgedtbe meate, tgotuer- 
teoanotbertoape* Jfbel&ulDe eate foone after 
tbe fptte t0 goone, bit toeee bnboifome : jf o; tbc 
focrtue of Dtgedton is berpe toeafce, bp reafon of 
tbe fptte pad : Cberf oje be mud eate Co longe a« 
f o?e,as § meate map be DpgelleD er § fptte come* 
£)? dies Co ionge after tbe fptte 10 goone, toban 
nature is come to Due Dpfpofptton* Cbts is of 
troupe, ejcceptepe tyebegreatefeblpftypngeof 
nature ♦ Jfo? tban at all tpmes be mude eate* 
jfo? toban foo euer mans drengtb is f eblpftyeD 
bpanp cbaunces, be(6ulDeeatefo;tbetottb, as 
r . . d^alenfaptb fourtblp tbe quantite of tbe meate 
phor n ifmi a mud be confpoereo: tfojaBbttis before fapDe, 
corcpian *n fomer toe mude bfe a fmall quanttte of meate 
amc.tfc. ateuer p mea i c> fo; tban tbe naturalle beate is 
feble tb;ougb tlje ouer great refolutions,#ut m 
topnter one map eate a great Deale of meate at a 
meale*jfo; tban tbe bertue Digedtue tsdronge, 
toban tbenaturall beatetetomeD tb?ougbectr- 
cumdant colbe, as toe fart) at Teponhus veris.&c 
Cfte.b.t0, botoccfie toe tyoulbe eate inaoape* 


jfoj mfommer toe muftceate offence tbamieto 
tor titer, in autumpnc and tier a IpttcIIe at ccbe 
tneale,as before fapde ♦ ipfee topfc, if tl)t bcr= 
f tue digeft tue be toeafcc, toe mufte eate Ipttel aim 
ofte:buttf tbebectue dpgeftiuebefteonge, toe 
map catemoclje, and make fetoemeales qec* 
fepctelp, tbe eatpnge place mufte be conftdered : 
tobpebe Ojouldenotbe tofjott*no;tocolde, but 

Iks c^«Iii /olmt, ckiiu fuhfltnti* reftmgiu 

§ere tbe auctouc declarpnge tfote t&tnge0,faptlj, 
Cbat tbe tyotbe of coole tooites, anD fpectallp 
tbe fpjft tyotbaf tbep be foDDe, leufetlj tbe bealp : 
bp teafon $at in tbe leucs $ titter partes of cole 
toojtes, is a fopp fcourpnge bertue, tocafeelpe 
cleupngeand Ipgbtelp reparable bp fmall decoc* 
eton o; boplpnge : tobtc&e fpjedde abjode bp tbe 
fametoater, ismaoelajrattue, 3Ind tbis is tbe 
ffeele tbat tbe fp?fte toatec,tbat cote tooites be 
foddefn, mafee one lajcattue rather tban tbefe* 
cond*<€be fecod is t&at tbe fubftance of cole too? 
tes after tbep are bopled, reftrapnetb tbe bealpe: 
bp reafon tbat all tbep? bertue lajcatpue is taken 
atoape bp tbe decoction, anD tbe ettbpe D?pe fub- 
ftance remapnetb. tobicbe bpnDetb tbe toombe ♦ 
Cbe tbtrb is, tbat botb taken to getber,tye b?otb 
and fubftance of cole toojtes, leufe tbe bealp : bp 
ceafon tbat tbe fcourpng fopp bertue remapnetb 
mtljetoaeec, to^cfjeleufetball* 3HnD note, tbat 

% cole 


coletoo;tc0 engcnDjc mclancolp burnout*, anD 
plDjeamc&tbepbwtte tbeftomacfee, tbepnojitye 
Ipttell, anDDuffcetl;e fpgltfe, anD caufe one to 
Djeame, anD tbepp?ouofeemenftruofp(e anDte 
rpne, as 3!utcen anD Utefte fape » fartber mo;e 
note, tyat tbe Decoction o; feeDe of eoletoo;te0, 
Ar.j.patt; feepe one from Djonfcenes, as to?itetb ainftoteil* 
problem, 25nD tbt0 tbpnge is affpjmeD of 9uitm 9 %Utfi0 # 
Aunus. (drf| e t eafon 3 a0 fome tbpnfce, ts tbe grofle fume* 
u '* J#aI tljat bp eatpng of co!etoo?tes arc IpfteD fcp to tbe 
tyapne, engtoflpngetbe fumoftttcs of tbe fopne, 
fobicbecngroflfpngeDotbiette tljepm to entreto 
tbeb?apne* ^riftotiefaptb.tbat ail tbpnge tbat 
Ojafoetb to it t&emopftenes of tbe fopne, txptU 
letb it f rome tbe bo Dpe, anD tbat tbat cooled tbe 
boDp, ftepetb tt ftoui*D?onitennc0 : coletuojte0 
are of fucbe nature, ergo* $c ; 3nD tbat coletooj* 
its are of tbt0 nature, be pjouefye tbU0 ♦ 23p tbe 
feufe of colefoo?te0, tbe fonDigeftco bumiDtte0 of 
tbe fopne art Djatoen from all tbebobpe in to tbe 
blaDDer i anD bp reafon of tbe colDe teufc tbat t 
mapnetb in tbe itomacfee, fobtcbecooletb alltlje 
boDpe: tbe perfpnge of tbe fopne i0 f ojDone* 
KlnD fo bp tbts meane it fccpctb a man fob?e 4 
rffo? tbe fubctle fuperffuites tbat natural^ coube 
natDifcenDe, bp reafon tbat tbebeateof § fopne 
fteretb tbem toafceD bpfoad) totoaroe f b;ame, 
are rcp?e(TeD Dofone, anD bp fcettue of ti)is ieufe 
are Djateen to tbe blaDDer. 

DfdixfrKiit Dukwm w tc Mij/ ^mm mollis 


Milue i dices uie idcre feces . 

Vulue noaterunty & fluxtm /epe leleimi, 

fccre tbaucto?cc()ctrpng^*p?op?£tego;cafccteg 
of malotoesfaptbe, tbat tljep moiiifp tljebeaip* apafoto*. 
C&ete be.iut* tbat mollpf te: inalotocs, and Dou-- 
blemaiotocs, JSjanca, <Urfma 5 ano <3l£ateutp 3 of 
bibiebe moofte commonlpclpftas be made, to 
mollpfpealimDucateanD batDe matter In man. 
Cbere be. it. fo; m of malotoe0 a tbe one bcatctb 
a blouDDe reDDe flo toe t 3 1 I) e otbet a tutypte flo toct, 
ana tb*s #P#iP moilpfp moje tljan £ fp?(h 
Cbe • tu effectc of maiotocs (0, i> malotoe tootcs 
(baueb.anb fuppofitojies maDeof tbcpm, fuc&e 
as pbtfptpons are tooute to make of ^eccutpe, 
tyatoe out of ma t&emburate matter ant> D;eg= 
ges. Clje.tii effectete, malotoes cawetbe men* 
Otuoti0 flpjcem foomett, and tbat tb;oug&e t\)t 
gteat mopftpnge and Upppjpnes tfjetof : tofjerbp 
tbe bepjies about tbe matrfce Cone poureout, as 
}0iateauu0faptt?e^nD as apperetye bp ejtp^ 

MetttiriiTiMftit^jT^t Jfpfllflrc Una 

Ventris lumWicos 3 jlo rmchl vermefy noc\uos> 

^eretbauctourfaptbe, t&atampnte tyuldenot 
be railed a mptue,eiccepte it baue mpgbt to feplle 
foodies in ti)t bealp and ( rotate batb 
agteatteftwmgefauout, and isrpgbte bptftr: 
andtljerfojeas foo;metoodde fcplletb too?mes, 
too botbe tl)t mpnte ♦ 30tiD t\)e teufe tbecof, as of 
foojro* toobbe muBe be d?onfce 9 nat cfte fub&ac& 

&u. 3!nD 

Aut.t. c3. 




3nD bp caufe it is ftotte anD D?pe, anD bournetbe 
tbebtouDjittsbnbolfomemtbe toa^cof meate 
in t&e regiment of tyltty . 23«r pet tn imDiune0, 
if IB bolfome, foj it comfotfetfje tbe ttomacfce, 
anD beatetb it 5 anD (ipntetbe pejcpng s $ Dtgettetb, 
anD p;obibitetbe bomtte flcmattcfee $ rangupnc, 
anD tb?ougb inflation fteretijeonetoboDplpluft, 
anD p?obtbttetb fppttpngeof blouD, it is tocrp 
bolfome agepnft tbe bptpnge of a niaDDe oogge, 
anD if pe crpmble nipnte in to mpifte, it fopil ne* 
uettoutneto mafceacbefe, as Mian faptl;/ 

Car woTitKr homo, c «i ftlma cufch in bono* 
Contr4 vim mcni; won f me<Iic«men in boni** 
Salu'u conforut neruos.mamm^ tTemorcm 
ToIIit/ r eius opr febr*i5 4cwr 4 fugiu 
Sg\u\* t c4ftortml*ucndtt\d, fremuU vtrls* 
Nafiur dthanafia ftnm parAinc* me unhid* 
Sakid fdkdtxix ndtwtd confilidtrix. 

©ere tbe atictour touebpng p?pncipaUp*Wt.tbm' 
ge&fbetoetb tbe greate bttitte of tage, af Upttge 
astbougbebe DoubteD: u>berfo?e man Dpetb^ 
tbat batb fage grotopnge in bis garDepne* 
i£e anftoeretb in tbe* iu fcerfe, tbat no meDpcpne 
gro topnge in tbe garDepne can toitbftanD Detbe, 
alltbougbetn tbe garDepne gro toe meDpcmes, 
tbatfeepetbeboDp fromputufactton, ^DefenDe 
tbat natural! bumtDite be nat Ipgbtlp confumeD 
atoap, astecbetb Sfuicen, fapeng, Cbe fcience 
of pbificftebotb not make a man unmojtall, no; 
it Doty not furelp DefenD our boDpes from oute* 



foarD tyuttefttl tbpngc* ,no? cafr not allure cticrp 
t man to Ipueto tbe lalte terme anD Dape of bis 
lpfe 5 butofat.tbpnge0it mafccttj b0 fate, tl;at 
r is from putrtfaction anD corruption: anD De fen* 
Detbtbat natural! mopfture be natlpgijtip Dpf- 
roltieD anD confumeD. deconMp, be puttetb* iti* 
effectes of Cage . Ctje ffrfte is, tbat fage comf o^ ^ 
tetb tbe fenotoes : f o? tt D;petbe tbe bumpDptc0 , £ rtSf , 
bp tobtcbe tbefenotues be let anD leufcD ♦ Cbe* it* 
ts, tbat it tabetic atoape tbe (bafcpnge of tbe 
banDe0:bpecafontbat tt comfo?tctl;e tbe feno* 
toc0, a0t6fapDc, notoealltbpngc tbat comfo^ 
tetb tbe fenotoes, temouetbe ttemblpnge* foj 
ttemblpnge cometbe of feblene0 of tbefenotoe0, 
5!nD tbetf o?e fome olD men anD foomen fpectailp 
put fage leaue0 in tbeir meate $ Djpnbe ♦ CbitD; 
Ip, £>agelettetb tbe ©arpeagueto aflaple b0, 
bp reafon tfyat tt Djpetbe burnouts, tt lettetbe 
tbemto pumfte, toberbpaftatpe feuermpgbte 
be engenD?eD . jfartbetnote, tbat faget0botte 
anD D?p, $ tberfo?e tt ts not berp bolfome alone 
tntoapeof meate* Yet bpcaufe fage comfo;tetb 
tl)t fenotoes greatelp, f olfee© in fteltfte Doo bfe it 
tnoclje, tt. manct of fcapes » tfpjfle tbep mafce 
fage topne:tobicbetbcpD;pnfeefpeciallpeat tbe *>* nu 
begpnnpnge of Dtnet o? topper ♦ CbiB topnete 
bolfcme fo; tbem (bat baue tbe palfep o? falling 
fpebne0> moDeratelp fafeen, anD after tt)e pur* 
gation of tbe acnDente mattet0 ♦ §>econblp tfjep 
bfe fage in fauces ;fo? it fterettjebpa man0ap* 

$M petpte. 


petite and (peciallp foban tbe ftomacfee is full of 
pi Rumours, ratoc and tinOtgefteD . Cfcere ts . tu 
fcpndes of fage ; £Dne t&at batbe greatte bjobe 
Rp»w*of feaaes, ainotber commonlp called noble fage, 
* <|e# fofcofe feaues be mo?e nacotoe and IcCTc : p^tfitt- 
ons call it s'tifagus . Cp?belp t&auctoue cefjer* 
fetb . tJt ♦ medicines good fo; t£c palCep ♦ jt is 
fapde tbat fage, cafto;pe,tl;at is a caftojs acmes, 
Xtauander,|&?imerofe, oa>atercre(Te, anD Can- 
ftp, cute and beale memoes enfect tor tf; palfep, 
o&bpfage dotb belpe tt be baue ©etoed, fo;tt 
comfotfetbtfjefenotoes, tobtcbe tbe palfep toea- 
feetl) . 3Hnd cite bpeaufe fage is botte and d?pe, it 
confumet&e the fleumatpfee matter ttjat remap- 
netb in tbe feno toes, tobcrof tbe palfep bjedctbe* 
3nd tbat caftojpts bolfomefojtljc palfep, ap- 
pmtl) bp tbat it is moofte comfortable, in bea- 
AuUi. tpnge and djpenge § fenofoes : tfo; Stfuicen fattb 
«,dc caft, tberof,tbatitisfubttler andfttonger tban anp 
otbec tbat beatetb $ d?te tl; ♦ Hud af tec l)e faptbe, 
tbatitcomfojtetlj and beatetb tlje fenotoes, tbe 
(tyafcpnge,tbe moptte crape, and benomcd mem= 
tyes caufed of die palfep. 3dnd eke be faitb • ft ere 
tB notbpnge better fo? bcntofitc in tbe eace, tban 
to take as mocbe as a peafe, and temper it Ml) 
cple of &>ppfec, and fo let it djoppe in to tbe care, 
Caftojte batbe manpe otber bertues , to^icbe 
tureen rebcrfetfc * Ctftomm is t^e ftones of a fea 
beafte called Cafto: * Cbe ople alfo of Cafto?p is 
a* fpeciallpgood fo; tt?e palfep,as Cattojpe, a£ 

Of HELTHE. $0 

tttftcfcop&pngeof tlje matter, fo? rtjanit con* 
lamett) tbe tf fiDtie of § mattiec tljat remapnetfc 
ana comfojtctb tftc fenotoes • £>f laucnDet appe* 
retfj. rffo?#eftoetefauoure thereof comfojtctbe 
the fenotoes, anMbe beat thereof Dotlj confume 
ty palfp mattier* 3nt> alfo of ftej^pmetofe efec 
appetettj:fo?t!jeftoetefauoiir anb tjeatetljetof 
comfojtettje tlje fenotoes ♦ Cbis flotoer ts caltefr 
FrtmuUuns, bpcaufeit istbe fp;(te Onetc flotocc 
tfcat fftpngetb inter* C&e.b.isatoatercreffe, 
f o; it is botte,0;pe>fubttle 5 mcifiue, $ refototiue: 
to&erbp it tafcetfc atoap tbe matticr of paifep* 
3nD3uieenraptk it eomfo?tetf) allmoiltficatto 
of tfce fenotoes, fo? it beatetb anD tyatoett) otite 
fleme. an&elenfetbtfee fenotoes from fleme, anb 
ptyfttianscounfaplefcsto eatetoater cceSes in 
lente, bpcaufe lentenmeateis fleumatifce. 
SCoater crefle is a comon berbe gto topng in eolD, places, toljeceas be manpc 
toel fp?pngcs ♦ Cfte. bi. is tanfep ♦ Cbe tiettue of 
this betbe is to purge fleme, anu t\jt beate ttjer= 
of bjpettjtbe fenotoes* 3Mfoitptirgetba manne 
from toojmis, anb from rtje matter toljerof tftep 
be engentyed-atob t&erf o?e frenc&e men tofe com= 
montp to frpe egges tbertoitlj in tbe Cfter toefee, 
to pourge atoape tbe fleme, engentyetr of fptye in 
tbelcnte, totjerof too?mcs ace foone engenD;e& 
tntftepmt^atbetberto Oifpofeb.^n tljeenbeof 
tljetejttetftauctourfapfp, t&atfageis calleD t^e 
fauer anb &eper of nature. 


Nobili; eft rutd 3 <jmu lum'm redditicuta, 
Auxilio me uir ^uippe v'idehis gcute. 
Rut* vim coltum mmult y muler'ihus iuget t 
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tofttcfteisfubtpleanbof tbe nature of tfte apec, 
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tfte ftoufe, cpbbetft atoap flees, anb as pfttftttons fcpiletft tftepm. Snb after Siupcen : toftan 
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Or HELTHE. gf 

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f lean ran nat abpDe § fauour of coletoojtes.noj 
leauesof £Heanocr. £$omefap, tljatnotbpnge 
is better to auopD fleac tfyau tljmges of ftronge 
fauouc: anD tberfo;eretoe,mpntes, bo?feinpn- 
tcs, anD boppes begooD, anD aboue all tbpn- 
ges bojfe Dtmcte, o; tilts \)o;k ftale is tbe cbtef e. 
m( o tbe Ijoufe fp^ncbeleD tottb tl;e Decoction of 
rapefeDe, bplletlje fleas. 3nD tbe parfumpnge 
oftbeboufetoitba bulles bojne, Djpuetbatoap 
flees. Yet to ta&e fleas, notbtnge Is better tbatt 
tolape blanfeetteson tf)c beDbe, fo^tijcctn tljcp 

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Contiuis cepls loca remittt ctf WWs, 
Sepc fjictns foteris cdfxtis repcrare iecorern* 

j^ere tbauctour fpeafeetb of opnpons,anD Decla= 
tetb- b. tbpnges, jfprfte touebpnge tbep? opera- 
cionpbitaions agree not* jfojfomefapetbep be 
gooD f o? f lemati&e follies, anD fome fap nap, as 
Halts, tobicbefaptbe, tbattbepengenDjefuper= 
f iuous anD f lematifee bumours in tbe aomacke. 
^econDlp dSalen faptb, tbep be rtgbte burtefull 
fojeoiertbe folfces, bpraufe, as HSupcen faptbe, 
opntons be botte in tbe tbp?De Degree, $ tbetfoje 
tjjep durte fcottc folfces, as colertfee be* Cb^Dlp 
opnpons bel;olfomefo? flcumatifcefolfces* f o? 

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tfjepbe&otte,perfpnge,fubtile, fcourpngc, anb 
openpnge, toberfoje tbep bpgefte, curte, mafee 
fubtile, anD toppe atoapefletnnatifceatiD clamp 
turnouts, grofoen in tbe fleumatiKc f olto. 
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fo; tbep botbe beate anb munbtfte it ftom f km? . 
3!nD tljetf ojc lutcen faptbe, tbat it, t bat ts eaten 
of tbeopm'on, tlnouqi}tl)Zlmtttl}cxof comfo;* 
tetbe a toeafce ftomafce* 3Jnb tbetfo?e tbep mabe 
a man lueUcoIo^eD* if it 10 impofftble fojone 
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f leumattfce, oj fplieb Mil) pli>ratoe,anb f letima= 
tifce bumourg., tbatopnpons CobDe 
anb ftampeb, rettoje beares agapne, tf tbe place 
fobereg blares bpbgrofoebe rubbeo tbertoitb* 
tobfc ts of troutbe, oooban tbe beate gotb afoap 
tb?ougb ftopppnge of tbe po?C0, anb corruption 
of tbe matter bnber tbeffepm jfo? tbe opnpong 
open t\)t poojes, anb refolue tbe pll mater bnber 
tbeftpimc, anoo;atoe goob matter to tbe fame 
AuJUan. place* Inb tfjccf o?e a0aiuicenfaptbe 5 oftetoub* 
«.deprc0 ty n g e tDttfi opnpon0t0 berpbolfome fo? baioe men* ooDberfojetbe tejetc conclubetbe, tbattbt0 
decurati* rubbpnge tuitbopnpons p?eparetbe tbe beaut? 
one a io f t ^ e |j' ea t, ; f 0? ^ares are tbe beatitp of § b*ab» 
JFartber mo?e 5 opnpons (lerc one to carnall toft, 
anb tbep p;ouofce tbe apetite, anb typnge colour 
in tbe face, aEfobanrtjepbempngleb tortbbonp, 
tbep biftrop toarte0>tbep engentye tbpjfo $ tbep 
&urtetbebnbee»anbmge 5 fo?t(>ep engenb?e aa 

.OF H EL THE. gt 

pllgrofleijumout, tftcp encreace fpptfelle, and 
ti;e ieufeof tljem is good fo;toatterpnge epes, 
anDDot&ecIanftet&efpgltfe, as^uicen faptbc, 
farther note, tl?at opnpons, Ijonp, and bpnegec 
fiampeD together, tsgooDfo? t^e bptpuge of a 
maDDcdogge* 3iuD tljerfoje fomeaDDe tfcefe.ti* 
fcecfes tmro t&e f ojfapde tetf e* 

Sppcfiras perfjibenf mcufus curare cantno?, 
«5i trttccttm mcllcpuuafucrmt eraccto. 

©ut of tfjis is fpofeenbefojeat All^w«x.«src, 

Et modicum granum } ficcum } calidumfyfinap'is. 
Vat UchriwdS, fur gat que caput , roIIir$ venerium* 

fcetertjeauetouc lecprpnge.tU&pnges fapt&e^jjjj' 
<ti)at muftatDe feDe, is a ipttel grapne, fo&pclje 
is tjotte anD D;pc, fcnto Degree, after 
3lutcem §>econDlp, l)t puttctl). tit. p?op;ctcs o: Am^n.n. 
effectes of muftarDefeDe.Clje fp?fte maftetlj de 
ones eies to toatet : fo; bp reafon tfjat it is fcerpe Smapu 
ftottf, tt mafcctlj fubtilc anD Icuferijc the i)ump- 
Dites of tije b;apne : to!;erof t&anne bp tijepj f lo- 
topnge to tlje etes, tlje teates cotne-CfjeUieffecte 
is,ttputgetl?e ttyebjapne, anDclenfet&e atoape 
the flematifee IjumpDptesof t^eljeaD. aiifoif tt 
be put in to fte uofetltfils, it putgetlj § IjeaD, bp 
reafon t!?at it piouofcettj one to npfe* 3nDtljec* 
fo;ettts put into t&ep? nofet^plles that tjaue 
tfje apoplene, f o; tlje nefpnge purgetlj § b?apue. 
anD ipfee topfe tnuftacde fede, bp reafon tfeat t)tt 
is fcottc, Dotij Dtlfolue anD ieufe fuc&e f lemes as 
Ooppe t\)t cundttes of tbe b?apne : of toinctye fo- 
lotoetfc apopletfe: anD tijus tt apperetlje, tfjat 

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muffatfte fcocts a great leufer, confttmer, ano 
clenfec of f IcumatiUe bumiDtties* Cbe,m.effecte 
Aui.ioco g g> ittontbftanDet&popfon: JFojaiupcenfaptbe, 
prc * * tbat fcenomous too^mee can nat abpDe § fmofee 

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Purpurcdtn d'icunt v'xolm curue ctducos* 

tcfrt p?o i^ere tfje a ucto; rccttctb. tit* pjop;etes o? eftectis 
p^eje* of f fctolette0. fpjft, tnolette© Delap Djonfccnnts, 
noMiee. ^ rearon tj)at bioitttes baue a temperate ffoete 
fauour, tobtc'oe gteatelp comfojtetb tf;e b;apne* 
jfo;a ftconge bjapne is nat Ipgbtelp ouercome 
toitljDamfce, but a foefce 10 ♦ Moo btolettes be 
coloe, toberfoje $ep cole t&e tyapne, ano fo ma- 
fcetb it Enable (orecepue anpfume. Cbe.ti, 10, 
fctolette0 flatten § beafcacbe, atmgrcfe tbat is 
caufeDofbeate, asStitccti, iMis ilmam ano 
^efue Tap: fo? bp reafon tbat totolettes be col&e 5 
tbep imtfyftanbe tjotte caufes* d)e.itt40, fciolet= 
te0belpetbem tbatbatte tbefallpngc fpcbene0. 
Cbougbefome fapetl?U0, pet tbis effccteis nat 
commonlp afcribeD fcnto btolette0*atoD tiietfo^e 
iftpolette0baue tbts pjopjcte, it 10 but bp tea= 
fon of djep; ftoete find, f comfotfetb tlje bjapne: 
toljicbc flrengtljeD, ts nat ljurte bp (mall grefes: 
anDconfequentlp falletb nat into Epi/e»ce (loftp- 
cbete calleD tbe Ipttell Apopkxif) cljauncpnge bp 
ftopppnge of tbe fenftble fenotoe0> 

Egris ^t/bmnKm^vomitKW ^ho<j ; tollit v/Itm. 
Compe/cit tuftm vetexcm } co\ic\fy mtieM, 


Pr Hit pulmonis fagus^ventrify tumorem, 
Omnibus et mortis fubucniet truculorum* 

$ete tbe auctouc tecitetfj, tmu p?op?etes of nek 
epls* jfpjfte nettpls caufe a fpcfce boDp to llepe. 

it is fubtihattue, aaDcattctl) anDfcoutetbc 
fleme, anfcgtotte Rumours, t!)at greuc natute, 
anDlctteflepe- S>econDIpit Dotli atuap bompte, 
auD cuftome tljetof : bp reafon ti?at bompte anD 
patbjafepnge 10 caufeDof aclammpe Rumour, 
hjtytbtifyenetull cuttttl). CI;p?DeIp, rijenettell 
fo;Dotb ofDc couqIk : anD fpcciailp l)onp,U)l)ecm 
mud feDe is tempered, f 0? tljc ncttcl auopDctfte 
damp flcmeouteof tbcb:efte, as iHafis faptljc* 
3HnD^utccnfaptl)e, tljattljenettdle, toljanit tSAufcen.if. 
tyonfee tottlj toatet tf^at batlep is fobDe in, Dot&e ca.cap. dr 
nulfcifietbetyeatte, anotofjantfjeleaues tfjerof vrtica ^ 
is foDDc in barlptoater, tf?ep&?atoe outegtoflfc 
Rumours, tfyat ate in tf}e bjeafte, but the feoe 
tfcetofis fttonget* foutt^elpit tsfjolfome foj 
$em tfjat baue tl)t colpcbe. jfo? a nettci is a ctifc= 
tet 9 a fubtilet, atefoluct, anD a fcouter of i le= 
maufcefcumt&ite, ojgcoffefcentofitp, toi)id)een 
getye tlje coltfee* Cbe colifee is a pepnf till gtefa 
maguite callea Colo« 3 ast&e gtcnous Dpfeafe 
Hwcrf, is namc&of ttje gutte Mon* JFpftefp, the 
nettdl tmtb &ts fjeate typuetfje colbe oute of tlje 
Ipgbtes. feptflp, annmdlaftoaget^ ftodlpng 
of tijebealpe: fo; tt refoluefye topnfce: fc>l;etof 
rooftpatttftodlpnge ofrtjebcaip comet!;. 
Clj e* W*. effircte is ? § ncttell fjdpety rije Difcafes 

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in t\)t lopntes, as tbe gmtte. Cbts is of troutbe 
foljantt comctbtbaougbe mataertbatis eolDe, 
flcumatifee, anD groffe ; bp reafou tljat uettelles 
beate, ctttte, anD matte rub tile fucbe matticr. 
3nD befpDes tyefe effectis, after Sltucen, tbe net* 
tell fleret^ onetocarnalliufte, ant)p?op;elptbf 
feDetberof Djonttctmtbtopne, opcnetbetbeclo- 
fpngeof tbematrice, anDinleufpnge Djatoetbc 
out flam anD rafoe bumours, bp bis fceetue ab* 
ftcrftue, anD nat eefolutiue ; pet telle tafepnge of 
tbe nettell o? tbe fcDc, burte c^c tb?ore, it is gooD 
to D?pnfee after it, a Ipttell opie Eofate, S nettell 
is botte in tbe begpnnpnge of tl)c* i\u Degree, anD D?pein tbe feconDe, after 3upeen* 

c3.cap.<U| H-jf opM5 f/1 herb* purges a pectore flegwii* 
vruc». p H l mon ij pK$ cum melle co<jK4tHr bi/opKi. 

V«Itit«5 eximiMm fcrtMr repdrtre colore m. 

©fpfope. ^eretbeauctoqrreeitpngtbeeffecteBof 3ffope, 
faptbe, it purgetbe tbe bjeafte of fleme: bp rea* 
fou tbat 3 fop e is an berbe botte $ D?pe in tbe.iii* 
Degree, it is a great topper a leufer,anD confumer 
of flcumaticfee bumpDite : anD batbe a fpn^uler 
refpecte ontbe partes of tbebjefte: anD tbere* 
fo;e pfope moofle p;op?elp is fapDe to pourgetbe 
bjeafte of fleme, JfeeconDelpe, it is alfogooD to 
purge tbe Ipgbtes from fleme, f o? tbe fame caufe 
anD p;op?elp if it be foDDe tmtb bonp:fo?bonp is 
afcouier: anD tbe pfopcsfcourpnge is augment 
« U dc C ht tebljjitbtbeboDies^ tfEbefame toplktb SGupcen, 
fopo. ' fapeuge ; Jfope comfotfeti) tty b?eaft $ Ipgbtes, 


OF HELTHBi fc4- 

Dtfcareb tmtb tf?ecoug!ieattD tific&cof olbecott- 
tmuance, auo tpUc luifcDotl) the Decoctio tbetof 
maDelwtbbonp ano fpgges* CbP?Dclpc,pfope 
maftetb one toell colo?eD m tbe face* f oj SSupcen 
faitb 5 tbat tfje Djinfce tijerof caufetb gooD colour. 
30nD befpDes tbefe effectes , jflfope auopDettye 
fleme anD too;mes, a0 Htipccn faptbe* aino after 
f&latcartus,pfop c Foddc in tunic c! cnfctl; t!je ma= 
trice from all fupcrf Imccs. 

Appofitum cancrls tritum cum melle meietur, 
Cum vino potum potent fedtre More m. 
Sepe folet vom'itum ventrem^ folutum^ 

Cbts terte Declaretft tb?e operations of c&erfplL of 6 fL 
jfpjfte cberfplleftampeD toitb bonp, anD lapDe 1 
platfter fopfe to a canker, bealetb it. Cbus raitb 
}3latcanu6 in the chapter tbetof. % canker is a a * 
tnelancolpe tmpoQumc, tbat eatetbe tbe partes 
of tfjc boDp 3 as toell f leO)pe as fenotop. 3!nD it is 
ealleD a cafcer,bicaufe it gotb fo?tb like a ccabbe. effect is, if eberfplbeDjonfeenfoitb toine, 
ttbealetljtbeacfjeoftbebealp* jfo? it afFtoagetb 
inflation tbat is caufeD of groffe bentofptpe, 
tubcrof tbe aclje cometb,anD leufetb bentofpte of 
tbe fiomafceanDall otber guttes, anD opened 
ftoppinge, anD tbertmto tfte topne belpetb* 
CbP^Delp cfjerfpll ceffetb fcometpnge, anD tbe 
laffee: anD bp reafon tbat it is fjotte in tbe tbitDe 
Degree, anD D?p in tbe feconDe, bitDigeftetl? anD 
Dzpetb tbat mattier, fobecof bornpte comwed?* 
3nD twists berpe troupe, toljan bomttt ojtbc 



laffeecome of coloe fleumatifce matter. 3fnDbe* 
fiDes tbefe cffcctcs, bitp;ouoftetb brine anD tbe 
menftcuolpue, anD affoagetbe acbe of tbe fpDes 
artD rapneg, anD fpecpallpe taken toitb S^cllp* 

EjtuU ctfmpiH* reJtlit pre cori'n fum. 
Cum fucco r«tf,/i /mcchs fum'itur hum. 
Affirmat rwpw nil rjjf /iM™* i/to. 

«ffe bocR l^ctc tbauctour Declannge tiuo effected of enula 
fcasteonrf campana, faptb. tt comfo;tctb § baeteftcpnge0, 
|rff ° tW i** ft* bjpmme of tbe ftomacfce, tobtcbe is 
p?opedp calico tt?e batte ft tpnges, oj dies tmall 
iwmb?e0> tbat t$ tbe topnDpemembje0, totytfyt 
be nete tbe batte, anD fpeciallp tbe batte coote* 
Cbat it comfo;tetbtbeb?pmof tbeftomafee ap- 
petetb, in tbat tbe ftoete fmellpng roore of enula 
cofo?tetbtbefenotop memoes. jfo?tbcb?pmme 
of tbe ftomactte is a fenotop numb;e* Cbat tt 
comfojtrtb topnbp membjffi apecctb : f o? topne 
mabe of enula, calleD vim<»t emUtum, clenfetb tb$ 
A . a bjeafte, anD lpgbte0,o? longest aiupcenfaptb. 
ctdeem 3lfo enula ftoalotoeD Doune toitb bonp,belpet!) 
u. a man to fppttc, and bit is one of tbofe t)ecbes, 
tbatretopce anDcomfojte tbe batte* Cbe.ti.ef; 
fectet0 9 Cbat tbe teufeof tbis bctbe, toitb tbe 
teufe of tetoe, is berp bolfome fo^ tbepm tbat be 
boutfle, anb tbat is fpmallp toban tbe button- 
nes cometlj bp bcntofitcrfo? tbefe ttoo teufes Dtf- 
foluctbat SlnDbefpbes tbefe effected enula t0 
gooD f oj a ftomafce fplleD tottb pi ft wmour0,anD 



It opened oprlattou£ of tbelpuer anD fplene,a$ 
ttafis faptb* 3lnD it coinfo?tct& all fjurtes, coioe 
grcfcs,anD motions of tmuorttes, anD inflate^tuccnfaptb* 

Cum u'wo cole um mgxm poMt< re pc I(ir» 

Sic Jicum wetfTem /«bt«m c«r*rf po<kgr<im. 
I^cte tt)e auctouc rebctfpnge t too effectes of bpll 
foo?tefaptb, t&atp?pncipailp tbe foatec tbercef 
tafcen tmtb topne pourgetb blacfee coier* £>econ= fo? «f*r. 
Dclpe 3 l>pUtoo?tebeaIetb an olDegoute ♦ ifojtbe 
p;op;ercof tl)is berbe 10 to melte anD Dpflblue 
Seine, tofterof toerpe often, t&e goute is toonte to 
be engenD?eD ♦ SnD note, tftat after ^lateanus, 
bpll too:t e is botte anD D?pe in tbc tbpj&c Degree. 
iCfje fubftance tberof is fubttle, tbe bertue com- 
fortable, tfyotigbe tbeftoete fmell, tbe fubttance 
tberof openetl;, anDtljc qualities Do D?afoe 5 tbe 
fp?pe fubftaunce 0? nature tljerof confumetij, bp 
burnpnge, anDD?penge* 

lllius fucco ernes retmere fluentes^ 
Alitus afferitur dent'ify curtre doloreffi. 
J.t faumts fuccus fanat cum melle perunftus. 

gere tbauctour retyerfpuge. tit* effectes of foater Met 
crcflts faptfotbep retepne peaces fallpng atoap, 
if tbet^eaDbe annopnteD toitbtlje tetofe tbcrof, 
O) elles if tbe ietofe oj teater ttjerof be Djonfce. 
Ctjis effecte %uptm toucijetl) , fapenge : C&e Au k» cS - 
Djpnfcpnge 0? annopntpnge foitb foateccreffes "^0"^ 
eetemetlj tyeares faUpnge atoape . Cbe* ii. effecte 
is, foatercreffes Doty cure totlje atye, fpe ftallp if 

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fte adje come bp coIDe, f oj it petal b, refoltietfc 
anD fjeatctb* ag appetetbc at moumr hem. 
Cbp;Delp 5 tbeteufe of foarrer ctelfe taken toptb 
i?onp, 0; Replace annopnteD tbcrtottb, Dotba* 
toape flkales tbat clcuc to ones fkpnuabp reafott 
tbat fucbe f fealeg be engetiDjcD of faltc fleutne, 
raateccceffe, as 10 fapDe,putgetb all fleme : tbec* 
fb^e if it be Djounfee>tt reftftetbe tbe eaufe of f fca* 
U0 : anD bonp,U>btebe (s a cf enfer,beipetb mocljc 
tbetto ♦ 23efpDe0 tbefe cffecte0,toater creflte Dm 
top tije corruption of tbe bealpe, anD clenfetb tf)e 
!pgbtes>ftbeaietbetbettomacheanD ipuec, anD 
usbolfomeagepnfte tbegroffenegof tbefplene. 
namelp tobanaplapQetts mafceof tbatanb of 
&onp,tt canfetbe one to cade bp cofer, it augp 
tuentetbe carnall lufte,anD bp DOToiupnge auop- 
Detb out too;me0 anD p;ouofcert) mcftruofuc, a0 

Cecatis full'is^c \um\ne mux hyxun&'o* 
?\\n\HS ut fcxliit, ^ummfunt eruta xei&t. 

©ere tbe auctoucfaptb, tobaupongeftoalotoe0 
€>f cefetks be blpnDe, tbe Damme bjpngetbe CelenDpne,anD 
***** toubbctty tym epe0, ant) mafceti; tftepm to fee : 
tobecbp tbauctouc 0?etoetb, it 10 boifome fo? tbe 
fpgbt* tbt0 apperetb to be true: f 0? comonlp 
tt 10 put m meDttf ncs agepnft f eblmz of fpgbt* 
CelenDpue batb teufe, anD is foell fenotoen . 3toD 
tobp ftoalotoe0 fcnotoett better tban ofbec bp?' 
De0 map be, bicaufet&etrpongebeoftenecbltnD, 
. Itoaiofoe0 Donge ml) raa&e tym blpnDe, anD fo 


tlje Damme Dongetbe fometpme in the conges 
eies.anD mafeerij tbem blpnDe ♦ 3tnD after folate* 
arp, celenDpne is feotte anD D;p in tbe« tit. Degree* 
3inD tbe quaiitcs anD fttbfianre tljerof barb hcu 
tut to DtfToIue, confttme, * D;atoe. 3fnD tbe rotes 
tljetof ftampcDanD feDDe iatopne, are gooDto 
purge t\)t !)caD, anD toamans pjfufte frombjos 
feettmopfte Rumours, if tfce pactent reccpuetlje 
fmofcc tberof at tbe tnoutbe, anD after gacgpCe 
fopnetn tbetbjote* 

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to be uo;ne tottb swat pepne* 

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Memvrafy defeat conforut qui repaundo. 

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f r *»* mans boop, in glaDDpnge it ♦ Kind fopttetf) toll, 
tbat faffton fcatbe facbe a pjopjete, anD if one 
tafee mo?e t&etof t&an &e ougbte, it topll feplle 
bpm in retoifmge o? laugtypng ♦ aitticen fapt$, t 
Aui. to tafee a D?amme and a balfe, topil fcpil one ui 
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tpue membzeB, anD p?pncipallpc t^e 6arte . 
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tbe Ipuer, f o? it topil not fuffte tf)e Ipuet to be Dif= 
(bluet). Yet to Wit ouer mecfje, tnDncetbepat* 
tyafepnge, anDinatrettyet&e appetpte. flDf tty0 
3utcen foatnet&ta fapenge: It caufetye pat- 
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10 comrarpeto fteffiarpenes in ttje ftomacfee, 
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p?ete0, faffton mafeetb onetoflepe, anD oulletlj 
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one to bjetbe toell, it Ceretft to catnali ittde, anD 

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faptb ,$ of te eatpnge of lefces mafcetfc ponge too* 
m frutefuli,bp ceafon,a0 Mitmt&% lefce0 Di= 


Of H E I T H !♦ t y 

late tlje mafric e, anD taftctb afoap tljc liar Dene* 
tbcrof; toljir^elettetljtlje conception* feecotiDIp. . \. 
lefees ftpnte bleopnge at £ nofe, as 3utcen faptlj* ^Top"' 
31£anp otbeceffectcs of icfeesacretysfeDat Ab dc poiroi 

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Vtile preMeniet mor«m febrify rigorem. 

$ere tl?e auctour Declarpnge manp commoDttes 
of pepper, rapetf),that blacfce pepper tb?ougb tbe P cppe * ' 
fjeate anD D:rncg tberof , leufetl; qutcMp : fo? it 
isbotre anDDjpe in t^ctbr?De Degree- JfccconD^ 
Ip it purgetb flrme: fo; tt D;atoet!j Seme frome 
tbe inner parte of tl;eboDp 3 anD confumetb it * 
ftplse fopfe it auopDetb fleme out, t^at cleuetb in 
tljetyeaft anDflomacfce, fjeatpnge, fubtplpnge, 
anD Diflfolupngett. Cljpjbclp, it fcelpetbe Dige* 
8ion*3fnD %\x\tm faptye, tbat pepper Digeftety Au.ii.can. 
anDcaufetfjeappetpte, anDfpeciallp longepep^ f ,pi * 
per, to^tc^e is mo?e bolfome to Digeftc rafoe bti- p # 
tnourstbacpt&ecfoljtteo; b!acfee,as<15aLfaptb, 
fe>eeonDlp,be Declaretb*fc*fcolfome tinges; of r< g .fanit* 
tofctte pepper ♦tfpjCte, to&tte pepper com fotfetfee 
t&e flomacfee:tf o; <5alen faftlMbat it comf o?tctf> 
mo;etijan t!?e otljec ttoc.ainD 30apcen faptfre, auUocq 
$at fcbpte pepper is mo;e boifome fo? tbe ftp* preau 
maclie ) anDino;e beljementelp, Dotbe comfo^e* 
Clje.n* is, pepper is fpenallp Ijoifome fo; tfje 
cougl;, t!jat cornet^ of coiDe fleumatifce mattter, 

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tuaucs, it i0 bolfome To; t^e cougbe, anbacbes 
of t^eb?eaft ♦ CtjitDI^^pte peppecte tjoifome 
fojacbe, anbtyattstotoptteof tbebjeaflte, anb 
ttntouc0papne,ai«Dfo;tl3aUlpcppects gooo, 
f o? al pepper a DpthftftCftet 9 a boiber of totob. 
3inD 3Puicen fapt^, tfoattobite pepper anb longc 
Stf^nff- * g ftdforo* fctf P^ckpnsc ac&e of f Ije bealp, if it 
t$fmt, be bjonfee toitb bonp ano f re#e bap* leaner 
ourtblp, pepper uritbttanbetb tbe cau fes of a 
tolbe feuer, f 0; it blgettetb aub beatetb tbe mat* 
tier* jfpftelp, pepper 10 bolfomefo? afibalspnge 
feuer, bpreafontbattijeljeateof £ pepper com* 
fotfetljtfterenofoes, aitD coufumetb ttjc matter 
fpjebontbetn, anb&uicenfapt&e, ttt rubbpnge 
it is mabe an opntctnente, mtl) fuiguenoim, 
ftoIfomeagepnCeftafepnge ; Cbefe*b»pjop^ 
fes areafcrmeb to tbeotber fcpnbesof, 
as Mukm faitb ♦ 3nb befpbes tbefe effectis, peg 
fteatetb tljtrenotoes anb b?aunes of wans bobj% 
itmtmbiftetb tyelpgfctes, anb a Ipttell pjouo- 
feetbtbetmne, btit mocbe leufctbtbe bealp, a* 
fapt^e 3utcetuCberebe*itt*fo?tcs of pepper, 
tobpte pepper, calleD Lwopiper, longe pepper 
jrallebwoaopiper, anb blacfee pepper calleb meUn- 
copiprr, l^tt is ealleb tobitc pepper, tbatisberpe 
erene a»D mpptte : anb toban it is a Ipttell bjpeb 
ant* nat perfectelp ripMt 10 calleb longe pepper* 
$ut Ratine it is perfectelp rppe* tcff fallen 




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Ifta granite folm iuditus c brie tifo* 

jteece fit auctour recitertMii.tbpnges ftat greue ifeur^ 
tbeberpnge, fcbefptfe is immeDpate ttepeaf; 
ter meate, auD t^at is if one eaters fplle* ffpj * 
tbe immeDiate Oepstopllnotfuffre ft* meate to 
Drgefte, anD of meatc tmDigefteD are m$t\W* 
aroffe fcnDpgcfteD fumes , tobicbe tot* wn 
arotfenes ftoppe tbecunDptes of fcerpnge: anD 
tbcp engroffe anD troubletbefppjites of feeing* 
C^i^iS,tomoc^e moupnge after meate :fo? 
tljatalfo iettetl? DtgettiomanD tbe Due tyuttpnge 
of tbe ttomaefces moutb : bp reafon tbat tban tbe 
flomacfeesmowbe clofetb not To cafelp,asbpa 
iitteitoalfemge, ft^erbptbe meate DifcenDetb to 
tbe bottom of t&e ttomacfee* f 0; toban$e fto* 
matte to not fljutte, manp fumes afcenoe to ttje ; 
Ijeat), tbat gceue fye fcerpnge > Cbe tbp?D« ts 
D?onfecnnes, foberof manp fumes and bapours 
areengenD?eD,fofjici)e afcenDetotbe fceaD, anD 
o&an cf betpngcanD ttoubletb tbe fp?pte tber* 
of, anbgteuetbtbetyrpnge- 3nD Djonfcennes 
Dotbnotcnelp burte tlje fjetpnge, but alio tbe 
fpc^te, ano all tbe fences, fo? tbe fame caufe as Auk 4 ?< 
is before fapDe . Cberebe tft;e t^pnges, as aiuu cap , 2 . dc 
cen faprfee, t^atftutte tftecace anD otijet fenfcs, «>* 
iottymge, repletion, anD flepe after lepletpon*™*™"* 
ahDfomc ttttt ^atbtbtstjerfe : B^Jol vo- 
mm <ff«t rrf Wq cUmr, wtyd)* tinges greite 

THE R E 9 IME N f 

t\)t berpnge,but fpeciallp greate nopfe* Jf o? %\xU 
cen faptbe, tf toe toplle bere toell anD naturallpe, 
toemufteefcbetoctbe fon, laborious bapnpngtf, 
bompte 3 greate nop(e,anD repletion* 

Metus i longtfmes > uomim,fercup'\o i ctfus, 
thr'ietasfi'igusjmriitum caufat in mt* 

l£ere tbe auctoue recptetbe feuen tbpnges, tobi* 
cl)c cattfe a bumpnge aub a n opfe in ones eate- 
Cb* fp#e is, feare, and after fome, mocpon* 
Cbecaufeis, foj in feare tbttypwteB ano b« s 
mouts etcpemtoatDetotoatDpbatte foDapnlp, 
bptobtcbc motion bentofttteis Ipgbtlpe engen- 
D;eD, tobtcbe entrpnge totbe ojganof tbe bea~ 
cpnge,caufetbtmgingeanD rpngpngin §eare* 
J3p co?po;all moupnge alfo bumours ano fptrp^ 
ted are moueb, of tobtcbe motion bentofttte is 
Ipgbtlpe tngenD?eD, tobpcbe commpnge to tbe 
earescaufetbrpngpnge ♦ f ojtpngpngeiscau* 
Tea tbjougb fome moupng of tbe bapour o; ben* 
tofite about tbo?ganof tbe betpnge, moupnge 
tbenaturallap^eof tbofe pppeso? ojgans con* 
trarp to tbep? courfe,Cbe feconbe tbing is great 
Auic+.j. bunger, 3duicen ©etoetbe tbe reafon fapenge: 
9 - tbat tbts tbpnge cbauncetb tb?ougbe burnouts 
fp?e&DeanD reftpnge in mans bobpe ♦ f o; toban 
nature fpnfcetbe meate, Q)t ts eonuerteD bnto 
tbem>$ tbat refoluetb 9 mouetb tbem . Cb* tbitD 
is bometpngc : f 0? m bometpftge, tobpcbe is a 
laborious motion, burnouts arefpeciallpe mo- 
ueb to tbe fceab ♦ Jn token to&erof toe fee t&e etes 


and face come rcD&e, anotijefpgfjtcljuttc, 3Hnd 
ttjus alfo bp toometpnge, toap outs and betuofe 
ccsarefooue moueDtotfce o?gauof tfcetjcrpng* 
CijcfourrO is beatpnge aboutetljetjcaD, fpcct= 
all? ttjc care* f o? t^ecbp cljauncety bebemeut 
mottonof tbenatucallaper, bepngem tbo?gan 
of tUc ijerpngc, if o; totjan anp membje is Ijutte, 
nature fmmebiatelp fenbetfc tbecto hipttDe ano 
biuD, \D\)icl)t\vobt tfjnnftcumcntcs of nature, 
bp tobiebe tf?an, motion is caufcD in tlje eare. 
C(je.tMS fallpnge, fpeciallp on tl;c bead, f o; tfye 
fame caufe tfjat 10 OjctoeD of beatpnge, 3n& of a 
fallc, to^at euer it be, a moupng of tfje Rumours 
is earned in tyeboDp. CijefPtteis djonfcennes* 
#o?D;onHcnesfpnct^cJ;caD totty fumes and 
bapouts, to&icljeappjoebpngc tot&e ojgan of 
tl)e fcerpnge, troublet&eit, andmabefy anopfe 
Intljecace* Cfjc.tnMscoloc: foj bp great colde 
t!?eo;ganof t&efcerpngc 10 fcbled* toberfoje of 
a fma! caufe bp coloe, rpngpng in tlje eare c^an- 
cetli, f 0; great colDe caufctb tocntofites.and tin- 
gpnge in tbe ea res ctyranfttb not onelp bp t&efe „ 
eaufes, but alfo bp manpe otter, as of bentofpte 
cngctidjedtntfjebead, anb tljerinmoued, ojels 
bp foune of matter and co:rup^jnengenD;eDin 
Ifye eare, 0; dies bp motions of fcentofptes, ci;a- 
fpnge ofte tpmcs in tfje opeupnge of tlje eare, as 
t&cp t^at !?aue an ague: 0; bp dje g!*atte re* 
pletion oftlje bodpe, and mooftc fpeciallp of tbe 
tjead, 0,2 bp fome clammp matter rcfolued in to a 

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Ipttellbentofpte: o?bp mebpcpne0, foftofe p?o* 
p^etcts to retapne Rumours auD bent ofptpes in 
tbe pat tpc0 of tbetyapne, as faptb aiupcen, 

Porri, c«W cepis, Unsfotusjahafynapis, 
Ijl<t wocf nt oculisftd vigilare mtgis. 

$ere tbe auctout reberletb* w*. tbpnge0 burtc* 
Sei E full to tbe epe0* Cbe fp#e 10 bapnpnge.tobe* 
fuff to $e tber tt be mopfte 0? type, calleb botte boufc0. 

jfo? bapnpnge grcatelp beatetb tbe epe0 s and fa 
buctetbetbepj completion, fo;tbeepe0benattt- 
rallp colbeof tbe nature of toatec. §>econt>elp, 
bapnpnge tyietb anb refoluetb tbe fubtile bumfc 
Dtte0 of tbe eie0, toitb tobtcbe tbe fpgbtp fptrite* 
tbatarefperp, Omlbebe rcfrefOjeD $ tempered* 
Cbi0 batb made manp one blpubin ailmapne, 
fobere a0 tbep bfc manp bapnes, 3 botte boufe0* 
ftpfce a0 in $olanDe are mo?e lep?es tban in anp 
- otber countre fo? faute of good gouernaunce. 
Cbe*ii-i0topne, tmmoDeratelptahen:foj tbat 
febletbe tbe eie0 $ fpgbt : bp reafon tbat it fplletft 
tbe bead foitb fumes and kapour0, tobtcbebull 
all tbe top tte0.Cbc tbp#e is oner mocbe ca mail 
copulation, tobzcbe all pbpfptian0 fape, febletbe 
mocbe tbe fpgbt* 3ind airittotelnotetb tbecaufe: 
crobtma fo?bp carnall copulation, tbat tbat i0beboue* 
p full fo? tbe eie0,i0 tafcen afoape. Cbere mufte be 
in tbe ete0 mopfte toatterptye fubtplptpe, tobicbe 
f ojtif ietlj tye brfible fpirite0 4*} t&e ete i0 nam- 



tally mopffe* afna t!?crfo;e airiftof ell fapfye, tfjc Arift .,nf?. 
ctesbeoft&e nature of djefoatcc* Euttoijanfu&icfa* 
natural mopllurcs arcD?au>enanD bopDeb out, ">;^r m d « 
el;e boDp toajxrt) *W> anD toit&ecct&e atoape : tlje g<™ m 
epes lofe tljep? p?op?e nature, tobpctje tljep te= 
repneanD fcepebptjumiDite: anDnottottljouta 
caufe:fo?bpfierpfpime0, to&icbeacetn mocfje 
rooupnge, tljerpgtjte 
that it lucre fuccouceD tottfjmopfture, «€inis it 
apperetbplapnelp, tijatcarnall copulation, bp 
&?afopnge atoape tt)e mopttnes, D?pet&ebp tftc 
fuperpour partes of man, toljerbp tbe qupcfce 
fpgf)teisjjurte. C&, anDfpectallp 
ttjefoutije topnoe* #o?I&ippocratesfaptbc: tfteH/ PP o. a* 
foutbefopnDe tsmpttpe, anDDuffcetlj t&eepes: phoripiio 
fo?tbattopime fpIlctMe ^eaD to(tft^umimte0,^ftnni f 
totjicl* Duile tf)t topttes , anD Darke tl)e fpgbte* 
Clje*tMS pepper, tofjtclje tfciougtjegC&arpnes 
tljerof, engenD?etl)e fumes tljat bpte tfyc epes* 
C&e* t>i. is garlpfce, tol)tc& alfo Ijuctetb tyt epe* 
t^oug^e (Tiarpenes anD tmpo?oftte ti)erof,as is 
f apD at a \\a mx rut a. &c cbc»Mi«t0 ftnofee, tolrf- 
t\)t gutter!) ttjeetes, t^ougfte tbemojtoicatioti 
anDD?penge tfcetof.Cl^&uuslefees: Jfo? bp 
eatpnge of tljem, groffe melancolpe fumes are 
engenDjeD: tel)erbptbe fpg&teisffiaDotoeD, as 
is before fapDe at a Hm mx m*. &c- C ft etjus op* 
tipons, tf)e eatpnge of tutycfte fcutfetfce tljeepes, 
tfctougfje ttjepj ftatpenes* Cbe.jc*ts t&e 
mocbe eafpngefc&erof, asaiupcenfaptlje, Dtp 
7 bti feet&e 


feeft fte fygfot , tfcougfte ft e befjement Djpenge 
fterof* Cbc^rus to mofte toeppnge: tobift* 
toeaheftgeies, fo; it caufeft Debtltte tetentpuc 
of fte eics, Cbe.tfUs beanes, fte bfc toberof 
engenb;efta gcoflemelancolpfume, oarfcpnge 
ft c btfibie fptrites, as lefces Do* 3nD fterfo;e fte 
eatpngeof beanes tnDufcft D?eDefuIl o?eameg* muftarDe, ftebfe toberof feeblefte 
ftefpgbte ft;ougbebis tartcncs* C&e«jcim.i* 
to lobe agamfte ftc fonne: anbftatis ft;ougb 
fte tenement fplenDouc anD b;pgbccncs ftee* 
of:foberbp ftefpgbt isbiftropeo, asappereft 
bp;ejcperience« f ojfte bebemet fenfiblenes of a 
ftpnge, natp?opo;tioneD to mans fenfe, as fte 
fonne beames, cojeuptc mans fenfe* Cbc jcb* is 
to mofte carnall copulation, auDfpcciallp after 
great febpnge oj repletion, o? after greatte bop* 
tipnge ojemptines, but ft is is aireopDedareD. 
Cbe.] fp?e, ftebebolDpnge toberof, cau* 
feftbebement D;pncs in £ ctes, anD Co burtefte 
ftefpgbte: anbebefte b?pgbtenesfterof buc- 
tetb fte eies. 3nD ft erf o;e toe fc commonlp, ftat 
fmpftes, anDfufteastoo;fce before ftefp^be 
rcDDe eteD anD feeble fpgbteb^ Cbejebius to 
great laboure, f o; ftat alfo D;peft bebementelp; 
Cbe^biif* isfmptpnge bpon fte eies, tobpebe 
burteft fte fpgbte, fo; it mafcefte ft epm bluDDt 
ftotte, 9 trouble A § btfible fpirtte 5 $ ofter tobtie 
engcnD;eft impoftumes. Cb^icuMs to mofte 
bfe of tarte ojOjarpe ftpnges, as fauces: ant> 



tW is tfeougbc tlje tectencs of fumes of tbepm 
(tigenD^eD* Cbcnr* is Dude, oj toalfcpngc in 
fcuftpe places :m tobiebfc Dude fleetbe Ipgbtelp 
tntotbeciee, anbbufftetbtbe fpgljtc* Cfye.jttf, 
anb abo tic ottjet burtefull to tlje etcs anb fpgbtc 
istomoctyetoatebe: jro;tomocljc luatcbetnDu 
cetbtomoclje bjpnesm tbecics. Hub generally 
all repletions burte tbc cies : anD all tbaf D;pctb 
lip nature: anb all tbat troubletb tbebloubbe, 
bp reafon of fal tencs o; fljarpenes. 311 b;onfecu* 
nesburtetbe tbe cies: ttJometpnge comfotfetbe 
tbefpgbte, in tbat it purgetb tbeftomafeeraub 
burtctb it, in tbat it mouetb anb tyimt) tbe mat 
tiers of tbebjapnc, to tlje cies. Htobtbetfoje pf 
it be ncbefulle to fpue, it mufte be bone after 
meate foitbout conftrainingc. Mo to moclj flcpe 
incontinent after meate, anb mocbe bloubbe let- 
tpnge, anbnamelptoitijbentofitcs,&urtet& tlje 
fpgbte,as 3lupcm raptije* a in jt 

fmcufos, vt The m , ro/i, ceWionitjutd* ca P 

Ex i/fa /Tr <qm 3 reddit acuta. 

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is berp bolfome fo? t&e fpgbte. Cb* fpjfte is jf e^ ^ e «p* 
nei, tobofe tupfe put in to tbe epe, (barpetbe tbe 
fpgbte, after iflafis.^cruepn, tober* 
of tbctoaterisof manppbifttions put in recep* 
tes bolfome agapnft f eMenes of fpgbte. Cbe.trt* 
is ffiofe teat er r toljtcbe ftotfye comfojte tbe Ipuelp 
fpictte anb fpgljte. Cbe. im-is CelenDtneifofjofe 
ieufe is citrine, itiscalUbCoWonu 3 t^ati0, gp* 

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tipngeceleftial gpftes, ^e4Msrtte:tijefoatee 
of t&ofe tfoo l;erbes is tyolfome f oj tfje ftgfjte, as 
p&ifitions commonlp fape. 

Sic dmes ferudtforrorum collide grant, 

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#<* fo^e tot &e aclje, fapf &e 5 3lpfees feDe anD $cnbane but 
ncD toget i}er,is gocD fo; tl?e totfce aclje* Cijep 
mull be mpniftreD on tfris topfe: ti;e ieufe of ^en- 
banc toitbtbe tefce fcDenrufte bebourneD toge* 
ttjer : anD tlje fmoke mufte be tecepueb tb?ouglje 
a fonell, on t^e fpfee (tat t&e acbc is* Cbe bettue 
KuiccnJi. oftijeipnbanc talietl) atuap tije feeipngeoftije 
loat P«pne.3fiD tfce bettue of tbe lefee feces fume fell- 
' letbe toojmcs. tofttctie otijer fobpie ipenge in ttie 
concauites of tbc tet^caufe intolletabie pepne, 

NKx.cIe uwjvgus capitis, angu\\\a<^ porn*, 
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Cljis teicte Declatetlje. Dt. caufes of Ijootfenes. 
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tnocfc: anDt&etfojetljep afpetatetijefcopce 9 ana 
roafce it Ipfee a cranes boice. Cije.ii. is opie, t^e 
fcfe fc&erof map engentye bonnes: f o? feme pat 
tis fterof cleue fade to tl?e pppe of tl?e Ipgljtes, 
raufpnge &o?fnes*&>econDIp 5 u mafeetb coletpfee 
f olfee boojfe, bp reafonf t tOem f oplc is Ipgbtip 
inflames, anDfo tfje inflammation caufetb eje- 
afpetattonano^oo^fenes: buttle fp;&e caufe 



femetb better* €be tbP#e 10 colDeof tbebeaD* 
^0? colDeof tbe bcaD Dotbe p?effe together tbe 
tyapne, foberbptbe burnouts DtfcenDetotoatoe 
tbe tbjote, anD tbe PPPe of tbe Ipgbtes : anD en* 
tmcetb boo?fene0 9 tb?ougb to mocbe mopftnes 
of tbe pppe.(€be f ourtbe 10 eatpnge of peles : f 0? 
tbe eatpnge of tbein'multioipetb ciammpfleme, 
tobtcb compnge to tbe ip<$te0, fticfce tberc ttpll, 
anD caufeboo;fene0* Cbc fpftet0 5 ouer mocbe 
Djpnftpnge, fpeeialip tofoacoe bcDDe. jfo? tban 
tbe bebemente toetpng of tbe pppeof tbe ligbtte 
Dotbe cbpeflp caurebo?fencsof tbebopce, a0all 
pbpfptpon© fape»Cbe fptfe is ratoe appuile0 5 fo? 
bp reafon tbat tbep be ratoe, tbep enereace fleine: 
anD if tbep be not rppe, but fyatpe anD fotoer, 
tbep mafee tbe tb?ote rougbe. 

If \una,u\gila,caleas dape^valde labou, 
Inft'tra calidum y mod'icum bibe ^om^nmeflatum* 
Hg c bene tu ferua puis depelleie retttna* 
Sifluat ad pectus d'icatttr reuma catams> 
Ad fauces branch us y ad nates eflo cori/<r. 

©ere tbauctor Declaretb feuen tbinges tbat cure ^ ^ 
tbereume. Cbefpzfteisabfttncucc frotnmeate,renme. 
o?faftpng, fojtberbptbe matter ts DtmimtbeD, 
f oj ab fttnece D;ietb, anD tbe mattiee is better rp* 
pco anD confumeD: if 0? toban nature fpnDetb no 
matter of foobe foberon 0)e map too?fce tdjt too;* 
fcetb bpon reumatifce matter anD confumetbe it: 
anD fo tbe beaD is lefTe fitleD tberfoitku>berfoje 
Mu?un fapty : tfjat a man banpnge t&e catmt 0; 


tbepofe, ffjoutoetafce bebetbatbefpUnot bpm 
feifetottbmeates. toatcbc, fojtoatcbe 
D;petb tbetyapite, ano tott&ftanbedje tbat t&e 
fcapouts afcenb not to tbe bcab* Cbe.tiws ftotte 
meates ano Djpnfees : foj tottb tbepj beate tbe 
coioetoater of tbe reume ts DpgeftcD* Cbc tfti* 
10 to labour mocbe:fo?tyerbp tbemattter tea- 
mattcketsconfumcD, bp ceafou tbat mocbe la^ 
bour Djpetb Hp tbe fuperfluities of tbe bobp. 
3nD tit ftebe of v<!<fr, fome testes baue vfjfc, ant) 
ebantbe (entente iz, tbattoarme garmentes 10 
bolfome f 0; tbe reume, fpectalip tojjan tt cometb 
bp colDe matter. CJje fpft is tnrppjpnge of bottc 
aper. ano fpeciallp if t\)t catarre p;o cebe of colbe 
mamer: fo;bp tyeatbpngeof foarme apet, tbe 
mattter is toatmeD ana rppeb. (€\)t tvm is to 
b;pnfce Iptel, anb to enbute tb ttft : f 0; tberbp tbe 
ceumatifce matter ts confumeo. f oj Ipttell ojpn* 
fcpnge fpiletb nat tbe beab, as mocbe D;pnft mge 
Dotb* Cbe* toIiolDconesbjeatb: fojtbat 
isfpenallpr gooD tit a catarce caufeo of acoloe 
tnattier: 23 p ceafou tbat tbts botopnge of tbe 
b;eatb,beatetb tbe partis of tbeb;eaft, anb Too 
tit colbe GeuinattUe matter, eaufpnge tbe catar, 
• ts better DtgeftcD.3utcenrebcrcingetbefetbin= 
gesfaptb. ftbebouetb tofcepetbebeabtoarme 
conttmtaHp. 3SnD alfo tt mud be feepte f rome tbe 
no;tbe topnbe, ano namelp after tbe foutbe. tfej 
tbetbutbetopn&e tepletetfjanb mafcetyrare. 
<We mnfytopnbe ronlirapnetlj, 3dlfoi;emu(!e 



l> jpnhe no coIDe toatet, no; titpt on t&e bap time* 
i£e mufte enDure t&p;fte, hunger, ano Umtcbe. 
as mocb* asftecan : fo; tbefe tbpnges in tyis 
fpefeenes are tbe bejjpnnpnge of beltbe « fartber 
mo;e ffiaftsbpDDetljebpm tbatbatfc the retime, Rafr.i,* 
Co be toate of Ipenge fcp o; bp ipenge bp= 
rpgbttbereumauUe matter fiotoetbto tljebrn- 
Der parties of man, tofcereasbe noo mamfette 
fifties, inberebptbe matter map bopDe oute* 
Cberfo;e it is to be feareD, lea it flofoe to t&e 
fmotoe0,anDcaufetbe crampeo; palfep ♦ 3hd 
Ipfte topfe be ougbt btterlp to fo;beare topne : fo; 
topnetsbapo;ous, anbmtbat tt is beep botte, 
ttDiflbluetbetbe matttee, and augmented tbe 
tcttme ♦ 3InD Ipke tmfe be mufte not ftanDe in tbe 
tonne o; bp t&e fp;e,fo; tfcefonne and fp;eleufe 
tbe matter, anD augmented tbe reume* J\n tbe 
lad ttoo becfes tbauctout puttetb Dpfiference be- 
ttoene tbefe tb;e names, atims t bunchus, $ corifi, 
anD tbe Dtfferece flanbet b in tbe matter flotomg 
to one parte 0; an otber of tbe bobpe . 90Oban tbe 
matter tonne tb to tbe b;eaft partpes, it is calleD 
cauvus, tobanttrunnetbbp tbenofe, it is calleD 
corlfd, toban tt tummb to tbe neifee, tt is calleD 
hnnchus . 35ut tbistoo?Deteume Dotbe note anD 
fpgnifpgenerallpallmanerof matter flotopnge 
from one tnemb;e to an otber. 

A urlplgme mm fulphur mifcere memento 4 
His iecet appon'i u\cem comm'ifce ftponu 
Qutwor hicmifce t conmixus qtauoi 

The regiment 
TifltiU cuutur, qtuterex his fireflutur, 

i^ete tbe auctout teberrpngeaeucable meDfctne 
f o? fje fo;f(je JFptf ule, faptbe; tbata plapftet maDcof 
rwc Awripi^wfuttmi, B?pmftoone, tobpte Ipme, and 
^op^mpng! eD to getter bealetb tbe f pftuie* 
f o; ttierc tbpnges baue bettue to D#e a»D mum 
Dif ie : tobtcbe intentions ate requtfite in pealing 
aftftule^lateartefaptb, AimpigmemKro isbotte 
anDD#e in tbe fourth Degree: ttDrtFoluetb ani> 
D;ateet^c6fumetft 5 anDmunDtfieff;.23?pmftonnc 
anft&ope asbefoptbe, ate botte anDDjpe, but 
typmftone is mo?c bebemcntJo?it is botte $ D?ie 
in tbe fourth Degte, but Tope is not aiutcen fatty 
tbat ipmefoafteD, D;petb tuitbout mo?Dication, 
anD mafcetb fteDDp* Cbe tfpftule is atounnpnge 
fo?e, tofjtcljeauopDetfje wattietmo?eo?ie(re, afr 
tertbeDtuetftte anD eotirfeof tbe moone* AurU 
figmmum t& tbattbat gratters fatten b;as anD 
metalles toitb to ft oones* 

Qfhbus ex ims his fentemfy noue ms. 
Conftat homo dents his demibus et duodenis. 
Ex tricentenis decies fex quinquefy venis. 

n $ete tbauctour nomb;etb tbe bones,teetbe, anD 
fvofZ iww* tn mans bodp ♦ fptftz be faptb, tbete be 
w* CCtfjC. bones i Yet after tbe Dortours of pbtftfee, 
as Hippocrates, d&alett, iftafts, 3uerops, anD 
3utcen,f bones in ma be* CCjClbiit* Mb tbougtj 
sr$e now* betin be balance, pet tbere ts a mapftet of pbp- 

ml f £^e tf)at fa ^^> dttcenu f u ^ «*$ <p*te r duodena, 

SeconDip tftauctom; faptfc t&at a man moofte 



contmonlp ffjulbc fcaue * mfa tctljt . &ut pet it 
cbancedMbatfonielacfce* uit* of tbelafte tetfje, 
tububebe be&pnbetbem t&attoe call tlje grpn* 
fcctsranD tljefe liauc but ♦ ]Cjctiui« tctftc ♦ £*omc 
lacfeetJjcfeaitt* lafte tetbe m cljptoe ftoobe onelp, 
feme otbet lacfce tljem rpl tl;ep be b ctp olbe, anD 
fom e all tbep? Ipf e* © ere ts to be noted , tbat after 
aiuicen , tbe- tu f oitnoftc tetbe be eallcD fata 5 and 
ttoooncptberfpoeof tbcfetfoapne, ate calledde 
auiirufii ♦ Cbete beau in tfce bppet <atoe,andau JuUdoe, 
tntbenerbec:alttjefetert|e beo?depncdto cmte 3 v ^ 
and tbetfojefome calltyepm cutters and fpecu JJ^. 
aiip § ♦ $ej;te bnto tijofe #u<!r«j>ta, ate . iu 
tetbe aboue, andaubenetb* calleD wmm* fobofe 
effpee fs to tyeafce barde tbmges . after tljofe be 
tin . otbet on cptfcet fpde called ganders . tut* a* 
boue and ♦ tut . benetb • %fttt t&ofe fome baue a 
totfje called oneptbetfpde, and astoella- 
boue as benetbe . Cbefe aifo are o?0epned to 
gnndemansmcate* 3nd fo tbe&oilenumb?eof 
fte tetbe ts* jtmt. 0? els . icicbttMn tbem tfjat Ijaue 
nat tbe tetbe called fenfus > (Cbere is t&an • tut. 
AuaUs . iiiiquirupUs . tut. Dogge tctlje* jcbt. grpn- 
Decs and. ML fafus. <€bp?delp tbetetfe faptbe, 
tbat tbere is in man 1 CCtfljtb- bepne0,as appe* 
retl? tntljenotbamte. 

Qudtuor humores in humno corpore conftanu 
Stuguls cm coler* : flegmA, inr UhcoIm. # 
Terr* meUn,d^tifitg y €t *er fangms t coler ignis* 

feete tl;amtour Declare^ tlje. tut. frumcurs in 

caU man 


wan ) a025IouD,f Uume, CoJet,anD Sgklaneclpi 
3KnD fljefomgtbe nature $ complectton of tbem, 
be compared ccbe to one of tbc ♦ tut • elemcntes • 
*J(?elanro!p is co!DanDD?p, anD fo compatcD to 
tlje ertbc tobicbe 10 of Ipfee nature: tfleme ts 
coioc 9 mopfte,anD fo compareD to toatetosiouD 
is botte anD mopftc, anD fo compatcD to tt)c aier* 
Coler ts botte anD D?p> anD fo compatcD to fp;e« 
Ctjefe tbpngcs ate DcciarcD in tbefe betfes* 

ftmmidus eft fangm«,calet,e(l vis aerie illt. 

5aigct,t?umct flcgnia, Tic till via fit aqaofa. 

Sicca calct colera, Tic ignt fit ttmulat a. 

xdc lancolia f riger,rtccat quail terra. _ 

tfo;afartbetlmotolege fotttetyfoell, tljat aftet 
If aiuicen, tbet be ♦ittu burnouts in mans boDpe, 
' * 23iouD, tflcme,coIet 5 anD melancoip, as ts fay D. 
Cbe bed of tbem ts blouDDe, fp#e bp caufe tt ts 
tt;e mattter of mans fpttitesun tobom conftftetb 
mans life anD operations, £>econDlpbpcaufe ft 
ts comfortable to tbep?tnciples of lpfe,(tts tern* 
peratelp bottc ano moplle, Cbpjbelp bpcaufe 
ttceftojetbanD noutpfljetb tfceboDp moje tftaw 
tbe otbet bumouts ♦ 3nD it is callea tbe tteafute 
of nature : fo? tf tt be lofte, Detb folotoetb fojtfcc 
tottb. 0cm to blouDDe in goobnes ts jfieume* 
jFp?fte bp reafon tbat if neDe be, tt is apte to be 
toutneDin toblouDDe* ^cconDlp bpcaufe it is 
totp nete Itfee bumfDite, tobicbe is as f unbattott 
of ipfe. iftct fleme in goobnes ts colet : tobpebe 
ts g tenet luitb natural beate Too longe as it fee* 
petfc conucmeut meafwe i Cijan folotoetb me- 



Of MEL *ftt ti 59 

Iftncolf* asty^gcsanD Ducte temoueD apaete 
from ft* pjpnctples of Ipfe, ennemptoiopcanD 
Irberalpte, anD of necc fepnreD to age and Detye* 
<bcconDlp notcttjat in ti)t Dimrion burnouts 
tbere isai ♦ fcpnDcs of bioubDe, tfeat ts to Cap, na* 
turallanDfcnnaturall* j&aturallblouD, t^atts 
(o fap, toepne blouDDcis rubDp anD obfcurc: anD 
attctp blouse ts rtttJDp anD clere : toitljout pi fa* 
uour, anD in companfon of otI;er Rumours, it 
is toerp ftoete ♦ £>f fcnnaturali is . ti. fojtes : tlje 
one is Unnatural in quantite, tljat is to fap,to^ 
cfceisctjangeD from gooD compaction initfelf, 
o? elles bp mpnglpnge of an notfter Rumour* 
Cljere is another fcnnaturall blouDDe.toljic&e 
ti#ougl)e mpnglpnge of ot^ecfcumours, is pli 
borije in qualpte, fubftance,quantite,anD in p;o* 
portion of t^c one to 5 otfcer. 3nD tins is Double, 
fojttjeoneis natnatutallbp mpnglpnge of an 
pll Rumour, tftat comety to 5pm frome toift out ♦ 
fC&eotfeet is tmnaturall bp mpnglpnge of an 
pHjumouMttgcntycD in tlje felfe blouDDe: as 
toljan parte of tfceblouDDets putrifieD, anDtfce 
f ubtile parte tyerof is turneD in to coler, anD fte 
groffe parte in to mdancolp : o?els in to coler, oj 
f melancolp, ojcltbotb remapnetlj in tlje blouD* 
2(nD ttjis tmnatural biouD, bp mpnglpnge of att 
pllftumour, foariet&froro naturallblouD maitr 
toapes ♦ f pjfte, m fubftance: f o? it is groller anD 
ftmler,fptf) meiacolp is mpngleD rtjcttoitb : o?els 
it is mojef ubtile, to^antoatt^enes oj citrine 

- ( £ THE REGIWEtfT 

coler ismpngfcb cl;crtotii;»S>econblp in colouc, J 
Co? Come tpme tofjatt flcttmc 10 mpngleb tbere 
tottl;, it encipnetl? to foljttenes, 0; tl^ouglje nte* 
lancofp to blacfceneik Cf)p;blp in fauouc : fo? bp 
mpnglpnge of putufteD burnous it 10 mo?e 
ftpnfcpnge; o;elle0 bp mpnglpnge of tatoe 
iiioursit^atljeno fatiour*;fourtblp in talage, 
fo; bp mpnglpnge of coler it emlpnttyto bptter- 
ms, anbbpmelancolp tofotocmc0, o? bpfleme 
to bnfauerpnce . 3Ifo of fleme t\)tit be t too fcpn= 
fce0, naturall ana bnnaturall* j&aturaUtetljat 
fo&tcije toit&inaccttapn fpacc fopllbe blouDDe, 
fo? fleme 10 bnbtgcfteD bloubtie- Cfcer 10 an 0= 
$ec fppce of f kmc&bitl) is ftoete anb fomcto^at 
foarme, pf it be compareb to tlje bobp Ip fceate* 
^utcomparpngeittorubbp bloubbe anD coler, 
fti0cotoe* jfieme isnaturallp fo&pte; anbtljig 
10 callcD ituetc fleume, etfenbpnge this name 
ftoete to all tl;e talagesbelptpnge t^e tafte: fo? 
otfcer topfetlje natural! Heme 10 not ftoete :bul 
Imfauetp anbfoattptye, anbberp nere§ talage 
of toater* 3Knb to tl)t0 fleume, nature f;att>enat 
Spurn a p?op;e watjttop, as G)£ &*t& bone to co- 
ler anbmeIancolp:but nature wafcefy it ronne 
toit&t&e bloubbe, foj it l;atl;e a berpnere fimp- 
litube to blouDDe , 3PnD of tins (itmctfym be ♦ it . 
tiecefifiteg anb one bttfite ♦ Cfce fp;de neceCTtte 10, 
tljattt beneretfjc ttiemb^es, fotbatt^eirbertue 
inape btgeft anb tourne it in to bloub s anb tbat 
twwbjes bp it mape be nourptyeb, toljau t&ep 

or heithe; 9 & 

&aue loffe ft etr natural foobe, tfjatfsfo; foTap 
SooDbIoubtre>tb?ougbereftcapnte of material! 
blotiDDe, foljicberefttanneis caufeD of tbefto* 
macfcefr lpuct;tf?;ougb fomfc caufes accpbemall 
Cbefeconbneceltite is, tijattt mingle toitd tbc 
blouDDe 5 anomaftc tt aptc to no?pf§e t&e mem- 
oes of fleumatifce compaction, as tlje bjapne, 
anonwcl;e:fo? tbat tfjat muffe nourpftye tftefe 
memb?es,muftebetocllmpngle&toitb Heme* 
0ll)€ btilitc of fleme is tbat it mopfte tye icpnteflf 
anomewb;es, tljat moue moebe,left tftepfoaice 
&;ptfj;ougl) tbebeate fyat cometfjof tfjep? mo* 
upng anD rubbpng* ttnnataralle fleme map be 
DeutOeD. f p?fte m l^s ftibftanee: $ fo fome tfjerof 
i% tmtfcWUgwofum, and tfyat ts fleme, to ones fe* 
mpnge a Diuers, f o? in fome parte it is fubtple ant> 
tbpnne, anD in fome btfjer grofTeanD tfjpcfterit 
Is calleb ntn[c\llagwofnm. bpraufe it is Ipfee mute 
cilages, tyateeu out cf febes. C&ert is an otytt 
ifleme tf^at apperetij egall in fubftance a tfjat i& 
in fubtplite anD gro(rencs,tooiiesDempnge: but 
foja troupe, it is biuer* tti euerp parte r t&i* 
isnameirtatoefleme^nb tljis entreated) rnt&e 
ftomacfce and entraples ♦ 3dnD to auopbe it out of 
t&eftomacfce Hippocrates bpDDetfcbs tofpetoe 
ftopfeamonetMnbtobopbeit outeof tbegut- 
fes, nature fjat&csbepneb coletto rounne from 
tl;e cbefle of t&e galle to tfje entraple Wmkmi anD 
fo fo?tf) to tbe otljec lotoet guttes,to fcoure atoap 
tbat fleme from tye typmmes of t&eettraples, 
^ aii& 


anD to caufe it to mfretiDc Dotone foitlj tfjc otfjtr 
D;egges anDfpItfje , £>ome tpmet&is fleme is 
encreafeD in tl;e Depnes, fpeaallp of oIDe folfees 
bpinpnttypnge of ttjeicDpgeftion, anD there re* 
mapnpng, ts bp iitttl $ (tctel augmetcD $ engrofc 
fcD 5 $ burtetty nature,toljirt) can not bp tbc b ernes 
ttjerto o;DepneD,bopDeitout,pet it Dotfc tbatts 
poffibletofeepe it fromt&charte, anD ot^ettn^ 
toatDe memb;es ,anD D?puet(j it to $e o wetoatDe 
ntembjcs, anD fpeciallp to tbc ieggcs : f o; bp ttje 
Ijeupnes t&erof it D?atoert) natucallp to the to* 
ftier partes of man . 3inD tins ts the caufe fobp 
oloe folfcesiegges are ftooilcn.anD tljattf one 
p;cfle Dotone frs fpnger therm, there tarpeth a 
6o!e 3 fpeciallp tofoarDenpghte, anDinfattefol* 
fees $ fac&e as toere toonte to be nourpfteD foitfc 
mopfte meates • Chere is a notfter fpice of fleme 
fcerpe fnbtple, anD toattetpflje. Ipfce tmto foatec, 
anD fome foljat t&icfte : Cbis fieme is berp often 
tnpngleD foith their fpptplle* that haue ptfDige* 
ftton, anDoftljofethat be gteatte Djjmbcts : it 
rounnetb frome the b;apne tothenofe, as ttis 
foont in the begpnning of tl) e pofe, anD fohan bp 
Decoction anD bepfpnge in man,it comet!) grofie, 
it is tourneD m to Seme, groflfe, tobpte, anD muf* 
rtilagc. Chere is an otI;er fleme, grofle, $ tofypte, 
calleD Gip/>«m,tbe fubttle parties of tine fleme 
is DtfrolueD,tl);ougb longe bpDpime tn the iopn* 
tesunotbe grclfenes tberof mnapneth in the 
topntesajB fcatbeas (Jones* Chis fleme engen- 


Or HELfHE. 97 

tuetb tftc'goute Unstable. C&eteteannot&er 
tUme ttycU anDgtoffe, Ipftetomolteglalfc, in 
colour, ciammpne0, anD toepgJ^cconDlptni* 
naturail fUmc Dpffetetbe intalage:fojtbetei0 
cettapne f leme, ttmt ts ftoete, tofcicbe is bp mpn= 
alpngeof blouDDe tout!) f leme. 8nD bnDet tw» 
16 conte pneD tfccbnctuou0fleme, toljicljefcen* 
ncDieD bp mpnglpng of Dnctuou0 blub 9 f erne. 
Cbete 10 an otbet maner of bnfouerpe fleme. 
catifeDof rafoene0, ascettapnc glalFpe fleume* 
<Cfte«i0anotl)etfaltefleume, eaufcD bp ntpn* 
clpng of colet.SinD $10 t0 moje bptpnge, bwu 
eno Ipgfttcr, t&ananpodjetflcme, tteougbW 
coletmpngleDt&ettoitft, to*icl)et0Djpe, Ipgbte, 
anD ftacpe. 3nD M0 fleumew ofte founDe m 
tbm ftomabes, t^at be f leumattfee, djat D?pnfee 
mocbe fttonge fopne, anD tftat Dfe falte 9 tfcarpe 
meate0, anDcleuetbetotbeftomacfee, scaufetb 
oftetfo&ple tfep;fte intolerable! anDrunnpnge 
bp t&e gutter W fometpme deetfte tftepm, anD 
caufet&W blouDDpe mcnfpn : anD in *c f ouDc 
mcnt oftc tpmefi inDucetfc ftronge co(lpuene0* 
Cfcerei0anotber fleme t&ati0Owpe bpmpn* 
Glimge of (batpc melancolp tbertoitij : anD font* 
&me, tfoongbe boplpuge of fleme ajiji 
cetbmt&e ftoete ieuto of fcute0, ffMfe bople, 
anD af tec towx tppe : anD fits f » wet« Je 
oftencrtn^cp?ftomacfee0, tijatopgeftpu, «a« 
Inotbec patM. tfoj natucallp colec flotoetbto 
ftt moufttor t&eftomafee, toftmbptfttappe* 


titt : fobpcfce befcenDpnge DofonetearDe, fome 
tpme mpngleD tottlj Acme, mafcetlje bit fotoer, 
atiD tfyiz ts peccepueDDe bp fofoer belcljpnges* 
3nD ot^cci»l)ple tbisfleme isingenDjeDin t\)t 
ttomafcebpboplpngetotfy atoeafcebete* Cbew 
10 an otbee fleme calico pontifce, tobicbe is Tome 
ttmecaufeDbp mpnglmgof potmfee mclancolp* 
23ut tbts ts fclDomc, bp ccafon tljat pontic mc- 
lancolp 10 Deep fcacce. Iritis Come tpmecaufeD 
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mopftenes tijerof is congepleD, anofome tol;at 
altereD to ectbpnes, anD tberbpon commetb noo 
toeafee beate,fobicbe caufpnge it to bopie, 06 uioe 
conuerteit mtoQjatpcnes: no?noftrongbeate 
tobtcbe Dtgeftmge it, fftulDe tome it in to blouD, 
Cbere be,tt«tunDes of coler, natural $ tmattttal, 
Unnatural! coler i0 tfte fome of blotiDDe, tobofe 
coulee tsruDDp anD clete, tbatts, cttcine, tutbe 
lad Degree of citrines, as faff con beDeas, anD it 
(0 IpgbteanD ftacpe: anD tbe potter, tbemo;e 
teDDntts- 3tnD after tbis colccis engenbjeD in 
t&efjeaD, bit DetUDetb in tb>o parties, one parte 
gotb tottbtbe blouDinto tbebepnes, tbe otber 
gotbeinto tbe puree of tbegalL Cbe parte tljat 
gotbetoitbtbebluD, etttcetbtbectottb botbe fo? 
necedtteanD pjoftteJ^tt ts neDeful! tbat it mpn* 
gle to ttb § b(uD,to nwMc tbe colerifce memoes* 
itHt is bebouef ul, tbat it make tlj e blouD fubtile, 
anD caufe it to entre in to tfje bepnes. Cbe parte 
$ gotb to tbe puree of $e gall, gotlje thttytfyw 

Or KELT HI- 9$ 

towttftitc anD p?ofite,C!?cnccefrtfc (3 Double* 
Cbe one is neDef till f 0; all tfye boDp, to immDifte 
tt from colenfce fugfluites.Cbe otljer necettite 
is in refpecc of tlje gaiics purfe. Cbc pjofite alfo 
10 Double. C&eoneisto toaQ)e§entratlesfrom 
D;eggcsanD claming Acme, cleupnge totbepun 
Cbeotbcnstop;pifce tljeguttes auDmufculs, 
t\m tbep map fele tbe tbpnge tbat burtetb tl)cm 3 
anD fcopDeali otbct fpitbme 0. Cbe p;cfe of tbts 
is, tf^atcolpcfte cbauneetb often tpmesbp Clop^ 
ppngeof tbehc!c ttyateorr.etl; from tbeputfc of 
p gall to tbe guttcs. ^nnaturall celcrts Double. 
jfo?oneistoimaturall tb;ou$bouttoai;De eaufe 
tnpngleD tbettottb* Cbe otbet is fcnnaturall 
tbjougbea caufeinljttfclfe : fo; tbefubdauncc 
tberof 19 nac nar uraLColcr Unnaturall tlj;ougb 
anouttoatDecaufc, isanotberfcnotoenanD fa- 
tuoufi j 9 it is tbat that fleumc ts mpngleD tottl;- 
StnDftit iscallcD famous 0? notable, bpreafon 
tbat it is ofte engenD?eD, 3toDof tbis HpnDe of 
tolet comma b t be tbp;De, that is tod I tmotoen- 
(€b«e ts an otljer tbat is lefTc famous, anD tbat 
ts it, tob* ttoitb melancolp is mpngleD* famous 
coler is eptbee tpttpm* anDengenDjeDbp mpn- 
glpnge of fubtile Heme tot tb natutall eolee ,ojels 
ttispoi&pe, fpfceto polfces ofegges, anD is en* 
ge*D?eD bp mpnglpng of groffe flcme toitb nam* 
call eoler. Coler of lelTe fame is eaufeD* iL toaps« 
fS)nt is toban tbe coler is boucneD in it felfe, anD 
toumeDtoattjes, from to&icbe tbe fubtile parte 

oil of 


of t&e coler is nat feperatcd, but mpngledtbet* 
ml). aindtbiscoierts tbetoo;fte. ainotb**, t0 
toban melancolpe cometlje from tottbout, anD 
mpngletbs tt toitb tbe coler* aind tbts coler 10 
better tfjan otf)cr t and is ruddp in colour: tt 10 
natclereno;flotopnge, butmoje IpUe to fccpnc 
bloud. Cbts bnnaturall coler batting bis otone 
pjop?efub(tance, tottbout mpnglpnge of anp 0- 
tber bumour, is often engcdred tit tbe Ipuer : bp 
reafotftbat tbe fubttlncs of tbe bludde buntetbe 
it felfe, anb tournetb in to coler, anD groflelp tti 
to melancolp. 3Kn otber coler tbere ts> engeno?eD 
in tbe ftomafeeof pil meates nat DpgefteD, but 
co?rupteD : 0; ellcs tt ts engend;ed in tbe bepnes 
bp otber bumours. 3CnD of tbts coler be. tt. fcpn« 
bes. jfoj one to called coler p?a(Tiue, Ipfcetbeco* 
lour of tbe betbe called ia?aftton : tobtcbe is m* 
gendjed of tbe polfcp ties tub an it is bourneD : fo; 
bucnpng caufefcb a polfcp blacfcenes in tbe coler, 1 
tobicbempngleo tottb coler citrine, engeudjetbc 
a grene coler JCbe otber is called cttftp coler, life* 
to ruftp p;on, anD bit ts engend?ed of Jd?afftue, 
bban p;a(Ttue is bourned ottlp tpll tbe bumiDite 
tberof be DjpeD atoape : anD of tbe Djpnes begin- 
netbto towetobit^ colecsbe 
pi anD b enomous, pet ruftp is tbe toojfe. 
Cftpfec fopfe tftere be* iu ftpndes of melancolp, 
ttaturall * bnnatutal* Cbe naturall is tbe d;teg- 
ges 3 fuperflutte of good blud, tobofe talage t0 
bettoeueftoeteandpotifee, $nDtyf0 melancolp, 



foljanitisengentyeD fnglputr, is patteD in*0» 
patted. £>ftotjid)coaecntcctl) tottftt&e bluDDe, 
and tfjcrtoitl) rcmapnetlje rottye bepnes* c^c 
otljer 10 conuepeD to tlje rplene, Ctje fp;(ie pattc 
entretlj ttittb tljc blouD, f o; necelTite anD pjofpte. 
(bit is ueDef till tbat tt mpngle toitlj tlje blouDDe, 
tonouritye t&e melancolp, colDc,anDD;pmem^ 
b;c6 } as tbe bones. Cfjc bttlitc ts to make tljtcfce 
fte tljpnne bluD, to ftpnte tbe fitperfluous toun* 
npngetfjerof, to mafce it ftconge, atto ftrcngttje 
tbcfe mctyes, in to toljtcbe tt mufte be cottuccceD* 
Cljcotljer parte, tbatncoctbnoblouDDe, gotbe 
to tljefplenebotbe fo?ueceflTtteanDp?oftte. Cljc 
necefftte ts Double, one bntiierfal tfeougl) out § 
bobp,to purge tt of meiancoitous fupetfluite. 
Clje otijer is but particular, onelp togouern* 
t&efplene, Cbis melancolp ts alfo profitable fo? 
mans bobp, f o; tt ronnet&e to tl)t moutfye of tyt 
ftomacfce, ftrapnpnge out tbe l;umtDitcs, tyat 
tt fpnDetl; fycte, as a tooma ftrapnpnge a cotoes 
Duggis 5 Djatoetyouttl)emplfce* Cl)ts bttlttets 
Double* tfp;fteitconftrapnetl)e, t^pcfeetlje, anD 
comfotfeti) tfce ftomacfee* S>econDlp bp reafon $ 
tfceegetnestberof mouetlnbemoutljof tl?c fto- 
macfee, it mafeedjc one to fyaue anappetpte to 
meate. Qftnnatutall melancolp is as a tljpnge 
bourneD o; aftes in tefpecte of otljet \) umours. 
£Dftf)istf)ere are* itii. famous fepnDes, t^ottgft 
tfterebemanpnatfamus.Cbe fpjftis afljesof 
eolenanD t&is is bitter* (Ctje.ii.ts aflpes of Heme 

D 01 


anb if § Heme tbat is bourneb tocrc betp fubtile 
anDtoatrctrO)e, tbantbe melancctyctberof en- 
genD;eDtopilbe faltein talage. 75 ut if tbefleme 
begtoflfe tbatisbutneb: tbantbe atbes tberof, 
oj tbe melan colp of it en gcn&?eD, enclinetb to fo* 
foetnes o;ponttctte* flDbe«iit.t£aajcsof blouDe, 
anD ti)i0 meiancolp ts fake, a ipttel inclpnpng to 
ftoetenes* CbejiuUBafbesofnatutall melan- 
jto!p. 3inD if natural! meuln ncolp, tufjeeof fo c ucc 
it be, be fubttie, tbau it Uf II be berpefotoer. 
8nbtoban it is cade out bptmtbegrounDe, btt 
bopietb anD fauo?etb of t be apet, 9 caufetb botb 
flpesanDbeaftesto bopDe tbe place. But if tbe 
natural melancolp b°e groftf ,t be bnnatural tljci?* 
of cngcnD?cD> (ball not be fofoec 

Semper rumores tuf lunt aud'irefrequentes* 
Hos Venus et Bacchus delectat fcrcuh ri/itf, 
Ef fact'i hos b\lares t et dulc'ia uerba \c<{ue nte s. 
Omnibus fludiis ablle sfunt.magis <rptw 
Qualibe t ex caufa, nec hos leuiter mouet tr*. 
targus % amans Maris jidens, rube'ty colori*. 
Cantans^arnofuSyfat s auiax y at$ benignus* 

A«gMi»f f^ ttt tbaucto; teaebpnge be to fmotoe (anguine 
1 folkes, faptbe, tbat a fangupne perfone is natu* 
cailpfatte. )3ut foemape natbnbettfatiDe, tbat 
fangupne follies be p;opje!pfattc: fo? tbat is a token of a colbe completion, asfaptb^uicem 
« *5ut tbep be fatte anb flefbp fottbali : fo; fatteiu 
fangupnepetfone* taken fojfleQjpe* awceti 



faitfj, tyaf abundance of ruddpe flef&e anb fliffft 
ngmfietf; a botr c and a mopl* compicctioti 3 as a 
f anguine perfon is, f o; tbe abundance of niddp 
flcfye, iMtndTetb fomtudc of fcectu aflftmtlattue, 
and multitude of biud, tbattoo$eandtoaj;ebp 
fceate and mopftuccas toitncfletlj d5aicn fateng, 
Cftabundanre of flelbe is engeuD;cD of tbabuu- 
Dance of blouD. folate pecfectlp digeftpnge, 
andtbelpfce bettueto flefljemafcct&e tbeflelfte 
faft and (IpfTe. 3Dffo aiupcen fapt^, eticrpe flcOJpe 
boop fmtfyoute abundaunce of fatte and gteace, 
Is fangupne. t»becto (Ealenaffentetb. Second* Gai.i.t«g, 
Ip, tbe fanguinc perfone is metp anD iocunde, 
g igtofap, toitbmerptuojDesljemouettje otbec 
to laugb : o;els be is glabbe, tb:ougt> beuigmte 
of tbe fangupne burnout, pjouofcpngc a man to 
gladenes anb iocunbite, tb?ougfie clece anb pec- 
f eete fppjptes engendjed of bloudde. Cbp?dlp be 
glablp fjecetb fables and metp fpo;tcs, fojtbe 
Came caufe. f outi i)ip be is enclpneb to lecbetpe, 
tij?ougb beate anb mopftnes,pjouofeinge to car- 
nal copulation* jfpf tip, be glablp ojpnfeetb good 
topne. Spstlp be delitetb to fede on good meate, 
bp teafontbattbe fangupne pecfon oefptet^tbe 
moft like to bis compaction, tbat is goob tomes 
sgood metes* S>euentblpbelaugbetl) ipgbtlp* 
fo?b!ouDDep?ouofcetbto laugbpnge. Cije.tmi# 
is.tfte fangupne petfonnebatbaglaofome and 
an amiable countenance* tb?ougb l^ucl^ncs of 
xotoutandfap;ene«of compaction* c&e.ijtas, 


f)t fpeafcetb rtoetelp tfoougb amtablenes of fan- 
gupnc nature* Cbe*, be is aptx to Icnie anp 
manec of frience, tfeougbe JpuelpncsanD pec- 
fpicuite of bt0 fopt f e* Cbe. ri* ts^e is nat Ipgbt* 
!p angry, anD tbis cometl) tb?ougb mopftnes a- 
batmg tbe fetuout; of colec p?ouotnng to anger* 
<€be lad* ti* berfes recite fome of tbe f o jfapb to= 
bens, anbalfo fomeotber.tfpjlUfanguine per* 
fon t0 free,not couetous but liberal. <©econbeip 
be is amojus* Cbpjbelp, be batb a merp counte- 
nance* JFojtblp&eifitnootte parte fmplpnge, of 
all totyefje tbe bcmgmte of tbe biuo ts caufe anD 
pjouofcer* tfpftelp be batb a rubbp colour* tfo? 
Supcenfaptbe, tbat rubbp colour of tbeffcpnne* 
fpgntfictb abunbance of bluD : 30nb tbis mua be 
tonberftanb of b?pgbt rubbp colour $ not barfce 
fuebe as 10 toont to be in tbep? faces tbat Djpnfee 
ttronge fopnes abunbantlp, ano tbat bfe fauces 
$ ftjarpe fpiecs.f o; fueb colour figniftetb lep?e to 
come Atttip, be glablp fpngetb ant> beretb fpn* 
gpng, bp reafon of bis merp mpnbe* §>euentbe* 
Ipe be is flelbp tb?ougbe tbe caufe before fapbe* 
Cbe* is barbp, tb?ougb v beate of tbe 
blub, fobfcbete caufe of bolbnes* ®be*ijc*i0, tbe 
fanguine perfon is benigne anD gentill,tb;ougb 
§ bounte of tbe fangupne bumour* 

flegmt vires moiias tril>Kit 3 l*to/$ hreuefy. 
Vlcgmftcit fmgueSyfitiguis reid'it mc&iocres. 
Senfus htbesjitius motusjigrit\d 9 fomMS. 
B%c fomnus Ic ntusjiger^n htc ffntwm* mlw* 

OF HELTHfi* f*i 

Et qui ft nfus h*bes pinguesjtclt color aHw. 

l^etetbeauctour dnmti) certapne p?op;ietes of 
tlje compaction of Acme. tfp;fte, ftematpfcc fol» 
fccs be tocafcc,bp ceafott t&at ttjcit natucall Urate, 
tobictjc isbegpnnctof all ftrengttje anDopcia= 
tton, te but f eble . §>econDlp flematpfcc folfces be 
Cbo?teanD t^icUc: fo? tijeic natural tjeateis not 
atongeinougb to length t&eboDp, anDt&erfoje 
it is tbpcfce ano ©o;te. Cbp;DeIp fleumatifce foU 
fcesbefattc, bpcaufeof tfjcit greatte fytummte. 
mtytfop %uictn fapctl),tftat fuperfluous greace 
fignif ietl) colDc anD mopftenes: f o? t&e bloubDe, 
anD ttje tonctuous mattier of gteafe, perfpnge 
tl)?oug^e tbe toemis tn to § coID mebjes, tfcouglj 
colDenes of tt>e membjes, Docomele togttfjer, 
anDfoengenDjeinmanmocfjegteafe, as d5alen 
raitl) in fytoft bofce of operation ♦ l£e faptf) after, 
t&atfanguineimnare mpDDelbare bettoene tfte 
longeanD tt>e foojte ♦ f ourtblp,flematifce foifces 
are mo?e inclpneD to pDelnes anD ftuDp tljan foU 
bis of ottyer compaction, bp reafon of tljeir colD- 
nestyat malvetl) ttjem Oepe. tfpftelp tljep Hepe 
longer, bpteafon of tljeir great colDenes tljat,p- 
uofeeft tbcm to Oepe ♦ £>pjctlp, tyep be Dulieof 
toptte anD fcnDerftanDpnge : fo? as temperate 
beate is eaufe of gooD imtte anD bnDerflanDing, 
foo coiDe is caufe of blunt topttc anD Dull bnDer- 
ftanDpnge . ^euentfolp, tljep be floutJjfuile, anD 
tijat is bp colDe: fo; aa Ijeate matiefy a man (igt)t 
anD ouicbe in moupnge, foo colDe maker & a man 


beup anD floutbefull ♦ CIk* tuu \z 3 tfyp be ium* 
ppfbeanDflepe longe* 

I/?fj«mor colore, qui competit'wpetuofis. 
Hoc gems eft bomiwMm, cufie ns preceUe re cunctos* 
Hi leulter difcunt, muhum comeiunt>c\io crefcunt* 
Jnde mdgnmmufunt Urg\ fummapetentes, 
hirfmuS; falUxjrafcensjrodiguSy audax. 
Afiutus y grac\lis,ftccus 3 greedy- coloris. 

i^ete tbe aur to tic teacbetb bs to fcno toe a perfott 
ofcolertfcecomplectton. jfp?(!e, be tsbaftpe, bp 
Au.c « i ceafon of faP*tftaoii0 f^ate, tbat mouetb bpro 
do. j.<aijl to bafttnes ♦ ^nD tberfo?e 3dtitcen faptb. tbat De* 
Dcs of cjcceflittc motion, figmfie beate. &>econ* 
Dip, tbecolertfee pecfone izMttous of bonour, 
anDcouetetbto bebppcrmofte, anD to ejccell all 
otber : bp reafon tbat f upcrBuo U0 beate mafcetbe 
mas mpnDepjone to arrogance $ foie barotnes. 
CbpjD!p,tbep lerne lpgbtlp 5 bp reafon of tbe fub* 
tplenes of tbe colerifee bumour » 31nD tl;ccfo;e 
Aufc ii. i. ^lupcen faptb, tbat tbe fcnDerftanDpng p?ompte* 
do.,3. nes anD qtttcl^e agihte to intelligece, betofcenetft 
beate of eompleettom tfourtbfp tfjep eate mocbe, 
fo? in tbepm tbe beateDtgeftpue f ftronger, anD 
mo;e refolu ttuetbanm otbec boDpc0. jrpftelpe, 
tbep encreafe fone, tb?ougb ftrengtb of natural! 
beate in tbei^fobicbe is canfe of augmentation* 
Cbe . \)u is, tbep be ftoute ftomafceDjtbat is tbep 
canfuffbeno iniuries, bp reafon of tbe beate in 
tbem^nDtberfo;e ^utcenraptbe, tbat to tafcc 
etierptbpngeiwpactentip, fpgnifpetbb^ 


^ cM. te, tijc? be liberall to t&ofe tbat onouc 
tbcpm. Cbe* but. ts, tftep befp?e bpfibc Dignity 
ana offpcc0,CfK. tfc ts>a tolerpfce gfon is bearp, 
bprcafonof tl;e l;eatc tUat opcnctb tbe poojee, 
enDmouetb tbe matter of beans to tbef fepnne* 
3PnD tbcrfojc it ts a common fapengMbe cole- 
rpefee man is as bcatp as a gotte ♦ Cbe. is, be 
is bifcepuable* Cbe^, be is focne angrp, 
d^ougb btsbotte nature *3IibD tbrrfo;c 3!mcen 
faptbe, often angrp,anb fo; a final caufcbctc^e- 
netbe beatc, tbjougbe eafpc motion of coler, 
anD boplpnge of tbe blouDDe aboute tbe battc* 
Cb e. jrtt. is. be 16 a toaftcr , in fpcnDpngc latgelp 
to obtapne bonours . Cbe ♦ tin . is, be is bolDe, 
fojbolDenes cometbof great beate fpectallpea* 
bout tbe bartc, bcistoplpe.Cbe 
jciKis,bc isfftlenDermembzeD, anD notfleftlp. 
Cbe . jcbi ♦ is, be is leane anD D?pe . Cbe . Hums, 
be is laffton colored . 3nD tbetfoje 3dwicen faptk 
#at coler fignifietb Domtntom 

Re /t*t tt tdhuc trlfiis colere fuhfimcie mgre. 
Qwi reJJit p uuos> per tri/le * p4«c<r Io^we nte s* 
Hi MigiUnt Jtaiiif, nee men* ejl Je<fit^ /bnrno. 
Sermnr propojitMrn fibUml uputm fore tutunt, 
Im'idus <f trijtii, cufidus Aextre<y tenuis « 
Now expert fr4H<fc ,timi<b(5,!fftf i$ colow. 

$ere tbauto; Declacetb fom tokens of a melaco* 
Ip gfon. f p#e melancolp mafcetb folfees fltfefoD 
anD pll manercD : as tbep tbat fepli tbepm felfe ♦ 
feeconDlp melancolp follies are motte parte fao, 

Mi. tl^ougbe 


t b?ougbe tbcic melaco Ip fpiutesf, troublous anD 
Darke Mpfce asclere fpintcs nafce folfefB glaD* 
Cbp;De!p,tbep taifee Ipttel^bp reafon of tbeir col« 
Denc0 ♦ tf ourtblp*tbep be ftuDfous,foa tljcp court 
alfoapetobealone* jfpftclp tijepflepe nat toel! # 
bp reafon of tljeouermocbeDjpnesof ptyapnc, 
and ttoougb melancolp fumes, tbcp baue bo;ri- 
ble D;camcs 5 tbat foafee tb c pm out of tljep? Oepe « 
^pjcceip, tljep betteDfaftetn tbeir purpofe, anD 
of gooD memo?p, anDbarDetopIeafe: anD tbtfif 
cometb tbjougbtbw Djpnes* S>euentblp, tbep 
tbtnfte notbpnge Cure, tbep altoep DjeDe, tb?ougi> 
Darfeenes of tbeir fpirites i 3(n tbe* tUafte fcerfes 
be recttertj fome of tbe fo?fapD fignis fcnD otber* 
:tfp?(te, tbe melancolp perfcn is enmous, bets 
fabDe, be 10 couetous, be bolDetb fade, anD ts an 
pll ts fimple, anD pet Dtfceptef uil : anD 
tberfo?e melancolp folfees are Deuoute, great re- 
Decs, falters, anD fcepers of abftinence vSujCtlp, 
bet0fearefuIL§>euentblpe, bebatbe anertbpe 
tyoune colour: tobic(;c colour tf tt be anp tbpnge 
grene 9 fpgnifietbtbe Dominion of melancolp, as 

Hi funt humor e s y quipreftant cuitf- colors. 
Omnibus in rebus exflegmte fit color dbus. 
Sanguine fit rubeus.cokr*, rubea^uoq. ruffus, 
Si peccet ftnguis y faxes rube t t extat acellus. 
Inflantur gene, corpus nimlumfy grauatur. 
Tift plufauam frequens plenus, mollis dolor \ngens 4 
Pkximej? t fromis^t confiipmo uentris ♦ 



&\cct% Tmgu*fit\s : ft fomniifUnd rubor t. 
Bulc'ior ddeft ftutijunt dcr'u McU ({tuque. 

i^eretbauctoutcccitetb tlje colours tljat foiofoe 
ttje compactions* 31 ffenmttfee perfonts tubptlp 
rolourcD : the eolcrifce ts tyo tone artD tatonp : tlje 
fangupncis tuDbp, tfeemelancolp ts pale, cole= 
rcb Ipfcecrtbe ♦ after toatcc tbc teste Dcclarctlje 
jm. colours ftgnpfpenge ruperfiuttc of bloubbe* 
Clje fp?ft t0,toban tbe face is rebbe, bp tbe afcen* 
Dpnge of bicuD to tlje IjcaD anD face* tfLbe feconD 
t0, ttJban p etcs bolte oute farther tljan tbcp toerc 
toonte* Ci)eatt.t0,toi)an thence are ftoolletn 
Ctje ♦ tut . is, toban tlje bobp ts ail &eup : fo; na- 
ture can nat fuftepne noj gouerne foo gret quau- 
ttte of bloub. f£be. b. tSrtoban tbc puice beatetbe 
tfjpcfee«C& 5 fotjantbepulce isfulle, bp 
reafon off muttttube of botte $ mopft bapours* 
Cfje ♦ bit* t0,toljan ttjc pulce ts fof te, though to 
mocfte fcumpDptet&at molipftetljetljemattpet* 
Cbe*bttu ts actje of tl)e fo?l)eab* Cecums, 
tofjantbcbealptscofttue, tb?oug;t)e great beate 
ttjat o^petU bp tbe fplt&p matter^e,jc-t0 5 toljati 
ttye tonge ts D?p anD rougb fo? like caufe,Cbe. #♦ 
is great t^p?fle,tlj?ottgl;eD?pne0 of ^ftotnaefces 
mouttje engenD;eDof great l?eate . Cbe*jcU«ts> 
toban one D;eamet^e of reDDetbpngcs ♦ Cfeis 
SButcen affirmed fapeng, &lepe tbat fpgntfietlj Amc< if: u 
abounDance of biubbe, ts toban a man bjeametb,^ 
tbat f)t feet!) rebbe tbpnges : o? elles tljat be flje* 
Ciet^ moc&e of &ts bloub, o?els, tljat fje ffopm* 

Mtt* mctfttf 


tnetb in blouD anD fuclje Ipfcc, Cl;e ♦ KiiL te, tbe 
ffoetenesoffptttell, tfoougbftoetenesof biotiD* 
t^ctc is to be ncteo, tijat Ipfeeas tbete be tokens 
of abunDaunce of blouD, fo tbete be figncs of tbe 
abuuoatmceof otbee burnouts, asm tbefebec* 
fes fototopnge* 

jBccufar cotcram t>ertret>olot afpera lingua. 
<£tnturo0, vomttur^frcqaene, tugtlantia multt* 
roalta fttta,ptnsm0, egeitio, tptfio veittrts. 
/laufta fit mo: Tug cordis, languef at oterts, 
Sulfas acted graced, ourna, v dor cp calcfcen*. 
a rct.amarefcir , mcendia f omnia fingtr. 

Cbe tokens of abundance of Seme are contetaefc 
fatbefebecfesfolofojmg. . 

legma fupergredtena pioptaa tiicotporc lege?, 
O0 facit mfipidum, faftidia cerebia, filuas. 
<Eon(tarum ftomacfct : fimul occiptttfcp fcolcne*. 
tmlfue tardua, motli0,inant0, 
•piecedtt fallar,fantafi»at8,ronmn0 aquofa. 

Cbe fpgnes of abundance of melancolp aw con* 
tcpneD tn tbefe betfes folotopnge. 

Rmmoium pleno tmm fe% in cotpote regnat • 
jltgra cutio, t>nr«0, puHn0, tenuis ct vrtna. 
<6oltfitat>o,ttmot, et trtfttaa, ("omnia tempus* 
ficcrrfce t rngttiis rap ot, ct fputamtnta idem. 
TLetjarfcptecipucttmut ct fibilat aurta. 

Venus [eptems nix fieubothomim petit tnnus k 
Spirits ttbrrior frit per fteubotbomum. 
Sf 'mtus ex porn vim tnoxmultiplictftur* 
H« we rumq ; clbo damnum lente repdututt 
Lum'md cldt'ificdufinceratfieubothomid 
Mentcs, et cerebrum, calidas fddt affe meduUdS ♦ 
Vifceu furgtb'it, jlomdchum 3 ventrem$ coerce?, 
Pmtoj dat fenfusjat fommm,teiU tollit. 
Auditus y Hocem,u\res pro duck et duget. 

$iretbeauctouc fpefcpngcof biouDDeletttnge. 
fapty> tbat at ♦ jcbit ♦ pete of age one map be lette 


OF HSITHEt 104, 

blouDDe . SflnD tott tljy nge tbte <Ealen faptb, tbaf 
cbplD?enfl)UlDenot be lette blouDDe, befojttljep 
bt.jcmi.peres olDeatleaft, bpcaufecbplD;ens bo*- 
Dies be fo one tcfoiucD from outtoatDe tjcatcanD 
tbetfo?ebp bopDpngeof biouDDc tl;cp 0)uiDc be 
grctdplt)caUeD.3lfofo:tl)atttjcp neDe to nou= 
rpf(6e tbeir boDpes anD augmentetbepm 5 tbep 
QjoulDe notDmumOK tbep? bkmt)De,a!nD efee fa? 
Cbattbepbefone DiflTolueD from outtoatDe bete, 
tt fuffifct!^ tf;at cl;cp neDe not to be letteblouDDe* 
3HnD mtctl) toe!, tbat as blouDDe Iettpnge is not 
conuementfo?cbplD?en 3 fooitfs bnbolfome fo? 
olDefolkes,as<5alenfaptbe:fo?tbe gooDblouD Gais.teg. 
ts Ipttell anD tbe pll motbe,anD blouDDe Iettpnge 
D;atoetb atoap tbe gooD blouoDe,anb leauetb tbe 
plUsSIutcenfaptb: 3foiD tberfoje blouDDe let- Aui iiui 
tpng is bnconuentem fo? fwebe petfons.^eeotfc capu * 
Dlpe,bep«ttetl;e tbe butteof blouDDe Iettpnge ♦ 
jflDf necclfitetortb fcopDpnge of blouDDe* Done bp 
lilouDDe Iettpnge, mans fpttites bepnge in tbe 
blouDDe, Do auopDe* CbP?DeIp,be ftetoetb botoe 
tbefptntestyouIDbe cberifeDanD re(lo?eD, anD 
tbatisbpDjpnftpngeof topne after tbe blouDDe 
Iettpnge :fo? of alltbpngetonojpfte qutcfceip, 
topnets bed, as ts befo?efapDe-Cbe fptntes alfo 
be cbetpl&eDanDtcftojKDbpmeates, but tbat t* 
not foo qmcfeelp as bp totne, InD tbe meate aftec 
blouDDe Iettpnge mult be Ipgbt of Dtgeftron, anD 
a gret engenDjet of blouD,as rere r oft eD egges $ 
facte Ipfce . anD all tljoug&e meate redone tb* 


fptfteg after blouDDe Iettpnge, pet letfetlje pact* 
cntes befoare of mocbe tneate tbe fttfi e $ feconbe 
fcape . tfo?3^aacfaptbeiH<fiem, tbat tl)ep mufte 
typufce mo?e tban eate,anD pec tbep mufte D^pnfce 
ielle tban tbep DpDDe before blouDDe Iettpnge, foj 
Dtgeftton 10 toeaUec • f outtfjlp, tbe auctour put- 
tef b a . jet * pjofttes of blouDDe Iettpnge s tbat 10 
tmlpe Done . JFp;fte, temperate blouDDe Iettpnge 
comfo;tetb tbefpgbte: fo? Dtmtmftpngeof bu= 
tnoucg do tb eke Dmuntftc f umpnge to tbe beaD: 
ant) tbe repletion tberof, tbat Darfcetb tl)t fpgbte. 
^econbelpe, it cleretbe anD mafcetbe pure tbe 
mpuDeanD b?apne,tb?ougbe tbe fame caufe* 
CbP?belp ttbeatetb tbemarp: fo? ttmpniQety 
tbefuperfluites, tbat tberto roincatiD coolcit. 
5fourtblp,ttpourgetbtbe entraples: fo? nature 
tmcbargeDcf blcuD , Digeltetb better ratoe bu= 
tnours tbatbelefte* tfpftelp, bloublettpnge re= 
tfrepnetb bometpnge anD tbe laffee : fo; tt Dp- 
tiettetbtbebumourgfrome tbe mtetto? pattpe* 
to tbe ou tetuarDe, anD fpectallp tbe lettpng blouD 
of tbe armes , as %upcm faptbe : fo? iettpnge 
blouD of tbe feete Goppetbc nat fo tuel:pet £cbace 
tbe blouD Iettpnge fbail augment tbe laf fee, anD 
tbatu* toapes jfirfle, bp blouDDe lettpng nature 
IsDtfcbargeDof berbourDen, anD bepnge com- 
fo?tcD> itp?ouofeetb otber bacuatioft* ♦feecou* 
Dip, tf tbe laf Uc be caufeD bp great toeaftcnes of 
feertuecontentpue. f o?ttyan, bp reafontbat bp 
Woubbe iettpnge bertuete foeafeeb, tftelaffeeis 


OF HELf HE< to* 

augmented &mty> biouolettpngc cletefytbe 
toutcs: fo;itnuma)ctl) toapocationtbat potb 
ro tbe beao auD troubled) t^e tDitteg* &>eueutt)* 
Ipe, bit belpetb one to (lepe, foj tbcrbp manp bu^ 
mouts be toopbeb, of fobicbe Dpuecs fyacpe ba= 
pours are IpfteD bp, tbatletteonetodepe* Cbe 
Pittas, l)\t tafcetlje aump tebpoufnes auD oucr 
gtete grefe,fo? tberbt bcrtue is bnlobcd of grefe: 
f o; tomb tbe meiacolp blub, tbe bregges of blub, 
tobicbe ir.bucctb tcDioufucs $ gtefe, are btatoen 
out- Cbe*i]c.t0, ttcomfojtetb tbe fjecpnge: fo? 
tbcrbptbebapoucg anbbumours tbatafcenbe 
to tbe beaD, and let t&e betpng, are DpmpnpfteD* 
Cbe, t. is, it comfo?tetb tbe toopce: f erebp 
tbe fupecf iuttes anb bumibites,tbat & I come 
totbeb;efteo?pppeof tbelpgbtes, anbtettetbe 
fcopce, are binumfl)cb, fCbe*,bttaugmen= 
tetbtb* ftrcngtbes, foj tberbp tbeboDpe tsbif- 
cbargeb of gtefe* w&erfo^e fyefcettue isaug* 

Ires in funt iftis Mms.feptembcr, rfprili*. 
Et ftutt lunareSyfunt velut ydra dies* 
Trimadies primi po/frem^ po/ierior«m 
Nec {unguis m'mulnec carn'ibus tnferis vtu 
Infene ve\\uuene y fi vene fangu'me plene, 
Omni menfe bone t confert mcifio uene. 
Hi funt tres menfes } Maius,feptember,dpri\i$ , 
In ambus em'inuas.vt \ongo tempore viuas. 

©eretbeauctoutfaptbe, tbattbefetb;e, 40npt, 
^epfemb;e, anD SCpjple, are tbe moneys of 

f tbe 


tin mootte, anD in tbem are Dapcs fo? bpDDen to 
let blouD, tbat is tljc fpjilc of <]0ape, anD laftc of 
September anD aipjple. Cbougb t^ts be a com* 
mon rule, pet tt is falfe. Jro? tbe f o?efapDe Dape0 
mape be as gooD anD as toojtbp to be cbofeu as 
tbeotber, after tl)e Dtuerftteof tbe conaellatioti 
mtbem* f artber, befaptbe, tbattntbofeDapes 
one&ulpe not eat* goofefletye, tobpcbeisalfo 
falfe anD erronto us, anD berp toptcbe crafte* 
3 tbpnfee tlje auctout baDDe tbts fapenge of tbe 
3ietres 5 toijicbe obferue fucbe maner. §>econDlp 
befaptbMbat men of mpDDell aege anDponge 
folfe£S,tubofe bepues be full of blouDDc, map be 
let bi' * ^4trpmonetb> fojtbofemap toell refpft 
tefoii „ anD tn tbem is great quatttc of gooD 
blouD* «Cbp?Delp be faptb : tbat blouDe lettpnge 
fo?mansb^tb, muft be Done in one of tbefetb;e 
monetbes, S^ape, September, anD Ipjple* 
J3utpet foitb Difference, foj in Ipjple anD ^ap, 
tbe Ipuerbepne mudebe lettebiouDDe, bpcaufe 
tbamnbertpmetbe biouDDeencreafetb: anD in 
S>eptemb?e in tbe fpienebepne, bpcaufe of me- 
lancolp, toftcbe tban tn autumne encreafetb* 

Frigid natutdfrigens^egiOy dolor mgens, 
Toft Uudchrum } coitum^ minor etas,tt^ femles* 
Morbus prolixw J, rep] etlo potus ft efce. 
Sifragilis vel fubtilis fenfus flomachi jit, 
It fdftiditijibi funtfleubothomandu 

l^ece tbe auctour puttetb*jcii. tinges tbat Uttt 
biouDbelettpnge* Cbef&fte tscolDnesofcom- 



plecttoti : tfoj as <Ba!cn fapt J), blouDDe lettpnge 
cooled anD augmented? coiDenes : bpcatue, as 
3Ifaac faptlj.blouD ts ttye fottnDatton of natural! 
Scare: anDtntljattyatblouD lettpnge toopDetrjc bctDctlj ijcte, anD fo confequcntlp colettj* 
Clje* ti. ts a f etuent coIDe contrep, tmber tot)ict)e 
acolbefeafon GhiIdc be comp;eljenDeD, uj^tc^e 
alfolettettjblouDJettpng: fo;macountrcp anD 
feafon fcerp color, ttje biuD is clofeD in tbe Depeft 
partis of r Jjc boDj\ anD ttje blouD tljat tartetl) m 
tl;e inter partis, ti;c coIDe ma^et^e t^pefee, 
t\)t to boioc is no topfcDomc* Clje* uu is fecucnt 
aclje, DnDettoincfye efcemape becompjeljenDeD 
great in flaina tton of tlje botip : f if one in fnclje 
acctDentts beletbluD, tbecefolotoetij great mo* 
tton agtratiuc, contrary to nature, anD greattec 
inflammation, to&icljc tuea&etl) nature mo?e» 
Cbecaufeof tfjts motion agttattue isattractto 
to Dpuers partis : fo? bp bluD lettinge attraction 
is cauftD to tfje place tljat is letteblouD: anD bp 
great ac&e attraction is caufeD to § place of aclje. 
Cfjecaufeof gceatter inflammation is, tljat bp 
btoub lettpnge tfje Rumours be moueD, foljerbp 
#ep be moje inftatmD- 3toD t&is is troutf? to&an 
blouDDe lettpnge is Ipttell anD artificial!. Yet pf 
ItbeDonetploneffoounDe, Ijtt is bolfome in tlje 
t ojefapD cafes ; fo; t&is blouDDe lettpnge, to!?an 
it ouercommetlje tfje attraction of tl;e adje, I) it 
caufet!) nat motion agttattue: anD Ipfce fopfett 
taftet&e a toape inflammation, fotyant&erebe no 

fU Rumours 


ftumo;0. Aat f&ulDe moue fjeate, anD caufe mo;e 
Gai m co tnflSmatfon. Cfns is d5aiens mpnDe, fapenge 
m?to nii* t^ere is no better meDicinefojanimpoftumeof 
§ a«nS'^ ferucnt inflammation, feuets , anD a great ac&e, 
turf t&an biotiD lettpnge. Chilli* is baptungc, fpe* 
ctallp refolutiue : fo? t&at lettetbe blouD lettpng, 
fo; tfjat toere tjacuation fcpon bacuatton 3 tol)tc& 
nature cannat eafplp beare, Ctye**uscarnau 
copulattomfo? imnteDiatlp after ttyat, one $ulD 
nat be letten blouD, bpcaufe of Double tocaft mge 
of nature* Clje.tJtasto olDeo? toponge, astt 
to before toucljeD* 4Df tl?is ^utcen faptlje : Cafte 
beDe ijotoe tbou letted one blouDDe m anp of tbe 
f ojfapD cafes : outcepte tljou trull in t&e fpgure, 
in foliDite of § mufculs, largenes of t\)t toepnes, 
t&efulnesofftem, anD ruDDp colour* Cfce*biu 
is longe fiefcenes : f oj bp fuefce lettpng of blouD, 
nature is Doublp febleD, botl) bp longe fpefcenea 
^Dpmtmfl&tng.Cftts is of troutij.raptt) Mpcm, 
eircepte tljece be cojrupte blouD,fo^ ttyan blouDDe 
lettpnge is bolfome* Ci?e*tMM0 great repletio 
of Djpnfte. Cfte* ifas to eate to moc& meate : anD 
fcnDcr tljis is comp?ifeD meate tmDpgefteD* 
Cfje caufe fcere of (as %uvcm faptfjejis tfys, 
Cikrebe*uia&pnges£ Djatoetotljem, t^at 10 
emptmes, fjeate, anDfecretefcettueo? p^opjete* 
(Cban if tbe ucpnesbecmptp though boiDpnge 
of biouD, tbep D?atoe to tljem from t\)t ftomacbe 
a; UuetjDnDigefleD oj fugfluous meate 0? D;ifee, 
toijtc&e&noigetteD meate to&au it cornet^ to tfte 



memb;cs, can nat bcamcnDcD, that is to Cape, 
DigcfteD : fo? tljc tbtcD Digeltion catt nat amcuDe 
tbefauteof tbefeconbe, no?tbcii*of tbe fp;fte, 
if ci;cfa«tcDcfo great tbat bit can nat conuette 
into tljc memb;es, ant> fo it tbcte temapnpnge 
mape caufc fomc Difeafe« <€bc- is feblenes, fo? 
blouoot lettpnge is afttonge bopber, as dSalen Gaa,a P h 
fapthe, tbetfoje a feeble petfon mape nat enDure < ommen - 
great mmmifopnge of biouD* Cbe. %u is fubtile 
fenfpblenesoftbe ftomafcesmoutbe:fobicbe is 
calleD tbe bacte ftrpnge, f o? of fucbe bloubbe let- 
tpngeftoounpnge folotoctbligbtlp* bnbec 
tbtstoeafcenes of tbeftomafceis eUecomp?pfeD, 
anD eafpflotopngeof coletto tbe moutbetbetof, 
cnbucmge bometpnge. w^etfo^e tbep tbat baue 
tbe fotfapbe acnDentes,QJulD nat be iette blouoe, 
$0} bp blttD lettpng tbe burnouts moueD, be en- 
tmccDtotlje ftomaftesmoutbc, as to a place ac- 
cuftomeb : anb bpcaufe tt is a foeafte ano an tm* 
potent membje torefpfte t^atflppe, tberfojebp 
fuel) letting of blub manp incouentences cbance* 
Cbisis onecaufetobpe manpeftoounoe, tobati 
tfjep be lettte bloube : bp reafon tbe colet f lotoetfc 
totfte ftomacfee, tobpebe bptpngetbe ftomacfee, 
ppnetfce tbe barte anD ttomafce fo, tbat it caufetfr 
one to ffoounbe* Cbe^icu-is lotbpnge: fojtfw 
tbi0lotbpng,onebeletblout>, toban tbe bepneg 
be emptpe, tbepD?afoe totbem pllmattier tbat 
caufetb lotbfomnes. 3taDbefpDes tbefo;efapbe 
acciDentes t&ecebepetotljer, tbatlette blouDD* 

f Hi letting 


Ictfpnge* f p# bopbpnge of menffruous Aire oj 
the emetauDes: fo?one DtfeafcD Untlj eptljer of, 
tbefeftuiDe natbeletblouD: petit map be Done 
to Dpuette tbe flpire oj matter a notfcer foap. 
Cbe«iM0 rsrenes of competition: f oj in rare bos 
Dpes is mocbe Diffolutton : anb eljcuf o?e ttys re- 
folution fuf&fetb t&em foitbout euacuation, as 
Ga,9,tcg, <15alenfaptbe»Cbe»iii.i0ratMif0, anbclainmp* 
ties of Rumours : f o j tban betoace of bluboe let* 
ring, bpcaufeit encteafetbratoenes ofbumo?0, 
and tberfo;e in longefyefcenespe fl^nlDenat let 
blouDDe: fo^raiaenesof turnouts; encceafecbe, 
. Grengtb feebletb, anbtbefpefcenes prolonged*. 
anotl)ccfo?e Hiutcen faptb, tbat in longe fpcKe- 
«es before one is let blouo, be CbttlDe take a lejca- 
tfue s aU tbougbe l)t ncbe bottye* ffiatoenes of b«- 
ttioutB i0 caufco.u.toapcs. £>neistb?ougbea- 
bunbaceof Rumours tbat cboke natural bcate, 
fobpebe cbofepnge b;eDetb ratoe Rumours, anb 
(ban bloubbe lettpnge 10 boifome. wbecf oje 
K\ex.u\u SUejcanDecfaptbe: ftettpnge of bloube in tbebe* 
ca wdrop gpnnpngeof tfjebjopfpisbolfotne: tobanitco* 
. metbbp abunbanceof menftcuous bloitD, tbat 
tb?ougbfome caufets p?ol;ibitcD to ifTue ; o?bp 
abundance of tbe ememuc eg : jf 0? Ipke as a Ipt* 
tel fire is quencljeD tmDer a great beape of foobt 
foolpfcefopfenaturall beateisfuffocatetoitlj a* 
bunoance of turnouts* f&be-tuaufe of ratoe bu* 
ino?B,is feblenes of nat urall Ijeate, as in foifces 
of feble compaction, o;fuc&eas&aueben longe 




ficfte, 03 be tierp ageb, f o? tb& tbe fapb bloub lets 
tpngis bnbolfomc: bpcaufeitaugmetetb tato* 
nes,fo; tbe blouo tljat confecuetb bete is tyatoctt 
out, anDfo tbe bobp is mabecoio, <s§ burnouts 
inoje ratoe : <€b erfo^c tbe biouD umfte belcf te to 
fcigeft tatoe bumots.Cbeuiitis, fonDueSufpote 
cion of tbeapet, eptbec tobotte o?to coloe : foj 
mocbe beate canfetb fttonge tefolution : $ gteat 
colbemahetb tbeblouDDetbpcfceanb bnapteto 

Quid debes facer e 3 <{uando uis flcubothomari, 
Vcl quando minnis juerls velquando mimtus. 
Vnctio fiue pofM5 Uuichrum ) velf afc'u motus 9 
"Debent non fragili tibl fmguU mente tcner'i. 

Cbis tejcte oeclacetb fpue tbpnges t ougbt to be *. ^ me9 
Done about bluDlettpnge: fome before, tome at 
tbetpme, anDfome after. Cbefp?fteteannopns fefW ' 
tpnge, fobicb otbcc topple is bfeD in tbe blouobe 
iettpnge, astoannopntetbeplaceojbepne tbat 
is openeb, toaftoage tbe pepne: fometpme bit 
is ttfeD after blouooe lettpnge, to feepe tbe gaflje 
tbatbttclofenotbpto foone, tbat tbe burnouts 
tbat be iefte in tbe bepnes map baue feme refpi- 
tation, anb fouie pi fumes bopbe out Cbe* iu is 
to Dtpn&e,anD fpectallp topne, tobicbe is gooo in 
blouo lettpnge: if one bap tofofemoe : anbalfo 
bit is berpebolfome after bloua lettpnge, tote* 
uputtl)t fppritesanb engenD?e netoe blouDDe, 
tobicbe i\)vn^zin pjactife ail pbifitions obferue, 
Clje tiptoe is bapnpnge, tobicbe tjs ^olfome iiu 



&apes before anD tbje Dapes after bloub Ictttnge, 
anD naf tbe fame Dape. #it ts gooD befo?e,tf one 
tbtnfeebefjaue groirebumour0foitbmbpw> fo? 
batmnge leufetb anD mouetb tbe bumours, anD 
fo?tbefapDecaufettis bolfomc to tafceafrarpe 
fprope before, to moue,Di(Tolue, anD make fub- 
tpletbe buniours* SPnD tberfo?e, tobanpe fopil 
lette one blouD, ye imift tubbe tbe atme, tbat tbe 
bumours in tbe betneg about map be maoe fab* 
tile anD pjepareD to tflue out mo?e eafplpe*i£it is 
bolfome after blouD iettpnge, tbat tbe refpDue of 
Ijumours anD bapoureg, tbat be IcftebebpnDe, 
umpbeleufeD* 3jti0natbolfometbefame Dape, 
f 0? bapntnge mafcetb tbe f fepnne Itnnotoe 0? fou= 
puile, tobtcbenmDelpnnofoetopllnatabpDe tbe 
fttofce tbat is gpuen tn blouD Iettpnge, anD tbat 
iz Dangerou0.Cbe fourtb is bpnDpnge Mb Un- 
itenclotbes, fobtcbetsberp bolfome to (lop tbe 
blouDDe after euacuation tberof , anD before ble- 
Dpng,toD?afoetbe buwoursintbebepne©, anD 
fo caufe tbem to ftoeile, anD better to appete. 
CbefpftetsmoDerate toalfcpngc after bluDlet* 
tpng, to DiflblueanD mafee fubttie tbe burnous 
anD after ftmrDe toleufetbe refpDue of tbebu* 
tnours tbat be lefte bebpnbe ♦ ^cme bfe to be let 
bIouDDefaftpnge,butfon:e otljerfapr, bittoere 
bettertoeatearereroffrD eggefp;ft, anDtfeerto 
typnfce a Djaugbt of tome, about tbe bcurc cf ir. 
0; EbefojeDpner, anD fo?tb butb to be letblouD: 
30p eaufe tubanttye ftomafce ijsemptpe, mtutz 



cetepnetbe ftpile tlje blouDDe moje fttongelpe, 
lefte be tyulDe lacbe nourpfljemente, butfoban 
one barb eaten a Ipttell nourpOpnge mcate, as 
toptw anD egges is,$a nature fufftetfe t&e blouD 

Nf /i«t dwentei /leKfcotboffli* f<rcir. 

i^ete be DeclateD tb?e effect es of blouDDe letting. c&f e ^ 
JF pjfte it mafcetb a faDDe petfon metp* SeconDIp ferfe* of 
ttappeafetbangetpfolfees: Cfjereafomstijts, *'°"** c 
utocfee melaneolpmpngleDtottfe tfee bIouD,cate r<tfFn3c * 
fetb beupnes,ariD moclje colct caufetlje anger, 
fcbpebe ttoo burnouts, ae tbep be mpngleD tottfe 
t be blouDDe, ate D;atoen oute bp blouD lettpnge. 
Cbp?Delp tt fcepetb louets from furious raumg, 
fo? tttemouetb tbe blouDDe ftometbefeeaD,anD 
auopDetfe tt bp tfte otbet ejetetto? patter . f at* 
tbettnoje tfeere be. b. caufes of bloubDe lettpnge* 
Cbe fpjfteis, tljatt&eabunDance,fD&et&etitbe 
in Qttaltte,o; quantue,o? botlje 3 (&ulDe be b otDeD. 
tf 02 as luicen fapctf),ttoo manet of fotfces tnttft 
beletbloub.flDneate fucbe as be DifpofeD to be 
ftefcetbat baue abunDaftce of blouD in quantite ♦ 
Cbe otbet ate tbep that ate ft cite altebp, t^ougb 
tbe malpce of burnouts o? bloubbe . 23 ut tfjete is 
Dtffetencetntbefe ttoo bloubDe lettpnges . fot 
blouDDe lettpnge fo? tlje abunDanceof blouDDe 
ougbt to be mocbe, but foban it is Done to auotDe 
pll blouD, tt muft be moDetate, as <£alen faptb ♦ Ga.<>.me. 
3*nD t&etfojt tfeep Do fcetp pi, tbat lettetfeem felfe 

g bleDe 


Mebe tpU tftcp percepue tlje gocb bloub iflue, ft? 
paratientureali tl;cp?bloub fljall runneout, cc 
tljepfeeanp gooDbiubbeappece- Cljerfe?e tljep 
fljtilDe boioe a lite! at ones : anb after tije muiDe 
^ , . of <!5alen, in tl)is cafe: before tbeplet onebloub, 
<orni\\£ t&ep (ftuloe gpue bpm goob meates, to engentye 
a P h . que goob blouDDe, to fulfpll tbc place of tlje pi blouD 
jcgumur. lg awopDeD : and after toitljin a Ipttel fpace. 
to lette blouD a {ptteli anD Ipttell ♦ f&bis 10 calles 
&p;ecte lettpnge of bloub,fo? it is Done to auopbe 
abunbanceofbloub, anb of fucftc Rumours, as 
Ojtilbe be auopoeb l C&e f p?fte mmtccte caufe is 
tbegreatnesof t&ebifeafe, anb gjeatnesof tlje 
apparent fakement tnflammat'nn, fo; as d5ale» 
faptlje, tfcere is no better mebr.ine fojanimpo* 
flume of be^ement inflammation, feuers, anb a 
great acbe,tijan blouo letting. Clje feconb imU 
tecte caufe is, tfjatt&emattier, totnc&emuftebe 
auoibeb, bebjatoentotljat place from tokens tt 
imiftebeauopDeb.^nDtljerfoie in retention of 
tbemenftcuousflijeeanbemeratobes, tty gjeate 
fcepne m t&e fote calleb Soph™*, muft be.openeD, 
esd&alenfapt&e, tob;atoc oohmetlje mattterof 
tlje bloub* Cfje tbpjbe indirect caufe is to b?afce 
tlje Rumours to Replace, contrarpto tljat place 
tbattfyepOotoe to,tobpuertetfce mattper frome 
tW place ♦Cfjetfoje fo? tomoc^cabunbanceof 
tnenftruofite, tlje fcepne Bafilka, mufte be lette 
bloub,to turned matter tottje contrarp parte, 
anb foo to aopbe it frome l)ts p;op^courfe» StoD 



tfjetfoje&e tWWb aplurefp on&feieftefpbe, 
tnuft be let blub on § rigbt fibe,to iuuute $ D;ato 
tf;c mattier to tl;e place com rc rp to tftat place g it 
rndpnctlj to ♦ InD Ipfcc topfe tr tt be on tt)c t pgbt 
fiDc 5 to let blouD on £ Icf te.CI;e Mil mDttect caufe 
f 0, § bp lettpng of bioub,one p o;tton of £ tnatttet 
map be auopbeb,tbat nature map be tbe ftrongcr 
fcpo tije refibue,$ fo lettpng of bio uD ts bolfome, 
to!;ant&eboDpei0fttH. led unpcflumcsgtotoe: 
fo? tbe regiment of nature is febie, in regarbe of 
tbefe ljumo?g: toi?etfo;c bban a portion of tl)t 
mattter ts bopbeb, nature gouemetb tbe mat tier 
footbat it ftuioe not flotoe to fome tueaUe place 

Idc }>Ugm Itrgm mecliocrite r^ut citofumus 
Exett vba'ws, cruor. 

$cte tbe auctour fattb,tbaf tbe gafye ma&e to let 
tinge of blouD ougbtrobeof amcanelargenc0* 
$ tbe grofle blouo map eafelp tlfae out: f o? toba § 
gaflje tsOrapte, tljepure bloubonelp gotbout, 
anbtbegtoffe abpbetb ftpllm 1 3tab note, tbat 
fometpme tljegaiT&e muftebe great, anb tome 
tpmefmalle ♦ Cbegafficmufte be great foj.rtu 
caufes* tfp?fte, bpcaufetlje fcumoursfce groffe, 
anb groffc blouD mutt be b opDeD,ag in tbem tljat 
bemelancolp* §>econblpe, tn topntct tbe gattye 
mud be great, fojcoloeengcofletb tbe tjumo;0* 
Ctip?&Ip 3 fo?tijabunDanccof bumour0, fojtbep 
auopDe better bp a greatte gaffte tban a fmal! ♦ 
Kutt^e gaOjemuftbefmal, foljant&e perforate 


of tocafce fitengtk that t!je fp tr* tes anD statu* 
tall beate auopoe not to mocfje : anD iphefopfe in 
a botte feafoti, anD toban tbe blouD is puce* 

Sanguine /ffbtroto /ex bom e ji KigiUndum, 
Nr /bw»i /«mM5 !e<tar /en/iMf corpus. 
Nf neruMm leJdt now fit ubi p tag* pr oJWd* 
Sanguine pMrgdtMS non C4rp4* protimtf r/c*i. 

Cb?e tinges mufte be confpDjeD toban one is 
let blouD * Jp? fte tijat be flepe nat in ♦ tot* boures 
aft er> leeft tbe fumes engenDjeD bp flepe afcenDe 
to tfje !)cao anD ljuttc tl)c b?apnc * farther leafte 
in btsflep* beturnebpmon tbearme tbat ts let 
blouDDe,anD tberbp &urte bpm,&nD leefte tljc bu= 
mouts bp flepe , flo toe to tbe pepnf ul memb jcbp 
teafon of t&e mctftd, anD fo b#De an impollume* 
r %V*uS* <J5a,cn fVft^t *f impoftumes bjeDe in t^e 
inquo.a?c boDp, o? in a membje tbat is butte : tbe bumours 
topllftotoetberbnto* ^utluicen aflftgnetbe an 
otbeccaufe, tbat bp fuc&e flepe map cbance con- 
fraction of tf>e memoes : Cbe caufe mape be 80 
<5alen faptb.tbat flepe is bnbolfome in tbe ague 
f ptte : fo; natural! fyeate gotbe m toatoe, anD tbe 
outtoatDe partes toaj;e coIDe, aiiDtbfc fumes re* 
mapnbticoufumeD: tobecbp tberpgouc tsaug* 
menteD, anDtbefeuerfpttepjolongeD ♦ lifo bp 
moupnge of tbe humours in letting of bio uD fu- 
nics are repfeobp to tbe fenotoesanD bjatone* 
of tbearmes : toljtcty remapnpnge bnconfumeD, 
toa*e coloe in flepe, anD tngrofle in tfte btter par* 
tes 1 31nD tberf o;e tf one flepe immeDiatelp aftec 



letting of Momd, tbcp caufe confraetion of t&efe* 
no toes anD tyaunes of tbc acmes ♦SlnD l)e fapty, 
tyat one m lectpngc of biouDDcmuft beluatettiat 
ht mafte not tfyz gaOJe tot)cpc, lefte Ije tyucte a Ce* 
no toe o? anattcrp ftcpnge bnoec tl)e toepne ;fo; 
ijuctpng of afenotoe caufetl) a mojtall ccampe, 
o? lofTe of a membie, as an acme o; a f pngec, anD 
fcutteofanartetp ftcpnge, caufetl) bleDpngbn* 
curable. 3flnD one ougbtnatto cate immeDiatlp 
after Ik is let blouDDe,but&emuftetacptpll tfje 
immonrs in frpm be m quiete, leafte tbe meate a- 
foje it beDigefteD, beDjatoentogetfjettoity t\)t 
blotiDDe, to fuccour tt)e tjurte mcmb;e. 

Omnia de Ucte uitabis rite minute* 
ituitet potumfleubothomatus homo. 
Fr igi J* Mitatir 3 ^ut4 funt \nm1c4 mmutls ^ 
lnterdictus exit minutis nuhilus aer. 
Spirhus exult tt minutls luce per auxts. 
Omnibus apt a ({Hies e/i, mows utlde nociuus* 

feeret&e auctoutfaptlje.tnt&inges muftebeef* * >'W*f« 
c&etoeD of &pm t&at is let blouDDe 1 Cfte fp?fte is of ^ - 
tmlfce anD tofnte meatcs : f 0? bp ftuccpng of \)U* t$ a t ** m 
moucs caufcD bp lettpnge of blouDDe,ofte tpmes 
fome tyumoucs flotoe to t!>e ttomacfce : ttjerfoje if 
l)t ©ulDeeate mpifce, bp mpnglpng toitb tfte ftu- ^3 
mouts, ittoolDecojtuptem tljeftomacfee ; fptfc 
of itfelfeitisbecpe corruptible* 3lnDefce bp re- 
ton ttjat it 10 ftoete, ttjemplfce map be D;atoento 
ttje bepnes tmDige&eD : anD t^ouglje tturrpnge 
of humours ipgljtelp cojrupte* ^ecotfcelpe, be 


muffe befoareof rooefce Djpnftpng : fo; bp tea* 
fontbatt&ebepnesbeemptp, tbe DjpnfcebnDp* 
gefteDts ligb tip tyatoen to tbcm,as is afo?efatD. 
Cte&lp.bemuft efcbefoeallcolbe tinges, as 
fuel outftmtDe, as mtoatO, as meates berp coID, 
eolb* aper, colbe batbpnge, ttjpnne clctbpnge, 
tfcftpnge on flones.colbenes of tbe ijeab ano fete, 
fo?bp reafontbat natural beate is febleD bp let- 
tpngofblou&bea^ltf&ptDpUfoonebe to colbe. 
dfouttblp, l?e tbat is let biotiD, Q) ulbe nat toalfce 
niDarfceetoubpo? troublous aper: fo? tbatma* 
fcetb bpnt beup ano bnluEp, as is af oje fapbe at, 
A a fit mrMs. crc^nb brumes ts eaufe of melan* 
coip blouDDe .Cberfo?e be mud foalfce m a f ap?c 
c!eteapet::fo;t^at teeceatetbetbe natural! ano 
Ipuelp fptntesi^pftfpbemufte efcb*toe ejCcelTwe 
labour, ano bfe mobetate relie: fo? ercelTiue Our- 
rpnge about tban fpeemllp, foeafcetbe anD mo* 
itetbe bumours, but temperate rede Ctoagetbe 

Frincipio tnwuas 'wicutU ferpera cutis. 
I,tatis me die mltum defangmne tolk, 
Sed p«rf at<yfenex toilet Uterq ; pdrutn. 
Ver toilet duplum, reliquum tcmfus mfifimplum. 

e$< w ^ ctt ft* ipeafcetb of. tut* tbpnges » jfpjfte, tt?e let 
ttmcM* ^ngeofblouDftuiDebeDonemtbebegptinpnge 
Jp f A w of Qjatpe bifeafes, tcljicb are enbtb p . tut; tape* 
' f o? fucbe be$o?te anb mafce no belap : tl?erfo;e 
ftep muft be remebpeb at tbc begpnnpnge. 
Cfce ♦ a. ts tfcat from ♦ tfje. pere to ♦ . o;» I* one 


OF HELTH!# rti 

OmlDe be let bloub moofte, f o? at tbat age blouO 
encreafetbmoofleof all:no? tbebpmpnpibpnge 
tberof lettctbnottbe gtotopnge: no? tbe boDplp 
ftcengtb is not IclfcD tberbp : f o? tbe boDp m tbae 
age grotoetb not, but femetb to ItanDe (III at one 
ftate ♦ Cbe tbPJ&e is, tbat oloe folfee anD cbilbjeti 
OjulDe be letblouD butlptel:fo? pongecbUDjen 
nebemocbe blouDtono?i(be anDencteafe tbem, 
ana ageo follies ftrengtb Decapetb* tfourteblpe, 
in bet Double quantite of blouD (bulD be bopbeD 
in cegarDe of otber feafons : foj tbat tpme fp$> 
cpallp encreafetb blouDbe, as all pfjifutottB fape ♦ 
Coucbpnge tbe f p?(le fapenge, a f etoe rules con* 
cernpnge lettpngeof blouDDe, toolDe be gpuem 
Cbe fp?ftc t0, tbatat tbe begpnnpnge of fte-lp* 
feetiesoneCBulDnotbeletblouDDe, fojas<fcaie« Ga: , 
faptb, nature is footer of all tbpnges , anb tbe * 
pbirittonismpmftet . 23ut be faptb, tbat no ba= 
cuation at tbe beginning of ftcUenes is natural, Mem.ffif. 
fo: as nature m tbe beginning of fpefcenesauot* aphoririn 
^etbnotbpn^lpfeebjpfenomo^e CbuiDtHe PW^Sf 
fition. Yet tbjeetbpnges toitbttanoetbts rale* JU*, 
Clje fp?fte ts f uriofite of tbe mattier, f 0? mictn 
faptb. tbat tobantbefpefcenes begpnnctbe, one 
toulD not be let blouD, f 0? Icttpnge of blouD nut* 
tetb tbe bunicurs, anD mafcetb tbepm fubrple. 
anD to rounne tb?ougb out all tbe boDp,outcepte 
tbe mattier be f ucious ; Cbe fecob ts,abunDan<* 
of m mattier :tfo? d5alenfaptbe, tbatitistaan 

bus mow 

bcfcoueful to be letblouD 0? tafcea meDictnla#*bis,&c, 


tfue, to alkuiate nature lofted imtl; abundance 
ofmattter*Cbetbp?Dei0greatne0 anD fljarpe* 
tics oftljcfpcUcucs, a0 tobantbcre is a gtcatte 
anDanacbefulle tmpoftume, t&ougbe ttie mat- 
Gwjjne. tier be Ipttel ♦ ^Fo? d^alen fapt^ 3 if tbe impoftume 
be great, pe mutt let blouDDe at tbe begpnnpnge, 
tbougbe tbere be but Ipttell mattter : leafte tt 
tyefce o? open er it be ripe : tberf o?e to efebue ma* 
tip tacomicmcnces bloub lettpnge mutt be Done ♦ 
fClje,it.rulets,tbat blouD lettmge map not be 
Done on tbe Dap of motion of tbefpefcenes, as m 
jctifk «* Crifo, no? no otljer bacuatton no? Diueetpng of 
fobopne mattter from tbe place tbat nature renbetb it to ♦ 
mcation j^feetopfe in tbe ague f ittfctf o? <£alen faptb« 
Sk ol ®W tofjan tbe ficfeenes is in bis eftate, neptfcec 
tetpt mut blouDDe lettpnge no? laratiue CbulDebeDone* 
t#ivn, j 0? t^an tbe matter rppetb. fobicb* rppetb bet* 
tec bp quietnes tban bp fterpng. Cbe tbirDe rule 
t0,tbatlettpngeblouDt>e$oulDe not be Donetn 

begpnnpnge of tbefpcfeene0, toban enfis 10 re- 
tnoueD : fo? 3!faac faptb mbts 'bote of brines, 
ebat tbougb I bart be tbe eugenD?et of tbe blouD 
anD fptrites, pet tbe biouDDe 10 funbatton of na* 
turall beate, anD fuftepmtb it, fo?beate is na* 
turallpe tfcerof cngenD?eD : anD tbetfo?e betbat 
topDetbblouDDe»t)opDetbbeate: tufttcftc C&ulbe 
trtgefte tbe mattier of tbe rpclicnf c,anD foo confer 
qucntlp tbe fpcbcne0 i0 prolonged, anD ftreugtb 
toeafceb . ainD tberf o?e it is to D?*fce ,lefte tb?ougb 
leugt&pnge of tjje fpefeenes, anD toeafcpng of tbe 



ttm$tb*mtutt O^uid faple.Cfte fourth rule te. 
tftat tt)c bobpe Ijaupngc b;egges o; fpltbe m tl^e 
guttes, fljuib not be lettebloub* Clje canters, 
tfteee be tfae ranges tftat tyaluc to tftem^eate. 
emptpnes, anD ail t\)t fyappe, To toijan tl?e bep= 
nes be empteo bp lettpnge of bloub, tljcp tyatoe 
to tbepm from tlje net ce memb?e, as tlje guttes, 
anbftomacbe.totjerbptlje bealpets tnburateb, 
anD tlje mat tier in tin bepnes are mo;c enf ecteb, 
tt)empfcraifccD?atoct^ ttjcftutmbttesof tljeoj= 
Deurs,anb tfte ojbeurs ace D?peb tlje moje, tfter- 
f o;e pc mutt fpjfte moiifp tbe bealp toitft cltfters 
oj fuppofitojtcs, cjcccpte tt toajce larattue alone* 
(C&e • b. rule is,tf)at lettpnge of bloub (bulb nat 
bcmodjcbfeD: if a; bpofte bfpngfctberof, one 
Dmtopng tn age,fatierb in to bitters btfeafes,as 
Epiicnci^Apopiexie,anb palfep,fo;t bp remoutng 
of tfjcbiobanb brace* manp fleumatpfee fupcr* 
Suites are engenD?eD>ti?at caufettjefe btfeafes* ruins, tftatatoomanmenftruate, o? 
totttj c^tlDe QnitDc nat belet bloube. 3 toomatt 
tottl) cljt loe (l)u!De nat, fo; tljcrbp t\jc Ideate tfjat 
Dtgeftetb meate ts Dpmtnifljeb, anb tl)t f oobe of 
tftat tbar Q)e gotb toitfMS taken afrap:fpcaal(p 
tofcunttbat tftcgootb toffy, toajcety great, fo? 
tfran it nebetft mo?e foobe.Cfjts fapetfjie l^tppo* 
crates: tot an tfte menttruoftte ttepetb Due courfe 
anb bopberbnaturallpinougft, letting of blob 
tyuID not be Done, but toften tt kotDetlj to mod;, 
tfcan to Diuertetije mattter, ttmuttebe ooonr, 

ft fo; 


fo? nature foolbe natbe!etteofl?er operation; 
fiS^e. bti. rule is, ttjat after tljt colc?icfce pafttotr 
one $ulb nat be let bloub,fo? bp reafen tynt ItU 
tpnge of blonde flouretfy bp t\)i burnouts, a co* 
lericfce Rumour map flotoetotfceftomalie, anl> 
enftame it :no? after fcometpuge, left Rumours 
Ipfce&pfe flotoe to t\)t ftomacfce: no? after § 8ipe, 
no? after great toatcfjpng, no? after moclje tra* 
uaple: no? after anp tfcpnge tl?at greatip i^eatety 
o? Diffbluetfj : fo? tn tljofe cafes lettpmg of blonti 
(Ijouibe greatip mouett)eijumours,anbenfeble 
tlje ftrengtb. Jfrotoe it is to be confibjeb, totjo be 
mete tobeletbloub: $tfeerfo?e toe (ball Declare 
a f etoe rules ♦ Cfje fp?fte rule is, tljat lettpng of 
bioubeis berp expedient fo?belpcate 3 pbe!, an& 
co?fp folfces; anb tljat bfe meates engenb?pnge 
moclje bloub^e fecob rule isat ts l^olfome f oj 
tbofe tljat Ijaue abunbaunce of blouboe,ftWcl)c 
abundance is fenoteen bp t&e tljpcfcenes of tljep* 
tmne.-f o? abunbance of bloub maftett) it tljpcbe r 
anb abunbance of coler maftetlj it tljpnne, 
Cfte tfjtrb is, tljep IfioulD be let bloub, in foljoni 
tnelancolpabunbet^; fojtubanmoctje natural 
melancolp runnetfcfoit&tfje bloub tftiougi) out 
al tije bcbp»not puuf ieng the pll bloub.tljan let- 
tpng of bloub is fyoirome*C^ere be*ii.fepnbes of 
*nelancolp,natural an&bnnaturalL Natural is 
tbc D?egges of bloubbe, foljicije te^an it aboun* 
betl), te runnetfye fcnt!} bloubbe : anb m lettpnge 
xjfbloubbetsbopbeDtljetlmt^Jro? of tlje fame 



impmtt bcate, bio uD.anD melancolp^fje D?eg* 
qcq tljetof, Is engenD;cD. Cfje ♦ tut. rule rs, t&at 
tobanboplpnge, conturbattott, anD calefactton 
of bumours is f eateo,tt ts bolfomc to let blouD: 
anDtljofepetfons, asfoone ast&ep fele tljepm 
felfe tnflamcD, (ft ulDc be let auopDe tl)t 
fojfatD motums,caufeD bp great c abunDance of 
burnouts • Yet ottjec toljtle Come be Difcepu cD bp 
eljts rule: f o; fouijtDttb tbep fele calef actio, 
$ feate bopUg of I; umo urg , tl)cp let tbem blouD* 
3KnD toljan tljis cometlj of beate,calefactton,anD 
Inctftoiu&e calefactton o? boplmg cefletl) nat bp 
blouDe lettpnge, pe it ts tattjet augmented : fo? 
blouD lettpuge mouetfytbe turnouts, anD ma- 
feet^ tijepmtunne tfcougbe tbeboDp : tljctfo?e 
lettpuge of blouDe tsnotfjolfome, ejccepteitbe 
fo? abunDance of burnouts, fotyclje is fmotoett 
bpntocijeftoette fpectallp tntbe mo?npnge, fo? 
ftecebefometbat ftoette nat, ejcceptetljep neDe 
cuacuattotuCbe. frtule is,tbep tbat be mpgbtp 
anD ftrong, QjoulDe be let blouD,$ nat tljtp tbat 
be colDe anD D?p-jf o? ftafis faptfc, tftat tljore bo* 
Dies ate ap tt to be let blouD,tljat baue great ap* 
patant fcepnes,$ be beatp, anD coIo?cd bettoene 
b?o tone anD reD, anD folUce nat to ponge no? to 
olDe, fo? cljplD?en anD tmtoelDp ageD petfonnes 
fl)oulD not be let blouDDe,ejccepte great neceflfttp 
requite it ♦ ^anp of tbe fapD rules be getljeceD 
outofluicem ****** 

Eftas uer dexrras, autumnus hyemsqj fmiftras. goffomifl. 

\)AU Quatuor \ 


Quatuorhec mcbra cephe^or.pcs^par uacuatur« 
Vcr cor, epar eftas, ordo fequens reliqua. 

$cre tbe auctout tecptpnge cectdpne tbpngetf 
concentrngc tbe memoes tbatbelctte blouoe, 
faitbe,tbat in tier ano fommec tbe bepius of tb e 
rpgf^tc banDe, acme o? foote fljulo be let blcuoe. 
iSutmfopntetanDautunme, tbebepwscf tljc 
lefte banDe, acme, o? foote mud be Dpmtmfffieo. 
Cbe caufe beteof map be/oj tbat tec cncteafctb 
bluD, anbfometcoler, tbctfopc in bee anD fom* 
met pe ftulbe Dimimtibe tbofe bepne0,m tobtcbe 
bloube and coiet abotmDe, tobtcbebetbetpgb* 
fpDe bepnes, fo? on tbe tpgbte fpDe of tbe bobpe 
(tanbetb tbe membje tbat eng&jetb blouD, tbat 
is tt>e Ipuet,anD tbe receptacle of coier, tbe gall* 
gutumne engenD^ctbe melancolp, tobtcb is ge- 
tbereD to getbet,$ nat tefolueD bp topntet : tl)ec- 
f o?e in bee anD topntet, tbofe bepnes fljoulDe be 
let blouo, m tobtcb melancolp batbe Dominion/ 
tobtcbe be tbe leftefiDe bepnes, fojtbefplcnei* 
on tbe lefte fpDe of tbe boDp, tobtcbe is tbe tccep* 
taele of melancolp . S>econDelpe be faptbe, tbaii 
tbefe. tttt* mcmb?es,tbe beaD, tbe battctbe f ote, 
anb tbe Iptiec, after tbe. wit . fcafons of tbe pete, 
mufte beempteo, tbe bartembec, tbe Iputrin 
fommec, tbe beao in topntet, anD tbe foote in 

Datfaluatcllatibi plurima dona minuta* 
Purgatepar, fplenem, pe<fru$ 5 precordia,uocera» 
Ianaturalem toilit dc c orde dolorcm* 


$eretljeautourrecptett). commobitiestbat 
commebe lettpngebloDof tl)c t^epuc Saiuatciia* 
3F(t is tfte tiep % uc ou tljebacfteof tt)e bam*, be* 
ttoene tl)t mpDoei fpngec anD tfte rpnge fpn^cr, 
it purgetbe tbclpuet, ttclenfetljefye fplene, it 
munftificA Aebjeaft, ttp?cfccuetftc tfteftoma- 
fees mout^e ftom fjurte, it Dot!) atoape butte or 
tlje toopce.CJje reafonof all tljefecommoDiteS 
is bp caufe tftc f o;fapDe bepue auopDetl) blouDe 
from all tbefe places,as after it 0}all appere, 
f 0; amo;e ample Declaration it is to tmtte,tl)at 
inlettpngof blouDe, otljcrtoljple the bepuesbe 
openeD, anD fometpme tlje arteries ♦ Cfte ope* 
npng of tye arterp is Dangerous, § caufe hereof 
is t^e ouer mocb e bleDpnge, tol)ic^e is caufeD.ti. 
tuapes.^Dne 10 tb?ougt)e f erucnt beate of tl)e ar^ 
terp b!cuDe,fo?a bot tfcpnge is foone moueable, 
3 Dilaietl) 5 opened) tfce arterp, 9 t^ctf o?e it bel= 
petti moclje to bopDe tlje blouD, in letting blouD 
tl)t arterp. caufe is mobiltte of tlje arte- 
rtc, anD tberfo;e tlje toounDe 0? gaUO&e initt* 
flotoelper ijealeD, foj toounDes brity out reft can 
nat l)eale. Yet tljis lettpnge of blouse is Ijolfome 
in. mancrtopfe. fp?ftefoljan tljerts abunDacc 
of fubtilblouD tntfteboDp.^econDIptu^anfte 
blouDe is bapojous ♦ Cl>p?Delpe tol^an it is? 
fcotte. ifo? fubtple blouDe,of toljie!) natural bloO 
anDfpirites bcengenD?eD, reftetfjmtye arterp: 
but grcs blouDe tfiat nourptyetli tfte memtyes, 
nttetliaifte bepnes, jlpfectopfetlje bapo?ou0 

tyUu bloD 


Monde isamtepned in tin artery and fangupne 
bloud in tl)c fcepnes . 3Ufo tfye jotted blouoctfje 
fu!j:£& 10 of tbe I;acte t^e jotted mtmb;e cngens 
D?eD and contcmcD in tbe artcrp,and 
tfce office Mo tid in tbe fcepnes . feeconDIp note, 
ftattije fcepnesare opened m manp memoes, 
fometpme int&eacme. o? in tlje great banoc o? 
final!, fometpme int&e foote. fomtpme in tbe 
nofe.fome tpme in tbe fo;l;ead, fometpme in tbe 
Ipppcs, fometpme dnDer t&etounge, o? in tbe 
ruffe of tlje motive, fometpme m tbe corners of 
tbe eies tomato § f o#ead • jf com tlje acme pptte 
to tbe ellebotoe are » ti « feepnes to be opened as 
l^afts and aiuicen fap^Cbe fit It is calleo Cepha* 
lica, toltfcbe is tfje freaD fcepne: Cbe. ti« i0 calico 
Baniica, Mjicty is tbe Ipuer fccpne ♦ Ctje ♦ iii • is 

Called Mediana,OjCardianaOJ nigra after 30UtCC. 
0? matrix after IEafi0.Clje.iiii.iS calleD Afifellaris.* 

Clje«fo. is called Funis brachij. Jn tlje lefle fjande 
is Saiuateiia,fo tbat in tlje acme, in tfeat it contep- 
net!) tbe itio^e anD tbe lefTe band, ace. to. bepnes 
to be openeD+Cephaiica emptetb tl?e partes about 
ttjenecfee,and tbecfo;e to opent&atfcepne it is 
good fo; Difeafes of tbe bead , as tbe megrim $ 
otbec !)otte gceffes caufeo of^otte matter.Cljis 
fcepne begpnnetl) at tlje Q)uldcr,and gotije f ojty 
tofoarde tbe lef f e fpbe of tlje arme . Bafiiica, emp- 
tetbetlje partes bndertbenecfce, as frome tijc 
bjeaft ano Ipuer : and tljerfoje t&e lettpng blouo 
Pt t&is bepne is fcolfome fo; Difeafes of t&c b;cft 


OF H EL THE, us 

anD Ipucr, anDrpg^t gooD in plurefpe* CWa 
fcepne begpunei b at tbe arnie Ijole, anD gotbe a* 
longe to tl)t botopng of t!>e anne. Mediana is be* 
ctDcuc tljefe t too fatD fcepucs,anD is compacte of 
tfK r in bottie, fo; tt ts ttje tyaunclje of e#e • 3!nD 
it ts cite mcDtatt in bacuation: fo? it bopbetb 
from all about, bnDer, from, anD aboue § neefce* 
tofjetfoje it is tfjc bniuetfal bepne to al tlje bob^ 
in fcopbpng: but nat bmuetfal (as fome fap)bp- 
caufe it begpnnetbe at tbe Ijatte, but bpcaufe 

it iS tlje b?auncb Of Cephalica atlD BanIica 4 Cbet= 

fo;e teban pou topi let Cephalica blouD,$ it appe- 
tetb not,pt CbufD rather tafee Mediana, ttjan Baft 
lica.^nb Ufeetopfe toban pe topi let Baniica blotiD, 
anb it apperctlj nat, peOjoulberatbec mpnpG&e 
Mediana tban Cephalica. jfoj it agteetbe bettee 
to botlje, tban one of tl;em toitty t^e otljer ♦ Sal* 
uateiia ts § fcepne bettoene £ mpDDell fpnger anD 
$e tpnge fpnger, mo?e Declpnpnge to ttye mpD* 
Del fpnger-3it begpnnetft of Bafiiica. Cbts betne 
is openeD in t^e tpgftf ijanDe fo? optlattonof# 
IpuecanD in tbe lefte banDe f o: optlation of tbe 
fplene.Cbere ts no reafon toljp tt ffjulD be fo, as 
3iupcenfaptbe, but ejepetpence , tobielje cJSalett 
f ounDe bp a D?eame,as be faptlj * ©e l^aD one in 
rute^ofe Ipuer anD fplene toere ttopte, anD l?e 
DjeameD tbat Ije DtD let bim bio ud of tbis betne, 
anD fo be DiD, anD cureD tbe pactcntBCOban tftts 
fcepnetsletblouDDe, tbe banDe mudebeputin 
toarme foater, to engtofie anD Dilate it, bpcaufe 

OF HE L ? H E. 

ittetubtiUyamtynttljt gatye Cmiae natelofe 
tofoone,anDtomafeetl)cg2o(Te blouDe tljinne. 

Aflillarif IS DnDec Bafilica, 831D nppetttljt HI bpn* 

Dpiige tbeatme:a«D Ipfce uisementtsof it a* 

Of Bafilica.Funis brachi) IS OtfCC CephaIica,Oj dlC0 

tbe bpnDccmoftebone :anD 10 of one tujement 
foitb Gcphahca ♦ C^erfoje as Huicen anD d5aleti 
fape, tbougb m openiuge of bepnes, be burner- 
raUbacuatiottofalltijcbDDpe, pec nat from all 
tepnes egallp: noj Ipfce ieojJDp 10 nat m all df oj 
Bafts faptb* tbat Cephaika ts tbe furer, anD Ba* 
fiiica moje to be feareD>anD Cardtaca is to feare. 

but nat fO mOCbeag Bafilica.CephalicalS fwefte, 

f oj tbere is n eprljcc feno toe no; artecp aboue no; 
fcnDer it : but bnDer Cardiaca tbece is a feno toe, 
and tapper aboue it is afubtple fenotoe t tbec- 
foje it ts to feare, lefteit QwlDe becutte. Bafi= 
lica is berp ieoperDous : f 02 bnDer it is an arte- 
ep,anD nete it a fenotoe anD a mufculLSaiuatdia 
10 not ieoperDous, anD tljerfoje § better to open 
it, it toolDc be put tn foarme toater ♦ 3|n tbe f ote 
be tb;e bepnes, Sdatica,Sophena,anD tbe bamme 
fcepne i Cbefe bepnes be openeDto D:atoetbe 
blouDe to t\)c fotoer partes, as in pjouofcpnge 
menttruofpte, anD tbe bamme bepne is better 
tban Sophcna, 0? Sciatica: fo? it tsnere tbe ma^ 
mce^Sophena D;atoett) blob from tbe parDe,coD- 
Des,anDmatrtce, anD Sciatica frometbe ancles 
tames anD otbet memoes totoarDe mans ipfte 
fpbe* Sophcna frometljematriceanD memoes 



turn about. tbougberijepbe bjaunt^ts of one 
toepne. 3fn t&e imodes of tye fo#eao ts a bepne 
fobtc&e is opend foj olde Dtfcafcs of cde face, ae 
tno;p&eu, djpe fcurfe. and fcabbe, and fo? dtfea= 
Ub of tfte epes,but fpjft Ophaiica mud be mpnu 
fljed.C&ere t0lpketopfea bepne tu tfte noofe, 
anD to&an anp of tljem 10 opend, tbt necfee muft 
be bounde, anD one opend after an otfcenand bp 
bpndpngeof tljenecfee, tljep topil better appere, 
Cljere be bepnes tn t&e Ipppes, to&pcfc be openD 
fo;unpoftnmes tntl)emoutyeo?gomme0, but 
Cephaika is fp;fle mpnpfoed. Co open t!;e foure 
fcepnes tn fye ruffe of tye mouthers fjolfomea* 
sapn(letbcreume0t&atflofoe to t&etet&e. and 
caufe t&em to afee.Cbefe bepnes appere plapne- 
Iprandmuftebe opend totyant&e matter is Dp= 
gelled* C&ere be bepnestntlje corners of the 
epes totoajde tfje fo#ead, and tljep be opend fo? 
tnfeafe0oftIjeete0,butfpjfte Cephaiica muftbe 
tnpnpfljed- Cftebepnestn t^etpmpuilesbe let 
Moudde fo? t&e megrpnt>and f 0? gjeat and long 
bead acl;e.3nd t&ofe be t&e bepnes, tljat i^tppo- 
crategand <25alencalle iuuemies, t&etnciftonof 
tbt bepnes mafcetb a ma bnable to get cltfidjen. 
2Wfotnt&eneckbebepne0 5 caUed guides, lu^tcii 
mutt be opened tn tl)t begpnnpnge of lepje, and 
fpertailp foj ftopppnge of t&e fopnde pppes, and 
in t&e ftopnacpe, to&pcfjelettetfje one to d;atoe 

Si dolor eft capitis expotu limpha bibatur, 

i E * 


Ex potu nimio nam febris acuta crcatur . 
Si uertex capitis ucl frons eftu tribulentur* 
Ti/npora fronfcjj fimul moderatur fcpe fr icentur 
Morellacocra necnon calidaq; laucntur. 

$e ^ oc0e j^ete tbauctout notmge ttoo tinges fatt!),tljat 
caufeb 6? gf ^ eaD come eo niocljte D^nftpnge anD 

SS wm?" fp^slipe of fopne, o? of anp bt&et typnfee, tbat 
*«e $ev* mafeetfj foifces tymifcen, one mufte fc^tifce col&c 
to*, toatcc fcpon it, tf)t totycljt tuitlj tije coldenes 
tfcerof tngroffetb tl)c fumes t^at ate ipfteO fcp* 
atiD lettetijc tbetn to butte tfje b?apne. Cbe fecoD 
tbpng ts,tbat tf tbe toppe of tbe beat* o? f o#ea& 
be greueD tptt^ to mocbe bete, tban tbe timpute 
fljul&e be mo&eratelp cbafeD, anD after foafU)c& 
ftmbtoatmetoatet, mtbe tobicbemotbertoo?te 
is foDDe, fo?motbectoo?te is colD atm coletb* 

Temporis cftiui ieiunia corpora ficcant. 
Quolibct in mefe confert uomitus, quoqj purgat 
Humores nocuosjlomachi lauat ambitus omnij. 
Ver,Autumnus, hyems 5 eftas dominatur in anno. 
Tempore uernali calidus fit aer humidufq,*, 
Et nullum tempus melius fit fleubothomie, 
Vfus tunc homini ueneris confert moderatus. 
Corporis et motus, uentrifq; folutio, fudor. 
Balnea purgantur tunc corpora medicinis . 
Eftas more cale ficcat nafcatur in ilia. 
Tunc quoqj prcetpue coleram rubeam dominari ♦ 
Humida frigida fercula demur, fit Venus extra. 
Balnea non profunr, fit rare fleubothomie. 
Vtilii eft rec^uics^t cum modcrainine potus. 

or H EL the. n« 

i^ete tty atif out notpng biuerfe fringes, feptl}, 
that motbe faftpnge in fommet typetb tljc bobp, 
to? mtfmt^at fommec is of nature botteanb 
type, it cefoluetij the Rumours : tbe to!)pci)e aifo 
be cefolueb bp ofce ftoeatpnge in fommec,aBb fo 
f aftpngc tljcc bpon D;tetl) tlje bobp tnocije moje, 
fo;toljan tl)C bumpbite of mcatcts goone, tl;c 
^cateof tfjebobp tooj&etfjcbpon i)is ot»ncl)U* 
tmbttcs, anb D;pet!) tbem • u>ijetfoje l^ippocta* 
tes fatetljri^anget is erpebien t fo? t^ofe tljac ate 
bcrp mopfte, fo? hunger b?petbe t&e bobp. 
Clje.iUbpng is,ti)at bometpitg ones a monetfj 
is bolfomcf o? tljerbp f>uttf ulf burnouts t\w be 
contepneD in ail tfje citcuite of tf^ ftomacUe, ate 
fcopbeb ♦ Co tbts agteetlje ^utcen, fapenge: 
fetpoctates bpDDetb onetotoompte euetp mo- 
net!? ttopfe .ii* Dapes one aftet an otljet, tfjat tbe <nwf- 
feeonbe bapmapauopbeittljat t!jefp?ftecoube 
nat.tyis eonfetuetfj beltfa, anb fcoutetb t\)t (to- 
tnabe fcom fieme anb cotet. €$e (lomafce ^atftc 
tiot&pngetopoutgeit, ipfceastfteguctes Ijaue 
ceb colet. Mite putted otljet p?ofites of borne* 
tpnge tljat is toell bone* jrp?ft it is goob fo? fjeab 
act>e,caufebof mopfte toapo;ous mattiet, tbat 
afcenb fcom t\)t ftomafee to tlje i)eab,btit if beab 
ac^e come of tiis ofone fturte of tbe b?apne, Gym 
iometpnge botfje rather butte ftan p?ofptte. 
^econblp itcletttbtyt fpg^t, batfceb toithto* 
po?ousmattieteoftfje(tomac&e, o? ellesnat. 
is, itbot&eatoapetoambipngeof tbe 
i.iu ftomafce 




fltomafee, in tfjar it aiiopDetf?e tfceijumottr t&aC 
caufctfceit. €1^,11(1,10, ttcom£cjtetfj*tljefto- 
macbe, intotljefobic&e ralcns DefcenDeD, t&e 
tofjtcft co;tuptet(j tfje meat e. Clje ♦ b.t0, tt Dottye 
atoap Iot!;pnge o? abo?rpnge of meate- C^e* \>U 
is, itml)t atoapc t&ecattfe, tfjat mafcetbe one 
fcatte a lufte to Qmrpe, ponttcfee,anb fotoer tljttu 
ges, § totjtc&e caufe of tbefe Difpofittons bepng 
temottekputtetlj o? botlje atoap 5 effecte tberof ♦ 
Cfye .Dtf. is, bometpnge is fcolfome fo? t^e laffce 
t&at comet!) before tbe tyopefp, fo? it auopbetbe 
tbe mattper of t&e fapb iaffce, and purgettje t\)t 
ttomafce ♦ (€ty*WU is, it is bolfome fo? tye gte* 
fesm t^erarnesanD blabber, fo? tt Dtuertcrtjc 
tbc matter Jflotoet&e to t&efe partes, an o$e* 
toap ♦ C&e. ft *f 0, it bometpnge be Done bp con* 
drapme of elbojpe, ttauopbetbe tye mattier, 
toberof lep;e grotoetbc:it amenbettjetye fp$e 
* ige(lton,tljat tftc otfter Dtgcfttons map tfce bet* 
terbebone* Cfje^M*, ttmafeet&eoneto&atte 
a goob colour* <€\)t.%L ts 3 tt purgetfe § ftomacfae 
of a turnout tfcat caufetfc epiitttcie* C&e .jctta** 
bpttronge conftratatettremottetlja Bopptnge 
matter, t&efo&pcfjecaufetlje icteric^ anblpfee 
fopfe teauopDeei) a fleumattfee mattter, t&e tofct* 
cbe commonlp ts caufe of t^ts (topppnge, Clje* 
rttMe At auopbetfe tfte matter t&at caufeft Afma, 
autfeafe tfjatcaufet^ onetoDjatoebts tyeatfye 
pepnefuiip, anb efte tt cemfojtetfee tbe fptrttual 
mcmb;c0, bp tofcofe Ijeate, tlje ftiperflwitfcs ftae 


caufe afma, ace con fumeD.C9c.#UMs,tt is ftol- 
foine agapnfle Ojafcpnge anDpalfepe, fojtt a= 
uopDetbe tfjc matter tbat is caufe tftcrof ♦ cbe 
rb « is, tt is fjolfome f 0; one tbat feattje gteatte 
blacfee fo;es an t)t0 iotocc partes: fo? it tutnetyc 
*be fmmoucs from tftence. SHtljougb fcometpng 
Duelp anDtoell Donebecaufeoft&efecommoDi* 
teg, pettoban it is fcnDuelp Done, it enDucettje 
manpbuctes: foj tt feebletbctbeftomacfee anD 
mafeetbe it apte fo? matttets to flotoem to, tt 
ljurtetbe the b?ea(l,ttje fpgbt, tfte tetbe, old beeD 
aci?e« $c as %uietn faptb ♦ Cbe . iti* tbpnge tbat *. ^ 
(0 noteD in tlje tejete is,tbat tbere be.tttt. feafons «p . ^ 
of tbe pete, bet, fommer, autumne, anD topnter. 
ma in refpecte of tbe otbet fcafons.ts botte anD 
mopfte, tljougbe it be temperate in it felfe, as 
ffialcn faptb tn bts bofee of compactions, tobet* 
fo;e it foiotoetb, tbat tbis feafon is mo;e apte to 
lette blouDDe in,$an ttjc otber: f 0? it Dotbe mo;e 
encreace Rumours ♦ 3nDt&erfo?eintbis feafon 
moDerate fcfeof carnaU copulation, temperate 
motion, laffcc flpice, anDftuette is conueniem* 
anD Ipfee topfe temperate batbpnge to Df mtmfte 
repletion* Cbts feafon is eke gooD to tafee pout 
gattons in. flUb** tut. is,fomer beatetb $ typetb: 
anD $erfo?e it encreafetb reD coler bot anD D?pc* 
anD foj tfcis caufe in fommer toe mufte feeDe on 
colDe anD mopft meates,to Dimititffte tbe f cruet* 
nes of tbe beat anD D?ougbt>anD tban toe ougbt 
to abftepne from carnal! copulation, tfje tyicbe 

alfo type tfje, ftte from of te bapttpnj, attb bt let 
blottbbefdbome. fojlpiiccauft* scoemuftebfe 
qupemes anD ipttel motion : fo? quietnes DotUe 
mopffe, ano mocbe mocpon typetbe ♦ jn tbis 
feafontnfpectall be muftebfe mobetatelpe to 
typnk? colDe bjpnfce : f oj fupetflnous typnfcpng 
of colDe typuke, bp reafon tn&t tbepojes be ope, 
botbe ma&e tbebobp fobapnelpacoloe o?cau* 
fctb tl)t paifep, o; lante of tfjc memoes, o? elles 
fobapne betbe * Jf torn tin foljtcbe be befenbe bg, 
tlw Iptietb anb tetgnetb etentallp 3lmen* 


IMP RE 5 ♦ 

eel.'. Wist